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Living by Lamplight

February 2013


Why is it that some Christians, although they hear many sermons, make but slow advances in the divine life? Because... they do not thoughtfully meditate on Gods Word. They love the wheat, but they do not grind it; they would have the corn, but they will not go forth into the fields to gather it; the fruit hangs upon the tree, but they will not pluck it; the water flows at their feet, but they will not stoop to drink it. From such folly deliver us, O Lord... Charles H. Spurgeon


ost Baptists would agree that the Bible is, to say the least, pretty important. Id be amazed if there were any church members who didnt have at least one Bible in their homes, and in fact most of us probably have several copies. But how many of us really take that belief in the Bibles importance seriously? The writer of Psalm 119 says Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it all day long. (v.97) Is that how we feel too? Or would we be more likely to write Oh, how I quite like a few bits of your word that I can remember! I think about it briefly a few times a month. Things like memorising verses of the Bible sound terribly old-fashioned, and the idea of spending time every day in prayer and bible study seems completely out of sync with busy 21st century lifestyles. But the fact is that personal Bible study and reflection is the most powerful catalyst there is of spiritual growth. To put it simply: if were not serious about getting to grips with Gods word, as individuals and as a church, were not going to grow. Thats why were going to be starting a new Bible-reading plan together this month. Its called E100 - your journey through the Bible in 100 readings, and were going to be doing it in such a way that even the busiest of us will be able to take part. Well be talking about it more about it over the next few weeks. Finally, a quick update on Messy Church, which had its first event in Peebles on Saturday 26th January. Over 100 people turned up to the Victoria Park Centre and had a great time, with crafts, games, songs, food, and lots of conversations. The next Messy Church is on February 23rd - if you can make time to help (before, during or after the event), please come and speak to me.
If youd like to know more about what our friends in the other Peebles churches are doing, you can find some of their own magazines online:


Old Parish Church: St Peters: St Josephs: The St Andrews Leckie magazine isnt online yet, but theyre working on it...

We have a Believers Baptism service coming up on Sunday April 21st. Baptism is one of the things that Jesus commanded his followers to do. Its not a sign of having attained some deep level of spiritual maturity, but rather its the first thing were supposed to do when we start following Jesus, as an outward sign of our commitment to him. Its also a really exciting time for the whole church family! If you would like to be baptised, or if you want to know more about what baptism is and what is involved, please speak to Ian or one of the deacons. If youve already been baptised as a believer and would like to find out about becoming a member of Peebles Baptist Church, please also ask. For surely you know that when we were baptized into union with Christ Jesus, we were baptized into union with his death. By our baptism, then, we were buried with him and shared his death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from death by the glorious power of the Father, so also we might live a new life. Romans 6:3-5

The BMS Day of Prayer is on Monday 4 February 2013. BMS staff in the UK and mission personnel around the world will be setting aside time to pray for the work of mission throughout that day. We hope that many churches, partners and individual supporters will be able to share in praying with us around this time, whether in Sunday services, in small groups and prayer meetings or in personal prayer times. The programme is designed as a structure for prayer for the working day but is also suitable for a shorter prayer meeting at any time in the week. The main headings cover praise and thanksgiving, Church Ministries, Sub-Saharan Africa, Development Ministries, Europe, Justice Ministries, Latin America & the Carribean, Health Ministries, Asia, Leadership Ministries, UK, Education Ministries, Middle East/North Africa, and a final reflection on the day. Thank you for praying with us. You can find full details at the BMS website: There will be a link to the programme on the PBC website, and we will print out some copies for those without Internet access, which will be available next Sunday.

Looking for holiday ideas? Scargill House provides a Christian holiday, conference and retreat centre in the spectacular Yorkshire Dales. It's home to a resident community of many Christian traditions, committed to a common rule of life and service. We invite all Christians (and those who aren't) to enjoy a few days alongside us. We're big on prayer and hospitality refreshing and equipping churches, groups and individuals. As well as quiet times, we believe in laughter, fun, creativity and really good food! We look forward to welcoming you. There are a huge variety of holidays and retreats on offer, reflecting the visions and values of the Scargill Movement. We offer activity based breaks, all age holidays, environmental conferences, retreats and events aimed at equipping both the church and individuals. You are welcome to come as a church, an organisation or a group of friends to occupy the whole house, or you can come as a private guest and create your own individual retreat. Taking space for yourself, walking, reading, relaxing and giving yourself the opportunity to reconnect with God is an incredibly valuable use of time. We have ministers, trained spiritual directors and also a very loving and caring community to support and look after you. For more information about Scargill House and to see the full programme of events for 2013, see the website at

Shared Lives Short Breaks is being developed in the Scottish Borders and are seeking more people to come forward to be Shared Lives Carers. Shared Lives is a family based way of supporting adults with support needs where the Shared Lives Carers use their home as a base. This can mean that the individual becomes a regular daytime or overnight visitor to the Shared Lives Carers household. The Shared Lives Carer and the person needing support get to know each other and if they both feel they are able to form a long term bond, they share family and community life. Shared Lives carers often say She (or he) is just like one of the family. Shared Lives Carers are recruited, vetted, trained and receive continuous support from the Shared Lives Scheme, who have to be registered with the governments care regulator. Shared Lives Carers come from all different backgrounds and can be single people or couples with or without children. The main criterion is that they are caring people who enjoy spending some of their time supporting others. A big thank you to all who bought Christmas cards and gift tags that I made. I have added another 27 to the building fund and hope to do it again next Christmas. Most of you will know I continuously knit childrens jumpers, which are sent out to Ukraine along with the Christmas shoeboxes in November. Like everything else, wool has gone up in price, and it now costs very nearly 3 to knit one jumper. Is there anyone in the church willing to help keep those children warm? Small contributions gratefully received. If you are a knitter yourself, I would gladly accept any leftover balls of double knitting wool. Margaret Johnstone

Greetings and updates have been sent by a number of the churchs auld friends. The following are available for reading, in a folder in the foyer:

Part-time pastor (and science teacher) here in the 1990s, Clive Alder is now minister of the English Baptist Church in Holyhead, Anglesey. Clive and Kathleens Christmas letter contains lots of church as well as family news. Rev. Alex Russell returned twice to PBC to help out by preaching (and playing his accordion at Vickys Tearoom!) during the last vacancy. Although retired, he and Eileen keep very busy with church, family and creative activities. Read about some of these in the Russells Christmas letter! Our last minister, Tony Maude, became seriously ill in 2012 with a brain aneurysm. Thankfully, he has made a very good recovery. He and his wife Helen have sent a lovely card, thanking everyone for prayers and support. Cathy Aberdour, now retired as a Wycliffe Bible Translator in Brazil, continues to serve the Lord back home in Scotland. Her prayer letters shine with her love of the Lordand are always a great, newsy read!

Angie Preston of the Peebleshire Youth Trust writes: Thank you for the generous donation of 100 and the additional 40 from your craft afternoon, which went towards to cost of our hamper goods. We were able to use it to help purchase some essential household items to add to oour hamper collection. This Christmas we delivered 50 hampers to families across Peeblesshire, making a difference to these families in need at an important time of year. We had a great team of volunteers who came in to pack and then deliver the hampers around the area. Your donation made a large contribution to this effort, and we are very grateful.

Can it be the Quiz?

pm in Victoria Park Centre.

Dont miss it! VICKYS TEAROOM Sunday 10 February

Please pray for the well-being and enjoyment of everyone involved!

Ladies who Lunch

Mens Group
An African Journey

Monday 4 February Green Tree (Peebles) 12:30

See Kim ASAP!

by Willie Wintour Thursday 14 February Franks house

Letter-writing, and prayer for persecuted Christians, at Willie and Wilmas, Tuesday 12 February, 10am Christians rank low in an unacknowledged hierarchy of victimhood. Young Christians in the west don't become radicalised in support of their fellow believers, and persecuted Christians rarely respond with terrorist violence. This also tends to render their plight less newsworthy in the media eyes. The truth about religious oppression that it is Christians who are targeted in greater numbers than any other faith group on earth thus comes as a surprise to many. A survey from 2007 found that some 200 million believers, or 10% of the global total, are threatened by discrimination or harassment or outright violence. Rupert Shortt,, Wednesday 2 February 2013

With Chris Duffett, president of the Baptist Union of great Britain, jovial evangelist and founder of The Light Project whose vision is that every person in the UK should have an opportunity to connect with the good news of Jesus. More information from Ian

Prayer Points for February

Lets thank and praise God for His grace and mercy, and for another New Year. Continue to pray for peace in the world, and that peoples hearts will be changed so that they look to God. Pray for Cathie Aberdour, now home from a well-earned break, that she will continue in good health as she gives talks at a number of churches. Pray for the churches in this community, that God will continue to bind us together in a way that brings Him the glory. Pray for Messy Church, and everyone involved with leading and helping. Pray too for the families and children who come along. Continue to pray for the folks in our fellowship who are poorly, those awaiting results of tests, and those going for tests.

For You, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, And abundant in mercy to all those who call upon You. Psalm 86: 5 (NKJV)

Please pass prayer requests to Wilma Wintour

Services, February 2013

Sunday 3 February
Communion Servers: Liz Keiro, Jacqueline Wilson Stewards: Stan Henderson, Jacqueline Wilson Flowers: Vi Brown Teas: Hazel Hoggan Transport:& Setting Up: Team Two Children: Rab Bramhall, Janlyn Townley, Christine Drummond

Secretary, Christine Drummond, tel 722062, Treasurer, Liz Keiro, tel 730217

Pastor Ian Gray 07881 518854,

Services in Victoria Park Centre, unless otherwise indicated

Sunday 10 February
Stewards: Wilma & Willie Wintour, Vi Brown Flowers: Helen Henderson Teas: Stan Henderson Transport:& Setting Up: Team One Children: Christine Drummond, Carlyn McCall, Moira Dalrymple

Sunday 17 February
Communion Servers: Christine Drummond, Fergus Brown Stewards: Gordon Craig, Carlyn McCall Flowers: Margaret Johnstone Teas: Wilma Wintour Transport:& Setting Up: Team Two Children: Bill Jacobs, Pat hamilton, Kirstin Gray

Sunday 24 February
Stewards: Frank Drummond, Bill Jacobs Flowers: Carlyn McCall Teas: Janlyn Townley Transport:& Setting Up: Team One Children: Jenny Jacobs, Janlyn Townley, Wilma Wintour

Team 1Margaret C., Jackie, Frank Team 2Lindsey, Douglas, Margaret C

Callum, David, Frank Janet, Bill, Jacqueline

Laying Communion Table in November:

Jacqueline Wilson