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STUDENT SENATE MINUTES January 29, 2013 The Senate President called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm and

announced that the meeting may be filmed or audio taped and may be available to the public. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited. ROLL CALL: Roll was called and quorum was established with 74 senators present. Not there for roll call: Gholve Namrata Helfand Dylan Horowitz Alana Lehrer Danielle Levin Matthew Lowstetter Jamie Rosen Jaclyn Saade Tania Sodders Gregory Sherman Austin Tiramai Tandy Sowell Robert Wang Tina Staertzel Hanne Williams Truman Swink Austin Wood Bria Yanes Christopher AMENDMENTS TO THE AGENDA: - A motion was made to approve Senate Bill 2013-1003 Election Commission Professionalism Act. No objection was made. - A motion was made to approve Senate Bill 2013-1004 Transparency in Executive Cabinet Act. No objection was made. - A motion was made to approve Senate Bill 2013-1005 Transparency in Supervisor of Elections Act. No objection was made. - A motion was made to approve R&A graduate seat recommendations Rachel Chang. No objection was made.

AMENDMENTS TO THE PREVIOUS MINUTES: There were no amendments to the previous minutes for January 22. PUBLIC DEBATE: - A Senator Ashgar informed senators of Islamic Awareness Month, an event that would include food on the Reitz Union colonnade. - Senator Oyler promoted senators to attend an information session on Ms. University Of Florida this Sunday room B75. - Chairman Grasso wished both parties a clean and friendly election along with encouraging others senators to look at the written on the walls and learn the meaning behind each word. - Representative from Action SG asked senator of residence halls to fill out contact information. - Senator Kellerman informed senator of resume critique and mock interview workshops for career showcase.

Senator Vollrath expressed that the 700 codes will be tabled to the agenda for next week. Senator Wang expressed views towards 700 codes and that it is out civic duties to carry out our rights. He ended with the codes poorly written and should be revised. A former Senator expressed his concerns that if Senator Joey Michaels is a party treasurer and budget chairman, it is best for him to reconsider a position so the integrity and budget of senate will not be compromised

OFFICE OF THE STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT - Student Body President introduced his first Appointment, Collin Thompson, for External Affairs Director. The floor was opened for five minutes of questioning. o Con Pro debate Round 1 : Con 1 o A motion was made to approve by unanimous consent. Objection was made. Round 1 Resume: Con 1 o A motion was made to approve Collin Thompson for External Affairs Director. No objection was made. - President T.J also encouraged students to vote fetch for Sec Doritos competition to raise $25,000 towards SGP funds. PRESIDENTS REPORT: - Senate President encouraged all Senators to join in signing Chairman Elliot Grasso Happy Birthday. - The recommendations thus far for ad hoc committee were senator: Fisher Vidal Elkington Slade Grasso Staertzel Encouraged all senators to attend MLK orange and brew event.

COMMITTEE REPORTS: REPLACEMENT & AGENDA: - Announced open seats and thanks for approving todays recommendations. BUDGET & APPROPRIATIONS: - Announced continually meet with organizations. - There will be a workshop for new member next Saturday to help things smooth for organizations hearings. - Stated that budget checklist are successful in reducing mistakes for organization - TBA for hearing dates. ALLOCATIONS: -Last time hearing groups to be in agreement with the codes. - Budget and Fianc Liaison have been doing well attending all meetings. - Stated the committee would start tabling together similar to unofficial office hours on the colonnade around 2pm so that organization can connect with senate more.

JUDICIARY: - Meeting on Sunday at 5 in the SG Conference. - Did not meet last week due to a lack of quorum. RULES & ETHICS: - Read and approved absences. - Friday after election constituency is due. INFORMATION & COMMUNICATION: - Did not meet last week. - Senator Tk Wang will be tacking the website improvements - Possibly meeting on Sunday at 4 SECOND READING: None FIRST READINGS: None ANNOUNCEMENTS: - A Senator said fun facts about 1/29 in the past. - A senator advertised free yoga class at the Hillel. - A senator gave background information on Gator Run. ROLL CALL: A motion to use voting records for final roll call passed. No Vote Record received Bhala Radhika Gholve Namrata Horowitz Alana Levin Matthew Rosen Jaclyn Sodders Gregory Tiramai Tandy Wang Tina Williams Truman Wood Bria

MEETING ADJOURNED: The meeting adjourned at 8:15pm