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An AD&D adventure for 5th-8th level characters

The Windowless Tower stands on a rocky hilltop in a desolate area, at least a week's journey from the nearest major city. The tower itself is easily located – 120' tall, smooth and featureless, with absolutely no means of ingress. If the surrounding area is searched carefully, the PCs will detect very faint sounds coming from the west – possibly music. Following these noises takes them to a deep fissure that slopes back into the hillside. The fissure itself is a dead end, but a little past the mouth of the ravine is a tunnel opening – the entrance to area 1.

Malazar the Mage, like all great wizards, was a noted eccentric. His particular obsession was the collection of certain rare and bizarre antiquities, unearthed at great time and personal expense from long-forgotten buried cities where saner men feared to tread. It was on his final such expedition that Malazar reputedly uncovered a jewel of great value and magical power, the so-called Egg of Desire. In an area of remote hills, he constructed a high tower in which to house his prize – a tower with neither windows nor doors. As the years drew on, Malazar began to disdain city life. He withdrew more and more to his strange, windowless tower, conducting his business by emissary. It is now more than a decade since there has been any word from either Malazar or his agents, and persistent rumour among the more knowledgeable circles of thieves and treasurehunters has it that the mage is dead, and within the tower his jewel lies free for the taking - if only there were some way to get inside...

D12 1 2 3-6 7-8 9-10 11 12 D12 ENCOUNTER CHART FOR TUNNELS (ROOMS 1-17) Minor tremor Major tremor Purple worm 2D4 hook horrors Slicer beetle* Jewel bug* Black pudding ENCOUNTER CHART FOR MUSEUM (ROOMS 18-29) Minor tremor Nothing, or iron golem* if activated 2D4 hook horrors Slicer beetle* Jewel bug*

• The eerie whalesong of the Egg of Desire is omnipresent throughout the dungeon. It's the same volume everywhere, except in rooms 44-47, where it gets steadily louder as the party ascends. • The Egg's song pacifies the purple worms that fill the tunnels. As long as the song continues, the worms will not attack the party unless attacked first (they may still injure or swallow PCs by accident). The Egg also keeps the hook horrors somewhat in check, and blocks the psychic powers of the yellow mould. Effects of the Egg on dungeon inhabitants are noted in the wandering monsters section and the relevant room descriptions. • The dungeon suffers from frequent earthquakes, noted on the encounter charts. These are caused by the tunnelling of the purple worms. • Several devices in the dungeon can be activated using batteries obtainable from 35 and 38. The DM should roll 3D4 to determine the charge of these batteries and track how much they are drained, keeping this information secret from the players. • Details of magic items and spellbooks are given in Appendix A.

1-2 3-6 7 8 9

10-11 D6 mould zombies 12 D12 1-2 3-6 7-8 9 Black pudding ENCOUNTER CHART FOR LABS (ROOMS 33-42) Minor tremor Iron golem*, or nothing if deactivated 2D4 hook horrors Jewel bug*

10-11 D6 mould zombies 12 Black pudding

*Unique, will not be encountered again if killed (note that there are two iron golems, one per area). When noise attracts wandering monsters to the party, optionally roll D10+2, D6+6 etc as appropriate to ensure an encounter.

Black Pudding 2000 XP

or die). Anyone killed by spores rises as mould zombie after D4 rounds. Purple worm 6250 XP

MV 6”, AC 6, HD 10, D 3-24, IT Non Can flow under doors, dissolve 2” wood/round, dissolve chainmail in 1 round or plate in 2. Immune to cold, blows & lightning split it into two smaller puddings. Hook horror 200 XP

MV 9”, AC 6, HD 15, D 2-24, IT Non Sense vibrations at 60'. Swallow whole on any hit 4 or more above target number, or any 20. Swallowed victims killed in 6 rounds unless can cut out of stomach (AC 9, -1 damage per round). 50% chance of 1-4 gems in stomach, value D8x10 gp. While Egg is singing, purple worms will not attack the party, but may incidentally swallow anything in their path. After Egg stops singing, worms become enraged and attack on sight. Slicer beetle 450 XP

MV 9”, AC 3, HD 5, D 1-8/1-8, IT Low Resemble japanese spider crabs. Surprised only 1 in 10. Always heard before they are seen by their constant clicking and chittering, but sound echoes weirdly – impossible to tell which direction it comes from (apparent direction random). Favour hit-and-run attacks, but if party has the Egg will fight to the death to retrieve it. Iron golem 14500 XP

MV 9”, AC 3, HD 6, D 2-16, IT Non Resembles stag beetle. Razor-sharp mandibles snip off arm or leg on 19-20. If pressed, grabs any lost limbs and retreats to lair at 6.

MV 6”, AC 3, HD 18 (80 HP), D 4-40, IT Non +3 weapons to hit, immune to magic except lightning (slows 50% for 3 rounds). Smash through reinforced doors in 1-2 rounds. Once per 7 rounds emit 10' cloud of poison gas (east golem), or death ray from eyes (west golem). Golems will fight any living creature that crosses their path, and pursue until they lose sight, then return to patrol. Jewel bug 150 XP

MV 18”, AC -5, HD 1+1, D 1, IT Animal Gold spider-beetle size of dinner plate, with huge ruby @ 3500 gp set in carapace. Nasty bite (save vs. poison or 2D4 damage), but non-aggressive – attempts to lure party into danger (pits, traps, powerful monsters) so it can scavenge their bodies. Can run on walls and ceilings. While in beetle, gem has property of reflecting all spells back at caster. Major tremor Loud rumbling, earth trembles. After 1 round small cave-in occurs; anyone not under shelter must pass a Dexterity check or suffer 3D6 damage and be pinned beneath fallen rock. Minor tremor Loud rumbling, earth trembles for 1 round. Mould zombie 200 XP

MV 6”, AC 7, HD 3, D 1-8, IT Non Walking corpses most of whose flesh has been replaced with yellow mould. 1-8 damage by touch. ½ damage from piercing weapons, and any blow 50% likely to release 10'x10' cloud of spores (save

1. ENTRANCE. Roughly circular tunnel leads steeply downwards. Music is audible here as strange, soft, whalesong-like sound. 2. FORK. South tunnel ends at mouth of rotting, partly-calcified purple worm carcass, which completely blocks passage. Stinking interior of worm holds black noxious stew of decay, sapphire @ 500 gp, and suit of finely engraved plate mail @ 600 gp (both indigestible). 3. WORMSIGN. Imprints on floor indicate frequent passage of purple worms. Rock-cut steps lead down 10' cliff to 4. Far east wall is smooth; if pushed with combined Strength of 30+ rotates suddenly dumping those pushing into 24 (one-way secret door). 4. EMPTY CAVE. 5. WORM TUNNEL. Leads down to maze of 8-9' diameter tunnels connecting areas 4, 11 and 13. These are constantly shifting because of worm

activity; D4 turns of wandering leads to random destination. 50% chance per turn of encountering purple worm. 6. SLICER LAIR. Rotting smell emanates from small rocky alcove. 25% chance slicer beetle is here; otherwise will arrive 1 in 4 per turn. Behind boulder is small pile of bones and severed limbs of various creatures (human, animal, monster) mixed with a few weapons, boots, gauntlets etc. 1 turn of searching reveals gold and moonstone bracelet @ 435 gp, green zircon ring @ 190 gp, and a single Gauntlet of Dexterity. 7. CHASM. Yawning black void, strange rumblings from below. Two ledges open onto abyss, about 40' apart horizontally and 30' vertically. Pit gets hotter and wetter as it descends but is apparently bottomless. 8. FEEDING CHAMBER. Large bronze bell hangs from wooden strut, with accompanying hammer. If bell is rung, there will be a minor (1-4) or major tremor (5-6), caused by D4+1 purple worms which

arrive after 1 turn expecting carcasses to feed on. If players return this way after getting the Egg, the ground will be badly churned and there will always be D4 purple worms not far below the surface. 9. WRECKED ROOM. Doors lie in twisted heap and floor scattered with rubble. Large tunnel bored through south wall. Buried under rubble is sapphire @ 500 gp. 10. HATCHING CHAMBER. At bottom of shallow bowl-shaped chamber squirm many giant white maggots with sphincter mouths. They are blind, but will sense and attack any movement within 5'. If injured, produce horrid gurgling ululations that summon purple worm from 5 in D4+1 rounds. Worm ignores young but attempts to eat anything else in chamber before returning to tunnels. 20x Purple Worm Young 50 XP

5 Party members are monsters, attack them 6 Party members are diseased, avoid them at all costs

Effects last as long as PC remains in cave + 1D4 rounds afterwards. Hallucinogenic Fungus 500 XP MV 0, AC 10, HD 5, D 2-8, IT Non Puffs spores when struck – save vs. poison or 2D4 damage. 15a. DAMP TUNNELS. Clicking and chittering of hook horrors echoes constantly throughout these caves. 15b. WATERY CAVERN. 10' deep pool surrounded by stalagmites, stalactites, unusual limestone formations. 50% chance per turn of attack by hook horrors from 16. 16. TREASURE POOL. Large pool (8' deep) fills most of chamber; glint of coins at bottom. 7 hook horrors lurk amidst stalagmites and in southeast chamber. Captured PCs are gutted and impaled on stalagmites; treasure is thrown into pool. On south wall is cave painting (in blood). Depicts large mountain or tower, above which is egg-like shape surrounded by halo. Beneath this is an eye, with jagged lines radiating downwards. To the right are hook horrors in worshipful postures, some of them disembowelling humans and placing them on spikes. Left are more hook horrors shown fleeing from a large man-shaped figure, which leaves a trail of corpses. Pool contains 2735 gp, 4346 sp, 6 gold cups @ 35 gp, 2 gold flagons @ 75 gp, rusted broadsword set with aquamarines @ 275 gp, and hunk of blackened metal that polishes up to silver mirrored shield @ 300 gp. 17. DOPPELGANGER OOZE. Locked. Pool of flesh-coloured ooze creates 3D “reflection” of any approaching creature. Reflection strikes as 8 HD monster, if target struck must save vs. poison or melt into puddle of goo in 1 round. Reflection then leaves the pool and assumes target's exact form, mind and attributes in all respects. 18. ANTECHAMBER. Magic mouth forms on wall and booms: “MALAZAR THE MAGE BIDS YOU WELCOME, VISITORS, TO THE MUSEUM OF FORGOTTEN SCIENCE. PLEASE WAIT HERE AND YOU WILL BE ATTENDED SHORTLY.” Wandering monsters arrive in 1 turn. 19. VAULTED HALL. Ceiling 40' high and peaked. 20. DOCKING STATION. Inert iron golem stands against south wall between rows of metal clamps. If

MV 3”, AC 9, HD 1+4, D 1-2, IT Non If any bite hits, latch on and automatically drain 2 hp blood per round. 11. EMPTY CAVE. 12. CRYSTAL CAVERN. Air is very hot and humid; steam vents from small cracks in floor. Numerous huge, glittering quartz crystals adorn raised ledges (10-20' high). A xorn guards the crossroads; demands all of party's copper and silver (which it immediately devours) or it will attack. 2 nd time party pass this way they must give up all of their gold; next all of their gems and magic items; next all iron and steel. Those without metal are left alone. Concealed on north ledge is pile of 28 gold nuggets @ 15 gp each, and 17 pieces of jade @ 90 gp each (snacks for later). Xorn 1650 XP

MV 9”, AC -2, HD 7+7, D 1-3(x3)/6-24, IT Average Immune to cold and fire; ½ damage from lightning, affected by spells which target earth. Can pass through solid stone (takes 1 round). 13. EMPTY CAVE. Obvious signs of worm activity. 14. FUNGUS CAVE. Large, multi-headed red fungus with puckered white protrusions emits cloud of hallucinogenic spores – save vs. poison or suffer following delusions (roll each round):
HALLUCINATIONS (D6) 1 Terrifying phantasms, flee in random direction 2 Melting, stand in one spot “holding self together” 3 Shrunk, cannot perform normal actions until “returned” to normal size 4 Covered in bugs, strip off all armour to swat them away

battery is placed in power socket at 35, will activate and begin patrolling rooms 18-29. Iron Golem 14500 XP

10x Thought Eaters

200 XP

MV 6”, AC 9, HD 3, D Special, IT Non Each hit drains 1 intelligence permanently. Also feed off magic energy, negating all spells, but each spell cast will prevent thought eaters from attacking for 1 round. Cannot affect material creatures. 23. THE PSYCHE SWITCHER. Bank of machinery fills entire north wall, with two large protruding vertical dishes left and right, and lever in middle. Below lever are two copper prongs (18” apart). If battery from 35 or 38 is placed between terminals and lever thrown, machinery operates with loud humming sound for 1 round followed by bright flash of light. Whichever two creatures are nearest the two dishes will have their personalities swapped (players trade character sheets). This drains 1 charge. Transfer is permanent and irreversible, but “rotation” is possible (e.g. A<>B, B A<>C, CA<>AB then BC<>CB would return all personalities to original bodies). Machine takes 1 turn to recharge between uses. 24. GRAND HALL. Echoing. Floor is polished marble. Ceiling not visible (70' high). Pillars painted with strange heiroglyphics. 25. FALSE STAIRCASE. Grand, ornate, freestanding spiral staircase, carved from solid marble and bannisters set with jewels, sweeps up out of sight to ceiling 70' above. This is nothing more than an enormous mimic. Mimic 6250 XP

MV 6”, AC 3, HD 18 (80 HP), D 4-40, IT Non +3 weapons to hit, immune to magic except lightning (slows 50% for 3 rounds). Smash through reinforced doors in 1-2 rounds. Once per 7 rounds may fire death ray from eyes. 21. THE WEIRDO-MACHINE. Corroded, ancientlooking machine resembling huge church altar, set with five tinted crystals – red, yellow, green, blue and white. Four switches raise and lower the coloured crystals, and large lever causes white gem to shine a beam of light that refracts between the others. Effects of different combinations as follows. Each lasts 2D6 turns when applicable.
Comb. Effect R Y G B RY RG RB GY GB BY RYG Loud siren sounds; wandering monsters arrive in 1 turn PC's gravity inverted; fall to ceiling for 2D6 damage Everyone in room healed 1D6 HP (10 turns to recharge) Opens drawer in machine containing 2844 ep Everyone in room is silenced Impenetrable forcefield surrounds machine Secret elevator descends at 27 Bright flash of light; everyone in room save vs spells or fall unconscious Everyone in room teleported to 24 Fires beam at PC that transmutes gold into lead Fires beams of light at everyone in room. Save vs. spells or roll D4: 1 (red) – 10 damage. 2 (yellow) - fear. 3 (green) - weakened. 4 (white) – blinded. Machine begins to fade away, vanishes after 1 round Impenetrable forcefield surrounds room Teleports D6 monsters from Summon Monster III chart into room (see Appendix B)

MV 3”, AC 7, HD 14, D 3-12, IT Semi Anything touching mimic is glued to it. Mimic then attacks with tongues/pseudopods, 1 per target. Anyone struck will be grasped and dragged onto staircase after 1 round to be swallowed, unless successful attack made against pseudopod. Alcohol dissolves glue-bond and causes mimic pain (releases all grasped victims). 26. STASIS CHAMBERS. Alcoves contain locked glass-and-metal chambers with human figures in suspended animation. If glass is broken, releases blast of freezing air for 1D6 damage to all in room, but if locks are picked can be opened safely. North pod: contains Pryjax Antilas, ancient nobleman and berserker swordsman. Wears strange robes over chainmail and speaks no modern language; regards PCs as barbarians. His pod was infected with yellow mould which lay dormant due to cold; 3D4 turns after release clutches his chest, hacks up 5'x5'x5' cloud of spores and dies. Body moulders into mould zombie after D4 rounds. South pod: contains Marcilla, an evil priestess, who


RYGB Machine shudders, makes loud siren sounds, explodes after 1 round for 5D6 damage to all in room. Wandering monsters arrive in 1 turn

22. THE ETHEREALISER. Machine resembling giant smoked-glass lens mounted in metal frame between two (non-functioning) tesla coils. On base of device are two copper prongs (18” apart) and a switch. Anyone looking through lens sees translucent, ghostly creatures drifting across room and through walls – abyssal fish, sickly platypuses, deer foetuses etc. If battery from 35 or 38 is placed between terminals and switch pressed, tesla coils discharge and anyone standing directly in front of device is made ethereal for 2D4 turns. This drains 1 charge per target. Ethereal characters are pursued by the thought eaters which fill the room.

actually became trapped in pod less than a decade ago while attempting to steal the Egg of Desire for her temple. Will accompany party out of “gratitude” but seeks opportune moment to stab them in the back – after they have found the Egg. East pod: destroyed by long-ago purple worm tunnel and occupant devoured. Yellow mould grows on rubble of tunnel mouth. Pryjax Antilas 750 XP

The hyperintelligent mould colony will speak telepathically to party once they enter the central chamber. The music from the Egg of Desire is interfering with its growth and it wants it stopped. Gives directions to tower above 41 and can warn of the iron golem. Also warns of mould zombies – claims to be unable to control its “extremities” due to influence of the Egg. If party return here after getting the Egg, colony attempts to dominate one or more of them to help it spread to outside world. If this fails, it fills the cave with spores and animates 6 mould zombies lying hidden under the mould. Hyperintelligent Mould Colony 1150 XP MV 0, AC 10, HP 30, D 1-8, IT Genius Only affected by fire (30+ damage destroys intelligence) or ammonia (see 42). 1-8 damage if touched, can release spores at will (save or die); anyone killed by spores rises as mould zombie in D4 rounds. If Egg is not singing, can dominate 1 target per round (save vs. spells). 32. MOULDY TREASURE. Iron chest, coated in yellow mould, contains 2667 gp and 3 huge pearls @ 600 gp each. 33. EMPTY ROOM. Faint chlorine smell. 34. ROOM OF POTIONS AND POISONS. Glassfront cabinets line walls; many unlabelled bottles on shelves, some of them broken. These are all potions, but many have not aged well and have unpredictable effects.
POTION (D20) 1 Random Polymorph DESCRIPTION Rainbow, constantly changes

MV 9”, AC 5, LVL F7, D 1-10/1-10, IT Average Silk robes @ 120 gp, chainmail, gilded twohanded sword @ 95 gp, 45 triple-sized gp stamped with face of ancient king. Marcilla the Zealot 550 XP

MV 9”, AC 3, LVL C6, D 2-7, Spells 3/3/2, IT High Banded armour, shield, mace, silver holy symbol @ 50 gp, 50 pp, 26 gp, Potion of Healing. 27. DEAD END CORRIDOR. Careful inspection reveals circular groove in ceiling – no way to open this from here. If triggered by machine at 21, elevator descends from ceiling; 1 round after weight is placed on it will ascend to 30. 28. THE DISINTEGRATION BEAM. Machine resembling metal ballista with many rings surrounding central shaft. On back of device are two copper prongs (18” apart) and small lever. If battery from 35 or 38 is placed between terminals and lever thrown, machine fires beam up to 120' that disintegrates 10'x10'x10' of matter per round. Each round of operation drains 1 charge. Machine is mobile, but very heavy – takes full round to change orientation, movement rate of 1” per person pushing (max 6”) - and fragile; AC 7, HP 12. 29. TELEPORTER ARCH. Damaged room – cracks across ceiling, small bits of fallen masonry, etc. In centre is freestanding arch of reddish stone, strangely wrought, set with 3x sapphires @ 500 gp, with empty settings for 3 more. If all settings are filled, opens one-way mystic door to 44. One sapphire on floor amidst rubble – others at 2 and 9. 30. RUINED EXTERIOR. Collapsed, rubble-filled chamber cut into side of cliff above short slope of scree. Secret elevator from 27 is inoperable from outside, can only be reactivated from 21. 31. CLOISTER OF MOULD. Walls and floor covered in yellow mould – carpets, puffballs, soft tapering spires, and many weird coral shapes. Narrow clear path winds through middle – can avoid contact by moving slowly and carefully.

Turn into random monster from Monster Summoning IV table (see Appendix B). Reroll each round. 2 Hovering Fizzy, bottle floats above shelf

Levitate 3 inches off floor. Can walk, run, fight normally. 3 Delusion Syrupy, delicious

Believe self invulnerable; all injuries merely “fleshwounds”. 4 Growth/Shrinking Very small bottle, tangy

Shrink to 6” on odd turns and grow to 12' on even turns. 5 Poison Colourless, odourless, tasteless

Saving vs. poison at +2 or die. 6 Thought Broadcast Purple; strong mental urge to drink

Broadcast thoughts to all within 30'. Stealth and deception impossible. In combat declare actions first but act last in round. 7 Buoyancy Misty, bottle is very light

Become almost weightless; MV 3”, strong wind will send flying. 8 Transparency Invisible, bottle seems empty

75% invisible in darkness, semitransparent in torchlight. 9 Strength Smells like sweat and body odour

Gain strength of an ogre.

10 Love

Pink, smells of roses

Fall in love with first creature seen (treat as charmed). 11 Poison Jet black and tarry

are torn from grasp; armoured characters hurled against machine for normal falling damage, and paralysed until armour is removed or machine shut off. This drains 1 charge per hour. Battery can be removed and used with other machines; holds 3D4 charges. 39. UNSTABLE HALL. 40' ceiling, large cracks across roof and walls, stone dust on floor. Treat minor tremors here as major tremors. On south wall are two vertical rows of metal clamps – if iron golem has been deactivated, it will return here. 40. BOILER ROOM. Three large boilers along north wall, bin of coal in southeast corner with shovel. Easternmost boiler still active; if furnace door opened a firebat emerges. In burning embers of furnace is diamond @ 1000 gp. Firebat 50 XP

Save vs. poison or die. 12 Water Breathing Aquamarine, tastes like seawater

Can breathe water, but cannot breathe air. 13 Fire Breathing Orange, bubbly, warm to touch

Can belch cone of flame 3”x6” for 6d6 damage (save vs. breath for ½). Can hold belch up to 6 turns. 14 Fumbling Strongly alcoholic, bottle is slippery

Trip over own feet, drop weapon, or fumble tasks 50% of time. 15 Poison Save vs. poison or die. 16 Time Stop Solid, must be melted in mouth Colourless, smells of almonds

Cannot move, think, or be affected by anything in any way. 17 Regeneration Regenerate 1 HP/round. 18 Poison Save vs. poison or die. 19 Temporary Healing Tastes like watered-down brandy Thick, brown, smells like rot Looks, smells and tastes like blood

MV 20”, AC 5, HD 1, D 2-8, IT Animal During combat, fissions every round into 2 firebats with full HP. Water kills it. 41. CHAMBER OF BABBLING MOUTHS. A dozen magic mouths form on walls of chamber when any living creature enters and begin babbling loudly and continuously. Spellcasting and communication impossible; wandering monsters arrive in 1D4 turns. Anyone listening carefully for 1 turn can attempt to pick out meaning from the babble:
UTTERANCES OF THE MAGIC MOUTHS (D12) 1 2 “- calls to me. Relocation to this secluded tower has only served to -” “- mould growth in the northwest chamber is proceeding nicely; must take care to avoid contamination of other subjects. The east room -” “- instructed not to enter the tunnels while the music is stopped, lest the worms -” “- removed the cylinders to prevent undue tampering with the -” “- already more than forty feet tall, and with proper nurturing should grow -” “- traitors and incompetents. I fed them to the -” “- case anyone should attempt to deactivate the golems by removing their power source, I -” “- missing two gems; it will not function without them. The culprit would be wise -” “- rain of fire upon the earth. Also two dozen eggs, a leg of ham -”

Heals 2D4+2 HP. Healing wears off at end of potion duration. 20 Cockroach Control Murky, bits of ground-up insects

Telepathic control of all cockroaches within 100'.

All effects last 6+D6 turns. 35. POWER STATION. Faint ozone smell. Steps lead up to blocky copper device topped with stiff coiled wires and two sockets. Large (18”) copper cylinder stands upright in left socket; right socket is empty. Entire machine is electrified – if touched, 1d6 damage/round and save vs. paralysis or be held rigid until connection broken. Anyone touching paralysed character subject to same effect. If battery removed from socket, iron golem that patrols 33-42 will deactivate. Placing battery in other socket activates golem at 20. Battery can be used with other machines; holds 3D4 charges. 36. EMPTY ROOM.

3 4 5 6

37. ABANDONED WORKROOM. Faint burnt smell. Heavy wooden tables against north and east walls. Complex alchemical glassware on benches and strewn on floor, under thick layer of dust. Large tunnel bored through western alcove. 38. THE MAGNET MACHINE. Bulky brass machine against east wall, with giant ring of coiled wire and large wheel. On side of machine is large (18”) copper cylinder supported between two copper prongs. This is electrified and delivers 1D6 damage jolt if touched. Strength 13 needed to turn wheel. If turned, machine exerts powerful magnetic force – all metal objects

7 8 9

10 “- at least once per week. During my absence, they became overexcited when their feeding bell was rung, and swallowed -” 11 “- distilled water, spoonful of saleratus, one measure aqua fortis, three measures oil of vitriol, stir vigorously until -” 12 “- past the base of the inner tower. The effects of prolonged exposure may be -”

42. SANITATION ROOM. Wooden shelves along east wall, two large vats to south. Each vat has spigot which, if turned, releases black pudding over course of 1 round. 1 in 6 chance per turn that pudding will emerge of own accord. Shelves hold metal buckets, flasks, old rags, and 3 jars of ammonia gas, each of which will kill 1 patch of normal yellow mould or inflict 3d6 damage to colony at 31.

Open on worktable is a copy of the Pneumatologia Occulta (spellbook). Next to it is small brass pot holding blasting powder (explodes when ignited for 8d6 damage in 30' radius, or save for ½.) Books on shelves are mostly obscure chemical formulae, but one holds cursed scroll (inflicts super-leprosy, no healing possible and any blow 25% likely to make body part drop off). Another holds glass bottle containing a small imp ( Malazar's Demon). Under bed is metal chest with poison needle trap (save or die). Inside are 1620 gp and 2837 sp. Wardrobe holds assortment of tasteless robes, and hidden switch which unlocks secret floor compartment under rug. Compartment holds the Libram of Bright Angles (spellbook), crystal decanter @ 650 gp filled with 5 doses of healing potion, 4 crystal goblets @ 125 gp each, silk bag holding 199 pp, and small ivory statue of elephant @ 250 gp (which is a Figurine of Wondrous Power). 46. BASE OF THE INNER TOWER. Music here is loud and hauntingly beautiful. 10' diameter pillar rises in centre of tall cavernous space. Narrow (3') stair spirals around outside wall of chamber, up and out of sight. 47. TOWER SUMMIT. Stair terminates after 60' in slender bridge leading to top of central pillar. On plinth atop pillar is the Egg of Desire – a black jewel the size and shape of an ostrich egg. It rocks rhythmically back and forth, emitting its eerie song. Anyone approaching within 30' of the Egg must save vs. spells every round or be enthralled (held) permanently, or until the Egg stops singing. If the Egg is picked up or disturbed, the following occurs: - The Egg immediately stops singing. - There is a powerful earthquake caused by the now-enraged purple worms; anyone on the stair or bridge who is not suitably secured must pass a Dexterity check or fall. Enthralled characters fall automatically unless saved by a comrade. - Any surviving enthralled characters now become enraged and unreasoningly attack the first living thing they see for 1 turn. - The behaviour of certain dungeon inhabitants changes; see the wandering monster descriptions and individual room keys for specifics.

43. TOP OF STAIRS. Stairs spiral 80' up to landing. In east wall is door, and set in door is eye, which tracks PCs. Anyone approaching within 15' is telekinetically lifted and hurled back down the stairs for D4 damage. Arrows and projectiles are telekinetically returned as if by 8 HD monster for normal damage. The eye is AC -4, HP 1. Can affect multiple targets, max 500 lb. Cannot affect what it cannot see. Door is locked but otherwise normal. 44. TELEPORTER ARCH. Music from Egg is louder here and oddly soothing. In centre of bare chamber is freestanding arch of reddish stone, strangely wrought, set with sapphire @ 500 gp, with empty settings for 5 more. If all settings are filled, opens one-way mystic door to 29. 45. MALAZAR'S STUDY. Music here is louder still, causes pleasant thrills. Spacious, well-furnished bedchamber and study, with rugs on floor, armchairs and sofas, four-poster bed, wardrobe, heavy worktable, and bookshelves along walls. Musty. Sitting in armchair is Malazar the Mage, dead, withered, blissful smile on face. Underneath robes he wears ruby amulet @ 950 gp, and in pocket is key with eye-shaped handle which allows door at 43 to be safely approached and unlocked.

The Egg of Desire 2500 XP Opaque black jewel the size and shape of an ostrich egg. As a gemstone it is worth about 7500 gp, but its magical powers make it far more valuable. If the Egg is placed on its large end and touched in a certain way, it begins to rock back and forth rhythmically. After one round, it begins to emit a weird, eerie whalesong-like music audible for 600'. Within 120', this music has a soothing effect, giving +4 to all reaction rolls. Within 30', any living creature which hears or sees the egg must save vs. spells or be enthralled (held) permanently, until they die or the Egg stops singing. If the Egg's rocking is interrupted, it stops singing. When this happens, all previously enthralled creatures become enraged and attack the first living thing they see. This effect lasts for 1 turn, after which the affected creatures return to normal. Figurine of Wondrous Power 1000 XP Ivory statuette of an elephant. Carved on the inside of one tusk is the command word “pai” (go), on the other “how” (stop). If appropriate command is uttered, the statue will grow into a full-sized white elephant. White Elephant MV 12”, AC 6, HD 10, D 2-12(x5), IT Animal Attacks with tusks, trunk, and trampling – no more than 2 attacks per target. The elephant is fully obedient to its commander. It can be used for up to 24 hours before returning to a statue, after which it cannot be used for 1 week. If killed in elephant form it merely returns to a statue. Gauntlet of Dexterity 500 XP This unpaired leather glove grants its wearer the ability to pick pockets as a 4th level thief. To a thief, it grants a +10% bonus to skill. Any time there is an opportunity to pick a creature's pockets, there is a 50% chance that the gloved hand will do so of its own accord and without its owner's knowledge. Libram of Bright Angles 1000 XP Ancient, warped cover encloses pages of very thin brass imprinted with arcane formulae. Holds the following spells: Felojun's Repudiation of Arrows (3rd) Xult's Peregrination of Probability (3rd) The Gestation of the Ignoble Servitor (4th) The Pattern of the Proscriptive Watchdog (5th) The Omnipotent Sphere (6th)

Malazar's Demon 650 XP A small imp in a stoppered glass flask. The neck of the flask is too small for the imp to escape. The imp knows the following spells, which it can “teach” by speaking the syllables directly into a magic-user's mind. Evard's Frictionless Field (1st) Quaal's Near-Alchemical Transformance (2nd) The Ruby Ray of Reversal (2nd) The Interminable Interim (3rd) Mentor's Perfect Inertia (5th) The imp is irascible, malicious, and jealous of its dignity. It will impart a spell only if presented with one of the following: 1) the promise of immediate release, 2) a credible threat to its personal safety, or 3) at least 1 HP of fresh human blood to drink. If the flask is broken or the imp is released, it immediately casts whatever spell will be most harmful under the circumstances then flies away. Pneumatologia Occulta 400 XP

Mouldering yellow book with a number of missing pages. Holds the following spells:
The Indelible Emblem (1st) Lustoff's Vicarious Head (2nd) The Marvellous Magic Mouth (2nd) The Charm of Dire Sanguinity (3rd) NB: Spells in spellbooks are drawn from my 'Dying Earth Spells for D&D' document, available here. Replace these with standard D&D spells at your own convenience.

Rooms 21 and 34 reference the DMG Summon Monster charts, reproduced below:
D100 Summon Monster III 01-07 Beetle, boring 08-17 Bugbear 18-25 Gelatinous cube 26-32 Ghoul 33-40 Lizard, giant 41-47 Lycanthrope, wererat 48-57 Ochre jelly 58-67 Ogre 68-75 Spider, huge 76-85 Spider, large 87-93 Tick, giant 94-00 Weasel, giant D100 Summon Monster IV 01-07 Ape, carnivorous 08-15 Gargoyle 16-25 Ghast 26-35 Grey ooze 37-42 Hellhound 43-50 Hydra, 5 heads 51-58 Lycanthrope, werewolf 59-67 Owlbear 68-76 Shadow 77-86 Snake, constrictor 87-93 Toad, ice 94-00 Toad, poisonous

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