The Basics of the chart wrt Medical Astrology Moon Lagna & lagna lord 8 th house & lord Kendras Trikas

Trishadayas Marakas: 2>7 (both 12 th from 3 rd & 8 th ) Marakas for different lagans Cause of death from planets in or aspecting 8 th and/or 3rd Combustion Retrogression Stationary Agni-Someeyam (modus operandi) Signs: FEAW (fire signs-better resistance, ability to fight; water signs- more prone to illness) Significations of planets, signs and houses Sun: vitality, general health Gandanta: Beginning of fire signs or ending of water signs Sarpa drekkanas When is a house strong/protected and when weak/afflicted? Malefic scissoring Benefic durudhara of the lagna or lagna lord Lagnadhi yoga D-9 D-3

Venus. Mars. Jupiter Gemini: Moon Cancer: Saturn Leo: Saturn Virgo: Venus Libra: Mars Scorpio: Venus Sagittarius: Venus. Saturn Capricorn: Mars. Jupiter Aquarius: Sun. Moon. Saturn .D-12 D-30 Mrityubhaga Atmakaraka Gnatikaraka Adverse dasas Early dasas Jupiter-Venus/ Venus-Jupiter dasa Kalachakra dasa: refer KCD notes Adverse transits Marakas for each lagna as per Parasari: Aries: Venus (lord of 2 and 7) Taurus: Mars. Moon. Jupiter Pisces: Mercury.

12 Weak by combustion or debilitation (esp if not cancelled) In the signs of natural malefics (check against other factors) Afflicted in vargas . 8. in own sign or aspecting own sign Vargottama With or aspected by benefics In the trines or with trinal lords Protected in vargas too House is afflicted if: Occupied by malefics Aspected by malefics Owned by an afflicted planet Afflicted in vargas A planet (or lord of a house) is afflicted if: Conjunct malefics Aspected by malefics In 6.When is a house strong/protected and when weak/afflicted? House or its lord is strong when: Lord exalted.

2. Ven or Merc. Moon in 6. Moon with all malefics in a Kendra Malefics in rasyanta conjunct Moon in a Kendra Weak Moon in Lagna or 3H or 8H with malefics Moon in 1.Eighth house: Malefics in the 8 th bad except Saturn in the 8 th if not retrograde Benefics in the 8 th indicate chronicity of illness 8 th lord under benefic influence is good for longevity Weak 8 th lord is not good for longevity or health Watch the 8 th house in D-9. 12 aspected by malefics is bad  Benefics in 6. 8. 8. 7. 4. 8. and D-3 also Unafflicted lagna lord in 6 or 8 th Unafflicted Moon in 6 or 8. 3. 12 with malefics (signs Aries. Taurus & Cancer are better) 1. or daybirth in KP or night birth in SP Balarishta and arishtas in general 1. 12 aspected by malefics is medium . esp in the decantes of Jup. or daybirth in KP or night birth in SP is OK 1. Retrograde benefics in 6. 12     aspected by malefics is worst aspected by benefics is also not great Unaspected Moon is best Unafflicted Moon in 6 or 8. Ven or Merc. esp in the decantes of Jup. 8. Eclipse (Sun & Moon on RKA plus Lagna aspected by Saturn & Mars 2.

11 or Kendra 8. Benefics in trines promote health 13.7. Full Moon hemmed by benefics (esp aspected by Venus) 9. 6. watch all watery signs for this 8. also good for mothers 10. Malefic scissoring of 1 st and 7 th 4. ( Not enough good karma in prarabdha to merit grace/intervention in this life) Arishtabhanga 1. Jupiter in Kendra or Trikona in own house or exalted 12. Vajra mushti yoga: malefics in eastern half. Full Moon in own house or exalted. Malefics in 3. Malefics in trines from weak Moon bad for mother Note: Too many malefic influences cannot be offset just by Jupiter's aspect alone. Jupiter aspecting or with Mars very good. 6.1. 11 aspected by benefics (this combination is good for any malefic) 3. Benefics in Kendras (Jup>Ven>Merc) (100k>10k>k) 4. Strong Atmakaraka & Strong Sun Longevity: . Retrograde Saturn in Aries or Scorpio in the 6 th or 8 th aspected by Mars 7. 12 destroy family 2. Rahu in a Kendra aspected by malefics 6. Strong lagna lord 5. Malefic lagna lord in Moon's navamsa or with moon in D-9 under malefic aspects 1. Malefics surrounded by benefics (in same sign or durudhara) 6. Strong lagna lord in 3. Malefics in 1. Lagnadhi yoga or benefic scissoring of lagna 7. Lagna lord in the 7 th with malefic within 1 degree and lagna lord having higher degree (defeated in war) 3. Rahu in 3. 11 (inherent resistance) 2. 2. Strong 8 th lord 14. esp for cancer and scorpio lagans. Lagna in gandanta 2. benefics in western half. friendly signs aspected by benefics 11. Too many malefics in the 6 th house 5.

Negative     Afflicted 8 th lord in 6 th or 12 th 8 th lord with ketu in lagna Malefic 8 th lord in 11 th Weak and afflicted 8 th lord Cause of death can be ascertained from the 8 th and 3 rd houses Factors favoring recovery:      Strong lagna and lord Strong 6 th lord and house (ability to fight back. resistance) Subsequent dasa good Jupiter's aspect on dasa lord in D-1 or Transit Favourable transits Retrograde planets Retrograde planets in kendras are not good whether malefic or benefic 1. Even a benefic retrograde lagna lord in lagna is not conducive for health 2. Retrograde planets involving 8 th or 6 th houses or lords. If such planets are related to lagna and their dasa runs at birth early trouble. cause more serious illnesses during their dasa/antar and pose a problem for complete recovery leaving their after affects .Positive      Saturn in 8 th Saturn PACE with 8 th lord 8 th lord in 8 th 8 th lord in 11 th with a benefic Combination of Lagna lord and 8 th lord is good for longevity if it occurs under benefic influence. Retrograde planets transmit their influence by association or aspect too. possibly even congenital illness 4. 3.

Note: Stationary planets work similar to retrogrades but are worse and can cause a 'stilling' of life processes Transits: Watch natural malefics transiting over:        Lagna cusp Lagna lord Moon Dasa lords 8 th House Natal degree of a malefic in D-1 Weak houses .