The Steamboat Warehouse Restaurant. Louisiana’s Most Original and Unusual Dining Experience. Historic Washington, Louisiana.

Imagine yourself in Washington, Louisiana. It is the year 1825. Washington is a bustling steamboat port where travelers from the east board the stagecoach line for all points to the western frontier. Dockside is alive with activity. Workers are scurrying to load and unload cargo from steamboats, barges and wagons. Billowing steamboats traveled to Washington bringing manufactured goods from points around the globe for local plantations, homesteaders, trappers and townspeople. Window glass, pots and pans are transported


in heavy crates from the East. Fine china and bolts of cotton cloth arrive from England. Boots, silk, garden seed, champagne, ball gowns and guns arrive from France. Cuba sends “Havana Segars”. From New Orleans come barrels of pork and beef, lard, flour, hams and limes. The

Opelousas River

“Big Easy” also supplies the essentials - wine, whiskey, cognac and coffee beans. Steamboats take passengers, cotton, sugar, molasses, lumber, animal hides, indigo and new barrels to New Orleans. From New Orleans, these passengers and goods are loaded on large seagoing schooners to be taken to distant ports. Construction on the Steamboat Warehouse began in 1819 and was completed around 1823. Of the original seven warehouses operating on the banks of Bayou Courtableau, formerly known as the Opelousas River, the Steamboat Warehouse is the only one still standing. When the railroad chose Opelousas for its local route, the steamboat’s whistles were silenced. Since then, the warehouse has fulfilled many functions ranging from a feed mill to a general store. Restored to its original shape in 1977, the Steamboat Warehouse Restaurant remains a feast for the eyes and appetite. It combines the rustic atmosphere of historic yesteryear with wonderful regional cuisine that is Louisiana at its finest. Enjoy our historic town and our classic cajun cuisine. Bon Appetit! Jason Huguet Chef/Owner

Fine Cuisine in a Casual Atmosphere with the Ambience of the Past

We take pride in using fresh, 100% Louisiana seafood whenever possible. Enjoy!

Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers - Stuffed beauties with fresh sauteed Gulf crabmeat and shrimp...$8.95 Shrimp Cocktail - Six large Gulf shrimp boiled Cajun style, lettuce greens, tangy red sauce...$8.95 Stuffed Mushrooms - Large fresh caps filled with homemade stuffing of crabmeat, shrimp and Louisiana crawfish, fried or broiled...$9.95 Fried Frog Legs - Four frog legs well seasoned & fried crispy golden. Served with our homemade tartar sauce for dipping. Fried or Grilled.......$7.95 Eggplant Belle Rose - Fried eggplant medallions topped with Louisiana crawfish, Gulf shrimp & fresh crab meat, then smothered with a creamy seafood sauce with fresh bluepoint crabmeat. A Gold Medal Winner...$11.95 Shrimp Betsy - Large Gulf shrimp sauteed in olive oil, herbs, spices and bread for dipping...$9.95 Catfish Tidbits - A Louisiana favorite...$8.95 Sidesaddle Angels - Four jumbo shrimp stuffed with oysters, wrapped in applewood smoked bacon, fried golden, and served with our homemade remoulade. Gold Medal winner!...$9.95 Crab & Crawfish Cakes - Fresh Louisiana white crabmeat & crawfish, seasoned and lightly dusted, fried golden. Served with homemade remoulade sauce....$9.95 Steamboat Seafood Gumbo - Fresh seafood and okra using Louisiana white crabmeat, shrimp and crawfish. Cup...$5.95, Bowl...$11.95 Moody Blues - Gumbo, Bisque or Soup specials, depends on what the chef is in the mood for. Always exciting and delicious! Cup...$5.95, Bowl...$11.95
All entrees broiled in a lemon, butter and garlic sauce seasoned with herbs and spices. Served with choice of potato, vegetable, green salad and bread. Shrimp - Regular(8)...$16.95, Large(12)...$18.95 Broiled Catfish...$16.95 Broiled Catfish and Shrimp...$17.95 Red Snapper...$17.95 Flounder...$17.95


All entrees served with choice of potato, vegetable, green salad and bread. Stuffed Filet of Snapper or Stuffed Filet of Flounder - Each stuffed with crabmeat, shrimp and crawfish broiled golden...$19.95


All entrees served with hush puppies and choice of potato, green salad and bread.

Stuffed Filet of Catfish - Stuffed with crabmeat, shrimp and crawfish broiled golden...$16.95 Snapper Jack - Pan fried filet of snapper topped with our world championship etouffee...$19.95 Softshell Crabs - Pan fried or deep fried...$21.95 (When Available) Catfish Lizzy - Filet of catfish with seafood stuffing topped with crawfish etouffee and a hollandaise sauce...$19.95 Catfish Diane - Stuffed with crabmeat & shrimp, broiled golden, then topped with a creamy seafood sauce with fresh lump crabmeat....$19.95 Flounder Diane - Fresh gulf flounder, pan fried, golden & topped with a delicious seafood cream sauce with lump crab meat...$19.95 Crabmeat Au Gratin...$16.95 Shrimp Betsy - Large Gulf shrimp sauteed in a light broth of olive oil, herbs, spices, with hot bread for dipping...$16.95 Ahi Tuna - Sashimi grade Yellowfin charbroiled...$19.95
Served with green salad, vegetable and bread. Crawfish Palmetto - Best-of-show winner! Pan fried filet of catfish served on a bed of wild rice pilaf and topped with a crawfish cream sauce with Louisiana tails...$17.95 Crawfish Etouffee - Our three-time world champion recipe...$15.95 Fried Catfish and Crawfish Etouffee...$17.95

Fried Gulf Shrimp - Regular(8)...$16.95, Large(12)...$18.95 Fried Select Gulf Oysters Large(12)...$17.95 Half & Half - The best of both - (6) Fried Oysters & (6) Fried Shrimp...$18.95 Fried Filet of Catfish - Seasoned perfect & fried golden....$12.95 Steamboat Platter - Catfish, shrimp, oysters, stuffed shrimp and stuffed crab...$19.95 Fried Catfish and Shrimp...$16.95
All entrees served with green salad, vegetable, and bread.



Seafood Penne Pasta - Generous portions of penne pasta topped with a creamy seafood sauce with fresh blue point crabmeat & Louisiana crawfish tails. Served with sauteed haricot vert...$19.95 Annette Shrimp and Pasta - Always a favorite with our guests! Six large Gulf shrimp fried golden brown, served over a bed of pasta and topped with a creamy seafood sauce...$18.95 Softshell Crab Extravaganza - Two Cypremort Point beauties fried golden on a bed of angel hair pasta, finished with a creamy seafood sauce with fresh lump crabmeat...$23.95 (When Available)

We are proud to serve you the Midwest’s finest beef. Aged a minimum of twenty-one days, your Sterling Silver Steak is carefully prepared. Taste and enjoy the tradition. Served with choice of potato, vegetable, green salad and bread. Steak Annie - 8 oz. charbroiled filet mignon, topped with a crab meat, shrimp & crawfish stuffing and finished with a Rosemary demi-glaze...$25.95 Filet Mignon - (8 oz.)...$21.95 Ribeye - (8 oz.)...$19.95 (12 oz.)...$23.95 Steamboat Gang Plank - 7 oz. ribeye on a bed of bread topped with award-winning crawfish etouffee...$21.95



Served with green salad and bread.


Add Diane Sauce, Palmetto Sauce or Etouffeé To Any Dish.......................$4.95

Marinated Chicken Breast Charbroiled - Served with vegetable and choice of potato...$13.95 Steamboat Tenders - Homemade strips, marinated and fried golden, served with hush puppies and choice of potato...$12.95 Oven Roasted Quail - Two semi-boneless quail, placed on a bed of our homemade smothered potatoes with smoked sausage, then drizzled with a mouth watering rosemary demi-glaze with a hint of white wine. Served with sauteed haricot vert...$21.95

Sensational Salad - Fresh mesclun greens with parmesan grilled tomatoes & asparagus. May we suggest a raspberry & blue cheese vinegarette with roasted Louisiana pecans & Mandarin oranges. Your choice of: Grilled Ahi Tuna...$18.95 8 oz. Chicken Breast...$13.95 (6) Gulf Shrimp, Fried or Grilled..$15.95 Shrimp Salad - Seasonal greens with tomatoes, eggs, sliced almonds and black olives. Topped with medium boiled Gulf shrimp...$13.95 Large Fried or Grilled Shrimp...$15.95 Fried Chicken Salad - Crisp baby green with eggs, tomatoes, bacon & fresh shredded cheddar cheese, then finished with your choice of dressing and fresh chicken strips fried crispy golden...$13.95


Delicious variety daily. New creations all the time, so be sure to ask.