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Patient Outcomes and Environmental Monitoring System (POEMS) & DEMOS www.GHRF.

GHRF is a 501(c)3 - Integrating process improvement with technology to strengthen systems and build capacity for eco-health solutions in low-resource settings worldwide
Erica Weirich MD Founder and Director Mary Vincent Director Tech and Environment

The Honorable Lyonchen Jigme Yoser Thinley, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bhutan

Patient Outcomes and Environmental Monitoring System (POEMS) Goal Streamline data reporting for BHUs (clinics) and District Hospitals, Rangers and community members involved in POEMS environmental and medical programs. Integrate technology, empower process improvement, and replicate/expand working solutions

Theory behind integration of POEMS Mobile and Data Tools

Rapid access to accurate evidence of the

problem is a key to coordinating interventions, and to facilitate control and eradication efforts. and The slow return on outcomes data is a fundamental barrier to tracking and fighting health and environmental problems, thus to proactively protecting environment and health

POEMS will deliver a high-tech, no-cost, easily implemented solution which, when implemented will be a huge cost savings for Bhutan and also improve the quality of care to the people Bhutan. This project satisfies Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Goal 1 Eradicate poverty and hunger Goal 3 Promote gender equality and empower women Goal 5 Improve maternal health as in the Annual Health Survey Goal 6 Combat communicable disease like HIV and Malaria as well as Non-communicable disease (NCD) like diabetes, as in the PEN application Goal 8 Develop a global partnership for development (Bhutan can lead to model and perhaps directly guide other countries.)

Basic Health Unit and Ranger mobile data collection applications (POEMS)

* BHU resources are available to BHU provider through the mobile device

GHRF history in Bhutan

First visit in 2007 while developing sustainability tools for low-

resource areas, to understand the integrated, model sustained health system Bhutan had created Returned in 2010 to offer mobile and data tools, realizing how well Bhutan could implement idea of POEMS formed Designed and brought first iteration of POEMS to usability test in BHUs in 2012 Patient Data Application for BHU, Annual Health Survey, PEN program, and NFC cards are now ready for pilot
Ranger tools will be reviewed in 2013

GHRF ongoing projects worldwide (utilizing Assessments & Outcomes Toolkit)

Uganda Malaria Surveillance Project California Central Valley Asthma Project Tanzania HIV-Associated Cancer Registry Bhutan Patient Outcomes and Environmental Monitoring System Communication through Illustration TOUCH Tanzania (Bugando University, Mwanza) Guatemala Children in Crisis Program (Stanford University)

GHRF Project Team

Rika Bajra, MD Medical Adviser, TB and HIV project coordinatorM.D. Community and Family Medicine (Stanford) Doug Dworkin GHRF Web design, Communication through Illustration Lead, Art and Media Director, Kaiser Marketing,Author, illustrator Lynne Gaffikin, PhD One Health Epidemiologist, Scientist, >20 yrs exp Path, WWF, WCF, Stanford Adjunct Faculty Victor B. Ibabao, MPH (Johns Hopkins), GHRF Director of Cultural Programs and Public Health Education, formerly with the World Bank in Washington, D.C., Cultural Competency, Public Health (Malaria, Tuberculosis), Decision Support and Evaluation Planning.

GHRF Project Team

My T. Le, PhD GHRF Engineering Director, Prof. of Engineering (Stanford), Entrepreneur (sev. successful startups launched/sold),Entrepreneur and Angel Investor Cathy Leather: Program Director, Innovation Education Professor Technology Saratoga HS, User Interface and User Experience expert, User Interface expert, professor technology Saratoga HS, User Interface and User Experience, Teaching Credential, Masters in Information Technology and Graphic Design Mark Leather: GHRF POEMS Technical Lead Fellow at AMD, co creator of the Nintendo Wii (and Gamecube), Oscar winner for his work with Lucasfilm and Pixar, prior worked for Silicon Graphics, ATI, BBC London and now AMD. (Marks Academy Award is for Scientific and Technical Achievement.)

GHRF Project Team

June LiuBiotech Consultant and Senior Statistician Senior Research ScientistGenomic Health, prior Johnson and

Johnson and prior Alza Josh MailmanChief Technology Officer 20 yrs tech experience, successfully launched and sold several startups including Efax,Former worldwide marketing director for Xerox Jon PuroGHRFData Solutions Architect Health Information Technology Systems, OCHIN, GHRF Data Warehouse Analyst Benoit Schillings ,Tech Team Senior technologist, Facebook, prior CTO Myriad, CTO Nokia, Senior Technologist at Apple and Be

GHRF Project Team

Christopher Traver MDGHRF Chief Financial Officer M.D. Trauma and General Surgery, ICU director Northern California Trauma

Services Mary Vincent MBA Electronic Business CEO Green Star Solution, Director Tech and Environment GHRF Erica Weirich, MD MA Director, GHRF; Professor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine; Physician Palo Alto Medical Foundation Kathy Yates, Business Adviser CEO, Teachscape; former President CBS Marketwatch,Board of Directors, Interplast

POEMS Technology Timeline

July 2012 November 2012Jan 2014 Spring 2014

Tool Creation

Usability Testing & Working Group Appointed

Pilot in One District

Scale to All Districts

We are here

The interdependence of health and environment seems obvious, but is difficult to explore from a health development perspective
Example: We know that spraying for malaria WORKS. But

kills mosquitoes which are key to the food chain in the jungle. The jungle ecosystem is SO fragile, that this single environmental hit could easily wipe out the critically endangered tiger. How do we measure this? How do we measure the effect of spraying on the ecosystem, or the effect of NOT SPRAYING? Can we build a system that holds these data together, so that we can find the value added of working together? So that we look at impact across a multitude of variables?


GHRF is a 501(c)3 Integrating process improvement with technology to strengthen systems and build capacity for eco-health solutions worldwide

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