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Questionnaire The Questionnaire given below is designed to conduct a primary research for Measuring Financial inclusion policy in the

city of Mumbai & Suburbs. This research paper will not be used for any personal use, and will be solely used as academic purpose.

Q1(a) Details : (1) Name (2) Age

(3) Gender (4) Occupation/Profession/Any other

(5) Annual Income (approx) (6) Monthly Salary (approx) b) What is the Identity proof that you posses? 1) Pan Card 2) Ration Card 3) Passport 4) Aadhar Card (UID) 5) Any other Q2) Do you have a Bank account? a) YES b) NO Q3) In how many Banks do you have an account; a) More than 2 b) Less than 2 Q4) For What purpose do you go to Bank? 1: Savings/ Current account operations

2: Locker operation 3: Loans 4: Savings Schemes 5: Tax Schemes 6: Investment Plans Q5) Are you aware of the following services given by Banks. Tick the ones which you are aware of: 1) Investment Plans 2) Internet Banking 3) RTGS & NEFT 4) Mobile Banking 5) 3-in-one account (Savings-Demat-Trading) 6) Online Tax payments Q6) Which Banks do you prefer? 1) Public sector banks (Govt) 2) Private sector Q7 (a) How do you rate the services in the banks? 1 Excellent 2 Good 3 Satisfactory 4 Bad (b) Which services would you rate? Q8) In a month how many times have you visited one bank for cash deposit/ withdrawals/ electronic payments etc. (a) 0 (b) 1-2 times (c) 6 times or more

Q9) (a) How do you make your cash transactions (deposits or withdrawals) (a) Using ATM (b) Bank branch (c) Net banking (d) Agents (b) Have you saved or set aside your money during the past 12 months using the banks accounts? (a) YES (b) NO Q10) Do you use mobile phone to pay bills, send or receive money? YES NO Dont Know c) Have you heard of the terms Financial Inclusion & steps by RBI towards financial inclusion? (a) YES (b) NO Q11) On a scale of 1-5 (bad-good), rate the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. Are you satisfied with bank services. Are you satisfied with products that banks are offering. Are you satisfied with the procedures of the bank. Are the personnel at bank approachable and provide you with information that is requested.

Q12) Do the banks provide you with information in vernacular language? (a) YES (b) NO Q13) Why dont you posses a bank account. Tick any or many of the following: 1: Lack of financial knowledge Y/N 2: Low incomes and assets Y/N 3: Illiteracy Y/N

4: Branch timing Y/N 5: Cumbersome Banking Y/N 6: Documentation required for opening is too much Y/N 7: Unsuitable banking products and services Y/N 8: Money lender is more accessible Y/N 9: Custom made schemes with money lender Y/N 10: Favourable interest rates with moneylender Y/N 11: Attitude of banking officials Y/N 12: Language problem Y/N Q14 (a) Do you take a loan? (a) YES (b) NO (b) For what purpose a loan is taken? (a) Household purchases (b) Start own Business (c) Health problems (d) Education (e) Marriage (f) Other (specify) Q15) Have you attempted to go to bank for loan or any other deposits/services (a) YES (b) NO Q16) Do you have the knowledge of following terms: Current account, Savings account, Credit card, Debit card, Insurance schemes. (a) YES (b) NO