Four of the dye Or& were put

V O I . 10, IYO. L I

Mak Kr,ll Collects Elkhart Lake

ow failed to flnlsh any

(Coathmd a mge 10)

tirementeatthe end d(bayear.

i a o l l i c ~ i na c ~@ r ibls l o i p b l y ' ~ : ;course at the led of the pack ftha .!start to finish, Mak KIWM -1, !complete shambles o 'hatwe i a pnodined race otW &tpr@k 1June 8prints here t w o . I Krann-dropg.Ms McKm-Chn:@ tro--w -aaory a , !field pnd completed a mttmrn OW 1 ;tablishea in me s h rrnss MliPb

Area Editor ELKHART LAKE.Wiae..JtW I#-


dp . .w






,Area Editor

By Lionel Birnbom



M O N T TREMELANT, QUeb9C. i ~ n w18-Lotlmr M ~ c b s n b i ~ ' a w t e d to . .My ~ W V l C t O r Y n I111 ths Chr. ecldarmee ncs a t Mont TrembM whleh man shortw d t %V5hra. w h o two ars e o mu@d 5re in .peetMuLu iohtm. i , Gnry Dtllnuoa, d r t v l q Tom Ashweps *rod-mra nm-BMW, lost control of the am on me dcninhlll *urn two. After r p snrerol ~ Ip?es, ha ilnnny edled up UI au in-


Britons Award Safety Trophy to ~ens&:R:'
on Wele. The
vehicle is

Lik MY iaatoi., D . &Ins k crude 011, dlseosered onlyairv r U a f k e h i . y u r s before near Tltusvllle, h ~ ~ ~ ~ . i l for sometatllf e@e. Em- la c d cure everything from gout 6 n aU b cusn, tbe 4uldlw, r s , M u. W h i 1 (a t b ud-eml tetter (a diawm). .weemhrlptwd.Illtlqolrl* ta&nbypcniormiqaa-ol The ptpklan decided to ftwdtgate, 4fcurd that the claiwmm ~rhlch-t.dbopt PattwM for otbsr BptW* Ww. But imtead oi going kg (0 Tben one day in1866,(BeQdor hi. practyli dfs@ery, Elg. be read an dorrtlsement that chimed eanm i n t r W h i n 8 n t a e f e m -.

LONDON, Jme 9-The snnunl T h e J e n . 3 e a P . F . ~whw&m-TheDDnhp ~ wM b* y , smmored bj tbe ~dnlly r m by i m F e r g u ~ o n R w ~ ~ ~ & @MuQta ope* in @ $aka llnfnO mm&&mrs, 8mnn Pd Jenaen Motors, a d l the ac&uudw with tiw maskrdtibr- 1m11*11068n .

M m ( h e ~ O r m I P 1~ ~ . a d m o ' l a t l l y o p . pao]4aqIl&b~~ar*.


m& r - , ' h b - G
~ w


-- -to

~ t r o * s m ~ r HI h ~ rU ~ ~
-& 1me - m - V m m ru m d by Alhlud Oll-s i n


Fergunan master dlffmentlrl a c b a p w l oi 10 1

lime Rock National S p a s tong Wee ed k
A Great

Invention !
n sorry *. didn't mdc. ir....wt hava mad. aovrol t r p r o v m t a . Idpmvmnta hd onpatiti- has yupv? So nu&, in fact, chat our a( m o p l a s h and aluminum ing *haols owu 60 airas o t . * fit d m s t tmy eei-up. inn md porungw eoa. y o u c$r can run championhip rhaola Check cha k n r i e a Rocins i p m t Cutalop a d m your dmp, kttonotiw quipmad d, Now cat d e d r . Inlist on....


tlleaommymoL*nrdhne 'Pne Of ollulh&w8utS. ~ ~ ~ ~ P

' L



roltP~lu. T6SOW+O, Jum 18 -0rWlldlpI VnIv~Pne W I W w -n .d at B i q l w w 4 UX, - @ .. dmotorrportrlaCIIpd. & I S e p , t o m D . . a b r a f f i * ~ -y.ob.-bJ-* E u t e r n ~ m u b t * ~ w b c4l .1 p . ~ p . b t l l l t a p f m t r t s ~ ~~ ~ ~ l W U P m- * w d NY, ah&m@ lta (IW It 4 .. mt11100 * win wtoa B he plant M to* I* lam-t .o - m., , c q q xfaoll.. and M mnll i~tmW. ' Tob.~YL.plctare,~ b bradeutormorlemutbenwd&






P I V ~ S en
N u .



END $1.00 TO DEPT. AD FOR CATALOG 66A U( Pntmn Stnet. San Fnnciffl MI10
&u d # 415-62847W E


rnuc n

Invincible Joe Starkey


74... ~.. ,




Take 1st Pro Rally in
By Ron Hickman POMONA, Calif., May 22-1966 Road Rally U.S.S. proved to h e a successful s t a r t in the effort to reestablish Eurooean style orofesGrand P r i x classes. slonai road riIlyl~ig in ~ b u t h c r n Reg Pridmore. S o u t h e r n Cali- California. T h e ~ n l i i a l erldeavor, fornia r i d e r who used hisunder-100 with c l a s s t . for both private 2nd cc Grand Prix Honda to chase KoShino to the finish line, also had to s e t t l e for second place in the s i d e c a r r a c e when his 650cc Triumphengined Norton fell off-tune in the CARLSBAD, Calif., May 29 - L a last lap and gave JimSadelek with Joiia architect Henry Hester tore p a s s e n g e r Mark Strong the win himself away f r o m thedrawingboard they'd been working for with their long enough today to show he can Harley-Davidson. also drive his Shelby CohrabyturnRiders in the 350cc Grand P r i x ing in top t i m e of day in the Saddleand production races, being run to- back SCC's Dos Dias Enduro over a gether, finished under the white one-mi. portion of Carlsbad Race"ambulance on course' flag when way's 1.9-mi. road circuit. two unrelated accidents on turns Hester made the threelaps around s e n t Grand Prix r i d e r John Rauizza the motorcycle road c o u r s e in of Mill Valley and production bike 229.06, handily edging out another r i d e r Rudy L e Mar of Novato, both Cobra pilot, Bob Gage of Los AnHonda mounted, to SantaRosaMem- geles, by nearly three s e c s . o r i a l Hospital. Gage turned fast time during the Track ambulance attendant David two, one-lap qualification runs. Breazeale of Brown's Ambulance T h e two-day time t r i a l event S e r v ~ c e . Santa Rosa, s a ~ d Rauizza started Saturday at 9am with two, was beina examined for cossiblein- one-lap timed runs for each car. The t e r n a l injuries while L& M a r may top 40 p e r cent in each class then have fractured his left shoulder.. qualified f o r the three-lap endurSunday night, both r i d e r s w e r e reance run Sunday afternoon. ported resting comfortably in the In the heavily contested class B Santa Rosa hospital. competition of.@qRays and nother USE AUTOWEEK CLASSIFIEDS


Steele Takes AFM National Lead
-- Steele
COTATI, Calif., June 1 2 - T o m of Santa Ross went into the lead in American Federation ofMotorcyclists national point standings when he rode his 650cc Triumph to a Grand P r i x open c l a s s win at Northern California's Cotati Raceway today. 650cc Triumphs also took the first t h r e e places in the production bike open c l a s s , with Paul Bennett, J l m Munroe and Steve Palmer a c r o s s the finish line in that order. Munroe showed Bennett the way around the course but Bennett found a little e x t r a something in his mount at the l a s t turn and used it to edge by Munroe for a flrst-place victory that brought race fans up out of their s e a t s a s the checkered flag came flashing down. Haruo Koshino, the Suzuki factory's touring r a c e r , brought his water-cooled works bikes to Cotati and left with first-place trophies in the under-IOOcc, 125cc and 250cc


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sponsored entries, developed into a they accun1ul3ted only 130 {renalty benefit for the private entrants, who points over the i I controls, at the captured the f i r s t three ot.erali a i d rate of one w ~ n per second oi e r t r o r g r e a t e r than 10 secs. per conclass positions. trol. Thev drove their blustane home B ~ l l 2nd 113r; Uurkltn of ! a richer b;$125, a Michelin til'e, and hlir3da SCC i,l?ced first ovriallxnd a f r e e entry to a rally inWashi11gton. also loibed the otwr 3 0 0 0 c ~ ~ c I . ~ i s a sDonna and Dale Huseboe, of Rallym a s t e r s , were second overall, in addltion to winning the 2000-30OOcc class with 289 total points. llogrr Entz and Pete Higgins had their t p e Corvettes,' ex-road r a c e r Jack journey from Sacraniento turn out Brabban sandbagged fastmen Bili to be worthwhile when they took third EarCook and Omer Getman when he overall and first under 2000~1.. slipped out on the course justbefore l l e r they had zeroed the first six closing time and cut their times of controls before they went astray 235.04 and 2:35.06 by nearly two and ended up with349penaltypolnts. The principal courseobstacle was s e c s . with a 233.86, and walked off human- a farmer in the Hemet Bith class honors. But it was Len Cunningham in a r e a who paraded out to a control his stock Sting Ray, running in the point in his underwear and routed modified class because of over- the crew off his property at shotgun sized t i r e s and fender modifications, point. who brought spectators to their feet and almost broughtdownTTOD when he wheeled up and down the hills and through the r e v e r s e camber turns in 230.32 on his way to a c l a s s victory. It was a typical ho-hum story in class C with the usual victor a By Ronnie Allyn Lotus Elan, properly chauffeured PHOENIX. Ariz.. June i l -Frank by Gerald Kikin, making things Look S e c r i s t finilly made the w ~ n n e r ' s easy gliding over the course in c i r c l e after over 10 years of trying when he captured tonight's 30-lap 236.29. CRA sprint car feature at Manzanita Speedway, driving the Pop Miil e r Chevrolet V spl. B S e c r i s t has garnered victortes in several t m e s of oval track competie s t market.' TORRANCE, Calif., June 15Today, the U.S. i s the largest of t ~ o n , but the sprint c a r s had been Volvo marked its 10th anniversary his jinx. He lost the lead here in the in the U.S. today with the opening AB Volvo's 130 export markets. The company's growth I n this f i r s t corner, but stormed back to of a new $1,500,000 West Coast country has been matched by grow- take command on the 13th lap and headquarters building. stayed on top to win the feature on During this decade, sales Of the ing purchases of parts and machinery from domestic manufac- the half-mi. clay oval in the time of Swedish compact c a r have increased 1247.49. from 1,605 in 1956 to a projected t u r e r s . Since Volvo first started CRA points leader Don Thomas 2~1,000 in 1966. Volvo currently selling c a r s here in 1956, it has failed to finish after moving up to ranks third among imported auto- spent more than $150 million to buy American-made equipment and second spot froni his ninth startin(: mobiles in this country. posittun. His Chevy-powered c a r In a speech during the building p a r t s to build its products and to blew an engine on the 16th round, operate the 17 factories it controls dedication today, AB Volvo Execuforcing him to the pits in a cloud of tive Vice President Svante Simon- in Sweden. In addition to its automobile pro- steam and smoke. s s o n said that many Swedish businessmen gravely shook their heads duction, AB Volvo isoneof Euroye's when Volvo decided to t r y selling leading manufacturers of trucks, f a r m machinery, and industrial and c a r s in America 10 yearsago. "It was s a i d in Sweden then," jet a i r c r a f t engines. It i s Sweden's Simonsson reported, .that it was second largest industry. With i t s Americansubsidiary Voljust impossible to export c a r s to the U.S. - t h e cradle of the automo- VO, Inc. the company services a nabile industry and the world's tough- tionwide network of 400 authorized By Katie Jaques SAN D I E W . Calif.. June 5 -Dick dealers from threedistributlon cent e r s which a r e located inRockleigh, and Susan after stretched their N.J., Houston, Tex., and, starting lead in San Diego Council rally AL AXEL ROD today, In Torrance, a suburb of Los championship p o i n t s by winning Angeles. This new building, which South Mission Auto Rally & Touring reolaces a smaller one in nearbv Society's Treadmark 2, fourthevent herm man oaks, servlces 10 western on the year's championship calenstates w h ~ c h account lor 30': of Vol- dar. The Rafters, and their TR4,demYO Sales in this country. onstrated their mastery of rallying San Diego-style by zeroing one leg and turning In a total e r r o r of 22 I W L ' R E COVERING THE WEST W l T H secs. lor the 210-mi. event. Alfa team D e r r i l Steele and J e r r y Kerkmeyer had a 2 3 4 e r r o r for second place. SPORTS CAR RACING TIRES Third went to John Star and Leo we W I I ierilce your reeds at all Regional and Nat~onal Abbott in a Jaguar X:.E at 249. q d ~ e s the eleven western slales in In the limited class, which featured some swapping of usual rally LANCE AUTOMOTIVE, INC. partners, Bart Bullard and Bill DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Hamilton won with a 9:01 e r r o r in a Sports Car Paint and Body Service VW. Jim Henry and Pat Dinan in a Corvair Monza were next at 10:32, 4702 Vlneland Avenue North Hollywwd. Calllornla followed by Bili Grevemeyer and For Service Teenhone 12131 985 2117 Phyllis Fraine in a Jaguar at 13:03.

Hester's Cobra Tops Dos Dias

Secrist Wins 1st Race in 10 Years

Volvo 8pms New SoCal Facility

Rafter Team Builds Council Rally Lead



THE 1966 3:
et (corner of Dolores) San Francisco, California Telephone (41 5 ) UN 1-6000
arm, Sac's H I - P . r l o r m n r . m. i'




p 3 W C U F 1 81 F S r L

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nans Adam for a


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F~ne used cars Service on all imports and compacts

*. exper,$ <*e',? b r * ~ , ; " ~ . It', )us* lull In thr lid4 al budy m d lrndrr
,c..,, X C know her """f,Y" ,rr,ttrn r l t h nlfmlloni m e t furrlsn C l r v r n c n arc r h r n it r o m o LO rrprir " o r * .



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Cornpetltlon Press & Autoweek
PAGE 4 JULY 9,1966


*-P p
i ! *
> :

Who Was the Loser at Le Mans?
-now did 1 win u M e t a l For one





The splerdid s m t of the i r r e s i s t m h ~ m oFord t ~k a crossing the ilne is formation on nve, satelutetwwmftted telndsion mvle it abundantly clear to the world who bd nm Le M m . Tbequ~mrisabolost. Ford meets mxt mcmth to decidr the future of its raciug program, Ud there is Phsolutely m rssaon to a believe it won't retire from m d rack. Three veara and 84lus. 8 g o ~ ~ u u l t hy w & s . l d t d P t ~ e n e MUlU W M i b ~ h l d B & d - . w i t b ~ ~ pchlevsd, r . pomose rarld be served b~ thelr amh1

Ford's W c l m has S t e ~ m m I h the -d 1 tlon as evervone aedicted it aould. N.tionrllsts on this side of the i\th&ic am ecrr(ltic. Unless thg1re also motor mcbg enthusiasts, and is that case they cnn see a blesk Mure in which blue F e nce nsPinsf whfte Fords at N n r h g r h g md LaMass Ord tbe o~lly Ferraris around are in the DBdBOCt. 80 U indeed the decision &om Deerborn 18 to sod, or at luet wrhsly autell, the Itne redng prowam, It rill not necessarily be a mom& for mm r t o e d weepin&. Ford baa mde its pow-aml ~ ~ But Ford is not a whtlKoppc WaMy y . A& If FA B@ts, W h hp. lost7 existtrig for the bnastit of race wrs. If FoMoCo In some m the publlc, and to some extent the management deems it w pl t to its wportaiblW mr e s race organimr. to its sbcMolters to retrench is ils racing program, ButisthDtthefwltofFord7 itwIlIdolettb.t, a n d w o ~ e r l ~ s o . To crltlcize mob an .EtiO. wonkibesbsurdisthe Obvlousb n t Ud dwiously the o, 681&bn Ul Into d e the dilemma of p u t l d p t m by the UgM of the elevation to Esdmood of Yereedes Bmz rm om mamf&ww. alter exactly t h e s n m e ~ o f w m t s . It is an P r ( l c l e o f i n i t h t h a t i t i s * ~ g a o d ~ * i a r Critlclsm wmkl he as SlIlY as a leehue on wmh t m i t to wmmlt IbeU Ud its enosmqm remnrwa to mrmlty relptlon, to a llon 6 had Just smlbwad m .utomObi1e ndsg. It is a gaod thlq for m e s ud it antelope harmcb. vr, Ib a gomi thicg ior the race-pbHc. It bas not, Besldw d e b , thare's Piwupa that pmbtype on the floaevra, proved to be such a vsqgaodthicgforor- k m ibor ofShelby A m e o m under lock and W a n d $mixers s u b M to the Linl ofpreumwthatgo hud in hUd with a minus Wth a munmotb.


tb.n e t s were with me.*


Mosport Brain Fade Proves Costly In Kindly Canada .
By Chulie Ewes Idoa'tbellmthelMtthr88~~tulatW. It m&stbealmidream. A h tL.Srcolld WoWDt (-CP&A 11) NLctq Chemletrm(alltheburtrd~~m~~~to~~ak to ptcb, w*, bsil, p r d - to8t. JOY~G. ~ & m m , Ed 8r got it all done-* a h e ~ L shwn Nicby's t pe-aml dmtbook-Udre ~ t t t o l e ~ 1 5

r, -


CP Readnrs Say

Fans Offer Suggestions for Indy

t Yonr dediention to the m t of motor racing h u r brought many bolPs of exaitement and enjoyment to race fans everywhere. As racing fans with a slncere Interest in the sport of auto racing, we feel obligated to make some suggestlons. In our oplopln, they w l l l help alleviate the qniortunate accidents which have occurred at the start or during the ilmt few laps oi the Indy 500. In 1964 and again in 1966, such accidents twk thelive8oi two great
and suggestions.

W e q m U f M , WthsoumrJuctdrlcht,~ t o s t a r t w l t h L bchaWs . ~ r u n ~ a U . S o E d r o r L e d ~ S ~ n i ~ m d g o rtmfgbt.BtItitRa6hrlmughL I hd to l a v e &a rod at tb.start, to mold Lot- Mobchmb.cbale bT*e dll& ShUrd M&U'94I, md rt@d w d M Well M thr Ud a m u tire. 8t. ~ovita u . for s BrUW FADE .good MaoldtoBruceMcLprenI Then, at Mosport, rhlle exuerienaed brpln Me. misssd a shUt. tauchbc 8.600. Five 1 Mar thimglll0pveltup. As Jlm T r a m at said, *Them mothers .Inlt bDllt to go a t e that hish." I W to think what it's goingto cost to flr that engine. But there were at all. Ard even this spot, ablch beeomes unduly hrlght spots on our trlp to Canada however. John Rosa, the St. Joolte crowd&, tends to beeome monotonoua alter afewbours. orpPnUer PhsP rWsed of the damage h e to Lotbar's c ~ (strlcny d r m On the heels of the dlspriter at Sebrlag, I realiae course ownera must taLe precamotwy steps. But it is rmtntbomabk to me why the areas INSIDE turn one pnd the others have been deemed imsefe. Theonly thing Ulis mope has ncmmpUsbed is to dampen this fan's enthusiasm for wmlng from Phflndelphla to BrMgehampton. Thls beautlflll ~rsehasneitheraccasU,illtydav off thls m t Sunday. Schafer went to the beach. and 1 twk sort of a

t b . e n d o f ~ a m 8 ~ .




c u e , wheel-to-wheel wmpetltlon with really co Ow s18 -1 0 pre based on our tuderstamhg of to Pod from Bridgehamptoqbasbeenamargln+lventure. NO fruit cwpera on this clrcrtlt h e Indianppolis 500 rules as revealed by t h e p r e ~ ,The tr-c borders on the unbelievable. Quite possibly Something I most radio, and TV. We b o p that these idew are reallatic the point has now beenreDohedwhereensuWraceawill USAC race listswas o@ ers, but also the c W wt r and workable. In view of the fact that these accidents be run without tbe nuisnnw oi swctators. Indeed, this is what B r i ~ p t o seems to want. mechanics. I would certninlv Uke to see thls in road rnclw. The ehld o do occur, we fml that tradihors must be sactiilced B. DRAKE STELLE msehDoic deserves as mu& credit as angone else conneked aitb When safety and good raclng are in the bolonce. ~ S ? .W Pa. effort like ours. How about it nce o The followinn ire our sue~estions: It hasn't been easy getti~g Nlclrey Chevrolet cars dOW, M, back our Publiclee t the adva& i oi nuto racing the fact here in the east, it is nearly impoesiblS to Hrd such tIW0 88 Pircralt that the 1966 1 accident occurred well above Where is hardware and male A bolte. Nearly everthlIlp has to ba ordered from highaay speeds w one was b ~ u r e d e m e of the b I have been a subscriber for several yearsnow and I LG m e s , h e to tlme behg skirt, v e h l s o - b hrd lo nu sniw w use of safety eaut~ment. In the d;dermine the stPrflllP UWm solely on think CP&A is my mast important rsading matter. Betug here usleg the b u t of o w spare easbe (.blob elme out and bounced skag q u a c o t l o o spw& r w e s s of thi day i n whi& it a sports car enthusiast, I do have otherUBs~scri~olY1. the. UBhray is the wreck) ud -ma bt& from our blown Mooport one belug Motor Sports Internationill to ablch I sub- mglie.. was recorded. Thin minces the problems rhleb ocarr One doesn't reallm how mu& rort Troa, does until It beeonm-3 under the present system when faster cen attempt to scribed for three years lner boylag the flrst iasue. In CPQa (June 18) G r a y Bseyer referred to Motor D ~ J Sslow& cars d r the early 1.~8.Sucharule will uw -&o eliminate fhe pr&swe to q d i y an 111-prepared Sports hbnmtioaal as *morItmrd.* It would seem to me thpt you rmeht tmw the status Of YLSI ard whal rill ear on the first day. , p Chnnge the stprtlng Hueup from 11 rcns of three or what might k the &come of my throe-you mbears to 17 rows of two cars (one edditlolwl starter). acriptlm. I h m writtm. them but I have oat recelvd Additional mom dW maneuvering, passlug and -cane a reply. BRUCE W. NWON 1s provided by W arrangement. Tlgud, Ore. L t the p ~ e e lead one parade isp (90mpb) and e COT outcornme, B = ~ e r informs us tb. leave the cause. 4 second parade lap woad be run @Me?: u d e r the yellow ?lea (lao-1~0mvhLon the third h~ m m i h e is more out Uuo come. --a) b & V lira a 1.1w A m Editorr I ImJ& ** ~ ~ i ~ i O . T& u u., n 8 x . n o , the eprs ~sLbp&eaan.n&thelveebeclins.a sr CIU bum, (US) D - w a N n c l L n U L I l a . l l l r , ~ , M tbe first car c r w m k e stnrtl;U w.ThelaaoFspbsd Birr Goodrum 1N.cmmOnru *--a-. will eUmfIute e a g h foullng nod s M the race from n w*, r u m D C . The d by your eminent columnlst,EdRrrmie, $peed closer to actual qopllfgllrg speed. which detero m m +*. cnw~, L a M n o m m rpe. * S , ~ Q ; ~ ~ , l mined the stwnm ~ i tfh & &t P)rce. The ab- ofbl. trlptotheHood.wrto in J~plafaaduaW i ~ %na sence of the pa& -COT will Pibw tke II& to strlrg art , I c reading Dr. 8. I. liaynkawa's *I&Ewga In AdioogIh.*ahsd.Lesn~aaistheI~bO'from the start. L$?"h.. - ~ D o not allow my ar to maveoutofitsrtptlno rier 8mme ~ e ~ p 1 of s the world a d Its eff9ct6 on their actlvitles and relationshtps. position untll it I creased thestprtlg1b.A W-mI. w % nonda g d h n r a were quite brave In IDeladM race La not wm b the flrst two l s w. Jm J. IIANM)N Egrlntm. Gnrdstrhod, erd Hirgerb I4 ed&ton t0 o became UmM rha h . fd GERALD I. TESTERMAN Reumie, but tbq spp~rently owrse POpndmmm-w - Tmsos,Md. with mwc chmp~on Jim Barr md Gerry BrPllv ud so dtdnot in&am

t aiing condltioos. Now its biggest and1 ~ h r d l y a w a i my chance todriveone.' To me they personiiy all that motor raelllg is a& t. advmtage is m e . Probably for many people, traveling

year, it has of-





~orn~dtltion Press & Autoweek



zs?ii -

Death Wish?

Bridgehamptan ..ems to be int& on p&tlnc ibrelf out of business. U thue is one race worse in A m e r l a which can legs &rd to diearursgospectdor i t r s . neet D"' .. . .*.1 .YU* I haven't seen tt. The barring of spectators from the nrda of the &st Events Enthusiart several turn6 is enw'ely umecez3sary from a safety standpoint pnd serves only to dampen fsnlntcnsst.Tlup I w plewregtw& one and the others leading to 'Echo Valley* werr Mme Y W 'ePed.* O O b m b of the few interesting spots ref rsgeeLUofs. "WF WId WW.' d W ltr \~)*I)-oIPTby Ule S.BIo The best vantage point-the balrpiu turli-ms e w . -s*lYldrrrmA=-,-8dHId wcttwl, u?iI dpw@mW my ~ c r l p t l o n . -.A ~ a t e d couple of years ago. a a* . The a r e s that m remain for spectators are, is a Please keep Jam rrats CdUIISI . l . w IWWLD word, dull. Only the left hud uphill hunPter the short Dtibm& Wise. straight following *Echo Valley" has nny vlewllrg value


---"... ".-.




JULY 9,119(6


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A Word With the Wives Of the "Death Wishers"


By Bill Maloney The gnys w b write the local and syndicated newspaper hits about the Lyutes who drive race cars professionally ought to sPend a few days at I I Indy prior to the 500 and see flrst-hand what these h t dogs are really o like. The scribes will m doubt iind that the 'death wish" tmops are as , normal as your next door neighbor and just like him they put on thetr r trousers one leg at a Hme. These drlvers are for the most part family I men, guys who one day found out that they could do something a Uttle Mt ! better than the next fellow -drive a race car. So for the benefit of the spin, crash and bum pumalists here's what the race drivers wivw have to say a b u t their husband's professions justme your wife may comment , on yours. Mrs. Dan Gurney (four kids) counts the days till his retirement, wants to see more of him. Danny, 5, jwt had ablrthdaybut DanSr. couldn't make the pvhr because ofIndy.Mrs.Gary CoogQn sald, *I don't see him much between April and September." Mrs. Carl WllUams said, "1 have two UHle girls so I don't have to worry abojcthem becoming race a drivers." Mrs. Eddie Sachs, wife of the late and great championship c r drlver carrles on Eddie's Red Ball Transit besiness. So the fellas at the Speedway have a job to do do they each do it io their own intense way. Mel KBoyon (fifth place, $22,WO) wears a special leather glove contairdng a metal cylinder on his left hend. His ilagers were amputatedaiteraLanghornecrashlastyear and the metal cyllndered glove was isshloned so that he could grip the steering wheel. He inserts the custom glove into a pin on the steering wheel at the 10 o'clock pasb Hon, then pulls down wlth hls left and pushes up wlth his rfgbt hand. Gutsy? YOU bet. ALSO AT INDY t of a broken torsion rod on the Jim Clark's slowdown w Yb. w front end. This 500 was hard-ludr onnie Il~unan's second flrst-lap crash, i n '64 he was involved in thesacha-MeDonald tragedy. The night before the race HurtuWle switehed engine6 to no a m . There will be all new garages in GBSOUne Alley next year. Also new rule mmored, if the stmlghtaway is stacked up, cars are permitted to use pit lane as a thoroughfare, at reduced speed of course. HOPPING AROUND Great Lakes CPT LWtributors, Midwestern distributor of BMC auto* moblles is awudlng huae and v e r ~ handsome sterUne sllver Best BMC Performer tro~hl& at -&aDiv S&A national races- At MM-Oh10 last week Bob Tordoff won tb. award tor do- a fine b h in his Mncam M A G

JULY 1 %Mid. 0 JULY I ~ td % % 1n , ~ T' d & 8 r b ru7. Ib17-0.rmn.w . a w JULY t r

And Mrs. A. J. Fvyt does. Mrs. Fopt has to live with an 'all I want to do is get up and get (EIIIW... c, , a r d , ' tiger in tbe form of a rearerating A. J., seething wlth irustra- mqsm& . Uon and bitter disappoilxtment after unavoidably piling up twice at In~ ~ ~ nw. dianapolis do once spin the following weekend at Milwaukee. JULY 1' F/ab *When you haveayearlikethislt just makes you sick to your stomach," JULY Od Yt.uoO It.lg he said, spsPklng to C P U from his home ln Houston, Tex. moments aiter JULY 11-OBhC 150 N.& JULY ISLWCAR'ma, w o w retornlng from a w i t tohisdoctor for treatment of the burns he received

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ton, N.Y.


k Glo N.Y. m

hnrr's ScbooL Wat1O 1s Ir *, 150 y u l d m h m ,


JULY 'o-SCCA Ohlo JULY 1 - A C 1 L 0N a 1 6
N V -..-.


J a y 10-wp.nm Morpml, N.E. JULY lo-NMW,

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em@, W B

I , & N.Z. 108, FmdS, U.Y.


.You work all year and then you wreck one car (his Coyote) and then ??'7&j: tlx another one UP (Jim Clark's sewnd- laced Lotus SB-Ford lndy cat) ::'\;"r: have it really set Gperfectly fortherace-and thea you Lose It before you .'; ' ' even get there, and it's not your fault. It just kbda disappoints you about .:v',? r~cIng; he said, not evm mentldng the Lotus-Ford he lost in the hlg . . :-j ? lndy pile-up. When you work as bard as my crew and all of us have been working, and set it runnlna amd. And we were runnine real fast at Milwaukee. you k& n. Much than anyone else at theiime. .and at Indy we &re . , running with a load of fuel (69 gallons) on carburetion day and turning 159-160mpb and m l n g real easy, turning about 8,6001pms ard the en, glne mxlld have lived all day, and so. .it's justra shame * he sald, . , . ... , seeming to utter tha pent-np feeof the ~@p~~gee&$:pjid -: qotor ~:&? racing's great& &statement, in a sIng1e wp&g . ' 7 " 5.. . , The veteran WAC d r h e r and two-time @&y *mer Ylh'pned W l y to his initial contention that the flrst lap wml~ W y Mdelwr error; at and quite logicany brushed aslde GSAC*~ -eohtwlon that^ thedent n ~ ..? .,' : . largely attributable to the difference in gearing between two- 8nd B w . . - p $

s Mihrrullrae. t . - ..-- ..---.

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JULY a 4 a % a;ltioll, rxdl=m& JULY 4 - N A S C A R P l ~ 4 W W tolv M c b . Fln. JULY 7-NASCAR # . P I E S , VS. m L y 9-sCC* ~ C ~ O O I , T E W T A W E oocatlm to M smKQud).. JULY 16-SCCA drha'sacbmLOsm4
P " ,

Ansul F1p Estiwulsher folks are on Ib.brU T W y studied the 1966 GCR and d d b r e d that ilre e.tlapuIshefa amilwdetorv.thsn ran some and s Ansul is t ads quotfng $qle,lle.~oo~ pushing their pmduct. ~ l ~ s 6 ea s
brisk. .

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S ~ ~ - E I eeleration.' -




- - e n g REX L a How to Lose Gracefully

Nobody Asked

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Iowa. JULY

2-8CCA & PW


~ Z Lr Yc u -s


Ismre) tank. which holds about two and a half pnlloru. comnreased it ad it-erpioaed 611 over everything. The car was-still *lt 80mph end : 4- PILB'. m e l,lwmb, & o l . it seemed llke there were flames everywhere. I pit my MMs over my 7 JVLY O-SCCA r e H e a s l , Lyrdsle face. but they were burning anyway;' he went o . n 1 OK. Car 6 2 Reps up. Clutch in. BRAAAAPPPPP. S d gear. Right Fums. wLsc. Des~ite second and thlrd demee burns to hls h& a. bava &am- ? JULY 9 - M m a a p r t . b Ut.p.ol.Yinn. out of mrklm lot. BRAAPPP. Wizard shlff to thlrd. T i d h r . thlrd. . 'o be boel;'in * JULY m & U I k h b . porartlj. cost Mm the pse oi bJ. little m r s , A. J -t ~ l u l l c a b d No go. Go. Onward to the shlnlng light of the Concord ohlo 0 -SCCA E . competition by August. Hotel. High above Kiamagbn's waters. JVLY IO-SCCA db.1 ru',, NE-OMO reSO. what is the Funny MG 1100 doing in the Second Annual ~ u s t P o g yroll. JULY 16-17-SCCA UP1 rnUy, A-.s ~ood Rallye? r-. It's losing. Grpclou~ly. Actually, the rPlly(e) consisted of 10 startlng locations with their routes converging on the hotal for the finish. If you think that SCCA rally masters have it rough, bear ln mind that the Ford crowd drove over 85,000 mi. hying out this particular gem. with M foul-ups. Well. I just want to get hardle_* _.- . . A s mv friends teIl me. I - not a - . ~ rallvle) driver. ~ ~ - ~ ~ - - --,,-, M naplgltor will rlso t e s w to that. She, a sweet young thlng whom 1 y later convloced to marry me. (onthe coodltionof no more nnvigatiw) was season. intent on clobbering me for a w i e t y of reas-. Most common violation ran He perchased the M R Yamaha ~agleahteh;ro~t..&mi at Indy was putting the car sidewpys while she was t w - to read the road signs. because, 'Jooy needed a car to run," and he is currently w e 011 $?lam Anway, we were still talking to each other at the end of the day. Whlch for a new version of the Coyote-Ford, and will field wp.Lhreccni team 1s more than can be said for the rest oi the crowd. 41961. : By cllulas For: , j Truly, it is a cruel sport. After one hundred and fifty-one point seven mi. of hostility, mixed with BBRRAAPPPPPP, BRAAPPPPPP @d , assorted car noises, w came upon the lest instruction. e The Turn Into The Concord.~ -~ - .~ . . A hio o Fords, with Graham Hill already out of tb.plattue, sat f Still looldne t o the items on the scavenger hunI which was Incorporated ~ off m the M-hrs. of Le Mans. The Parkes/Scarilottl Pa la ploqLnto thU e& V. Very hud to mlss the final turn, since the local police side the lone Chaparral and a second PS moves ilp on tbe & d Ia ' had W l ? provided m y s&s oi flashers. all neatly mounted on the roois of big-englned iron. Easy on the air h o r ~ Ron. , The illlish Une was set up like ablg AW checkout counter. Just drive In. Recod total mileage. Show what you picked up on the scavenger hunt. Elther one live, healthy black ant (in a region noted for its red ants) or a the boneless Ehicken. (That's an egg, Jack.) Now p a ~ k lump in a sea of YustPnes and go to mlly(e) control. Hand In your papers, pick up a funny ELlCAART LAKE. WBe: 1st O d . p b t i c cowboy hat, stop at thebar (on yon) and ent lunch (on Ford). This & 1st A.P. Tom Pame. 4HCabn. id may be some k c of flrst. The Ford Motor Company picked up the tah for over 2,OM) Kosher lunches that day. No comment is offered. M'JstnnC Anyway, after egtlng, drInLtq and geclerally making merry, we went B R ~ E E ~ ~ P T O H : 4.P. Md Ist to see movies of Indy and the NASCAR circuits. Lots of stockers maklql went&, Cobto l d noises and belching a r e and smoke. That ~ l u tbe MY s noises GREEN VALLEY. TXX.: 1 t B.P. . pumped through a Me mother stereo ampufler breh a hole t& h my Fred Van BW&, GT350 a paol C O U ~ I ~ im;4 RI& . P, 1 8 8 % 8 Ne11~u~.s. & inner ear. LAS v E ~ NET.%let ~ . & - - B.P. IW; 8 H m m , 0rs)l. l e 7 - J . T. PuBw. 10sM; 8 w.odeu 8m. So. On came the ilghts. BLAST. The arrayof bophlw w lncredtble. 2nd O.A. & OI?)SO tmu;, Ned J u r m , .11Ok;fie Cnl. Y W b o m y b , 1 m 1. . All the way th10th place. BLAST. First plam welghed almost 10 1st O.A. & 1st A8. Ray WOW, . *Q; pow&, stood three feel hlgh and h p emugh rood in it to panel a small hd Mustup room. Plus a movie camera and projector. Plus a TV set For ilrst. BLAST. Ten sets of them. BLAST. MoreUghts. BLAST. F h . BLAST. Doyw knov Beats hell out of the Bulck Sports Car Rally. Really. T8ROUCH JUNE l a 1 JlmYeElrath. 1.570; 2 GoJahnmfL. 9 FbmnsY and Te&nlcl( klSianca Re a marlo Aod&ls. SM); 4 Mel K m , 580: 5 Rodger Ward, 540: m m 7 Write L w SPRC.I bT dtU .l: Very refreshing day. Only slept for 13 hrs. that nlght. . 0 L, 1. 1M; 7 Bud TI-, SIO; 8 Cbuek Hube, 380. In trolnlog for the Monte. SHELBY AYBRIEAW, INE. DMIe loblpm. MO; 10 - Bmby Umcr, 250. F~nng noises ln my haad. FW--- FWEEP. BLAST. BLAST. BRAw.-I lwr,w a ~ a r

..."". JULY












gi 3.i

On the Cover




. ~:e



Championship Standings
NASCAR Grand Nationals












USAC &ampiomship T n l l




- -





-. -*





ilclimb Series Opens

pprtlcipatton oi am c l u k at the MILAN, my, ~ r m e1 0 - ~ h e wheelof a m o d i f i d ~ ~ o t u ~ u r o p e mAillellmb ~bampionsblp, org~niz.ers of the Olions-vilbrs e eve of wbat M U surely be its hlllcllmb paid $1600 In startlng

, ,

B I L ~ E ~ag., JW ,



smm ill oar* June.possible Tbu year it ws





~ w r w the m s iuterwtiaasnats w e JV ot a , t t b e a b d u d ~ h m & o r l a g psm r ~ r ~ l s W t h e i l m t U m e , W M # - * m ~ 6 & , 5 @ . , u d m ol~ well prusnt with a r w e of . l . qb joulplgb ia tbe anad F O otn Car Tost Day, aphOr8d by the C O mad&. The one I t r l d m tB'788. Th. m E ~d ~ co. .ad held at silver- a 1 ( 1 + p a l . a e h , r h l e b b . d ~ ~ rodbrW&t@irUrint~... too 8 hry o ~ m h h b U i d e r tbr

' z ZS kz -









tbaUlann~r8XlonmrSad~ trorint.utkam.nuinUl(hlr
a r . * a d d n m t o k e ~


A minimum of flve and a ma%

wrist the clock.


rsQBB, wid& is a r a y slaw rrd of rs-lrunlq r drclllt. ~tru


cbampionahlp. In effect, If a competltor rlms only flve of the seven rams bls best four placements rill be considered; ii be competes in six or Pll seven bls best five performances riU wunt.

a competitor to miss one or vi~lprs the ~ ~o f t uh . on ~ g more oi the ereots ard stlll have The fwd event oi the series is m mcellent chance of wlnning the at cnisbe~p,AmMa in the rldnlty
pl a s lo r



of w b m a , sept. 4. A# elsewhere in tbe world ofracing, tbe hso prtncipal antagdsts In tbe Mountaln Cbmplan6hlp are porsche Pcd ~ m u i the sports/ ln

For tbe llrst Ume in ib 60-W-Jenr hiatol'Y, BldW I 6 race ar. A two-liter, 260tb BMR

stom om' made uniforms for drivers and pit crews
Famous since 1925 color - solid white or with blue or orange stripe N O M W underwear, bandanas and socks - $22.50
Flame retardant cotton, one-piece, one color $19.00 Twoalor combinations with stripe available in blue, Untreated cation - should be dipped - one color $19.00 T m o l o r - 21.00 Colors available - red, black, yellow, powder blue or


Measurement mart:
Dh S l r. u m Z



amonomWtbnm~ oils. ImpI @-*-&-kd m friction 88%. Ws k m d . d v or .

Ia* I to t r y the v o m wya 1~n,to.uwthowtd ft really , mt'os&aIy mmqrd to overhutr it *e I OQIlbi (. ll

m~h.lld.onftr(m(Lueemfeis lomrUrt imabd 8 m F , .ad .orrbrrll @Mdsmoltrb.d a mil
onWg .lowly vaPd LnlRunblW

u Chs* mlosed
if C O.O.,-~rm%t r s d W

t . . ~ u m l m c . ~ p e t
ceZmIeble, rhtd, hrd
K l b OH k l Dhbion .q

ufdO?StWr u d ~ J U i w Y b n b l r .


~ d - d CI*~.~ a ~ i f o m i a t o e w % rt.MIUIIny-w
this is it.

1492 Oddstad Drive,






'JL%Y 0 1966 ,



Super Sport
High-Speed Radial Ply.. .The Ultimate in fraction and Wear


S77 fsfeel belted)

VTT (fabric belted)


The super sport has nine "staggered" block bands which insure maximum road-holding when cornering. This is the extra-wide "high" performance tread. This profile, with its many angled tread-blocks prevents the collection of water (& aquaplaning) on wet roads. The stepped shoulder adds 10% more surface to the tire for comering. The belted construction of the tire results in reduced rolling resistance permanent traction at all speeds 8 gives coder running with higher mileage.

-- I


Super Premium Luxury


'- -y g

. ,..R. . . .??: ~ .

This is the famous "favorif' that because of its tread design provides absolute traction on wet or dry surfaces. Bemuse of the rounded shoulder on the "favorit" the tire conforms to the road & gives you


ANDERSON TIRES, INC. 10921 5. Hooper Ave., br Angelu, Calif. (213) LO 4-561 1 BROADWAY TIRE 8 RUBBER COMPANY 555 Hackensack Ave., No. Ha&enro+, (201) HU 84100 (212)WI 7-2605 EUROPEAN AUTO PARTS, INC. 988 Cherokee, Denver, Colo. (303) 222-0835
N. 1 .

P O R K H E CAR IMPORT, INC. IS50 Frontage Road, Northbrook, Ill. (312) 272-7900 SHOFER TIRES, INC. 901 5. Hanover Street, BolHmore 30, M d . (301) LE 94036 SHUTT TIRE CO., INC. 91 N. Beacon Skeet, Watertown 72, Mass. (617) 924-1684




24 hours and 3,020 miles of tire torture -second straight Le Mans win for Goodyear Blue Streaks.
Le Mans. Another win for Goodyear, and a clean sweep of the three toughest endurance races of the season. First came the Daytona Continental -the only round-the-clock race in the United States. Then, victory a t Sebring's 12 Hours of Endurance. And now, one, b o , three a t Le Mans -the original 24-hours of tire torture. A l l three races won on Goodyear Blue Streak Racing Tires. Although if was the second time in a row that Goodyear took the honors a t Le Mans, it was a race ,that still made history. First win for an American car. .,- > u*A new lap record of 143.5 miles an hour. The longest 8 distance ever run -3,020 miles worth of acceleration, braking, twists and turns -at a record speed of 125.5 miles an hour. And although first position was a see-saw battle throughout the entire 24 hours, a car on Goodyear tires was always in the lead. The tire that ran away with Le Mans i s called a Goodyear Blue Streak Sports Car Special. Special, because it's designed to meet the rugged demands of any track it runs on. Made for maximum getaway in the straights. Extra side bite in the curves. And, vital to the fickle weather a t Le Mans, designed to run as well in the wet as in the dry. The results a t Le Mans speak for themselves. Another all-out victory for Blue Streaks. N o wonder winners go Goodyear.


P# " .$

PemS l0 ' & .,

.. .
. *ESS


+ .



JULY 9,1964

'Ibe Ken Mlles/Denny Hulme Mk 2 walts to pull out of the plts after a night stop In the 24-hour grlnd whlch saw them cover over 3,000 miles. @avid Phlpps photo)

Bmce McLaren doesn't get nut of llne on this occasion as he corners In the winning Ford which he shared with Fellow New Zealander Chris Amon. @avla P ~ I W photo)

More o r :

Porsche Squadron Trails Ford Le Mans Team Home
9 -

to start the race thls year. (How many other 'car owners* have ever BRMs one had gembox trouble, one been asked to do t h ~ s ? ) would not scaveoge its engine oil He almost dropped the flag when and one M Involved in a crash. it was first handed to him, butotherwlse performed his task in exemthe one which plary fashion and managed to get well out of the way before Graham HI11 blasted off Into a clear lead in his Alan M m Ford. Further down the line Berney's Blzzarlni spun -oLILcW, butsomehoar a l l the other cars managed to amid it. Graham Hi11 had an enormous lead over Gurney at the end of the first lap, hut already two of the Fords those of Miles and Hawkins -were. In the plts, to be followed soon afterwards by Attwood's Ferrarl. Miles was just checking his car Btter a slight off-course excursloo and soon made up for the delay with a series of r w r d laps but both Hawkins and Athrood (the latter the rear-* m i r r o r fell off. wlth overheating problems) were either o tL. CheWOlet-engfnal effectively out of the runnlng. f ~~ On lap three Gurney took overthe FSi z z a r r i r very lay, mr pM tbe very slow B a m l m i m a . lead and bbegnn to pull away. Rodriw e e ' Ferrarl was golng well In I PUSMbfARY FLNR fourth place, and the Chaparral was running In clase company wlth the ScarfIottl/Parkes Ferrari. Soon after 5pm, the onset of the

l(CdiaWirom ~ a g a 1)

cars at all. Of the three Matra-

leff -albeit in the firstthreeplacea. During the last six hrs. the only real question was whethertheFords would flnlsh. Minor troubles on the Bucknum/Hutcherson car caused a few executive cigars to be chewed even harder than usual, but theother two continued to circulate regularly wlth car number 1 in the lead. Just BIter 3pm It started to rain really hard, and everyone was reduced to what seemed like halfFERRARI CHALLENGE ENDS NOW Ferrari hopes rested with speed. Nevertheless the Fords manRodriguez and Glnther, Bandhi and aged to get into formation, and aft81 Gldchet having dropped back some- what seemed to be an lncredlbly long what with a broken brake plpe. But at 2:45am Ferrarl number 21 made an u n s c h e d u ~p ~ stop with G a r ~ t selector trouble, and that to all InLE MAW, June 1B Practice took tents and purposes was the end of the Ferrarl challenge. Fordheldthe piace on the Wednesday plrd Thursdar evenines before the 2441.. and thi fastest ear on both days w& Ka In O n m y ' s Ford. On W A e s d a y he dld S:3b3, 0.3 outslde Phil Hlll's 1885 Dracnee record.,~~~~ and on~hnrsdav.a&uodIng 3:30.6,142.Imph. The fastest Ferrarl wasGInther's ln aSS.0, and the Chamsral dld 3:Ss.l. Other leading times were: Ken Miles (Ford) 3:31.1; JohWhltmore (Ford) k32.23 Cbrls Amon FROM THE LEADER IN RACING TIRE DESIQNS, (Ford) k33.6; Graham H n (Ford) i 3.3.R Luovicoscwiiotttnerd 3:34.3: LorBlodlnl ( F e r r M ) 3:34.4; R o n n l e ~ w h u m (Ford)


n n t reiuelllng stops confused the order Somwahat, but ln general ths Fords held the first three places with the P3 Ferraris not farbehlnd. MeLaren had l o s t tlme w h l l e changing from wet-weather Flrestones (which were chunklng) to "all-purposew Goodyears, and, followtrn another brief rain shower. ~~the ~ i a p a r r a dropped three laps 1 l ; chaoglng from dry towet FIrestones acd bwk wain. ' Sundry smaller C a r s among them all three D l w -retired or crashed, but as the evening wore on most of the interest was centered on the battle between Ford and Ferrari. At 7pm Ferraris were s e c o n d d thlrd, just over a mln. behlnd, and at lOpm they were first and second. Then It started to rain again, and it was wblle the track was wet that Scarflotti hlt the sptnnlng CD.

was sixth. Exactly hali of the 56 cars nblch started we= stlll running at 4am. At &50, the Scott/Rmon GTIO r e t l r e d ud the Davis/Slffert Porsche inherited flfth, only to be overtaken soon afterwards by the Sutcliffefipoerry GT40. But at 8:15 this, too, went out. And when the

flmt five places overall, the flith last lap they came over the line ear belng a GT40, and a PoISche with McLaren just in front. Somehow the applause for the wlnners seemed to be much more subdued than In recent years but peit m a hcause 01 the weather.


LE MAW t4 ROU114 RACE, LE BARTHE CIRCVIT. LE MAW. FRANCE, JVNE 18-19. RNSHEILS: 1 Bruce MeLnren/Chrla Amon. Ford GTlO Mk 9 (3.W9.5 mi.. 125.1 .



ar w o s p m e d away nt B a s there were only threeFord6

~obleV~hrlea .Lb&k, ~ i i r a r lGTB (2.6W.7. 108.4; 10 J. Ch.lnUse/R. do L-10, Rmwlt A&U1a (2,691.1,IW); 11 C. Verrler/R. , R d t A m (2,663. 106.8); 12 Rw P k J P l e n CourWeo.,F m u l GTB (jb62.9, 106.8); 18 Luclln B18n&l!Jr. W e r , Rwwlt AlPM (2,655.2. 100.8); 14 FrmJJ.Ksrmm, Poraebe Curer8 0 (t.174.7. 98.8); 16 5. (2.1528. so.?). L. MarnaVC. ~1110-LW. M a r e o s GT






Dan Gurney Shatters LM Practice Marks



Dick Hutchersin, Marlo Andrettl/ Luclen Blanch1 (Holman and Moody) Graham Hlll/Brlan Mdr. and Sir John w h 1t m o r e / ~ r n n k -Gnrdner ( A h Mm). Since Bripo M d r had not been able to Dractlce. a s ~ e c i aquallful in@sesslon w a s - l d o n ~ r - t l l m on 6 h y mornlng.

Sebring Organizer Appoints Haessner
mdlal advertislngrepresentatlv88 for the 1961 raclng season, Alec U l m m , prwldent of ARCF In New York. Sebrlng. promoted by ARCF, is r one of the iour internai~onal i c e s w h e r e automobile mmuiacturers comnete for the Challenns Mondlal ~- -.~~~d e ~ ~ l t m s e dlEndurance (World et Speed and Endurance Chollenge)and Is the flrst of the international contests held m u a l l y . The other three a r e T v g a Florlo, Nurburgring and Le Mans.

24'2ary2z:F:2: Automobile Raclng Club of Florldn 2::::; BEBRMG, Fls., June





ASK FOR AL SIMPSON or S C O r r Y ADDISON 3 13/538-8900





The fastest of the GTlQs wasSkip S d t ' S . In k40.2, and theflrstofthe z-uter cars was Siilert,s (k51.0). The task of assembling 18 drtve r e for e ~ g h tML 2s created some real problems for Ford. In all, five of their original team were unable to take part: Walt Hansgen, A. J. ~ o v t .~ l o v d~ u b v . Jackie Stewart PD(i mck ihompsG, lod the eventual line-up was Ken M l l e s / D e n n l s Hulme. Bruce McLaren/Chrls Amon, i)ao G u r n e y / J e r r y G r a n t ghelby American), Paul Hawkha/ Mark Donahue. Ronnie Buclolnm/




,,*,:. .
JULY 9, 1966

\G .Y




1.: PAGE 11





to av1 the r!

wwung a t m g or ~ugn-spsaa uamc wm~ a, ander at the end of the pit straight.

@ -

her ugly Re bywinnlngl

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Font K?I Bodes Evil Days for Enzo Ferrari
seams to be in thabratlng department. At Le MW. wheresomenear stops from very kgh speed are required, both discs and pads were changed wlth moootoootls regularity. Ferrari, too, had its troubles wlth brakw but not in the same area as last year. This tlme the patton OD 6%9iifii7--- , Lore- BandinljJean Guichet car, Of the 56 h tbe 1966 tbe h t to retire, WM plagued with raceonlg15nno*tlllrmminpat hjdr.lpuc H f a i l u r e whichocI P the nd b rWPl hkab not ton airred Mce to the same llne nad lB. mtgt have mused some heart-stoppins mom& for the drivers. Evan Wlmt much competition the Fords rupld thelr victory.Thenev IOP record set on the 39th lapby an

Porsche had a splendid tlme at the 19WI Le Maw. n h d m fourth. nnn, m pea s&nth Gth theti 2000oe Cnrrera six prototypes with lor= talb to improve body aerodynamics. hey nnlshed at an average swed of 118moh and recorded the biat performatice ever for anundertwo-liter car. The Alpine. in fhishins nlnth -. .> oierall, won the mlex of performThe softest .I+,. t prssent ance saving face for ~ m c e~.a t r a M Fords. a p o r t ~ @ m e @. BRM made their first m l n g Pps

contlnwd the strtng of mistakes by

pearance on the circult oftheSarthe wlth three cars and falled to see any of their entrants arrlve, An accldent and mechanical troUM& put thls Anglo-French combination out of contention. You can be sure, however, that they will be back. The thlrd challenger from F m c e was a team of thrw CD P a d cars none of vhlchilishedtberace. A s l m l b Iate WM sufferedby the white hope from the platns ofTexes. Durllls the elehth hour of racinn the chap~&al w& out with electfieal spatem tronble. As for the rest of the entrants, they prwided only the background music causing coniusion and getting In the wav at times. Ferra;t actually lost the race be-

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the Fords would all fall. If someone had pushed a little harder with a Ferrari, perhaps the already marginal brakes of the Fords would have be- their undolrg. Surely E m Ferrari found the declaration by Henry Ford that he would be back next yeru(considered doubtihl by many) more dlfflcult to slaallon t h the d a for it means that there are hard times ahead.

phylng a waiting game hoping that


Henry Ford II and rIgbt-bard man Leo Bee& relaxed with Fords ledhg cme-two-three.

! L e Mans TV Rivals Indy, Both Bad I

3 well ntmrd to look h v M Phlpps photo)




By Grady Baeyer N W ORLEAW, La., June 19E survivors Of the recent MCA Indianapolin telecast reportedheretodpy that tbe ABC satellite-beamed Le Maas pmductlon may have been much like it, but, belng free, was less Pptnihl. nurenws .s the M y production, though it was t e ~ h n i ~ l lsuperior. ly Produced by the Wide World of Sports crew, the camera work WM both more Mvld and more imaglnaHve than the closed clrcultIndy program. But the commentator, Char, lie Broclrman, covered both events, ' plWl the weeks lntervmhg seemed to have added little to his sklll. ABC brought one b u r live via Early Bird on Saturday (six b u r s alter the start of the nxe), arid the final30 mirs. on Sunday. ' The Saturday broadcwt profltted &'om the commentary of Phil Hill, whose Chapxral ares stlll circulatlng pith Jo Boenler drivlng. It wan 81 mln. onW. Brockman listed any w dberthanthetopfourinthe





Saturday segnmt, and tben bementlnned in passing that .the three DIMS MOut." AUI lt W M PfUrtbBr 5 1 mlrs. untll there waa any mention of time dlilerences separating the top cars. Thmugbout the programs, Bruce McLaren's name M SMled ' I b ~ C f p r ~ ' M t i w Of O V e r p l l placement. In the Srmdry segmmit it was a mias. ~mftl tbere WM any a w m t o f the reason for the Ford DNFs, and tPLQD.on overall time, 1hr. 1 6 mW6. 1 b a r e there ma msotionotnnykind of a GT car. .- -. There ware shotn ofpltworkrhlle the commentator WM dLscusslrgthe Mulrnnne 6tratght. and s b t s 01the Mulsnnne s&t when BrocLman I was d l s c u s s i ~ -hHremtmts. And tha@ttherewas ooasidemble discussion Of tbe unsuitability oithe tlres on the winning car to the weather at the illllsh-r.thefWa@. rain-there ma no m& ofthe brand name of the victorious ure. It ares, of coarse, Ooadyear, and the procram was InLnpur brp. L,Qu&iah.



# E M

M%ylgoad rallies like thaw that un Rally Chamh a d to the165 Epionship a r e wan o n t h a . ~ u n l a ~ SPradial. The SP just won't fool on o d o m k r . Undar ih m a d tbn loops an uelualve fabrk belt that tb SP circular and h at all rally a p n d s n and loods. T h tho SP shah a cornor qukkar than 0 t h . *only is tho b n a l m w ~ y point higher, then's 10 suddannns t it. a Stwring is wandepku. It's like riding an mils in tb straightaway. In the wet, the SP's vordcious r i p a op.n up and clwr a path. Traction daosn't fad., becauw the tread daesn't .squirm wksn it conloch. Never a worry about aquaplaning. At top and. the SP i s good for 125 mph. Your Dunlop man can help any high performance or sports machine rally round the SP. Go see him before your competition dws. SP RADiAi by DUNLOP.

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W 3 'S3730NV S O 1 'M LOSS ' 'Ad30 3

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Cordts Tops L ~y r Mlaicati_.._.._ ~ t
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By m b Cke o A r m Edltor MQIWRT PARK,

Laren-Elva(Jltntoarunm~p1Pp ' rYWU~rlogUeidml pius vietory LII the 100-m. f a e .lid (*o of the British Emplso Motor Clnb's IP* T ~ b W e to-. Bt - m @ ~ : e m w- * r olba a l m- ~ ' t ~ n ~wb * t e c d o ~ n l -.a-tbm--pft* gri&ud*,rodrb *bon-w-m,#". r o m a t h r o t t ~ m w m e r d r l i t- m b r b W a ~ t l u ~ ~ l l r w ~ , t o u ~ melyh.ltedbbmsmtlr, bm-MlsnkictltWN p~lnd mmas-*. ~ B l p a t t t me u m h w ihlJ wth W D C ~*Ql ~ w. t most &Using tblw@mms. ~ ~ b d l n d LIL 1 LD tbe Oresa Valley nrtlmab. whencordkpItted,n1edBr,n B m ! ! w - ad * 5J and soon npass&(ht @ ! . w (JIm Brlnht dloto) w 8 didn't e v N Fejer's -4Wv hlMsli to I P I spl., ahleh p r o m y b l m a mi- 1ad.r Hal Brown, leavlng B r o w to (O L; Ld.ll &hdb bmt.hU Fad 0 fold w e t a e l & & . ~ b ~ pIt MI Lotus 23 with a broken hn W W w y l wlth the McLaren EIva YL 2, w I bb EWie WIetze6 couldn't .rYIIW Lb. CornstockM~osaab8Mblb Bv Marv Ann ChaomM Bob Bell1# rather lnteresthg Autobr~FordOTlOnrderr€5uw dgnnmlcs-Porsche. GREEN VALLEY, Te..,JllDI19bml tl* Plsac8. u -0 fl el JM?k Spualars took the F/A &As has become perfectly auto mar^ oir a ~ ~ b r e ~ c l . tn .Ildnlut In ibis oartoftbeworld. JwStprke~. rnIn bb Lotus a4,andBUlC1111pm ~ ntoobrmrtadrla r Ik n~tlonai cbampl~n,-won tl% bell dmve his Z n Vea to a ecmCm both h (IW w&, nlwtltdr drhw prellminnry and maIn -Eat for bIg VtncIng wh 10 the mwopoaoVolkFllDODLI PV.l .r ran out of pr bote baDpers at the GCCA nntioMl wagm d I r i . 1 ~ . cud WM Uda. lo a rematch of the Bebring 4 race bere tbls reelBlld. Flm i 0t m. b e t m .Tat8 nrm't .e The meet WM unlbrtudelr mar- hr. sedan race, D l Wood's Musred by an accldent to Bill F d , W mPLU((Bd to PIP Hal M@eld0s 80In baYb - m wd IrWCen head of Mecom's Nrestone Tire SebrIng-whhg lllfn GTA, liter lnhUaplM~euurlleldoil DInsIca. Drlolng bi. de Tomeso- swapphg the lead aith great trewomer ad=' Ford dwIng p u P l l F d was PIKI1OJ. ~ Voho, wid* ~ . u i b forced lnto a gun3 r8Il while passP e r and Muun I n i b e W 4 m r b i d a F/V madme. SIesuffWed crit10-lrD 'l T e e T M lu I&~t e n d held InjurIse ud vrs In ot M u -re, U M Kroll cud taken to St. Joseph's bospitrl, Fort ROWIII sari ~ ( b r t r o u r b o m worth, Tax. Enm-clp In 0 In*Muum OIKeitl aith his n e w T r m M b . p o r t m e r J o b n C o r d t r , M ~ a g l t 1600C~p r 0 d u C t l o n till W V S ~ ~ ~ Cbevy-powered Mk I M&aren Elrn Febr'e ChlnooL-~~ev (aknnit to blov itn ) June18, rder alreaiy Ponabr C u r s n broke leiWNerledtheopenfnOlPpsoithefeatnt9 N * June 19 d a ~ d Mmseli tmm B m Evan* Morlyn-BMC and t38orge Chapq rim hold M Ehn Withaloodmu. * l a rflp Md pmon geu pocred man's L o b IgB, bdlnd. @ a Clae photo) gIo over S W ' s other Curera. l up i w t l t r r l e y mto the l e ~ do r a f KroU wmrortable ria. V ~ Inc4theh.ubwrlnt





Joe Starkey Stalks O'~e-iff


National Clash Ruins Alliance ACE, ~&~&",~~tb~-"p"~ Brown's Lola Wins Maiden Ptcc As Gnrp 44 S w a p the 'Bridge

,n tar(L @*wmo.rdmUII* ,?f.Y.,June19 @-. --0nrastdayand~rrinDot In*c-Dp--'= n l ~ , m ~ m m o t a m mo v e r c a m s ~ Y&s 8tlag.r. ton,n.Y.droPetoanslllyfeature . I U d 1.d a slfll hp, A d n rtn i n b b m a d e n ~ a i t h a scnmblercint~mstlwdrmth. ~ m - ~ n Lolr.d~ 7 h r e order b e t w e e n B m e 0 Porn& C u r m . Sdm K a y In tow. He aP.lred 94.98mab and wan U d l ClmSWa Uld ~ MITOP

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r f p o u a p l a p u f s orauto accessory stare, a ffl".%?."h'mYGE motorsporI h i s s t comes to do business, you may q~Mafl0ind.l AUTOWEEK AGENT.

You'll reeelve free WUclty . p u l l increase customer


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You'll lose aotblq by wrifor the mmpbg story to:


AUTOWEEK AGENT ProDrnm Mr&r AUTOWEEK 16 eovdmnn P a e lc S 1 Frandsm. C M . 94109. P1


~ C l ~ d U W o i b D p c L t htl*h&tO&~~*to(l o r U Cnde8t.d*Maad.8 (lot r at the wrs -mw th, t a b sscood m r toddtohU& lalondmz naccaas o-t ~ -- T ---s t s d t O O t i l r . t L I I C p i l t b l U 8 ~ l M U D d d --- -- - - - -m - d l i a < 8 / Grwp Uears,wbIchwontluwout 1 . of three rreecrentersd,t.LIOillgt The combllua m* ob A-B p r d and A-B n o d m e n Dm Y e overall in two events. leld f r o m s t u t t o ~ l n a ~ * N l l u s , who nwmmtly sutfered Ray. S w C k m W from the drpiting ai his drud me- D a v l s 8 EltIng ramd ip i n b m t b t ~ t . l a ! ChalIic Brian Fnerstaw (aurently placnd secwd 1 n ~ ~ l s ~ r a p I d Cm, whilefUtbwEattoLoyalK.tsLee s e m ritb &e Navy In Eawau) Lotus E M fonQvmIl bylbutlnmIn a L d o s s l . w b o . i n h i s e u l v o s euUw in the sensoa, a-e. a nerinaBpShelbyMurcUy. must b the 'owe& st%% d i r 8 m of DNFs to take Dp andthe Theonly starter In ApwasNool currently m g a. big sedan rlee aod Dl& Ollmutin Wentzel in a Cobra wbo coold It DI& Roberts ud Gordon waddla r ,m Fn In MI LlMM" for a ilithwwu. " p stsnggled fiercely for the b m o n . At the tb.of the big&oremaIn BOb W I t M w m l y m0 8/A LO. 81 . 1 1 . 1 11 1 In SlUd.~'s small-bore ~ m d u d i o n n e d - , e m m r a t l n a o a I n d cud * O D Y ~ I ~ . -L.--&. m e . wit6 RabPrta* ~ a r s h b e m m l a he ru Wpsr to ~ ...-.and ~ 0 ~ t 0 0 t - - d a ~ / e ~ m-o~ ~ t* ~ -t - & nl i t i i & t o p t o t a k e ~ p . ~ . d d l r m iW iblloned hli'th. and tMnl went to Dlck Pe* in an nll-kmolr. na.For tl* fimt five seeond to wln Bm Inbb Lime-Duck- me a a res-1 t d b t a r m i n h i s Al!aC+TAIrpth.JdlnadtlwHromr SPOb. De Wayne PlckerIng brought ~fip-aourdingcnmnealth~ob B ~ J ~ 8 ~ a t h e E p r a c1 e v e t l m w p n ~ ~ ~ r 1 Pnother ~ o r s c h e to third. rhile Bootstin,PmthrrLal8Tminthlrd. In 8 P* in o '' Id In* Bdbd @ q k * b d r m ~ ~ ~ . rh&w & on n pb, but pot Lotus 7A WoOad md ArehMaNrt ofltoawilt.rtand~-lble tudtna~o~~.n. -rh.aur It was awtber codortable, wall- t o r e m s r r . ~ h e b s s t & ~ c e i n t h e ~ ROdHll'mca' lWqUdl o u t r a n Chr&o drlveu, wh for Me1 Bogus' Spitfire, ca,,,.behreeaBob-erl.,,, S l m d . y ~ * ~ ~ p m b v b *hd d P a b r u o o l l l l e . ~ o b r ud Mck Seewrs tootEl~lnaS~rIte. 1 ?B and ~ o e ~ snbbuar. Iiank Candler's b e a u t 1ful La ~ c 4 ~ 8 T h e t w o b . t t l d l t o u ta *w(bm--W L IgB. b(L..M-p*Aa 0 4 - A U a ea6W won the forrmllo t h e l * h . d I # t t o r * 0 . ~ p r p l r r ' . ~ ~ P n d ~ race, wwe ~ u r e y s f a n b n a s ~ o n t n u .a*rIDP.r*dbkA.surtO W J. D&wn for secodoverallaal . InG9~k~Gihanr041~111a.O1Q.dddut~kPI.Ld iirst In F/V. that ru hdZI oalutd br Bab ~-h.--,o'.M s m m ~ . ~ * . , ~ l p . i a ~ l l l l ~ i i a & P I - ~ m ,t t i ~ a 9 u a v a t w t m k h h ~ n~ 8ccA NArnNAL. ALUANCE, NEBuAsM. L U Smltb, ¶a, nrl wtate ~ JUNE 19. i YLdCIt E - F 4 - 8 PROD, B MOD, SEDNCi C-D: b r o k e r aodmomllwDtBCCA Io(OI6Wf1S.dl*mw 1 mck , PmKL.; s OmdoD member a mS r i u . a w wme, ~ n u e opr-8.a; a a w.p. a w c necklent. P l e l e ~ POI.&. C . W Ep Robert.; S a an SCCA anember 8tnm FP-R.yPor(.MGA;Op-M.lW.Bplt. nre; BP ~ c k ~ , 8 ~ I i m - W . d d 1h 9 8 4 r u R e g I o ~ l ~ F o m m : 1 -,RaL cmdl.r, L o m .

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..~. A-8: 1 - Dd T w l o ~N h Q T A ; 1 - R y Pick-. , TRW a - ~ l - r T mu-. amr
l: a P/V .Ma .. A-U-C PUOD, C 4 MOD. S E


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R M y Stub, W y ; ¶ W. J. A 8 w m u l l e . C L L B B : Q/B-cud-


...-.-.. ...AUTOPOWER






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; I b l . . k w ~ ~ , ~ ( O ( w . ~ n) u.

a, Qulnm, MI*

( 396 Enpine, 4 speed )

5t'b.droosefrom66 ~orvet&~%tr. 4 8;. 85 Corvette FB 4 spd 86Y
A l l with FWIJ


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~ f ~g g f n e , spds. M pwr. n 4


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2 . b choose from.
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Within the ContlaantPl United Sfate8 and/or Cn, South A m e m * a@ (prefwnbly South Amertcn) *exclude3 Cuba

Paul 6uy Wins Vette Slalom


JULY I-8CCA mtloml, -ton, Tax. JULY I-SCCA ~ o o l l , Panmu, W1. JULY W-Vokswum C8a8da trophy na W ttm Vlckia Motor Spnia cM s t W r t r m d clrabt, CoO.t(lM. B C Gatrla ..


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lmo k m a 'ITS h
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(European Delimy)

1940 W.shln.Dn
Avenue 5.n Leandm. Cmllt

Ron.: (415)351-XU*

SACRAMENTO, CaL, Jtlne SOThe leadtug sports eprs u d d r i m /iMm throughout the West w l l l be on hPDd June 86-28 br tbe S p ~ . m e n t o BCC's ninth pllmul Ehunpiolrshtp bllleumb. Over lwcar~ 8nddrlvers r l be out to break Ray Beher's il M m e rewrd of 1:46 for the twt.tlog, two-mi. raved wursa The


Northern California Racing Preparatian Headquarters .

Phone 653-3156



New Aluminum Wheels For Porsche 911 & 912
* Designed to reduce unrprung weion * Complete with mounting
hardware a d knock4 adhering weights which require no drilling. Wider rims accept new type radial tins



b a hmku C I I H ~ ~)OOS I~


so. Hoowr Awnw


(213)LOnln 44611




JACK lWfll m, IN.
k b r Inqulm Invited

$55.00 each


w * 5


& ;



, . .. . . -. .; .?.

. .,;:;.+,: ...:.:,. 2'.

- - :3 :.




--w 2





Abo avaihbh in a n d . an& throughout the world





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