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A unique royalty free collection of Antique and Historical Maps from pulled from the US Library of Congress Geography and Map Division’s historical map collections. Includes maps from the 1500s to the 1900s of the World, Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, US, States, and City maps. Perfect for graphic design, illustration, web site, scrapbooking backgrounds, artist trading cards and education projects.

Antique/Historical Collection: our unique collection of over 125 Antique and Historical maps is perfect for your graphic design, illustration, web site or education projects where any antique/historical map is required. Whether for print or web, we have pulled together the best of the US Library of Congress Geography and Map Division’s historical maps. With maps ranging from Europe, Asia, Africa the Americas, World, States and Cities, from 1500s to the 1900s all in one collection. Map Conditions: our maps come from the US Library of Congress Geography and Map Division’s historical maps. And with them come all the bumps and lumps of time. We have done minimal editing to these files. Preferring to keep them as real as possible. the main cleaning up is removing the date stamps and other markings that have been put on over time. We have kept the wonderful look and feel of an antique map. So some have stains and mold markings, tears and rips. they aren’t perfect, that is why we love em. Ireland 17-Ireland 1766 Italy 1890 Luxembourg 17-Mediterranean 1680 Mediterranean 1685 Mediterraean 1871 northern Ireland 1665 norway 17-north West Africa / Mediterranean 1590 Portugal 1730 Ukrain 1648 West Mediterranean / United Kingdom 1590 Middle East Antiques Maps Palestine 1783 Palestine 1752 Palestine 1696 Palestine 1650 Palestine 1720 Middle East 1666 Middle East 18-Iran Persia 1774 Iran Pakistan 1904 Iran Middle East 1724 Iran Afghanistan 185Egypt 1800 Iran 1855 Egypt 18-Dead Sea Jordan 184North America Antiques Maps Caribbean 1606 Costa Rica 1764 Cuba Florida 1591 Hisponiola 1724 Mexico 1742 Mexico 1804 Mexico 1847 North America 1652 North America 1685 North America 1694 North America 1737 North America 1780 North America 1826 North America 1811 north America 1671
File Format: Our digital images come in RGB JPG formats in two resolutions, 300 dpi and 72 dpi. The high res images range in size from 10” to 18” wide, an average around 40mb, the 72 dpi images are 10” wide and average around 1.3mb. JPG maps can be edited and customized in pretty much any bitmap photo drawing program such as Adobe Photoshop, and Paint Brush. JPG maps also work well with graphic and presentation programs like Adobe InDesign, Microsoft PowerPoint and Word.

Antique World Maps World 1700 World 1531 World 1590 World 1595 World 1630 World 1664 World 1664 Back World 1660 World 1702 World 1716 World 1720 World 1799 World 1889 Africa Antiques Maps Africa 1660 Africa 1688 Egypt 18-North Africa 1742 Asia Antiques Maps Asia 1570 Asia 1680 Australia 1826 Australia 1818 China 1655 China 1869 China 1655 India 1903 Japan 1855 Asia 1805 Japan Korea 1815 Korea 1750 Central Asia 1885 Russia 1876 Russia 1890 Europe Antiques Maps British Isles 1783 British Isles 1801 Europe 1600 Central Mediterranean 1590 Eastern Mediterranean 1590 France 1594 France 1724 Germany 17-Greece 1688 Ireland 16--

United States Antiques Maps Pacific North West 1838 US West 1770 north East 1755 United States 1793 Southern States 1657 USA States Antique Maps California 1851 Carolinas 1711 Colorado 1878 Conn 1776 District of Columbia 1891 Florida 1829 Kansas 1859 Georgia 187Illinois 1818 Kentucky 1793 Louisana 1721 Maryland 1795 Montana 1865 Puerto Rico 1886 Tenn 1871 Texas 1841, Texas 1844 Texas 1866, Utah 1875 Virgina 1590, Washington 1866 US and World City Antiques Maps Denver 1881 Detroit 1889 Jerusalem 166London 1869 Moscow 1745 New York 1683 Paris 17-quebec 1755 Philadelphia 1752 Rio de Janeiro 1831 Sydney 1922 South America Antiques Maps Antactica 1912 Brazil 1630 Brazil 1719 Brazil Paraquay 1828 Latin America 1798 Panama Columbia 1886 Peru 1822 South America 1733

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Antique/Historical Royalty Free Maps
CLIP ARt MAPS Now Shipping! our new unique royalty free collection of Antique and Historical Maps from the US Library of Congress Geography and Map Division’s historical map collections. Includes maps from the 1500s to the 1900s of the World, Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, US, States, and City maps. Perfect for graphic design, illustration, web site, scrapbooking backgrounds, artist trading cards and education projects. Whether for print or web, we have pulled together an amazing collection on 3 CD Roms.
COLLeCTIOn InCLuDeS World • Europe • Americas Asia • Africa • United States, States and City Maps PerFeCT FOr graphic design, illustration, web site, scrapbooking backgrounds, artist trading cards and education projects.

Collection also include Special Bonus Maps CD:
• over 300 CIA detailed country and regional maps • over 250 CIA World Fact Book maps and flags

• World of Maps jpg clip art maps, World, US, Europe, Country etc.

• The complete World of Maps editable Adobe Illustrator eps collection including: World Projections, United States, States, Counties, World Regions, Countries and Globes.

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