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May 2011

Skyhawks Composite Squadron 47—Civil Air Patrol

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California Wing Encampment Dates Announced: July 14—23 Camp Pendleton
From the National Headquarters website: ― ―Encampments are one of the most popular and worthwhile activities available to cadets. They challenge cadets to develop selfdiscipline and teamwork while broadening their understanding of aerospace.‖ And the California Wing’s Encampment is starting to take shape! The Prerequisites for first time attendance are::  Be a CAP Member  Be at least a C/Amn (for cadets). If you want to become a cadet officer you must first attend an encampment! Mark your calendars and start preparing to attend the California Wing Encampment, right here on Camp Pendleton! More information will follow!

Memorial Weekend Activities:
Fri-Mon Cadet Programs Conference – San Lois Obispo Sat Space Day at the Air and Space Museum: Come volunteer to help the museum put on a free family activity – Space Day. We will meet at the museum in Balboa Park at 9 am. We will get trained and help set up the activity. We will work with the public on the different activities. The activity ends at 2 pm and we will stay to help clean up and should be done by 3 pm. They will provide lunch and snacks. It’s an opportunity for community service hours and all cadets who attend will have their name put in a drawing for a remote control helicopter. Uniform will be Blues or BDUs. If you need a ride please let Maj D know. Sign up by e-mailing Maj D at or sign up at the meeting on Tuesday. Sat Memorial Day Tribute All members of Civil Air Patrol are cordi-

ally invited to join us for this Memorial Day Tribute in memory of the fallen veterans of all wars at Live Oak Memorial Park, 200 East Duarte Road, Monrovia. Civil Air Patrol members have been an important part of this tribute for over 40 years. Begins at 0900 hours: Meet in the parking lot of Live Oak Memorial Park to place over 3,000 American flags on veterans’ graves. Wear civilian clothes. The more CAP members, family and friends who show up, the faster the work! We should finish about noon. Lunch will be provided..

groups, as necessary. All other Civil Air Patrol cadets will march behind the massed colors as an honor guard. 1000 hours: Memorial Day Tribute begins at the Veterans’ Cenotaph in the Southwest corner of the cemetery. Cadets will assist veterans groups in placing

Mon Gill Robb Wilson Memorial30 May 2011 at 1300 hours at Forest Lawn Covina Hills. Special Guests:MajGen Amy Courter – CAP National Commander. All members of Civil Air Patrol are cordially invited to join us on Memorial Day 2011 to honor Gill Robb Wilson and Mon More Memorial Day Tributes 0900 hours: Meet at the Live Oak Memo- our fallen Civil Air Patrol comrades. rial Park chapel (Southeast corner of the Since 1974, members of Civil Air Patrol cemetery) to form up parade. Uniform is have held a memorial ceremony each Meblue service uniform (short sleeve shirt) morial Day at his grave at Forest Lawn with ribbons. The parade is led by Civil Air Patrol cadets carrying the Allied Vet- Covina Hills. Please join us on Memorial Day to remember Gill Robb Wilson, erans Council colors. A Civil Air Patrol founder of Civil Air Patrol. Uniform: blue color guard will carry the CAP colors in the parade, and all color guards are invit- service coat, light blue shirt with tie and ed to participate. Cadets are needed to ribbons, CAP blazer uniform, aviator shirt help carry the flags of other veterans combination or appropriate civilian attire

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Upcoming Senior and Cadet Activities
May 2011 28 28 27-30 30 30 San Diego Air and Space Museum Space Day Memorial Day Tribute –Live Oak Memorial Park Cadet Programs Conference—Camp San Luis Obispo Gill Robb Wilson Memorial Ceremony—Forest Lawn Covina Hills Memorial Day—When we honor U.S. Soldiers who died while in Military Serice

June 2011 4-5 4 11 11 17-19 18-19 22-27 24-26 July 2011 8-10 14-23 16 30-2

Wings Over Gillespie Air Show—Gillespie Field El Cajon Corona Airport Mach 1 Mud Run – Corona Hemet Ryan Air Show—Hemet Ryan Airpot Squadron 47 Tour of Customs and Border Patrol North Island BCS—Camp Pendleton Mission Pilot Academy Ground School, Southern California National Cadet Competition—Dayton OH Ultimate Bear and Wings Challenge -Vandenberg AFB

Mission Pilot Academy Training Flights—Location TBA California Wing Encampment—Camp Pendleton American Heros Helicopter Airshow– Hansen Dam Recreation Area, San Fernando Valley PCR Aerospace Education Officer School – March ARB, CA

August 2011 6 Big Bear Air Fair 12-14 NCOS—Dublin, CA 17-29 2011 Annual Conference 7 National Board Meeting Louisville, KY 26-28 California Wing Conference—Oakland

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Promotions, Awards and Accomplishments
Promotions: C/CMSgt Anna Boop C/Sgt Sean Baldus C/Sgt Russell Console C/2nd Lt Kevin Harter C/Sgt Corbin White C/SSgt Michael Wilson CB Michael Bresnahan New Members: Cadet Sponsor Member Cadet Sponsor Member Cadet Senior Member Cadet Cadet Sponsor Member Cadet Sponsor Member Cadet Cadet Cadet Sponsor Member Cadet Cadet Jin Kyu Heo Patricia Jones Johnathan Jordan John Renison David Russell Paul Harter Mary Rosado Michael Bresnahan Dalton Cole Laurie Bresnahan Morgan McMillion Alexander Puffenbarger C/2nd Lt C/SSgt C/SSgt C/1st Lt C/SSgt C/TSgt C/Amn

Awards and Accomplishments: C/2nd Lt. Anna Boop Maj. Tony Diaz C/2nd Lt. Noah Chun C/CMSgt Nicholas Chun C/Maj Michale Chung C/CMSgt Molly Boop C/2nd Lt Noah Chun C/2nd Lt Anna Boop C/Maj Michael Chun C/A1C Justin Johnson Mitchell Award Garber Award VFW Cadet of the Year VFW Cadet NCO of the year Air Force Association Cadet of the Year Air Force Sergeants Association NCO of the Year Squadron Cadet of the Year Squadron Cadet NCO of the Year Cadets Choice—Leadership Role Model Cadets Choice—Followership Role Model

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Scholarship Opportunity for Cadets

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Scholarships Available in 2011 FOR AVIATION/ AEROSPACE STUDIES (Application deadline is July 18, 2011) The Aero Club of Southern California, in order to assist air-minded young people in pursuit of their education, is offering 2011 scholarship grants. 1. Grants up to $2,500 each are available to current high school students who plan to pursue studies in aviation or aerospace, and… 2. Grants up to $5,000 each are available to students currently pursuing aviation/ aerospace studies in a college, university or nationally accredited technical school. Applicants must demonstrate intent to pursue a career

in aviation or aerospace, must have now and maintain a 3.0 GPA and must be full time students now and when the scholarship will be used.

tion, typed, (non family members) Certified school records

Please send your application to: Aero Club of Southern California c/o John Durant, 1573 West Fir Ave, Fresno, CA, 93711 no later than July 18, 2011. Please include your residence mailing address, e-mail address and phone number. Questions may be directed to Mr. Durant at 909418-0582 or to

To apply, students should submit a typewritten statement that includes all of the following in tabular form.  Aviation/ Aerospace career goals  Current and future Aviation/ Aerospace educational plans  Work experience  Achievements related to Aviation/Aerospace fields  Evidence of initiative and leadership skills  Other interests and accomplishments  Two letters of recommenda-

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California Wing—Civil Air Patrol


Camp San Luis Obispo

28-30 May 2011
Meet new friends and visit with old ones. Learn new and interesting things about CAP. Push your CAP career forward! APPLY TODAY! ** ANNUAL CADET BANQUET ** ** CADET PROGRAMS DIRECTOR'S RECEPTION ** The Director of Cadet Programs invites all Senior Members to this informal gathering to discuss the Cadet Program Some seminars that will be offered: • How to start your path in Emergency Services • UDF Introductory Course • First Aid & CPR • Model Rocketry • Map & Compass Course • How to Survive at the Banquet (aka Etiquette) • Swing and Line Dancing • Firing Simulator • Cadet/ Officer and Senior NCO round table discussion • Plus lots of old favorites and many new adventures! Arrival to CPC Fri. 27 May 2011 from 1800 to 2300 or Sat 28 May 2011 by 0730 NO dinner will be offered on Fri. Please come prepared.
Early Application Price for the Full Conference {billeting for 3 nights, 6 meals & the banquet}: $ 115.00 Pre-approved Staff (Cadet and senior): $90.00

At this time we are not offering Banquet only tickets. Questions: Please call Lt Col Hanley @ 213-716-1373 or Lt Col Hartwell @ 626-233-2999 Applications must be postmarked by 15 April 2011 for early pricing CAWG Form 150 and Application Cover Sheet are required for all CAP members
Send CPC Application Cover Sheet, CAWGF 150 & Check (made out to CAWG/CPC 2011) or PayPal (see to: Lt Col Valerie Hanley 4575 Rudisill Street

Don’t wait! Apply today!
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The 2011 CAP Annual Conference & National Board ―EARLY REGISTRATION‖ is officially off and running. This year’s Conference will be held in Louisville, Kentucky, August 18 - 20, 2011. Don’t forget to register online before midnight June 5th to receive your special discounted ―Early Conference Registration‖ rate of only $99. As an extra incentive for registering during this early registration period, your name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a free laptop computer at the conference. Online registration after midnight June 5th through midnight July 31st will increase to $130. The registration link is http:// This year’s Conference is being held at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. The CAP room rate of $119 (Single/Double room) is available until midnight July 17th. Be sure to make your hotel reservations early as rooms are limited. Louisville is well known as home of the Kentucky Derby, excellent bourbon, and the Louisville Slugger! With this year’s Conference kicking off the celebration of CAP’s 70th year of service, there is no doubt that the Conference & National Board will be a homerun. To find out more about the area and attractions of Louisville click here. With over 50 pre-conference courses and learning labs to choose from, no matter what your special interests are, we’re sure you will find sessions to meet each of your individual needs. This year we’re having two new pre-conference courses. The first one is for cadets and seniors who want to participate in the exciting national CyberPatriot computer network defense competition that one of our CAP units recently won. The second new pre-conference course will teach our members how to operate the Geospatial Information Interoperability Exploitation – Portable (GIIEP) systems that all of our state level National Guard units have. This year we are also having a special reception Thursday night for all first time Annual Conference attendees. This will give you the opportunity to meet and talk with me and other CAP senior leaders. My staff and I look forward to meeting each of you and extending our appreciation for your membership, service and dedication to our organization and the nation. The 2011 CAP Annual Conference & National Board will also conclude my tenure as your National Commander. Please make plans to attend so I can personally thank you for your service. I look forward to seeing you in Louisville. Sincerely,

AMY S. COURTER Major General, CAP National Commander

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CAP provides a monthly AE E-Newsbrief for those interested in promoting aerospace education to the membership of CAP and to the general public. This is an easy one-stop location for current AE news, contests, Web sites, workshops, and information to share with your organization. It is hoped that at least ONE informational item will be useful in inspiring the next generation of aerospace enthusiasts and national workforce. To communicate with the CAP National Headquarters Aerospace Education team, contact Stay attuned to CAP AE Quarterly Newsletters and monthly E-Newbriefs- You can be notified when a new issue is placed on the website by signing up for this convenient service at http:// If you would like to receive an automatic notification whenever new information is added to our ―AE: What’s New?‖ page, go to and click ―AE: What’s New?‖ Scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the instructions.

Please Vote for CAP at the Lightspeed Aviation Foundation!

Please take time to make YOUR vote count for the future of aviation! CAP Nominated Again for Lightspeed Aviation Foundation Grant Program - For the second year in a row, CAP is one of 20 nonprofit aviation organizations selected from hundreds of nominees for the 2011 Lightspeed Aviation Foundation Grant Program. The foundation is in its second year of partnering with the pilot community to identify worthy causes, give pilots a voice in which organization they will support and make a lasting difference to the future of aviation. The top five charities, as chosen by the pilot community, will each receive a check for no less than $10,000. CAP was selected as one of the top five recipients last year and received $10,000 to go toward CAP STEM Youth Development Programs that are helping to prepare the nation’s next generation aerospace workforce. Again this year, we ask our CAP members and associated organizations and friends to vote online for Civil Air Patrol at Please do it today!

NOTE: The Information from these 2 pages of Aerospace News are from the Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Education section at the National Headquarters Website. You can access this information and even more at:

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30 May 2011 at 1300 hours Forest Lawn Covina Hills
Special Guests: MajGen Amy Courter – CAP National Commander The Reverend Jill Paulson – granddaughter of Gill Robb Wilson
All members of Civil Air Patrol are cordially invited to join us on Memorial Day 2011 to honor Gill Robb Wilson and our fallen Civil Air Patrol comrades. Since 1974, members of Civil Air Patrol have held a memorial ceremony each Memorial Day at his grave at Forest Lawn Covina Hills. Please join us again this Memorial Day to remember Gill Robb Wilson, founder of Civil Air Patrol. Uniform: blue service coat, light blue shirt with tie and ribbons, CAP blazer uniform, aviator shirt combination or appropriate civilian attire Directions to Forest Lawn Covina Hills: exit the San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) at Via Verde. The cemetery is on the south side of the freeway. After entering the cemetery, pass the information booth at the front gate, turn left at the first intersection (Murmuring Pines Road) and proceed up the hill exactly .2 of a mile (about half way to the top of the hill). Gill Robb
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All members of Civil Air Patrol are cordially invited to join us for this Memorial Day Tribute in memory of the fallen veterans of all wars. Sponsored by the Allied Veterans Council of the Upper San Gabriel Valley for over 75 years, this annual tribute is at Live Oak Memorial Park, 200 East Duarte Road, Monrovia. Civil Air Patrol members have been an important part of this tribute for over 40 years. Saturday,28May2011 0900 hours: Meet in the parking lot of Live Oak Memorial Park to place over 3,000 American flags on veterans’ graves. Wear civilian clothes. The more CAP members, family and friends who show up, the faster the work! We should finish about noon. The Allied Veterans Council will provide a free lunch afterwards for all who help. Monday,30May2011 0900 hours: Meet at the Live Oak Memorial Park chapel (Southeast corner of the cemetery) to form up parade. Uniform is blue service uniform (short sleeve shirt) with ribbons. The parade is led by Civil Air Patrol cadets carrying the Allied Veterans Council colors. A Civil Air Patrol color guard will carry the CAP colors in the parade, and all color guards are invited to participate. Cadets are needed to help carry the flags of other veterans groups, as necessary. All other Civil Air Patrol cadets will march behind the massed colors as an honor guard. 1000 hours: Memorial Day Tribute begins at the Veterans’ Cenotaph in the Southwest corner of the cemetery. Cadets will assist veterans groups in placing memorial wreaths at the Veterans’ Cenotaph. All members and families are encouraged to attend. Immediately following the tribute at Live Oak Memorial Park, all Civil Air Patrol members are encouraged to join us for the Gill Robb Wilson Memorial Ceremony at Forest Lawn Covina Hills, beginning at 1300 hours. Directions to Live Oak Memorial Park: North on San Gabriel River Freeway (I-605) to Foothill Freeway (I210). West to Myrtle Avenue (third exit). South to second signal (railroad tracks), then left on Duarte Road. The cemetery entrance is approximately two blocks on the right, at 200 East Duarte Road. For further information, please contact Lt Col Charles Wiest, CAP (714) 379-8528 or by e-mail at

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Pacific Region Aerospace Education School
You are invited to attend the Pacific Region Aerospace Education School. The purpose of this school is threefold: educate CAP AE leaders about their job requirements & the resources available to help them, share ideas which improve the AE program and provide AE enrichment experiences for the participants. This is the year for you to attend. The school is designed for unit aerospace education officers but is open to all senior members and Mitchell cadets who want to become more involved with aerospace education. Some of the school topics include: the AE Mission, Responsibilities of the Unit AEO, Orientation Flights, Grant writing, AE for Seniors, AE for Cadets, External AE program, Awards, Robotics, Model building and a presentation from NASA Dryden Flight Research Center. In addition to the academic classes students will get to participate in several ―hands on‖ activities which can be replicated at the local squadron, tour the AF Predator Drone facility, and meet a WWII Woman Air force Service Pilot (WASP). The AEO School runs Saturday thru Tuesday. Wednesday is an optional day for students. We have tentatively been slotted for an AF C17 refueling flight. This is subject to change based on AF training requirements. Students will also have the opportunity to visit the NASA JPL teacher center and pick up free AE lesson plans, posters and videos. The AEO School costs $50.00 which includes all materials, Saturday barbeque dinner and the Tuesday luncheon. Lodging is available on March ARB for $39.00 per night. Additional information will be sent upon receipt of your registration. The AEO School will make arrangements to pick up students flying into Ontario (ONT) and Riverside (RAL) airports. Prepare two copies of CAPF 17. Submit one copy through proper CAP channels. Mail the second with your $50.00 registration fee (payable to Pacific Region CAP) to PACR AEO School, PO Box 6351, March ARB CA 92518-6351. Questions? Contact School Director Virginia Nelson

March Air Reserve Base, Riverside CA July 30—2 Aug $50.00 Registration fee holds your slot.


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Fort Irwin and Goldstone Tour Opportunity! From Squadron 144
Hello Everyone, I am very excited to introduce a truly great experience! We are scheduling a tour of the Fort Irwin, CA National Training Center at Fort Irwin in the Southern California Desert on 11 June 2011! FAMILY FRIENDS AND GUESTS ARE WELCOME! For those of you who don’t know, Fort Irwin is where the Army performs the final phase of Combat Training for soldiers deploying to Iraq ( at one time ) and Afghanistan. The training takes place in mock villages populated foreign nationals. The situation is real, the equipment, real, the wounds ( almost ) real. This is a truly eye opening ― I was there‖ experience! To see more about the tour go to and check it out. We will also have the unique opportunity to visit the Goldstone Deep Space Communication Network part of the DSN. The NASA Deep Space Network - or DSN - is an international network of antennas that supports interplanetary spacecraft missions and radio and radar astronomy observations for the exploration of the solar system and the universe. The network also supports selected Earth-orbiting missions. The DSN currently consists of three deep-space communications facilities placed approximately 120 degrees apart around the world: at Goldstone, in California's Mojave Desert; near Madrid, Spain; and near Canberra, Australia. The tour will take place on 11 June 2011. We will meet at the Fort Irwin ―painted rocks‖ at 0:800 hrs. FAMILY FRIENDS AND GUESTS ARE WELCOME! The cost is $30.00 / person. This DOES NOT include lunch at the mess hall. SPACE IS LIMITED SO MAKE YOUR RESERVATION EARLY!!! Civilian attire for all. Reservations can be made by contacting Major Veta at . Reservations and payment MUST be received no later than June 1, 2011. The meeting location for our NTC Tour bus is at the Painted Rocks (monument)approximately 1 mile (on the right side of hwy - dirt parking area) prior to the entry gate to Fort Irwin. Tour will include a visit to Painted Rocks, the community life of Fort Irwin, a detailed briefing of the training you will see in the "BOX", DFAC for lunch (dining facility), and Medina Jabal (training village) with "live" training, and a commander's debriefing of the training lane. (The Army has the right to change or cancel any part of the NTC Tour without notice.)Individual requirements to participate in NTC Tour. (No Exceptions)1. Individual 18 years and older must possess a state or U.S. government issued ID. (i.e. drivers license, passport, State ID card.)2. Minimum age allowed is 12 years old. Persons between the age of 12 and 17 years must possess a school issued ID or government issued ID. (i.e. drivers license, passport, State ID card.)3. Individuals will be required to sign a liability release prior to taking the NTC Tour. 4. Each individual must be able to climb and descend two flights of stairs. ******( If you are bringing minors on this tour, please keep in mind that some parts of "The Box" may be disturbing because of the weapons fire and simulated blood. Only you know if your child can handle this. Please be wise in deciding if this is appropriate for your child to experience. ) What to bring. 1. Sturdy walking shoes for uneven terrain. No sandals or open shoes Required2. Sunscreen and hat.3. Ear protection or ear plugs.4. Water bottle5. Still Camera only (no video allowed)6. Eye protection (glasses or sunglasses are okay.) Required Any questions please contact Major Ross Veta at 858-672-7677.
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Civil Air Patrol Squadron 47
Creating Extraordinary Fundraising Results with Everyday Purchases!
This is so simple! eScrip works with merchants to contribute to Squadron 47 each time you shop—

at no cost to you!
Here's How it Works:
Register any one or all of your existing grocery loyalty, debit and credit cards for use in the program. eScrip’s privacy policy protects your cards and they don’t sell information.

Based on your purchases using the cards you have registered, participating merchants will contribute a percentage of sales to Squadron 47 . Your purchases are tracked and available to you online, allowing you to see just how much you are earning on your child's behalf. Squadron 47 will receive an electronic deposit into its bank account every month which includes contributions from all of our participating supporters.

Here’s What You Do:
Go to, click on “sign-up”, and enter your info. That’s it! No selling candy, no buying candy, no harassing co-workers and family! :) It’s all automatic now!

How We Will Spend the Money:
All squadron and cadet activities are paid for with donations from members, or charges to the cadets. The more money donated through eScrip, the more activities we can have and not have to charge for them. A win-win situation! Although we are an auxiliary of the United States Air Force, Civil Air Patrol squadrons do not receive money from them for operating costs or activities, other than for reimbursement for aircraft expenses.

Please take a few minutes to visit and sign up now! Your pocketbook and your squadron will thank you later!
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Group 7 & Squadron 47 Integrated Leadership Program

Basic Cadet School (BCS) Camp Pendleton
Review of:  Cadet Activities and Program  Cadet Honor Code and Core Values  Cadet Responsibilities  CAP Missions  CAP Organization & History  Drill and Ceremonies  Professionalism  Wear of the CAP Uniforms  And lots more!

Cost: $40.00
Dates: 17-19 JUNE 2011 Report time 1800 Friday 17 JUNE 2011 Includes meals & billeting Graduation: 1600 Sunday 19 JUNE 2011 Location: Camp Pendleton, Camp Pendleton, CA
(directions/maps will be given in acceptance packets)

Application Deadline: 10 June 2011 For more Information, call Captain Dave MacGregor at (760) 497-0188 or e-mail at
Equipment List: Toilet Kit: BDU Uniform Deodorant Under garments Razor Jacket and/or Poncho Sleeping Bag Tooth Paste & Brush Socks (White/Black) Bath Towel CAP Manuals Shoe Shining Gear Comb/Brush PT Uniform Shampoo Pen & Paper Soap Flashlight and One Quart Canteen

To Apply: Students: Mail CAWGF 150 with ALL required signatures and check made payable to PCR
Capt Eithne Doyle BCS June 2011 24547 Corte Jaramillo Murrieta, CA 92562

-CA- 324

Cadet Staff: Interested parties should email a brief resume and cover letter stating which position you are applying for, why you are qualified. For instructors only - the dates of previous ILP instructor positions to Staff cost is $35.00. Selected staff should mail an completed CAWG 150 and payment to Capt Eithne Doyle. BCS June 2011, 24547 Corte Jaramillo, Murrieta, CA 92562
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Cadet Noncommissioned Officers’ School (NCOS) - Dublin—12-14 Aug
PRELIMINARY NOTICE Get "Hands On" Experience in:  Instructional Methods "Learn to Teach"  Drill and Ceremonies "You’re in Charge"  Instruction on Color Guard & Guidon  NCO Responsibilities
  

Interaction New Faces and New Experiences Evaluation "tell’em what’s good"

BCS or encampment. Prerequisites may be waived at the discretion of the NCOS Commander. Applications now being accepted. Apply early. Application procedures: (To follow) NCOS Commandant: Capt Shawn O. Lawson (

Location: Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area, Dublin, California Student Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C/ A1C or higher and should have completed

American Heroes Helicopter Airshow July 16, 2011
This years American Heroes Helicopter Airshow will be held on Saturday, July-16,2011 at the Hansen Dam Recreation Area in the San Fernando Valley . It is located at 11770 Foothill Blvd , Lake View Terrace 91342. We are in need of ALL CADETS AND SENIORS for this one day activity to handle crowd control, communications, minor flightline duties, recruiting, CAWGF 150’s are required by
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the start of the activity for all who will be participating. The uniform of the day is either BDUs or an appropriate corporate uniform. Event starts at 0530L. Please arrive promptly as we need to be signed in and ready for the event safety meeting by 0545. You will be dismissed by 1700L. There is no cost and lunch is provided. Billeting is also available for those who wish to RON camping style. Please contact Capt. John

Savage at (818)-3395255 or send e-mail to m for more information or to reply as to availability. ALL ARE WELCOME AND NEEDED.

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Call for Participation: Corona Airport First Ever Mach 1 Mud Run
Assistance requested! Corona Airport needs your help to assist in the First ever Mach 1 mud run. Our Mission: * Assist around the obstacle course * Parking * Public Safety Cost: * Free!!! Date: * June 4th (Arrive at 0800) Bring along a signed Form 150 For more information contact 1Lt Eric Velasco 951-310-8474

California Wing Mission Pilot Academy
This years Mission Pilot Academy locations and dates are set for Ground School. Northern California June 4/5 at the SQ188 facility, Oakland Airport Southern California June 18/19 at Airflight, Long Beach Airport We are not taking applications at this time, registration will be opened in early March. We are looking for members who have or will have a CAPF 5 in a corporate aircraft and have achieved their Mission Scanner by no later than April 15th. Check the Mission Pilot Academy website for
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downloads of course materials and lots of information: site/cawgmps/home

A CAPF 5 in one of the following corporate aircraft: C182 (round dial), C182 NAV III (glass cockpit), or C206. To recap the earlier anA mission scanner nouncement, this is not a standard rating shortcut or a reduced re- 190 hours as PIC (CAPR quirement for Mission Pi60-3 requires 175 lot training but a compreto begin training hensive and intense proand 200 to finish, gram intended to cover but since students everything required to are expected to become a Mission Picomplete a F91 lot. There are several within 30-days, we requirements which perrequire more hours spective students must to attend this promeet, and this pregram). announcement is being If you are interested in sent early to give all po- attending this year's tential applicants a school, please work with chance to complete the your unit's leadership to prerequisites. make sure you have Applicants will be rethese prerequisites acquired to have the follow- complished by no later ing prior to April 15th: than April 15th.

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Wings Over Gillespie Air Show 4/5 June 2011 Gillespie Field, El Cajon

San Diego Cadet Squadron 144 is supporting Wings Over Gillespie Air Show. This will be the 16th year that the Commemorative Air Force, Air Group One, located at Gillespie Field, has organized this ―small town‖ air show. All types of WWII and antique aircraft fly-in from all over the southwest to enhance this air show. Our job is flight line security, a task many of you are all too familiar with and offer an outstanding opportunity to work next to some great pilots and aircraft. Two aerobatic acts: John Collver and his Wardog (AT-6 Texan); and the Red Stars featuring their Russian made aerobatic aircraft. Some of the aircraft that will be at the air show include: B-17G Flying fortress, Mk IX Spitfire, Northrop N9M Flying Wing, F4UY Corsair, C-53 Sky-trooper, P-51 Mustang, L-19 Bird Dogs, PT-17 Stearman, T-34 Mentors, AT-6 Texans, and numerous antique aircraft in the static display area. When: Time: Meet at: Saturday, 4 June & Sunday, 5 June 2011 0630 hours—1800 hours 0630 hours each morning at the Gillespie Field Admin Building (1960 Joe Crosson Dr. El Cajon) Uniform: BDUs Bring: CAPF-150, CAP ID card, sun block, canteen/web belt, tent, sleeping bag, toiletries, sunglasses (camera optional) Cost: Lunch will be provided by the CAF; bring money for Saturday evening meal at local eatery; Sun. TBA Point of Contact: Maj. Dennis Ammann, Cadet squadron 14 Project Officer ` Cell Phone: (619) 247-2457 E-mail: Comments: Walk-ins are very welcome. There will be a CAF Safety Brief at –730 hours you must Attend. Staff assignments will be made each morning. Overnight accommodations are provided in the dirt area adjacent to the inactive cross runway taxiway.

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2011 Space Day Celebration

Volunteer Opportunity For All Members at the Air and Space Museum!
We have the opportunity to volunteer to work at the San Diego Air and Space Museum’s Annual Space Day! Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun at the Paper Airplane Festival, and this one looks even better! We will arrange for carpools if they are needed. If you would like to see a video about what goes on at this even you can go to the following link: I have provided the information from the Museum’s website below: Saturday, May 28th 2011, 10am - 2pm The San Diego Air & Space Museum will host its 8th Annual Space Day celebration! Space Day will feature demonstrations, giveaways, and hands-on activities with local and national space experts. Tons of great activities including:          Drive a Mars Rover Build & Fly a Paper Rocket Talk to Space Experts Design Your own Space Patch Look Through a Telescope Coloring Free Posters Giveaways Fun for All Ages!

As an extra bonus, the Museum's Space Galleries are open for viewing throughout the event, including a flown Apollo spacecraft, moon rocks, and space suits. Invited Presenters include NASA, Deep Space Network, JPL, The Mars Society, SETI, San Diego Astronomy Association, UCSD EarthKAM, The Planetary Society and many others.
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Attention Skyhawks! Mark your Calendars and plan to attend: Tour of the San Diego Air and Marine Customs and Boarder Patrol Facilites North Island
We will meet a veteran San Diego Air and MarineCustoms and Border Patrol Agent and he will explain the duties and responsibilities of the San Diego Air and Marine Customs and Border Patrol. We will also get to tour the aircraft and tools of the Customs and Border Patrol. You will be amazed at all they do. Also, if there is a Navy ship in port we may also get the chance to tour that. We will verify that as soon as we can. Meet at the Army Reserve Center on Saturday Morning, June 11th at 7:30 a.m. We will carpool to North Island to arrive at 9:00 a.m. The tour will conclude at Noon and we will have lunch as a group. This should be fun and very informative. Please plan to attend. Uniform: BDUs

To reserve your spot please e-mail Maj. D at or sign up at the meeting. Hope to see you all there!
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Sklyhawks Composite Squadron 47

Skyhawk Composite Squadron 47 (CA324) 2164 Kirkcaldy Rd Fallbrook, CA 92028 (562) 652-3881

”Where Imagination Takes Flight ”
Skyhawks Composite Squadron 47 Unit CA324
Citizens Serving Communities: Above and Beyond

Squadron 47 e-mail list An e-mail list exists for receiving squadron information. Members, parents and friends of Squadron 47 can subscribe by sending an e-mail to Major Tony Diaz at:

Civil Air Patrol Leadership:
Squadron Commander Major Robert Calderone Deputy Commander for Seniors Lt Col Brian Billing Deputy Commander for Cadets Lt. Col. John DiGiantomasso Cadet Commander C/Capt. Michael Chung Cadet Executive Officer C/2nd Lt. Ruby Rosado Cadet Advisory Council Squadron Representative: C/SMSgt Anna Boop Vanguard Industries (online store) National CAP Headquarters California Wing Headquarters California Cadet Activities Squadron 47 Homepage

2010 National
Quality Cadet Unit Award Winner Home of the 2011 California Wing Color Guard Champions! Home of the 2011 Pacific Region Color Guard Champions!

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