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Volume 10, Issue 04 April 2012

Congratulations, C/Col Chung!
We are very happy to announce and celebrate the news that our own C/Lt. Col Michael Chung has been named the California Wing Air Force Association Cadet of the Year. Col John Stokes, the California Wing Commander, says that Michael was selected from a number of fine cadet candidates from within the wing who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and academic achievement. Michael will be presented the award at the Air Force Association Convention Banquet in Palm Springs on 12 May in Palm Springs. Congratulations Michael, your Squadron and Wing are very proud of your achievement!

Promotions March 2012:
C/SrA Cho C/SSgt Justin Johnson C/SSgt Spencer French C/SSgt Dillon Holcombe C/SSgt Ryan Marsh, C/Amn Matthew Rennick C/Amn Rovira C/A1C Fitzmaurice C/CMSgt Wilson

SD Padres Game – Aug 18th 1pm The Color Guard will be presenting the colors at the Padres Game on August 18th. How about we make that a SQ 47 Night at the Ballpark? We can group tickets and have everyone come down and see the Color Guard in action and enjoy a ballgame. Seniors of CAWG:
The up-coming Cadet Non-Commissioned Officer's School needs experienced senior members to help as Senior Instructors (aka. "TAC Officers") NCOS will be held at Los Alamitos JFTB on 20-22 April 2012. Please contact Mark Wong as soon as possible if you are qualified, able, and willing to serve in this capacity! Mark A. Wong, Maj, CAP Commandant NCOS (South) 2012 (562) 449-3976

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Summer is almost here!

13-15 Apr - Airman Training School - Fresno Postponed 20-22 Apr - Cadet NCOS - Los Alamitos JFTB 4-6 May - Planes of Fame Airshow - Chino Airport Call for Staff 18-20 May - March Field Air Fest - March ARB 23-30 Jun - CAWG Cadet Encampment - Camp San Luis Obispo Dates Confirmed! 10-12 Aug - Ultimate Bear & Wings Challenge - Vandenberg AFB New!!

March Air Fest 18-20 May 2012
USAF Thunderbirds and much more Date: May 18 to May 20 Friday thru Sunday. Our mission: Security and parking, recruiting, fundraising, meal preparation and cleanup, and communications. We will be sharing a meal with Security Forces Saturday night. Send all form 150s to, and we will e-mail you an acceptance packet. Arrival time: Friday-come early afternoon to help set up and see the pre show, with dinner at 6:00pm or after 6:00pm-no dinner provided. Cost: FREE- Billeting on base in a flight line hanger, with cost of other meals being defrayed by program sales. Staff positions are still available: email form 150, resume, and short cover letter (200 words or less) with position you are requesting Questions: Maj David Goude 909-319-2976

BTW… The Fell Swoop is always looking for contributing writers from both the cadet and senior side. Keep us up to date on how CyberPatriot or Robotics is doing… Write about your favorite activity, write about what new cadets can expect at an encampment, your favorite speaker at a meeting… Flight staff, please delegate 1-2 cadets per month to write up a submission to the newsletter. Please email all submissions to Captain Gillian Young at GGILLIANN007@YAHOO.COM

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More ES in the Works…
Are you interested in the OUTDOORS? Do you like to CHALLENGE yourself to serve others? Do you know what it really means to HELP someone that needs RESCUE? Are you interested in FIRST AID? Do you enjoy working as part of a TEAM? Are you curious to see what you are really CAPABLE of? Have you ever tested your limits? What if you were ever STRANDED? Would you know what to do in an EMERGENCY? Are you interested in COMMUNICATIONS?

Then you need to explore EMERGENCY SERVICES!
Maj Diaz, Lt Bresnahan and Lt Puffenbarger will be arranging exciting exercises and classes coming up to get you trained to go out into the field of Search and Rescue & Emergency Services. We have a First Aid / CPR class coming up, that will have you certified for only $10.00/ a person, CERT classes to get you ready for the next DISASTER or EMERGENCY SAREX (Search and Rescue Exercises) to give you practice for the next MISSION ACUT/BCUT MRO classes for your communications radio license. BIVOUAC's for putting your skills to work and getting credit for all you train for...

ES is not for everyone, but why not try out a few activities and see if it is something that you didn't realize you would LOVE...!
Your ES team will be giving an "Intro to ES" class soon @ Sq47....

***Stay Tuned***

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March’s ES Bivouac
By C/Amn Matthew Rennick
What is a bivouac? A bivouac is a training exercise for surviving in drastic weather conditions that lasts the weekend. The bivouac is a great way to learn, make friends, and have a good time. It is not just for fun and games; the experience of it gives you the knowledge to survive in the cold or hot weather conditions. You get to learn how to navigate with a compass, make fires, build a shelter, and stay warm at night. I guarantee the bivouac experience would be remembered for years to come. Why should I attend a bivouac? I encourage you to attend to a bivouac because you would not just have a good time, but learn a lot about surviving in weather conditions. The cadet oath states “I will participate in unit activities,” and “Advance my education and training.” Therefore you should attend to the bivouac. March 23 2012, was the date of the first bivouac I have ever attended. As soon as I heard I was going to survive in the cold I was a little nervous, but I learned that there is nothing to be afraid of. Never be afraid of something you could conquer.

The first day I arrived at Palomar Mountain was the easy day of the bivouac. That was the day that I had to build my tent shelter. That night I realized I needed someone in my tent other than me, to keep warm and to survive the night.
The second day was a big hike up the mountain. Before that, we learned how to know were our exact location was by using a map. We also got to learn how to call in our location using a radio. That hike was about 5 miles. We had lunch on the mountain, we had MREs (Meals-Ready-to-Eat), and it was the first time for me to eat such a meal. We went back and had the shelter building competition, Charlie flight won that because of our “Hobo’s Paradise.” That night we also had a fire building competition, Bravo won that by a landslide. At the end of that big day, we sat by the fire and had S’mores. The third and final day was when we all packed up and got ready to go. But before we left, we did another search and rescue exercise. We used our navigational skills to find radar. After all of that was done, we all went home with a lesson. I’ve learned that teamwork and leadership could get you through anything. The food there was great, we had Canadian bacon every morning for breakfast, I was glad I could get a second breakfast too. Overall it was a very fun experience. Even though the nights were cold and the days were hard, it gave me a better knowledge surviving in weather conditions. I made very good friends that weekend. You could go through the bivouac without friends, but I encourage you to have a good friendship with every one. And that is the experience of the winter bivouac.

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NCOS 20-22 April
Non-Commissioned Officer's School is being offered in April at Los Alamitos. It's usually a great school, you get a lot of good training and information. We highly recommend it and this one is pretty close to home. California Wing – Civil Air Patrol Integrated Leadership Program Non-Commissioned Officer’s School (NCOS)

20-22 April 2012 Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base
Get “Hands On” Experience in: ● Instructional Methods “Learn to Teach” ● Drill & Ceremonies “You’re in Charge!” ● Instruction on Color Guard & Guidon ● NCO Responsibilities ● Interaction –New Faces & Experiences ● Evaluation “Tell ‘em what’s good!”
Student Participants – Email CAWG Form 150 to Maj Mark Wong at, with followup. SIGNED CAWGF150 & $45 check (payable to “Civil Air Patrol”) mailed to 8101 San Heron Circle, Buena Park, CA 90620. Call (562) 449-3976 with questions. Send a copy of your BCS or encampment graduation certificate (either email or paper). Application deadline for student participants is 31 March 2012. Cadet Staff – All staff positions are open. Pre-requisite: Prior NCOS graduation. Email CAWG Form 150, Cover Letter, & Resume to NCOS Commander, Maj Mark Wong, at, with follow-up SIGNED CAWGF150 and $45 check (made out to “Civil Air Patrol”) mailed to 8101 San Heron Circle, Buena Park, CA 90620. Call (562) 449-3976 with questions. Application deadline for cadet staff is 9 March Senior Staff – Email CAWG Form 150 to Maj Mark Wong at, with followup SIGNED CAWGF150 and $45 check (made out to “Civil Air Patrol”) mailed to 8101 San Heron Circle, Buena Park, CA 90620. Call Maj Wong at (562) 449-3976 with questions.

** ALL participants must have current safety training as recorded in eServices **

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Nat’l ES Academy


21 July – 4 Aug Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, Indiana

Attention All CAP Cadet (age 13 by July 21st) and Senior Members: Have you only joined CAP in the last few months, and thought you would not be able to attend any national events this summer. Are you a long time member looking to get additional training? Applications are now being accepted for the 2012 National Emergency Services Academy (NESA) held at Camp Atterbury in Edinburgh, Indiana, until June 3, for courses being held during our two session weeks from 21 July – 4 August 2012. Courses are for all members interested in emergency services, a great opportunity for both all members to train with hundreds of other personnel from across the country. HURRY UP! Slots fill up fast! Please note that participants can register to take multiple courses back to back, but not at the same time. Apply online at: Slots will be filled on a first come first served basis through 12 June or until slots are filled. We encourage you to apply soon to get into the course or courses you prefer. Some courses only have a limited number of slots and some traditionally fill up fast. NOTE: Registration is hosted on the NTC secure site on the .mil; you may need to load the security certificates in order to access it if you have not done so before; certificates can be downloaded at: Additional information about NESA and the courses available this year can be found at: In addition to our normal courses for ground teams, aircrews, and the incident staff, we have added several short courses this year to allow personnel to participate if they have limited vacation time or need training in varied areas. Send any additional questions to NESA staff at or call 1-888211-1812 extension 323. We look forward to seeing you at the 2012 NESA!

Please remember to log into E-Services periodically and do your monthly Safety Test.

This fundraising venture will, upon completion, have helped the squadron raise well over $1,000. We will continue to serve dinners throughout April. Simply come EARLY to our regularly scheduled meetings (arrive about 5:45pm) to have dinner first before opening ceremonies. Each dinner will be different from the next. Pizza, BBQ, pasta, tacos, etc.

You will be restricted from activities if you do not keep your Safety requirements up to date.

Just $5 per meal… Come ‘N Get It!

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Encampment Staff Opportunities
CAWG Encampment Senior Staff Recruitment


We are currently recruiting senior staff for the 2012 CAWG Encampment. The 2012 Encampment will be held at Camp San Luis Obispo from June 23-30 with preencampment occurring from June 20-22. Anyone interested in working at this year’s California Wing Encampment please complete a CAWG Form 150 and electronically send to one of the following:

Contact Lt Col Peggy Myrick at or 805-453-0224 for the following Positions: • Assistant Safety Officer (must hold at least a Technician rating in Safety), a background in aviation safety a plus. • Medical Officer (must include copy of current medical certificate with application) • Transportation (California Class B drivers permit will be given priority) • Public Affairs (Weekbook and Website postings) • Information Technology (IT) • Administration Officer • Chaplain Contact Maj Lani Cahill at or 661-496-2989 for the following Position: · Flight Tactical Officers Contact Lt Col Christine Lee at for the following Position: · Mess Officers · Kitchen Staff Peggy Myrick, Lt Col, CAP Encampment Executive Officer 805-4530-0224

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Local Recruiting Events
Christian Family Schools (CFS) Annual Expo Homeschool Convention - Escondido May 11th & 12th
We will have a recruiting booth and will run an Aerospace Education Workshop where we have the brush bots and foam rockets. We’re open to suggestions if anyone thinks of something else that would be good here. Is Color Guard to open the Expo? Will need people to man our recruiting booth for Friday Night or Saturday during the day. Friday night would be one shift, but Saturday can be broken down into morning and afternoon shifts. It ends at 6 pm. Will need someone to set the recruiting booth up on Friday. Set up starts at 1 pm.

Highland Games - June
We will have a recruiting booth and activity area. A great place to do the foam rockets. Need some senior members to man recruiting booth and help build the rockets. We will also need pop up shade and lots of cadets to help. Also, if any of you can get the materials we need for the brush bots and foam rockets donated that would be very helpful. Please let me know if you have any connections for these supplies.

Group 7 Events Posted here – Online Calendar:

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More Events!
(Soooo, we rock.)

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More Encampments…
Oklahoma Wing Encampment Contact: Capt. Travis Kyle Ohio Wing Encampment Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Contact Name: David Jennison Http:// 10-Jun – 16 Jun

16-June – 23 June

West Virginia Encampment 7-July – 14 Jul Camp Dawson WV National Guard Training Base Contact Name: Col Dennis Barron Indiana Wing Encampment 14-Jul – 21 Jul Contact Name: Maj. Frank Merrill Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh New York Wing Encampment 21-Jul – 28 Jul Contact Name: Maj. Benjamin Nodar Stratton Air National Guard Base, Scotia, NY This is Captain Young’s home wing… a NY wing encampment is really special, with stellar people. =) She has attended at least 6 NY enc’s. Wyoming Wing Encampment Contact Name: Col Stanley Skrabut Camp Guernsey, Guernsey, WY 4-Aug – 12 Aug 4-Aug – 12 Aug

Connecticut Wing Encampment Contact Name: Huchko Camp Niantic .

Use the Form Letter on the Next Page to distribute to potential sponsors and donors to our Squadron. Tear off and make copies and deliver to our future supporters.

2164 Kirkcaldy Rd Fallbrook, CA 92028 76-728-7612


1 April 2012

SUBJECT: Banquet Raffle
To Whom It May Concern: We are writing again this year to request a donation of cash or goods to be used for Skyhawks Composite Squadron 47 –Civil Air Patrol fund-raising. These would be used as prizes in a raffle during our annual Squadron Awards Banquet on May 19th, 2012. As part of our fund-raising activities, we sell raffle tickets in advance and at the door, and conduct a drawing for prizes during the banquet. Civil Air Patrol, whose taxpayer identification number is 75-6037853, is a nonprofit corporation under section 501 C (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and contributions to Civil Air Patrol may be deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Civil Air Patrol is the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force. Squadron 47, located at Camp Pendleton, provides cadet programs, aerospace education and emergency services training to its members in an exciting, challenging and rewarding atmosphere. The Cadet Program develops the skills and potential of youth ages 12 to 21. Here they learn and put into practice leadership training, aerospace education, character development, and physical fitness in a military environment. The program brings out the leader in its young cadets, which helps them become a better person, increasing their self-esteem and bringing them to their full potential. Any funds raised from your donation go directly to help support activities and training for Squadron 47 members. The United States Air Force does not benefit from them. We would greatly appreciate any contribution you can make and will acknowledge your generosity at the event. Upon request, a Donation Receipt will be provided for your charitable contribution to Civil Air Patrol. We greatly appreciate your support of our young men and women. Sincerely, Robert Calderone, Maj Civil Air Patrol CAWG, SQ47, Oceanside, CA. Mobile: (562) 652-3881 Email:

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Who’s Who in Squadron 47 Civil Air Patrol
Skyhawk Composite Squadron 47 (CA324) Mailing Address: 2164 Kirkcaldy Rd Fallbrook, CA 92028 (562) 652-3881 Skyhawks Composite Squadron 47 Unit CA324 Meets Tuesday Nights 6:45pm United States Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton US Army Reserve Center California Wing Headquarters Vanguard Industries (online store)

National CAP Headquarters

Squadron 47 e-mail list exists for receiving squadron information. Members, parents and friends of Squadron 47 can subscribe by sending an e-mail to Major Tony Diaz at: Squadron Commander Major Robert Calderone Deputy Commander for Seniors Lt Col Brian Billing Deputy Commander for Cadets Captain Dave MacGregor Cadet Commander C/CPT Noah Chun Cadet Executive Officer California Cadet Activities Squadron 47 Homepage

Cadet Advisory Council Squadron Representative C/2nd Lt Anna Boop

Civil Air Patrol Leadership

Please make all checks out to “Civil Air Patrol CAWG.” They will not be accepted if checks are written out to “CAP”. Please spell it out in its entirety. Thank you!

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