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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chronicles of Carl Cestari - By Clint Sporman Carl Cestari was best known for his research, training and teaching of various methods of WWII Close-Quarters Combat; however Carl had an extensive background in both Japanese and Okinawan Martial-Arts. From the early age of 7, he started training in Kodokan Judo, under world renowned Judo Instructor Yoshisada Yonezuka and later in Tani-Ha Shito Ryu Karate under Shigeru Kimura at the Judo-Karate Center in Cranford, New Jersey. Carl was a Martial Artists through and through, his love for the martial arts and its early history is something he researched throughout his entire life. In the mid 1970’s, it’s my understanding that Carl served in the United States Army Reserves. In or around 1977-78 Carl began a career in Law Enforcement and became a Police Officer in which he served on a local Police Department, then transferred to a Federal Agency and then back to his original department. It was around this time that Carl started researching various Military Close-Quarter Combat systems that where developed for troops during the Second World War. Carl sought out old Close-Combat Instructors to either train with, interview or correspond with over the years. These Instructor’s came from such units as the U.S. Army Special Forces, U.S. Army Rangers, Paratroopers, Marine Raiders & Scouts, (ONI) Office of Naval Intelligence, (CIC) Counter Intelligence Corps), (MID) Military Intelligence Division and the First Special Service Force, also know as the "Devil's Brigade" or "Black Devil's". Carl’s research of the Martial-Arts & various Self-Defense systems started at the early age of 7 when he started collecting martial arts magazines, books, and mail order lessons. Over a 40 year period, Carl had collected several thousand books, hundreds of magazine’s, hundreds of video’s and DVD’s. His collection was one most extensive and impressive libraries in the WORLD. Another collector Carl and I knew, was in awe when he walked into Carl's library. There where books ranging from Judo & Jujutsu, to French Savate, to Russian Sombo, from Bare-Knuckle Boxing to All-In Wrestling; Military Combative manuals, to privately published manuals. Books from every part of the World; China, Japan, Indonesian, Burma, India, France, England, Russia EVERYWHERE! You name it, he had it! Carl would literally receive UPS & Fed-Ex packages EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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Carl had been most influenced by the works of William E. Fairbairn, Eric A. Sykes, Dermot O'Neill, Rex Applegate, John Styers & Charles Nelson. Through Carl’s 40+ years of training and extensive real world experience, he developed a very practical method of Self-Defense. Carl had always referred to his teaching as “Defendu” i.e. (Gutter-Fighting), as he was very “hinky” to put his name to anything he was teaching. Carl always looked to improve his own personal protection methods of street-survival; he looked at EVERYTHING, regardless of where or whom it came from. He was NEVER closed-minded and was open to ANYTHING that would make him a more DANGEROUS adversary. As he stated; “My interest in the FIGHTING ARTS is SIMPLE: I want the BEST methods for BEATING THE SHIT out of my enemy”. Unfortunately, Carl had been battling diabetes for many years, and later was diagnosed with cancer. Carl fought hard, as he did with everything throughout his entire life; he trained and fought right up to the very end. Carl’s final battle ended on July 23, 2007. He was a true WARRIOR! God bless you my friend. Below you'll find a list of various Martial Arts Carl studied and trained in over the years. There is probably allot more and as I go through his paperwork, I'll add more as I come across it. *Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt in Judo USJA under Yoshisada Yonezuka *Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt in Tani-Ha Shito Ryu Karate (Shukokai) (His Shukokai technique is based on study with four Sensei primarily: S. Kimura, Yonezuka, Kidachi and Ishihara. He trained with Nanbu but this was very limited) *Shodan 1st Degree Black Belt in Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu - Kodokai *Nidan 2nd Degree Black Belt in Goju Ryu Karate (Shobukai) *Sandan 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shorinji Ryu Karate (Kenkokan) *Sandan 3rd Degree Black Belt in Nippon Kempo with Narabu Sada *Sandan 3rd Dregree Black Belt from the Federation of Practicing Jujutuans *Godan 5th Degree Black Belt Jujutsu - World Jujutsu Federation under Clarke *Ryokudan 6th Degree Black Belt - Koshinkai Karate under John Burrelle *Instructors Certificate - Charles Nelson System of Self Defense under Charlie Nelson *Founder of Tekken Ryu Jujutsu (Shinan) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHAT IS DEFE DU? By Carl Cestari DEFENDU is a complete method of armed and unarmed Close-Quarters Combat. The foundation of the DEFENDU method is rooted in the harsh and brutal realities of real world violence. The origin and development of this method rests in great part with the famed Lt.
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Colonel William Ewart Fairbairn. HISTORY: Fairbairn's experience is unparalleled in the annuals of close combat. As a teenager Fairbairn enlisted with the British Royal Marines. During his tour of duty he successfully competed in and developed new methods for bayonet fighting, for which annual international military competitions were held. He also served as part of the legation guard for the British Consul in Seoul, Korea. After his discharge from the Royal Marines, Fairbairn made his way to Shanghai, China and joined the Shanghai Municipal Police force of the International Settlement. Shanghai during this period was considered by most authorities to be the roughest police beat in the world. The International Settlement was an open "port" city that was rife with every imaginable criminal activity and vice. Tong wars, dope smuggling, murder for hire, political assassination, prostitution, kidnapping, and a host of other underworld endeavors made Shanghai one of the most dangerous places in the world. It was this violent and deadly environment that forced W.E. Fairbairn to develop effective and practical methods of survival. Fairbairn had always been considered by his peers to be a "good man in a dust-up" or brawl. His record established the fact that he was already a rough customer in close combat in bayonet fighting while with the British Royal Marines. In Shanghai however, the odds against him proved greater. While on routine foot patrol assigned to one of the notorious "Red light" districts of Shanghai waterfront he fell afoul of a group of Tong members. The Chinese Tong and their infamous "Hatchet-men" were legend for their brutal and lethal manner of dealing with any opposition. Fairbairn was overpowered, severely beaten, and left for dead. After a fairly lengthy recovery, Fairbairn was directed to the services of Professor Okada, a Japanese Jujutsu expert & bonesetter teaching in Shanghai, and at one time, personal instructor to the Emperor of Japan. Prof. Okada's school was situated in a dirty alley down which Fairbairn passed for the next 3 1/2 years every day. Fairbairn entered into his new found passion completely, determined to never again suffer a similar fate, in great part because he realized the next time he may not be so fortunate. In the years that followed he studied and became proficient in Chinese systems under the direction of Tsai Ching Tung, who at one time was employed at the Imperial Palace, Peking, as an Instructor to the Retainers of the late Dowager Empress. In 1918 Fairbairn applied for entrance to and was accepted by the Kodokan Judo University in Tokyo. Fairbairn received a 3rd degree brown belt in January 1919, a 1st degree black belt in February 1926 and a 2nd degree black belt in February 1931. Fairbairn's certificates are signed by Jigoro Kano. Throughout his over thirty year career with S.M.P., Fairbairn not only made an in depth study of almost every known form of close-combat, but was also able to test these methods in actual combat against determined and often armed criminals who would rather kill an officer and make good an escape than be captured and face almost certain execution. Fairbairn rose through the ranks and was charged with the duty of instructing firearms and handto-hand combat. He revised completely the firearms training previously employed and instituted a method, which reflected actual conditions of real gun-fighting. In 1920, Fairbairn took an extended leave, during which time he was attached as a captain to the New York City Police
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He had worked closely with the S. but also the famed 4th Marine Regiment known as the "China" Marines.C. and headed the Shanghai Riot Squad called the Reserve Unit (RU). and served as the prototype for today's S.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. sabotage. would render Great Britain almost incapable of fighting a conventional war.P.P. 103]. trained.R.P.S. in order to absorb as much as he could. Fairbairn and Sykes.M. Along with his friend and colleague Eric Anthony Sykes (reserve officer in the S. and audacity. an intelligence gathering unit that operated covertly throughout Shanghai. where at the behest of the BSC (British Security Co-ordinator) he taught his methods to covert operatives at Camp X. He retired with the rank of Assistant Commissioner. [also know as Special Training School No. espionage. Fairbairn and Sykes taught not only unarmed combat.M. In March 1942. Fairbairn to once again put his talents and knowledge to excellent use. "Special Branch". and assassination in German occupied Europe. The devastation of Dunkirk.M.A. and the "Paras". and S. These included the numerous Commando units. Fairbairn's career with the S. He had seen the invasion of China by the Japanese and the bloody and brutal siege of Shanghai and the surrounding provinces by the Imperial Japanese Army.M.. This was the first ever Special Weapons & Tactics Unit. Fairbairn began work on the prototypes of what would become the most famous combat knife in the world. It was the genius and steely resolve of Sir Winston Churchill that would pave the way for W. chief of the Riot Squad Sniper unit. as well as giving special instruction to the British Home Department for a ten-week period of observation. Fairbairn was ordered to temporary duty.T. the F/S fighting knife. Churchill's declaration to "set Europe ablaze" was the war cry of the neophyte covert and Special Forces operations that would strike at the Nazi forces with daring and deadly speed. Special Operations Executive (SOE).org/ 4 . as well as other former Shanghai Police officers who were likewise expert in Fairbairn's methods were assigned as instructors to various elite forces and covert intelligence units. Soon after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the United States entry into the war against the axis Thanks to Mr.W. It was with this tremendous amount of experience and real-world savvy that Fairbairn would enter into the next phase of his life. Fairbairn returned to England in 1940. came to a close in 1940.gutterfighting. Sykes remained in England engaged as a supervisor to SOE personnel engaged in underground action. Royal Marines. teams. developed. assigned to Canada. and later Major with the British Army assigned as close-combat instructor for the Commandos and Special Operation). Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. He founded. and then Lieutenant Samuel Yeaton (U. but devised a number of nasty methods for dealing with an enemy which were classified under the heading of "Silent Killing". England was at war with Nazi Germany and was hanging on by a thread.E. During this period he participated in everything from routine patrol duty to major gambling raids. His innovations in unarmed combat were taught not only to the nine thousand (9000) officers of the Shanghai Police. guile. Fairbairn was tasked with the responsibility of turning these men into deadly foes at Close-quarters. and soon to be felt defeat in the Far East by Japanese forces.). During his tenure of over three decades he had been involved with hundreds upon hundreds of violent clashes between Mao Tse Tungs communist "Red" army and Chiang Kai Shek's "Kumontong" forces. and small arms. and North Africa. Secret Intelligence Service (SIS/MI6). While Fairbairn was at Camp X.

Paratroopers.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Fairbairn's methods worked. Marine Raiders & Scouts. Another driving force in close combat during this period was Fairbairn's U. authoring a riot manual. by the Cyprus Police. As the war ended. point shooting. and returned to England. would have him full time. and developing a bulletproof shield he called the "STONE". His work at the Military Intelligence Training Center (MITC) which adjoined Area B is legend. continued after he left Cyprus. Virtually every allied military force adopted his methods. This camp was one of several "schools" that were set up to train covert operatives assigned to the Office of Strategic Services. It was also while working in Cyprus. it is OT for amusement or recreation! IT'S FOR SURVIVAL! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Mr. and his development of the police role in urban combat. batons and clubs. Applegate was given the specific job of learning all there was to learn about close-quarter combat.proboards80.gutterfighting. His unparalleled experience with knife attacks and attacks with blunt instruments. The contributions made by these men are of enormous value to us powers.S. Col. to be used for riot work. armed and unarmed. Army Special Forces. his concepts of countersniping. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. it is OT a "Sport". unlikely to be duplicated in this day and age. It is OT a "Martial-Art". Col. and occupied his time up until his death. proved a sound basis for instruction in the use of or defense against edged weapons. "Pat" O'Neill).S. To put it simply. (MID) Military Intelligence Division and the First Special Service Force.S. These included the U. Fairbairn called his new knife the "COBRA" fighting knife. and the system of knife fighting it supported. The DEFE DU method is an effective & battle proven system of Close-Quarters 5 . Fairbairn was 60 years of age.P. personnel at a secret training camp in Maryland. the O. that Fairbairn introduced a new knife that he had been working on for sometime. he found himself in Singapore.M. and Area B in Maryland. In the mid-1950's. Fairbairn's contributions to the field of close combat are numerous. also know as the "Devil's Brigade" or "Black Devil's". Dermot M. at the age of 71 he was employed in Cyprus. teaching riot work. Soon. In 1956. 1960. known as Area B (some suggest that was already taking place before the official declaration of war). For a time Fairbairn divided his schedule between Camp X. Detective Sergeant and Fairbairn's protégé (Capt. His system of unarmed combat made it possible for a person of average strength and skills to meet and win against a highly trained opponent in the martial arts. (ONI) Office of Naval Intelligence. His interest in this weapon. His theories of close-quarter use of the gun represent the first systematic approach to combat pistol-craft ever devised. and remains valid to this very day. however.S. counterpart Colonel Rex Applegate.S. (taught by former S. (CIC) Counter Intelligence Corps). WWII was the Zenith of all methods of Close-Quarters Combat. employed by the Singapore Police to create a riot squad. The same may be said for his riot work. Army Rangers. Fairbairn was engaged in instructing U. William Ewart Fairbairn died at his home in England on June 20th. Applegate is responsible for numerous innovations in all fields of Close Combat. Methods of close combat that were battle tested and have been proven effective under conditions of actual combat are obviously of great importance to anyone seeking realistic and effective training in personal combat.

Some were simply ridiculous in light of the facts we KNOW! Two however stand Thanks to Mr. Now as to the possible origins of the original term DEFENDU. The 1944 edition of Colonel Biddle's book also uses the term DEFENDU and the text is virtually the same as in the earlier edition.. Consider if you will the change in attitude from "Scientific Self-Defence" to "GUTTER FIGHTING". This was done to make the content of this edition more clear to the average individual. In describing his MOS for paperwork detailing his duties and responsibilities in connection with being awarded the "Legion of Merit". The British edition of "ALL IN FIGHTING" also mentions DEFENDU. I believe that the changes in terminology referring to LT. Hongkong(sic) Police and Singapore Police"... i. The term DEFENDU is found again in Biddle's work "DO OR DIE"(1937).. I have over the years heard several stories.. This situation however caused confusion among readers of this edition and hence in the 1931 edition of Fairbairn's work the title was changed to "Scientific Self-Defence". he does not correct the fact that Fairbairn by this time was a Major serving with US Forces(not Assistant Commissioner of the SMP).gutterfighting. Fairbairn further elucidates his feelings by describing two key elements: VEHEMENCE and ARTIFICE! "SCIENTIFIC" self defense this is NOT! Now for those who have proposed that DEFENDU remains the POLICE "version" of the Fairbairn method and make a distinction as to the military method.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. reprinted in the language of that particular agency. well consider that after WWII the manual of choice used by POLICE agencies under Fairbairn's consult was "GET TOUGH". It is interesting to note that Biddle makes a clear distinction between "Jiu-Jitsu" and "Defendu". Fairbairn claims originality in the methods presented. There are of course obvious reasons for this lapse.. COLONEL(NOT CAPTAIN. "Jiu jitsu" or Western descriptive phrases such as "Chinese Boxing".. stating however that they are drawn from several different sources. Fairbairn's 1926 publication on his method of "scientific self-defence". but just as a passing comment in reference to Fairbairn's earlier works. However. in this context it would be important to remember that Fairbairn claims almost complete originality in the methods presented. So what is the point? Well here it Some thoughts on the origins of the term "DEFE DU" By: Carl Cestari The first appearance of the term DEFENDU was as the title of W. hence an "original" descriptive term would be apropos.. Fairbairn refers to his methods of close combat as "Gutterfighting".E. In this regard it would not be applicable to use Asian terms or nomenclature. Fairbairn is credited with developing this method. We are further informed that this treatise is the "official text book for the Shanghai Municipal Police. The usage of DEFENDU is found twice in the forward of the 1926 edition. as so MANY ill informed individuals refer-DO YOUR DAMN RESEARCH!)Fairbairn's methods reflect a CHANGE(growth if you will)in his COMPLETE ATTITUDE regarding close 6 . However. NOT MAJOR. Excepting one important point: In the later edition Biddle refers to Fairbairn's book "GET TOUGH". The point however is that the term DEFENDU relates too much earlier methods espoused by Fairbairn and did not reflect his thinking at this time (1944).e.proboards80. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. "GET TOUGH" the US reprint of "ALL IN FIGHTING" refers to the close combat fighting method present as the "Fairbairn System".

Aside from what others may claim.. as well as giving the Western flavor to Fairbairn's methods. chin-jab. such as Chin-Na.I feel that the evidence denies this (Yeaton's letter concerning Fairbairn's thoughts on the matter). Hsing-I.... is the simple use of DEFEND combined with the well known term jiu-jits"U". Besides the fairly well-documented Judo background of D. Cestari (thanks to Clint who got me up off my ass to answer his questions) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Origin of the "O' EILL TO THE UTS" By Carl Cestari The "O'Neill" method is a consistent source of debate and speculation. or DEFEND U. if you CAN'T USE 'EM! So if you ain't training your ass off.M." Offer some more insights into the man and the method. discussion and further research. etc. Jiu jitsu had these very blows and gave great credence to their effectiveness in "real" combat(YES! this can be verified by books. As far as the claims of GREAT influence by "Chinese" boxing methods.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. out as possible(and very plausible)candidates. Ba Gua. chin jab. in the writer's possession)these "rock crushing" blows HANDS OFF. Owing to the fact that most people have only been exposed to limited information concerning this method many "false" opinions have been expressed concerning it's value and/or effectiveness. or DEFENDU. British embassy security expert. The system that O'Neill "developed" was born during his time in Shanghai. Aside from non-fictional works on the First Special Service Force that add bits and pieces to the puzzle. however predated by usage in turn of the century Jiu jitsu manuals describing these Atemi)were extant in "real" Jiu jitsu for centuries. there exist other "technical" sources. etc.proboards80. simply a descriptive term stating the obvious: to DEFEND YOU!. O'Neill and his service with the SMP and as a "protege" of WEF. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. The Army 21-150 manuals offer little in the way of a "complete" method and the USMC "proposed" manual adds some info but certainly not anywhere near the whole "picture". Quotes like this: ". I hope that the above was edifying and of some interest. Hence.. manuals.. Hence..the Office of Strategic Services(OSS) improved version of kick and poke judo. Last point: The periphery is interesting. This hand to hand unarmed combat method was developed and taught by a former Shanghai police inspector. Secondly. DEFENDU... you may as well go and take up tiddly winks! Happy New Year. and even the "tiger" claw. tigers claw ain't really worth a tinkers damn. It is course open to speculation. Charlie Nelson Thanks to 7 . the use of DEFENDU pays some homage to Jiu jitsu.gutterfighting. and OSS contract employee named Dermot Michael "Pat" O'Neill. may God bless and all the best of luck! C. But the real issue is can you drop that maniacal SOB(s) intent on your demise? Talking about the edge of hand. little else is really known about the elements that comprise his method. Jiu Jitsu(of this period) influenced Fairbairn far more than even he was willing to admit. And that goes for the staple methods of the edge hand.

The British SIS had strong ties in Shanghai and even stronger ties with the SMP. Though the O'Neill method may have included elements of Fairbairn's system(though there is documentation to the contrary). in addition to the growing threat from Japan was dealing with a number of internal conflicts as well. it became obvious to western powers that Japan would in short order be a serious threat to global stability. Now we KNOW what the elements of the "Fairbairn" system are(though even here there is much misconception as well) and when would be hard pressed to describe WEF's approach as "kick and poke". CHI-CHI SHU another reference to Chinese combatives is also mentioned in the AID/IPA manual. Many reference sources containing information on O'Neills method as recalled by Forcemen of the 1st SSF refer to similar phrases as the one quoted above. So where does the O'Neill method originate from? What may be the original source of this system? To fully understand the possible connections to Chinese Boxing. Chinese foot-fighting or Chinese Boxing is mentioned in various manuals attributed to O'Neill. British SIS and varous Chinese military and intelligence groups shared a common "working" interest. So we can presume that the O'Neill method came into it's own sometime during the mid 1930's. Since we know that O'Neill left for Japan in 1938. "poke and kick" are constantly used when describing this method. The difference in "needs" as it relates to close combat between front line rapid assault "shock" troops like the "Devil's Brigade" and the nature of clandestine special operations as waged by the OSS and SOE explains to great degree the dis-similarity in choice of method. the growing Communist "revolution". we must FULLY understand the complete original syllabus of this 8 . Material extant from the WWII era mentions this specifically. This included covert or clandestine intelligence missions. we will also dispel "mis-informed" opinions concerning the combat validity and effectiveness of the O'Neill "method".proboards80. and the ongoing battle to oust all colonial influence and "foreign devils". Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. Kelly who learned this method from O'Neill during Kelly's tour of duty in China. As Japan's invasion of China grew in both size and brutality. Thanks to Mr. Hopefully.gutterfighting. The Chinese for all of their "internal" battles were waging war against the Japanese on all levels. The Chinese. Terms like "jab and kick". We will begin to discuss that aspect in Part relates that his introduction to O'Neill's method was through a Sgt. "gouge and kick". it is clear that the O'Neill method is materially different. The Nationalist movement vs. it is not a stretch to assume that the SMP "special branch". the "training" between Kelly and O'Neill must have occurred prior to that.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Charlie Nelson always said that this method was based on Chinese Guerilla warfare. Japan was already flexing it's military might in China. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The O' EILL METHOD – II By Carl Cestari In the years leading up to WWII. Since the SMP had a large contingent of Chinese officers and these men were certainly involved to some degree in fighting to "protect" their homeland against the Japanese invasion.

Again. In the book "Chinese Boxing: Masters and Methods". Smith introduces the reader to Yuan Tao. even when wearing full combat gear. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. These methods were so impressive and effective that they formed the genesis of Evans Carlson's concept for the USMC "Raiders". Robert W.The legs are used sparingly and movement kept simple". he would only be remembered for his work in hand to hand combat. It uses "hand. During his service with the 1st SSF. It had to be easy to learn.gutterfighting. close combat situations. pushing. simple to apply." Further. the Chinese adapted highly effective methods of "guerrilla" warfare.. The Chinese developed "systems" of physical training and close combat based on their "rich" martial tradition. elaborate stances. the Nationalist's under Chek were involved in similar pursuits. the Chinese army adopted a strategy of hit and run. In describing the elements of this "form" Smith tells us that it is an "extremely rational" method.y one "kicking" technique and that Yuan believed "kicking is only effective if done in conjunction with the hands" and that you should "retract the foot swiftly". elbow. We will refer back to these comments later. Since O'Neill's "career" or life had been spent nearly entirely in Shanghai up to this point. but also including some "internal" influence. all movements of this single form are for fighting. and effective and practical in life and death. "Emphasizing the use of the weapons of the upper body and close quarters techniques. the "Guerilla General". This is important because it gives Thanks to Mr. Since it was impossible to match the might of the Japanese military machine directly.. Though Carlson's relationship was through the Mao led "communist" People's Army.This close combat requirement dictated that troops be trained in a form of unarmed/minimally armed combat superior to those of the opposing forces.proboards80.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59.. He goes on to tell us that this was a "standardized" form based mainly on Shaolin. and advancing and retreating methods". we can only assume that he was referring to his duties with the SMP. and complicated techniques. 9 .com As the Chinese did all they could to gear up for war against the Japanese. This point should be well taken since it shows that the "Chinese" methods of warfare were thought highly of by western military professionals.. He goes on to tell us that it has on. He said that though he had spent his life in "intelligence". The Chinese USED every advantage they could. O'Neill made the following comment to a fellow officer. forearms and elbows all provide for a versatile response to a variety of situations... we will be referring back to these elements later..." ". hands.. "With no ceremonial motions." Lastly. they sought to use every advantage they could. fist. Dennis Rovere in an article published in "Inside Kung Fu" concerning Lien Bu Ch'uan and it's use during WWII and titled the "Chinese Commando Method" adds the following: "To nuetralize the superior strength of the Japanese forces. locking." ". and shoulder strikes. This included using their cultural heritage of "martial arts". Smith goes on to tell us that during WWII Yuan taught Nationalist troops "Yunnan Lien Pu Ch'uan" or Yunnan Consecutive Step Boxing.

we will attempt to tie all this together by comparing the actual methods contained in O'Neill's original WWII syllabus with what we have already discussed. We will also explore the "Shandong" connection and "modifications" to O'Neill's methods over the post war years.gutterfighting. practiced a type of Judo that has little in common with the "sport" of today.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Jujutsu. He becomes an acknowledged expert. He serves in this position for two years. proven both on the tatami of various "dojo" and on the streets of us a basis for explaining O'Neills involvement with various Chinese "groups" fighting against the Japanese. secures a respected position on the SMP Riot Squad. He joins the SMP in 1925 at age twenty. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WHAT CA WE LEAR FROM WHAT HAS ALREADY BEE DO E? By Carl Cestari Pre-WWII Judo was a far different thing than what we see now. Poole was married to a Chinese woman. He trains diligently at the Kodokan. he becomes a dedicated devotee of Japanese and Chinese combatives. In 1938 he leaves the SMP after 13 years service and heads up the security detachment for the British Legation in Tokyo. We can assume that Poole and O'Neill had a close friendship. O'Neills fellow SMP officers included John Percy Poole. in particular "newaza" or ground 10 .proboards80. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. a true expert. Living and training in Thanks to Mr. a fellow member of the SMP "Judo" team. beguiling and dangerous place. Poole was a yudansha like O'Neill and was of the same age. The Japanese police were renowned for having among their ranks many of the top Judoka. a master of Judo. He gains a working practical knowledge of Judo. He trains under some of the BEST native Japanese sensei available. Chinese Boxing and who knows what else. Into this mix comes a young Irishman named Dermot Michael O'Neill. it is natural that he would find this training of particular interest and value. It is also very feasible to presume that O'neills close working relationship with the officers of the Chinese "branch" opened doors to him that may not have been available to other "westerners". Becomes a protege' of the famed Uchijima Sensei. The Japanese presence in Shanghai insured that the quality of Judoka practicing there was of the highest caliber. being on a global war footing.E. This relationship may also have helped O'Neill gain access to sources native in origin. especially Kodokan Judo. Fairbairn and earns a reputation as a "good" man in a dust up. Karate. Japanese "bujin" particularly those situated in China during this period had to be the BEST they could be. It was in this capacity as "liason" that may very well explain O'Neills "connection" to the close combat methods being developed and employed by the Chinese during this period. In Part 3. is recognized as a protege' of W. Besides his recruit training and his assignment under WEF on the Riot Squad. often winning against some of Japan's best. He travels to mainland Japan testing his skill in shiai and randori. He rises in rank. Since he was already an avid Judoka and acknowledged "protege" to Fairbairn. Lastly. Shanghai during this period was a volatile. The Japanese in particular.

NO fish tailing! Target the eyes with the "clawed" fingers.. And what will the answer teach US. Whenever he Thanks to 11 . Why? Because he perfectly knew and understood what the mission of the 1St SSF was all Japan. Headed by a man named Fredericks. The world is at war. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. As the fingers make solid contact(and it DOES NOT matter if you strike the eyes or NOT!) the wrist will NATURALLY flex and the PALM will crush the nose and the HEEL of the hand smash the chin..From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. This blow is used JUST like a fast and hard LEFT JAB.. just as one would in forming the edge of hand blow. They will become LEGEND! Then Colonel Fredericks contacts General Donovan of the OSS and requests WEF's services in training these troops. now? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Proper execution of the Tigers Claw by: Carl Cestari . Piston like. and PROVED EFFECTIVE in REAL COMBAT countless times. A new "COMMANDO" unit is being formed. The Allied powers against the Axis. Fairbairn recommends D. seconded to the OSS. access to the BEST of his time(and ours too probably)! FAST FORWARD. Now an assailant MUST come into your range to do YOU any damage.M. The point is this: With ALL of O'Neill's experience and expertise the method he devised for all intents and purposes was devoid of any Judo or grappling like techniques(and remember the Forces initial contact with the enemy was to be the Japanese).proboards80... HE JOINS THEM! O'Neill gave great thought to the needs of these special troops as it related to close quarters combat. At least that's the ideal.. Now this isn't about the nuts and bolts of the O'Neill method. Bend the wrist upward at NO more than a 45 degree angle.. He tailored the training to address needs as would be faced in REAL COMBAT by these troops! O'Neill's logic and genius is evident in the complete method(not just dribs and drabs from various FM's and TM's).. "Paddy" O'Neill.. But it was the "system" of close combat he devised that was his genius! The entire O'Neill system as taught then is little known today..03/18/02 Extend the hand in a complete line with the forearm.. He was instrumental in developing the V-42 Fighting Knife. strategy and physical combatives that was astounding. This resembles a Tigers Claw.He just doesn't "train" these men. AND JUDO WAS HIS FORTE. But more importantly what lessons are to be garnered from this? What can be learned? WHY did O'Neill chose the methods and tactics(more important than the technique) that he did? Without a doubt O'Neill knew his business and knew it well. Simply tense and "hook" the fingers slightly. This composite group of assault raiders matches US and Canadian forces under the banner of the FIRST SPECIAL SERVICE FORCE. So why? That's the question. O'Neill accepts and goes a step further. But suffice to say that this method was a blend of tactics.. working under WEF.. O'Neill is now in the US.gutterfighting..

. conditions under which shooting affrays 12 . plus the introduction of sound effects... During this period.. against some of the most desperate criminals in the world .. load fire and hit his opponent within a second........ Re-read my post under Essentials for more info on the Tigers Claw.. the squads were responsible for the investigation and tracking down of vice-rings and narcotics smugglers. E and F. an opportunity is afforded to test the moral fibre of the student and to develop his courage and capacity for self control.".follow with power". Under varying degrees of light...whatever. many of which were against armed robbers and kidnappers.. methods of using trap doors.. and various alarming surprises..TIGERCLAW! Once. Any boxing coach worth his salt knows the left is your bread and butter so to speak.. Hope this helps! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FAIRBAIR on the "Fairbairn Method" By: Carl Cestari Something for our shooting "enthusiasts" PRELIMINARY STATEMENT Background: "Prior to my association with the armed forces of Great Britain and the United States I served as Assistant Commissioner in Command of the Riot Squads of the Shanghai Municipal Police Command from 1925 to 1940... In addition. darkness.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. firing of a pistol under every conceivable condition and at every possible position likely to be met in actual combat during day or night... In the mystery ranges a simulation was affected of actual battle noises. but a proven method which has been in use in the far-east since 1919." "This is not a new fangled idea. Take a lesson from boxing here: How often is a good left lead blocked or avoided? Not often at ALL.... (in most cases).. These ranges were originally developed by me in connection with police work in China and were first used in military training in the courses given to the British Commandos and the British Army.. Get the job done. ". And. The training included methods of entering closed and locked doors. As it is with the Tigers Claw.... including shooting affrays...proboards80.. especially in house to house combat... who preferred always to shoot it out...gutterfighting. I planned and supervised the erection of indoor mystery ranges at Areas B-2.. twice three times. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www..... and shadows.The art of close contact fighting includes fighting with and without knives.. moving objects. known killers. rather than being captured and finishing up Thanks to DOES." "The course consists of practical war methods of shooting with the one-hand gun..."lead with speed .men who were. our force handled over 2000 riot calls of all types and descriptions. methods of bursting open such doors... in which any man of average intelligence can be taught to draw... A-3.. methods of roof top fighting and firing on moving and possibly concealed targets.." MYSTERY RANGES"In order to create simulated combat conditions for training purposes.old boxing cliché' .

If there first shot takes longer than a third of a second to fire." Pretty comprehensive sounding to me... Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www... Ninety percent of the shooting was in the dark and the majority of hits were within four yards.. Early on in his career with the Oklahoma City PD. fire. for as long as EIGHT HOURS at a time! Draw." "Students should be informed that the average shooting with the one-hand gun is over.. There will no time to reload....draw. Instead of attempting to define and/or qualify Fairbairn's thoughts and methodology ad nauseam. reholster. By the way. It is literally a matter of the quick and the dead ... Bryce got in the habit of drawing.. His goal was to OUTDRAW his reflected "enemy"... it's best to let him tell it! Again. reholster.proboards80...gutterfighting. fire. One poster made a comment to the effect that practicing just one or two techniques for hours on end was JUST TOO BORING! Variety as they say is the spice of life. He did this DAILY. fire.draw. Legendary lawman and gunfighter Delf Bryce was the REAL DEAL. down cobbled alleyways.. So. they will not be the one to tell the newspaper about it.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum they can take their choice. Speed and accuracy that were amazing AND were proven again and again in real gunfights. etc..Get the IDEA? Where did this single minded purposeful training get him? How about this: Bryce was able to draw and fire against TWO armed badmen that BOTH had the DROP on HIM! Much more can be written about this legend... Thanks to Mr. Carl Cestari 03/18/02 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TODAYS ZE KOA : When You Train..... How did Bryce get this ability? Well here's the foundation.." "All affrays were on the run . that's true to a certain extent.... He started this routine in the OCPD locker and used a full length mirror as his "adversary".. Be Like Jelly! By Carl Cestari Not too long ago there was a thread comparing the supposed "bare bones" approach of close combat to the plethora of maneuvers extant in in front of a firing squad... or in very crowded streets. so far as they will be concerned. the above quotes sum it all up. in a very few seconds. reholster.. dryfiring and reholstering over and over and over.. Some of the police were killed by being shot in the back at a matter of inches distance only. over roofs... but not always. Bryce's exploits and ability with a handgun were awe 13 .. his nickname was "Jelly".up and down stairways. Well.

with one foot forward and with the elbow of the arm you're firing with pulled in to where it is six or eight inches directly in front of the navel. and then sight is a dead pigeon." "It takes too much time." The "double tap": "Give him TWO. as well as unpleasant. You can't let it get to you. If it's a sudden attack and you've no gun. and forget him. Especially FORGET him. he shows how arteries can be cut most deftly. NOT eyesight.from the front. I'm going to answer your 14 . "You stroke with it." "His knife work is equally artistic.proboards80. you CAN'T miss. You've got to be able to watch the whites of the poor devil's eyes turn up. But in close quarter battle you kill at conversation distance. is a routine job. NO." Grant-Taylor was active "operationally" in the European. or you may call it the idealism of a superpatriotic man. and ." On the knife and "silent killing": "There is NO defense against the knife. To kill an enemy at long range-with a blockbuster.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. or the sixty-eight millimeter. Seeing the enemy and shooting him MUST be practically simultaneous. and if you crouch somewhat." "You don't stab or HACK with a knife. and CBI theatres of operation." "With smooth cobra-like lunges. a twenty five pounder." On "firing position": "The policeman or soldier in close quarters battle who hesitates to assume a fancy stance." "You may call it the callousness of the butcher. The man who would live must aim by feel. he considers it crude. He also was highly regarded and sought after as an "instructor" for varied British and American Thanks to Mr. But there are occasions when a sentry must be removed silently. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. KICK him in the face in case the job is incomplete. When a man is dead. He doesn't like knifing. Some selected quotes on the "vocation" of killing: "What you want-you've got a morbid desire to know-is killing easy? Well.gutterfighting. BUT. from behind.if need be . that kind of killing. it has to be done. Pacific. He was one of about a dozen professional "disposal" men active for the British government during WWII. from the So we'll end where we started When you TRAIN. not when the guy is at arm's length. be like JELLY! Carl Cestari -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Words of Wisdom From The "DISPOSAL MA " Carl Cestari on Hector Grant-Taylor (09/27/02) Colonel Hector Grant-Taylor is credited with upwards of forty Axis "kills" to his credit. he should stay dead." he says. and then DON'T ask it again.

.. narrow minded. Killers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Al Capone.. It's great stuff! I think it is absolute foolishness to disregard or minimize the lessons that can be learned by studying these men and their methods.. name it.. the OSS. as well as Calcutta. H. whatever. Grant-Taylor credits these "folks" with TEACHING him many of the methods he "employed". His connection with the FBI.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Those who served with him on actual missions held him in awe. kidnappers. but every now and agin' you find that nugget.. Johhny Torrio. and taught! Now we can discuss "Chicago Willy" the shiv expert and mob assassin who taught along side Thanks to Mr.. There are those who are aware of only the small section of his method as shown in the FM's. So call me old fashioned.gutterfighting. OSS and influence on Scotland Yard and the SAS is fascinating. the Chicago special units. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.. There is alot to this man's story... Walter Stevens.... bank robbers. and eagerly sought to get back into the "field" with him whenever possible. One small aspect of a method that when studied(and understood) in it's entirety is nothing short of genius.. Not to mention that his background from the SMP. strongarm specialists. but ALL these men actually learned by DOING! D.. Much more to come! Carl Cestari 9/27/02 Re: Words of Wisdom From The "DISPOSAL MAN". the SAS.. the 15 . Grant-Taylor are not as well known as WEF and EAS or Colonel Applegate. A "Who's Who" of the Chicago underworld. extortionists. O'Neil is another example.proboards80. the CIA and other "Intelligence" services. Hamer. AID/IPA is astounding.. and Cairo. I am compiling this material from a number of sources and the story of this man just gets better and better. Men like Bryce. Dion O'Bannion. 1st SSF. Big Jim Colosimo. Frank McErlane. the Genna brothers. You gotta sift thru alot of sand. I'm like a prospector sluicing for gold. Carl Cestari 9/27/02 Re: RE: Words of Wisdom From The "DISPOSAL MAN". What do these "gentlemen" have in common with Grant-Taylor you ask? Well. He was active in the SOE run "Killing School" in Palestine...M.. the SOE..

ad infinitum.. Boxing. When labels become a tool or device for divisiveness and enmity we really fall into a trap that should be avoided at all costs.”COMBATIVES” versus _________________________(you can fill in the blank).. Peruvian Nostril Boxing…………….. who would we KILL. ANYONE who engenders all or most of their feelings of self-worth and validation from their TRAINING ALONE(or even in major part) needs to immediately CANCEL their registration at all forthcoming seminars on the latest evolution of NHB holds from the mount or the latest innovations in submission “whatever” imported directly from the planet Venus (or perhaps more accurately Uranus) AND SEEK PROFESSIONAL Thanks to 16 .. especially for those who consider time a precious commodity. Wrestling.... Without LABELS who would we HATE. arguing the merits of so-called Combatives in regards to comparison fighting skills is absolutely BASELESS and denotes a true lack of understanding in what Combatives is really all about (and maybe life in general as well). Maybe later. how could we stereotype.. But I also fully realize that it is the undeniable STAMP of human nature to LABEL things. Judo. Jujutsu vs..... Thuggery. However. "JOY STREET" for a different perspective. Also.proboards80.. The root problem here is the very same fundamental problem that is the wellspring for most.. direct and effective. what basis would there be for religious... ethnic or racial BIGOTRY.. Or...... Karate vs. Striking vs. AD NAUSEUM! The latest “Battle of BS” centers around…………….. Grappling. Boxing OR Wrestling.. Karate vs. if not all of mankind’s ills. Carl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My KU G-FU is Better Than Your KU G-FU! By Carl Cestari I imagine it first started many. Excellent read..could it be? Al "Scarface" Capone was really a "Chicago Seefoo"! The possibilities... Carl 9/29/02 Re: Some technical questions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Get "JOCK LEWES"..... Brutal.. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. The absolute need for self-validation at all WEF at Area F. LABELS are a foregone conclusion.gutterfighting.. So in order for the world to work as it does... many moons ago when some unknown combat aficionado first posed the question: “which is BETTER. Boxing vs.. Colonel "Bull" Simmons held Richard Meadows in very high regard.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. pugilism or wrasslin’ ?” Since that time comparisons of combat skills and methods have become legion......... Personally I don’t LIKE the term COMBATIVES. That speaks volumes. Swahili Toe Fighting vs. The EGO. UTTER NONSENSE! Actually the entire “debate” over what is BETTER than whatever is TOTAL NONSENSE and a real waste of time....

Okay? Step back and WATCH the FUN begin! We’ll SETTLE once and for all time the universal query of which is BETTER…………….From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Hhhhmmmmmmmmmm…………………………………. Thanks to Mr. or Coach Hanley. Sharpest. TO BE CONTINUED…………………………………………………. "any fight or struggle" By Carl Cestari COUNSELING! And do it QUICKLY! Let’s try this simple experiment: Go into your kitchen draw and find the BEST steak knife. or “method” or “style”. So good natured speculation on the merits of one participant or team pitted against another certainly has some substance.. Since we are all HUMAN and NOT machines.. this mindless need to debate ONLY applies in terms of SPORTING COMPETITIONS! Sporting competitions by their VERY nature are STRUCTURED EVENTS. Further still.. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. NOTHING F@#$%ING BARRED! If we MUST use the term “COMBATIVES” then it is ONLY proper that we define EXACTLY what we mean by the use of that terminology. Now place it on the counter or breakfast table. They are planned for. It is all an exercise in FUTILITY without the all important factor of the PERSONS INVOLVED.gutterfighting.."to fight in direct contact"... Uncle Murphy and Mr.THE steak knife or THE pointy fork! HOT DAMN this going to be exciting! A real BLOOD BATH so to speak. those “merits” actually fluctuate on an almost daily BASIS! Even for those possessed of seemingly superhuman qualities. IT IS THE MAN who MAKES the METHOD WORK! It’s NEVER the merits of “just” Boxing vs. or “system”. Reaper will WITHOUT QUESTION sooner or later destroy that.. Father 17 .proboards80. and they encompass well defined rules and regulations.There is ONE singular glaring absence in the above definition. let's see. that’s the EXACT problem with debating “technique”. Wrestling or Muay Thai vs. Even extending to the COMPETITIVE merits of one combat sport against another there is some basis in logic. But extending these diatribes into the realm of real world violence and individual survival is POINTLESS! NHB means “No holds Barred”. (This is part of an ongoing series of articles addressing a variety of misconceptions concerning the field of personal survival against real world violence) "COMBATIVES" Part 1 From the root word COMBAT . Applegate.seems nothing is really happening here does it? Well. It is NOT the “TECHNIQUE”………………………IT’S THE MAN(or woman-PC ALERT)! Until human hands pick up the knife and the fork NOTHING will EVER HAPPEN! The method DOESN’T work for the MAN. "active fighting between enemies".. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. No mention of Jiu-Jitsu.find the BEST fork with the SHARPEST POINTIEST tines and lay that right next to the steak knife.. keenest edge. It IS the individual MERITS of the men involved and those merits are RARELY if EVER “equal”. G. Notice it? Absolutely NO mention of Fairbairn. The real world is NFB. NOW……………. they are TRAINED for.

ALL in the same manuals! A vast array of weapon skills are shown and even the "unarmed" combat is a diverse mix of "techniques". training and understanding of so-called "combatives". kicking. At what exactly? I'm not sure even "they" really know. Original Okinawan Te (Ti) included percussion methods as well as "tegumi" and "tuite". kneeing.. The British did the same.. or even a good old kick in the ass! Get it? THERE ARE NO SPECIFICS that define what is or isn't so-called "COMBATIVES"! So why do so many people feel such an overriding need to "define" combatives into a narrow scope of limited methodology? "I know what you do". Whatever was called for and whatever GOT THE JOB AT HAND DONE! The 19th century saw many methods of "combined" self-defense systems develop in the West. Savate or any member of the Gracie family. No mention of World War Two.. men who "fought" even for "sport" used virtually ANY device to insure victory. kicking and even BITING was resorted to when THAT was deemed the most appropriate method. The French combined elements of Chausson/Savate (Basque Zipota as well) with Boxe Anglaise.six months ago this dude thought Applegate was the entrance to an orchard! Everybody's an "expert". strangling and joint-locking. The unarmed combatives of the Japanese Bushi also DIDN'T limit scope or method. kicking. and even the "new" Japanese 18 . biting.proboards80. "Yea. And it CERTAINLY didn't just end at "unarmed" fighting! A "Gentleman" beset upon by a rough and tumble "footpad" on a lonely and desolate backstreet Thanks to Mr. Punch his lungs out if that did the job best. stomping and whatever other methods of mayhem could be employed were ALL "FAIR" when "fair" meant the difference between life or death. a smashing overhand right. I base my combatives on Applegate". Gorn. Just read Elliot J.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59.gutterfighting. an edge of hand blow.. EVEN before any "organized" systems were presented. punching. A month ago this same guy thought FAIRBAIRN was simply a decent suntan. The original Koryu Bujutsu of the Samurai included a comprehensive catalog of both armed and unarmed skills. The Twentieth century saw even MORE "mixed" combat systems.. the Punic Wars or the Spartans. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.. gouging. If you really do your research and homework you will see that even in manuals describing man to man combat that are CENTURIES old there exists a very COMPREHENSIVE survey and presentations of MANY forms of armed and unarmed combat.. butting.. Actually I wouldn't want to! All I can do is offer a CORRECT semantic observation and proffer my view on what encompasses my study.. throttling. No mention of Juji-Gatame. Or grapple him into submission and control OR grapple him into a spine lock and neck break.. Parisian Lutte. It CERTAINLY didn't take a Sherlock Holmes to figure out that in a REAL fight ANYTHING goes. In the US a number of "self-protection" methods became available to the public that combined methods from Boxing and Wrestling. throwing.. Before the use of London Prize Ring rules and the Marquis of Queensbury.. I won't presume to speak for ANYONE else that uses this term "combatives".com Boxing. Grappling was stressed when THAT was the best method of gaining tactical superiority.. Striking. "pugilists" used and relied on a great number of different grappling/striking/kicking and gouging methods. punching.. The "BARTITSU" of Barton-Wright is a classic example. Any and ALL manner of grappling."That Fairbairn stuff". Ancient Greek Pankration was a combined system of "ALL POWERS" combat. The Chinese have ALWAYS maintained fully robust systems of combat that included all manner of striking. Kick his gonads out the top of his head if THAT worked best.

jiujitsu. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. gouging. and psychological "demoralization" missions. most military forces researched. Just as it has been since Cain slew Abel and how it WILL be until the last two humans clench fists or seize stones in raging anger during the final melee of the 19 . What's that old saying? All's fair in love and war. All manner of expedient. However the solitary fact remained that in the end it was STILL man against man in a desperate. probing. the knife(especially the trench knife)... Savate.. tripping..From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. The nature of fighting under these conditions became popularized as "trench warfare". striking.. butting. mechanized warfare. but simply who's LEFT! This IS "combatives" pure and simple. Among these was the advent of "raiding" parties. bone breaking and the use of ANY and ALL weapons of close combat expediency were STRESSED! The foregoing should satisfy and fulfill anyone's "definition" of MIXED martial tactics and techniques (even if Muay Thai or more accurately Siamese boxing and Thanks to Mr... stomping.. The bayonet.. intelligence. HEY.. wrestling. throwing. choking. this particularly nasty and vicious man to man fighting reverted to the most barbaric. Boxing. developed and implemented fairly comprehensive and rigorous training methods specific to close-combat and "trench fighting". This was close-in knife to belly hand to hand would feel perfectly JUSTIFIED in running said "footpad" thru and thru again with his sword cane or bashing his brains in with a "lifesaver". The static and stagnant lines created by entrenched warfare demanded new and innovative tactics and strategies.wait a minute! A "mixed" fighting system? What a NOVEL IDEA! Our next installment will look at "combatives" from the Russo-Japanese war and World War One thru to our "brandy new" millennium and all our new age "innovations". Air power.. brutal and deadly struggle for survival. and hand to hand combat became prime training doctrines along with advancements in general physical conditioning and battle preparation. The unarmed hand to hand methods were drawn from any and ALL sources of man to man combat. Often it's not a matter of who's "right".gutterfighting. Small groups of lightly armed men who ventured out into "no man's land" for the purpose of recon.proboards80. and any number of "rough and tumble" gouge and kick back alley tactics were employed. While technological advances were being made in all other forms of warfare. By Carl Cestari The advent of World War One (the war to END all wars) brought warfare into a new and foreboding era of man to man killing and slaughter. Even when the highwayman wasn't even armed with a lowly brickbat. Fostered by this. prisoner grabs. kicking. strangling. chemical warfare and the general widespread use of machine guns changed the face of battle almost completely. biting. primitive and bloody "methods" imaginable. Whatever WORKS BEST at the time! A sort of "mixture" of varied fighting skills. purpose designed and improvised close-combat weaponry was employed. Those charged with the task of developing such training programs were well AWARE of the fact that NO ONE SINGLE "approach" to combat was SUFFICIENT in REAL man to man kill or be killed battle! Punching. Should be fun! "COMBATIVES" Part 2 A Rose by Any Other ame.

gutterfighting. during this period the Shanghai Municipal Police academy trained their recruits in BOXING WRESTLING and JIU-JITSU! OR as one veteran of the SMP put it. Law Enforcement organizations also began to pay more heed to this area of training. kicks and grappling methods."our training in this area was a MIXED BAG of physical skills"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was virtually NO "authority" or "expert" in this field who DID NOT advocate a "MIX" of striking/kicking and grappling either as a combined "method" or as found singularly as in "real" Japanese jiu-jitsu. Even methods that relied primarily on western boxing and wrestling maneuvers acknowledged that a well rounded combatant MUST be able to BOTH strike effectively as well as grapple. Even Choki Motobu when asked if his Kempo-Karate was "superior" to boxing (after his KO of a western style pugilist) said that in order for his "method" to be used against a boxer specialized training specific for that type of match would have to be 20 . Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. as some sportswriters of the time pointed out. wrestling.early 1930's that detail Siamese boxing quite well. Including atemi to almost ALL kyusho points. As far an "aliveness" training goes. The ONLY "advisement" proffered was NOT to hit so HARD as to KILL your training partner. Even Jigoro Kano's nephew got involved in promoting these types of matches between western boxers and native Japanese Judoka... and even then. or Savate fighters against boxers (Biddle fought in such a match while in Paris) was done under a constantly varying set of rules so that it became virtually impossible to ever really determine what "method" was superior. Virtually ALL of these "systems" advocated an all-around well-balanced approach to personal combat. DEATHS occurred DAILY in these matches and were considered just a routine hazard of the "trade". SAVE that for "matches" against OTHER jiu-jitsu schools! ONLY in the arena of sporting combat did this division of method... This was just part of a movement to increase the professionalism of law enforcement personnel in general.. foot-fighting and jiu-jitsu as a "mixed" toolbox of personal defense tactics became quite popular. that for all the "talk" about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu were not included). what did ANY of this have to do with REAL fighting when NO rules applied.proboards80. base of skull etc. I do have English language books circa the late 1920's . It would be VERY good to remember here. As an aside.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. either of the two against jiu-jitsu men.KEN/KENTO (as in fist or fist-fighting)". Judoka interested in these JU-KENTO bouts sought out SPECIFIC instruction in just HOW to Thanks to Mr. Matching wrestlers against boxers. The years after WWI saw an increase in self-protection "systems" designed for and "marketed" to the average citizen. Elements of boxing... The liver attack was lethal in many cases because of the widespread epidemic of malaria which left the spleen swollen and distended even if you survived and made it a deadly focal point of attack. strikes.E. And to be fair. When it was "for all the marbles" NO ONE would be as short-sighted as to negate ANY and ALL possible methods of attack and defense. jiu-jitsu (NOT Kodokan Judo) "free practice" of this period allowed virtually ANYTHING. pitting one against another. one manual details the "favorite" attacks of Siamese style boxers as being directed at the liver with brutal kicks and at the throat while grasping the hair with one hand and smashing the throat with the other fist (gloves were NOT worn at this time). They were called "JU (as in Judo/Jujutsu) . Other methods that touted "jiu-jitsu" as a singular answer to personal attack and defense were advocating a "jiujitsu" THAT was quite comprehensive in it's syllabus of blows. Fairbairn. including the testicles. become a somewhat popular past time.

by Carl Cestari This is our last installment on "defining" the parameters of COMBATIVES. The attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 coupled with the Imperial Japanese military's Thanks to Mr.E. Next installment we'll look at the World War Two era and define the true meaning of the term "COMBATIVES". retired as a ranking officer of the Shanghai Municipal Police force and his partner Eric Anthony Sykes. Fairbairn had to place several young bucks in the hospital to prove his point in an impromptu. England was isolated. but an utter FOOL. will be missed by some but it must be emphasized that this material is historical fact and is accurate in substance and 21 . The Battle of Britain began in early July 1940.. It is an objective view of combatives and NOT a subjective opinion or personal "definition" designed to fill an agenda of one sort or another. As an example: Judoka were almost ALWAYS forbidden to use any methods of ATEMIWAZA (striking. a private arms dealer who served as a "volunteer" in the SMP and who headed the "sniper" unit of the famed Shanghai Riot Squad promised the War Office that their training and methods could in short order make "any one man the equal of ten". these two men went on to PROVE the veracity of their words and convinced the power that be as to absolute effectiveness of their methods. cut off and alone. Hitler's plan for the invasion of England. conclusively proven to be superior to anything else.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Judo "experts" of the time have advocated often and in their writings that ATEMI would be the MOST preferable method of attack and defense in a serious engagement.. kicking. would suggest an attitude or method approaching anything LESS than that of an ALL-IN "anything goes" doctrine. After the debacle at Dunkirk this was a MOST important and dramatic statement. The miracle retreat from Dunkirk and the German "Blitzkrieg" across Europe. At one time or another ANY of these various "methods" had BOTH big and impressive WINS and equally impressive FAILURES. so be it.. The point. or could ever be. William Ewart Fairbairn.. Two recently returned veterans of British colonial rule in Shanghai.proboards80.. It is of the UTMOST importance to remember that ALL of these bouts had strict rules and regulations of engagement! Few if any of these mandates would have had much bearing on what one could do in a real pier-six back alley brawl. punching. "COMBATIVES" Part 3 World War II and Beyond. I am sure. China approached the War Office and offered their services at this desperate time. butting and smashing).com make Judo work against boxing.. So the methods that these men had developed during decades of very dangerous work in Shanghai now became a highly valued and integral part of training for all British forces and Special Operations personnel. Dunkirk had decimated the British forces and moral was at an all time low. Initially dismissed. An entire book on this subject was published in Japan in the early 30's. If that meant that an over middle aged W. In regards to "sporting combats" NOTHING was ever.. including the crushing tactical defeat of the famed French "Maginot Line" proved the Third Reich war machine to be virtually unstoppable. The bottom line here is simply this: for use in a REAL violent assault NO ONE. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. but VERY realistic "demonstration". named "Operation Sea Lion" was a daily focal point of danger and concern for the British. Those who "tested" Sykes fared NO better. However.gutterfighting.

Despite the often heard "argument" that we have somehow "evolved" beyond these methods. had shown the world the tenacity and ferocity of the Japanese soldier. a major factor began to be publicized. came from the civilian quarter. Jiu-jitsu was given world-wide attention and notoriety in this regard. certainly NOT the only "experts" involved in this field! An example (one of many) would be A. So much attention was given over to the training of US and Allied forces in methods that would enable the average soldier to meet the Japanese fighting man on a somewhat equal footing. Part of this was. Colonel Fairbairn is GREAT. Much of the "expert" instruction needed. jiu-jitsu. Both here and in Australia the press made a great deal about the superiority of the Japanese fighting man. to be sure. assigned to the infamous "Camp X" (where along with "unarmed combat" experts WEF and George de Relwyskow was a BRAZILIAN JUDO/JUJUTSU EXPERT.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. rooted in fact. A force that was brutal and deadly in the extreme. particularly in the arena of closequarters man to man combat.. jiu-jitsu. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. He also found himself working under the auspice of the British covert force known as the Special Operations Executive. The Japanese conduct of their war in China also showed the world a seemingly invincible and unstoppable force. The history of these men from the early days of Shanghai. there were DOZENS upon DOZENS of different close-quarters battle systems developed. as is the influence of Colonel Applegate. Eric Anthony Sykes remained in England and found the need for his services in great demand. The Battle of Port Arthur. tactics. From wrestling.Colonel Carl Eifler was ALREADY undergoing training here) was ordered to assist the US government agency known as the "The Office of the Cocoordinator of Intelligence" the precursor of the OSS. We were now fully at war with the Axis forces. BUT even Adolf Hitler proclaimed the absolute need for boxing and jiu-jitsu in military training as it imparted courage and daring to the average soldier to close with his enemy! In the US there were a PLETHORA of varied methods and training systems. Chinese boxing. However it must be clearly understood that the contribution of these men had a profound effect and influence on closecombat methods. savate. The Axis did the same of course. knife-fighting and various bayonet methods. we will in future articles put this notion to rest. up to and thru the war years is an entire story unto itself and beyond the scope of this article. Savate. As the United States geared up for war. the turning point in the RussoJapanese 22 .proboards80.. Much was made of the large Russian soldier finding abject defeat at the hands of his smaller Japanese adversary when engaged in hand to hand combat(hence a very obvious boost for the creation of Sombo). boxing. swordplay. Fairbairn who was now in Canada.gutterfighting. Men with tremendous and varied life-long experience in all forms of "combatives" were tapped to create training programs that would give the Allied soldier sufficient means by which to engage their enemies at closequarters. Drexel-Biddle who studied and trained extensively in coordinated assault on all American and British forces across the Pacific Rim pulled the United States firmly in this world wide conflagration. and even football and rugby methods were NOT only drawn upon. ANY attempt to narrowly define the methods extant in this era is FOOLISHNESS! Though the contribution of Lt. but entire "systems" were advocated based on these individual methods. particularly in the area of close-in man to man combat. It may Thanks to Mr. judo. Hmmm. and techniques for DECADES after the war. They were however. EVERY branch of the Armed Services began an intensive physical training program designed to meet these needs.J. several decades earlier. Japan being the obvious factor in this regard.

From the Integrated Close Combat Forum

come as a surprise to many, but here in the US, even Japanese KARATE was used! Many of these "unarmed combat" courses were highly complex and technical as they were rooted in the favored methods of the men tasked with their "creation". Wrestlers tended to rely on that method, Judo men on that system, Boxers on their expertise and so on and so on. Each method also could claim stunning success in actual combat! True after action reports showed that ALL of these methods had merit and COULD be used effectively in the rigors and stress of real battle. However, as the war progressed two major factors began to influence and change these training protocols. One was the fact that more and more men from ALL sorts of varied backgrounds being were drafted into military service, the other was that as demands for more and more replacement troops began to rise the amount of training time became by necessity reduced and limited. The approach that seemed MOST feasible and useful was one that COMBINED the "best" or most effective, efficient and quickly learned methods as well as those most well RETAINED! The rudiments of boxing and wrestling were made part of an overall general physical conditioning program and "unarmed combat" became a specialized block of instruction. These courses in "unarmed combat", "hand to hand combat", "combat judo" and so forth again sought to COMBINE the most advantageous holds, throws, trips, locks, strangles, blows, strikes and kicks from all the varied methods available. The ONLY truly limiting factor here was the TIME element. Other considerations were also important. The O'Neill (another Shanghai veteran and ranking Kodokan Yudansha) method is a classic example of a system specifically tailored for both the training environment available as well as the NATURE of the combat engagement expected. There were even attempts made to instruct the military in actual Koryu Jujutsu systems here in the US! However the MOST effective systems still sought to MIX ALL the varied methods of physical combat. As the war progressed more and more after action "intelligence" gathered from the reality of actual battle helped shape and determine training priorities. Many methods of close-combat began to be "trimmed" down to those fundamentals that proved MOST effective OVERALL and most applicable to ALL TRAINEES across a wide and varied spectrum of physical attributes and skill. Applegate was perhaps the most vocal of these advocates owing to his exposure in the INFANTRY JOURNAL and the publishing of "KILL or GET KILLED". And he was NOT without his critics, as was Fairbairn. Some courses were so short in duration that they involved ONLY SEVERAL HOURS of instruction. Others were quite involved and very complete in their syllabus content. Many are familiar with the Navy V-5 programs and the training at Benning, but lesser known is the very EXTENSIVE training at places such as Fort Meade and at the Hawaii Jungle Warfare complex, just to name two! Here at these locations, and such training was conducted from Brooklyn to California, a very complete and MIXED program of "combatives" was taught. From the CIC training center in Chicago to the Army training camps in Colorado, from Parris Island to the Ranger/Commando schools in the Hawaiian Islands, from the training bases in England prior to D-Day to the "Killing" school in Palestine, the METHODS taught ran the FULL gamut of man to man tooth and nail "combatives". From the complex to the "instinctive kill" (a method designed to take FULL advantage of so-called natural "animal" killing instinct) ALL these
Thanks to Mr. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU


From the Integrated Close Combat Forum

methods, systems, and approaches FALL under the definition of COMBATIVES! Even the OSS personnel training at Area B were shown the methods of SIAMESE boxing (read Muay Thai)! From Anglo Boxing, wrestling and grappling, French "foot-fighting" (including Assaut Vite savate), Indian Varma-adi/Varmannie, Chinese boxing, "Roman" boxing, Japanese Judo/Jujutsu and Karate, Siamese boxing, Burmese boxing-Bando (remember the CBI), western fencing, Filipino edged weapons and ANY and ALL other systems (including almost every weapon known to man) deemed effective in DISPATCHING one's enemies to the hereafter were STUDIED, RESEARCHED. IMPLEMENTED and TRAINED! One WWII era US hand to hand combat manual makes reference to INDONESIAN "methods"! This IS the legacy of COMBATIVES! This is the TRUE DEFINITION of COMBATIVES! And to those who need to "pigeon hole" others into the "box" of "only" doing World War II "combatives"...........well, applying the above definition based on the TRUE historical RECORD, then HELL YES!.......I do follow the LEGACY of WORLD WAR TWO "COMBATIVES"! Note: If there is sufficient interest we will also be pleased to cover ALL of these topics in FULL detail based on OBJECTIVE historical facts. Future newsletter articles will go into depth on history, training and method covering armed and unarmed combat as well as topics on various subjects from Shanghai to "Shangri-La"(for those still wandering around in La-La land). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------UTS & BOLTS By: Carl Cestari Fundamental "Nuts & Bolts" training for close combat should be directed at dealing with the extremes. That is a life and death struggle for survival, i.e. worst case scenario. Restraint, control, and use of force scenarios and methods are peripheral to this core training. In other words train to deal with these beliefs at the forefront: The enemy is quite willing and capable of killing you - there are multiple threats - they are armed - the assailant(s) are bigger, stronger, faster than you and they CAN FIGHT! Can it get any worse that that? Now add this to the mix: You are physically/mentally exhausted - ill or injured - caught by absolute surprise - may have to protect others as well - no viable avenue of E&E. So what do we HAVE to do? I think we would all agree that immediate and absolute "threat" elimination by the most extreme(hence most reliable) measures possible is really the only pragmatic answer. So now what? Let's look to real world models for some possible answers. Three potential goals seem obvious: 1 - immediate cessation of life. Yes, killing the SOB's outright! 2 - unconscioussness. Knocking the SOB's out cold! 3 - Acute traumatic shock(least viable). Making it physically impossible for the SOB's to do ANYTHING. I would heartily suggest following up with 1 or 2. John Minnery had a good line,"If you killed him once and you're sure he's dead, kill him again and be dead sure". If anyone regards this as melodramatic or overly harsh, well consider what you would do if some animal were about to

Thanks to Mr. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU


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harm your wife, children, etc. Considering the worst case, it seems only logical that we attack the most viable targets with ruthless, abject brutality.Priority #1 - the throat/neck region and the face/skull(brain box). Everything else is secondary. Why? These two areas assure the "biggest bang for the buck" so to speak. Reality sucks, so you may very well have only ONE CHANCE, you had better make it the best chance possible! This applies to unarmed as well as armed combat. *Attack the throat with the INTENTION of crushing it! No brainer. *Attack the anterior/lateral carotid triangle. One of TWO primary KO points. Kyusho/Dim Mak this *AIN'T! Just "hammer" the bastard. Fast, hard and often is the key phrase! *Attack the cervical spine/C-1 - dens bone attachment. *Attack the head/brain case. Now here we get interesting. The goal in attacking the head should be, in my opinion, to cause ACUTE TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY. Other possible injuries are secondary. *Attack with the intention of causing massive "coup contra coup" brain trauma, either through translational or rotational impact. Cause severe "kinking" of the brain stem, either by hyper flexion or extension. Forget the "death touch" stuff. THIS IS HOW people in the real world get Fucked up. Just research contact sports injuries, i.e. football, hockey, soccer, boxing and judo. Shocking the medulla and the the raephi ganglia are proven "shut downs" in the real world. Second proven KO is located at the jawline lateral to the chin at about the spot where the mental foramen is located (draw a vertical line down from corner of mouth). This is the classic boxing KO and is due in large part to rotational acceleration causing "brain bounce" or concussive referral shock and acute twisting of the cervical vertebrae. No one is saying that this is "easy", BUT it is what you are going to HAVE to do. Sometimes you CAN attack directly, sometimes you can't. Uncle Murphy rules the roost here. So you DO whatever you have to DO, but get there! Spit in his eyes, slam a kick(with real intent and hopefully solid boots) into his shins, crush his nuts with a knee, grab the bastard and bite his nose off.......whatever! Shock him, rock him, and knock him out! Or just smile simperingly and waste the skel with total abject ruthlessness. Then go home and get a good nights sleep. It ain't pretty, it ain't easy, it ain't fun, this is SERIOUS "guano"and your very life and well-being will be hanging in the balance. Either stand up, accept it and deal with it, or fold your hand, the choice is yours. The morgue is filled with compromise. Survival is it's OWN REWARD! Carl Cestari -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THE FORWARD DRIVE By: Carl Cestari There has been some discussion concerning the aggressive forward drive, it's use and lack thereof. What hasn't been fully addressed is the why. Here are the reasons why this manuever is so all important. This method of close combat is based wholly on aggression. Fairbairn fully emphasised that
Thanks to Mr. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU


Thanks to Mr.. By constant aggressive movement. "how do I get to such and such".Distance . Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.. The frontal assault. It is also almost always overlooked. "got a light". You are NOT a sitting duck.. as opposed to the ambush. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------F RO TI G by Carl Cestari The dodge to get in close to you. Fronting can be either a direct confrontation (intimidation) or it can make use of "artifice". It forces the assailant to move into unseen/unknown quarters. Anything "innocent" to throw you off your guard and allow the assailant to "get into your safety zone"..e. The constant forward drive allows you to use full bodyweight and momentum behind each attacking method. NEVER! Maintaining the "reactionary gap" is the single most important "thing" in this situation. Always having to adjust and set themselves against an ever moving target. Obvious tactical advantage for you. In order for ANY attack to be optimally effective three things must "work" in the attackers favor: Time . The inclusion of the forward drive is perhaps the best method for seizing and maintaining the initiative in close combat. That area where action WILL ALWAYS best re-action. you have a BIG these are methods of ATTACK-OFFENSE and not DEFENSE...he can't.. Fosters an aggressive offensive spirit! By the very nature of the physical movement you help develop the proper aggressive mind-set and offensive spirit. Is a "built in" hedge against multiple assailants. If they are close enough to simply reach out and touch you. You are already in motion. so manuvering for escape and evasion tactics is far easier.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59."always take ground". The key here is NEVER TRUST anyones "intention".Opportunity. Shook in his 1968 manual on self-defense titled "ATTACK" put it quite well. "got the time". Allows for immediate "E & E".. other assailants will be playing "catch up".gutterfighting. i. A proven maxim of war . You can see were you're going . restricted by rules or parameters of constraint. Lyle L.. It gets you out of "tight" confined spots.e. NEVER "allow" anyone within arms distance. For police and military personnel who are burdened with tactical loads this forward aggressive movement is an AID and not a hinderance to movement in a close quarters battle when weighed down with 26 .proboards80. i. You are more difficult to knock down or to take to the ground. backwards."You MUST carry the ATTACK to the ATTACKER". It forces the assailant off balance and into a "defensive" posture and attitude. This is NOT "sport".

What's the distance? Don't waste time firing at ranges over that! I know people that have weapons strategically placed around their living environment. bedroom...proboards80.gutterfighting.. than I am about "defending against the punch"..OK. COVER THE DISTANCE TO GET TO YOU. Here are two good ones: "A miss is as good as a mile" "Almost only works for horseshoes and handgrenades" That's also what I mean when I say look at the "big picture".Opportunity = SPEED How did you get there? I wish I had a dime for every self-defense "expert" that starts with this line .POWER ..From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59... The assailant has to TARGET YOU.. I'm more concerned with "how" we disrupt the equation for the attacker and use it to our advantage. all the places that an attack may occur. Never know where you'll be when you need what you don't have.ACCURACY. Remove or minimize the OPPORTUNITY necessary for the assailant to be effective. "Nail driving" accuracy is great as long as it doesn't effect your SPEED! Distance? Measure off the longest "area" in your home. So. containing 230 grains of "soap". in other words you have to be there when he gets there.. right? How about the one place where you really are naked as a jay-bird? The shower. Increase the TIME necessary for the assailant to be effective. It works for the assailant AND it works for you.. WHAT? Did he just appear in a cloud of smoke? Simply materialize from nowhere? What preceded this "punch"? How did he approach you and manage to get into your safety zone? Is it an "ambush"? How did you wind up dealing with the attack? The equation for dealing with this is NOT the "defense". Hallway. Decrease the DISTANCE necessary for YOUR attack to be effective. I'm NOT Thanks to Mr.. kitchen. Now! Time 27 . Drawstring plastic bag (waterproof) with you in the shower. Increase the DISTANCE necessary for the assailant to be effective. MAXIMIZE your OPPORTUNITY to make YOUR attack effective. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. it's understanding our "triad".Distance . That's the full "combat" equation. No. etc.OPPORTUNITY. COMBAT SHOOTI G: Speed and "Man-killing" accuracy. and then have THE OPPORTUNITY to implement his assault.. the bad guy throws a punch. Decrease the TIME necessary for YOUR attack to be effective. TIME DISTANCE .

system. Fair had trained under a "fencing" maestro who was very active in clandestine blade work during WWII. and who is striving to eliminate me by fair means or foul". and then the boots administered the "coup d'grace". IT WORKS like a charm! 2nd tid-bit: Matt Temkin introduced me to a friend of his named Patrick Fair.. Innocent "stance" while fingering left lapel with left 28 . ALWAYS! Ok. Mr. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Test By Carl Cestari "Will this work so that I can use it instinctively in vital combat against an opponent who is determined to prevent me from doing kidding. Better to have "it" and NOT ever need it. Result was usually a broken neck.06/28/02 Professor Kelly Yeaton demonstrated the following method for us: Lapel dagger . SWEAR WORDS! I'm shocked! Don't tell me that good solid Catholic schooling was wasted? Anyone who knows me.sewn under the LEFT jacket lapel.proboards80.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Pull lapel dagger and THROW it into the face of the antagonist.. than to need "it" and NOT have it.. ALWAYS. The hitter then used this natural reaction to come up FULL FORCE with a "heel of hand" blow under the chin. Many other interesting tales concerning project "Blue Card". Patrick told me the followingThere was a "made" member of an organized crime syndicate who used the following method of "quick kill". Carrying a small sharpened "nail file" he would approach the mark face on and using his left hand slice the right hand of the mark while his hands were hanging normally at his side. OR the "Hula" cross-draw for handgun. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THUMB and LAPEL "DAGGERS" By Carl Cestari . Thanks to Mr. method. I'm sorry I made your stomach hurt. KNOWS I do NOT approve of such language! Hope I helped clarify. or technique you MAY wish to apply to your personal survival training. ~ Rex Applegate It really does NOT matter one iota what style.gutterfighting.remember Uncle Murphy! The SOB will always show up when least expected. IMMEDIATELY pull either the "Shanghai" knife from shoulder holster with right hand. Covert Intelligence and the "Wise Guys". The mark would invariably react to this cut by looking downward at the injury.. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. ALWAYS. At the least the mark was slammed to the ground.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Makiwara Training By Carl Cestari Shigeru Kimura Sensei 9th Dan Tani-Ha Shitoryu Shukokai had a punch that was like getting hit with a cannonball. and Judokas ALL have that one "Sunday punch". And be honest about it. Forget how you would LIKE the world to be. wrestlers. And they are very few in number. So the next time you "learn" some technique.proboards80. One technique that they have drilled and practiced and drilled and practiced. His technique was lightening fast. Judo AND street-fighting. This requires HONEST self-appraisal first and 29 . his Sunday "best". I have been ruthless in rejecting ANY technique or method that DOES NOT pass Applegate's "test". He was KNOWN for his right hand KO power and technique. and decisive. Kimura Sensei had won the All Japan Karate Championship two years in a row. if "whatever" it is that you choose passes the above TEST. He and others of the Shukokai began experimenting with Bogu(Bogu is body armor. Georges Carpentier was a champion Savateur and boxer. Why? Because these few methods have the BEST overall track record of success. We can take a page from "combat" sports here: Boxers. And generally these "techniques" as applied to each specific sport are repeated over and over. see the world as it really is. There is a vital fundamental lesson there. Kimura Sensei was unsure that the technique he possessed was capable of that in a SHINKEN SHOBU or REAL life and death battle. Kimura was dismayed that his punches and kicks lacked TRUE stopping power when applied full force against real resistance. Even the NHB and UFC type matches reflect this pattern. but modified for Karate).Certain Death". I practice about a dozen (striking and grappling) on a daily basis. Tani Sensei.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. There was a problem What DOES matter is. run it thru the mill of the "test". And look at yourself in the same light. wrestling. He said that it took him TEN years of hard work before he felt he really "mastered" this ONE technique. Watch hundreds of these bouts and you will see a definitive pattern of decisive winning techniques. So it is with boxing. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. top student of Mabuni Kenwa and founder of Tani-Ha Shukokai was a firm believer in the age old concept of IKKEN HISSATSU or "One Fist . his bread and butter. speed and Thanks to Mr. similar to Kendo. Now Tani Sensei WAS an innovator and had "changed" traditional Shitoryu Karate waza to impart MORE force. I've "learned" thousands of techniques over the years. crisp. He called this punch his "whip punch".

and "mawashigeri" or roundhouse kick. The punching blocks WORK. The original ones we used were simply polyfoam squares cut 14" X 14" stacked 8 to 10 inches thick and wrapped with a Gi power. This continued until his untimely death at age 58. HIGH PRAISE INDEED. Tani was the FIRST person to coin the term "double hip" in reference to the torqueing movement used to create greater ballistic force.) known for his body toughening and conditioning and a black belt in a system KNOWN for it's conditioning drills. who trained with us LASTED for only THREE punches. Since the blocks allow you to really work on penetrating INTO the target you can develop the ability to get excellent "feedback" on just HOW effectively you are striking. Kimura Sensei went FURTHER. They were the "gyakuzuki" or reverse punch. When Kimura Sensei first arrived in the US and began teaching at Yonezuka Sensei's Dojo circa 1970 he was interviewed by a well known local 30 . You will. When he recovered several minutes later he said he felt as if an electrical shock had "shut down" his HEART! He admitted that for a second he really thought he was going to die. On a really "good" day you can even do it with ONE shot.proboards80. be able to hit SO powerfully that after two or three "gut" blasters your partner will have NO interest in continuing. Utilizing the principles of the "double hip twist". He was a TANK and executed the powerful direct Thanks to Mr. Your training partner is the one who HOLDS the block and GIVES you VISUAL feedback on the effectiveness of your blows. lost his ability to breath and speak and dropped to his knees. "muscular recoil". "the whiplash". Three techniques were drilled CONSTANTLY for HOURS AND HOURS on end. He admitted that without the pad the FIRST punch could have "killed" him. So here's my solution to training without a "partner": Any of you "old timers" remember Frank Smith? During the 1960's Frank Smith WAS the "powerhouse" of American Shotokan Karate. In time and with proper skill development another "problem" arises. "total body lock". This gentleman commented in print that Kimura had a punch as HARD if NOT HARDER than any of many PRO-FIGHTERS including HEAVYWEIGHTS that this sportswriter had known throughout the years. "maegeri" or front kick. when everything works right. Another large and powerful bodybuilder took ONE punch (through TEN inches of dense foam) and turned WHITE.gutterfighting. On the third reverse punch he dropped the bag and almost tossed his "cookies". The "puncher" in both these instances was about 150lbs.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. One large and powerful individual (about 220lbs. The use of punching blocks developed BOTH the hitter's ability to deliver massive shock AND the "hittee's" ability to RECIEVE massive shock. JUST ONE PROBLEM! You NEED a training partner. considering most martial artists would assume that boxers possess the HARDEST blows of any of the combative methods! The STAPLE of Kimura's Shukokai training was the use of the "punching" block. training techniques and drills. now known as the "impact" pad. He developed other concepts based on modern sports science. and other concepts rooted in modern sports the dynamic speed and tremendous power one could develop made such training far MORE worthwhile than the usual "monkey" drills found in most other Dojos. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.

REAL makiwara training develops some great attributes. He developed a system based on what he termed "Left Gear".One block of wood 6" x 6" x 6" lagged to the floor or wall (stud or concrete) another block attached at the angle of the wall and ceiling. One inch pine board that runs from floor block to ceiling block about 8 feet long and 8 inches wide. My Shukokai technique is based on study with the four Sensei primarily: Kimura. NOW as your punching improves you can KEEP ADDING BOARDS! And replacing the ones you shatter! NOW here's OUR addition! Get TWO more bungee cords. Yonezuka. Here's how we start .From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59.The LAST black belts promoted at the Cranford JKC by KIMURA SENSEI. Last comment: Training on a "traditional" makiwara is excellent for developing hand and wrist strength as well as for toughening the fist and hand. balance and EFFECTIVENESS unto itself. each attached on the SIDES of the blocks. His trademark was the REVERSE PUNCH! He developed his technique on a specially constructed "makiwara". Get an IMPACT PAD from KAM Industries in NJ. There is YOUR BASE "makiwara". EACH technique should always TEACH YOU SOMETHING! Kimura Sensei went on to totally re-vamp his "style". power dynamics. Secure the pad at solar plexus/chest height with the bungees. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. This is when Kimura-Ha Shukokai really came into its own. There you GO! You can use the Impact Pad and see and feel the developing speed and power WITHOUT a training partner. Think about that. Four eye-hooks. and one doing the same on the top block. Thanks to Mr.proboards80. Every repetition of EVERY technique is a COMPLETE STUDY of body style of Shotokan perfectly. The true Okinawan experts use weights suspended from string 8 to 10 inches behind the board and same distance to the wall. I have trained with Nanbu but this was very limited. Mr. I am NOT of the "new" 31 . TWO bungee cords. One goes from eye-hook to eye-hook on the BOTTOM block securing that end of the board. Anthony LaForte. The black belt certificates issued were from the Hombu Dojo in Japan. This is what WE will use for our BASE. Kimura Sensei always said that YOU DO NOT "train" or "practice" Karate as much as you STUDY IT.certain death) concept. KIDACHI SENSEI and YONEZUKA SENSEI in TANI-HA SHITORYU SHUKOKAI were the following: Mr. Though I have trained in this method. As your technique develops and gets STRONGER you ADD boards! Overload training for your PUNCH! The only HARD part here is "developing" the RIGHT and proper technique. speed. Daniel Chin and myself. The old methods (Okinawan styles) made heavy use of hanging sand bags (probably the Chinese influence) and the makiwara. Kidachi and Ishihara. As a point of fact . The "makiwara" as described above is the BEST way for developing the IKKEN HISSATSU or better yet the "ICHIGEKI-HISSATSU" (one ATTACK . signed directly by Chojiro Tani and under the direct auspices of the World Shukokai Karatedo Union.

You can only REALLY train this on a makiwara. Some imported from Okinawa. five-ancestor fist and phoenix-eye.. Little if ANY sway or movement and NO worry about spinning canting or whatever that would make you slip off the canvas and rip or scrape something open! I am ASSUMING we are talking about BAREHANDED striking. I have several different "types" of makiwara... I use the LEATHER pad for "Ipponken" phoenix eye or one knuckle.. NO gloves.. This was in essence a heavy bag filled with sand. penetration and energy dump or "sinking" energy VERY VERY WELL. The base for this one was CUSTOM made at a welding shop.... Why? I use the hemp wrap for KNUCKLES and EDGE of HAND. I hit EVERYTHING.proboards80. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. Each will develop a different and important attribute. Sand filled heavy bags develop the drive. you guessed it! Big reliance on the INDEX KNUCKLE strike.. the heavy bag that was used was ALSO filled with sand! I questioned Mr. The true "Ryukyu-Ken" or Okinawan fist (also known as Daikento) is misunderstood.. My MAIN one is constructed with thick rough hemp AND topped off with a leather makiwara cover from Shureido. Pretty brutal to start with. One "victim" of this line of thinking is the "cross arm" or "X" block (for lack of a better term). Those who "know better" decry the "obvious" faults in this basic method and are more than anxious to point out the disastrous consequences awaiting anyone foolish enough to use 32 .. Conditioning of this weapon for this style was SAND BAG training (AND one knuckle pushups on cinder blocks). This is responsible for developing the REAL "tsuki" were energy is dumped INTO the target NOT just AT IT.. One of the "pai" of Gungfu Wusu that I studied was an offshoot of what could best be described as a combination of bakmei.. Each has a different "feel". For my money. "Oyayubiken" or thumb knuckle and similar single point weapons. BUT this is what I thought was really GOOD about this as opposed to a "regular" heavy bag: You could drive into the same spot with CONCENTRATED force over and When they strike with "chinkuchi" or "kime" similar to "fa-jing" the energy transfer to the weight THRU the makiwara is EVIDENT. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Fallacy and the Myth By Carl Cestari It's always amusing when "know it alls" dismiss certain methods out of hand as being useless or "unworkable".. SO. Kim on this one day and he gave about the same answers as I posted above. Let's take another look at this: For our example we'll use the "standard" overhead X block against an overhand "ice pick" grip Thanks to Mr.gutterfighting. We often hear phrases like the "myth of the X block". When REAL Korean Karate (MooDukKwan) expert Ki Chung Kim was teaching at Yone's Dojo. The proper alignment is 70-40 or 80-30 on the INDEX KNUCKLE (EXPLAINS TO A CERTAIN EXTENT THE MOTOBU-KEN).From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Usually this catchy "hook" leads on to a diatribe condemning this technique in the strongest terms.Yep..

with a swift brutal and committed "defense" will gain a MOMENTARY advantage by this REACTION 33 .From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59.the victim blocks . and BRUTALITY. If the assailant wants to "do" you he will attempt to accomplish this with ONE fully committed attack with a knife. The chance that either "party" involved KNOWS the ability or "training" of the other is very remote. Plan "A" failed. wouldn't you do it in the MOST expedient manner? It would be ONE violent.gutterfighting. right? Does anyone believe that he will mediate his attack to the extent that he is considering MY response to his assault and Thanks to Mr. Expert shows how easily he can counter the attempted "defense". He is counting on SPEED. Sounds good but is it REALISTIC? Usually this is demonstrated by having Mr.proboards80. a duel. The assault was "intended" to succeed. So neither individual KNOWS before hand what the other will do. NOW WHAT. Expert set up the scenario. SHOCK. Real life ain't like that! Let's say I'm walking down the street and Joey Bag-a-donuts decides to ram a hunting knife into my neck or chest. The ruthless swift and brutal nature of the assault is designed to SHOCK and FREEZE the "victim". It is a convulsive gross motor skill designed to SAVE your life NOW. To mediate one's attack in the real world is to invite failure! NO one is going to "half-step" in this regard. or a protracted engagement. A violent criminal attack is SWIFT. how the "victim" will react. The "failure" of this immediate assault will FORCE the assailant to make a CONSCIOUS decision after the initial "failure" of the attack! The "Oh SH!T" principle. The attacker hammers down with his blade. INTENT. How the "defender" leaves himself open to any number of devastating "follow-ups". BRUTAL. NOT a passive "catching" of the attack. the defender "cross arm" blocks and then the attacker rips down and back. If YOU were going to "off" someone. BUT IT WILL NOT BE SEAMLESS! Only in the "training" environment do such seamless combinations of maneuvers "work". The assailant is NOT looking for a fight. and the DESIRE to commit mayhem and it should become obvious that the real world attack is NOT a "chess" game of move and "counter" move. The overhand stab comes in . Think about this. SIMPLE PHYSICS: A body in motion tends to remain in motion.Mr. ADD to this RAGE. One of the most commonly cited methods is the "ripping" slash that will severely cut the wrists of the defender. powerful and swift attack. The almost instinctive maneuver of the cross block is a SURVIVAL reaction. Now many "experts" will demonstrate how this "defense" can be "countered". Real world? NO! Why? Consider the elements of real world violence. Masterful. well he doesn't KNOW me from a can of beans. HATE. and IMMEDIATE. Certainly there may be a "counter" move or an attempted "follow up". The assailant is NOT thinking two moves down the road. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. It is a brutal "attack" against the assault. HE IS THINKING NOW! The victim who REACTS in kind. And usually only when one party KNOWS what the expected "response" will be.

.. Also consider the contingencies of the real world. Charlie Nelson would often demonstrate a technique effectively only to have the bruised ego of the "know it all" respond then plans follow-up counters to my reaction? C'mon on.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59.. It ONLY HAS TO WORK ONCE! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Thumb Jab By Carl Cestari I'm sure a lot of you remember the scene in the movie "The Presidio" were Sean Connery's character decimates the jackass in the bar with nothing more than his thumb! Some of you may remember Andy Adam's book on Ninjutsu highlighting Hatsumi. One photo in particular impressed me. And that's really the bottom line. Place the rock in the middle form your "thumb jab" fist. Many highly touted "defenses" include maneuvers that MAY very well be IMPOSSIBLE to pull off due to any number of unforeseen circumstances. Though NOT a basic method. That showed a small flat stone being broken by a "thumb" jab. DON'T STRIKE IT YET! Just Thanks to 34 ."It only has to WORK ONCE".gutterfighting. Get a THICK DENSE piece of foam as used in upholstery. since conditioning over a period of time is mandatory... He was apparently quite fond of the "thumb" jab. Several photos showed the intense conditioning of natural weapons including the 'boshiken" or thumb fist. it still was a favored "personal" weapon of his.. That makes NO SENSE. place the pad of the thumb on the rock and PUSH.proboards80.."Ok.. but as an "opening" gambit it serves its function well.. He's NOT hedging his bets. The problem is CONFIDENCE in its use! Here's a method of toughening and strengthening the "thumb" that is specific to its use in hand to hand combat: Grab your palm sized "crushing" rock. The X "block" works for the purpose it was intended for. Allowing the thumb to jut out along the side of the fist was a "street" tactic shown to me when I was a kid by my father and uncles. It is also used in many Judo/Jujutsu "shimewaza" of the "combat" variety. Charlie would respond. He IS looking for the first strike/swift KILL. If the rock you use is TOO round. Unless he's Kreskin. I could put an individual in any number of scenarios that would all but eliminate ANY reaction other than the one we are discussing. Sykes. had a tremendous amount of grip and hand strength.. gouge and/or apply tremendous concentrated force. find a flatter one..... let me see you do that AGAIN". Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. it has been reported... The thumb as a weapon can be used to strike. Many methods employ this type of strike. Aimed at the eyes it made that left jab a really potent weapon. he has NO way of knowing what will happen after his initial attack. Keep the flattest side UP.. Try to push/press the rock right THRU the foam. It CAN SAVE YOUR ASS! It must of course be chained to an immediate and violent attack..

. Ernst Jokl's excellent treatise on the scientific and medical aspects of boxing blows. but its central message is clear.. It is an essential concept of true SHUGYO and a central theme of a true Budo Dojo..keep a bottle of "New Skin" handy. Over time you will be able to strike the rock and ram it right down fully to the bottom of the thick foam pad. Repeat several dozen times. Thanks to Mr. Place it long ways in front of you. Hone O Oreru epitomizes the nature and purpose of true Budo as expressed in physical "keiko" or training. he describes the "old" street fighter's trick of jabbing the extended thumb into the carotid and causing a knockout.... to fulfill a mandate of absolute accomplishment! To train with such dedication and single minded purpose that we are assured of having given our all.gutterfighting.. To train HARDER and then HARDER again and again until OUR BONES HAVE BROKEN! This is of course a metaphor. All of the foregoing weapons can be trained on the makiwara... To train until "ONE'S BONES ARE BROKEN"! What does this truly mean? And what does this "teach us"? On the foundational level it forces us to endeavor fully with all our physical powers to "go the extra mile".com numerous repetitions of the FORCEFUL push! Repeat it over and over.. What this term means at it's essence has EVERYTHING to do with the forging of an iron will and a determined resolute SPIRIT.. excuses are simply lies that we tell to ourselves to abate the sharp sting of acknowledging our OWN shortcomings. Open hands. He also details some "jiu-jitsu" blows with the edge of hand. To squeeze every last drop of blood.. I train the thumb in several uses: Boshiken .Thumb knuckle fist Tohote . and "hook" thumbs in openings on each end of block.Palm strike with thumb jab.. Apply OUTWARD pressure with THUMBS ALONE and lift AND HOLD. Here's another "good" one: Get a cinder block. BUT the exercise as described above is about as specific to USING the "thumb" jab as you can get. do NOT accept anything less than a fully honest. Ying Jow .. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.Eagle claw with thumb crush/gouge In Dr..Thumb knuckle Uechi style Oyayubiken . Other good exercises such as the "thumb" hook push up on bricks or cinderblocks can also be added as well as any other personal favorites. From Fushan Wing Chun as taught by Sifu Chong. totally dedicated striving for accomplishment. sweat and tears from our training.Sword tip hand (thumb hook) Dim Jeang .From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59..Thumb tip jab Boshiken .proboards80. Also any king of "pinch" grip work is also great! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Break the Bones By Carl Cestari "HONE O ORERU" is a Japanese term that translates literally as "BREAK THE BONES". Hone O Oreru is an admonishment to constantly strive to TRAIN HARDER. More often than not.. Just start EASY. 35 .

Boxing.. a NEWAZA LEGEND) are PRIME examples of this. regret or give in to fear. ANY undertaking only becomes worthwhile and POSSIBLE when we are willing to accept "Hone O Oreru" as our chosen path for achieving our goals and ideals. either in life or in training. We can easily harbor or rut ourselves in that which is safe. On a different level we can apply HONE O ORERU to virtually any aspect of human endeavor.. with all of one's heart and soul is to touch. And THAT does.. WEF and O'Neill (SIXTH DAN-Kodokan Judo-personal student of Uchijima Sensei. To do a "thing". caring for and loving an aged and dying parent. the essence of our creation. failure or excuse is the ONE lesson that lies as the cornerstone of ALL great accomplishment and human achievement. But HERE'S a BETTER contemporary example: Damian Ross. Go to ZENSHIN Dojo and "hang" with him for one of his PT workouts(the man Thanks to Mr. Reaper does knock soundly at our door. from being a true. ALL these require a dedication and single-mindedness of PURPOSE that exemplify HONE O ORERU.ORERU may very well be the key! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It's ot a Matter of Who is Right By Carl Cestari "People here may belittle sports arts. From pursuing an education.. HE IS A LEGEND! Go to Yonezuka's Dojo(one of the BEST in the WORLD) and watch Damian randori against TOP level competition. wrestling.. familiar. To give ones ALL.. with such ferocity of determination that we are willing to "break our bones" in the process is to FULLY accept and FACE the RISK of truly fighting to attain our goal. Mention his name in wrestling circles here in Jersey. BUT we DO have a choice as to how we walk our walk until that fateful day when Mr. and NOT to half-step. and mediocre OR we can live FULLY and ROBUSTLY! Actively embracing and even openly welcoming HONE O ORERU as OUR STANDARD in the pursuit of GREAT ACHIEVEMENT. to raising and fully providing for our family and loved ones. FOOD FOR THE WORMS.. To strive for a goal. NONE of us have any choice in the FACT that one day we will ALL be. the core of our 36 .gutterfighting.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. In this ever increasing climate of politically correct nambypamby "feel good" mediocrity (aka "steaming pile of bullsh#$") the central message of Hone O Oreru is that GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENTS entail by their very NATURE. . anything. GREAT RISK! We all have a limited amount of time as we pass from cradle to grave. from writing the "great American" novel to seeking a cure for cancer." Who? Almost EVERY "combatives" man of any note CAME from a combative sports background. Another important thing to consider when understanding Hone O Oreru is the inherent aspect of "RISK". honest and abiding friend through both good times and bad. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. to comforting. content.O . dear ones. make ALL THE DIFFERENCE! HONE . even briefly. judo.proboards80. as Willy the Shakes so eloquently put it.

You're given a "choice". AND THEN. I know a guy who got his head split open from a blow with a lead pipe. Cracking someones "egg" with a blackjack is close combat. They DO NOT expect to enter a shiai and be knifed in the guts by the other competitor. "system". Same for Aikido. Same for BJJ. Same for Judo. What a 20 or 25 year old young buck and what a middle aged businessman seek to get out of their training are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS... Same for FMA. Competitive Judoka expect to compete within the well defined "rules" of THAT endeavor. A boxer enters the ring and expects to fight under the agreed rules of the boxing commission. SO WHAT? But here's the REAL issue at the bottom of this ongoing debate. Let's say you're a top level collegiate wrestler..From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Same for Wrestling. Someone who has spent years training in "karate" has invested time.. SO WHAT? You FIGHT like hell until either YOU'RE DONE or HE'S DONE. Same for Boxing. He DOES NOT expect to be shot dead from across the ring by his does NOT KNOW the meaning of the word QUIT!). By circumstances beyond your control(real life does that) you have to face several desperate well armed foes.proboards80. BUT. Same for Kung Fu. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. As far as "building" attributes? OF COURSE! Athletics in GENERAL build many fine and useful attributes. Working some street punk over with "knucks" or "sap" gloves is close combat. "Kneecapping" some guy with a bat or ax-handle is close combat. or a friggin' ball point pen is close combat. and maybe blood sweat and tears in his pursuit. WHY? Because ALL I AM INTERESTED IN is what will SAVE MY BUTT in the real world. or any of that CRAP. YEARS of competitive experience and TONS of knowledge. KNOW WHAT? Screw with them and the LAST thing they are gonna think about is ANY "unarmed" mano a mano response. AND why is it so hard to "get" that "close combat" is far MORE than "ax hands" and "tiger's claws". He WANTS to believe that what he has invested so much in will WORK. when it's for all Thanks to 37 . push dagger.ask him to teach "self defense". It's ANYTHING THAT WORKS. As far as the "effectiveness" of ANY technique. SAME FOR ANY ENDEAVOR. Now let's say you're at a relatives wedding. or grab a 12gauge riot shotgun. Know what? HE STILL beat the sh## out of the TWO a-holes.I know of MANY instances were individulas with NO athletic background AT ALL have overcome TREMENDOUS odds.gutterfighting. Use your wrestling skills to restrain old Uncle Vinny or grab the riot gun? I DON'T GIVE A RAT'S A## about "style". and on the mat FOLD like the proverbial "cheap suit" when the rubber met the road for real. Same choice as above.. well a FIGHT is a FIGHT. See what he teaches.... Using a shiv. Same for Savate. The booze is flowing pretty good and Uncle Vinny gets a little out of control. I have also witnessed "champions" who were hell on wheels in the ring. A steaming hot cup of coffee right in the mug is CLOSE COMBAT. But that ONLY makes sense in the PARAMETERS of that SPECIFIC endeavor. money. I'll SAY it AGAIN. I "know" guys who have DECADES of training in sporting combatives. Attempt to use your wrestling skills at which you are VERY GOOD..

From the "French" style of bayonet fighting. SO WHAT? If a "tiger's claw" works GREAT! If "hadaka jime" works GREAT! If a kick to the balls works GREAT! If a takedown works GREAT! If running the bastards down with my car works GREAT! Anyone out there "getting" this! IT AIN'T ABOUT what is or isn't "BETTER" or more "EFFECTIVE"... Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.. First. Again this was a system of BASIC TRAINING! Other sources show this quite demonstrably.. jiujitsu... to boxing. THEN I finish him with the brick.. knife. John Styers was a man of both great knowledge and SKILL in a number of man to man combatives...From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59.. wrestling. Styers was training men for battlefield COMBAT! NOT for a "duel".. The framework of all of these methods remains CONSISTENT through out...... ON TO THE METHOD. Those who knew Styers personally have told us about his vast interest. stick and unarmed combat. It is important to remember that first and foremost this book outlines a BASIC course of closecombat instruction. to "Russian" knife fighting..gutterfighting... Now the knife sytem taught in "Cold Steel" is excellent. The man was a MASTER of bladework... knowledge and proven skill in a number of close-combat methods. The "body" mechanics involved in all the methods presented are at their core foundation ALL similar... The "problems" that are often cited by others has FAR MORE to do with a lack of understanding in the tactics and techniques as "they" present them. The fundamentals for employing the bayonet... unarmed combat and even the stick work are ALL the same.. Note in particular the "stance" used for the bayonet. I have spent YEARS in Judo..proboards80. and for unarmed 38 . SAME stance. He assumed(rightly so) that in the so-called "fog" of war men will revert to pure "animal" instinct and move right in Thanks to Mr. knife. As concerns the STYERS knife work as shown in "Cold Steel" it must also be considered that this was but a SMALL part of Styers overall skill and ability in KNIFE FIGHTING..... Styers developed this "system" for BASIC training.. I get attacked for REAL and I grab a brick and pound the skel into mush. ANYTHING THAT SAVES YOUR BUTT IS GOOD! It's NOT a matter of who is "right". The elements covered in this system include bayonet.I get grabbed from behind and manage to toss the skel to the ground with O-Goshi. DAMN! I didn't get to use my Judo! the marbles..... only of who is "left"! Carl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------John Styers By Carl Cestari Most people have only been exposed to John Styers work through the book "Cold Steel"... and of course "dirty" fighting. the knife.. What we see in "Cold Steel" is NOT the STYERS method! It is a "system" that STYERS developed for use in BASIC training. This in itself shows "genius". than it does any practical faults in STYERS method.

as Styers demonstrates(for continuity) or simply advance(lead leg) retreat(real leg) one pace. ARM position. and KNIFE position all the "technique" in the world is MEANINGLESS! Without a REAL understanding of Styers FUNDAMENTAL tactic and what MUST be done to make it EFFECTIVE. Elbow tucked into. Men are killing and being killed ALL AROUND YOU. 2. as long as your UPPER torso remains square and you body rests "springlike" on your legs you're doing OK. THIS IS NOT what Styers envisioned. COMMON ERRORS: Wrong foot placement. On to the "meat & potatoes": 1. Forget any "technique". They will ATTACK with a determined KILLING intent. all THIS becomes NO MORE than two guys trying to cut and stab each other. Rear HEEL RAISED. THAT IS THE BASIS for the Styers method! Now the "elements" of Styers method rest on BODY position. Styers KNEW what real "kill or be killed" combat was like. Torso ERECT. He realized that MOST men in this dire situation will instinctively SEIZE their knife either in an "overhand" or "icepick" grip or an "underhanded" type "hammergrip". thrust. Weapon hand SHOULD NOT break the latreral plane of the upper torso! THIS IS KEY! Offhand hand: Pulled in just like weapon bearing hand. BALANCE must be rested on your center point and the rear heel RAISED. not away from side. survive and move on to your next threat or objective.gutterfighting. Thumb EXTENDED down backstrap. ARM. Toes and KNEES pointed FORWARD! KEY POINT: Body SQUARED. You will grip that knife as strongly(your LIFE NOW depends on THIS ONE WEAPON) as possible and MOVE RIGHT IN FOR THE KILL!(WASTE ANY TIME and someone else is going to KILL YOU) You are NOT going to "spar" or "duel". YOUR natural instinct for SURVIVAL will seize you by the throat. Upper arm slightly BACK from vertical. LOWER ARM raised on a plane EVEN with opponents THROAT/ 39 . Chin PULLED IN. and KNIFE position. you ARE going to KILL.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. Think about this! During the frenzy of real combat you and your enemy are REDUCED to fighting with knives. Here is where so many "experts" go right OFF TRACK. BALANCE centered. StanceWhether you assume the "Styers" position from a "classic" fencer's pose. Thanks to Mr.proboards80. Arm PositionGripping the KNIFE: Blade vertical to ground. Leanining over or into the opponent. slash or "whatever". WITHOUT the FOUNDATION of proper for the "kill". Slight upward CANT or "cocking" of blade. Weapon bearing hand and arm: Pulled IN.

COULD YOU cut or thrust him EASILY from that position? Not really. and BALANCED stance you can execute the most rapid.proboards80. ANY position OTHER than this one. His range and speed will be effected by HIS position. First. whereas YOU will be offering NOTHING. A committed BODY lunge or step is about all you could do to close the "gap". THAT is the KEY to Styers. EXTEND IT at FULL arm's length with shoulder "twisted" in for added reach. your training partner will have a DEFINITE tendency to MAINTAIN the measured distance of the safety zone. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. try this experiment(THIS IS SOMETHING YOU MUST DO). Your partner maintains that critical safety zone FROM the tip of your very real and sharp blade. Too slow. SQUARED TORSO.gutterfighting.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Extend your arm and knife all the way OUT. He will almost ALWAYS be offering YOU something. PULL your weapon arm in to a 3/4 extension and repeat. BUT the "measured" distance remains very close between ALL the given positions. PULL in FURTHER to a half bent 90 degree position and repeat. AGAIN. Have someone measure that distance. NOW pull the weapon back to the hip and do it all Chin/Head THRUST out. Have someone measure that distance. FROM the PULLED IN arm position. THEY will ALMOST always MOVE in as YOUR arm moves 40 . What HAS changed is your ABILITY to REACH HIM in the fastest most NON telegraphed manner. taken by your enemy WILL put him at a SERIOUS disadvantage. COMPARE the measurements at each "distance". WEAPON HAND EXTENDED and/or SPLAYED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read THAT AGAIN! Knife LEVEL with ground and NOT POINTED at opponents EYES/THROAT! Offhand SPLAYED out to side. Don't even talk about this "method" if you HAVE NOT honestly followed this example: Grab a REAL SHARP FIGHTING KNIFE. Tell your training partner to DISTANCE himself from the weapon to a RANGE where he feels at a combatively "SAFE" range. but HE will MOVE in. HIS safety zone is STILL his safety zone. MOST people will REMAIN quite consistent in the ACTUAL "measured" distance of safety from tip of weapon. Now the WHY'S that make this method succeed or FAIL. The actual measured distance between him and the tip will vary little. NOW-Pull that arm ALL the way in so that it barely breaks the lateral plane of the body. cobra-like attacks or counter-attacks with a great amount of RANGE. Your range and speed will be Thanks to Mr.

. and the "hand-cut".. the legendary British 41 .com ENHANCED by YOURS.. backward and flanking left and right... A single Thanks to Mr. DON'T use them! Since BOTH of these moves are MEANT as "defensive" counter-attacks against an OVERLY committed assault they are NOT mandatory. WHY? At that angle it is MUCH more difficult for the opponent to gauge the size and length of your blade. The "step over and stab" SHOULD be saved for the coup d' grace. I personally DO NOT train the "back" snap cut on the "snap-slash" because I know of an incident in a real fight where the knife was dislodged from the grip on the "return" when the target reflexively pulled his shoulder up after taking the first slash across the right temple and eyes. His methods were developed during the Korean War era. I always get a "kick" when guys dismiss different methods and/or ideas out of hand.gutterfighting.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Historical References to W E Fairbairn. but in a real KNIFE fight I'll USE anything that MAY give me an edge...... a "stop-hit". PERSICO They learned the art of silent killing.. May seem like a MINOR "point"... TARGETS: As far as "targets" go.. TECHNIQUE: ALL you REALLY need is a thrust.. Then when I ask them to "show me".. hope some of you got some useful insight. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. This is the story I have heard so I won't comment further.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. GO FOR IT! Fingers.. they get the WHOLE GODDAMN thing WRONG! Of course it looks like SHIT.. E A Sykes A D Dermot "Pat" O' eill By Carl Cestari FROM THE BOOK: "PIERCING THE REICH" AUTHOR: JOSEPH E. BECAUSE YOU"RE DOING IT LIKE SHIT! Ok. long after his discharge from the USMC.. perfected by W.E. a snap-slash(DO NOT use the back snap cut with this!). The FIVE moves stated above are MORE than enough. The hand in a "tiger claw" position was most effective for gouging out eyes.. throat/neck and face...... The step over and stab is also useful. IMPORTANCE of BLADE POSITION: Keep that blade tip POINTED at the angle stated. from the testicles to the chin. Fairbairn.well the BEST real world advice I can offer is just GO for FLESH! If you see skin. sometimes known as "Delicate Dan. AND... John Styer's influence was really BROUGHT to bear AFTER WWII.proboards80... PRACTICE THEM moving forward. should be upward... wrists.His job as a FLAG salesman is what brought him into contact with military bases and servicemen ACROSS the country! There are more anecdotes and more info but this is enough for now. hands... If "In-Quartata and Passata-soto" are NOT comfortable for you.." Knife strokes taught.

His course was not restricted to Camp X but later given at OSS camps in the United States. it's the man who is not surprised by the others method of attack who will win. Given men of equal sheet of newspaper. "Why is it so long and thin?" I asked him one day in a question period during my own course of instruction. "Scarcely more than a tiny drop of blood. We put Sam Taxis [the third Sam] who boxes featherweight now against a third degree judo man [the punches not to be delivered and the throws not to be carried out] and it was a draw. and to the Japanese.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. He knows it will. Fairbairn had invented a stiletto as precise as a surgeon's scalpel. It's not Chinese boxing. of which 80% is mere ritual. 1933. at that." said Ray Peers. "It doesn't have a cutting edge. and one first. COL. He uses some of their falls and a few holds. YEATON (USMC) AND COL. Drive the pointed end hard into the stomach or under the 42 . But we had a man hold up his hand as a target and Sammy Taxis put a one-two on it while a man stood beside the hand and tried to grab his hands. He wielded it with a flashing. LT. to kill an opponent quickly and efficiently. he Thanks to Mr. His stuff is not jiu-jitsu or judo ." "It doesn't leave any marks on the body." I've had about 12 hours of conferences with him and done a couple of hour's work on the mats. still. by aiming with the body. "Don't let anybody lead you down the garden path. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. REX APPLEGATE On January 24th." he replied. We proved that." Fairbairn taught his trainees to fire anything from a pistol to a BAR at close quarters. KELLY YEATON. All of us who were taught by Major Fairbairn soon realized that he had an honest dislike for anything that smacked of decency in fighting. Fold the paper to approximately six inches by two inches. Then fold it diagonally to form a sharp point at one end. could become a crude dagger. "To him. to prove it.proboards80. Judo is to clean on every hold a judo man's eyes and testicles are vulnerable.he gave us an exhibition of judo using five men. The remarkable thing about Fairbairn is that although he damn near does know it all. it's not as fast as boxing." FROM THE BOOK: "THE FIRST COMMANDO KNIVES" AUTHOR: PROF. taught the Fairbairn method of assault and murder. FROM THE BOOK: "BEHIND JAPANESE LINES" AUTHOR: RICHARD DUNLOP British Major Dan Fairbairn. they learned. he's done it. With a wry smile the wiry major would admonish his bruised and bleeding students. but not more than about 20% of it and most with variations. It's a collection of all the known methods of dirty fighting and it will beat them all. slashing vigor that invariably proved fatal to an opponent. All they got was his necktie. just behind the chin. SAMUEL S. two thirddegree black belts. there were no rules in staying alive. who had been chief of police in Shanghai before the Japanese capture of the city. he wrote me: "This man Fairbairn is beyond the shadow of a doubt the greatest of "the greatest of them all. two second. In unarmed combat he overcame one hulking trainee after another. He taught us to enter a fight with one idea.gutterfighting. But it is awful fast.

gutterfighting. which portrayed his methods. etc. and holding the garment away from his body. like everybody present. hands in overcoat pockets. NOW LIVING IN CANADA WRITES: "So. which I saw demonstrated. Fairbairn had only two suggestions A. RUN B. some of them relatively safe. with a same Thanks to Mr. should the prisoner know his pistols (!) allowing him to wipe the handgun aside. But even for the Paris "Apache's" style coming in low. He was Captain Bill Sykes . than just being a volunteer special sergeant attached to the sniper squad of the Shanghai Municipal Police! "As to any 'yarns. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. 'You missed the phrase lighting-like I don't do lighting-like any more. E. His methods of unarmed combat and silent killing were such that many were able in the years to come to save themselves entirely owing to his instructions." CAPTAIN PETER MASON. with the knife edge upward and aiming at the guts. The 'target' stood with feet about thirty inches apart. The first was demonstrated with a proved empty Colt's auto. A loaded 'Thompson' was set at repetition fire mode.' I only recall two stunts that he performed. Sykes had far more of an interesting career in the Far East. fortunately.'" FROM THE BOOK: "SOE ASSIGNMENT" AUTHOR: DONALD HAMILTON HILL "Another or our distinguished instructors was a tall spare man . For that kind of stupidity there is a clear and positive response. was after we did the combat pistol course. unless the person attacks with the dramatic "assassin's stab" holding the knife like an ice-pick overhead. and all were felling rather over-confident with the knock-down power of the issued Colt cartridge.formerly of the Shanghai Police . Even trying to disarm a person with a knife is dangerous. At each shot I saw his coat 'flick' and I.proboards80. We knew a number of ways of disarming men with pistols. assumed that the bullets just hit the multi-layers of cloth and dropped to the earth. and used it in neutral countries to enlist sympathy against the diabolical British.A. "And the other example. and Bill tapped-off single shots that struck the center of the man's coat. To illustrate how pushing a prisoner along with a .From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. "Willie never even got up from his desk he just said. if anything. The Germans in 1942 published a pamphlet. he'll not only listen to you and point out what's wrong.and he taught unarmed combat and quick shooting reactions such as how to kill four people in a room whilst falling down on the ground near the door lintel to make oneself a difficult 43 . Bill called a greatcoat-clad sergeant over to stand at the fifty-yard target backstop. etc. "With a lighting-like kick of either foot. kick him in the testicles or stomach. a soft voice and wrists of iron." One of the motivating causes for the interest in the fighting knife was the discovery that even Fairbairn ("The Greatest of Them all") had no real defense against a knife in the hands of trained fighters." But when my brother asked him to demonstrate this move. A RETIRED BRITISH INTELLIGENCE OFFICER.45 will push back the slide and perhaps disconnect the firing doesn't seem to think he does.45 auto.who looked like a bishop . and both involved the Government . and training with Bill Sykes.. Our greatcoats were double breasted heavy woolen material. but he'll admit if it's new to him and as good as or better than his own current methods. 'Our man' in Lisbon picked up one or two and sent them to me for comment with a request for a UK posting. If you've got an idea.with steel-rimmed spectacles.

failed to appreciate how advanced other nations were. Also I was about the only man who had been taught Kendo and Indian Lathi. a body of willing but untrained men." BILL PILKINGTON. These comments were. Fairbairn was obviously the master of various disciplines and the first team of 12 potential instructors. Fairbairn and Captain E. "The Local Defense volunteer Force became. so that's six layers. soon learned to respect both our tutors. Desperate measures were called for. his tone of voice was not so 'crisp' . as well as being very good with the . in my hearing. mostly ex-servicemen from the 1914-18 war. but the worst part was the Old Guard were reluctant to allow others who had kept abreast of the times to circulate their knowledge. And they were quite right. and when called to service life.45 Colt 1911 Automatic pistol. Thanks to Mr. and great ability. Captain Sykes had equal authority. this was to protect their image. who would then go out to teach other men to become instructors in the Police. and Civil Defense Corps. by both Fairbairn and Sykes. Home Guard. HE WRITES: "Following the disaster of the Norwegian campaign. we must remember that in 1939-45 there were still some 'deadheads' in our forces. WHO WAS ONE OF THE FIRST CLOSE COMBAT INSTRUCTORS TRAINED BY FAIRBAIRN AND SYKES FOR DUTY WITH THE HOME GUARD. STILL LIVING IN ENGLAND. These were Captain 44 . and elsewhere.E. In desperation the Government of the day called in two officers from the Shanghai Municipal Police.gutterfighting. officers who had not advanced professionally in civil cloth lining. I was the only female in our class and I remember that whenever he addressed me. "I was introduced to these officers because I had already qualified in Jujutsu to a Brown Belt. IS ONE OFTHE FEW SOE AGENTS STILL LIVING.'a thorough gent!' I have always regretted that I was unable to thank him for all the things he taught me. Poor Sykes was forgotten like many other people in Great Britain. "This was one of the aspects with both Fairbairn and Sykes. My impression of Sykes was very favorable and I would have liked to have known him better. they were reluctant to acknowledge they were 'behind' in knowledge. also the nation had suffered a blow to its spirit." ANOTHER LETTER BY PILKINGTON DATED OCTOBER 10. He was the finest rifle shot I have ever seen. Obviously. Sykes. 1995. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. But to this day I wouldn't want to try it! NANCY FORWARD (SOE) (CODE NAME "WHITE MOUSE") WHO WAS FAMOUS FOR HER WORK WITH THE FRENCH MARQUIS. much has been deliberately destroyed out of jealousy.proboards80. WRITES: "Of course. Both officers were very skilled in unarmed combat also. and then Dunkirk in 1940. because there was little left in the way of arms or ammunition. "I found that Captain Fairbairn was very much in charge. Captain Fairbairn explained he intended to train a dozen men to become instructors in killing tactics. they both openly criticized the Top Brass. for 'Dog in the Bloody Manger' attitude. SHE WRITES: "I have already told you that Sykes was the instructor who taught me 'silent killing.A. compared to Britain. plus a heavy-weave horse hair-like spacer. These would become the defense of Britain in the event of the invasion.' amongst other things. Britain anticipated that Hitler would invade. the Home coin a common old phrase . the 'Old Guard' of Whitehall Wafflers who had slept soundly from 1918 to 1939. This may well have some bearing on the lack of written work available today. or gave me an order. officially.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. openly said to Staff Officers. including me.

proboards80. Apart from his disclosing that before joining the police. Once or twice he did show temper. except for his straight right arm. he had a mild look. Thanks to Mr.THE ACCOUNT OF A FRENCH-AMERICAN OPERTIVE" AUTHOR: GEORGE MILLER Such training in these schools had saved his radio operator. a blue. but I never tried to remember what these were for. but failed to find the small automatic hidden in a special holster. drew.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. In knife fighting. There were three Germans in the car. He shot the other two. I thought Fairbairn was the better of the two. he would be a bad man to cross. The car overturned. round faced. horned rimmed glasses giving him the look of a schoolmaster. Sykes was always relaxed. he held his breath. The French-American danced. but then only for a few moments. When his circuit got "blown" the Gestapo had captured his operator. and a good boxer. snap shooting method.A. ELSEWHERE MILLER RECORDS: We were taught to use the forward-crouching stance and the quick. as did Fairbairn." When they had handcuffed him they took him away in a car. His legs were tense and springy. his body was loosely balanced. and fired as he had been taught. "We all learned Fairbairn was married. "Sykes had a very good knowledge of Martial Arts. so was Sykes [now called Bill Sykes. [Note: a Colt . but never familiar. One beside him in the back 45 . "Bang-bang. pushed down the "safe" lever on his [gun] and brought it to the point where it would draw freely. despite white hair. but we never learned if Sykes was. we learned little about him. They searched him. he was a Master of the blade. 'Bill Sykes looked like a village person. In retrospect. and like Fairbairn. He was afraid that he would miss. A glance around. But he was more afraid of what would happen when he arrived where they were taking him. RECALLES HIS TRAINING AT THE HANDS OF E. he was physically very powerful. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. his moon face was pleasant but you never knew what was on his mind. but most certainly NOT to his face] but he had a lot more patience. EWAN BUTLER. of course. I feel both officers gave us all very good ability to impart knowledge to others. "Captain Fairbairn was a hard man. He did have medal ribbons on his tunic. and I am grateful for the training I experienced with Fairbairn and Sykes. The radio operator had never fired a pistol except in England at the school where he had been taught like us to snap shoot at cardboard targets. As the targets popped up. AN SOE AGENT. he had been a representative for Remington Arms and Ammunition organization. Bill Sykes was friendly. He was full of surprises in training. Some of us got so accurate with the pistols that we were like King George V knocking down driven grouse.380 in a crotch holster] The pistol following the rule of his master was ready cocked and at "safe. a young Frenchman. Despite his manacles he opened his buttons. unlike Fairbairn who looked hard." Two holes sprang red in the back of the driver's neck. he insisted that the training he gave aimed at perfection.gutterfighting. or darted from one screened side of the range to the other. but above the "Captain Fairbairn was very strict. shining continuation of his arm. both Fairbairn and Sykes were excellent." FROM THE BOOK: "AMATEUR AGENT" AUTHOR: EWAN BUTLER." and again "crackcrack. "I did teach a few hundred people the killing arts. spoke "crack-crack. he told me. his stiff arm leaped to the horizontal and the automatic. they were really masters of their craft. They were two different men. FROM THE BOOK: "MAQUIS .

many of which were against armed robbers and kndnappers. leaped out of bed to tackle the intruder and been shot for his pains....gutterfighting. After several periods on a more or less orthodox range. which looked somewhat like those in a railway signal-box. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fairbairn on the "Fairbairn Method" By Carl Cestari Something for our shooting "enthusiasts" PRELIMINARY STATEMENT Background: "Prior to my association with the armed forces of Great Britain and the United States I served as Assistant Commissioner in Command of the Riot Squads of the Shanghai Municipal Police Command from 1925 to 1940. our force handled over 2000 riot calls of all types and descriptions. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. It was our business to kill them all... A-3. conditions under which shooting affrays occur. The village. than a trapdoor opened. We were given two Colt . E and F.. had not been armed.. was full of Germans. No sooner had a dummy. the squads were responsible for the investigation and tracking down of vice-rings and narcotics smugglers. By the time I had gone through five houses in a matter of forty-five seconds or so. At the top of the cliff a soldier stood beside a set of levers.. all the occupants of the first house.. bottles and chairs came hurtling disconcertingly at the gunman's head." MYSTERY RANGES"In order to create simulated combat conditions for training purposes. JUST WEST OF LOCHAILORT: This system involved what was called the "battle crouch position..proboards80. Then came the chilling thought that the dummies. including shooting affrays... one dispatched.. Pistols blazing. In the mystery ranges a simulation was affected of actual battle noises. and dashed to the SYKES.. I planned and supervised the erection of indoor mystery ranges at Areas B-2. methods of bursting open such doors. however lifelike their movements.." The gunman crouched slightly... Soon is became a second forefinger to him. we were informed. The training included methods of entering closed and locked doors. These ranges were originally developed by me in connection with police work in China and were first used in military training in the courses given to the British Commandos and the British Army. The door of the first house sprang open in response to a brisk kick. and the signalman on the top of the bluff went into action. the students were shown quite an elaborate little village.. BULTER GIVES A PARTICULARLY GOOD ACCOUNT OF THE SOE ASSAULT COURSE AT ARISAIG.. firing of a pistol under every conceivable condition and at every possible position likely to be met in actual combat during day or night. impelled by wires. already loaded and two spare clips of ammunition apiece. I was inclined to feel quite pleased with myself. Then. which lay at the foot of a steep bluff. In addition. held the pistol in line with the center of his body. we were to attack each house in turn. During this period. methods of roof Thanks to Mr. especially in house to house combat. and had been told that I had scored a creditable number of hits.". where a fresh set of hazards presented 46 ...45 automatics. The houses were fully furnished and fully occupied. one by one.. methods of using trap doors. as one hoped.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59...The art of close contact fighting includes fighting with and without knives. ". "men" emerged from beneath tables.

we hit heavy bags. There is a place we actually train in these methods every day. they will not be the one to tell the newspaper about it.." "Students should be informed that the average shoting with the one-hand gun is over. chokes.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59.. strangleholds. and shadows. We drill and drill.. We don't just write articles. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Dojo By Carl Cestari Just as an aside. we train in striking. Hard HARD training. load fire and hit his opponent within a second. so far as they will be concerned. etc. it's best to let him tell it! Again." "This is not a new fangled idea. This is what we do. (in most cases). speedbags. in which any man of average intelligence can be taught to draw. banana bags.." Pretty comprehensive sounding to me. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. moving objects. plus the introduction of sound effects. speed training. For those who would "box" us in to specific "category". TRAINING. We train full contact with Bogu and they can take their choice. and "spar pros". striking enhancement drills. We drill and drill and FIGHT.gutterfighting. Under varying degrees of light. endless who were. Strength training. down cobbled alleyways. Ninety percent of the shooting was in the dark and the majority of hits were within four yards. This is where people of various backgrounds come together and have one thing in common.. or in very crowded streets. uppercut bags... At the "Dojo"(which it is).up and down stairways. joint locks. darkness.. and various alarming surprises.proboards80. and varied submissions.. known killers.. grappling enhancement drills. It is literally a matter of the quick and the dead .com top figthing and firing on moving and possibly concealed targets. over roofs. This helps us FIGHT. and kicking methods drawn from many different styles.. Instead of attempting to define and/or qualify Fairbairn's thoughts and methodology ad nauseam. punching. At the "Dojo"(which it is). There will no time to reload. we train in grappling methods drawn from many different styles. If there first shot takes longer than a third of a second to fire. Hard HARD training in throws. the above quotes sum it all up. takedowns. who preferred always to shoot it out. rather than being captured and finishing up in front of a firing squad. an opportunity is afforded to test the moral fibre of the student and to develop his courage and capacity for self control. against some of the most dsperate criminals in the world . in a very few seconds. but a proven method which has been in use in the far-east since 1919. Some of the police were killed by being shot in the back at a matter of inches distance only.." "The course consists of practical war methods of shooting with the one-hand 47 ." "All affrays were on the run . "makiwara". we train in hard combative oriented physical conditioning. Thanks to Mr. At the "Dojo"(which it is).

my basic "technique" is NOT at all satisfactory.831. Over and over and over. development of real speed and power.. Invest some dough and get any of a number of "real" street-fight videos or even some good boxing/thai boxing/NHB matches.gutterfighting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm Soooo Confused By Carl Cestari I was going to write about the BASICS of "practical unarmed combat"...... Basic fundamental stuff. I don't hit hard enough.... You can call 973... I'm not fast enough..... I train those "techniques" a lot. Just a note to anyone who might believe we sit around JUST reading books and pontificating. winter. Stamina. But... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Content... This in lieu of going out and insulting a group of inner-city gang-bangers. If the "light bulb" doesn't flash in your noggin'... That's all I can handle.. Are We? By Carl Cestari I asked a simple question at the last seminar: "How much has everyone improved in the year since we last got together?" I've practiced the same basics everyday for decades. It's real and tangible... But here are something's you SHOULD do before any of THAT. And I'm never satisfied. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. You know "esoteric" stuff like that. or some Eastern Block gangsters....proboards80.. At this point you should be fairly black and blue. Get on that tatami and do randori with some REAL Judoka or Sombo men..... A "never say die" iron The DOJO is there. Summer. The foregoing should give you at least an "inkling" of what you'll need for REAL "practical unarmed combat" training.. Things like a solid and productive core of strength training. Body conditioning and toughening. some "real" Mafioso.. Everyday Rain or shine. Get in the ring with some REAL hard and fast hitters..From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Get your ass into a REAL wrestling 48 .. It's where we TRAIN. mauled a bit. Unless you are an absolute numbnuts you should have a fairly good idea of what it takes to EVEN SURVIVE a REAL fight against a resisting and determined opponent... Get your ass into a REAL Judo Dojo or REAL Sombo academy.. Get on the mat with some REAL wrestlers (old time catch hookers and rippers especially)... and generally "worked" over..0315. Get your ass into a REAL boxing/kickboxing/muay thai gym. The door is always open and the invitation to train is there. spring and fall.well maybe you deserve to get your ass tromped. Thanks to Mr... I don't train a lot of "techniques".

... by definition.. all methods... It might be nice to "do" more advanced. Clint. I could pull out STACKS of manuals. SKILL. I'm not fast 49 . It may also explain why martial arts are the way they are. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. so WHAT? See if this makes sense.proboards80. I don't hit hard enough.... I have an old manual on YOGA for self defense. Catholic. never hit hard enough. and I worked out a comprehensive syllabus of Over and over and over and over and over. I guess the problem is that I don't have a clue as to when these basics become "good" enough. Know why? Because I'm NEVER satisfied. I'm not fast enough. However.. GRAPPLING methods from Lutte to Judo.. others use boxing or savate. I see far too much room for improvement in just the most basic fundamental stuff. and TRAINING to draw from. Consigned to an existence of fundamental basics.. my basic "technique" is NOT at all satisfactory... The problem as we saw it was in the PROGRESSION of instruction... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Catholic Self Defense By Carl Cestari Note: I wrote this essay regarding the development of Tekkenryu jujutsu.. and related research material that cover an ENTIRE range of unarmed combat. Well.. I don't hit hard enough.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Damian.... means universal or "broad minded".. Because I'm never satisfied. Damn.gutterfighting. I guess I'm just one of the unlucky few.. from Sambo to All-In Wrestling. I think it is applicable for all methods of self defense.. complex.. my basic "technique" is NOT at all satisfactory. Nope! I'm NEVER happy. It is based on a catholic approach to combatives.. We drew these methods from a number of varied sources and training... Some methods advocate wrestling as their base.. and exotic stuff. They range from standing to the ground. Never be fast enough. The guys in our crew have trained in an impressive array of systems and methods.. some very old.. films. Seems to me I could spend the rest of my life constantly working at improving just a handful of solid basics and still NEVER be satisfied. and there is even a system based on American SPORTS. all aspects. The material ranges from current to OLD. Here's how we Thanks to Mr.... But personally I can't justify it.. Some jujutsu and judo while others call their systems "rough and tumble" or "all in". They have a fantastic "pool" of knowledge.. syllabuses. OKAY. These varied systems have everything! Striking and kicking methods drawn from EVERY method and "nationality".

They are the EXCEPTIONS. does this apply to MOST PEOPLE? NO. First! Judokas (like any other combative athletes) have a term called "Tokuiwaza" or "favored" technique. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. What then is OUR responsibility as "instructors"? What we did is set a curriculum that takes this into account. if an individual ceases practice after a "limited" amount of time. this approach holds true. they are strong advocates of BASICS.proboards80. you start with a SOLID Thanks to Mr.e. What was our basis on selection of "method"? "Hence the reason for a simple type of instruction with a great deal of emphasis on the FEW elementary methods which can be easily and instinctively used in combat after practice. However.." I'm quoting Applegate from the 1943 edition of Kill Or Get Killed (This DOES NOT. and DEDICATION. Continued training and "dedication" will result in learning more and more "complex" skills. It is that one method that it is worked on incessantly. In other words. That's why "champions" are revered. The syllabus. here we see an acknowledgement that "different" SKILLS require varied amounts of TIME.. Japanese Judoka have a saying . Whether it be "Judo" 50 . at least NOT initially. Gerry Cooney. So. SKILLS! They require dedicated time and training to inculcate to the extent that they will be "useful" in a REAL fight or even in a controlled "free sparring" environment. MOST people will "train" for a limited amount of time and then move on to the next "thing" that catches their interest. So. attempted to solve this fundamental problem: Very few individuals will start so-called "martial arts" instruction or training and stay with it for any real length of time. standing techniques require ten. judo. However. Damian is a highly skilled grappler in any venue. you wouldn't. continually for YEARS in search of "perfection". Someone can train for a limited time AND still get something USEFUL in terms of "SKILL". proficiency in groundwork can be gained in a year.. portray me as a zealot). i. or Georges Carpentier.. and submission. Clint is a walking encyclopedia of "waza". "Strangler" Lewis. realistically. Why would anyone "teach" a middle aged businessman or a small petite housewife a technique or method that requires complex skills developed over YEARS and that requires a "set" of physical adjuncts in order to be even somewhat effective? Well. Many combative skills are JUST that. Ralph is amazing in his knowledge of close combat and weapons.gutterfighting.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. SIMPLEST METHODS of EFFECTIVE PERSONAL PROTECTION."One year for Newaza. I hope. they fully understand that you must "walk before you run". for the first three to six months.basis of selection was the theory of what the smallest man can do to the largest. TEN years for Tachiwaza". TRAINING. easily UNDERSTOOD. we feel that we have at LEAST given something of VALUE in terms of personal survival.. includes NOTHING but the most BASIC. Like building a house. So that was our problem. MOST people will simply NOT invest the time and effort to "master" MANY of the skills involved. Each of these men could teach to a high level of SKILL and COMPLEXITY with NO PROBLEM. So.

Take a hard long realistic appraisal and find the answer to that question. The same goes for any "class" of foundation. Can a skilled grappler apply his craft? Of course. Know who you are. So the simplest approach in regards to personal protection is to start with techniques based on what the "smallest can do to the largest". Start with the SIMPLEST methods and build from there. Example: He does this. or for that matter. and then BUILD from there. mental state. YOUR strengths. a much smaller. So what's the point to all of this? Simple. Damian. DOZENS! So what! Without the time. The variety of assailants (size. type "responses" to street attacks is a viable or particularly useful training exercise. Thanks to Mr. Terrain. 51 . DO NOT assume that these "questions" have NOT been asked and answered by others. I do that. Uncle Murphy rules the roost. It has NOTHING to do with being a "zealot". most rational and logical "solutions" to the multitude of complex problems inherent in real world survival. So ALL we advocate is that simple common sense basic approach.etc. What one can do against an opponent of equal strength and weight is different than what one can do against a much larger. Training and the DEVELOPMENT of skill is what makes ANYTHING "WORK".proboards80. YOUR weaknesses. Is it a LOGICAL place to "start"? I believe so. training and dedication to master these techniques they are WORSE than useless. That's NOT the question. that's not how life works. number. Realize that in a street fight there are far too many variables. stronger adversary.gutterfighting. What one can do after several years of training is different than what one can do after several months of training. It has NOTHING to do with following any "gospel" in ignorance. dedicated research is SO CRUCIAL. clothing) is another major stumbling block. lighter one. Some question that "validity" of certain methods. tolerance to pain. It has EVERYTHING to do with a sincere dedication to seeking the best. YOUR goals. This is why on going. What YOU are capable of. Ralph could teach DOZENS of highly complex drills and methods of stick and knife work. too many contingencies. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. For attack A I use Defense A. weather. What YOUR abilities are. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------By-Rote Combinations By Carl Cestari Do not believe that practicing "by rote" 1-2-3. Only a fool would blindly follow any "doctrine" without questioning and validating the information presented. Is that a guarantee of SUCCESS? NO. injuries. any number of unforeseen deficits is one major concern.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. height. Could a skilled boxer or muay thai fighter ply his trade with success? Of course. Clint or I could teach DOZENS of different chokeholds and strangleholds. It has NOTHING to do with "blind" allegiance to any one method or man. And then work from there. The question is "what can YOU do?" What one can do at twenty is different than what one can do at fifty.

under Inouye San." Before leaving this book. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.) The mentioning of Inouye. the jujitsu instructor of the Nagasaki police dept.WILL! So your training must emphasize instinctive and spontaneous "reactions" as opposed to attempted by rote "responses" 52 . that initial sudden and explosive action is unrealistic. Those of you who practice with Video Train your "tools".S.proboards80.gutterfighting. Thanks to Mr. Irving Hancock. It is a feat that applies only to stopping a left-hand blow by the boxer.. After 5 days let me know what you find. the reason for the above two quotes are: 1. study your "targets" and master your "opening gambit". Fundamentals of Unarmed Combat know what I am talking about. but here I am so let's get started.S.. Get your "tools" in the Old School Series.. or make whatever opening you need. This was the first time I heard of Inouye. I'm going to start with H. I wasn't sure where to start. 2.. You "take" whatever the attacker gives you..Part 1 By Carl Cestari Over the next couple of day's I will writing an article of the history of Pre-WWII Japanese Jujitsu/Judo. on a SparPro or heavybag. instructor of Jiu-jitsu in the police department of that city".From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59.I. Remember to Practice REACTIONS not RESPONSES! Practice to react a certain way.. Long Axe hand. who in the early 1900's wrote several books on the history of Japanese physical training & Jujitsu. anything "rehearsed" past that point. HOMEWORK: Take the combination of a Short Axe Hand.K.what ever you can hit Practice this 300 times a day. they are counter-productive. That's a few combinations of two or three techniques practiced over and over again. Now if we look at Hancock's other book Jiu-jitsu Combat Tricks written a year later in 1904: "Exponents of the Tenjin School of jiu-jitsu have developed in all its possible perfection a style of stopping the boxer's blow that cannot be surpassed for neatness of execution. Chin jab and a Knee (from Video OS1). ANYONE with real experience knows this.. effectiveness and swiftness.. Another quote that is very interesting.. but there is NO way to know this before hand! Many so-called "combative" systems miss the most fundamental principle of training.) The mention of the system "Tenjin/Tenshin" Later you will see where I'm going with this...! A padded syllabus may "look" impressive and "complete" but in light of the stark realities of survival.. "Subsequently he studied in Nagasaki. I will start with his book Japanese Physical Training written in 1903. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A Beginning History of Old School Jujitsu . Whatever can go wrong.

A. "These forms of the art were closely guarded and only taught to the samurai or warrior class. the reason for mentioning this quote is the use of the word "Vital touches". Thornberry. the group now known as the Black Dragon Society".From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Linck studied under Thornberry in Los Angeles for a number of years. Linck received a "Master Diploma" from Thornberry in "Tenshin Ryu" dated May 6th. the elbows. That seems very reasonable. the first page is very interesting. An interesting quote from Thornberry's book. O'Brien spent ten years as Inspector of Police in Nagasaki. A definite connection is beginning to develop. Next we move on to Col. Later on. An EIGHT year old vs. The question is. "Jiu-jitsu . Thornberry wrote several books on jujitsu from 1905 to 1933. or vital touches". which may be administered with the thumb. They both mention Inouye & Tenshin. the clenched hand. It shows a picture of Prof. "Instructor to the Nagasaki Police". Linck and Tate taught a jiu-jitsu class in Los Angeles. One of Thornberry's students was Samuel R. Tate succeeded Linck as instructor and continued to teach and train in Jiujitsu. or even with the head.000 Officers and Soldiers now at the front line.gutterfighting. Tate went on to become the jiu-jitsu instructor for the Los Angeles police department and later conducted class at the L. At the top of the page it reads. the edge of the hand. This book was written only a year or two after Hancock's book. Judo "In Japan the full course in jiu-jitsu requires four years time". In Linck's book he offers a brief history of jiu-jitsu. Linck went on to publish a book in 1943 called "COMBAT JIU JITSU". Risher W. Drexel Biddle. Linck. In his first jujitsu book written in 1905." Again. Also in this book is the phase "Vital Touches" used to describe Atemi or "Ate"! Professor John J. Research shows that Thornberry actively taught jiu-jitsu.J. Kishoku Inouye." Reference to the Russo/Japanese war. "THE YABE SCHOOL OF JIU JITSU" written in 1904 by Yae Kichi Yabe. Inouye to over 2.As taught by Prof. as I have read that it takes about 15 years to receive a Menkyo Kaiden in Tenjin Shinyo Ryu today. "Jiu-jitsu has a weapon in the form of "atemi. why so long? I don't have 15 years to devote to one art. In Yabe's book he mentions that the system is based on that of "Tenshin". a GROWN adult who is most likely a violent psychopath with a HISTORY of violent criminal behavior? Thanks to 53 . An excellent book. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.proboards80. 1935. O'Brien states that he received his diploma in Jiu Jitsu in 1905 from the Governor of Nagasaki. He was responsible for introducing Presiedent Teddy Roosevelt to Jiu Jitsu as well as instructing Colonel A. Linck taught a man by the name George Tate. At this point I would like to bring up another old book on jiu-jitsu. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Personal Protection Skills for Children? By Carl Cestari I don't believe that ANY "physical" maneuvers or "techniques" are really worth teaching children. the tows.

3. book bag. TIME is of the ESSENCE! Increase the TIME that the perp is in PUBLIC VIEW and you'll go a LONG way in FORCING him to abandon the attack and FLEE.THEN 1 & 2! 4. yank. controlled and done so in as SHORT an amount of time as possible. jump. hardest place for the perp to attempt to retrieve them).. either out a window or into the back seat(the farthest. WHENEVER POSSIBLE MARK HIM! Try to remember EVERYTHING about the assailant. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. But DON'T use "scare" tactics with a kid.. 5. SCREAMING as LOUDLY and HYSTERICALLY as possible.gutterfighting. If forced into a trunk. NEVER. Wriggle. 13.ANYTHING to make the potential victim HARD to hold and control. emphasize the following: 1. maneuver to dodge. pull. turn. twist. kick or BATTER out a tail light and shove anything through the hole that will ATTRACT someone's ATTENTION! 10. stumble ANYTHING that will SLOW him DOWN! 7. EVER.. longest. etc. DO EVERYTHING to make oneself a HARD TARGET! Attackers what VICTIMS that are easily dominated. DISTANCE as far and fast as possible is YOUR ALLY! Hope this helps! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Basic Drills By Carl Cestari Thanks to Mr. Instead. 9. DRAW ATTENTION in ANY WAY possible to the scene IMMEDIATELY! NEVER give in a GO with an abductor. MORE TIME. 6.jabbing. Awareness. clawing and scratching at the eyes with either one or both hands in a CONTINUOUS VIOLENT manner and BITING. school books should be TOSSED at the LEGS! Anything to make the trip.. 8. scream. his vehicle.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. 12. ONLY two potential "physical" maneuvers even worth considering .. Once again. 2. Carrying a HI decibel safety whistle(FOX is a good one) on a WRIST strap NOT around the neck AND a small hi powered LED light also on the I can't see it. run ON THE SPOT! This goes for ANY abduction! NEVER GO WITH YOUR ABDUCTOR! NEVER! 11. MORE EXPOSURE. RUN towards any source of HELP and SAFETY. ANYTHING carried: Knapsack. EMPHASIZE ESCAPE! If dragged to a vehicle(almost always the perp's MO) seize the KEYS(from the ignition) at the first opportunity and TOSS THEM. IMMEDIATELY and in a "zig zag" pattern and using the environment as a "hedge" 54 . RUNNING at the FIRST sign of trouble. MORE CHANCE OF GETTING CAUGHT! 14.proboards80.. EVER GO ANYWHERE WITH A STRANGER! Fight.

proboards80. Side step DIRECTLY to YOUR left. 4. Then the knee smashes as above. HARD right to chin. HARD left to chin. Repeat punching combo. etc. These can be trained as "stand alone" combinations OR worked into existing "Defendu" combinations either "before" or "after". Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. 4. HARD left to solar-plexus. Think about adding the following drills to your basic syllabus. EACH can be useful if NOT the only choice possible. HARD right to SOLAR-PLEXUS. Then the knee smashes as We all have a good foundation in the basic blows and combinations. followed by a knee smash to the nuts. Then: Side step with right leg (out and to the right 45 degree) LEFT knee to fork. Give it a try. practicing with either knee. NO BITCHING about "hurting" your hands! NO "Nancy" boys (or girls) allowed here! ________________________________________ Now try this: For the sake of the drill "visualize" an attacker moving in with a straight left lead right to your snot-box. EACH of these sidestep/back step maneuvers HAS both advantages and disadvantages. Basically it's a series of drills to train the TWO most fundamental punches to head and body. 55 . 2. 3. What realistic possibilities exist: 1. HARD right to solar-plexus.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. FIGURE THIS OUT! Thanks to Mr. Depending on environment-obstacles and/or multiple assailants. Side step BACK to LEFT at 45 degrees. Then the knee smashes as above. HARD left to SOLAR-PLEXUS. HARD left lead to chin (mental foramen) HARD overhand right to chin (opposite side) then: HARD upward right knee to fork. STEP directly to the REAR. 1. Any of these FOUR "inside" shifts/footwork maneuvers will allow you to avoid/evade the straight left and COUNTER from the OPEN or INSIDE line (his right/your left).gutterfighting. 3. Side step IN to your LEFT and 45 degrees.

punches. Attach a rope or belt or anything that you can SEIZE HARD and YANK with your left hand. ANGER... chin-jab.. WITH AS MUCH INTENSE EMOTION. EACH FOOTWORK pattern will allow you (or FORCE you) to make adjustments in order to close in and HIT with POWER. Heavy bag). FURY. tiger-claw. NOW.. AND THIS is only for YOUR LEFT SIDE! SOOOOOOOOOO.Place an OBSTACLE like a chair at various points to YOUR left or the bags right. speed..YOU are YOUR BEST TEACHER! Get something REALLY GOOD to HIT. This represents either a REAL obstacle OR a SECOND adversary.. HATE. POWER and MASTERY you will acquire over EACH attack method. side boot kick. BODY turned to a 45 degree.Left hand snaking out to crush your . FEROCITY and KILLING INSTINCT as you CAN! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“ELBOWS & FISTS.LEFT foot forward. accuracy and 56 .. FASTER and HARDER. Now take your right fist and PUNCH AS HARD..How do we train this and REALLY LEARN from it: Face your main striking tool (Bob. figure OUT which BODY maneuver will GET YOU OUT of DODGE and still ALLOW for a HARD and FAST while GIVING the "second" opponent the LEAST chance of successfully attacking OR how you would have to move to AVOID a REAL WORLD Now add the FOUR basic combinations... AS FAST. OK? Get IT? NOW practice sidestepping as above and then IMMEDIATELY countering. Like I always say.gutterfighting. TWO HARD PUNCHES . Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.. groin kick. VENOM.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59.. You NOW have TWENTY-FOUR drills to use and abuse..A KNEE or KICK to the NUTS and FOUR footwork maneuvers and YOU have enough material to LAST FOR MONTHS or daily training.” By: Carl Cestari My only real input on the various elbow attacks of Muay Thai is to make SURE you CLOSE Thanks to Mr. AS POWERFULLY as YOU CAN REPEATEDLY. And this is JUST the beginning! Imagine how GOOD you will become if you TRAIN EACH INDIVIDUAL technique like this! Make a COMPLETE study of a KNEE smash. VISUALIZE the STRAIGHT LEFT LEAD and THE BODY POSITION of your IMAGINARY attacker... SPEED. Spar Pro... RAGE. and on and on! Master each INDIVIDUAL attack covering ALL OPTIONS both left and right sides and LEFT and RIGHT body shifting! THEN start with combinations! Just think of the SKILL. WORK THIS! Your common sense and BODY will TEACH YOU THE BEST WAY to do THIS! NEXT. and THEN consider how well you'll move with your combinations! This is what we worked on yesterday at Ralph's. edge of hand. The bag now becomes THAT assailant . elbows.proboards80.

(OS1. (OS2) Chin grinding. It may seem to reduce speed a bit.proboards80. It really DOESN'T affect the technique.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. OS2 and CJ1) Stomps. you are also PROTECTING your fingers from ANY "expected"(Uncle Murphy) mishap. Your up close and personal arsenal should include: Head butting. CJ1) Knees. (OS2. OS2 and CJ1) Later I will advise as to some very good sources of info on the above. OS3. (CJ2) Biting. (OS2.gutterfighting. Also it is EASIER to combine brutal punching attacks with follow-up elbow battering if your hands are already CLOSED. (Any video) Dirty clinch tactics. CJ2 and CJ3) Spitting. BUT remember that POWER is MORE important than "blazing" speed in a STREETFIGHT. ( 57 .com your hand into a TIGHT FIST when you use these strikes. (CJ1) Elbows. CJ1. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. Carl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“ELEME TS of U ARMED COMBAT” BY: Carl Cestari Custom build your own personal "system": Useful areas of training and study to find. train and develop the various "parts" To develop STRIKING: Western BOXING Savate Muay Thai (Burmese Boxing) Jiu Jitsu ATEMI Old style KEMPO To develop GRAPPLING: Catch/Freestyle Wrestling Greco-Roman Wrestling JUDO Thanks to Mr. I believe that in the convulsive adrenalin surge of a real balls to the wall street fight you will DO THIS anyway.

"Chin-Jab" This is a close-in blow and must be given with all possible force in an upward direction. ADD to this the ability to USE REAL and EFFECTIVE WEAPONS and you have about the MOST comprehensive system possible. power. strangles. Thanks to Mr. Weight of body to be behind blow with no "telegraphing" of the intention to strike. "Mixed Martial Arts". chokeholds. Points of Attack: Up under the chin with the heel of the hand . Fingers bent like a tiger's claw. Fairbairn Part "B" UNARMED (For those who have been FOOLISH and caught UNARMED) Method No. gouging. And NEVER forget HARD TOUGH and PRODUCTIVE physical training for speed. Strike with little-finger edge of hand."Tigers Claw" Into the eyes and face with a piston-like forward jab. BULL@#$!(sounds like a f@#$ing breakfast omelet or pancake mix). Points of Attack: Forearm bone. Method No. strength. It has the advantage of three inches additional length as compared to a "straight" left and can be achieved with lightening like speed. biting. etc. Kill or BE KILLED.fingers extended to reach the eyes. elbows. Screw the BULL*&^%.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59.gutterfighting. wrist. takedowns. kicking.E.proboards80. This is the most effective hand blow ever worked out. joint breaking(from the neck to the ankles). punching. Get your MIND right. ripping. 1 . throws."Edge of Hand Blows" Fingers and thumb straight out. headbutts. knees. side of neck. DO what HAS to be DONE when IT HAS TO BE DONE.ote for Instructors By W. Method No. clawing. 2 . one inch below adams apple. and other assorted "nasties".com Sambo (Real SAMBO/SOMBO) Brazilian Jujutsu A comprehensive study of the above will provide methods applicable to ANY so-called "ranges" of 58 . crushing. back of neck.Striking. endurance and TOUGHNESS. 3 . Carl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“ESSE TIALS!” Excerpted from Close Combat . trips. They will also provide ALL "techniques" necessary . Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. This is real Kill Or Get Killed UNARMED COMBAT. gaining the ability and knowledge to EXPLOIT any and ALL weaknesses of the enemy and to NEVER EVER be caught by "surprise".

All these methods are ATTACKING.unfair and unethical methods of fighting in which acts of artifice. You see the above few paragraphs virtually gives everything you really need and answers almost any question. Allot of the bantering sounds like a bunch of schoolgirls! James is gracious to a fault in NOT taking a sharp sickle to separate the wheat from the chaff.. There is a wealth of REAL knowledge to be mined here offered by some very serious dedicated men. vehemence.gutterfighting.proboards80. IF (and this is big IF) one possesses the true wherewithal to really "get" it.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. I would make a civil statement about "offending" list members." (I wonder how many will break open the old Webster to define the above?) Considering the trend on many posts. Fairbairn on strategy/tactics/mind-set: ". If I sound mildly disgusted. not DEFENSIVE and should be applied in conjunction with each other. 59 . force. However. well I am. Special Note: 1. but I seriously doubt many will ACTUALLY READ THIS! Carl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“ESSE TIALS Part 2” by Carl Cestari Well here's a different approach: Let's put the "shopping" lists on the backburner for a moment. Method No. cut to heart of the matter and ASK the FIRST logical question . and shock are of major importance and in which all earmarks of the concepts of fair-play and good sportsmanship must be eliminated. more nonsense. nonsense. Follow through by transferring the weight of your body from the left to the right foot and smash down with your boot on to the small bones of opponent's It is a complete answer to any attempt at a frontal attack and permits one to deal effectively with one's opponent before he is really dangerous.. agendas. Make contact on the shin-bone with the outside edge of the sole of the boot.. non-essentials. I feel that presenting the above is a waste of time for the most part. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. Any student who thoroughly masters the three hand blows and the method of kicking (no matter what his strength or build may be) will be able to effectively deal with any un-armed opponent.e. 2. "pointless" arguments.."Kicking" Method of kicking: Turn right foot sideways to the left and kick forward. etc....WHY? ALWAYS seek out the BIGGEST BANG for the BUCK! See if this is logical – Thanks to Mr. there are a few that will benefit from it. 4 .

This can be used at distance as a "kick" or at close quarters as a ripping shin scrape and smash. Can be delivered with VERY HARD impact even when a good foundation is impossible AND even when YOU are being driven backward. By a simple twist of the body can be delivered to the front or either flank. but I believe that the outline comes from WEF's syllabus for the OSS. Little chance of damage to the hand. Can be used in devastating combinations. Can be used while grappling standing or on the ground. I would have added the knee smash in this because it WORKS perfectly with ALL of the above. Does NOT need "specific" targeting. he did NOT include the knee in the final outline. WEF termed this kick with the outside edge of boot as the "flick" kick. Tigers Claw: A COMBINATION heel hand smash AND eye gouge. stun. And that is NO shit! You LEARN the maneuvers separately. but does reference it in the technical 60 . WEF had a "method". cause a KO.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Very good in close confines were the "double slam" effect can be useful. stooped. Can be used singularly or again in fast multiple hits with either a single hand or in combination. AND these were NOT just a handful of maneuvers lumped together for the hell of it. Can be used as a hard shove or as a vicious blow. NON telegraphed and very damaging. The Boot: This should not have been referenced as a low "side-kick". Can be used around a 360 degree circumference. A distance weapon that can be used as a fast stunning "lead" OR as a POWER shot. Can be used against armed assault. BUT the GOAL is to FIGHT with them. MANY. break bones. Hard to describe BUT easy to learn. Force can be moderated to damage. as well as unarmed. with little re-positioning.proboards80. and kill. you slam home a Chin-Jab and drive said assailants head HARD into a solid surface or a aharp edge. Is simply an EXTENSION of the Chin-Jab for longer range. The claw hand slams into the face and then drives through with the clawed spread fingers. When trained PROPERLY can deliver very fast trip hammer blows. from a seated position and of course from standing. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU Edge of Hand: Can be used literally from ankle to temple with effect. Can be used against a STANDING. Can be used in many directions IMMEDIATELY with POWER and with a MINIMUM of telegraphed intent. Simple. both are followed up by eye gouging. if need be. Virtually a COMPLETE system unto it's own. a DEFINITIVE method of how these maneuvers are USED IN A REAL Thanks to Mr. or grounded assailant (whatever position). Is effective as a "defensive" maneuver as well as an offensive attack. just the same way a boxer learns his basics and THEN learns to FIGHT with them. ALL of the ABOVE constitute a COMPLETE method of unarmed combat. It's NOT. Chin-Jab: EXCELLENT manuever at close quarters. We train this with a specific footwork sequence as well as "wagon wheel" style. MANY mis-conceptions about how this kick is executed and HOW effective it can be against a VARIETY of unarmed and armed assaults. It is also a "defense" AND an "attack".gutterfighting. either as the "hub" kicking out in eight directions or as the "rim" moving circularly and kicking in at the hub.

We've given it just a wee bit of thought. O'Neill ALSO taught this as a SYSTEM. not as a handful of "do this" or "do that".gutterfighting. while seated. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Judo agewaza (Throwing Technique) in the street” BY: Carl Cestari How practical are throwing techniques (nagewaza) for self-defense or street-fighting? NOT VERY! The Japanese themselves have a saying. AND can be very EFFECTIVE against multiple assailants(if one UNDERSTANDS the proper method of use). against an assailant in virtually ANY position and in a 360 degree sphere. I can recall ONLY three instances where one guy was able to pull off a clean solid throw. Like most things in life. fighting adversary and pulling off a "clean" throwis VERY. REALLY we DON'T. THAT IS THE PART that MOST are MISSING! They see these maneuvers as an unrelated "hodge podge".including finger jab type blows (though WEF's 1915 SMP manual DOES include the "finger jab"). Masahiko 'Judo" Kimura TRAINED upwards of NINE hours a DAY! He did thousands of repetitions of Uchikomi (fitting in) to develop just a COUPLE of reliable Nagewaza (Seoi Nage (Should throw) & O Soto Gari (Big leg reap)). Trying to throw a fully 61 . claw and otherwise do all sorts of "spoiling" maneuvers when one attempts to execute a "throw".com FIGHT. as well as several kicks. 1. We really DON'T just pull this stuff out of our ass. it starts by asking the right questions FIRST. TEN YEARS for nagewaza (Throwing technique)". Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. VERY DIFFICULT. "One year for newaza (ground technique). That's about as logical and pragmatic as I can get. And this person was practicing Judo on an almost DAILY basis. NOT THE CASE. seize.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. I've seen throws used in other situations but quite honestly they got the person into MORE TROUBLE than it was worth. while being off balanced and driven backwards. O'Neill preferred different methods . He also taught doubled forearm blows at GRAPPLING range. In all of the fights I have seen. People will INSTINCTIVELY grab. Good Luck to ALL. Well that lays out the WHY and fulfills our "BIG BANG" mandate. It takes ten times as long to become proficient at throwing than it does at ground fighting. So let's review: Edge of Hand/Chin-Jab/Tigers Claw/Boot Kick. Reading Kimura's biography you will note that in Thanks to Mr. I will cite three classic examples of what it takes to become "skilled" enough to even attempt Nagewaza in a real street fight. smashing back knuckles and PRODIGIOUS use of the elbows and knees. FOUR simple direct and EFFECTIVE methods that can be USED against virtually ANT type of unarmed attack from standing to rolling in the mud. Also can be effective against a number of armed attacks.proboards80. NOT as a "defense" against blows as some have suggested. Sykes used what basically was a "combination" of the two as well as teaching fundamental boxing blows to vulnerable targets.

KUZUSHI is NOT a subtle maneuvering to "break balance" in THE REAL WORLD nor is it evident in almost ANY real Randori or his street fights and "vale tudo" matches as well. The other thing that pisses me off is the idea that JUJUTSU throws are somehow BETTER than JUDO throws for real combat.. JUDO methods have been evolving in a far MORE real arena. The BEST methods I have seen and practiced for actually USING throwing techniques in selfprotection came from Bruce Tegner. Hopefully. MORE esoteric fantasy crap. HORSESHIT! With SUFFICIENT practice you can "land" a guy on his HEAD. Thanks to Mr. HOWEVER. DON'T believe the BULLSHIT about Judo throws "being SAFE" for the opponent.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. And last but certainly not least is Yonezuka who ADVOCATES the use of ASHIBARAI (foot sweep) without GRABBING as the BEST overall and SAFEST (for you) method of slamming someone on their ass. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.proboards80. AND that approach is what REAL kuzushi is all about. I have NEVER seen a Jujutsuka "pull off" any NAGEWAZA against even neophyte JUDOKAS or WRESTLERS! EVER. but CERTAINLY NOT ALWAYS. NECK or shoulder. JUDO nage are PROVEN to be effective in REAL ADVERSARIAL COMPETITIONS. Hane-goshi (Hip spring throw)/Haraigoshi (Loin throw)/O guruma (Big Outer Wheel) /Uchimata (Inner Thigh Throw) will INSURE that you BOTH hit the DECK. The only REAL difference between Judo and Jujutsu nagewaza is generally the manner of seizing the 62 . Against more than ONE opponent you HAVE BIG PROBLEMS! Also consider the TACTICAL problems with KNOWINGLY turning your BACK into an ENEMY! And ANY one-legged type throw. i. with you on top.e. BULLSHIT. a judoka can do this just as EASILY. But moreover.gutterfighting. when he faced skilled boxers his reliance on Nage was still an "iffy" proposition. Make no mistake…KIMURA WAS AN ANIMAL! 2. Another topic loaded with BULLSHIT. If I want to "break your balance" I'll do it by KNOCKING THE SHIT out of you! Lastly. His concept of seizing the upper arms or shoulders with both hands and then GOING TO WORK on the opponents legs with a BARRAGE of LOW HARD KICKS and THEN executing a throw is the ONLY approach that seems to have validity and is viable. 3. Almost ANY attempt at REALLY slamming someone will invariably find BOTH of you on the ground. then the fight goes ON. And in a REAL street fight some of the NONSENSE that these people banter on about concerning the "COMBAT" application of these throws will get you FUCKING KILLED! The nonsense they preach on about SOUNDS "cool" but will FAIL in the REAL unscripted world. Sure you can talk about the old Jujutsu styles employing joint locks and strangleholds in conjunction with throwing BUT again. Famed Judo legend Yamashita (explained at his recent seminar that it took THOUSANDS of repetitions of uchikomi AND the brutal three man drills to BEGIN to develop the skill to effectively employ throwing techniques.

.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. The SMP was forced to play catch-up very quickly. Two hardened Chicago detectives on "loan" to the SMP contacted their superiors begging to come home from Shanghai before they were killed! The Honor Guard for SMP Officer funerals was manned chiefly by recruits from the SMP Thanks to Mr. Random facts about the Shanghai Municipal Police: The SMP was one of the largest metropolitan police departments of it's era. Besides the usual policing functions common to all law enforcement work. smuggling. you JUST pull STRAIGHT down and DRIVE him head first into the ground. extortion. were they plied the only trade they new. by Carl Cesatri Some notes for the record. Carl Cestari -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Just" Cops. He explains very well how a Dojo "safe" throw can be executed on the STREET with devastating results by a simple change in the direction of the "pull" done by the hands and wrists. just "warrior fantasy appeal". It met the challenge well. That in and of itself is an achievement. Instead of "heaving" your man over and directing him INTO a breakfall. They are blinded by their own BULLSHIT. The rapid and alarming rise in violent criminal activity in Shanghai is due in large part to this phenomenon. murder for hire. kidnapping. The social and political causes of this are well documented. This forced these men into the urban centers. Shanghai posed many new and complex problems for it's officers and administrators. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.gutterfighting. prostitution and a variety of other criminal activities all were on the increase. The DOERS KNOW the difference between real and chickenshit. Check out Koizumi's book on What makes Judo throws SEEM safe is the practice of UKEMI. This caused an unusual and dangerous aftermath. The nature of the era saw many of the holdovers common to the previous century in China become obsolete by western standards. Perhaps chief among these was the dissolution or attempt to wean power from the various Warlords. mainly Shanghai. and reviled as the "Whore of the East". This caused obvious turmoil and raised many 63 . the use of TATAMI and the LACK of intent in FUCKING up your training partner. To help enlighten those who wish to be enlightened. The pontificators present ONLY a "shell" that has NO REAL SUBSTANCE. The colonial powers in Shanghai as well as he central Chinese government sought to bring China in general and Shanghai in particular into the 20th century. As the Warlords lost power and authority the armed and very dangerous men under their "employ" were left without a steady source of livelihood. The drug trade. Not for nothing was Shanghai praised as the "Paris of the East".. Shanghai was still considered a much more dangerous place.proboards80. At the height of the Chicago gang wars.

org/ 64 .proboards80. and American interests all sought some measure of control. particularly the British.gutterfighting. When knowledge. often by whatever means justified the ends. The Chinese branch of the SMP included many TOP "gang" leaders in the UPPER echelons of the force. Opinions are only really beneficial when they are INFORMED opinions. US 4th Marines. Add to this the various political based Chinese revolutionary movements. this branch was responsible for dealing with political and intelligence activity deemed dangerous to western interests. There is SO MUCH MORE TO THIS STORY. Massive political and social unrest on the part of the native Chinese also caused many dire problems. This balancing act reflects in a small way the intrigue and complexity of Shanghai. Thanks to Mr. French. All these combined to make Shanghai a hot bed of cloak and dagger intrigue. but I'll end here. This job was again tasked to WEF and IS THE ARCHETYPE of all other such units! The intrigue of Shanghai was legend. British SIS sent it's "man" back to Shanghai. savvy enough to sort the wheat from the chaff. Here's a good lesson: If you don't want to come off as an ass. During this period the SMP was forced to act as a paramilitary force engaged in small unit actions. The intense and convoluted interplay of politics and criminal gang activity is also a remarkable aspect. The task of dealing with and monitoring such activity fell to the SMP "Special Branch". The choice is yours. Were caught smack in the middle. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. The SMP. British. and the Shanghai Volunteer Corps. don't speak about that which you don't know. Certainly NO ordinary duty. This alone was such a problem that the SMP was forced to develop the FIRST specially equipped RIOT SQUAD. but also the power play between Chian Kai Chek and the Kumingdong and Mao Tse Tung and the Communist movement. the only hope is that the individual is intelligent enough. Well connected to the British SIS(Secret Intelligence Service).From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. As war broke out between China and Japan. Who was he and why was he picked? He was a former Commissioner of the SMP who while serving in that capacity was ALSO the SIS station master for the region. Like WEF liked to say: "Don't let ANYONE lead you down the garden path". After the full outbreak of hostilities during the second world war. holding BOTH posts at the same time! This also sheds some more light on WEF and EAS's immediate acceptance into the misty world of WWII British clandestine warfare. Shanghai became a central focus. EAS. Not only was there a backlash against western colonialism. And for career specialists like Academy. This was meant as a small off the cuff overview of some basics about being a COP in Shanghai. Suffice to say that whatever was needed to be done in order to protect British(and American) stability and interests in Shanghai was done. and Dermot O'Neill surely far more than just being COPS as some might define the term today. use it wisely. Imperialist Japanese. Tsarist "White Russians". The statistics on Officers killed and wounded in shooting "affrays" with these ruthless criminals improved greatly by the efforts in upgrading training spearheaded by WEF. "Red" communist Russians. fact and truth run head long into self-interest and bullshit. One such recruit relays that during his tenure the AVERAGE was TWO SMP funerals a WEEK for Officers killed in the line of duty.

brutal. You stab and stab and stab. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. ruthless. Too many are "playing" knife gymnastics without EVER even realizing what the street has in store for them. which could have an element of detachment. No. will ONLY add MORE FUEL to YOUR FIRE. You WILL punch. hate. concerning so-called unarmed "knife" defenses. instead of the "defender". anything LESS than your death. NO injury will dissuade you from KILLING your mark. OVER and OVER and OVER. you WON'T "spar" with your blade. Unless YOU are killed outright. and DOWN you are determined to put him. and most probably filled with hate and rage. In FACT. You kick and stomp OVER and OVER and OVER again. gouge. using deception. hack and eviscerate with totally committed rage. You are going to seize the target with abject brutality and stab. vicious. let's consider the "choice" of weapon. It isn’t going to be pretty! Are you REALLY preparing to DEAL with THAT? Thanks to Mr. You WON'T "feint" with your blade. and brutality you are capable of. you WON'T "half-step" with your Carl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“K IFE DEFE SE MYTH” by Carl Cestari Instead of talking about a lot of b. ferocious.gutterfighting. Let us assume the "role" of the attacker. Your attack will be a frenzy of hate. It's not like a gun. slash. A knife or any edged weapon is an "up close and personal" tool of ferocious and brutal mayhem. slash. You KNOW that you MUST get this over with QUICKLY. short of your immediate demise CAN stop you. kick. YOU still continue the assault. You WILL attack with brutal and ruthless rage. NOTHING. let's reverse roles for a moment. NOTHING is going to stand in your way.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59.s. surprise or simply a committed and brutal pouncing. violently and with extreme prejudice stab. brutal and ruthless as it gets. ferocity and hate. and hack him to bits. Face that FACT 65 . and do ANY and EVERYTHING that will accomplish you GOAL in as ferocious a manner as inhumanly possible. rage and murderous INTENT. First. You DON'T even begin to "disengage" until your "blood" lust has been quenched. NOTHING! You are going to DESTROY whatever DOES attempt to thwart your murderous assault. and your mark taken off the count. You have to close with your mark and physically. And THAT will be heightened even MORE by rage and adrenalin. You will attack repeatedly with ALL the strength. Rage. You are going to be determined.proboards80. THAT is what REALLY happens when one human being uses a knife on another. So what kind of "mind-set" does this entail? You are going close with your target hard and fast. murderous intent and adrenalin are fueling you to an almost superhuman state of FRENZY and FEROCITY! Even when your man goes down. speed. butt. bite. a knife is about as personal.

. Though the O'Neill method may have included elements of Fairbairn's system (though there is documentation to the contrary). Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. Now we KNOW what the elements of the "Fairbairn" system are(though even here there is much misconception as well) and when would be hard pressed to describe WEF's approach as "kick and poke". Besides the fairly well-documented Judo background of D. Many reference sources containing information on O'Neills method as recalled by Forcemen of the 1st SSF refer to similar phrases as the one quoted above. "gouge and kick". O'Neill and his service with the SMP and as a "protégé" of WEF.M. Kelly who learned this method from O'Neill during Kelly's tour of duty in China." Offer some more insights into the man and the method. Quotes like this: ". But it is what it is! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Origins of the O’ eill Method” -Carl Cestari The "O'Neill" method is a consistent source of debate and 66 .. Terms like "jab and kick". there exist other "technical" sources. The difference in "needs" as it relates to close combat between front line rapid assault "shock" troops like the "Devil's Brigade" and the nature of clandestine special operations as waged by the OSS and SOE explains to great degree the dissimilarity in choice of method.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. So we can presume that the O'Neill method came into it's own sometime during the mid 1930's.gutterfighting. the "training" between Kelly and O'Neill must have occurred prior to that.. Charlie Nelson relates that his introduction to O'Neill's method was through a Sgt. as they say. British embassy security expert. Material extant from the WWII era mentions this specifically. So where does the O'Neill methods originate from? What may be the original source of this Thanks to Mr. The Army 21-150 manuals offer little in the way of a "complete" method and the USMC "proposed" manual adds some info but certainly not anywhere near the whole "picture" Or are you kidding yourself and others? REALITY sucks. "poke and kick" are constantly used when describing this method. and OSS contract employee named Dermot Michael "Pat" O'Neill. Since we know that O'Neill left for Japan in 1938.. Chinese foot-fighting or Chinese Boxing is mentioned in various manuals attributed to O'Neill. Charlie Nelson always said that this method was based on Chinese Guerilla warfare. little else is really known about the elements that comprise his method. CHI-CHI SHU another reference to Chinese combatives is also mentioned in the AID/IPA manual. Owing to the fact that most people have only been exposed to limited information concerning this method many "false" opinions have been expressed concerning it's value and/or effectiveness.. The system that O'Neill "developed" was born during his time in Shanghai.the Office of Strategic Services(OSS) improved version of kick and poke judo. This hand to hand unarmed combat method was developed and taught by a former Shanghai police inspector.proboards80.. it is clear that the O'Neill method is materially different. Aside from non-fictional works on the First Special Service Force that add bits and pieces to the puzzle.

..... Mr. Big and SCARY pondered these words for a minute.. And THAT is ALL that counts... Of course you should have the balls to make it stick.. Here's a little different lesson. He uttered these words in a very calm. I would imagine that most people equate verbal de-escalation with a passive. I'm NOT going to fight with you. It did NO good as Mr..... He then turned on his heels and sauntered away... But before he did he said. Older and Reserved quietly spoke the following words (paraphrasing): "Look..... Quietly and firmly.. Hopefully.gutterfighting. Large and Scary had a street rep in his territory for making good on his threats. we must FULLY understand the complete original syllabus of this method. Thanks to Mr.. very imposing street "player" who had the "REP" and a rather average looking non-imposing older gentleman of Italian heritage.. He was doing his BEST to convey to the older gentleman that he was quite serious in carrying out his threat of extreme bodily harm............"Okay. you are really scaring the shit out of me.. The very large and muscular BIG gentleman was rather angry and threatening over the "interest" due on a particular financial matter. Or at least really make the other guy BELIEVE you can! An incident I witnessed a number of years ago: A "dispute" over some unofficial "lending" practices led to a rather dicey and potentially very nasty confrontation between a VERY system? To fully understand the possible connections to Chinese Boxing. But the bottom line was that it WORKED... Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. He attempted to "appease" Mr. gimme a 24 and I'll square up".org/ 67 ........ Large and Scary by explaining that a deal was a deal and men of respect must hold to a certain honor... He wasn't a "joker"... Mr... Big and Scary JUST got LOUDER and more agitated and MORE THREATENING.. The older gentleman of Italian heritage was calm and reserved.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. AND KEEP YOUR "OPTIONS" OPEN... So Mr..proboards80. very self-assured manner.... we will also dispel "misinformed" opinions concerning the combat validity and effectiveness of the O'Neill "method".. Not your typical frame work for de-escalation.. he was "doer".I'm just going to.. nonaggressive.... As a matter of fact you ARE so BIG and SCARY that I wouldn't EVER think of fighting you.I'm quite sure that you are MORE than capable of carrying out your threats.... We will begin to discuss that aspect in Part II.. non-threatening appeasement type of patter...KILL YOU".. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Passive Aggressive. Think for yourself.” By Carl Cestari Along the lines of "de-escalation" it's often profitable to think "outside the box".NO.......

Whether YOU are AWARE of them or not is not the issue(it should 68 ... So it ONLY makes sense to hedge EVERY bet and do your UTMOST to insure YOU are the asskicker and NOT the asskickee. He's thinking.. SO USE THIS "GIFT" TO YOUR FULL ADVANTAGE! DE-ESCALTION.. 'Cause we are BOTH RUNNING THE GAME.. The best I can hope for is that my opposition wonders if I really am THAT STUPID to believe that my attempts at "backing it down" will really sway his intent to DO what he SET OUT TO DO! So while I'm acting like my whole demeanor is screaming "HEY..LOOK at THIS sappy. MY JOB is be MORE believable and SMARTER than the other guy.. Somebody is GOING to get a severe asskicking or worse NO MATTER what is done to quell the "potential" violence.. fire-hydrants.. plate glass windows. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won't. Dance the dance of the biggest galatic wussy appeaser that was ever BORN. sharp edges and -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Regular or De-escalated.proboards80. I KNOW the GAME and so does HE! AT BEST we're "dancing the dance". both verbal and physical should be a TACTICAL tool that at it's ESSENCE has NOTHING to do with your "perceived" intent BUT EVERYTHING to do with SETTING UP YOUR MOST ADVANTAGEOUS STRATEGY FOR ATTACK OR SURVIVAL! I don't BELIEVE for a SECOND that Joey Dirtbag is GOING TO BUY INTO the idea of any "peaceable negotiation" ANYMORE THAN I WOULD! A gift is gift and a "front" is a "front".. but as they say "shit happens"). What I'm really doing is setting HIM UP for the inevitable crash landing... compassionate and thoughtful "nature" of humankind...” By Carl Cestari We always stress that NOTHING occurs in a vacuum. logical. whatever. Consider YOURSELF very fortunate that you even have the OPPORTUNITY to attempt a run at "de-escalation".. CAN'T WE ALL JUST GETTING ALONG". brick facades... I for one would RARELY place a bet on the general altruistic. BROTHER DEAREST. Regardless whether you saw it "coming" or BAM it just kicks you in the ass there were any number of factors that occurred PRIOR to the "trouble" you are now facing.. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. That MEANS that you haven't just been KILLED or rendered hors d'combat OUTRIGHT.. The idea of developing "de-escalation" skills is generally understood as a way to defuse or lower the level of aggressive intent and minimize the possibility of serious hands on physical violence. There always exists stepping stones or a progression of events that lead up to a "situation"... So I would ALWAYS opt for the "mindset" that NO MATTER what I do. I'M gonna PLAY him right into the boneyard. Some of those "factors" were quite literally YEARS in the making. poles.... Curbs.. This is done thru verbal and physical actions that are designed to calm the stormy seas. on rushing traffic.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Get his back to the nastiest most damaging shit in your Thanks to Mr. And while YOUR doing that bit of street level "pys-ops" manuever him into YOUR TRAP.... I'M using ARTIFICE and guile to manuever HIM for MY BENEFIT.gutterfighting. it most probably WON'T WORK. pussy-assed schmuck.

..... Place YOURSELF in the BEST attack line which is HIS worst DEFENSE environment. so why choose Otsuka? Thanks to Mr... A number of elite covert intelligence and guerilla warfare units were trained in WADORYU as their base for unarmed combat(I wrote at LENGTH about this and why Wado/Shotokai was best suited)..GREAT! BUT ALWAYS...... The Yoshinryu Hombu Dojo was located in Tohyo and as major Jujutsu ryuha there was interaction with the Kodokan.....ALWAYS PREPARE FOR THE WORST! DE-ESCALATION is the ARTIFICE that SETS UP THE VEHEMENCE.... Don't be a sucker. as well as the infamous Black Dragon Society) officially sanctioned Otsuka's new creation. No small feat of 69 .. who was third headmaster of the Shindo-Yoshinryu Jujutsukai. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------D...... O'Neill's "working knowledge" of KENPO certainly refers to his Chinese martial arts training. The Butokukai(a governement sanctioned martial arts organization allied closely with the Japanese military and intelligence units..... Obviously Otsuka was Nakayama's leading uchideshi and would have been known to Uchijima Sensei.proboards80.... O'Neill's "duties" at the British Legation MOST certainly included intel gathering on these organizations.....From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. BUT since Otsuka refers to HIS system as KENPO-Jujutsu.. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www...WADORYU KENPO-JUJUTSU!(KENPO it reads).gutterfighting.. why can't there be a connection here as well? POST war: Why is Otsuka and Wadoryu singled out in compiling the syllabus? At this time there were a plethora of "Karate" systems all vying for the spotlight.. O'Neill was also Uchijima's TOP "gaijin" disciple.. Besides I don't believe ANYTHING is ever going to work as "advertised"........... Otsuka was featured at the annual martial arts festival held in Kyoto at the Butokuden..if by some chance the gods of fortune smile upon you AND the misdirection or your "de-escalation" PLOY actually WORKS... THAT is what the DANCE of "de-escalation" SHOULD BE PRIMARILY ABOUT! AND..... Manuever yourself to the BEST position to ATTACK while SETTING UP YOUR BEST AVENUE OF ESCAPE. O' eill & WADO RYU KE PO-JUJUTSU By: Carl Cestari Research and personal correspondance yields these facts: Uchijima Sensei of the Kodokan was very close friends with Tatsusaburo Yukiyoshi Nakayama... Hence....... Otsuka was already gaining notoriety by his continual integration of TODE and his native Jujutsu. Otsuka Sensei(founder of Wadoryu) was granted the title of FOURTH headmaster by Nakayama..

Otsuka develops very close ties with Japanese military and intelligence units who were being trained in his system... Otsuka becomes fourth headmaster of a Jujutsu ryu that has very close ties to the Kodokan.. in spite of many other Karate ryuha. the FM itself CLEARLY states this.. Now Okazaki Sensei is certainly due credit for his pioneering work in Jiujitsu and the early American martial arts scene. BUT I do NOT believe that the Kodenkan lineage had any influence on THIS particular manual. First.... CC -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FM 21-150 "Fact or Fiction". including the OSS. If the Kodenkan under Okazaki was the main force behind these methods why NOT give credit where credit is due? WHY even mention the New York Dojo at all? And why give lineage credit totally to the Kodokan and Kano? Especially when several paragraphs later we are told that the methods TAUGHT at the NY Dojo were believed to be ineffective for American use and that the "American Judo Club" was responsible for re-working the Kodokan methods into an effective Thanks to Mr.. Otsuka initially calls his system KENPOJUJUTSU...ALL of this was framed in the nature of a DISCUSSION of historical potentials.... Now.Uchijima is close friends with Nakayama who has as his "Number 1" .. An often-repeated claim is that the methods presented in this FM owe their origin...... O'Neill's duties WERE intelligence related! RIGHT after cessation of hostilities Otsuka is singled out by O'Neill. I have a ton of "potentials" concerning this entire field of research(including photos of the PIVOT kick being taught at the Budokwai in the late 30's.. Uchijima is O'Neill's SENSEI and friend...proboards80..possible...... By Carl Cestari The origins of the War Departments manual FM 21-150 "Unarmed Defense for the American Soldier" is open to some debate. The facts are as they are.gutterfighting. O'Neill has a working knowledge of KENPO.POSSIBLE connection?). Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59... The possible conclusions are just THAT..... The "New York Dojo" is specifically mentioned and credit is given directly to the methods of Kodokan Judo as developed and taught by Jigoro Kano. While it is quite true that several well established black belts in Danzan-ryu were very actice in military So far. Otsuka Sensei. at least in part. to the Danzan-Ryu Jiujitsu system of the Kodenkan under 70 . and may very have influenced OTHER military publications such as Colonel Anthony Flores's manual on "Hand to Hand Combat" and others I believe that the 1942 FM 21-150 was solely the work of men originating from the famous New York Dojo and representing an "Americanized" syllabus based on Kodokan Judo.. Henry Okazaki. I have never stated them in any other way.

One being the use of the term "Stahara" and the other the use of the principle of MAJOR and MINOR "operations". The use of these terms plays a significant role in this manual and are traceable directly to Smith's work. I believe that it was thru HIS influence and previous work with the US Armed Forces that culminated in the production of the 1942 manual and was the MAJOR influence in the material presented.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. Cliff Freeland's "Jiu-Jitsu" system is available in book form and he also was also the Editor of the "Judo Digest" as well as maintaining directorship over several Judo organizations. Kodokan Judo and the US military beginning in 1940. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. but still one would imagine that some connection would have been made.proboards80. Other possible influences in this manual may stem from the Thornberry (Jorgensen) military/jujutsu connection as well. Freeland was a DRIVING force in New York Judo circles for DECADES. I am NOT doubting that the Kodenkan did at some point influence SOME publications during this period. Smith was also active to some degree during WWII as well. Colonel Anthony Flores to Helen Foos of the Ishikawa Judo School (the Judo Journal) is available on line. Freeland was THE man given credit for introducing formal JUDO COMPETITIONS into the US Armed Forces as EARLY as 1940! So this is the connection between the New York Dojo. but even here it would have been a Tenshin Jujutsu lineage. As an interesting side note: An early (1960) letter from Lt.gutterfighting. Moreover. So AGAIN there is a direct influence from KODOKAN JUDO. we have a history of influence between the US military AND the New York Dojo that pre-dates the attack on Pearl Harbor and war with Japan. Freeland was a KODOKAN JUDO man thru and thru. Also we must consider two other points. It concerns Flores's thoughts about his contact in Brazil with the "GRACIE" style or "Judo". Thanks to Mr. He was a life long resident of New York. I just do not feel that is was the June 1942 Field Manual 21-150. Now I am CERTAINLY aware that since we were at war with Japan it may not have set well to give credit to Okazaki (or for that matter ANY Japanese origin).com "unarmed defense" system. though he was of an advanced age. During the war years Freeland was tasked with instructing literally thousands of US troops is "combat" judo and jujutsu. One of the EARLIEST occidentals training at the NY Dojo was a man named Cliff Freeland. but that is another story. BOTH these terms occur in Smith's "Secrets of Jujitsu" and represent HIS work as a Kodokan Judo black-belt and military instructor for the Army during WWI. This is why the New York Dojo is the sole reference for the origin of the methods "re-worked" by the: American Judo Club". Also of IMPORTANCE to note is that Cliff Freeland was SPECIFICALLY tasked with instructing President Roosevelt's personal cadre of bodyguards! This ties in with Colonel Applegate as 71 .

The material is out there for those who want it. Biddle was familiar with Okazaki as well as being conversant with the Danzan-ryu 72 . A product originating from the membership of the NY Dojo. but the most important element.D. find out why! What was the common base Thanks to Mr. One may NOT like the answer. D'eliscu had a hand in this as did others.gutterfighting.proboards80. Some are "Infantry School" authorized. it's all been done before. Study 1000 scenarios (whatever they may be). The goal is finding and understanding that common thread. So here is a definite connection between the US military (in this case the Marine Corps.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. have all happened before. There was a major Army base set up in Hawaii for "Ranger/Commando" type guerilla warfare training during this period. method. NO technique or method is 100%. I just believe that the 1942 FM 21-150 is exactly as advertised.J. In this context I could very well see an influence from Danzan-ryu being part. A great emphasis was placed on close-combat for jungle warfare. Tangible evidence to the contrary would of course be welcome. Many manuals were produced for specific units and camps. It's NOT technique. FM. many. The tools of civilization evolve and advance. the human being. That's the TRUTH! Mankind has been around for thousands upon thousands of years. see that a positive resolution was achieved 998 times. NOW. All the questions have been asked and already been answered. I am also convinced that A. system or ryu. experienced by a 1000 different individuals. and some are "special" bulletins. some are actually Unit specific. remains constant. Carl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“SHORT and TO THE POI T” by Carl Cestari The same round and round debates that take place here. I just don't think this was the case with the War Dept. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www.) and the Kodenkan. never will be. never has been. That's not the point. I have many of them. many times Carl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FM 21-150 "Fact or Fiction" CO TI UED: I'm NOT saying that some Danzan-ryu influence isn't present in some of the H2H methods of this period. but it's the answer nonetheless. They are not however War Department publications. that base denominator.

knees and kicks can BREAK BONES. Faster and harder and with far more rage and brutality than YOUR enemy can! You have to crush him with a BARRAGE of full power murderous blows. FAST and BRUTALLY as possible.proboards80. There is NO "sparring" or "duelling" and/or jockeying for a position of "advantage". There can be NO half-stepping or trepidation about the EFFECTIVENESS of your 73 .. HOW the HELL are you going to react when it's for ALL the MARBLES and you have selfdoubt about the what you can DO! Then it's TOO goddamn LATE! That LACK of selfconfidence will make you FALTER when you NEED to drop the hammer and need to do it NOW in order to SURVIVE! Do you hit like a PUSSY? Or do you HIT like a FUCKING TANK! Do YOU really BELIEVE that your attacks can cripple. snap neck. SERIOUS and TERMINATING INJURY! This is WHY it is MOST important to develop MAXIMUM POWER in your attacks. denominator that achieved success? NOT the "individual" how of what HARD.. ANY training that resembles a sparring/duelling or give and take type of drill is not only a waste of time... strikes.. THAT'S IT! To make this EFFECTIVE you MUST condition and toughen your natural weapons. rips. maim and KILL? That your punches. shatter jaws and split skulls? AND if you DON'T feel that way. rupture organs. BUT the cumulative WHY it worked... Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. Don't miss the forest for the trees. Playing a "game" and wasting time DECREASES your chances for survival GREATLY! When you make YOUR MOVE it is like a HAND GRENADE EXPLODING! Once the pin is PULLED.WHY? What is lacking in your training that you DON'T have that supreme confidence? Thanks to Mr.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. If your technique feel weak or sub-par in TRAINING when there is NO immediate life and death threat. DON'T give the bastard a CHANCE to react. You have to go from 0 to 100 NOW. This applies to any aspect of life. NO lack of confidence in YOUR trained ability to cause MASSIVE. It IS a sudden. and gouges... JUST GO! Just FUCKING GO.gutterfighting.Waste of TIME!” By: Carl Cestari A street fight or assault is NOT a protracted "affair of honor". NO give and take.... YOU survive street-fights by DESTROYING the ENEMY NOW.. This is a point few understand.. elbows. Dueling. Immediately and with extreme prejudice. BUT is actually counter-productive in terms of hard core real world combat survival. Get that and you get GOLD. convulsive explosion of frenzied VIOLENCE... you MUST strengthen your weapon skills. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Sparring. NO "sparring" for an opening. punches. DON'T give him a chance to do a FUCKING THING! OVERWHELM HIM! CRUSH HIM! TOTALLY DESTROY HIM! You are either going to SURVIVE or NOT.

Shanghai during this period was a 74 ..."Oh heck.. That's why I DON'T say...gutterfighting.. he becomes a dedicated devotee of Japanese and Chinese combatives... He joins the SMP in 1925 at age twenty.. He gains a working practical knowledge of Judo. Living and training in Japan.. YOU had BETTER be the F$%&ing ROCK! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Is Judo The Foundation of All Self Defense? By Carl Cestari What Can We Learn From What Has Already Been Done? Pre-WWII Judo was a far different thing than what we see now. He serves in this position for two years. and keep HITTING with killing intent.. The Japanese in particular... beguiling and dangerous place. when I get to HIM.. a master of Judo. He trains diligently at the Kodokan.. practiced a type of Judo that has little in common with the "sport" of today.. Becomes a protégé' of the famed Uchijima Sensei.. often winning against some of Japan's best.. Whether the rock hits the mirror. He travels to mainland Japan testing his skill in shiai and randori.. access to the BEST of his time (and ours too probably)! FAST FORWARD....... The Japanese police were renowned for having among their ranks many of the top Judoka... Fairbairn and earns a reputation as a "good" man in a dust up.. or the mirror hits the rock. Jujutsu. a true expert... AND I KNOW. Japanese "bujin" particularly those situated in China during this period had to be the BEST they could be......... Karate... Because what happens if some raging SOB tries to OFF ME TONIGHT! Always remember the old saying. In 1938 he leaves the SMP after 13 years service and heads up the security detachment for the British Legation in Tokyo. I'll train hard TOMORROW"... MAYBE even KILLED! BUT SO FUCKING WHAT! That WILL NOT DETER ME from DOING everything in my POWER to KILL the bastard who is trying to KILL ME.. is recognized as a protégé' of W. especially Kodokan Judo..proboards80.... being on a global war footing. Chinese Boxing and who knows what else.. he is FUCKING DEAD! ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of my INTENT and DETERMINATION is directing at MY SINGLE MINDED GOAL... in particular "newaza" or ground grappling.E. secures a respected position on the SMP Riot Squad.... He rises in rank. Into this mix comes a young Irishman named Dermot Michael O'Neil.. Thanks to Mr. perhaps severely.... Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU http://www. The Japanese presence in Shanghai insured that the quality of Judoka practicing there was of the highest's ALWAYS BAD FOR THE MIRROR! In this life... He trains under some of the BEST native Japanese sensei available.. He becomes an acknowledged expert. I expect and ACCEPT that I will be injured..... Besides his recruit training and his assignment under WEF on the Riot Squad. proven both on the tatami of various "dojo" and on the streets of I KNOW it is going to be a FUCKING FIGHT... Nothing is "bled" off because of ANY lack of confidence in MY ability to HIT.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59..

Why? Because he perfectly knew and understood what the mission of the 1st SSF was all about. strategy and physical combatives that was astounding. But suffice to say that this method was a blend of tactics. Fairbairn recommends D. O'Neil accepts and goes a step further.. But more importantly what lessons are to be garnered from this? What can be learned? WHY did O'Neil chose the methods and tactics (more important than the technique) that he did? Without a doubt O'Neil knew his business and knew it well. And what will the answer teach US. HE JOINS THEM! O'Neill gave great thought to the needs of these special troops as it related to close quarters combat. O'Neil is now in the US. working under WEF. So why? That's the question. Now this isn't about the nuts and bolts of the O'Neil method.From the Integrated Close Combat Forum http://kilogulf59. and PROVED EFFECTIVE in REAL COMBAT countless The world is at war.. "Paddy" O'Neil. He was instrumental in developing the V-42 Fighting Knife.M. now? 29 December 1958 – 23 July 2007 Rest In Peace Thanks to Mr.gutterfighting. He tailored the training to address needs as would be faced in REAL COMBAT by these troops! O'Neill’s logic and genius is evident in the complete method (not just dribs and drabs from various FM's and TM's).proboards80. They will become LEGEND! Then Colonel Fredericks contacts General Donovan of the OSS and requests WEF's services in training these troops. Clint Sporman and his outstanding website DEFE DU 75 . This composite group of assault raiders matches US and Canadian forces under the banner of the FIRST SPECIAL SERVICE FORCE. A new "commando" unit is being formed headed by a man named Fredericks. The Allied powers against the Axis of Evil. JUDO WAS HIS FORTE..He just doesn't "train" these men. But it was the "system" of close combat he devised that was his genius! The entire O'Neill system as taught then is little known today. seconded to the OSS.. The point is this: With ALL of O'Neill’s experience and expertise the method he devised for all intents and purposes was devoid of any Judo or grappling like techniques (and remember the Forces initial contact with the enemy was to be the Japanese).