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o o o o Start tonight by making the effort to Lengthen and to avoid slouching. Imagine that there is a piece of string attached to the tip of your spine that you are dangling from. We subconsciously associate High Status with good posture. You’re shooting yourself in the foot when you walk into a venue slouching and looking defeated. If you have particularly poor posture it’s defnitely worth going to see a specialist. Improving your posture will have a massive impact on how people perceive and communicate with you. 1 .BONUS E-BOOK INSTANT IMPROVEMENTS: THINGS YOU CAN DO TONIGHT TO GET THE GIRL Good Posture is Non Negotiable • Correcting poor posture takes time and conscious effort.

• • Women have an acute sense for picking When we enter a new space the natural tendency is to look around up subtext and when you layer your conversation with it. Teasing and Flirting. Practising subtext and double meaning will face walk calmly through the venue and open your first group or single girl towards the back of make the interaction fun for you and the girls you’re getting to know. take a slow breath to relax you. the room. o Step in. in a dark night club it’s difficult to see someone’s eyes from a distance. interesting. • For example try Saying “I Hate You” while Thinking “I Love You”.BONUS E-BOOK o Imagine that your body is Lengthening and Widening – Having these images and thoughts running through your mind will encourage your muscles to relax and respond. How does that affect the delivery of the line? • Or how about Saying “We’re gonna fight!” while Thinking “We’re gonna fuck like rabbits!” o o o • Subtext is one of the most powerful If you’re on your own have a playful smile on your foundations of Playfulness. this will build intrigue in whoever is watching. This is because there is a level of DON’T DO THIS! communication going on beneath the surface of the interaction. Make an Entrance • • Take advantage of the fact that people naturally look as a new person enters a room. things become a lot more fun and to assess if there’s any source of potential danger. Use subtext when communicating with women Subtext is the underlying or implicit meaning of the words you use. If you’re with friends engage and talk to them without breaking your stride. Move slower than usual. When you enter what signals are you sending out? You want the signals to be that of high value and confidence. o INSTANT IMPROVEMENTS: THINGS YOU CAN DO TONIGHT TO GET THE GIRL 2 . o Look around with your eyes rather than your whole head – it may feel a little weird at first but from an external point of view you’ll look a lot more self assured and project confidence immediately. Women are constantly assessing the balance of value in a venue. • Subtext works best when you have an antithetical thought running through your head as you say a sentence. Go and approach your first group at the back of the room.

It’ll be a great surprise to anyone who made a snap shot judgement just from seeing you. The scantily clad blonde that walks past and stops men mid conversation receives a degree of validation just from knowing the effect that she has on men. unimpressed by what she has to offer. You’ll instantly set yourself apart from the vast majority of guys losing their minds and dribbling into their drinks. look. fun and playful.INSTANT IMPROVEMENTS: THINGS YOU CAN DO TONIGHT TO GET THE GIRL • Use high value body language o Tilt your chin slightly above the horizon this creates a mild aloofness which you can then completely shatter when you open warm... (credit Daxx) o o o 3 . Not YOU. and draw her attention. make eye contact and then look away (before she does). TIP: Remember it is better to be perceived as Higher Value and to “Bring them up” to your level than to be seen as Lower Value and have to work your way up to theirs • Avoid RAS Triggers o o Our Reticular activation System is designed to seek out the value in a room and draw our attention to it.because you’re hot you think you don’t have to say hi. Then go and open with something challenging – Something I like to use on the super hot girls is “Hey. not anymore! Fight the temptation to look or better still. In a night club or a bar the attractive women very quickly trigger most guys RAS.” Step back and cross your arms with a playful smile. so basically...

There is no way that she can ignore you as you open. your physical strength should always be under your control and you should view it when meeting women as a strong nurturing force rather than an aggressive destructive one. controlled power as a man is unleashed as you make your desire known. only as they warm up and start to invest in the interaction (after you baiting for investment). Direct o o o o Assert your power! You’re making a point and creating a moment with this particular girl. • Open without fully facing the group and then. Your full. with his groin pointing towards them completely. • The momentum of the crowd is against you and it makes the chances of her stopping slightly less likely. Note here that this doesn’t mean being aggressive or man handling her. do you turn to fully face them. INSTANT IMPROVEMENTS: THINGS YOU CAN DO TONIGHT TO GET THE GIRL 4 . Indirect o Your full attention should be earned during the course of the interaction. • Use your Spatial Awareness o Find the best place to open • If a woman is walking past with a bunch of people walking around it may not be the best time spatially to start the conversation.BONUS E-BOOK Useful Body Language tips through the Emotional Progression Model Opening • Be aware of where your power is going o Whichever way your groin is pointing is the direction that your power is going – In regards to body language when I’m teaching and I tell a guy “you’re giving your power away” I’m referring to him giving the group his full attention.

you. the sense that she is losing you (but that she can get you back) These are done at emotional high points – After making them laugh or drawing them in with intriguing stories. making it easier to hold their attention in a high energy environment. Locking in also causes a psychophysical reaction in the women that you’re talking to. • This demonstrates huge pre-selection. it sets up the dynamic of them investing in. see’s a group of attractive women looking as if they are hitting on you. not that you’re a random guy they just met. Anyone outside of the group who observes you. Make sure you’re physically comfortable. • This does some really important things: • It creates a little bubble where it’s just you and the girls you’re talking to. and chasing. Attraction • Lock In o o This means making yourself part of the group physically. so that if someone was looking over at the group they’d think you all knew each other. By moving into a position where you’re slightly more comfortable. • Use non verbal takeaways o The foundational ideas behind takeaways are that you are willing to walk away and are not taking the interaction too seriously. • It is possible to stop women in such circumstances however being Spatially Aware and waiting maybe a few seconds until she is in a better area or preplanning exactly where to move her once she stops. Lean back against the bar/wall and have them facing you with their backs to the rest of the room. will increase your chances of opening. o o o 5 .INSTANT IMPROVEMENTS: THINGS YOU CAN DO TONIGHT TO GET THE GIRL • If she does stop you’re going to be fighting against people bumping into you both and she’ll eventually get uncomfortable. They also give her a slight feeling of loss.

• I’m a touchy feely (not sleazy) kind of guy and I’m comfortable with that.BONUS E-BOOK Non-Verbal Takeaways Include: • Being easily distracted early on • Looking around the room briefly then coming back to the conversation. you get me. high five!” • “You’re celebrating Friday. Some ways to make touch fun and comfortable is to: • Use high fives to reward ANYTHING! TIP: High Five Anything As long • “You’re from Stockholm! as you break the touch barrier Awesome. • Use side hugs to reward/build conspiracy/while you create role-plays • (While Side Hugging) “You’re my new best friend. brush each others hair and eat tubs of Haagen Dazs ice cream . Start touching as early in the interaction as possible.o)” o o INSTANT IMPROVEMENTS: THINGS YOU CAN DO TONIGHT TO GET THE GIRL 6 . Think “what story am I telling with my touch?” • We’re all old friends and comfortable with each other. Use touch as a communication Tool. we’ll have sleep overs. creating a little distance will be enough to trigger the feelings of losing you) • Small back turns • Be the Touchy Guy o o o o Remember that touch is a part of Body Language... • Checking your phone or send a text message while she is talking • Stopping mid sentence and looking for a friend (Don’t move far away.!? that you’ll naturally feel from starting a conversation with a Awesome! High Five” stranger. about how comfortable you are with women and the type of relationship that is developing. The way you touch can tell a story. Studies have proven that we generally like people more when we touch.

and invested in getting to know you. There are very specific things that I teach guys to do when rewarding a woman in order to drastically improve the impact of their compliments. Focus on her left eye (not the eye on your left side but her ACTUAL left eye). This will cause her to close the distance to hear you and make the conversation more intimate. The point of the pause is it demonstrates that what she has shared has genuinely resonated with you. b. Make eye contact a. a. 3. Touch as you compliment and then break a. Lean back and encourage her to come to you. It’ll make the compliment more genuine once you say it. at this stage will be interpreted as you being guarded and uncomfortable opening up and really connecting with her. b. a. She’ll begin to link positive feelings with your touch as it’s aligned with a compliment c. 1. 2. Try saying sorry to someone without looking at them and see if they believe you or not. It’s hugely important to show her that you “Get her” and that you see who she is under the facade that most people put on in a nightclub. 5. 6. a light squeeze of her hand or thigh just above the knee. This is just a gentle touch on the arm. We trust people more when they make eye contact while giving us compliments or saying sorry etc. 4. The right side of our brain processes the information taken in through the left eye. probing into her life. Purposefully drop your volume slightly a. Doing this at the comfort stage works exceptionally well because she is already attracted. Done too early and you risk her saying “What?” all the time which kills moment. This is just a slight pause before speaking. This builds trust as it shows her that you’re not overeager. This side of our brain is responsible for our intuitive thinking and for processing subtext in language. Be aware of using open body language when building comfort. i. She’ll feel a lot more comfortable opening up to you.INSTANT IMPROVEMENTS: THINGS YOU CAN DO TONIGHT TO GET THE GIRL Qualification/Comfort • • Many guys have trouble rewarding women for their unique character qualities. Arms crossing your body. By focusing through her left eye when you speak you ‘re encouraging her right brain to bypass her logical thinking. Break in order to preserve comfort levels. 7 . b. Take a pause before rewarding a.

You’ll find that the tips will have a massive and immediate impact on your interactions and the great thing is that you don’t have to memorize a word! To your success and happiness! Vercetti INSTANT IMPROVEMENTS: THINGS YOU CAN DO TONIGHT TO GET THE GIRL 8 .BONUS E-BOOK Go out tonight and try the above.

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