Rey Leonard M. Amorato

Clark Freeport Zone, Angeles City, Pampanga

The Philippines has always been a thriving tourist destination but what it currently lacks is a top-tier, international standard gateway or airport. The current gateway to the Philippines, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) has long been outgrown and it is voted as the worst airport as of 2011 in terms of its services and facilities – This is why the Philippine government is studying the possibility of converting Clark International Airport to the premier international icon, after NAIA.

A state-of-the-art international airport terminal that can accommodate up to 7 million passengers annually, with various airline operators among which are; Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airways. Supporting several aircraft models from Boeing and Airbus and one of the few terminals that can support A380.

Joint venture of Clark International Airport Cooperation (CIAC) with Korean International Cooperation Agency. (KOICA)

The Aquino administration is currently examining the feasibility of transforming Clark International Airport as the premier gateway to the Philippines, where the terminal currently has the rated capacity of 2.5 million passengers annually – which is insufficient if Clark International Airport were to accommodate the growing number of passengers and if it becomes the premier airport to the Philippines. In line with the increasing number of visitors to the Philippines and with the anticipation of Clark International Airport being the premier gateway to the Philippines, the need to create an additional world-class, state of the art airport terminal is necessary to boost the country's economic status.

◦Construction of a new cargo terminal complex. BUDGET PHP 6. ◦Construction of new taxiways and aprons. ◦Construction of a transport plaza. an international transfer passengers on a domestic connection flight or vice-versa. ◦Construction of new taxiways and aprons. from security staff to administrators.75 billion (grant from KOICA. Tourists – These are foreign travelers with various intentions of entering/leaving the country that range from business trips to leisure. ◦Construction of a new control tower. ◦Construction of a covered parking area. ◦Construction of a new runway. through BOT system. Table 1: Target user(s) 2 . • Ensure that the new terminal would be as efficient as possible in generating revenue. Tertiary Terminal employees – these are the personnel that provide customer services. Pilots/Stewardess – these are international pilots/stewardess on a connecting flight or local pilots/stewardess on their way to a flight.) TARGET USERS Primary • Development of a new identity and signature.INTRODUCTION Rey Leonard M. • Construction and Development of: ◦Construction of an airport plaza. Amorato PROJECT OBJECTIVES • Development of an iconic international airport nurturing the culture of the Filipinos as hospitable people.PROPOSED CLARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 2 CHAPTER 1 . Secondary Transit passengers – these are passengers that are on a connecting flight. ◦Development of a new identity and signature and site and utilities development. Local – These are departing local citizens and arriving OFW's. ◦Construction of a shopping center.

which is the main cause ensure the security and safety of the users? of passenger inconvenience with most airports. What aspect of surveillance architecture should be considered to Provide less manual security check points. Amorato STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Major Problem How will the airport terminal be designed to become iconic? Goal Provide an unconventional design solution that would cater to both the international crowd and the locals by fusing hypermodernism with unique Filipino architecture.INTRODUCTION Rey Leonard M. Utilize solar energy via photo-voltaic panels for outdoor pathway covers. Use of electric powered ground based units. Table 2: Major problem(s) Minor Problem What would be an efficient planning to ensure swift access and mobility of passengers and operations? What are the latest architectural trends/technologies that could be integrated to introduce Green Architecture to the project? Architectural Objectives Plan the terminal without worrying too much about spacial constraints. but installing more advanced solutions like surveillance equipment and x-ray systems.PROPOSED CLARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 2 CHAPTER 1 . Table 3: Minor problem(s) 3 . better placement of related spaces to ensure efficient flow and attain the balance within cost and design.

thus elevating the economic status of not only the local area but the whole country itself. more passengers can be catered to annually. • Angeles city. Amorato SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY To Architecture • The design would be beneficial to future students of architecture and the architectural community as an example/standard to airport design boasting efficient planning and development not limited by traditional planning methods that are too compartmentalized and budget constrained. To Community • With a bigger and more advanced airport terminal. Pampamga will be a significant dot on the map.INTRODUCTION Rey Leonard M. • Introduce new and innovative design solutions like interactive ad spaces that would serve as an example and standard for future developments of an airport terminal. and increasing the likelihood of them returning to the Philippines.PROPOSED CLARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 2 CHAPTER 1 . 4 . once Clark International Airport becomes the new gateway to the Philippines more job opportunities will be available for the community.

Amorato REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Interactive Advertisements Solar Shade Xerox Fills Nation’s Airports With Life-Sized Interactive Commercials .com GIST: An ingenious marketing move by Xerox. I can envision installing these in-place of traditional outdoor walkway covers – the energy generated by the solar shades is one step towards being sustainable.fastcodesign. (provide shade & energy) with dynamic visual feedback system to indicate the quantity of energy collected. 5 . imagine going up to one of these screens. CRITIQUE: This shows that going green does not always mean being boring.http://www. GIST: A canopy that have solar cells on top means that these structures are dual purpose.dezeen.INTRODUCTION Rey Leonard M. to check up on your flight schedule.PROPOSED CLARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 2 CHAPTER 1 .com Solar Shade by Australian designers Buro North Rose Etherington . these are interactive ads are place across many airports in the US in order to promote products that the end users get to experience first-hand. CRITIQUE: I see this innovation as a great tool for airports. find the latest duty-free deals in real-time and interactive – No more static directory boards.Suzanne LaBarre http://www.

and how these materials would create a “green” structure. that balances nature and architecture by implementing various methods of achieving sustainability.Furuto . CRITIQUE: An example of how green solutions can still be aesthetically pleasing. Alison .PROPOSED CLARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 2 CHAPTER 1 . CRITIQUE: Though this is not related to an airport. the methodology used in achieving a sustainable design is very helpful in providing guidelines as to what materials to use.July 2012 . 6 .ArchDaily GIST: Fifty-five distinctive round skylights in its arrivals bag-claim area allow natural light to pour into the terminal by day and glow in electric blue ring shapes by night. Amorato REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE Winipeg Richardson International Airport First Certified “Green” Project in the Philippines Leisure + Travel Magazine .Coolest New Airport Terminals "First Certified “Green” Project in the Philippines .INTRODUCTION Rey Leonard M. by using skylights that illuminate the area by day and put on astonishing displays at night. GIST: The very first certified “green” architecture here in the Philippines.

INTRODUCTION Rey Leonard M. • Explore materials that would help lessen the carbon footprint like double-glazed glass panels. User Analysis Major Problem Goals And Objectives • Planning of a new cargo terminal complex.) Research • Explore applications of solar energy through photo-voltaic panels. • Methods to sustainability within the reach of current technology. • Planning of the terminal. (Internal CIAC zoning. Amorato CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS Scope & Limitations Implementing Green Ideas Data Gathering Planning and development. • Planning of a transport plaza. • Minor Site and utilities development. • Provision of a covered parking area. • Planning of a new control tower. Minor Problem • Site development is limited to the Aviation Area.PROPOSED CLARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 2 CHAPTER 1 . • Planning of an airport plaza. • Planning of a shopping center within the terminal. End Goal 7 .

from 7. researched the law and ordinances with regards to the building type and the rules that directly affect the project. Data Interpretation Anticipate greater amount of increase in the following years and plan new terminal that will be able to accommodate such numbers. RA9266 and BP344. Research: Time Saver's Building Types. Research: Library and Internet. planning related topics on the said project objectives. Study current plans.023 in 2011.880 to 725. Agency visitation: Conducted interviews on project objectives.PROPOSED CLARK INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT TERMINAL 2 CHAPTER 1 . capacity. Gain insights on the objectives and Base the space requirements and other understand their importance to the project. sustainability. identify weaknesses if Base the size of the spaces within the new any and compare current size in relation to terminal from the current terminal.INTRODUCTION Rey Leonard M. Focus on how to incorporate those technologies/methods to the planning to achieve a highly efficient structure. 8 . Agency visitation: Took as-built plans of current terminal. Table 4: Research design Understand the restrictions and guidelines Base planning on these documents so that that these documents provided as they conform with the standards and local standards in order for maximum efficiency law and ordinances. of the structure. Amorato RESEARCH DESIGN Data gathered Agency visitation: Took flight statistics from 2003-2011 Data analysis Concluded that passenger traffic has been increasing since its opening in 2003. researched Understand and analyze the feasibility of topics on latest trends/solutions for the the said technologies/methods for the design and new/innovative ways to achieve project. the capacity of the terminal to the expected anticipating the increase in passenger user capacity of the new terminal.

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