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Valentine Special Three Love Stories

A Catholic Prayer Meeting of the LIGHT OF JESUS FAMILY February 10, 2013

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EVERY WEEK, I bring my wife Marowe on a special date night. On the days were exceedingly tired, we sometimes tell each other, Lets just watch a movie and eat popcorn. So we check the movie schedule together. Obviously, she prefers the romantic lovey-dovey flicks while I push for comedies or action stuff. But since this isnt a major decision but a minor one, I give in. (Groan.) But on the way, in the car, we get to talk. And our talking is so enriching, so refreshing, we end up dumping our movie plans because we want to keep talking. So we get into a restaurant, hold hands, and we just chat the night away. This scenario happens again and again, I wonder why we still bother to plan to watch a movie when we know well give it up later. (Weve NOT watched a moviejust the two usfor a very long time. But weve watched movies with the kids, mostly cartoons.)

Today, I receive all of Gods love for me. Today, I open myself to the unbounded, limitless, overflowing abundance of Gods universe. Today, I open myself to Gods blessings, healing, and miracles. Today, I open myself to Gods Word so I would become more like Jesus every day. Today, I proclaim that I am Gods beloved, I am Gods servant, I am Gods powerful champion. And because I am blessed, I am blessing the world. In Jesus name. Amen.

8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. First Feast Session, Plenary Hall 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Second Feast Session, Reception Hall 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Third Feast Session, Plenary Hall 3:45 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. Fourth Feast Session, Plenary Hall Have Fun and Be Blessed in the Happiest Place on Earth!


Why Money Runs Away from Their Owners

After 14 years of being together, we just like talking to one another. And thats the reason our marriage is very strong. Hear me out: Any healthy relationship is built on regular communication. In the same way, do you want to have a healthy relationship with money? Then you need to build regular communication about it as well. A lot of people dont like to think or talk or read or study about money. Thats why their money complains and files for divorce! Usually, money just runs away with some other guy. I strongly suggest you think about your money, read about your money, study about your money, and plan about your money. Im not asking you to love money. That will destroy you. But Im asking you to have a healthy relationship with money. When you do, youll experience a financial breakthrough in your life. Thats my prayer for you in this series! Have a terrific Feast today! May your dreams come true,

Changing Your Relationship With Wealth Talk 1: Happy Talk 2: Healthy Talk 3: Holy Big Day: Grow Your Self, Grow Your Wealth


COOL youth gigs! See pages 4-5.




WHO wants to become rich? Bro. Bo Sanchez asked as soon as he went onstage, and the Feast attendees roared as they raised their hands. Bro. Bo then immediately warned the crowd that the new series, Happy, Healthy, Holy Money, will be about something that we wont hear from other preachers because not all preachers talk about money. But, Bro. Bo pointed out, we should talk about money because God wants us to have an abundant life as expressed in James 1:17: Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father... Bro. Bo explained that God doesnt mind us becoming rich-- on one condition: that we will be rich on the inside before we become rich on the outside. If we are rich on the inside first, we can handle the money that will come in. Bro. Bo pointed out that money is a magnificent magnifier. If we are greedy and selfish, money will just magnify our greed and selfishness. But if we are good, money will magnify the good in us. So how do we use money? Bro. Bo referred us to Psalms 35:27: ...Let the Lord be magnified who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant. Bro. Bo said God takes pleasure in our prosperity. But we are squeamish about becoming rich because weve often been told that money cant buy happiness. So weve had bad relationship with money. He said, however, that there are three kinds of rich people:

FR. FROILAN BRIONES, SSS, said last Sundays Gospel from Luke 4:21-30 is about prejudice and discrimination. In the Gospel, Jesus narrated two stories in the Old Testament where God helped the non-Jews and foreigners alike. The first, about a famine in the time of Elijah. The prophet is sent by God to faraway Zarephath outside of Israel. There, he meets a widow and her son. Elijah asks the woman for food. All the widow has are little flour and oil for her and her child. Nevertheless, she makes a meal for Elijah. Then, she is rewarded with a jar of flour and a jug of oil that never runs out. The other story is about lepers during the time of Elisha when there was still no cure for leprosy. Naaman, a foreigner stricken with the same disease, asks the prophet to heal him. Elisha instructs the man to wash himself in the river Jordan seven times. His leprosy miraculously disappears. Fr. Briones said the Jews thought highly of themselves and looked down on all foreigners, so they got offended after hearing Jesus stories as they felt Jesus was challenging their beliefs. So they plotted to kill Jesus. Gods grace is for all, Fr. Briones reminded us. He encouraged everyone to give love the Christian way as defined in Pauls second letter to the Corinthians. Fr. Briones lamented the many divisions in our society. He said all these would be broken if we remember that we are all members of Gods family. -- Cessna Papas

All Precious in Gods Eyes

The Filthy Rich Bo said that the filthy rich are those who are greedy, selfish, and sometimes cruel people. The reason people can say that money cant buy happiness is because of the filthy rich. Bro. Bo said they are like Gollum in the film trilogy The Lord of the Rings who, at first was normal but who became a monster when he desired to possess the ring that he heard would make him powerful. Similarly, if you become a filthy rich man, you dont possess money but money possesses you. The Guilty Rich The guilty rich are the people who are usually abundantly blessed, good, church-going, and Bible-reading people-- rich people who are not comfortable with their wealth. An example is a woman who earns a lot of money but is still not happy. It turned out that when she was young, talks about money were shunned in their house because her parents thought gaining profit was bad. Bro. Bo said he advised the woman to read his books on wealth and attend the Feast regularly to slowly change her mindset on money. Bro. Bo cited a survey among 150,000 persons to find out who are the happiest countries in the world. Survey results showed less fortunate countries, including the Philippines, were in the top 10 while rich countries like France, Germany, Japan, and America ranked among the lowest with Singapore, a rich first-world country, at the bottom of the list.

The survey, Bro. Bo pointed out, shows that money cant really buy happiness. But, he said, desiring to be wealthy is not about buying happiness. God designed money to increase helpfulness-- as stated in 1 Timothy 5:8: But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever. The Truly Rich Bro. Bo said the Truly Rich is the person who uses his money to help others. He said it is our moral obligation to be financially stable, and even earn more, not for ourselves for we should not be thinking of just ourselves, but the people around us who need our help. He specifically addressed fathers who, he said, have two major tasks: to provide for their family and to teach their children, especially their sons, how to earn money. Bro. Bo prophesied that if we will follow the teaching on being Truly Rich, in 10-20 years, we will be the richest good people in the Philippines. If we just continue our search for abundance to help people, we will become multi-millionaires. -- Mark Villacorte Photos by ELS Come Monday, surprise! Someone bought the car she had been trying to sell for so long-at a price that more than met her immediate needs. Teresa thus shared two of Gods promises that have been fulfilled for her: God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. -- Hebrews 6:10 And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work. -- 2 Corinthians 9:8

TERESA DUMADAG shared last Sunday at the Feast how God provided for her one time she suffered a financial crisis. She said one day, she just didnt have enough money-not even for groceries for her family. She reviewed her budget over and over again but she just couldnt solve her dilemma. Mustering enough faith, she asked God to help her. Throughout the week, however, there seemed to be no solution to her problem. Undaunted, she


remained faithful to God, giving her tithe at the Feast, even as she didnt know how she would make both ends meet the following week.

2 THE FEAST February 10, 2013

By MARIA CHRISTINA Illustration by JANELLE IBAY HAVE you ever felt so tired that you were able to sleep 14 hours straight in one day? How about missing the Feast weeks in a row because you just wanted to rest at home and sleep but you couldnt feel the worm named guilt slowly consume you deep inside? I have, and I am not proud of it. I took up Accounting, took the exam to become a Certified Public Accountant, and while waiting for the results of the board exam, I worked in a call center. I passed the exam, and happily, I resigned from the call center and started working in a bank to practice my profession. At the bank, there were times when we were working 19 hours a day, 7 days a week -- non-stop. I never wanted to complain but I think I am already at my limit for being too timid about my burden. It really is true that its a dog eat dog world out there. Add some politicking among the players, and, if youre timid like me, youll most likely end up at the bottom of the manpower hierarchy. That was me when I attended the Feast Sunday when Bro. Bo Sanchez talked about Significance, the last talk of the series Guaranteed. I had hit rock bottom. Under the sea. In the Netherworld, if that is really possible. That Sunday, I got out of work at 8 a.m. after our weekend 10-hour overtime work. I decided to attend the Feast just so I wont succumb to depression. Then Bro. Bo talked about the main essence of being significant-- that is, helping others achieve their dreams. And wham, I realized how Id been simply working


Talk 2: Healthy Money Are You Financial Fit?


Deuteronomy 29:9 Therefore keep the words of this covenant, and do them, that you may prosper in all that you do. Joshua 1:8 Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it. Only then will you prosper and succeed in all you do. Personal Reflection and Group Sharing: Are you financially fit? How can you be more financially fit this year?
for hours on end-- for what? I felt so worthless, tears just welled in my eyes. As I cried, I remembered all the words of encouragement that my colleagues and friends have told me. I also remembered my role as a member of the Feast PICC Media Ministry. At first, I applied to serve as a writer and photographer-- which I loved to do. Of late, however, the leaders discovered I am a CPA. So they appointed me to head the Ministrys Finance Department. Ah, at last! I realized the significance of my title as a certified accountant. I havent given much importance to it until now. And, because of my new responsibility, I now feel that what I am doing is significant. I am significant. Well, maybe not right now for the company that I work for, but for the God who made it possible for me to pass the CPA board exam. I do remember making a pact with Him that when I pass the board exam, I would serve Him every which way I could. Well, here I am, Lord. Use me for Your glory. Editors Note: Have you reflections on the Feast talks? Share! and let the world know Gods Words are true! For details, email, or call 09399044065.

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THE FEAST February 10, 2013


YOUTH FOR THE LORD, from top left: Keren Mallari; Khel Pagaduan with the ladies, from left: Zhan Valcos, Abi Kalaw, Geline Parin, Nia Saquilabon, Jhovie Sangalang, Kate Peascos; worship time with Jess Coralde leading worship; singers Gerd Nabuya, Gail Bernabe, and Eduard Comabig; guitarists Ryan Nacario and Bene Sanchez.


By BETHANY DECHAVEZ The change should let you GLOW. Keren explained that the change should help you accept and love yourself. The change should let you GROW. Keren said she experienced changes that pushed her to grow. When she became more independent, she learned how to be responsible for everything that she does. Also, the experiences that pushed her to grow made her realize her worth.

2013, here they come! The youth of Feast PICC and Feast Manila embraced new beginnings on their first gathering dubbed Sibol: Bagong Simula at the PICC Banquet Hall last January 20, 2013. The exciting gathering started with getiingto-know you exercises, and then games galore-- sit-ups, jumping rope, hula-hoop, and Rubiks Cube, testing their fitness and wit.

Keren Graine Mallari, central coordinator of Youth Ministries, said in her inspirational talk the gathering aims to encourage the youth to initiate change in their life. Keren shared that she was afraid of change, but she stressed the importance of being able to adapt to change. She shared three principles that she follows every time she decides to change her ways.

4 THE FEAST February 10, 2013

The change should let you GO. At a certain point of your life, you will need to move on, Keren said. And when you reach that point, you learn to let go. In doing so, you will become a better person. Keren said change is difficult. But, she added, A change for the better a change that will help you glow, grow, and go will make you the best person God purposed you to be.


FLASHBACK! The boys and girls during Camp Kalye, one of the most exciting events of the Youth Ministry.


HEY, boys and girls, dont miss the super cool activities the Feast PICC Youth Ministry is holding in 2013. Chai Santiago (above), representing the Youth Ministry in the recent Feast PICC Planning Conference held in Baguio City, presented the Ministrys plans for a more dynamic Youth Ministry. Check these out: Training of more youth core servants! More Youth caring group heads! More CG members-- 70 to100 Feast per session Bigger and better youth camps, with 200 attendees per camp! Bigger and better teambuilding for the youth core servants! Consolidated database of all the attendees of the different youth gatherings! Admin Ministry within the core Sunday Prayer Meetings in PICC during 3rd Sundays.
THE FEAST February 10, 2013

The Youth Team gave each participant a pot of mongo seeds, instructing the teens to plant the seeds which, they said, symbolize an opportunity for the youth to grow and become a blessing to others. Grow the seeds, boys and girls. Grow in every aspect of your life, and go to where God wants you to be!

Know more about the Feast PICC Ministries ! log on to:



By AILEEN GRACE ALVAREZ what he called the non-negotiable characteristics of your one true love, who must be: free from serious addictions THESE lines from the song titled We Found emotionally healthy Love, popularized by Rihanna last year, plays earning enough to start in my mind as I write this article. If I could a family have a chance to chat with Rihanna, Ill say must be morally upright to her, Hey Rihanna, you can find love- must be spiritually commitment not in a hopeless place, but in the happiest must love his/her own family. place on Earth! Rhy wished hed find such a Thats exactly what happened to my true love. friend Rhy Carpio, a member of the Radical Meanwhile, he concentrated Men Batch 3, the group of single men on following the undergoing training Biblical mandate: FEAST ROMANCE, from top: Rhy Carpio with girlfriend for leadership in the Anne Arreza; Rhy and Anne (left side) with their Their Facebook status is Seek first Feast. Rhy found Caring Group. the kingdom his true love-now changed from single to of God and Anne Arreza, a in a relationship. everything shall be member of his attendee who smiled back at you. added unto you. Caring Group. Who knows? (Matthew 6:33). At first, Rhy and Anne met online-It makes me wonder, wheres He joined a Caring Group and started through the Kerygma Forum, an online my O.T.L? serving in the Feast. group sharing Gods Word. Then they And, amazingly, everything indeed attended the Feast PICC and eventually has been added unto him. He has received joined the Caring Group. financial blessings. And now, his one true The two had so much fun in the love-- a woman with the non- negotiable CG, sharing their stories, jokes, blessings, characteristics Bro. Bo listed in his book. struggles and dreams. Rhy and Anne recently celebrated their After a few months, they decided to seventh monthsary and they vow to support have a serious talk and take their friendship and inspire each other for more months and to the next level. So their Facebook years to come. status is now changed from single to Now, to all those fabulous females in a relationship. and magnificent males out there who are Rhy also attends the Feast Manila and single and want to find their One True there, he recently shared about finding love Love, I say one way to find the One is not in his Caring Group. For details call: in the hopeless place but in the happiest Rhy said he once read the book of Malour Montecillo place on Earth. That person might be a Bro. Bo Sanchez How To Find Your One 09192524428 co-servant, a CG friend or that Feast True Love. In the book, Bro. Bo presented We found love in a hopeless place We found love in a hopeless place.

6 THE FEAST February 10, 2013


The Guy Who Got Away


Thank You,
Thank You, Lord! I saw my former boss and his wife at the PICC lobby after so many years of not seeing them. It made me very glad to know that they have been regularly attending the Feast. - Belle Thank You, Lord, for my 50th birthday celebration on January 26. Thank You for all my family, friends, and co-church workers who attended. Thank You for the many years of life that You have given me, and for making me Your servant. - Anna Marie Thank You, Lord, for the successful and orderly first communion of Grade Four students at the Santa Clara de Montefalco Parish on January 26. Thank You, Lord, because we finished four schools in one day. Even though we were tired, we were very happy to share the Gospel to hundreds of children and see them receive You in Holy Communion. Thank You, Lord, for this grace. - Emma Thank You, Lord. I passed my thesis defense! - Sarah Marielle Thank You, Lord, for the successfully transforming and joyful Leaders Assembly at the Villamor Gymnasium. Thank You for Your unconditional love and for all graces and blessings I received. - Joel Thank You, Lord, for the big package from the United States sent by our cousin. Thank You for blessing their family abundantly and for their thoughtfulness to us. - Pastor and Celia Thank You, Lord, for healing me from dehydration, fever, and respiratory infection. I am now out of the hospital. - Lorie Thank You, Lord, our contract as canteen concessionaire with our big client has been extended. - Paula Thank You, Lord. For the first time, I was able to finish the entire procession of the Black Nazarene from early morning until its return to the church. Thank You, Lord, for the strength and the endurance. - Jan Julius
THE FEAST February 10, 2013

I LOOKED at him he looked at me The jeepney driver, noticing the Hes the most gorgeous hunk ever, commotion, stepped on his brake and and I wondered, did he find me beautiful ordered the woman to get off. To my too? Was he going to make the first relief, the woman, talking to herself, move -- like say to me, Hi! And quickly got off. then tell me his name? Ask my name, I was so shaken, I could hardly get my address? speak. Mr. H also sat quietly--- until But we were in this jeepney, with after a few more blocks, he got off half a dozen passengers, looking like the jeepney. zombies enduring the hot, humid, polluted Yup, I let the guy get air around us as the jeepney negotiated the away. Or should I say, he let me heavy traffic. get away? I just came God from school answers I noticed him sitting at my left and I was on our side. Mestizo, chinito-- you know, like prayers, my way home. I took this those Korean telenovela hunks. Haaay. yes, giving jeepney and the us the moment I sat blessing down, I noticed the guy sitting at my left we ask of Him. But sometimes, we fail side. Mestizo, chinito-- you know, like to receive the blessing, to take advantage those Korean telenovela hunks. Haaay. of the opportunities He opens for us. God And yes, I caught him gazing at me. does something for us. But we also must Not just once. Twice. No, must be thrice. do something for us to make the most of I looked down, resisting the urge to gaze His grace. back at him, even as I wished, God, do I will forever regret that I didnt get something. I wanna meet this guy! to know more about Mr. H. I will have to Whoa, would you believe, God live with my ifs and buts. But with deep really did something. The jeepney stopped faith, I pray God will give me a second to pick up a lady passenger. Old, shabby, blessing, a second chance to meet Mr. H carrying a dirty box. She sat at my again. Mr. H, if you are at the Feast, write right side. She was strangely quiet. She me through The Feast bulletin! acted strange, really. Before I knew it, she was pulling my hair! I forgot about Editors Note: Have you a similar Mr. Hunk as I struggled with this story how you have received blessings mad woman! from God? Share! and let the world In the next second, Mr. H valiantly know miracles still do happen today put an arm around my shoulder, shielding to give hope especially to the lost. For me from the crazy woman, and pushing details, email, her away from me! or call 09399044065.



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BE RENEWED. A priest will hear your confession at the second floor lobby, Reception Hall side. The Awesome Kids ministry takes care of your children while you attend the Feast. After the 10:45 Holy Mass, bring the children to the Awesome Playroom, 2nd floor of the PICC main building.
LOST and FOUND If you lost or found an item, please approach any of the ushers who will guide you to our Lost and Found section.

By JENNEL CHENG IN the Feast, we are often told that Gods to make my move to get to know her. blessings are abundant. I have been Another answered prayer: she remained attending the Feast for almost a year now in her seat-- throughout the talk of and true enough, Ive received abundant Bro. Bo Sanchez. blessings from our loving God. After the Feast, she stood up, quickly At first, I was just happy attending the heading to the lobby. I followed to catch Feast and serving the Lord. You see, I know up with her, hoping I could introduce sign language for the deaf. So I joined the myself to her. But, woe, I couldnt find her Deaf Ministry, serving as interpreter during at the lobby. the Mass. So I Deep headed to a I saw her sitting a few seats away in my heart, from me. I prayed I would meet her. Then meeting of a I had this new Ministry she sat right in front of me... ardent I recently prayer: to joined. find Gods suitable helpmate for me. Id To my surprise, there she was. The look for my Miss Right everywhere. I pretty lady I was eyeing is a member of attended the Singles Advent Retreat, Singles the Ministry! Stream at the Kerygma Conference 2012, Now I know how it feels to be hoping that I would be able to spot my surprised and much more by God who must special someone among the many beautiful be playing as my matchmaker. Feast attendees. I met some ladies, tried to My plan was to simply give her a woo them with the strategies that I knew piece of paper with my name on it and worked before. But I failed. It came to a ask for her name. But Gods way is truly point when I almost gave up. different. What happened was I came to talk Then, it happened. Last February 3, I to her, get her complete name. And now I thought it was going to be my usual Sunday am so happy that I will see her often as we at the Feast. I sat in one of those seats belong to the same Ministry! reserved for the deaf attendees, waiting for Yes, Gods way is better than our way. my audience. Then, I noticed a beautiful And His blessings are more than we can young lady sat a few seats away from me. ever imagine. I am now fully convinced She was so attractive, I couldnt help that the Feast is truly the Happiest Place gazing at her. Then, during the Offertory, on Earth! she moved to the first row, taking the seat Got One More Miracle? A mysterious, right in front of me. My heart thumped as I whispered to God, Wow, Lord, this is an inexplicable experiencea miracle God has allowed to happen to let you know He answered prayer. After the Mass I prayed she would not loves you? Share! Email your article with your picture to transfer to another seat, as I was planning

My Beautiful Dream Girl


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8 THE FEAST February 10, 2013