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2 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 3

There is a “Doorway to Eternity” in each of our experi-
Doorway to Eternity
ences, a shimmering portal of light in which we dissolve all
illusions of separation. As we step through this Doorway we
connect with our light body and enter the Mystery of God, the A Guide to Planetary Ascension
I AM Presence, the aspect of Being that dwells in Unified
Light. We merge the two. We then walk back through the
Doorway as Embodied Presence, fully awakened within the
world of form, no longer held hostage by its seeming limita-

This process is known as “ascension”, or “full body en-

lightenment”. Our contribution to humanity by simply walking
through this portal and back is beyond comprehension. Jesus
accomplished this through the Resurrection. We do not have
to die to our bodies to accomplish this now. We do, however,
have to die to perceptions and identities that no longer serve.
We do have to trust what we know to be possible. And it does
require a deep soul commitment.

If these words evoke a hidden memory, perhaps you are

on this path. This book will give form to this longing of the
soul. I will share my personal journeys and explore some
teachings and practices, including self-inquiry, various medita-
tion and light body practices, and cellular repatterning. Be-
yond techniques, however, the intention is to open our hearts
to the winds of Spirit, to ultimate possibility, and to let that be
our guide.

The journey of awakening is a paradoxical one. When we

merge with Self, we find we were never separate to begin
with. We are already what we seek to become. The Awakened
Master has always slumbered within. May we support one
another now through the doorway, and awake to our awak-
Kiara Windrider
ened self!
4 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 5

Comments from Readers and whale, especially ‘spherical consciousness’, is flowing

through me. I see everything as energy, projecting spherically.
“This book is important, and its message is one that “My chakras, medulla, and physical self are releasing
may change your life. The most profound truths are often effortlessly. I feel a great dolphin spirit connected over me—
found in the simplest boxes. That's how I feel about this as if we are ONE on many dimensions. He is particularly
book. Read it.” focused in my Third Eye. The dolphin's eyes are beyond mine,
James F. Twyman, author of Emissary of Light and Secret he is over and around my physical form. I feel our holograms
of the Beloved Disciple, merged in the night. Everything I have thought I was, is
“Every once in a while we meet a beautiful soul who melting away—boundaries vanishing, freedom is here.
radiates the pure, innocent love of Spirit. Such a person is “I can't wait to read and experience the rest of Kiara’s
Kiara Windrider. His inspired book, Doorway to Eternity, incredible holographic library of his spiritual journey. Kiara's
reflects his beauty and also a profound wisdom that could book midwives our own unlimited spiritual potential.”
only have come from the highest Source. He touches on Mary McChrist, messenger for Beloved Mother Mary, vision-
many very complex subjects, and gives us answers in such a ary artist, and author of The Blessed Mother's Blue Rose of
clear simple way, so that everyone who is led to this work the Healing Heart,
will gain a greater understanding of the workings of the
“Kiara Windrider is a master and his book, Doorway to
universe and the mysteries of life. His book will take its
Eternity, is just one of his messengers. This Light tool is a
place among the great writings of our time.”
living expression of its author's deep heart, a heart dedi-
Ronna Herman, messenger for Archangel Michael, author
cated and committed to the co-creation of Heaven on Earth.
of On Wings of Light, The Golden Promise, and Once Upon A
Kiara lives in the consciousness of Truth and brings to his
New World, a trilogy,
readers gifts of wisdom and love that serve as portals to the
“Doorway to Eternity is Kiara’s personal search for spiri- Eternal Oneness of all Life.
tual truth, and the insights and messages he has received “The jeweled pages of this ascension guide, with many
on his journey. In this book he executes a brilliant mastery diverse subjects, carry and convey properties and attributes
of the English language and an ability to convey extremely of God that can tranform, uplift, and assist a sincere
personal and intimate, almost indescribable, experiences. individual's realignment and re-connection with Source. It
He does it all with an infectious sense of awe and wonder. is a worthy companion to bring along as you follow Spirit
This book proves once again just how complex and diverse through the ascension spiral into the rarefied air from which
we each are. Inspiring and insightful.” it was written.”
Christine Chalenor, author of Calling All Angels, Wistancia Stone, author of Invocations to the Light,

“Doorway to Eternity is totally experiential for me. After “Doorway to Eternity evokes enchanting images of dol-
only 86 pages and a night of integration, I feel as if the edges phins, whales, emerging dragons, wolves, and trans-
of my body, mind, and soul are melted. The Light of dolphin dimensional beings. The essays are articulately written with
6 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 7

a down-to-earth, intelligent approach to multiworld teach-

ings. Kiara’s exquisite meditations are mystically beautiful
and precisely designed. Their high vibrational resonance
stimulates the inner transformation processes necessary for
ascension. Delightful!”
Patricia Pereira, author of the four-volume Arcturian Star

“The book is exquisite, the place from which Kiara

comes is palpably beautiful and accessible to anyone who is
looking for home, and his thoroughness and egolessness are
a fresh wind blown across the planet.”
Chrysta Anderson, Senior Trainer,

“Doorway to Eternity is exactly that!! This book is a “wide Eternity

open” doorway to 5-D ascension!! Kiara's book kept open-
ing my mind farther and farther and I almost wished that
the book would never end!! Windrider is indeed a ‘man from A Guide to Planetary Ascension
the future’ with clearly communicated messages and spiri-
tual directives that need to be heeded by humanity today.
We must prepare ourselves and all Earth for our now clearly
destined new paradigm ‘birth’ of Heaven on Earth!”
Russ Michael, Trustee/Founder, Global Light Network,

“A beautiful and sensitive story of a gentle soul’s search for

evolution and enlightenment, and the wisdom he discovered.”
Dolores Cannon, author of 12 metaphysical books,

“Kiara's personal radiance of love, peace, and harmony

is ever present in the wisdom he offers in Doorway to
Eternity. If you seek and thirst, I am confident this book by Kiara Windrider
will touch your heart.”
Craig Russell, author of Ancient Mysteries Revealed,
8 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 9

Pre-publication copies of the full manuscript Acknowledgements ................................................... 12
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Phone/Fax: 530.918.9264 Part I — Events and Discoveries

Email: 1. My Moment of Choice ........................................ 31
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10. Experiencing the God-Self ............................... 113
11. Windrider’s Message from the Future ............119
Copyright 2001 by Kiara Windrider 12. Spirals of Time ................................................. 133
All Rights Reserved 13. The Kumara of Maldek, and Other Stories
of Healing ......................................................... 147
Permission is granted to share this excerpt with 14. Ameela of the Greys ......................................... 157
others, so long as there is no charge made. 15. Transitioning into the Future ......................... 167
16. Earth Work and the Dragons ........................... 177
17. Subterranean Cities of Light ........................... 185
18. Lady Gaia’s Initiation ...................................... 195
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Part II — Meditations and Practices Poems

19. Sacred Geometry and Expanded Awareness ..203 Brother Sun ............................................................... 19
20. The Sound Current and Vipassana Gundar Falls .............................................................. 35
Meditation (audio version is on the CD) .........211 Babaji ......................................................................... 41
21. Earth-Sky Meditation (also on the CD) ..........220 Garden of My Soul .................................................... 46
22. Exploring the Lower Worlds ............................228 Cetacean Dreams ...................................................... 64
23. Exploring the Upper Worlds ............................235 Descent ...................................................................... 84
24. Building Personal Energy ................................242 Friend ........................................................................ 96
25. Planetary Linking ............................................246 Who Am I? ............................................................... 110
26. Timeline Healing..............................................256 Empty Vessel ........................................................... 118
27. The Dolphin Healing Vortex ............................260 Riding the Wind ...................................................... 130
28. Conversations With the Five Selves ................265 Brother Wolf ............................................................ 164
29. Unifying Meditation .........................................271 A New Dawn ........................................................... 176
30. Meeting the Karmic Board .............................. 275
31. Himalayan Initiation .......................................280 Visionary Art
Epilogue ...................................................................286 “Ascension to the Light”* ................. Front Cover and
About Kiara Windrider ...........................................290 Chapter Headings
About the Visionary Artists ....................................292 “Magician”‡............................................................... 28
Books and Internet Resources ...............................294 “Dolphin World”‡ ......................................................48
Index ........................................................................297 “Ascension Celebration”‡ ......................................... 86
“Opening to Angels”‡ ............................................. 112
Diagrams “Web of Wyrd”‡ ....................................................... 132
The Christ Consciousness Grid* ..............................70 “Wolf Wisdom”‡ ...................................................... 165
The Photon Belt, Cycle of Yugas, and the “Healer”‡ ................................................................ 200
Astrological Ages* ............................................136 “Healing the Inner Child”‡ .................................... 264
The Hollow Earth‡ .................................................193
* by Delmary,
Tube Torus* ............................................................209
‡ by Willow Arlenea,
Earth and Human Energy Systems* .....................222
Infinity Spirals* ......................................................225
* by Patricia Kirby,
‡ by James Michaelson
12 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 13

Acknowledgements Foreword
I thank my parents for birthing and raising me with When Kiara asked me to read his manuscript, I was
the realities of spirit and love, and for constantly en- both delighted and somewhat hesitant. The excitement
couraging me to find my own “path with a heart”. I was due to the gift of being invited into a new dimen-
love you. I thank my brother and sister and their fami- sion of his life, and for the opportunity to further an
lies for the closeness and joy they bring to my life. I already deeply loving and mutually catalyzing relation-
thank Sai Baba, cosmic avatar for this age, and Babaji, ship. The hesitancy arose as a result of the apathy I
who is closer than a brother to me, and the whales, have experienced when reading many ascension-
dolphins, fairies, and ascended masters, who are also oriented books over the last years.
my family. I thank Gaia, goddess of the Earth, and Pan,
Admittedly, the reason for part of this reluctance
lord of the devas and nature spirits, for the great beauty,
was a result of the pendulum swinging in my own jour-
healing and compassion they bring to this world, and
ney. For many years I was very focused in an ascension
also their patience in regard to humanity. I thank the
identity, which resulted in finding myself needing to
rest of my soul family on Earth and beyond for all the
spend some years focusing on the Earth, embodiment,
many gifts of heart and soul that I have experienced
and realizing the divine as eminent in all forms.
with each of you, perhaps some of whom I am yet to
meet among you, the readers of this book. And through Certainly this is not a judgment or indictment of
all of this, to the One Spirit that moves through all ascension-oriented approaches. It is simply to realize
things, I offer my undying love, gratitude, and pledge that this spiritual path, like all paths, has certain great
of allegiance! gifts and limitations. As soon as I began reading the
introduction, these reservations dissolved. I was deeply
touched by the warmth and vulnerability Kiara re-
vealed in telling of his inner process and struggle in
coming to write the book. With his humanness so re-
vealed and allowed, I found my heart and soul open
with a feeling of “Yes, this is a place I live in also.”
Such openness is so important in the spiritual journey,
14 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 15

as the Ego is always illusively weaving its way through cluded. I also never had the sense that I was being given
our process, attempting to convince us that we need to the absolute “keys” to Heaven. How refreshing, and
hide our imperfections and distortions while attempt- how truthful! Yet, I came away from the experience
ing to act spiritual. feeling that I had gained numerous helpful insights
and understandings that would definitely catalyze my
Kiara reveals by his own experience that we can be
journey homeward.
completely transparent, revealing our feelings of doubt
and inadequacy, even while we hold the vision of re- As I wove my way through the experience of the
membering our Christhood and accessing the highest book, I continually experienced a significant upleveling
frequencies of energy and consciousness. In fact, it is in my energy and consciousness. It was as though I
this complete humility and unconditional love and ac- was also receiving an activation or inner work session
ceptance of where we are in our journey which is so simultaneously. Certainly, the reader is purchasing
essential to expediting the path home. When we com- much more than just a book when they pick up a copy
pletely allow our “humanness”, we simultaneously al- of Doorway to Eternity.
low our “Godness”. This underlying current should
A number of new realms of possibility opened to
make this book very accessible for many who would not
me on new levels. The chapter on Windrider re-kindled
otherwise be drawn to ascension-oriented materials.
the realization that at another level we have already
I found Kiara’s personal stories very engaging, made the shift into our divine Self. It’s a forgone con-
bringing me into a deeply embodied experience, as op- clusion, a fact, beyond the scope of time and space.
posed to something which registers more as just con- When it becomes so clear that we can call our future,
cepts in the mind. I felt like I was participating in a or already perfect, self back into the present experi-
journey of awakening, being aware of the continual ence, the doorway is open for greatly accelerated soul
shifts and transformations I was experiencing. The unfoldment. What a helpful technology in a time when
Doorway to Eternity reveals the truth of the living pro- we live on a third-dimensionally imperiled planet!
cess of the spiritual journey with all its ecstatic highs
I found many of the meditations very powerful, es-
and epiphanies, as well as the equally deep sojourns
pecially the one which opens the chakra at the medulla,
into the dark and painful shadow world.
activating the spherical consciousness that the ceta-
What captivated me was scope of inclusiveness ceans experience. It inducted me into the same state
which included even “The Fall” or the Lucifer Rebellion of consciousness that I have experienced when swim-
into the perfection of the divine plan. Nowhere did I ming with the dolphins, only more deeply. I continue
get the feeling that anything was judged or not in- to work with this, unifying it with the crown and heart,
16 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 17

and windows continue to open into a deeper sense of

the divinity in the very fabric of matter, and the im-
portance of awakening the feminine aspect of the Christ W
The Timeline Healing meditation brought a number
of aspects of Self back into consciousness, making them The first step is always the hardest. No less is this
once again accessible. This, combined with the Con- true than in the writing of this book. Where do I begin?
versations with the Five Selves exercise, resulted in a What do I say? In the endless ocean of metaphysical
much greater sense of harmony and unification within and spiritual literature found everywhere on book-
my soul structure. My sense is that Doorway to Eter- shelves today, what do I have to say that is meaningful
nity will be a resource that many readers will continue and new?
to come back to again and again for new awakenings For many years this book lay dormant within me,
and deeper transformation. and within my private journals. Why should I repeat
Kiara’s poetry so clearly comes from the depths of what other people have already said? What makes me
his divinity. So rich, encapsulating in such eloquent, think I have anything important to say at all? And if I
songful expression the essence of a chapter, taking it said something meaningful and new, what if it ends up
much deeper into the psyche, beyond the subtle barri- contradicting what other respected authors and teach-
ers of the waking mind. ers have said? There is controversy enough in meta-
physical realms, and I did not wish to create more.
As I attempt to summarize this foreword with the
most important point I would like to express, what And yet the urgency grew. I had to write this book,
arises is the overwhelming feeling of the ease, grace, I kept being told, even if it was just to deepen my own
and overall unity and love which this book transmits. remembering. Over and over again I made my excuses,
In its presence I feel held in the gentle allowing arms and took myself off the hook. “I don’t believe in fossil-
of the divine feminine and also lifted into the heights ized truth,” I would say. “The only unchanging truth
of possibility for actualizing my spirit’s greatest possi- is change itself.”
bilities. It is a rare experience to have all these aspects Every time I thought I finally understood some-
and dimensions of the spiritual journey so present and thing, it would shift, and another perspective offer
so well portrayed in both the information and experi- itself. “The Tao that can be spoken is not the real Tao,”
ence contained in The Doorway to Eternity. I would argue, “and what is really the Tao cannot be
Barry Martin spoken. So why speak at all?”
18 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 19

I realize now that my little self wishes to remain

safely insulated in detached anonymity. I tell myself I
am one with everyone, and yet when the One wishes
to speak through in my voice, I plead separation. So
after endlessly quoting Nelson Mandela’s inaugural
speech to everyone within range, I’m finally choosing
to apply the words to myself. I won’t “play small” any-
more. At least not out of my fear of playing big.
Brother Sun
So perhaps now I can begin.
Brother Sun, I asked one day,
Don’t you ever tire
Of spinning endless circles across the sky?
Rising, then setting,
Eternal mystery of day and night?
He looked at me then,
Gazing softly into my heart,
Filling me deep with his light.
It is not I that spins through the skies
Creating days and nights, he said.
Here there is only undying light
Of eternal radiance;
All else is your perception.
See me and you shall see yourself;
All shadows are lifted
In noonday light.
Once you have seen,
No longer can you be a speck circling around me,
Blowing in the wind,
Separate and alone.
Be the Sun, be undying light;
Yes, be a Sun unto yourself,
And we shall circle,
Always eternally within each other.
20 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 21

A significant part of my journey into deeper

presence has been a growing understanding of what I
W call the “unified presence”. We are each a composite of
various identities. Connecting with and dialoguing with
Introduction these multidimensional aspects of self has brought me
Who am I? Long have I been circling outside of closer to unified presence. Ultimately, I feel that the
myself, hiding behind a darkened mirror of self, seek- journey of awakening has to do with merging these
ing desperately through veils of forgetfulness for what multiple identities.
I have always already been. I awaken now from my Many voices have come together in co-authoring
dreaming, as do each of us in these pivotal times. It is this book. I have been a seeker of truth all my life, and
time to merge now with all the aspects of our self, and many people have touched me with thoughts and ideas
to fulfill our mighty destiny on Earth. that I eventually made my own. There have also been
This book arises from my own journey of awaken- non-physical teachers.
ing, and is intended to spark various degrees of remem- I learned in states of super-consciousness to con-
brance as we journey on together. We are not separate, tact aspects of the cosmos that I ordinarily did not have
you and I. We are not separate, us and Earth. We are access to. Some call this process “channeling”. Later, I
not separate, persona and soul, human and God. We learned that I could touch this super-conscious aware-
have dis-membered ourselves, and it is time now to re- ness at all times by merging various aspects of my be-
member. ing. This is an account of my journey, and information
There have been various avenues that have sparked that has come through, as well as a guidebook on how
my remembrances, various tools and techniques that we can each access those sources for ourselves.
have helped along the path. Some of these I share here. This book is the story of my awakening. It is also
Spiritual initiates in older times underwent very the story of Earth’s awakening in these times of
specific trainings and tests to strengthen the physical light returning. Some of it includes dialogues with
body, clear the emotional body, and activate the light various beings. I began connecting with the presence
body. In these accelerated times, our entire lives have of the ascended masters, angels, whales, and nature
become such a training and a test, and yet it is easy kingdoms during the years I spent in Mt. Shasta,
sometimes to get lost in the confusion of too much in- California, and on the Big Island of Hawaii.
formation with too little transformational value. I feel a deep resonance with the “ascension” path
22 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 23

and an equally strong love for Mother Earth. For me dissolve all illusions of separatios, all of our subcon-
the path of ascension is not about escaping or scious and genetic history. As we step through this
transcending the physical dimension to enter some Doorway, we connect with our light body, and enter
higher dimension so much as incarnating fully into the the mystery of God, the aspect of Being that dwells in
body as divine presence, anchoring my light body into unified light. We merge the two. Then we walk back
physical form. The kingdom of Heaven is to be created through the Doorway as embodied presence, fully awak-
right here on Earth. An equally appropriate term would ened within the world of form, no longer held hostage
be “descension”, which is what the process is about by its seeming limitations. This is what “ascension”,
from the perspective of soul. or “full body enlightenment” is about. Our contribu-
tion to humanity by simply walking through and back
I was reading The Secret of the Beloved Disciple one
is beyond comprehension. Are we ready to enter this
day, a beautiful book in which peace troubadour Jimmy
Twyman is informed of a “door of eternity”. “It is a
doorway to the real world,” his Teacher tells him, “a This book is written in two sections. The first part
bridge that connects this world with your true home, includes some personal background and experiences,
what you would call Heaven. It has always been right and describes a framework for moving towards ascen-
in front of you, waiting for you to enter. But you have sion consciousness. Some of the information has come
been convinced that you must die in order to enter, as if in super-conscious states from beings known to us as
your body is the barrier keeping you from the joy God ascended masters, and from various orders of nature.
would give you. The only barrier blocking your entry is
My desire has been to serve as a clear channel for
fear. When you release the fearful patterns that have
information to flow through with a minimum of ego
ruled your life and accept the love that binds you to the
distortion. I am aware, however, that to the extent that
Divine, then Heaven will sweep you up like a mother
I have my blind spots, attachments, and biases, the
does her child.” He was told that when we open our
information derived could be likewise muddied, and I
hearts to this experience, then humanity would enter
invite discernment and feedback.
a new era. It reminded me also of something Jesus had
said, “I AM an open door that no man can shut.” As I I also include poetic ramblings. I find that writing
meditated with this image, deep truths started emerg- poetry opens my heart to deeper levels of understand-
ing for me. ing, and provides some needed hemispheric balance.

There is a “Doorway to Eternity” in each of our The second part covers specific meditation practices
experiences, I was told, a shimmering portal where we and techniques for unifying the self and activating the
24 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 25

light body. I feel there are levels of work that can be together and knew what I was talking about. Or I could
done in groups that are more difficult to accomplish go into a place of mystery, weaving my own life into
individually. Thus, many of these meditations are writ- the tapestry of a constantly unfolding universe, not
ten in a narrative style that can be used within a group knowing how and what would emerge, and really put-
format, although they can also be modified for indi- ting myself out on a limb.
vidual use. It is my hope that this book may serve as
If I came from spiritual persona, I knew I would
an inspiration for group ascension activity. (The medi-
have to be constantly protecting this image of myself,
tations are also available on a series of CDs—the first
and defending some notion of a fixed truth which left
of them is included inside of the back cover of this book.)
no room for uncertainty, failure, weakness, or doubt,
There is a beautiful little book called The Little and no room either for spontaneity, passion, excite-
Prince that my father would read to me from when I ment, and mystery. How could I speak about God the
was very young. In it there is a fox who befriends a Great Mystery if I couldn’t allow the mystery of my
prince. “What is real is invisible to the eye,” he tells own life and process to be revealed?
the boy. “It is only with the heart one can see clearly.”
I realize that my commitment in writing this book
Many have inspired me in the writing of this book, is to be true to all of the many aspects of who I am. I
but neither I nor anyone else has a patent on truth. can’t promise that the Great White Father may not
Truth is what resonates in the heart. Truth is what sometimes come through, and I have no quarrel with
sets us free. And no one can speak the truth for any- him if he does, but the more I learn about the truth of
one else. love, the less I feel the need to protect, hide, justify, or
defend any aspect of personal identity, whether light
My desire here is to share the truth of my heart in
or shadow.
this moment, in the hope that it inspires the truth of
your own heart. Facts may change, and my interpre- There is nowhere to go that isn’t already here. There
tation of life may be different tomorrow, but the truth is nothing to hide that can’t already be seen by anyone
of the heart remains. Please don’t confuse truth with with discernment. As I hold out my light, perhaps it
facts. will inspire another to do the same. As I dance with
my shadows, perhaps we will heal together. “In lakech,”
In the process of writing this book, there was a de-
the Mayans say in greeting each other. “I am another
cision I had to make. I could go into my spiritual per-
you.” May we be mirrors of beauty together, as we birth
sona, the Great White Father with the long beard
a kingdom of beauty among us.
sitting among the clouds, safely pretending I had it all
26 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 27

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one

step,” goes an ancient Chinese proverb. And when it is
time, it is a single step that signals the end of this same W
journey. We arrive even as we depart. The end was al-
ways in the beginning, and as we finally come close to Preface and Prayers
returning home we realize that we have never really The Preface and Prayers (Moslem, Hindu, Chris-
left at all. tian, Jewish, and Buddhist) are on tracks 1 and 2 of
Always I come closer to you the CD that is located inside of the back cover.
In my journey home to myself.
They are followed by audio recordings of The Sound
Ideas of union, ideas of separation,
Current and Vipassana Meditation, and the Earth-Sky
Ideas of anything at all
Drop away— Meditation. (The text for these meditations is found in
There is only one of us here! Chapters 20 and 21.)

Kiara Windrider
28 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 29

Part I
30 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 31

1. My Moment of Choice
I entered incarnation on March 6, 1959. It was 2:14
a.m. in Bombay, India. My father was a physicist, and
my mother an artist, and so I learned early on to think
with my mind as well as feel with my heart. My par-
ents are kind and thoughtful people, and I love and
honor them for who they are, and for nurturing me in
body as well as soul.
Spiritual realities were important in my family, in
some ways perhaps more important than outer ma-
terial realities. This was a wonderful affirmation of the
truths I understood in my soul, yet there was also some
spiritual conditioning here. Soul became more impor-
tant than body, Heaven more important than Earth.
And as I looked around me at the extreme poverty and
social injustices around me, a part of me learned to
insulate my heart from the pain by justifying it all as
karma. The truth was that, like most children, I felt
too much, and learned to survive by disconnecting a
part of myself. It was safer that way.
Meanwhile I had become fascinated by the lives of
the sadhus and miracle yogis in their caves and
32 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 33

mountaintops. I knew early on that it was my destiny And then, as if by reflex, I found myself falling too,
to achieve liberation, to be free of the eternal wheel of horror turning to resignation as I realized there was
karma and human suffering. I knew I had to escape nothing I could do to stop myself. I found myself enter-
from a world that had increasingly become alien to me. ing into a place of deep peace, an extraordinary still-
ness in which I was taken out of time and into another
And so one day came my moment of choice. I had
dimensional reality. I was given a choice to live or to
just turned sixteen. Along with my brother and sister,
die, and I must have chosen to continue this incarna-
I was a student at an international boarding school in
tion, for as I returned to conscious awareness, I found
the Kodai Hills of southern India, where my mother
myself in a pool of knee-deep water, surrounded by
taught art and home economics. On weekends my
rocks on all sides, hurt but alive. I had fallen two hun-
friends and I would often go out hiking in the breath-
dred feet and survived. My friend must have chosen
taking beauty of the mountain trails and “sholas” (for-
likewise, for he had landed inches away from me in the
ests). On this particular day we had hiked out to one of
same impossibly shallow pool. We looked out over the
our favorite spots, a magnificent waterfall cascading a
mountains, dazed, unbelieving, and very much aware
thousand feet and more into the lush tropical gorge
that we had lived through a miracle.
below. It was known as Gundar Falls.
The subsequent ordeal and eventual rescue is an-
Memories come back in vivid detail. It was a gor-
other story, but I know that in that moment of soul
geous day. We were young and free-spirited. I had gone
choice everything changed forever. It was the begin-
on ahead to the falls with a friend, leaving the others
ning of a passionate quest for deeper understanding.
back at camp to follow later. One moment we were
Who was I, and why was I still here? Having been given
wading in the pools adjoining the falls. Next thing we
a second opportunity for life, I resolved to live my life
knew, with no conscious plan on our part, we were
to the fullest, and to serve creation in the highest way
scampering down the side of the falls, caution thrown
I possibly could.
to the winds, racing each other down into unexplored
territory below. My spiritual journey began in earnest. Over the next
few years, I traveled to various ashrams and spiritual
We had climbed down a fair distance when my
communities throughout India. I explored Sufi, Bud-
friend slipped. I saw the shocked look on his face, and
dhist, Hindu, Christian, Taoist, and Zen philosophies.
continued to watch in frozen unbelief as his body dis-
I shaved my head, and even changed my name half a
appeared from sight, lost among the rocks hundreds of
dozen times. I was deeply inspired by the life and teach-
feet below.
ings of Ramana Maharshi, Buddha, Yogananda, Sri
34 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 35

Aurobindo, and Jesus. And in the wonderful enthusi-

asm that comes from youth, I resolved to spend my life
Gundar Falls
in the footsteps of these sainted ones, wandering the
Earth as a holy man or “sadhu”, healing, teaching, lov- Frantic,
ing, and serving, till all of humanity and nature had I try to keep myself from falling,
returned to Source in the oneness of spirit. Long, bumpy, painful, fingernail-shredding journey down.
I’m committed now;
A beautiful dream. Sometimes I wonder what my Why oh why did I not remain on top,
life would have been like if I had had the courage to Safely at play in warm lazy pools?
truly follow that calling. Over time I realized that This numbing torrent blurs my senses.
wasn’t what this lifetime was about. I was to be a bridge How far have I fallen?
between worlds. At age twenty-one I found myself in How could anyone survive this?
I will surely die now.
the USA, attending a college in Kansas. I had become
A surge of despair, then a tunnel of light.
very close with two of my friends from that fateful
An entire sequence of lifetimes
Gundar hike, and they invited me to come attend col- Flashes before my eyes,
lege with them on a scholarship, while their parents Then abruptly stops;
offered to sponsor my other expenses. I finished five I have landed.
years later with a dual major in Peace Studies and Dazed I open my eyes and look around.
International Development. Why am I not smashed to pieces?
I have survived a great fall.
Then came California and another major phase of Who am I? Where am I?
my life. After working in environmental politics for a There must be some purpose here.
short period of time, I realized that wasn’t my life path So begins a journey of remembrance,
either. I had just moved to the San Francisco Bay Area And I cannot decide
to begin a Masters program in Transpersonal Psychol- Whether I have just fallen off a cliff,
ogy when I underwent a series of events that eventu- Chosen to take birth on Earth,
ally led to a profound spiritual rebirth, one that I am Or now seek to embody all of my soul;
It all feels the same.
still in the process of integrating. The sharing of this
All I can say is I have forever been arriving
and the events and insights that followed is really what
And now I have landed.
this book is all about.
36 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 37

Psychology. Many years prior, I had read Paramahansa

Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi. When he de-
scribed his experiences with the immortal Yogi-Christ
of the Himalayas, Babaji, I knew that I knew him as
well. I later encountered another enlightened master,
Herakhan Baba, with whom I also felt an immediate
soul connection, and who carried for me the same soul
frequency as Babaji.
2. The Babaji Walk-In
One day as I was meditating, Babaji’s presence came
As I attempt to describe the following experience, I
and filled the room. He told me he was looking for an
always think of the story of the five blind men trying
emissary to embody his presence more directly in the
to describe the elephant. Each “saw” an aspect of the
West. He spoke of having taken a number of physical
truth and identified it as the whole truth.
incarnations in which his oversoul presence came
I have come to believe that there are two kinds of through various beings in various ways at various
truth. One is the truth that is known by direct experi- times. He said that Herakhan Baba had been his most
ence, and only by direct experience. The other is what recent physical incarnation in India. And he asked me
happens when we try to translate this direct experi- if I remembered my own soul agreement to serve as
ence into language and perception. Wars have been such a vehicle for his presence at this time.
fought over differing translations of an experiential
It was like being struck by lightning. On a soul level,
truth, and yet the only purpose for such a translation
I knew instantly that this was true, that it was time,
is to point to the direct experience of it.
and that I was still in agreement with this. On a per-
Please know that everything I describe in the fol- sonality level, I fluctuated wildly between an over-
lowing account is only one translation of what really whelming excitement, great trepidation, and a deep
took place. My own translation of the event has changed sense of unworthiness.
many times over the years, and I share it because I
Instantly I had built an image in my mind about
feel it is an experience that some of you reading this
what this would mean, compared that to my own
may have gone through as well, and that others are
sense of who I thought I was, and fell sadly short in
preparing for.
my own estimation of my ability to carry out such a
It was the summer of 1985. I had moved to Cali- responsibility. And alternating with the illusions of
fornia to begin a Masters program in Transpersonal unworthiness came the delusions of grandeur,
38 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 39

sometimes quite embarrassingly so, I have to say. quite familiar to each other, and so there had already
been a great familiarity with this new energy. I also
While my personality went through its dance of rec-
wonder now if it was truly an exchange of souls, what
onciliation, something very profound was taking place
the Tibetans refer to as a “tulku”, or whether it was a
on a soul level. Massive currents of energy were pour-
braiding together of the two energies, which is a very
ing through my body. My sense of time, space, and
different process. Perhaps this was simply a deeper soul
physical reality became greatly distorted. I felt like I
initiation, which I shall explore further in Chapter 8.
was walking between two worlds, neither of them very
Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I had
stable. My body was experiencing a lot of “kundalini”
been “overshadowed” by Babaji, which is a term some-
activity. Sometimes it felt like my physical circuitry
times used to refer to the process of an ascended or
just couldn’t handle all the new frequencies pouring
cosmic master taking over the lower vehicles of an ini-
through. Fortunately, there were people around me who
tiate for a period of time.
understood what was taking place and were able to
support me through the process. Through it all, there Perhaps my experience included elements of all of
was a feeling of great joy and a deep certainty in the these possibilities. Regardless, it was the beginning of
rightness of everything that was going on. a process that still continues. I realized that whatever
it was that happened did not put me in a separate cat-
Around this time I happened to come across a book
egory of evolution. I still had much work to do to inte-
by Ruth Montgomery called Strangers Among Us. In
grate the various aspects of my being. I started doing
this book she talked about the experiences of various
“enlightenment intensives”, which are three-day pro-
people who felt that an exchange of souls had taken
cesses designed to move participants into the direct
place for them in response to varying life circumstances.
experience of who they are. My greatest difficulty was
These “walk-ins”, as she called them, shared their ex-
that I had become too locked in to ideas and expecta-
periences of how and why this happened, and some of
tions of who I was supposed to be or what my process
the challenges they faced in integrating this new soul
was supposed to look like to simply allow for the mys-
awareness into their lives.
tery of God to flow through my being.
Although I seemed to be experiencing a lot of en-
I continued my program in Transpersonal Coun-
ergy shifts, I was not experiencing the sense of alien-
seling Psychology at JFK University. I trained in
ation from the circumstances and people in my earlier
various forms of movement and body-centered thera-
life that a lot of the walk-ins in her book were describ-
pies. I studied astrology in earnest. I did Vipassana
ing. Perhaps it was because the walk-in agreement took
meditation retreats. I explored shamanic work,
place prior to this lifetime, and the souls involved were
40 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 41

psychosynthesis, and holotropic breathwork. I practiced

channeling. I went through childhood issues, danced
with my shadows, and struggled through relationships. Babaji
I became fascinated by all the many aspects of the “new You are the radiance of the sun,
age” that I was discovering in California, and became Shining rays of beauty within me.
equally disillusioned with some of the shallowness I You hold a mirror to my eyes,
experienced therein. That I may see
All that I AM,
And then I found Mt. Shasta. The love that I AM.

You are a guardian of light,

And you understand the magic of night.
I feel your rivers flowing
Through my awakened heart;
A hidden doorway opens
To eternity's glow.

I am the eyes of your vision,

I am the heartbeat of your song.
I tread the journey that you walk.
Celebrating warm earth,
Unfolding our wings,
We fly towards the sun.

Brothers from a long time ago,

Closer than brothers now,
There is a mystery here
Only a heart with wings can understand:
We are the radiance of the sun—
You and I . . . Babaji.
42 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 43

worlds, feeling the pulse of the ascended masters. When

the snows came, I would light up the fireplace in my
yurt, put my pot of soup on the stove, and simply lis-
ten to the silence and watch nature unfold in the white-
ness around me, without the electromagnetic
interference of electricity and telephone lines. Long
hours were spent in meditation, reading, and silence.
3. Mt. Shasta and the Ascended Masters That winter I also met one who would be my part-
ner for the next seven years. Our coming together was
Coming to Mt. Shasta was like coming home. It was
the greatest blessing of my life. In the moment of our
the summer of 1992. I remember my first visit there. I
meeting I felt that our souls had known each other
had been in a wonderful relationship. One day my part-
forever, and yet there was a part of my personality that
ner ended it, saying that she felt there was a new di-
was so afraid of commitment and the depth of inti-
rection opening for both of us and we needed to follow
macy possible with another that I would continually
it, even if we did not know yet what that meant. I felt
push away. It was painful and humbling. At other times,
emotionally devastated, but we had talked of going to
when we could let each other enter the deep places of
Mt. Shasta, so we chose that weekend to visit. As we
our hearts and soul, it was delightful and beautiful be-
climbed into the upper meadows of this beautiful moun-
yond measure.
tain, strewn with wildflowers and gently bubbling
brooks, my spirits lifted in enormous gratitude for this Much of my growth during that time was about the
place where Heaven and Earth could meet each other balance of masculine and feminine energies, and bring-
within my soul. By the time the weekend was done, I ing them together within myself. One of the most pain-
knew I was meant to live here, and in three weeks I ful aspects of our separation from Source has been this
had packed up my carload of belongings and moved up split between the masculine and the feminine, both
into a little yurt halfway up the mountain. within ourselves and in our relationships with one an-
other. I realized that there was no way I could fully
I had never been happier. I had known of Saint
anchor my soul into physical form as long as I was car-
Germain, and had always felt an affinity with the as-
rying this split within my personality.
cended masters, but here their energies were palpable,
and I was experiencing them in a fresh new way. I spent I realized that this same split operates in many of
entire weeks up on the mountain, running naked our spiritual systems. It is the split between body and
through the sunlit meadows, communing with the fairy soul, Earth and Heaven, even God and human. It is
44 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 45

also the same split that operates within our inner that has never happened before, or at least not for a
psyche as the polarity of good and evil, right and wrong. very long time. We are talking of vast cosmic cycles
As we judge and resist others, we create fear. As we here, and we are poised at “zero point”, so to speak,
judge and resist ourselves, we create shame. Fear and getting ready for a massive shift of the ages. What is
shame keep us locked into separation from each other, this shift about? As I have tuned into this over the
alienates us from the Earth, and isolates us from the past few years, much information has come together,
rest of the universe. Our inner fragmentation and psy- some of which I will share later.
chic smog, when externalized, creates smog and pollu-
This information comes from ancient prophecies
tion in our soils and atmosphere, rivers and seas. We
from every imaginable spiritual tradition. It comes also
are not separate from the Earth; we are not separate
from modern day seers, channels, geologists, astro-
from our seas. We are not separate from our universe.
physicists, and futurists. As I started putting this to-
We are not separate from our God, the I that I eter-
gether for myself, it felt right, and yet a part of my
nally AM.
mind reacted. Physical reality through my physical
As I understood the ascended masters, they had senses appeared vastly different from what I was see-
healed this split within themselves, and therefore had ing with my inner senses, and I wanted to be abso-
achieved a high level of mastery of the physical, emo- lutely sure. My inner senses told me we were a single
tional, and mental realms. Jesus is the one we are most planetary and cosmic consciousness, but we certainly
familiar with, but there have been many, many others were not experiencing that on a global level. The veils
over many periods of Earth’s history, from every spiri- of illusion were strong, and I did not want to depend
tual tradition, that have achieved this level of mastery. merely on my intuitions. If I was to dedicate my life to
Far from being an unattainable achievement beyond this work, which I had, I wanted to know that we would
the reach of ordinary humans, each of us is invited to truly strip away these veils, and truly move into plan-
claim this same level of mastery for ourselves. In fact, etary ascension. I wanted to not just believe, but to
many of us have achieved ascension mastery in other know.
incarnations, and now have returned to assist in a plan-
I asked to be shown this through direct experience.
etary ascension process that is perhaps unprecedented
in cosmic history.
We stand at a unique crossroad in our history as a
planet. There is evidence from many sources, both pro-
phetic and scientific, that something is going on here
46 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 47

Garden of My Soul
I see a garden beyond the flames.
To enter I must burn away
Everything I have ever identified with,
All the stories I have ever told,
Everyone I have ever known or loved,
All ideas of separation and loss,
Even my yearnings for union.
I must enter empty handed,
Expecting nothing,
Offering everything I am in return.
Such a small price to pay
For the garden of my soul!
48 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 49

4. Swimming with Dolphins and Whales

It was in Hawaii that I had my direct experience. I
was interested in the concept of the “global brain”, the
idea that the next stage of our evolution would be to
experience ourselves as a single planetary conscious-
ness. The whales were the ones who showed me that
this was not just an idea in my head.
I had moved to Hawaii in early 1999. I lived in a
little cabin among the fruit plantations near Kealake-
kua Bay. Every morning I would don my flippers and
snorkel gear and jump into this beautifully tranquil
bay. Kealakekua is a dolphin sanctuary, and wild spin-
ner dolphins would often come into the bay to rest and
play among the shallower waters. Over a period of
months I got to know them better as they got to know
me. I learned to communicate with them through pic-
tures and through the language of the heart. When
swimming with them, any sense of personal identity
would simply dissolve. I joined with them in a place
that was neither human nor dolphin, a place of pure
I learned a lot about myself. Over the years I had
50 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 51

built a whole set of identities around myself. I was a wild dolphins, falling deeply in love with all of myself,
spiritual teacher and a healer. I was sensitive and com- and deeply in love with love itself. I learned about com-
passionate. I was a good person with much to offer. I municating from the heart. As I would enter into the
was deep. The problem with all this was that I had state of love and join it with an intention or a picture,
become so identified with this image of myself that they would respond immediately. I felt awed and so
these very identities became a mask. I found myself deeply grateful for my new friends.
carefully protecting this image lest someone see
I learned about my attachments as well. I loved my
through me into a place that was vulnerable or uncer-
dolphin family, and often found myself feeling more
tain, angry or unloving or fearful, depressed or shy. I
connected to their world than to my own. I would fall
was forever comparing myself to others, and my sense
into bouts of great depression if a day went by and
of self came from how I felt others perceived me, and
they didn’t show up, and so of course they stayed away.
whether I thought I was good enough or lovable enough.
When they did come in, they would seem to be totally
And so of course I had to put on my best face at all
ignoring me while playing around with everyone else.
times. I was losing my sense of spontaneity and child-
I finally realized they were confronting my deepest
like wonder. I was losing my ability to live from my
fears of separation, abandonment, jealousy, and loss,
all these things that are so much part of our normal
The dolphins didn’t care for any of that. They be- human neurosis. I never experienced any kind of judg-
came my mirrors. When I got lost behind my masks, ment from them, but always a direct reflection and
whether in self-importance or in self-deprecation, they feedback to whatever form of energy I was putting out.
would stay away. When I let go of the masks of iden- I learned more from these unconditionally loving and
tity, they would come around and we would enter to- compassionate teachers than I ever had in any ashram
gether into ecstatic play. Eventually, I learned that it or meditation retreat.
was safe to let go even of the mask of being human.
Then one day I had an encounter with a mother and
Here, we could meet in a space of pure essence, and
baby whale which again changed my perception of life
that is when they truly welcomed me into their pod.
forever. As I approached the bay for my customary swim
I will never forget the day that the four elders of I noticed a spout of water. My heart leaped within me.
the pod first swam with me cheek to cheek insepara- Although I had seen whales often on their migration
bly for an hour, making deep eye contact that entire paths through these waters, I had not seen them here
time. It felt like an initiation into pod consciousness. I so close to shore. I swam out in the general direction
felt myself falling deeply in love with these beautiful where I’d seen the spout, then closed my eyes and called
52 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 53

out to them in the way I had learned to do with dolphins. humpback friend would always remain, and through
her, my connection with the soul of the Earth. In that
When I opened my eyes it was to see a huge hump-
merging of our consciousness, a pathway opened up
back female directly beneath me. At first I panicked.
within me that has remained open ever afterwards. Or
What if she chose to surface just now? What if I got
perhaps the pathway has always existed, but the whale
flipped around or sucked under by her immense size?
taught me to access it, and to trust what I was feeling.
Then I realized that she was very minutely aware of
Here is what she had to say:
my frail presence, that each movement she made was
very deliberate, and that she would never let harm come Dearly beloved, we invite you to surge into our con-
to me in any way. I relaxed, and we entered into a space sciousness. Our consciousness is circular. Let yourself
of communion, while her baby playfully wove his way be lifted up into that which we are, so we may commu-
in and out, through and around us. nicate to you that which you are. We are within the mind
of Gaia. Gaia is circular, like we are, and we carry the
Suddenly I found I was no longer locked into my
records and memories of all time and space of that which
physical body. As I merged with the consciousness of
has been and that which is emerging. Listen. Listen
the whale, I found myself expanding far out into the
well. Let your breath become circular; let your bodies
Earth, entering into her consciousness, and becoming
run with circular energy. Play. A human child is circu-
one with her body. I was the Earth. I was Gaia, Goddess
lar because it knows how to play. Set that child free
of the Earth. I could feel the vastness of her form and
within you.
of her being, and it was inside me as I was inside her. I
realized there was literally no separation between us, You, Kiara, have felt our physical presence and al-
and I realized that this was the consciousness that the lowed your circle to join with ours in this communion.
whales lived in all of the time. They were the guardians You have felt our joined spirits encircling the universe.
and holographic reflections of the very life of Mother Henceforth you will always remember the way, for we
Earth in a way that humans cannot begin to imagine. have created a passageway from your submerged mind
I felt immensely privileged to experience this glimpse to your surface mind, and you can likewise hold that
of truth. Time stopped, and ecstasy filled my body, in presence for others by allowing your physical form to
wave upon wave of understanding and joy. There has blend with our whale form within your consciousness.
always and forever been only one of us here!
Please realize that when the opening between your
Later, as I went back to my cabin and began to write submerged mind and your surface mind is of sufficient
of my experience, I knew that this connection with my scale, the same energies that circulate through us and
that circulate through your ascended masters can cir-
54 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 55

culate through you. We are within you, and are so bridge from your heart to your pineal center. Then focus
pleased that you have chosen to swim so close to greet on the center in the back of your head at the medulla,
us through the doorway of Sirius. Call on us when and then reconnect back to your heart. This will attune
you choose and our presence will blend with you. you to the cycles and rhythms of life. You will blend
easier with the cosmic ocean. You will be energized and
We wish to speak with you now about who we are
spirit will be strong within you. We will open to you the
and the contribution we make towards Earth’s evolu-
records of our memories, and yours, so that you may
tion. We are anchors for what you may term Christ con-
consciously read and interpret the records of your soul.
sciousness in the mindfield of Gaia. We construct and
maintain the lines of force that you call the grids of It is through the medulla, the chakra at the back of
light around Earth’s body. For our bodies have knowl- the head, that you access the consciousness of Gaia. For
edge of these lines of force, and our consciousness cre- this is where the breath of life extends out to cosmos.
ates the bridge as we interdimensionally merge with This is where the blowhole is for us. The crown and
Gaia. There are some among us who are ascended mas- medulla chakras are merged for us. The crown is your
ters too. We join with your human and stellar masters vertical connection with spirit. The medulla is your
to create the Earth grids with our soundings, a differ- spherical connection with all of cosmic creation, the
ent song every year. realm of soul.
Your Aborigines of old knew about these songlines Spirit is masculine, soul is feminine. You need to
of creation, but many of you have forgotten. Learn to master your connection with spirit on the vertical axis,
listen to the sound of your own souls and to the songs of and also to understand fully the realms of soul, in ever
Gaia. There is a grand current of sound that flows expanding concentric spheres. For this is how we merge
through every cell of your body, that flows through the into the body and soul of Gaia.
songlines of Earth, that creates all the geometries of
So as you make the spirit connection, blend the ener-
life. As you listen to these songs, you will recognize
gies of Earth, Sun, body, heart, and mind along a verti-
within your own bodies where the songlines are unbal-
cal shaft of light. Plunge deep into Earth Sun, soar high
anced. You are circular, holographic beings. As you in-
up to Cosmic Sun. Then bring your attention to the me-
vite balance, and expand into the consciousness of Gaia,
dulla and feel the sound currents as you open out in
you sound forth the balancing of these light grids
widening concentric spheres to embrace all creation. Feel
around your planetary body.
your body expanding out accordingly, as you are expe-
The time for separation, the time for limitation, has riencing now, and the stars will become the cells of your
ended. Your love will be as oceanic as ours. Make a galactic body. This is how we serve as record keepers,
56 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 57

by merging our consciousness with the mindfields of

the cosmos, or as you would call them, the Akashic
Records. In this merging, all things past, present, and
future are registered within the eternity of a moment,
and can be brought forth as desired. And this is how
we seed the cosmos for the possibilities of new creation,
as we sing our songs of life in blended union.
Dear one, you are in a cycle of fullness right now, 5. Message from The Great One
fullness of love, fullness of life’s gifts and opportuni-
A few days later, I heard a message from the White
ties, fullness of spirit, fullness of heart. Swim with us
Whale, oversoul of the whale kingdoms, which I repro-
every day, whether in the oceans in our physical pres-
duce here in full. Please allow these words to sink be-
ence, or during your quiet moments in our cosmic pres-
low the surface mind and into the submerged mind:
ence. We blend with the consciousness of Sanat Kumara,
Pan, and the Lords of Time and Space, to serve as the This is The Great One. I have come in response to
Oversoul of Gaia. Attune to the one we know as the Great your questions spoken and unspoken. I have come to
One, who is the White Whale of your legends, and one share not only information but a certain consciousness.
of the overlords of Sirius, which is our galactic home. It is time to awaken to this consciousness within you,
We have represented the right brain of Gaia, as your for this is the reason you were constructed.
species has represented the left brain. The time is here
Do not denigrate the human form. The human form
now that we are joining together as one planetary body
is one of the highest biological forms for the embodi-
within one unified mind that embraces all of Gaia’s
ment of spirit.
creatures. Let this message stir deep within you the codes
of remembering. We blend with you. Receive through We will go back through the Akashic Records to the
us the love of Mother Gaia! beginnings of time. Time is creation, creation that be-
gan in the mind of Prime Creator, and there was no
meaning except in the unfoldment, except in the con-
tinual creation, except in that deep awareness and pas-
sion to recreate and extend itself.
And so, through the word, through the vibration of
that first intent, was created the songlines, and then
58 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 59

there was light, and within that light manifested differ- have the destiny that your planet possesses, simply be-
ent levels of awareness that led to the creation of dimen- cause none have the diversity which your planet pos-
sions, and within these dimensions form could be played sesses. A new order of creation comes into being as you
out as ideas generated and regenerated themselves. prepare for this moment; we’re here with you. We’ve
always been eager to assist, even when our task was not
And so, many, many, many pathways later various
understood by you.
seedings took place. Forms were created. Among them
were we, among them were you. Spirit formed itself in Know now that there is now a manifestation of my
biological forms, and our destiny has always been the presence in the oceans as a white whale. The Aborigi-
same—to reunite in the fullness of time to complete the nes know of this. It occurs in their prophecies. Like the
cycle, to gather back to Source all of learning, all of creation. white buffalo was born on this continent in fulfillment
of prophecy, so is this white whale born in fulfillment
We carry a certain awareness in our attunement to
of prophecy.
the higher dimensions. What you call higher dimension
is to us spherical, and in this spherical knowing, there The time is near now when this grand awakening
is no higher, there is no lower, but there’s a fullness of of planetary consciousness is due. We have prepared the
understanding, of knowing, for this quality has no sepa- grids of the Earth. The merkaba field is complete. If it
ration within itself. This quality is still connected with were not so, the new frequencies that have been pouring
the One Source within all of this diversity. It is a qual- in could not be anchored and the Earth herself could
ity that your biological circuitry is also meant to carry, not survive.
to embody. It is a quality that those among you that you
There are what you call gamma ray bursts flooding
know of as Ascended Masters have embodied just as
the Earth—many hundreds, many thousands in the last
fully. It is a quality that many races throughout the
year since this grid has been completed. Her soundings
galaxies have achieved, and it’s the quality that you are
have changed. Her songs have changed. Her songs are
about to achieve more fully than any species ever before,
like the templates, and within these templates creation
simply because you’re no longer an isolated species.
can be determined with great precision.
There are representatives among you from across
As the left brain of planet Earth, your intentions,
the galaxies, across the dimensions, across the univer-
your understandings, and your direction is much re-
ses. And so what you seek to create now is a living being,
quired. Feel our presence within your presence. It is time
an extended being that is far vaster than individual
for us to join what has been separate for too long.
ascended beings. There are few planets that have as-
cended from this level of density, and of these none that Ascension has been a mystery to many of you. The
60 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 61

mystery lies not in the how or even in the why. The Gaia has need of us as the right brain. Gaia has
mystery has lain in your mind’s great inclination to need of you as the left brain, but no longer is this a
doubt. The mystery has been in the “if”, because you do division to be maintained. Electromagnetic fields of the
not feel that you know the way, because you have been Earth are changing, which allows a reconstruction of
separated from those deep knowings within you, because these grids of left and right.
you’ve given way to your doubts and your fears. It has
In order for the Mother to make her ascension, right
been a great “if”. It holds you back from the recogni-
and left brain must act as one, and for this you need to
tion of the simplicity of this process.
develop this spherical consciousness. In spherical con-
Dear Ones, this is so simple. Please do not doubt. In sciousness, there is no separation between left and right,
fact, this is your destiny. or matter and spirit, or any of the polarities that you
experience in daily living. Allow yourself to move into
Your bodies were meant to be receptors of light. You
this new awareness.
know this. You know that your DNA is equipped for far
more than you are currently experiencing. You know of So ascension is simply the flowering of new life, and
the 64 codons to be awakened. You know of the twelve in the fruits of that new life, the Earth gives seed and
strands. You know that this has been and will be again. the seeds multiply. It’s a very natural cycle.
You know what holds you back. There are many, The triggers within your cellular consciousness are
many, many layers of conditioning and unbelief, and it already being probed. Your mind has nothing to do with
is the collective barrier that you must break through. it because your will, your intention, and your surren-
We are assisting in this as you call upon us to be of der create this activity, and then from this submerged
service. The answers may not be a conscious awareness place within your deep unconscious, the seeds begin to
of minds. The answers lie in that deep submerged layer bear fruit.
where there is a cellular knowing.
There is a time when the curtains will be parted
Your bodies understand what your minds do not. for all consciousness on this planet. It is to come soon.
Please listen to the body and allow it sacred audience The ground is being prepared for this parting of the
within you. Focus on the chakra on the back of your curtains. In that moment, for it will be a moment,
head. It is a newly emerging planetary chakra that is a you will be tested. Your choices will be weighed, and
parallel development to the vertical axis of the chakras if you so choose, ascension will be once more the natural
along the pranic tube. This is the awareness of spherical cycle rather than death, or rather than participation
consciousness, and we, as we breathe, hold this aware- in the game of separation, a game that you’ve known
ness at all times.
62 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 63

in your history from times before Atlantis. already present. It is the end of timelines. It is the end
of separation. It is the end of death and the beginning
There was a time not very long ago, a time that you
of her birth. We are one.
remember, maybe fear. You remember the days of the
Mer people in their two forms merged. The two king- I feel that anything I could say after this message
doms were one. The two brains were unified. Now is from the White Whale would have to be profoundly
the time that the Mer people are returning, not in physi- mundane, yet I feel compelled to add that about a week
cal form, but within the Earth’s consciousness. after this communication I was in conversation with a
woman I had met in the bay. As we climbed out she
Go back into the storehouses of your mind. Remem-
shared her own life-changing experiences of swim-
ber those days. The cells carry the memories. Many of
ming with whales, and then said something which sent
you were incarnate in the bodies of the ocean people.
tingles all the way through me. I hadn’t yet said any-
Many of us were incarnate within the human people.
thing to her about my encounter with the Great One,
I speak to you in words that you hear within your when out of nowhere she said, “Do you know that they
minds, but my greater communication to you is now in have actually seen a baby white whale off the coast of
creating a passageway that allows your spherical minds Australia?”
to become activated—perhaps the experience of throb-
I would like to end this chapter with a personal re-
bing in the back of your head. Perhaps you hear a sound
quest. The U.S. Navy has been experimenting with
or a tone within that space. Perhaps there are pieces
sonar frequencies that are adversely affecting marine
and fragments of your soul returning to you now that
mammals, particularly whales and dolphins, in ways
have been disconnected and lost. Perhaps you are re-
that we cannot begin to imagine. Many have died as a
membering your true destiny that fills the Earth with a
result. Check out for details.
sense of knowing, a sense of joy, a sense of peace. We
ask you to trust this knowing, not because you under- I have heard that the cetaceans have completed
stand with your minds the steps this requires, but be- their contract with 3-D Earth and are choosing to leave
cause of your intent and desire to join your will with now. Perhaps this is true, and perhaps they leave so
the will of the Earth, the will of the Creator. they might welcome our collective emergence into the
ascended Earth. I do know that on a 3-D level, if the
Fulfill that destiny that has been chosen for you,
remaining whales and dolphins die, we all die. And I
those of you who have incarnated on this planet, for we
also know that I personally am not ready for them to
are one mind and know each other already without veils.
go yet!
We know what is known of your future, which to us is
64 Kiara Windrider Doorway to Eternity 65

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