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The Poodle Papers

Official Publication of “ The Poodle Club of America ”

Winter 2006
President:Doris Cozart
1st Vice Pres.: Michael Wahlig
2nd Vice Pres.:Tom Carneal
Corres. Sec.: Helen Tomb-Taylor
Record. Sec.: Doris Grant
Treasurer: Scott Olund
President’s Message
Variety Representatives
Toy:Jack MacGillivray
Mini: Barbara Furbush I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a Very
Stand.: Dr Samuel Peacock
Happy New Year. I always like the start of the new
Publicity: Anne Rogers Clark year. A time to plan for the future and remember the
AKC Delegate: Barbara Green
Show Committee
Chairperson: Glenna Carlson
Performance Events Obedience Last year was a year that weather played an impor-
Chairperson-Susie Osborn
Performance Events Agility
tant part in so many of our lives. Hopefully next year
Chairperson-Jan Hopper will be better.
WC/WCX Working Certificate
Chairperson- Joyce Carelli
So many plans for this year are already in motion.
Public Education Coordinator
Arlene Scardo Our National Show Chairman, Glenna Carlson has
Affiliate Club Council:
been working very hard to prepare for the 2006 Na-
Tom Carneal tional Specialty. This year we will be adding more
PCA Foundation: performance events.
Exec. Director Michael Wahlig

Genectic Anomalies Committee: The Poodle Foundation has had a very good year.
Director Michael Wahlig
Mr. Michael Wahlig will have more information
PCA Poodle Rescue Central:
Kamilla Mazanec
about that in this newsletter.
I hope if you attend the AKC show in Florida that
Poodles in America: you will stop by and see the PCA booth. Many volun-
Editor:Betsey Leedy
teers are working to make it the best booth ever.
Breeder Referral:
I wish you all a very Healthy and Happy New Year.
PCA Home Page
Leslie Newing & Lisa Croft- Elliott
Enjoy your Poodles!!!!

PCA Information Doris Cozart, President

Hal Kinne

The Poodle Papers

Editor: Leslie Newing
203-255-3396 eves.

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 2
JULY 6,2006
* Note this listing comes from Tom Carneal COLUMBIA POODLE CLUB
JULY 13,2006
2006 JULY 14,2006


FEBRUARY 10, 2006
MARCH 3-2006
APRIL 8,2006


APRIL 24,2006
Mr. Kenneth McDermott,
MAY 12,2006 Newburgh, NY: All Poodles
MAY 19,2006 Dr. Harry Smith of Durham,
NC (Toy)
MAY 21,2006
Mr. Roger Hartinger of Cincin-
MAY 26,2006 nati, OH (Non-Sporting)
MAY 27,2006


JUNE 2,2006 Reynolds

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 3

The Board of Poodle Club of America voted to bestow the title

of Honorary Members to
Mrs. Anna Wanner and Miss Mary Elizabeth Turney.

Denny Blackie
The Poodle Club of America would like
Denny Blackie, husband of Linda Blackie
to welcome back a former member. Del "Whisperwind" died Monday, October 31 after a
Dahl has requested for reinstatement of long battle with lymphoma and leukemia. They
his membership. This request was pre- were married for 38 years. Denny was a big fan of
sented to the Board of Governors at the the dog shows and the many Champions Linda
meeting October 9, 2005 in St. Jo Mis- bred. He accompanied
Linda to shows for
souri and it was approved.
years and early on
showed some of
Welcome back Del!! Linda's first dogs.

Below you will find the contact information for A few days before
Del. His reinstatement missed the printing of Denny died he told
the new roster...So please add him to the "D" Linda of a dream he
page of the 2005 roster...the yellow and green had walking Peter, Ch.
cover. Whisperwind's On A
Carousel, on their
Mr. Del Dahl front lawn. Denny had
2003 E. Illini Airport Road a very strong will to
Urbana, IL 61802 live and beat the odds
of his grave disease
Phone # 217-328-3632 even till the end. Now
Email he can walk with Pe-
ter and all the other dogs he so dearly loved. Denny
is missed by many.
Barbara Deer

ID tags
PCA will have ID tags with lanyards this year for any one interrested in purchasing one. It will be a
blue and yellow Lanyard with a reusable Laminated ID TAG, the ID tag will be printed with you
name, your Kennel Name and the PCA Logo. The PreOrder blanks will be in the Premiun list for
the National Specialty. The Cost will be $5.00 Pre Order and $7.00 if ordered at the show. Supplies
will be limited so if you would like to order one, please submit you order when you mail you order
for Luncheon and Banquet tickets. We hope to have pre-payment for the lanyards go to the same
address as the Luncheon and Banquet tickets. Hopefully, this will make it simpler.
Helen Tomb-Taylor

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 4

PCA Board Members at the Regional

“Early Morning in the field”

Interested in hosting New Poodle Judges

Dr. Vandra L. Huber-Woodinville, Wa
Regional ? Jon Cole-Nashville, TN
James Hupp-Kokomo, IN
Contacted Tom Carneal for all Norman Kenney-Westford,MA
the details.

Bring the Poodle World

close to your home, host
a Regional.
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 5
titles on several dozen of my dogs. Five years ago
Spotlite on a P.C.A. Member I decided to pursue becoming an obedience judge
This Edition of the Poodle Papers shines it’s spotlite and today I really enjoy judging as much as I en-
on Susie Osburn. joy showing. I also show my dogs in agility and
more recently, rally. And taking on the job as Obe-
I was born and raised in Troy, Michigan, a sub- dience and Rally Trial Chairman for PCA for the
urb of Detroit. At the age of 5 I started taking last 4 years has challenged me but has also been
dance lessons and I was hooked. I danced 5 nights alot of fun.
a week throughout my school years so I had little
time for anything else. I was a member of the I currently have a number of apricot, cream and
Contemporary Civic Ballet of Detroit for 6 years. red standards that I am showing. I also have 2
I also was an avid tap dancer. I went to college white miniatures and an apricot toy, Sunkiss
in Mexico City and graduated with a degree in Brandywine at Lido, that I recently put an excel-
Dance. From there I moved to Las Vegas, where lent rally title on. She also has her CDX in obedi-
I currently live, to pursue a career in dance. I ence. I have bred a total of 15 American champi-
worked for 10 years on the Las Vegas Strip in ons and many more in Canada, Mexico and Ber-
several big production shows including Hallelu- muda. My biggest win was with AM, BDA, MEX,
jah Hollywood at the MGM Grand and The Lido FCI INTL CH OF THE AMERICAS, 1999 WORLD
de Paris at the Stardust Hotel. My first litter of CH Lidos Tiger Lily AM BDA MEX CDX, NA NAJ
puppies was born my first night of work at the RA. With 88 countries represented at the World
Lido show so that is where my kennel name came Show in Mexico City in 1999, she took Best of
from. After leaving the entertainment world, I Breed. Tiger Lily is also my most titled poodle to
got involved in cocktail service and bartending date, and at 9+ years of age, she is currently work-
for a number of years. More recently I have been ing on her excellent rally title which will make title
doing office work, and I am currently working as number 17 for her. She is also a therapy dog, as
a financial planner. many of my poodles are.

I have been married twice, divorced twice, and I I'm not quite sure how a person can be so actively
am currently engaged to be married to prospect involved with poodles and still have outside hob-
number three! I got my first apricot standard in bies or interests. Between my job, my family, and
1980 from a local breeder, Millie Stephens, and I the dogs, there is little time to sleep, let alone room
was hooked. I originally just wanted a pet but for anything else. But I wouldn't change a minute
she said that the puppy I had picked out was show of the past 25 years!
quality and needed to go to a show home. So I
agreed to show him, not really knowing what I Susie Osburn
was getting myself into. He was barely a year Lido Poodles
old when I took him to his first show and he took
winners dog and best of breed so I was hooked!
He turned out not to be show quality and he never PCA Website
got another point!
Information is updated on a quarterly
I purchased a couple of girls, one from the basis. The Quarterly updates coinside
Mayfield kennel and one from the Croix kennel, with the publication of the newsletter.
and started showing them. A few years later, I
got started in obedience and I took my first obe- Leslie & Lisa
dience dog, Lidos Miss Strawberry Pie all the way
PCA Website
to a UDX. Since then, I have put many obedience
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 6
Date: October 24, 2005 * Companion Events: Rosalie Alvarez Mrs. Alvarez
Contact: Daisy Okas
of Los Altos Hills, California, has been involved in
Phone: 212-696-8343
Obedience since 1957. Ten of her Dobermans have
AKC ANNOUNCES earned Utility and Tracking degrees and she trained the
first Doberman in the United States to obtain the UDT
RECIPIENTS OF THE 2006 SchH 3 degree. She has numerous High in Trials to her
LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT credit, including two at the Doberman Pinscher Club
of America’s National Specialty. In addition to Obedi-
AWARDS ence, she has competed in tracking, flyball, agility
New York, NY -- The American Kennel Club (AKC®) events, and trained dogs for protection and scent work
announced today the winners of the 2006 AKC Life- for bomb and narcotics detection. The Santa Clara
time Achievement Awards. The awards will be pre- County Sheriff's Department recognized her with a ci-
sented to the winners by AKC President and Chief Ex- tation for developing and training their canine unit. Mrs.
ecutive Officer, Dennis B. Sprung, at the January 17, Alvarez founded the Doberman Drill Team, which
2006 Delegates Meeting in Tampa, Florida, in conjunc- toured the United States and Canada for nearly 30 years
tion with the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship. giving demonstrations at hospitals and public events.
The winners will each receive an engraved Tiffany and She is an AKC Obedience judge and an active member
Co. sterling silver bowl. A larger Tiffany and Co. bowl, of the Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club and the North-
engraved with the names of all recipients past and ern California AKC Obedience Association. She is the
present, is on permanent display at the AKC Headquar- training director of Town and Country and Deep Pen-
ters in New York City. insula Dog Training Clubs. Mrs. Alvarez has helped to
organize and present four AKC Obedience seminars
The AKC Lifetime Achievement Awards were created and judged the AKC Obedience Invitational in 2001.
to honor those individuals who have made outstanding
contributions to the sport of purebred dogs on a na- * Performance: Marshall “Pete” Simonds From
tional level. The recipients were selected by votes cast Morrisville, Vermont, Mr. Simonds got his start in La-
by AKC member clubs for nominees in each of the fol- bradors in 1952. Simonds is an active member of five
lowing categories: Conformation, Companion Events retriever clubs including the Labrador Retriever Club,
and Performance. Inc., for which he served as director and officer. He has
judged retriever trials for over 40 years and has served
The 2006 recipients are: as president and treasurer for the National Retriever
Club. Mr. Simonds also served as the chair of the sub-
* Conformation: Dr. Harry Smith From Durham, committee on Rules of the Retriever Advisory Council
North Carolina, Dr. Smith started with Chesapeake Bay for more than 20 years. He has been serving as a Del-
Retrievers, showing them exclusively in retriever tri- egate to the AKC for over a decade and has been chair-
als. Dr. Smith acquired his first Pug in the 1950’s and man of the Delegates Committee on Field Trials and
owned the first black Pug to win the Pug Dog Club of Hunting Tests from its inception. He has served as a
America Futurity. Co-founder of the Pug Club of Director of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and
Greater Cincinnati, he served as the Pug Dog Club of cont. on page 7
America’s AKC Delegate for 10 years. Dr. Smith be-
gan judging Pugs in 1966 and added his final group, PCA is not responsible for any statements or claims
the Hound Group, in 1999, becoming an AKC all-breed made by its contributors. PCA reserves the rights to
judge. Dr. Smith has judged on five continents, with edit all copy and make editorial comments where nec-
judging highlights that include the Toy Group at essary and deemed appropriate by the editor. PCA re-
Westminster, the Non-Sporting Group at the 2001 AKC/ serves the right to refuse items submitted for publica-
Eukanuba American Dog Classic, Best Bred-By-Ex- tion. Written permission must be received and granted
hibitor Toy Group at the 2005 AKC/Eukanuba National by PCA in order to reprint any editorial material, con-
Championship, and all Groups and Best in Show at the tributors reserve all rights to their articles and permis-
Welsh Kennel Club Show. sions must be granted by them for reprint purposes.

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 7
cont. from page6 comers, creating the next generation of dog fanciers. ”
had a major role in the planning and development of
the Canine Health Information Center. Mr. Simonds has A breeder is chosen from each of the seven groups:
trained and handled Labradors across the country and Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non-Sporting,
has owned more than a dozen Field Champions and and Herding. The individual group recipients will re-
Amateur Field Champions. He has owned Brittanys, ceive a medallion in recognition of their achievements
Pointers and English Setters. He owned the winner of on Saturday, January 14, 2006 at the AKC/Eukanuba
the American Brittany Club National Gun Dog Cham- National Championship, which will be televised live
pionship in 2002. on Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel. At the
end of the presentation, the AKC Breeder of the Year
The American Kennel Club (AKC®), founded in 1884, is a not-for-profit will be announced and presented with a specially com-
organization dedicated to the advancement of purebred dogs. The AKC missioned award (original artwork by Originals By
maintains the largest registry of purebred dogs in the world, oversees the
sport of purebred dogs in the United States, and along with its nearly 5,000
Springer). Additionally, a canine portraitist will be com-
licensed and member clubs, educates the general public about responsible missioned to memorialize a prominent dog from the
dog ownership. More than 16,000 competitions for AKC-registered pure- recipient's kennel, and their name will be inscribed on
bred dogs are held under AKC rules each year including conformation, agil-
ity, obedience, rally, tracking, herding, lure coursing, coonhound events, a perpetual trophy and plaque on permanent display at
hunt tests, field and earthdog trials. Affiliate AKC organizations include the the AKC headquarters in New York City.
AKC Canine Health Foundation, AKC Companion Animal Recovery and
the AKC Museum of the Dog. For more information, visit
The group winners are:
AKC® is a registered trademark of the American Kennel Club.
SPORTING: Douglas A. Johnson Bloomington, IN,
Clussexx Clumber Spaniels
Date: October 24, 2005
HOUND: Karen Staudt-Cartabona Swartswood, NJ,
Contact: Daisy Okas
Majenkir Borzois
Phone: 212-696-8343
WORKING: Dave and Peggy Helming Flemington,
NJ, Pouch Cove Newfoundlands
GROUP WINNERS NAMED TERRIER: William and Rebecca Poole Hixson, TN,
Rocky Top Bull Terriers
FOR THE AMERICAN TOY: Margery A. Shriver Balitmore, MD, Sheffield
NON-SPORTING: Roberta Lombardi Camarillo, CA,
BREEDER OF THE YEAR Rufkins Lhasa Apsos
HERDING: Michelle Ritter Saylorsburg, PA, Britan-
AWARD nia Bearded Collies
– “Breeder of the Year” to be Announced at AKC/ The American Kennel Club (AKC®), founded in 1884, is a not-for-profit
Eukanuba National Championship – organization dedicated to the advancement of purebred dogs. The AKC
maintains the largest registry of purebred dogs in the world, oversees the
sport of purebred dogs in the United States, and along with its nearly 5,000
New York, NY — Today, the American Kennel Club licensed and member clubs, educates the general public about responsible
(AKC®) announced the seven group winners for the dog ownership. More than 16,000 competitions for AKC-registered pure-
bred dogs are held under AKC rules each year including conformation, agil-
American Kennel Club’s 2005 Breeder of the Year ity, obedience, rally, tracking, herding, lure coursing, coonhound events,
Award. The award honors breeders who have dedi- hunt tests, field and earthdog trials. Affiliate AKC organizations include the
cated their lives to improving the health, temperament AKC Canine Health Foundation, AKC Companion Animal Recovery and
the AKC Museum of the Dog. For more information, visit
and quality of purebred dogs.
AKC® is a registered trademark of the American Kennel Club.
"Dedicated breeders are crucial to the sport of pure-
bred dogs, as they have the responsibility to preserve The reason a dog has so many friends
each breed’s unique heritage," said Ron Menaker,
AKC's Chairman of the Board. "The breeder of the year is that he wags his tail instead of his
awards allow us to honor those who have worked to tongue.
uphold standards of excellence in producing quality -Anonymous
purebred dogs and shared their knowledge with new-
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 8

advance of the litter application.

The American Kennel Club (AKC®), founded in 1884, is a not-
REQUIREMENT FOR for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of purebred
dogs. The AKC maintains the largest registry of purebred dogs in
IMPORTED DOGS the world, oversees the sport of purebred dogs in the United States,
and along with its nearly 5,000 licensed and member clubs, edu-
INTENDED FOR cates the general public about responsible dog ownership. More
than 16,000 competitions for AKC-registered purebred dogs are
BREEDING held under AKC rules each year including conformation, agility,
obedience, rally, tracking, herding, lure coursing, coonhound events,
hunt tests, field and earthdog trials. Affiliate AKC organizations
New York, NY – The American Kennel Club (AKC®) include the AKC Canine Health Foundation, AKC Companion
announced today that any imported dog or bitch regis- Animal Recovery and the AKC Museum of the Dog. For more
tered with the AKC on or after March 1, 2006 will be information, visit
required to have an AKC DNA profile prior to register-
ing their first litter whelped in the United States. AKC® is a registered trademark of the American Kennel Club.

The policy will require any imported dogs or bitches

that sire or produce an AKC-registered or FSS-enrolled
litter to have an AKC DNA profile on file before their
Poodle stats for 3rd
litter applications will be accepted into the AKC regis-
try. However, from March 1 - May 1, 2006 there will
quarter 2005
be a limited phase-in period. During this time AKC will
register affected litters without delay and notify the OptiGen is happy to share the following infor-
owner of the new requirement. mation with the Poodle Club of America for
Poodles tested at OptiGen the 3rd quarter of
“AKC’s DNA consultant Elaine Ostrander and I met 2005 (July 1- Sept. 30, 2005):
with the AKC Board in December 2004 to begin re-
viewing our DNA program,” said AKC Assistant Vice Total Poodles tested - 470
President of Compliance Tom Sharp. “This new DNA
requirement for all imported sires and dams was a new
initiative the AKC Board approved this year. As a re-
Total Toy Poodles tested this period - 248 Nor-
sult, AKC will be able to verify all progeny from im- mal/Clear - 171 Carrier -66 Affected - 11
ported animals moving forward.”
Total Miniature Poodles tested this period- 222
This requirement does not affect any foreign dogs reg- Normal/Clear - 147 Carrier - 71 Affected - 4
istered with the AKC before March 1, 2006.
If you have any questions, please feel free to
To make their imported breeding stock eligible to sire email me.
or produce AKC-registrable puppies, breeders will need
to follow the following steps: Sincerely,
Becky Iddings
* Obtain a DNA test kit, available at the AKC Store
Administrative Support Associate
at: and collect cheek swabs samples **********************************************
OptiGen, LLC
from their dog or bitch.
Cornell Business & Technology Park
767 Warren Road, Suite 300
* Send the DNA cheek swab sample along with the Ithaca, NY 14850
required paperwork and fee to the AKC in the enve- phone: 607-257-0301
lope provided in the DNA test kit. fax: 607-257-0353
* To eliminate delays in processing litter applications, web:
the completed DNA test kits should be submitted in
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 9
AKC Rally was inaugurated as a title series on
It's Official! The First January 1, 2005. Through the December issue of
AKC Awards, 328 Poodles have earned the Rally
Poodle to Earn an AKC Novice (RN) title, and 86 of these went on to earn
the Rally Advanced (RA) title. A total of 32 RE
RAE Title Is . . . titles have been published for Poodles, including
those of the three RAEs named above.
. . . standard Poodle Sukie's Gift Of Gab CDX RAE
NAJ. Owned, trained and handled by Susanne Rally classes have been offered at the PCA national
Butterfield, Gaby completed her Rally Advanced specialty since 2004, first as nonregular Obedience
Excellent (RAE) title on September 22. classes and then as regular classes in a Rally trial
run concurrently with the Obedience trial. With its
To earn the RAE, a dog must first achieve the Rally relaxed atmosphere and emphasis on dog-handler
Excellent (RE) title and then qualify 10 times in communication and teamwork, Rally has proven
both the Rally Advanced B class and the Rally to be a popular event for young Poodles just start-
Excellent B class at the same trial. ing out in Obedience or Agility, for those making
a cross-over from Agility to Obedience, and for
Only two other Poodles-both standards, one female "retirees" not quite ready for life on the sofa.
and one male-have since completed RAE titles:
Barbara Rooney's Blackberi Jubilee UDX RAE, With such an auspicious start, it seems certain that
on October 15, and Joann Smith's Lord Einstein Poodles will continue to "Rally On!"
Of Timberlake UDX RAE, on October 23.
- Kathryn Foran

PCA Foundation
Start the New Year off with a donation to the PCA Foundation. You can contribute to this worthy cause
by simply filling out the form below. The Foundation acknowledges all contributions.

I wish to contribute $ ________________ to the Poodle Club of America Foundation, Inc., in the name
of ______________________________________________________________________. This contri-
bution is made in memory/ honor of _____________________________________________________
I wish this contribution to be used for _________________________________________
(Please specify a specific area, i.e. PRA, Hips, SA, vWD, or to the General Fund)

Mail your check to : (note Donations are Tax Deductible)

The Poodle Club of America Foundation, inc.
2945 James town Rd., Long Lake, Mn. 55356

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 10
call the vet, do you wait. You have lighter moments...the
Canine Pregnancy bitch trying to crawl into the laundry basket with the
Canine pregnancy lasts nine weeks and then you have
approximately 8weeks of rearing to do. I have identified Puppies Day one:
and defined the stages we go through in this process: Hubby comes in to view the litter, points at one and
says "Wow is he cute". He is half the size of the other
Week one: babies.
Was he the right one? Puppies Week One:
Typified by agonizing over whether you chose the right Looking for heads in all the wrong you
stud. KNOW better than to look for heads when they have
Week two: smushed up muzzles from nursing.
Was she fertile? Puppies Weeks Two and Three:
Indicated by mildly threatening thoughts directed at your You do their stress activities, monitor weights and ev-
bitch and concern about wasted $$$. ery day hubby comes in to check on his boy...yes he is
Week three: cute... fast, too. Easy to be fast when you are long as a
Oh lord, we missed her...stupid sterile stud dog. freight train with long legs to match. You've picked
Week four: out the best rears and tails from watching them
Vet appointments fix everything. You schedule a vet visit nurse.During week three you discuss devotion to moth-
for a sonogram and wake up the morning of the planned erhood with your bitch when she announces the darn
test to discover she looks like she ate a watermelon! things have sharp teeth.
Week five: Week Four and Five:
Not enough food in the world to feed this bitch... They really are cute and you are caught thinking they
Week six: are cute, because they are now on solid food and you
Oh lord she's lost some babies...when really she has just are fast running out of clean paper.
moved them around a bit and now she is hanging down Hubby plays with his boy child and begs you to stack
more than spread out like a watermelon. him up and tell him what you develop re-
Week seven: ally good diversionary strategies.
Dreams of glory featuring puppies with the best parts of Week six:
both parents. You are starting serious evaluation and start taking
Week eight: notice while doing the photographs that
Nightmares of disaster featuring puppies that look like hubby's pick is now the same size as his littermates.
the neighbor's dog. The litter looks really good...aren't you glad you got
Week nine: that generic sperm and they all look like your bitch,
Maximum could you do this to this sweet little who is perfect in every way.
girl, she can't eat or sleep and neither can you. Week seven:
While analyzing the photos you keep coming back to
Labor, Stage One: one striking male who is very balanced and very
Now, is it now? No she is just rehearsing AND she has proportioned...this cannot be happening, Could this be
picked out one fake place for puppies, one real place and the "little " male your hubby liked.. THAT can't be...
just rolls her eyes at the lovely new whelping facility you Week eight:
built for her. The puppy party where all your friends and some of
Stage Two: your enemies come over to pick your little darlings apart
Well the fake place (the closet) has been passed up for the in great detail and make rude remarks about the faults
bushes in the front yard and you cannot convince her that that nasty stud produced. Their decision is
her humongous butt is clearly visible to all passersby...her unanimous...pick of the litter is a strong handsome boy
head is hidden, she thinks she is in a den and to h*** with who trots wonderfully, comes when called and thinks
you, you have no idea what you are doing. Your job is to your hubby hung the moon.
get her into the whelping box without stressing this deli-
cate little dog mom to be or calling in the crane or forklift. AUTHOR UNKNOWN
Actual delivery of babies: At this point Time is not on
your races, then crawls, races then crawls. Do you
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 11

cating the supplies was the biggest challenge in treat-

Rescue at Katrina: ing an animal. Animals were being dropped in cages
by resue teams, with appropriate paper work with the
A Story of Canadians approximate address (where they located the animal)
and each one was microchipped (We poodle breeders
"stepping up" to Help need to realize the importance of microchipping to get-
ting your lost animal back). Most of the animals that
I was first contacted by a newly formed animal rescue we were examining had not had food nor water for the
team called CAAT (Canadian Animal Assistance Team) better part of one month and were still alive!
from Vancouver, British Columbia. It was 3 weeks af- The amazing stories that unfolded would reduce you
ter Katrina. This 100% non-profit group had formed to tears. Dogs that had been tied to dining room tables
in the face of the Katrina disaster. for the month, animals locked in rooms and they were
Three days later, I found myself on a plane heading still alive. There were both cats and dogs that could no
to New Orleans, along with three other Veterinarians longer stand-up. It was our jobs as the Canadian Vet-
and 13 Animal Health Technicians. We were the sec- erinary teams to triage and decide who needed what.
ond team to be deployed, (funded by CAAT), via the There were political complications that I will discusss
benevolent public on both sides of the border. We had later.
no idea if we would be housed or fed and, at one point, I believe most of the public wasn't aware that in those
were warned to have enough Power Bars on hand to downtown areas there wasn't a soul around except
last one week. Water was now available and bring armed guards and animal rescue trucks. It looked like a
tents just in case. setting from some outerspace movie- to look down the
We arrived at Gonzalez d(about 40 mile north of the interstate from an overpass and there isn't a car for as
city) to a converted Equestrian Centre which had 5 barns far as one can see. The police and guards and army
(with 5 or 6 rows of stalls in each barn) which were kept everyone out of three quarters of the city for fear
housing 1200-1500 of looting,
dogs and 800 cats and it didn't
and many exotics as matter if
well as 300 Horses. there were
FEMA had an animals
emergency tent trapped in
where all volunteers houses or
could sleep on army not. It
cots. Volunteers had looked like a
come from all over war zone of
the USA and a third world
Canada. After one country. I
restless night we felt like there
faced one of the ma- was an un-
jor shocks of our told story,
live-the size and and was it
scope of this disas- politically
ter. motivated or
The size of this did the me-
rescue operation dia just as-
overhelming. The sume that the
Humane Society of the U.S. did its best to organize the public had such a short attention span, that they needed
rescue in the city but what was going on in the shelter to move on to the next story.
was crazy. There were probably a hundred rescue vans that were
There were supplies everywhere, on palates, in the all clearly marked so that when they headed into N.O.
first two or three box stalls with absolutely no organi- to break into houses that they were shot as looters! The
zation at any level. The box stall of drugs were being HSUS had arranged that animal rescue people could
rumage through by all the medical team and often lo-
cont. on page 12
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 12
cont. from page 11
break into any
house in which
you felt there
could be an ani-
mal trapped.
These trucks
and resue
teams made
trip after trip
for 6 weeks.
Every trip freed
more animals.
I admired all
the animal con-
trol people who
had dedicated
their lives to
catching ani-
mals and had
the finess and
skill that most
us will never at-
The politics
that was alluded to, was back at the shelter in Gonzales, tion. Dr. Caroline said, "Oh! to pay no attention to
where there was too much work to do, but the hired them!" We cleared some tables and organized a bit and
Veterinarians (VMAT) by FEMA were very concerned started.
about having volunteer Veterinarian working along side 80% of the animals brought in were PitBulls and 80%
of them- like we might take their job!!, I am not sure . were unaltered and 75% of them were heart worm posi-
When I arrived the first morning, I , and a volunteer tive ( as reported by the VMAT group). Fleas were a
Veterinarian from Kentucky were told that we were not huge problem (locked in houses for a month in humid-
needed even though there were hot animals in cages on ity), as were many types of fungal infections. There
the pavement six deep, that needed Veterinary atten- were puppies and kitten in the hospital area, bitches
and queens in labor. Parvovirus was
surfacing in the barns and just the lo-
gistics of feeding and watering was a
disorganized nightmare.
Then we were evacuated for Rita!
16 wheeler trucks were lined up to load
animals and supplies and the
anouncement was that the authorizies
were "cutting us loose"- a version of
every man for himself. When the Next
hurricaine passed, we were all back at
it- it was then that the Canadian group
decided to do triage for the animal resue
teams in downtown N.O. so that we
could get more animals rescued per day.

cont. on page 13
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 13
cont. from page 12 wasn't important.
Two puppies were brought to the triage centre just
On our last day there, "team two" triaged over 300 ani-
clinging to life. They looked about three or four weeks
mals in deciding who was critical and who need fluids-
old. They had been found with their mother and three
CAAT had organized a 16 wheeler refrigeration truck
siblings which were dead- starved to death inside a
and we just kept loading patients until there was no
house. These puppies were staying alive by continu-
more room. The comminity and the resuers were so
ing to nurse and chew into the mammary glands of their
dead mother.
As part of the experience, I
helped to break into houses for ani-
mal rescue. Some houses were un-
touched and other were totally ru-
ined. We entered some place where
black mould was growing up to the
ceilings and the floor had greasey
black oozed that make it difficult
to walk. Windows were covered
with mould and flashlights could
barely shead enough light to avoid
the nails and the glass. One could
tell by the smell if you were get-
ting close, and one hoped that it
wasn't human (they were still find-
ing bodies of all sorts one month
In one particular case, we fol-
lowed the smell down a dark hall-
way and into what was the bath-
room and there was a Cocker Span-
iel too weak to stand ,with only four
poops in the room and all the wa-
ter drank out of the toilet. He was
laying in urine waiting to die. We
approached with caution, he
growled, then quietened as he re-
alized we were not going to hurt
him. (insert Picture) I lifted him
carefully to daylight and he
blinked in confusion. He drank and
ate for the first time in one month.
I needed to go for a walk while
In all of this , I am happy to report that I saw only
the technician talked with him. It certainly wasn't like
three Standard Poodles ( one black in Baton Rouge, at
me to become distressed!but who couldn't help it! We
the Vet School, and two browns in Sidel. If they had
needed to move on because curfew was at 6PM and the
tatoos or microchips, they would have been reunited
city had to be vacated. Crow bars were essential for
with their owners in short order.) , Two black minia-
tearing the steal bars off of some of the windows or
ture poodles and no toys. I hope this is a testomony to
doors. We found a cat that had rifled through every cup-
the Poodle Club of America, that encourages respon-
board looking for food. He was thin but alive and happy
sible breeding and ownership.
to see someone. As I carried him out to the van, I showed
The triaging of some 1200 dogs and cats during our
the technicians the inside of my arm. There were four-
week there was a testomony to the great work that
teen fleas sucking a new blood meal. We chuckled-it
CAAT (Canadian Animal Assistance Team) does as a
cont. on page 14
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 14
cont. from page 13

100% volunteer society dedicated to moving animal trained personnel into sites around the world where helpis
needed. CAAT send a total of six team to New Orleans and succeeded in making many animal lives better for
their efforts. They have recieved support both from the USA and Canada and need your help! Please consider
donating to this great group and check out their web site.
CAAT (Canadian Animal Assistance Team)
1635 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, B.C.
V6J 1L8
Contact : Donna Lasser AHT

Written with heart and soul

by Dr. Terill Udenberg
"TEES Standard Poodles"
1-250-549-0402 for any questions/answers
2700-30 Ave.,
Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 15

A Gift That Keeps on

Abby immediately settled in and won their hearts.
Not only that, she has, in the short time there, made an
amazing difference in Carl’s well-being. Julianne notices

Giving that he is much more verbal, and when she arrives home
from teaching music in the Portland schools, he can’t wait
to tell her all that Abby has done that day. He is also more
mobile – getting up to open the back door to the pen area,
This past July, 2005, I went to Maine with my two
and waiting for Abby to come back in for the treat he is
miniature Poodles, Macey and Bud, to visit my eldest niece
sure to have in his hand. He has even started to walk her
and her husband. This is a special niece who had come to
on their dead-end street. Carl pushes a wheel chair for
Massachusetts to play the cello at my husband Jim’s burial
balance and Abby proudly walks beside him on her bright
in November of 2004. Because of my husband’s illness, I
red leash.
had not previously visited Julianne and her husband Carl in
Carl is a retired orchestra conductor and violin-
Maine. Carl is much older than my niece, and has been
ist. He delights in playing the violin for Abby, and sing-
suffering from Parkinson’s disease for 17 years. They have
ing to her. As he sings, he holds her front paws and
no children.
Once they had bought this house,
having sold their condo for one-floor con-
veniences, they wanted a dog, but the fenc-
ing of the yard stymied them. When I ar-
rived, I suggested a pen arrangement in
part of the yard and this opened up a whole
new area for their consideration. Julianne
and I saw to setting up a pen.
Now, the question was, what dog
to get? Well, Carl had had Dachshunds in
his youth and that was an option. How-
ever, considering their tendency to dig and
bark, they rethought this choice. How
about a “pound pup”? Nothing wrong
there, except with Carl’s special needs they
thought perhaps they should consider a dog
whose lineage and breed characteristics
were known.
Meantime, as we spoke, Macey
“dances” with her. All of this activity, and interest, is a
settled on Carl’s lap, and whenever Carl moved, Bud “es-
joy to Julianne since Carl’s Parkinson’s is causing the need
corted” him, as he had done for my husband, in case Carl
for more assistance as the months go on, and he was be-
needed his help. It should be noted that Macey is not a lap
ginning to show signs of sadness over it all.
sitter. She and Bud, however, are certified Therapy Dogs,
In the mornings, Abby will not go out until she
and both were always good about sitting on laps for pa-
has checked Carl’s room to see that all is well. When
tients during visits. She knew Carl was in a sense a patient,
Julianne arrives home from school, Abby is at the door to
and sat for him to pet her. It was no surprise to me that
greet her. In Julianne’s words, “Abby has made us a fam-
after two visits the question now was “Where can we get a
mini Poodle?”.
Some things in life we cannot plan. They just
As luck would have it, Leslie Newing of Random
happen. They are gifts. That is what the arrival of Abby
Wind Poodles had the answer. She had just had a 2 year
was for Julianne and Carl. She is a beautiful Poodle in
old spayed female of her breeding come back to her due to
confirmation, but even more so in temperament and heart.
the owner’s having to go to a nursing home. Leslie was
She not only filled a need for her new family, she saw
good enough to trust Julianne and Carl with Abby, and this
their needs as well. One can only wish them “many happy
past September, Macey, Bud, and I escorted Abby home
years together”.
when Julianne came to Connecticut to meet her.
Patricia McElaney

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 16
* Sell not more than 25 dogs to the public, or
American Kennel Club * Sell the dogs from six or fewer litters, or
* Sell more than the threshold numbers, but com-
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ply with kennel inspection standards of not-for-
Date: November 8, 2005 profit organizations, such as the AKC, as certified
Contact: Daisy Okas by the Secretary of Agriculture.
Phone: 212-696-8343 * Are an animal shelter, rescue organization, or
individual working with dogs as long as you do
PET ANIMAL WELFARE STATUTE OF not import dogs for resale or operate for profit.
COOPERATE TO EXEMPT FANCIERS The additional exemption for those in compliance
with standards of not-for-profit organizations, such
-- AKC Chairman Testifies Before Senate Subcom- as the AKC, whose kennel inspection programs and
mittee On PAWS -- standards are certified by the Secretary of Agri-
culture would apply to persons selling dogs and
New York, NY – The American Kennel Club cats solely at retail. The kennel standards certified
(AKC®), working in cooperation with Sen. Rick by the Secretary must be at least equivalent to those
Santorum (R-PA) and other co-sponsors of the Pet required by the United States Department of Agri-
Animal Welfare Statute of 2005 (PAWS), today culture under the Animal Welfare Act. This new
testified in support of PAWS as it will be modified provision will permit the USDA to focus its in-
by additions and clarifications described by Sen. spection activities on currently unregulated high
Santorum at the opening of the hearing. These volume breeders and brokers without imposing
modifications include an additional exemption for federal regulation on hobby and show breeders al-
breeders who sell dogs or cats only at retail and ready in compliance with equivalent or higher stan-
are in compliance with certified kennel inspection dards.
standards. Dealers will also have the option of a ###
third-party compliance inspection.
The American Kennel Club (AKC®), founded in 1884, is a not-
for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of purebred
At a hearing held by the Subcommittee on Re- dogs. The AKC maintains the largest registry of purebred dogs in
search, Nutrition and General Legislation of the the world, oversees the sport of purebred dogs in the United States,
Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and and along with its nearly 5,000 licensed and member clubs, edu-
cates the general public about responsible dog ownership. More
Forestry, AKC Chairman Ronald Menaker spoke than 16,000 competitions for AKC-registered purebred dogs are
in support of PAWS, including the additional ex- held under AKC rules each year including conformation, agility,
emption provision, and how the bill aims to regu- obedience, rally, tracking, herding, lure coursing, coonhound events,
hunt tests, field and earthdog trials. Affiliate AKC organizations
late imported puppy sales and high volume breed- include the AKC Canine Health Foundation, AKC Companion
ers who sell dogs over the internet. Animal Recovery and the AKC Museum of the Dog. For more
information, visit
“We are delighted by this additional provision and
proud that our input to the Senator throughout the AKC® is a registered trademark of the American
legislative process is resulting in an extremely ef- Kennel Club.
fective bill that can be supported by a range of
animal-interest organizations,” said Menaker.
There is no psychiatrist in the world
The most recent additional provision and clarify-
ing language to PAWS will ensure that you will be
like a puppy licking your face.
exempt if you: -Ben Williams

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 17

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 18

When I am Old... From Susie Osburn

I shall wear Turquoise and soft gray
sweatshirts... and a bandana over my silver The new year is upon us and plans are being put
hair..... and I shall spend my Social Security into place as you are reading this for PCA 2006.
Checks on Sweet Wine and My Dogs...... We intend to make it the biggest and best specialty
and sit in my house on my well worn chair and ever!
listen to my dog's breathing.
The 2006 panel is as follows:
I will sneak out in the middle of a warm Sum-
mer night and take my dogs for a run, if my old Mrs. Marie Huffman-OPEN B
bones will allow... and when people come to
call, I will smile and nod as I show them my Mr. William Huffman-OPEN A & UTILITY B
dogs... and talk of them and about them...
Mr. Kenneth Nagler-NOVICE B
The Ones so Beloved of the Past and the Ones
so Beloved of Today.... I still will work hard Mrs. Evelyn Vanuden-NOVICE A & UTILITY
cleaning after them and mopping and feeding A
them and whispering their names in a soft, lov-
ing way. I will wear the gleaming sweat on my Mrs. Marilou McCloskey-ALL RALLY
throat, like a jewel and I will be an embarrass- CLASSES
ment to all... and my family... who have not yet
found the peace in being free to have dogs as Our non-regular classes will include the follow-
your Best Friends.... ing:

These friends who always wait, at any hour, Pre-novice

for your footfall... and eagerly jump to their feet Grad-novice
out of a sound sleep, to greet you as if you are Grad-open
a God. With warm eyes full of adoring love and Veterans
hope that you will stay and their big, strong Brace
necks... and kiss their dear sweet heads... and Team
whisper to their very special company.... Versatility

I look in the Mirror... and see I am getting old.... Make plans now to be in Salisbury, MD, on June
this is the kind of woman I am... and have al- 13th, 2006, for the best obedience and rally on the
ways been. Loving dogs is easy, they are part planet! And plan to stay for our judges dinner af-
of me, accept me for who I am, my dogs appre- ter judging is completed.
ciate my presence in their lives...
when I am old this will be important to me...
you will understand when you are old.... and if Susie Osburn
you have dogs to love too. Obed & Rally Trial Chairman

~Author Unknown

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 19

Whats in a name? What I have Learned

How did you come up with your kennel name you
use? That question will be asked to breeders in each Showing Dogs
variety for the Poodle Papers . This issue we have
asked I've learned that if you wear gold lame shoes while show-
ing your dog, no one will remember the dog but they'll
Barbara Green :I have always loved English court- never forget your feet.
room film dramas. One of my all time favorites is The
Paradine Case. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock,produced I've learned that everyone else looks like their dog, not
in 1947.It stared Gregory Peck,Charles Laughton, Ethel me.
Looking at the entire courtroom, the Judges, I've learned that the most attractive outfits, the ones that
the Attorneys. One sees on their heads, wigs (Perriwigs); make you look 15 lbs. lighter and three inches taller,
if you will. If you use your imagination you can see don't come with pockets.
that they very much look like the headpieces of poodles.
Hence, my kennel name. Perriwig. I've learned that the words, "Congratulations, you have
the better dog," doesn't sound anything like those words
Barbara Furbush: My kennel name is named after when you clench your teeth and swallow your tongue as
my father's middle name; it was Bevan. It was his you say them.
grandmother's maiden name and they all lived on
Gurnsey Chanel Island where my father was also I've learned that if the words, "Congratulations, you have
born. I loved the name so much that I added the "ton" the better dog," are said to you, they're never said loud
on the end and my very first "homebred" Poodle was enough.
"white" and Bevanton!
I've learned that your dog's performance in the ring is
Joan McFadden : My first show dog was a bitch from directly related to whether or not you have friends com-
Barbara Johnson's kennel Aleput. She named all her lit- ing to watch you. Just how badly you and your dog do
ters by the alphabet and when I got my first show girl has everything to do with how many witnesses are
from her she was on her "U" litter. They had named her present to watch you.
when I got her and her name was Ch. Aleput Utterly
Unique, finished by Gail, my first champion, so when I I've learned that there IS no graceful way to recover from
started breeding it was from her and to honor her I de- a fall in the ring when your dress flies over your head
cided my kennel name would be Unique. and catches on your front teeth.

MOVING? I've learned that when you have a dog that's on a win-
ning tear, you suddenly have friends who are people you
Please if you have moved please don't know.

email me your new address so I can I've learned that when you make a major mistake in the
update it to keep you getting the ring, clutching at your chest and yelling, "It's the big
one" doesn't fool anyone, least of all your dog who only
Poodle Papers. I only get one update looks embarrassed.
a year otherwise so your
I've learned that W.C. Fields had it right when he said to
issues of the Poodle Papers will drop avoid working next to children because they steal the
if I don’t have an up to date address show.
on you. I've learned never to tell a judge they have food in their
Email teeth, particularly when they're examining your dog's
cont. on page 20
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 20
cont. from page 19 the PCA National in June, many breeders provided
bite. blood samples to a research program sponsored by
the National Institute for Health that is trying to
I've learned that some judges have no sense of humor. identify the gene that controls size in Poodles.

I've learned that large dogs make fools of people un-

used to showing a dog of that size while toy dogs are
2005 marked the end of a 20+ year effort to con-
quickly dispatched by people accustomed to quer prcd/PRA in Toy and Miniature Poodles.
showing a far bigger dog. Optigen announced that it found and tested the
definitive mutation test for prcd/PRA. Toy and
I've learned that next to needlepoint stores, dog show Miniature breeders have been taking advantage of
vendors are the most trusting when it comes to taking this major advance in genetic testing and now have
personal checks. a clear path to follow when considering breeding
plans for their Toy or Miniature Poodles. This is
I've learned that picking up your own dog's waste with clearly the most exciting "win" in genetic testing
a skimpy
PCA paper
2005 towel isn't as revolting as picking up for Poodles to date.
someone else's dog waste with a front loader.

My dogs have learned that someone else's bait is al-

During 2005 PCAF paid out over $41,000 in grants.
ways tastier than what I give them. Those grants included $13,375 for epilepsy re-
search at The University of California, Davis;
I've learned that the very best parking spaces have or- $10,000 for Addison's research at The University
ange cones saving them for someone else. of California, Davis; $7,000 for eye research at The
University of Pennsylvania; $6,000 to The Uni-
I've learned that orange cones crush pretty easily. versity of Wisconsin for cruciate ligament research,
and $5,000 to The University of Missouri for re-
I've found that the very best people - and the very worst search on Neonatal Encephalopathy in Standard
- can be found in our sport. Poodles.

Submitted by Betsey Leedy

Thanks to all who contributed money, time and
expertise to advance the cause of Poodle health
and education in 2005.
The completion of the sequencing of the dog ge-
Foundation nome in 2005 will lead to many great advances in
2006 and beyond. Thanks to the generosity of
Wrap Up many, The Foundation will be there to make sure
that Poodle health issues are addressed and re-
2005 was an exiting year for The Poodle Club of solved.
America Foundation. In addition to the grants the
Foundation made in 2005, it continued its educa- Michael Wahlig
tional commitment with sales of educational vid-
eotapes of past Foundation Seminars and the 2005
Foundation Seminar that was headlined by a pre-
sentation on Poodle Pedigrees by Anne Rogers
There is no psychiatrist in the world
Clark. like a puppy licking your face.
Poodle breeders continued to provide blood
samples for many important research projects. At
-Ben William
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 21

Regional 2005

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 22

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 23
AKC Hunt Test and WC/WCX Events at the hill and parallel to a short tree line beyond which was a
Poodle Club of America, Inc. Regional Specialty, bowl shaped open area.
Oct. 10, 2005
The go-bird or flyer was thrown uphill about 80 yards
Written by Mia DiBenedetto out from the line. The line to the flyer required the dog
to run directly across the face of the hill. The line fell
The Poodle Club of America, Inc. sponsored its first- off to the right in cover 18-to 20-inches high and crossed
ever AKC Retriever Hunt Test, at its Regional Spe- two small drainage ditches along the way. With the wind
cialty Show, Monday, Oct. 10, 2005 at Smith’s Fork blowing from right to left up the hill, a great deal of
Park in Smithville, MO. Dogs were judged in two divi- suction was created to pull the dog off line down the
sions; Junior and Senior. The PCA also hosted the WC/ hill toward the memory-bird.
WCX Working Certificate events on the grounds fol-
lowing the tests.

An impressive number — 35
poodles were entered into the
day’s events. Entries repre-
sented each coast — Califor-
nia to Rhode Island, the Gulf
and southern states as well as
Minnesota and Florida. The
weather was perfect — bril-
liant sunshine with cool tem-
peratures could not have been
better. And the enthusiasm
supporting the poodle as a
working retriever was per-
fect! I think Kudos should be
given to everyone who partici-
pated — it truly was one very
successful event!

Senior Hunt Test

Four Standard Poodles partici-

pated in the Senior Hunt Test
judged by Sherie Catledge and Fay McCaleb.
The line to the memory-bird was diagonally downhill
The Senior dog is judged on double marked retrieves through cover and across a small drainage ditch. Mo-
both on land and in water, must be able to deal with mentum and an open area beyond the fall tended to
blind retrieves, honoring another dog’s retrieve, be pull dogs to the right and past the mark.
steady off lead and deliver to hand. The dog in general
must exhibit those qualities, which must be expected The blind retrieve was about 60 yards across the crest
in a finished and experienced hunting retriever. of the hill through a patch of waist high cover to the
left of the flyer station. This tested the dog’s ability to
The land marks consisted of a double-retrieve, each push through cover and shows a judge the dog’s ability
about 100 yards from the line which was near the crest to be handled. The flyer station off to the right and down
of a hill. The double marks looked very much like an wind provided a great deal of distraction.
open hip-pocket setup. The first or memory-bird, was
thrown right to left diagonally across the face of the The water portion of the test, which proved to be very

cont. on page 24
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 24
cont. from page 23 the leash. A dog must retrieve to hand. A dog may be
encouraged to hunt, but excessive noise in encourag-
difficult for most dogs, was in an area with high cat-
ing the dog suggests a lack of hunting desire and a low
tails to the left of the line and overhanging willows along
grade in Perseverance is required.
the right side of the pond.
The land and water marks for the Junior dogs were the
The back side of the pond had similar cover. The
same marks as in the Senior test, but dogs picked up
memory bird was a left-to-right bird going down the
each mark as a single bird rather than the double-re-
shore across the pond about 60-yards and landing un-
trieve required in Senior. Judges for the Junior Hunt
der some overhanging bushes. The go-bird was also
Test said they were very impressed with the poodle work
across the pond about 75 yards out going from right to
on the tough land marks.
At the end of the day the water marks were a bit too
The line to the go-bird took the dog from a closed in
demanding for all but Dayspring’s Lonetree Dolly,
area out into open water — this tends to pull a dog off-
owned by Eileen Jaskowski of Co. . She was the only
line either to the right or left. A tall line of cattails was
Junior dog that received a qualifying score.
on the left of the line of the memory-bird pushing the
dog off-line to the right. As soon as the dog cleared the
cattails the pond opened up — this also tends to pull
Working Certificate and Working Certificate Excel-
dogs off-line.
The water blind was only about 50 yards but the line to The Poodle Club of America, Inc. allows any regis-
the blind was across tree limbs in the water and under tered Poodle over six months of age which meets the
overhanging willows which were parallel to shore. performance requirements to receive the Working
Certificate and the Working Certificate Excellent.
Two dogs, Lonetree’s Go Bang, SH, WCX, owned
by Jack D. Combs and Mia DiBenedetto of Rhode The purposes of these Certificates are to test the natu-
Island and Bounce N Deau Rey, CD, SH owned by ral working ability of the Poodle and to demonstrate
Sheree Stone Melancon of Tx, qualified in the Senior his interest in birds, his ability to take direction from
division. the handler, his marking ability, his willingness to en-
ter the water, and his trainability.
The water portion of each of the four tests was true
hunting water, much more difficult than the training
water we have seen the past two years at the PCA Na- Working Certificate Excellent (WCX)
tional Specialty.
Nine Poodles entered the WCX event with 5 dogs quali-
The presence of cover, such as cattails, over-hanging fying for a WCX Certificate. Those qualifying were:
willows, brush along the shore, and obstacles in the Lontree’s Go Bang SH, WCX owned by Jack Combs
water serves as demanding environment and major ob- and Mia DiBenedetto of R.I.; HR Cosmic Mountain
stacles to all but the most experienced dogs. Scout JH, owned by Gary and Helen Scovel of WI;
Bounce N Deaux Rey CD, SH owned by Sheree
Junior Hunt Test Melancon of Tx; Ch. Kallista’s Silver Sails Aloft
VCD2 AXJ, owned by Suzi Cope and Marlene Miller
Nine poodles were entered into the Junior Hunt Test, of Tx; and Lonetree’s Eskimo Pie SH, owned by
judged by Rene Yates and Tim Landecker. Eileen Jaskowski of CO.

The Junior dog is judged on four single marks, two on

land and two on water. Junior Hunting dogs shall not Working Certificate (WC)
be handled on more than one mark, and if handling is 13 Poodles entered the Working Certificate event judged
required, it must be accomplished crisply and cleanly. with 5 dogs qualifying for a WC Certificate. Those
Dogs shall be steady but may be brought to the line on qualifying were: Ch. Ascot For Your Eyes Only owned
cont. on page 25
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 25
cont. from page 24 Welcome to Rally- Part II. This is the sec-
by Claudia Straitife and Dana Stewart of NC; Ch. ond installment of Carolyn Wray’s series
Kallista’s Silver Sails Aloft VCD2 AXJ, owned by on Rally. Part III will appear in the next
Suzi Cope and Marlene Miller of Tx; Cosmic Moun-
tain Scout JH, owned by Gary and Helen Scovel of
Poodle Papers.
WI; Bounce N Deaux Rey CD, SH owned by Sheree
Melancon of Tx; and Penmars Play It Again CDX,
owned by Penny Cavallaro of CA.
I hope by now that many of you have tried rally and
found it to be as much fun as I do! I think in reviewing
the Rally Regulations, the most important thing to keep
Many Thanks in mind is the requirement “The team of dog and han-
Many thanks to the Officers of the Poodle Club Of dler moves continuously at a brisk, but normal, pace
America Inc., who were present the entire day to help with the dog under control at the handler’s left side.
and support the participants. An especially big Thank There should be an sense of teamwork between the dog
You is extended to PCA Treasurer Scott Olund for and handler both during the numbered exercise and
his excellent “Water Retrieves.” Scott worked tirelessly between the exercise signs…”
all day as a Bird Boy, going over and above the normal
tasks and even going INTO the water to retriever the By now most exhibitors are aware (or should be!) that
ducks! Bravo Scott— you certainly are one Game Guy! the first changes to the Rally Regulations became ef-
fective 10-01-05.. These changes can be found on the
Hunt Test Secretary Tom Carneal did a terrific job in AKC web site at The changes delete the
selecting a site that was perfect for both the Hunt Tests reference to the “2 foot area;” This was an awkward
and WC/WCX events. Smith’s Fork Park offered beau- phrase that was misinterpreted by some and it’s removal
tiful fields and a nice pond as well as a pavilion for helps to clarify that the AKC intends for the dog and
awards and registration. handler team to be working together not just being
within a specified distance. A sentence has been added
Eileen Jaskowski and Sheree Stone Melancon who that clarifies “Any faults in traditional obedience that
served as Hunt Test Chairman and WC/WCX Event would be evaluated and scored as a one point deduc-
Secretary did a wonderful job of organizing the event tion or more should be scored the same in Rally, unless
and encouraging members to participate. Cassandra otherwise mentioned in the “Rally Regulations.” This
Benton was an awesome committee member! Sandi again clarifies that half point errors in rally are “for-
supplied the delicious food, took care of registrations given.” Another modification is the change in the num-
and served as Hunt Test steward and “all-around” ber of dogs per hour scheduled to be judged from 30 to
helper. I’m sure there were many others who helped 22. Keep in mind that this is an all inclusive figure that
with this great event. My personal thanks to everyone includes breaks, verifying scores, awards, photos,
for showing us such a great time! course changes, etc. It is now mandatory that the judge
allows a 10 minute walk through after each two hour
The event was such a success because of your efforts. period of class judging. If an exhibitor in a large class
Many Many thanks. I am looking forward to the next chooses to arrive at a time later than the published start
event and hope the support shown for Poodles as a time, they will now be assured that they will have a
Working Retrievers will continue! walk through period. HOWEVER keep in mind if you
do this that the 22 dogs per hour is a “scheduling” mat-
ter and may not necessarily be what actually happens
on the day of judging. Fast courses, excellent stew-
Do you have your ards, absentees and other factors may result in a faster
day and a late arrival may appear ringside to discover
reservations for that the class has been concluded.
PCA in June YET ?
There are a few scoring changes, including a limit of
TWO re-tries per station. The 1- 10 point deduction
cont. on page 26
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 26
cont. from page 25 doubt, ask your judge! 15 & 16 are easier as there is no
area has been enlarged to add: lack of briskness and doubt that the handler must wait until the dog is sitting
handler error. The Non-Qualifying section has added before continuing on.
uncontrolled barking, using a jump as an aid in going
over, and failure of the dog to go over the jump in the 20 Moving Side Step Right. This exercise is pretty
proper direction simple but for some reason a few people have diffi-
culty. In my mind they key is in the Regs” The han-
SIGNS dler takes one step diagonally to the right and contin-
ues moving forward…..” Just think of it as if you were
Rally folks know that the “signs” including the written walking along a sidewalk and altered your path slightly
description of how each exercise is to be performed is to avoid some broken glass.
in a separate AKC booklet. It is VERY important that
exhibitors have a copy (preferably several!) of the book- 21 and 22 The Spirals Both are fun exercises and can
let and study it carefully. The brief “sign” is not enough be challenging to perform well. In training take care
to show the details of the exercise. Think of the “sign” that you develop teamwork with your dog, and per-
as being just a reminder, not the entire exercise. I al- haps additional commands and body language to help
ways take my Rally sign book to the trials with me so the dog to not lag behind on the outside loops or crowd
that I may refer to it. Often other exhibitors, instruc- on the inside loops. It may help the handler who gets
tors and even judges will disagree on how an exercise dizzy to focus on a distant object. Remember this is a
is to be performed and it helps me to get out my book “paper clip” either to the inside or the outside.
and look things up! A few ground rules: in Rally, the
exercises assume that the dog “sits” automatically on 23 & 24 Weaves—for fun and direction change, or
all “halts” and “fronts” unless otherwise stated. For maybe not! Be sure to verify which exercise is being
example, Ex # 31 “HALT-Down-Walk Around Dog” done! Check the path of the exit as some courses will
requires that the dog SIT before he Downs; if you leave have the handler angle as they leave to set up the ap-
out the Sit, you have not performed the exercise as proach for the next exercise.
written and an Incorrect Performance (IP) of 10 will
be deducted. 25 & 26 The “Counting” Exercises: not hard, but the
handler has to concentrate on counting the required
The first few exercises are pretty simple. Note that number of steps. There is no requirement in the Regu-
exercises are to be performed ‘near the designated lations that the size of the steps be consistent, but it
signs, either directly in front, or in front and to the left makes things very clear to the judge if they are. It is
of said signs.” The 270 and 360 turns are to be tight but always a good idea to “help” the judge by presenting
NOT around the sign. clean, even steps.

FRONTS AND FINISHES 29 The Left About Turn: my favorite as well as many
other judges. My dogs love this one and you will find
The “Fronts and Finishes!” Exercises 13, 14, 15 & 16. it on many courses. It is easy to teach and cute.
These are FUN exercises but the handler needs to be
sure that they understand what each sign requires. On 30 & 31 The Walk Around exercise: Regs require that
13 & 14 the handler is to “move forward while com- the handler PAUSE in Heel Position…what a shame to
manding the dog to change from the front position…..” have an IP –10 for the handlers mistake, but it happens
It goes on to make it clear that the dog does NOT sit way too often
before moving forward with the handler. This has been
discussed and ‘cussed at AKC rally seminars and there
is not a complete agreement between judges and AKC COURSE ANALYSIS
Reps as to exactly how to score these two exercises.
Some judges and Reps feel that if the handler fails to Here are a few things that may help you. Review the
move forward WHILE giving the command, an IP is course map if provided or the map posted ringside BUT
due. Other judges are a bit more lenient and allow a be aware that the judge may change things as they tweak
slight pause to give the dog time to get moving; if in
cont. on page 27
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 27
cont. from page 26
the course so double check during the briefing to be FROM THE FIELD
sure that there have not been any changes! I find that I
do best if I walk the course a couple of times to find the The article below is written by Dudley Fontaine of Fletcher,
flow and then look for the challenges! Look for slip- NC, and details her first duck hunt with Keen, her standard
pery spots, mat edges, uneven ground, congested areas poodle. Keen (UCD HR Avivim Peppita de Sergio VCD2,
UD, AX, AXJ, JH, WCX) has been training with Dudley for
etc. Make sure that you know where you want to set
field work for several years but this is her first true hunting
your dog up (at or before they start sign); know where experience. It is a wonderful story of how “addicting” this
the finish is relative to the exit so that you can leave the aspect of training can be and how talented poodles really
ring quickly but under control. The judge is still watch- are!
ing until you are out of the ring so it is NOT a good
idea to allow your dog to jump around too much, grab “WOW!!!! I am so excited. For the first time EVER, I
the leash or bite at you while still in the ring; save the went on an actual duck hunt. It was completely unplanned
partying until you are completely out of the ring and be on my part... husband Greg and I and the dogs had driven to
considerate of the next working dog. my parents home in KY for Christmas. Talking to my dad
after dinner, he again told me how much his friend (and my
childhood dentist) Dr. Maddox, wants to take me and my
Walk the course again and look for any signs that may
poodle duck hunting some day. I said I’d love to go and Dad
be more difficult for you or your dog; review the word- replied ‘Why don’t we call and see if he’s going tomorrow?’.
ing on any signs that are unclear to you (you did re- So he called and sure enough, duck hunting was on tap for
member to bring your “sign” book didn’t you?). Fi- the next morning.
nally, walk the course over again in your mind and “see”
you and your dog moving around the ring, smoothly They picked me up at 5:40 am and we headed to the small
and continuously, displaying teamwork and enthusiasm. pond in a dark cow pasture, but with plenty of light from the
stars and the half-moon. It was cold... 14 degrees... but no
Next time, some comments on Rally after one year wind. Dr. Maddox used a big metal pole to break up ice
and letting go of the leash—moving up to Advanced around the edges and then he set out the duck decoys. Bennie,
Dr. Maddox’s friend and a field guide, and I set up the gun-
In the meantime, rally on with your poodles and have
ner blind, stools, etc. We had everything in place just as it
tons of fun! was barely getting light. Bennie told me we should have
good luck as this particular pond is spring-fed and doesn’t
freeze all the way over. He then went on to tell me if the
Carolyn Wray ducks are coming, they would be there by 7:15AM. How’s
that? Ducks who work on the clock!
Carolyn can be reached at –
your comments and questions are welcome! So.... of course I didn’t have any of my ‘stuff’ with me...
why would I? Luckily I did have along my whistle and
Ecollar as I planned to train Keen on some blinds on the golf
course while I’m here. And I happened to have a pair of
JR,/SR HUNT TEST camouflage pants that live in my luggage. I had to borrow
some waterproof GOLF BOOTS from my dad... his long
MANY OF THE MEMBERS-READERS AND underwear, Dr. Maddox’s camouflage jacket, (which hung
BOARD MEMBERS WANTED TO TELL ME WE to my knees) and hat and gloves.
TEST WITH THE REGIONAL Anyway... back to the blind... although I thought Keen
would have no trouble being steady during shooting, I didn’t
WE DID AND IT WAS GRAND-THE RESULTS want to take any chance of ruining anything so had her at
heel on my left side, seated and on lead. Gunners were on
my right. 7:14 am, nothing... Bennie used a duck call like I
EVENTS REPORT couldn’t believe. 7:15 am ... nothing.... 7:16 am, in they
came. Talk about excited!!!! I was thrilled. Both guys shot
CONGRADULATIONS TO ALL WHO PARTICI- and hit two of the five mallards. Those guns are LOUD and
PATED I was totally surprised by the muzzle-flash. Keen sat like a
ROCK. We waited as they explained to me there were prob-
TOM CARNEAL ably more ducks in the area and sure enough, after a little
cont. on page 28
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 28
cont. from page 27 nel up’. She did with no fuss. Both the gentlemen were
more expert duck calling by Bennie, they arrived. The guys delighted with her (no more than me!) and went on and on
shot three more, two of which were wounded, not dead. about how well-trained she is, how tough, etc. That ice was
tough and the fact she kept going for me, well... I don’t have
Then it was our turn to show our stuff. I had already ex- any buttons left on my shirt I’m so dang proud of her.
plained that my poodle might very well not get in the icy
water at all and both the guys were very understanding. All They took along one of those disposable cameras, so I
the retrieves were blinds for her as we sat behind the gunner hope to get some photos. Of course now I want to learn to
blind and didn’t get to mark any falls. First bird is short... shoot. Seriously, even if I never learn to shoot, I would be
maybe 20 yds out into the water. There was a bit of a chan- thrilled to go and just be ‘pick-up dog’ again. What a won-
nel through the ice as Dr. Maddox had beaten it up to plant derful, wonderful day.”
his decoys. I lineed her up, she saw the lovely, belly-up bird,
I sent her ‘Back’ and I’ll be darned if she didn’t get in that Thanks, Dudley, for a great story about a very talented ex-
water and go right to the bird. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big pieces ample of our breed!!
of ice were floating all around and she either pushed them
aside as she swam or went over them. Joyce Carelli
PCA WC/WCX Chairman
Next bird was about 30 yds away, floating back up, in the
decoys. The ‘channel’ through the ice was to the right of the
proper line. I lined her up to the bird, thinking she’ll plop
into the channel then I can handle her over. Nope, bless her
heart but she tried to go straight... got about 5 yds out on top
of the ice before she broke through. She tried to break it up This is Christmas Day and, having procrasti-
and go forward but it was too difficult. I called her in, re- nated, I am now taking time to wish each of you
lined her a bit toward the channel, and resent. Back in she the most wonderful year 2006 can possibly be!
went (she was shaking a lot) and I was able to
actually ‘handle’ her down the channel then over to the bird.
We have so very much to be thankful for - living
Talk about exciting. in the United States, having families and friends
to love and with whom we share life and Poodles
Last bird in the water was straight ahead, 40 yds, also - one of the best gifts of all.
floating back up and between a couple of stumps. She lined
up, shaking, and went when I set her. The previous blind
sucked her toward the last bird and I got a couple of ‘scal-
PCA National 2006 is a plan in progress. The
lop’ (crooked) casts. I then ‘No-ed’ her, gave her an ‘over’ most recent news to report is Mrs. Virginia
which she took beautifully, then a ‘back’ put her on the bird. Milroy, Wavir Miniature Poodles, has accepted
This was a gorgeous drake mallard. She came straight back the position of Veterans' Sweepstakes judge! We
which meant cutting through some ice that hadn’t been bro- happily welcome Mrs. Milroy to the panel of
ken up for decoys. What a picture... MY GIRL busting
through ice with her bird. I can’t tell you how proud (and
judges: Mr. McCoy - InterVariety; Mr. Sabella -
amazed) I was to see my training actually Standards; Mrs. Tomb-Taylor - Miniatures; Mrs.
work! Scott - Toys; Mrs. Clark - Junior Showmanship.
Obedience judges are: Mr.& Mrs. Huffman,. Mr.
We packed everything up then went looking for Nagler, Mrs. McCloskey, Mrs. Vanuden. Agil-
the two cripples. This pond was created by beavers and there
was a ‘lodge’ and lots of holes. We found one duck hen in a
ity will be judged by Ms. Chris Dewey.
feeder creek... Keen picked that up without having to get
wet (her neck can be really long). We never found the other There is the possibility of Canine Good Citizen
cripple... Bennie and Dr. Maddox said sometimes when they testing one day during National - more news on
get hurt they dive into one of those beaver holes and that’s this subject closer to the show.
the end of it.

Back to the truck to towel her off.... ha, ha, ha. All she With sincere best wishes!
did was ‘crunch’. The poodle was covered in ice. She wasn’t
cold though, or shaking... running through the cow pasture Glenna Carlson
had warmed her up and she was ready to run some more. I National Show Chairman
opened the door to the Varikennel in Dr. Maddox’s truck,
put the towels in the bottom of the crate and told her to ‘ken-
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 29

Francis P. Fretwell Beverly Cobb

Monfret Poodles, Moore, SC December 2005
March 10, 1926 – October 28,2005
Dalwynne Standard Poodles
Frank began his love of dog shows at the age of
10 when his favorite Uncle took him to his first Sadly I must report that Bev Cobb passed away
show. He inherited a silver miniature poodle some this morning. There will not be any services per
years later and started, as so many of us have, with her request. Bev and her hus-
obedience training. band Charlie were long time
members of the Oakland Dog
His first Standard Poodle was Ch Colonel Mint Training club. Bev was the
Julip of the Nass, C.D., C.D.X., U.D. that he pur- moving force establishing the
chased in 1949 and from that point on he knew Santa Clara Valley Dog Train-
that Standards were the breed for him. The Monfret ing Club. She was also the per-
prefix was registered in 1956, and was proudly used son who put into format and
on more Standard Poodle champions than we have action the WC and WCX pro-
room to list, and 4 Italian Greyhounds. The last grams for the Poodle Club of
champion to carry the Monfret prefix was a beau- America. Bev also was a member of the Santa
tiful Borzoi, Ch. Monfret Stolen From The Wind. Clara Kennel Club and served as Show Chair
He was a member of The many times, as well as Obedience Chair. She
Poodle Club of America, was was also a member of the Mission Trail Poodle
its President and held other Club.
board positions. He was the
Editor of 5 editions of Poodles In other words, wherever there was a dog activ-
In America and a judge both ity in the San Francisco and San Jose area, Bev
in the U.S. and abroad. He was was likely to be or to have been involved in an
the longest serving delegate to active way. She was generous with her knowl-
the American Kennel Club, edge and was always available to help newcom-
representing the Greenville ers.
Kennel Club and seldom Bev's life touched many others.
missed a meeting from 1960
until last year. Jacklyn E. Hungerland, Ph.D.

Perhaps his most amazing contribution to the world

of dogs was his book collection, devoted entirely
to books about dogs. The Monfret Cynological
Library began 20 years ago and has more than
18,000 volumes, the largest known individual 2006 AGILITY JUDGE
owned collection.
He was devoted to his Poodles and always a de-
lightful and loyal friend.
Mildred Bartlett

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 30
The Hunting and Retrieving feature in Poodle to do performance. I thought agility, but I did have
Papers will be hosted for the next four issues by an interest even then in retrieving with a poodle. I
Claudia Straitiff, of Denver, .N.C. Many of you did not know to call it hunt train a poodle back
know Claudia and "Mulligan" from the PCA Na- then. Just that I wanted a poodle that would swim
tional WC/WCX tests in Cheltenham and and fetch. I live on a lake so this seemed impor-
Salisbury - and may have met Claudia at her tant.
"Poodlephernalia" vendor's booth at the Na- In my youth I had a standard poodle named
tional. Claudia's straightforward, practical voice Tisha. Though small, somewhere around 19 inches,
sends a message I find appealing - and I think Tisha loved water, thought baths were the best, and
you will, too! fetch? She was quite good at that.
So I had an idea about what my poodle should
I came into hunting a poodle much the same way do. In fairness, I thought all poodles would do
as I came into showing poodles in conformation, this. I had no reason to think differently. So I
by accident. researched and bought a poodle from a breeder with
This is not surprising based whom I could relate and trust. She had some, but
on the history my brown Stan- not a lot of formal performance in her pedigree
dard Poodle, Mulligan, and I background – though there were many Champi-
share. Many have heard the ons. She did all the proper testing. And she hap-
stories of our adoption and pened to have a brown poodle which was exactly
growing together as owner and what I wanted.
dog. Suffice it to say, what I Call it good breeding, good socialization or
have asked Mulligan to do, she good luck, but I got a dog that swam, fetched, and
has tried. And in most cases, played just as actively as Tisha did. Frankly, I think
she has been successful, in spite of me, her per- all three contributing factors come into play when
son. you get a poodle, and that no one aspect gives you
Back to hunting. I have been asked to write sev- it “all.”
eral articles on “hunting” a poodle. This I can do. So 1st question: Does my dog have to be from
Beyond, however, teaching a poodle to hunt, a performance line to do hunting? As my friend
there is a story about my learning to hunt – and Dudley says, “Dance with the date you brought to
within that, a story about my first time handling a the party.” If you have a dog, work with it. See
shotgun. what instincts you can wake up. Who knows what
There is a difference between an owner who you will find? Some of you will be pleasantly sur-
“trains” a dog to enter a WC/X, or UKC and AKC prised. Others will be going on to question #2.
hunt tests, and an owner who trains to “hunt” and So you have to buy a poodle to do this. Where to
to compete in “hunt tests.” start? Q#2: If you are buying a poodle do you
There is a difference in the process of training look for hunting in the line? Heck yes, sort of.
a dog personally, and using a trainer to train your Look for a breeder who has Obedience, Agility, or
dog, or to supplement your hunt training. Hunting performance in their lines — or who has
And, as in almost every venue I have found in dogs that have natural tendencies to fetch and
working with dog training, there are many ways to swim. There are plenty of performance people
approach it. You just have to choose a direction happy to share their “breeders” names, or to help
and take the first step. Occasionally you will you identify a breeder who has been successful in
choose to take a few side excursions. You may find producing solid all around dogs.
that you circle back to your original path – or con- Q#3: So I have the dog, and the desire, now
tinue in a new direction. All this said. Let’s start what do I do? Foster the instinct on which you
with finding the right poodle. are trying to elaborate. Sit on the floor, facing a
I searched out my first poodle with an intention wall, or down a hallway, and toss a toy or ball. It’s
cont. on page 31
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 31
cont. from page 30 birds as long as you enjoy the process. It took me
best to start with small distances, and control the a long time to figure this out. I’ve been doing in-
environment so that as the dog runs past to play formal agility for 3 years with Mulligan, and we
with the prey, you can grab the toy to toss it again. have never seen the course at an event. It is just
Do this periodically through the day. something else we enjoy doing.
Once you have the drive on land – move it to Finally, as you will hear me say any time I talk
water. If you have access to a pool, pond or other about training dogs, make sure you work on basic
water, then take the same game to the waters edge. obedience including: Heel. Sit. Down. Stay. These
If it is a puppy, I take it in myself. My neigh- commands are lifesaving behaviors that not only
bors find no better entertainment during summer make your dog a pleasure to live with, but also a
then watching me work in our cove with 5 or 6 pleasure to train with.
week old puppies. Dana, my husband stands on
shore while I am in the water (or vice versa), clap- In her next three articles Claudia will cover -
ping and cheering for splashing poodle blobs swim- Choosing a Training Program
ming from point to point. At first the pups look Preparing for a formal Test
like they could sink at any moment. But, by week Taking Your Poodle to Hunt
10 when I am letting them go, they are swimming
like little pros. Stay tuned for an interesting journey!!! - and let
I also have a friend who cheats the above pro- us hear your thoughts and opinions!!! Claudia
cesses. He uses a fishing pole in the house, with a can be reached at and Leslie
wing or toy tied to the end of the line. He casts the Newing, our editor, at
object out into the middle of the floor. Once the Sent in from Betsey Leedy
dog has the object in its mouth, he “reels” the dog
in takes the object and casts again. When he takes The Dog who ate Christmas
it to water, he doesn’t have to swim. He just “casts” Our dog recently ate 7 ounces of Baker's choco-
the bumper or toy out onto the waters edge and the late and a half-ounce of gourmet ground coffee and
dog goes into get. By slowly increasing the “cast” swallowed a marble, to boot. None of these things is
part of recommended canine diet. Chocolate is toxic to
distance over a period of time his dog teaches it-
dogs - a 1-ounce square of Baker's chocolate can kill a
self to swim! 10-pound dog, and it's a wonder 7 ounces didn't do in
What else can I do to start off a successful our 15-pound dachshund. Coffee holds the same dan-
puppy in hunting? We give our puppies the op- gers.
portunity to chase quail at our house prior to their The whys and wherefores of this accident are
being sent to their homes. You don’t necessarily irrelevant. Everyone feels badly enough already. The
need a live bird, but consider getting duck wings upshot of the whole thing is that the vet bills totaled
(you can buy them on line from Cabela’s if you more than $1,200. Coming on the heels of a rough year
don’t have hunting friends who will give you and a recent layoff, our little dog effectively ate Christ-
theirs). The Cabela’s wings are very clean and tidy mas.
compared to what you will see in tests, but at least On the way home from the vet with our pooch,
groggy and sore after surgery to remove the offending
they have the scent that drives the dog’s natural
blue marble, we joked gently about all the things that
prey instinct so the will give you a good start. Use $1,200 could buy. "Dexter ate a 24-inch flat screen LCD
the wing like a toy, toss it and have the pup bring it TV," my husband said, laughing. "He ate a lot of video
back. Or tie the wing around something else that games," my son chimed in. "He ate a used car," one of
you can throw, and that the dog can carry. my daughters added. "A very old and very used one,"
her father started to correct her. But then we remem-
Above all else, have fun with your poodle. It bered we'd sold our old car for $300 and agreed that
doesn’t matter if you really never get to do a WC/ Dexter had eaten the equivalent of four old minivans.
X or Hunt Test, or go hunting for duck or upland Once home, everyone fawned over our sick
cont. on page 32
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 32
cont. from page 31 feet so Dexter could check what the girls called his "pee
little dog without reproach, glad he was home and on mail" at every post and trunk. But I walk more briskly
the mend, the $1,200 and abandoned Christmas gift and more often now.
ideas irrelevant. And coming home has never been so reward-
Because, truth be told, we're still in debt to Dex- ing! No one else in the family greets me so ecstatically
ter for all he's done for us in the last couple of years. and with such genuine joy. Whether I've been gone 15
We adopted him as something of immersion minutes or a day, Dexter is enormously and
therapy for our then-10-year-old son, who was suffer- unapologetically glad to see me. He's a cuddler, shame-
ing from an increasingly unreasonable and debilitating lessly squeezing between the desk and my lap while I
fear of dogs. Like many phobias, cynaphobia, the medi- work, cruising from lap to lap while we watch TV at
cal term for fear of dogs, doesn't require any negative night. He won't crawl into his bed until the last family
experiences to exist. Our son's fears had grown to such member is in his or hers, and he lies curled up beside
proportions he couldn't walk down the street or ride his us until morning, when he starts his equal opportunity
bike without heart-racing anxiety on just seeing a dog. doting all over again.
When we adopted Dexter from a breed rescue He has taught us patience, charity and the value
group, he was a year and a half old, weighed 13 pounds of forgiveness.He never holds grudges, whether his tail
and stood a foot high at the shoulders. Our daughters is accidentally stepped upon, or he's ordered out of the
were delighted. Our son wouldn't come out of his room kitchen for being underfoot. He certainly didn't like the
for three days. He crawled across the tops of chairs to vet's office during the chocolate Incident. But when we
get to the table to eat and then crawled back across came to take him home, he clearly didn't associate us
them to return to his room. with his aches and pains. Through the haze of drugs
On the fourth day, he sat on a stool and ob- after his surgery, he wagged his tail vigorously when
served the dog, who looked back questioningly with he saw us.
those irresistible dark brown eyes of his. At the end of Dogs aren't for the shallow and self-absorbed.
a week, our son was carrying the dog around the house. They're childlike but without the growing cog-
After a few weeks, he was more comfortable with nizance and independence of children. We are always
other dogs. Now, two years later, he still doesn't care their heroes; they're always our friends. Even with three
for large dogs, but he's not fearful and he roams the children and a quarter- century marriage, I didn't fully
neighborhood with a confidence that's carried over to understand unconditional love until Dexter came into
other areas of his life. He's playing piano, riding horses, our lives. The obligation to live up to such devotion
doing well in his studies and generally a happy-go- and loyalty can be a daunting task and a humbling ex-
lucky kid with a dog.And that's just what Dexter did perience.
for our son. Yes, our dog ate Christmas. But the gifts he's
Each person in the family has a special and given us are priceless and more enduring than anything
unique relationship with the dog. He plays gently and we could ever put under the tree and more than we could
obligingly with our son. With my rambunctious, out- ever repay.
going daughter, he races and wrestles. “ Unknown”
He leans against my quiet daughter like a cat,
savoring her strokes. And while originally suspicious
of men, Dexter adores my husband. They play wild
games of chase and spend warm devoted moments
If your dog is fat, you
I had never owned a dog before and was con-
cerned about how long I could be away from home;
aren't getting enough
picking up after the dog in addition to the rest of the exercise.
family, who at least could flush; annual shots; tags and
whatever other dog ownership issues were bound to
But I found that walks took on new meaning -Unknown
with a little dog trotting at my side. An occasionally
bizarre meaning, as we sometimes stopped every few

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 33
Poodle Club of America 2005 Regional
St Joseph Missouri

Results from Tom Carneal, Thanks!

BEST IN VETERANS SWEEPS BOV:Ch Litilann’s Picture This
Ch Kaylen’s Cadillac Style BOW:Penhurst Solaris
REGULAR CLASSES BOS:Ch. Greenwyn Connor Cameron
BP:Oso Guapo Y Dandi
BBE:Unique Daughter of the King
WD: Nugne’s Dolca
Best Stud Dog: Ch Kaylen’s Cadillac Style
WB: Funny Ladies Forever
Best Brood Bitch:Ch JJ’s Hi Society at Ramcrest
BOV : Ch North Well Chako JP Platina King
BOW: Nugne’s Dolca
BOS:Ch. Broadbay Jump Shot
Miniature: Ch.Kiyara The Intimadator
BP:Nugne’s Dolca
BOS to BIS: Ch Litilann’s Picture This
BBE:Cache’ Breakin All The Rules
BP in Show :Nugne’s Dolca
MINIATURES (JUDGE- BARBARA FURBUSH) BBE in Show:Unique Daughter of the King
WD:Clarion Codiac Best Stud dog in Show: Ch Kaylen’s Cadillac Style
WB: Sarbrae’s All About Me Best Brood Bitch in Show:Ch JJ’s Hi Society at
BOV: Ch.Kiyara The Intimadator
BOW:Sarbrae’s All About Me
BOS:Ch. Ebbtides Calicoat On Parade BEST JR. HANDLER: Aeberili Mackenzie
BBE:Parade Toast of The Town CLASSES
Best Stud Dog: Ch Katelyn Just Like Leather 198 Blanche Petite Chou D’Adnil
WD: Unique Royal Trademark Passed: Samali Isabelle UDX, TDX,AX,AXJ, VCD3
WB:Penhurst Solaris Passed: Willamarais Castanet OA,AXJ
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 34
Mapping the Gene for Some cannot stand at all. Others manage to struggle
to their feet and walk with jerky movements, falling
Neonatal Encephalopathy frequently. Seizures develop in most affected pups
at 4-5 weeks of age. Attempts to control these sei-
zures with medication have proven futile, and the pups
Dennis O’Brien, DVM, PhD, Gary Johnson, DVM,
die or are euthanized before they reach weaning age.
PhD, and Liz Hansen, BS
University of Missouri College
Post-mortem examinations have been performed on
of Veterinary Medicine
some affected puppies. While no changes were found
in the first brains examined, more recent examina-
tions have found changes in organization of the por-
The Summer 2003 issue of The Poodle Papers car-
tion of the brain responsible for coordination (the
ried an initial report from our team on Neonatal En-
cerebellum) and possibly in the area of the brain that
cephalopathy, a brain disorder in newborn Standard
would produce seizures (the cerebrum).
Poodle puppies. Evidence continues to suggest that
this disorder is genetically inherited as a simple re-
What other diseases might look similar?
cessive gene. Over the past few years, our mapping
A number of brain diseases of young dogs could pro-
studies have narrowed our search for that gene to a
duce similar signs, so it is important to avoid confus-
small region on one of the canine chromosomes, tak-
ing every “funky puppy” with this specific disease.
ing the field of potential genes causing the disease
Low blood sugar can produce dullness and seizures
from 30,000 to about 30. We are now proceeding to
in pups who aren’t nursing well or who have con-
narrow the field even further. Once we identify the
genital problems regulating their blood sugar. The
responsible gene, we can develop a DNA test that will
low sugar levels would be apparent on routine blood
help Standard Poodle breeders avoid Neonatal En-
tests taken when the pup is showing clinical signs.
cephalopathy in the future.
Liver shunts can cause altered behavior, coordination
difficulties, and sometimes seizures. Abnormal liver
How Our Research Began
function would also be apparent on appropriate blood
tests, and the shunt would be found at post-mortem
In 1997, we examined two five-week-old Standard
examination. Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) or
Poodle pups suffering from difficulty walking and
other congenital malformations of the brain could
seizures. Their littermates were developing normally.
produce similar signs, but such problems would be
Treatment of the seizures was unsuccessful, and the
readily apparent at post-mortem examination. Infec-
affected pups were euthanized. Subsequently, more
tions either while in the uterus or immediately after
than 14 litters with pups showing identical clinical
birth can cause brain damage, but would typically
signs have been identified by veterinary neurologists
affect the entire litter. Inflammation would be appar-
in various areas of the country.
ent in the brain at post-mortem. Certain infections
of the dam (involving toxin-producing bacteria, for
What is Neonatal Encephalopathy?
example) also would be expected to affect a large
“Neonatal” refers to the time immediately after birth.
percentage of the litter.
“Encephalopathy” refers to a disease affecting the
brain. Thus Neonatal Encephalopathy means a dis-
What is the evidence that this is a hereditary dis-
ease of the brain that becomes apparent soon after
pups are born. Affected pups have been weak, unco-
So far, no other explanation, such as infection, liver
ordinated, and mentally dull from birth. If they sur-
shunt or low blood sugar, has been found in spite of
vive the first few days, they nurse adequately. They
extensive testings of affected pups. Affected litters
may not, however, be able to compete with stronger
pups in the litter and their growth may be stunted. “…..we know we are searching among about
30 genes, not 30,000!” cont. on page 35
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 35
cont. from page 34
map, researchers could begin using that map to find
have been found in different areas of the country and
genes responsible for canine diseases.* Dogs have
thus very different environments. In litters with af- 39 pairs of chromosomes containing an estimated
fected pups, close to 25 percent of the pups in the lit-
30,000 individual genes, any one of which poten-
ter have been affected, males and females equally.
tially could harbor a mutation that causes Neona-
None of the parents or older dogs in the households
tal Encephalopathy. However, our gene mapping
studies have narrowed the search to
a small region of a single chromo-
some, so we know we are searching
among about 30 genes, not 30,000!

How can you help?

If you have a litter with a puppy you
believe might be affected, please
contact us. We can help you deter-
mine whether or not this is the prob-
lem. In return, we would ask your
help in collecting the samples and
information necessary to continue
searching for the gene responsible
for this disease.
This work has been generously sup-
ported by the Poodle Club of South-
ern California, the St. Joseph, Mis-
souri Kennel Club, and the Poodle
Club of America Foundation. Your
Photo Caption: Pup with Neonatal Encephalopathy. The affected
continuing support will be necessary to achieve our
pup in the background is clearly smaller than her normal littermate goal.
in front. She is unable to stand, and her movements are uncoordi-
nated. Any information provided to us will be kept
strictly confidential.
showed any neurologic diseases. Infectious disease,
toxins or nutritional deficiencies would be expected Dr. Dennis O’Brien
to affect more pups in a litter and could affect older Department of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery
dogs as well. The 25 percent pattern of disease fits (573) 882-7821
with what we would expect with an autosomal reces-
sive inherited trait.
Liz Hansen
How do we find the responsible gene? Animal Molecular Genetics Laboratory
Scientists have long known that genes are found within (573) 884-3712
chromosomes in the command centers of cells, and
that genes contain the code that programs everything * Editor’s Note: In the December 8, 2005 issue of the
about an animal from coat color to how the brain func- journal Nature, scientists reported on a more com-
tions. Genetic disease occurs when a mutation inter- plete map of the canine genome—an exciting advance
feres with the ability of a gene to function normally. in the quest for abnormal genes that may even open
the way to mapping the multiple genes involved in
With completion of the first draft of the canine gene
polygenic disorders such as hip dysplasia.

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition

Page 36

CONFORMATION AND self to jump, then he suddenly raises the neck to

help launch his front end off the ground. Dogs such

as conformation-bred Labrador retrievers are noto-
riously poor jumpers, and the low set-on and short
length of their necks can provide clues as to why
DOG, PART 2 this is so. Generally-speaking, poodles longer,
higher-set necks are part of why they are often very
In Part 1 of this series, I talked about some aspects good jumpers. Also, dogs with low head carriage
of a poodle’s conformation and how they might af- do not look as stylish or “happy” when they heel.
fect a performance dog. This column continues this Judgment of this trait should be made in the puppy
discussion. when he is standing or moving by himself, not when
“strung up” on a leash or hand-stacked.
In Part 1, I talked about the deleterious effects of
“over-angulation,” or what might be thought of as Concerning movement, I want straight-forward,
too-long bones in the rear legs. Other considerations business-like movement with good reach in front
in the rear legs of the poodle are bow-legs or cow- and adequate drive in the rear. Dogs which move in
hocks. Many young puppies (6 to 12 weeks) appear a hackneyed manner (“goose-stepping”) do what I
a little bow-legged in the rear, but they will have a call “catch too much air” when they move. Although
fine rear when grown. I would avoid a dog for a one sees a lot of activity when they run, their mo-
performance prospect that I suspected was going to mentum is up and down and not forward, and they
mature to be bow-legged in back, as this generally is will be inefficient and slow in agility. Be aware,
going to result in lack of strength and maneuverabil- however, that this cannot be judged in too young a
ity. A less-serious “fault” from a performance stand- puppy, as all puppies move this way when they first
point is cow-hocks or a narrow rear. Looking at pic- get up on their feet. A puppy’s movement might not
tures of wolves and other wild canine species, one start looking like the movement he will have as an
often sees what we would call cow-hocks, which sug- adult until 10 weeks to 16 weeks of age. I have had
gests that there is selective advantage to this con- puppies that eventually had good movement that
figuration. Moderate cow-hocks are accepted hap- seemed to do nothing but hop around like kanga-
pily in border collies, which are probably the roos until they were over 10 weeks of age. I put
Apremier agility breed. It is thought that cow-hocks very little weight on “measuring” various angles and
in border collies enable them to change directions bones in a puppy. Some dogs look perfect standing
quickly when going at high speeds. Again, I would still, but when they move it looks like a car with
observe how the prospect moved and be sure that square wheels, or like two dogs spliced together—
the condition was not so extreme that the puppy the front and rear movements don’t match. There
“knitted and purled” or that his legs rubbed together are many more factors than just the bones and their
when viewed from the rear, and that he did not sit relation to each other that affect movement. The
like a frog with back feet sticking out. Other than configuration of the spine, the way the muscles at-
that, if I did not care about the conformation ring tach to the bones, personality, and many other things
and only wanted a performance prospect, being a affect movement. When it comes to movement, the
little cow-hocked would not put me off in selecting proof is in the pudding—I judge conformation by
a puppy. watching a dog move. I try to have someone gait
the puppy, which might be hard since they probably
In Part 1, I discussed long necks and/or high head are not leash-trained. Patience is required. Smooth
carriage. Conversely, dogs which have very short movement (not bouncy) with extension of move-
necks or which carry their necks very low may have ment at a trot is what I want. Smooth movement
a hard time jumping. When a dog jumps, he first indicates good angulation in shoulders and rear,
lowers his neck as he gathers his rear end under him- cont. on page 37
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 37
cont. from page 36 ally roll back on their fannies, which causes them
have to step back with their front legs, and the posi-
which means good “shock-absorbers.” Extension of
tion eventually gets too uncomfortable, and they lie
gait means a longer stride—the dog does not have to
down. Dogs with long backs may have the problem
work as hard to cover the same amount of ground, so
in which their rear ends seem to slide back as their
he will be faster than a dog with a shorter stride (if he
back legs splay out, and pretty soon they can’ t main-
also has the mental “drive” to want to do it).
tain a sit any more and settle into a down. Most
puppies sit on their fanny in what we call Apuppy
Side-winding, where the rear feet track a different path
sits some of the time, as they have not developed
than the front feet, is often caused by over-reaching.
the muscles to hold themselves forward, but I would
This means the back feet step on the front feet when
avoid a puppy with a really sloppy sit. Out-of-sight
the dog trots, so he adjusts his rear to one side or the
stays are hard enough to teach and maintain without
other to avoid doing this. Side-winding is very com-
the exercise being physically hard for the dog to per-
mon in poodles, as shorter backs and longer legs in
form. I have found that a dog that has a nice erect sit
relation to the size of the body is highly prized in the
as an adult will be able to demonstrate it at 8 weeks,
breed ring, and this trait brings the front and back legs
at least for a short time. Sitting with splayed feet,
closer together. Side-winding dogs may be extremely
fanny-sitting, or hip-sitting are often functions of
fast, but they can present many problems in obedience
longer-backs, as they are extremely common in
and agility. Dogs which side-wind can always turn
longer-backed dogs of other breeds such as shelties
one direction better than the other, and some refuse to
and corgis.
turn one direction at all—if they won’t turn right, for
instance, they substitute a 270-degree turn to the left
Although I don’t want an Italian greyhound dressed
in order to go right. This can cause spinning on the
as a poodle, as I am afraid they will be too prone to
agility course, which uses up time and may cause a
injury, I don’t want a dog that has too much bone for
refusal to be called, if it happens too close to an ob-
his size, or too much “trunk” (chest or body) for his
stacle. Dogs which find it awkward to turn to the left
height. Clunky dogs are rarely fast, as they are handi-
have difficulty doing a “flip” finish in obedience. Stan-
capped by out-of-proportion weight, even if they are
dard poodles which side-wind have problems keeping
not allowed to become fat. Their jumping life will
their hind feet on the dog-walk or teeter-totter, and after
often be shortened, as the extra weight of this type
stepping off a few times, may navigate these obstacles
of dog puts more stress on their bodies lifting that
very slowly. Dogs which side-wind may find it diffi-
weight when jumping, and too much strain when they
cult to stay parallel to the handler when heeling in
obedience, will have difficulty perfecting turns in one
direction or the other, and tend to sit crooked when
I want good, tight feet in my performance dog. I
they stop.
have never had a poodle with flat feet, but I see a lot
of it in the breed ring, and I am told that the fault is
When selecting a puppy for obedience, I always look
evident when a puppy is very young. Flat feet can-
at the way it sits. I want the hind legs up under him in
not offer good shock-absorption in a running, jump-
a nice tight sit—I don’t want his back feet sticking out
ing dog. Photos of dogs with good feet when they
like a frog. This trait does not change much—if they
are pushing off or landing while jumping reveal a
do it as 8-week puppies, they will do it as adults. The
flat-looking foot. If the feet are flat when at rest,
frog-sitter will be unable to sit close to me when he
then they are not providing shock-absorption when
gets in heel position, and he will generally not look
jumping, and all that “jarring” will cause wear and
straight to a judge when he sits. I also want a dog that
tear on all the joints of the body. In addition, dogs
sits on his haunches and not on his fanny or hip. Dogs
curl their toes and dig in with their claws when ac-
which sit on their fannies or hips will have trouble
celerating, as in agility. If the feet and legs do not
doing the 3-minute sit-stays in obedience. They gradu-
have enough muscle and connecting tissue to keep
cont. on page 38
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 38
cont. from page37 Ginger Thompson
the feet arched when at rest, how is the dog going to Ginger Thompson, of De Lorch Poodles,
“dig in” when he runs and jumps? It would be like a Wauconda, IL passed away this fall after an extended
human running on his heels instead of running on the illness. She had not been actively breeding for more
balls of his feet, or trying to run wearing a little set of than two years, but she and the De Lorch Poodles were a
swim fins or clown shoes. dominant force for more than 20 years. In all, she is
listed as the breeder of 43 Toy Champions in Volume 10
of Poodles in America.
I shudder when a breeder says that a certain dog is not
Ginger’s early years with Poodles were spent
going to be A show quality, therefore, they will sell it largely at match shows in the Chicago area. Her first
to an obedience or agility home. First, does he think points came at the old Chicago International show under
that an obedience or agility trial is NOT a dog show? Mildred Imrie when a bitch she showed in the Bred-By-
The average agility trial has more spectators than the Exhibitor class went Winners Bitch. Ginger was so ex-
average breed show, and agility is becoming a popular cited, and tears streamed from her face as I hugged her
television sport. Whereas a breed dog might be shown when she left the ring. “Oh, Del,” she said. “She’s got
for a few months, until it finishes its championship, or points. Does that mean I can’t show her at the matches
the extreme of a Aspecial, that is shown for a year or any more?”
two, the show life of a performance dog might be 10 Two Poodles Ginger bred helped put all of those
concerns behind her. However.. The best known was
years or more. Where is this breeder’s pride? The
the marvelous black Toy sire, Ch. De Lorch’s Love Me
performance dog (if it is sound!) is often shown on a
Tender, better known as “Elvis”. Elvis sired 49 U. S.
weekly basis, and thus viewed by the public, for years champions according to Volume 10, and was really the
and years. dog that made De Lorch a widely known name in the U.
S. He is the No. 3 top-producing Toy Poodle sire in the
As discussed in a previous column with respect to U. S.
poodle temperament, the same type of temperament But despite all that he did for Ginger and her
that contributes to success in the breed ring also con- breeding program, her first love was her multiple Best in
tributes to success in performance events. The same Show winner—named for how Ginger felt about her—
general statement can be made in pointing out that the Ch. De Lorch’s This Love Of Mine. Her call name was
physical soundness that can contribute to success in Dinah, but when Ginger talked about her, it was always,
“MY Dinah,” and she was the sire of Elvis.
the breed ring is often the same as that which gives the
In addition to the considerable winning the De
dog the best chance of success in the performance ring.
Lorch dogs did in the Midwest, they also found consid-
erable success at the national PCA show. In 1988 De
Joann Neal Lorch Hey Look Me Over was BOV from the classes
under Mrs. James Clark. Elvis was Best Toy Stud Dog
in 1987 and 1988, and Dinah was Best Toy Veteran Bitch
Orthopedic Founda- in 1992 under Dana Plonkey and in 1993 under Mrs.
Joan Scot.

tion for Animals Cel- As a young woman, Ginger had a career as a

professional singer in the Chicago area. That explains
why most of the De Lorch dogs where given song title
ebrates it’s 40th names. The kennel name “De Lorch” was chosen be-
cause the first Poodle Ginger owned was purchased from

Year! Check out their a man named De Lorch. She loved that dog so much she
made its breeder’s last name her kennel name.
Ginger was a great character and tremendous fun
new website. at Midwest shows. She enjoyed every win she ever got,
and loved every Poodle she ever bred or owned.

http:/ By Del Dahl

The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Page 39
Charlotte”Charlie” Holloway Westminster Kennel
Charlotte”Charlie” Holloway was a life long poodle
Club Dog Show
lover. She and Vicki bred over 30 Champion Standard USA Network will be home to The Westminster
Poodles under the Wessex Kennel name. Boasting many Kennel Club Dog Show presented by Pedigree®,
top producers including Ch. Wessex Celebration sire for the 23rd consecutive year in 2006. USA Net-
of over 50 American Champions. She also owned and work airs exclusive live coverage from Madison
finished 2 Toy Poodles that ruled the household . Square Garden on Monday, February 13, and Tues-
day, February 14.
She was a long time member of the Orange Empire SCHEDULE
KC. The San Bernardino Riverside PC and Poodle Club FIRST NIGHT:
of America. Charlie Live Telecast: Monday, Feb 13 (8-11 PM Live
was a driving force and
ET / 8-11 PM PT)
Past President of the
Repeat: Tuesday, Feb 14 (Noon-3 PM ET/PT)
San Bernardino River-
side Poodle Club.
Charlie loved this Live Telecast: Tuesday, Feb 14 (8-11 PM Live
Breed so much. She ET / 8-11 PM PT)
delighted in their an- Repeat: Wednesday, Feb 15 (Noon-3 PM ET/PT)
tics. She appreciated
their beauty and re-
spected their heritage. She lived her life surrounded by
Poodles Entry Breakdown
the famous family of Poodles that she created, protected, 9 Poodles (Miniature) (4-5)
and loved. 25 Poodles (Standard) (15-10)
13 Poodles (Toy) (5-8)
Brian Cordova
OptiGen is happy to share the following Miniature Poodles - 725
Normal/Clear - 485
information with the Poodle Club of
Carrier - 222
America for Poodles tested for PRA Affected - 18
during 2005.
4th Quarter Stats: Total Poodles tested - 582 Countries testing during this period include: US, Aus-
Toy Poodles - 322 tralia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia,
Normal/Clear - 233 Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Ja-
Carrier - 79 pan, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, ,Spain
Affected - 10 Sweden, Switzerland, & UK.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Miniature Poodles - 260 me.
Normal/Clear - 176
Carrier - 81 Sincerely,
Affected - 3 Becky Iddings
Administrative Support Associate
Total Poodles tested for 2005 - 1690 OptiGen, LLC
Toy Poodles - 965 Cornell Business & Technology Park
Normal/Clear - 659 767 Warren Road, Suite 300
Ithaca, NY 14850
Carrier - 273 phone: 607-257-0301
Affected - 33 fax: 607-257-0353
The Poodle Papers / Winter Edition
Leslie A. Newing
The Poodle Papers
200 Aran Hill Rd.
Fairfield, Ct. 06824-1712


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