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December 2012 Volume 1, Number 4

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• Civil Air Patrol History • Nighthawk Composite Squadron Participates with Fill the Boot • Denton’s McNatt supports Nighthawk Squadron • Promotions • Texas Wing Headquarters to Host an Open House • Parent Meeting Set • Orientation Rides are Successful in December • Nighthawk Squadron Hosts its Annual Awards Banquet

Civil Air Patrol History
On December 8, I enjoyed listening to the early history as presented by our Squadron Commander, Stephen Robertson. While I knew our history, to hear Commander Roberson speak, I felt a rekindled pride in Civil Air Patrol and our role in history. Civil Air Patrol began on December 1, 1941 and it quickly became involved in combat operations off the Atlantic and Gulf Coast. Within weeks of the U. S. involvement in World War II, German submarines began sinking vital ships within sight of Americans standing off the East Coast. Because the military lacked the necessary ships and aircraft to respond and the attacks were so numerous and successful, the entire early war effort was threatened. At the insistence of the oil industry, the military decided to use CAP’s civilian assistance as an experiment. CAP was ultimately credited with sinking two German submarines, attacking 57, and reporting 173 to the military. In addition, CAP found 325 survivors of submarine attacks. CAP also performed other vital missions such as search and rescue, border patrol, forest fire patrol, target towing, courier/cargo flights, and other essential tasks. Since the end of World War II, CAP has become a valuable non-profit, public service organization chartered by Congress. It is now an auxiliary of the U. S. Air Force, charged with providing essential emergency, operational and public services to communities and states. In addition CAP performs services nationwide for the federal government and the military. I am thankful that I am able to be a part of this great organization. As I look to 2013, I think it is appropriate to ask what part can I play in contributing to the mission of our squadron? As each of you begin to think of your own resolutions for 2013, perhaps you can begin to set goals about how you can also play a greater role within Nighthawk Composite Squadron. Happy New Year.

Nighthawk Composite Squadron Participates with Fill The Boot.
Thank you to each cadet who volunteered on December 15 and 16. Cadets spread out through Denton’s Golden Triangle Mall to collect money to help in offsetting expenses for the squadron. In addition, it is also a great opportunity for cadets to publicize Nighthawk Composite Squadron. A big thank you to each of you who volunteered. We raised over $3,800, making this event more successful than both Fill the Boot fundraisers in 2011. Major Robertson and Lt Col Herkert are pleased to announce that cadet participants will receive a $50 activity scholarship for each shift they worked last weekend. The money can be used as reimbursement for any CAP activity costing $25 or more. You must seek reimbursement on a CAPF 108 by September 1, 2013. Just note "Dec. 2012 FTB fundraiser" on the 108. These funds will go for critical activities, such as van fuel, national/wing/group/squadron activities and scholarships.

Cadet Weekly Meeting Schedule Nighthawk Composite Squadron Week 1-PT-Wear Squadron t-shirt and Black shorts Week 2-Emergency Services Wear BDU’s Week 3-Character Development/Leadershi p Wear BDU’s Week 4- Aerospace Education-Wear Blues Week 5- Cadets’ Choice night

Dates to Remember:

LESA-South 26-31 December Drill Day 12 January 2013 SAREX 16-17 February 2013 Wing Conference 10-13 April 2013

Executive Staff: Commander: Cadet Capt. Daniel Bishop Deputy Commander: 2nd Lt. Jordan Caldwell Executive Officer: 2nd Lt. Teresa Schofield

Denton’s McNatt Supports Nighthawk Composite Squadron
Jim McNatt, a local automobile dealer, is excited to partner with Nighthawk Composite Squadron. Nighthawk is selling raffle tickets and 100% of the money raised goes to Nighthawk Composite Squadron. After the first $20 of tickets are sold, then a cadet can put $1 of every $2 toward their CAP account. Money in this account can be used for future CAP expenses including encampment, gliding, national activities etc.

Contact Me: porcupineaviator@yahoo. com The winner of the raffle will have their choice of a BRAND NEW car Public Affairs Officer or truck from one of the Jim McNatt Auto Group dealerships. Joseph Grant, C/CMSgt

They can choose a brand new Honda, Toyota, Scion, Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicle with an MSRP of $25,000 or less. The McNatt Auto Group even pays the tax, title and license on the vehicle. The winner does not need to be present to win, but must be over the age of 18.

Congratulations to Nighthawk’s December Promotions!
Congratulations to the following cadets who were promoted in December: Airman: Christian Greanead, Zachary Potts, Alexander Vanover & Noah Morris, Devin E Engeldinger A1C: Brayden Dragoo, Joshua Block SrA: Audra Milbitz & Grant Wilson

SSgt: Austin Langley TSgt: Michael Arthur, Jordan Blankenship & Ryan Carter MSgt: Austin Alberts & Caroline Personius Chief: Joseph Grant, Austin, Seth and Jordan Peralez Capt & Earhart Award: Daniel Bishop

Texas Wing Headquarters to Host an Open House
Mark your calendars: Saturday, 16 March, Open House at the new Wing Headquarters in Nacogdoches (OCH). Plan to come visit your new HQ building, meet airport officials and city and country officials.

Parent Meeting Scheduled
A Parent Meeting has been set for January 14 at 8:15 p.m. at the Hangar.

Orientation Rides Are Successful in December
On December 29, six cadets from the Nighthawk Composite Squadron were given the chance to take an orientation flight. One of the greatest benefits that the Civil Air Patrol provides are cadet orientation rides. At different times throughout the year, cadets are invited to participate in up to five free orientation flights for both powered aircraft or gliders. Cadet Michael Arthur flew with pilot Bill Mellett. Cadets Peter Hanssen and Joseph Grant flew with pilot Arno Leuthardt, and Cadets Jason Rudduck and Katy Welch flew with Pilot Mark Hammack. After a preflight inspection with their respective CAP pilot, the cadets were off. There was a planned stop to change seats in Gainesville Municipal Airport in Gainesville, Texas, “This will be a flight I will always remember and I think it is really awesome to fly in a 182 and the weather was perfect. said cadet Peter Hansen “ CAP Pilot Arno Leuthardt commented to his two cadets that he, “hoped each of the cadets enjoyed their flights and the blue skys.”

Nighthawk Composite Hosts its Annual Squadron Awards Banquet
The Nighthawk Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol Texas Wing recently held its annual awards banquet to recognize the efforts of its members during 2012. The buffet dinner was hosted by Commander Steve Robertson and Lt. Col Bryce Herkert. The dinner featured an excellent dinner and was attended by most of the members of the squadron. The Following Awards were presented on December 8. Fundraising Award: 3rd place Austin Langley, 2nd place Robert Sellers, 1st place Jordan Blankenship PT challenge: We've previously listed this, but might mention those who received the Presidential Fitness Award: Ryan Carter, Andrew Cobos, Matthew Gregory and Audra Milbitz Outstanding Participation Award: Jordan Peralez Sharpest Cadet of the Year: Mathew Rowe Solo Wings: Jordan Caldwell Grapevine AMBUCS Community Service Award: Daniel Bishop Denton Elks Club Community Service Award and $100 scholarship: Jordan Caldwell Denton Hi Noon Lions Club Community Service Award and $50 scholarship: Katy Welch Denton American Legion "Americanism" Award: Caroline Personius Rotary Club of Denton Community Service Award: Daniel Bishop Cadet of the Quarter: 1) Bryce Giacumakis, 2) Austin Alberts, 3) Caroline Personius, 4) Austin Grant

Flight Staff Leader of the Year: Jordan Caldwell Support Staff Cadet of the Year: Austin Grant Officer of the Year for Cadet Programs: Bryce Herkert ES Officer of the Year: Air: Arno Leuthardt and Russ Keith. Ground: Jared Cryer and Albert Welch Zonta Award to Outstanding Female Cadet of the Year: Teresa Schofield VFW Award for an Outstanding Officer: Daniel Bishop VFW Award for an Outstanding NCO: Katy Welch and Jordan Peralez AFSA Award for the Outstanding Cadet NCO of the Year: Caroline Personius and Austin Grant AFA Award for the Unit Cadet of the Year: Teresa Schofield Cadet of the Year: Teresa Schofield Senior Member of the Year: Steve Robertson

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