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Introduction: Chemical fertilizers have played a significant role in Indian agriculture facilitating green revolution and making the

country self reliant in food production. However, continuous, concentrated and indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers affects the soil health, leading to acidification, micro nutrient depletion, soil degradation, reduction in the activity of micro flora and micro fauna, poor crop health and lower crop yield and quality, it may also contribute to environmental risks like increase in global warming, ground and surface water pollution etc. Hence to overcome all these problems organic fertilizer is the best solution which do not have any disadvantages. So looking at this opportunity R&D Organic Fertilizer Company will be constructed near Kuhi which is 45km far from Nagpur in Maharashtra state, India. The management team involved in this would be Mr. Suvid Fadanvis, owner and chairman, completed his bachelors in Biotechnology, Microbiology, and Botany and also has a masters degree in Microbiology, Mr. Amit Sharma, Lab technician, have 5yrs experience as biologists, Mr. Aniket Fadanvis, as a Marketing Officer. The sale of the product will be within Nagpur district for the first year and after that the company would like to increase its sale to the all over Maharashtra State with increase in its production capacity. The company assumes that since organic fertilizers have a lot of benefits over chemical fertilizers and as most of the people are involved in agriculture so there will be a huge market for this product. The company assumes that chemical fertilizers industry and the upcoming organic fertilizers industry would be its competitors.

Company Description: R&D Organic Fertilizer Company is a start up business near Kuhi which is 45km away from Nagpur, India. The initial fund to start the business will be provided by the owner and bank loans and these funds will be invested in land development, civil structure and necessary equipments to build up the laboratory etc. The company will have a well equipped laboratory with expertise for the production. The company will be interested in the production of Biofertilizers, Biofungicides, Biopesticides, vermicompost, Vermiwash, and Mushroom spawn. The company is interested in developing a good quality of product and giving an efficient service to its customers. The main customers will be farmers who are having big land as well as small land. The company will establish distributors in each taluka so that its product is available to its customers. The company will expand its sales in after the first year to overall Maharashtra State. The company assumes that it would achieve success because of its quality of product and service that it provides.

Product Description: R&D Organic fertilizer Company will be interested in the production of Biofertilizers, Biopesticides, Vermi wash, vermi-compost manure as follows-

Biofertilizers1. Rhizobium 2. Azatobacter

3. Phosphate solublizing microorganisms 4. Azospirillum 5. Potassium solublizing microorganisms 6. Zinc solublizing microorganism

Biopesticides & Biofungicides1. Trichoderma 2. Pseudomonas 3. Bacillus thuringenesis

Plant growth tonics1. Vermicompost 2. Vermi wash

3. Product Packaging Distributor Rate(in Rs)
Product Rhizobium Azatobacter Phosphate solublizing microorganisms Azospirillum Potassium solublizing microorganisms Trichoderma Bacillus thuringenesis Pseudomonas Mushroom spawn In powder form 40/kg 40/kg 40/kg 40/kg 40/kg 60/kg 60/kg 60/kg Liquid form 160/lit 160/lit 160/lit 160/lit 160/lit 180/lit 180/lit 180/lit


The strength are, 1. The product which is eco-friendly and has various benefits. 2. There are not many organic fertilizers firms in the market yet to satisfy the needs. 3. Organic fertilizer is cheaper than chemical fertilizer and has more benefits over chemical fertilizer. 4. The packaging of the product will be made attractive. 5. There is large customer base.

6. The service provided by the company The weaknesses are: 1. The products does not have a long expiry, the expiry of the product is short that is 6 months 2. If the distributors return the expired product then it will create loss for the company. 3. Some of the companies are cheating the farmers and so farmers are puzzled to use to organic fertilizers. Competitors: The competitors will be the chemical industries that are located all over Maharashtra state as well as the Organic fertilizer industries.

Requirement of Project
1. Building construction- Rs. 750000/2. List of equipments, plant and machinery (price in 000)Autoclave Hot air Oven Refrigerator Shaker Laminar air flow Incubator Microscope ph meter Ac Miscelleneous equipments and tools such as colony counter, balances, microliter pipettes, sealing m/c etc chaff cutter steam distillation unit fermnters/ culture bottles water distillation assembly Generator Total 70 20 20 20 40 30 40 20 50 100 20 50 50 20 200 750000

3. Mother cultures- 20000/4. Installed capacity- 50 TPA