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Salad making class

Mayonnaise(eggless) Hung curd Mustard Cream Sugar powder Vinegar Pepper powder Salt 1cup 1/2tsp 2tbsp 2tsp 2tsp 1/4tsp 1/2tsp

Add all the ingredients in the bowl and blend well.

Mayonnaise (with eggs) Pepper Egg yolk Mustard Vinegar Sugar powder Lime juice Oil Salt 1/4tsp 1no 1/2tsp 1/2tbsp. 2tsp 1/2tbsp 130ml-150ml 1/2tsp

Add all the ingredients except oil in the bowl and blend well with hand mixer or blender. Add oil drop by drop blending simultaneously, stop adding oil when it thickens. Russian salad Carrot Pineapple French beans Apple Potatoes Mayonnaise 1/2tsp 1cup 1/2cup 1/2cup 1/cup 3/4cup

Green peas Cream (opt) Lettuce (ice berg) salt, black pepper

1/2up 1/4cup 1-2heads to taste

Cut carrot, potatoes and beans in small pieces and boil them with green peas. Refresh it under cold water chop. Cut pineapple and apple in to small cubes and keep them in separate bowl. Mix fruit and vegetable and refrigerate it for some time. Mix mayonnaise and cream with vegetables and fruits mixture with light hand. Add salt and pepper to taste. Line the salad bowl with salad leaves and pile the salad in the center and serve chilled.

Woldrop salad Walnut Apple Celery thinly slices Mayonnaise Seedless grapes/raisins Fresh lemon juice Lettuce Salt and pepper 1/2cup 1no 1/2cup 3tbsp 1/2cup 1tbsp For presentation To taste

In one bowl whisk together the mayonnaise and lemon juice. Add 1/2tsp salt and tsp of fresh ground pepper. Mix in the apple celery, grapes and walnut, serve chilled on the lettuce paper.

Caesar salad

For dressing
Mayonnaise Parmesan cheese Mustard Garlic (chopped) 3tbsp 1-2tbsp 1/2tsp 1no

Lime juice Salt and pepper Worcestershire sauce Olive oil

1tsp To taste 1tsp 1tsp

Whisk together all dressing ingredients till creamy.

FOR SALAD Iceberg lettuce Garlic croutons Parmesan cheese 4heads 1cup 1tsp

Use readymade baguette to make garlic croutons. slice them diagonally. in one bowl whisk together 1tbsp olive oil/melted butter and 1tsp . minced garlic and keeps ahide for half and hour. brush this garlic oil on baguette slices and toast it on the gas or in the oven till light brown in color. Using your hand tear off chucks of lettuce from heads of ot use knife to cut. Use castor dressing with light hands,add parmesan cheese.check the seasonings. Add chopped croutons and and toss well.

Coleslaw salad Cabbage green/purple Carrot Capsicum Raisin Onion 1cup 1/2cup 1/4cup cup 1/4cup

Shred all the vegetable in julienne cut.

FOR VERSION WITH MAYONNAISE Mayonnaise Salt 3tbsp To taste

Mustard Salt Mix together vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper Add all the shredded vegetable. Taste the salt and pepper, served chilled.

1/2tsp To taste

For version without mayonnaise Rice vinegar/white vinegar Pepper

2tbsp 1/2tsp

sugar salt

1tsp to taste

mix together vinegar,sugar,salt and pepper. Add shredded vegetable. Taste the salt and pepper,serve chilled.

Chickpea and tahini salad Tahini(sesame seeds paste) Salt Mayonnaise Pepper powder Mix all the ingredients and keep aside. 1/2tbsp To taste 4tbsp To taste

FOR SALAD Carrot grated Kabli chana Roasted sesame seeds Cucumber Tomato 1no 1 cup 1tbsp cup 1no

Place the chickpeas, cucumber, tomato and carrot in a large bowl. Pour dressing over and toss to mix.

COCKTAIL AND THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING FOR COCKTAIL SAUCE Mayonnaise Tabasco Tomato ketchup Salt Worcestershire sauce 1cup 1tsp 4tbsp To taste 1tsp

Mix all the ingredients and cocktail sauce is ready. This sauce is widely used to make salad called prawns cocktails.

FOR THOUSAND ISLAND DRESSING Hard boiled eggs (optional) Olive Onion Parsley Capsicum Chop all the ingredients finely. Add cocktail sauce to it to make thousand island dressing. 1no 2tbsp 2tbsp 2tsp 2tbsp

FOR SALAD Paneer/chicken Pineapple Baby corn Lettuce Mushroom 1/2cup 1cup 1/2cup 2-3 1/2cup

Boil baby corn in salted water for 3-4 min. Cook chicken paneer in frying pan with little oil, salt and pepper Mix salad ingredients in the thousand island dressing. Serve chilled garnish with shredded lettuce.

ITALIAN SALAD Olive oil Basil leaves 2tbsp 6no

Vinegar Garlic crushed Lime juice Onion Mustard Capsicum Sugar powder Salt Thyme, oregano Pepper

1/2tbsp 2flakes 1/2tbs 3tbsp 1tsp 3tbsp 1tsp To taste 1/4tsp To taste

Mix well all the above ingredients and let marinate for 1hr.add finely chopped onion and capsicum when mixing salad ingredients.

FOR SALAD Pasta boiled Capsicum Baby corn slices Watermelon 1cup 1no 1/2cup 1/2cup

Mix well all salad ingredients with the Italian dressing. Garnish with shredded salad leaves and melon balls and serve in melon basket.

Chinese chicken /vegetable salad Soya sauce Mustard powder White vinegar/rice vinegar Chilli flakes Fresh grated ginger Sugar Garlic minced Sesame oil 1tbsp 1tsp 2tbsp 1/2tsp 1tsp 2tsp 1/2tsp 1tbsp

In one bowl whisk together dressing ingredients and keep aside.


Chicken breast/mushroom sliced Roasted peanuts Iceberg lettuce Carrot julienned Bell pepper sliced Cilantro/coriander leaves Spring onion Noodles For chicken/mushroom heat sesame oil in a pan.

200gm 1/4cup 1head 1no 1/cup 1/4cup 1/4cup To taste

add chilli flakes.add chicken or mushrooms.sprinkle salt and cook in medium flame till chicken/ mushroom is cooked. keep aside to large bowl toss all the salad ingredients and dressing with noodles.

Macaroni and bell pepper salad FOR DRESSING Mayonnaise Sugar Apple cider vinegar Salt Mustard Pepper powder 5tbsp 1tsp 1tbsp To taste 1/2tsp to taste

Blend together all the ingredients creamy and keep aside.

FOR SALAD Yellow capsicum Parsley Green capsicum Onion chopped Red capsicum chopped Macaroni cooked Toss all the vegetable in large bowl. Stir dressing into vegetables till well blended. Chill in refrigerator for half an hour and serve. 1/4cup Garnishing 1tbsp 1/4cup 1/4cup 11/2cup

Carrot and celery salad Honey Apple cider vinegar Olive oil Mix all the ingredients for dressing and keep aside. 1tbsp 1tbsp 2tbsp

FOR SALAD Carrot Salt Celery stalk Pepper Mint Walnut Mint Peel the carrot and cut them intoslim strite. Clean and slice the celery finely Cover vegetables in the dressing. Sprinkle with chopped walnurt and fresh mint. FRENCH DRESSING olive oil 4tbsp 4 To taste 2 Fresh Few 10kerncls fresh Few



Mustard Garlic rushed

1tsp 1/tsp

Mix herbs

To taste