The Exploits Of Manuel
Ian Beardsley
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Ian Beardsley August 5. where Mars represents success. 2012 4 . called Gypsy Shamanism and the Universe about the AE35 unit. the ship computer.AE-35 I wrote a short story last night. because Venus is the source of 7.2 in my Neptune equation and represents failure. which is the unit in the movie and book 2001: A Space Odyssey that HAL reports will fail and discontinue communication to Earth. reports it will fail in within 72 hours. Strange. I decided to read the passage dealing with the event in 2001 and HAL.

He stated a value in pesetas. Living in one such cave owned by a gypsy shaman. It was really comparable to living in a Native American adobe home in New Mexico. and take them up for homes. maybe 800. the equivalent of a few city blocks from the caves. I carried the hose. We get to the store. I water the flowers. It wasn’t a far walk at all. Physics. and cut the hose to that length. and entered one on our right as we were heading in. rollup the hose and put it away. Roll up the hose and put it away when you are done with it: good advice! So. as these homes had plumbing and gas cooking units that ran off bottles of propane. which was a counter facing the street. I paid the man. He comes by the cave a few days later. I had studied Castilian Spanish in college and as such a hose is “una manguera”. and the Shaman walked along side me until we arrived at his cave where I was staying. or Roma. when you are done. to some place between there and the old Arabic city. who carved caves into the hills for residence when they were building the Alhambra Castle on the hill facing them. but the Shaman called it “una goma” and goma translates as rubber.Chapter One It must have been 1989 or 1990 when I took a leave of absence from The University Of Oregon. studying Spanish. The Moors. and. and he said: “follow me”. wakes me up asks me to accompany him out of The Sacromonte. and that I had to buy him a new one. to buy him a new hose. roll up the hose and put it in the cave. was really not a down and out situation. The Shaman comes to the cave the next day and tells me I didn’t roll up the hose and put it away. We entered the cave stopped at the walk way between living room and kitchen. (about eight dollars at the time) and the Shaman told me to give that amount to the man behind the counter. and that included watering its gardens. and we left. and working at the state observatory in Oregon -Pine Mountain Observatory—to pursue flamenco in Spain. or it will get stolen”. give me 5 meters of hose. The Shaman told me to set the one I had just bought him on the floor 5 . He says to the man behind the counter. so it got stolen. The Shaman told me: “Water the flowers. The man behind the counter pulled off five meters of hose from the spindle. Of course living in such a place came with responsibilities. not one that you could enter. abandoned them before the Gypsies. or so. Albaicin. and we stopped and before me was a collection of what I estimated to be fifteen rubber hoses sitting on ground. who was Spanish. had arrived there in Granada Spain. We went through a tunnel that had about three chambers in the cave. The Gypsies were resourceful enough to stucco and tile the abandoned caves.

Chapter Five Once one has tasted Spain. to play the guitar. the caves. and he left the cave. There were several of us on the patio. she is a asleep. I realize I am not just any antenna. So. telepathically. I did. So I go through life basing my life on the number two. and asked me if I would be able to install an antenna for television at an apartment where his nephew lived. The Capitol. Chapter Four I am watching Star Wars and see a spaceship. I land in Madrid. whether or not one discloses it to them in words. The Shaman tells me. So this time I was not carrying a hose through The Sacromonte. but that my work in astronomy involved knowing and doing electronics. Immediately I see the Shaman. which is two oblong capsules flying connected in tandem. The Gypsy Shaman says to me telepathically: “Dios es una idea: son dos”. but the AE35 that malfunctioned aboard The Discovery just before it arrived at the planet Jupiter in Arthur C. and immediately recognize I am under 6 . it is late at night. but an antenna. Southern Spain. I am now playing flamenco. and I am about 24 years old and I decide to look out the window. The Spaniards know my destination is Granada. and The Shaman was aware that I not only worked in Astronomy. installing an antenna for television reception. maybe a week or two after I had bought him a hose. he came to his cave where I was staying. I now realize when I installed the antenna. Chapter Two Gypsies have a way of knowing things about a person. to Spain. in his living room. I understand that to mean “God is an idea: there are two elements”. and I retreated to a couch in the cave living room. east.with the others. The Gypsy Neighborhood called The Sacromonte. that person longs to return. on a hill adjacent to the apartment of The Shaman’s Nephew. I had become one. and I learned from them. Chapter Three I am now in Southern California. Northern Spain. across The Atlantic. with instructions from the shaman to put the gypsy space program into my music. The Shaman’s Children were flamenco guitarists. and was receiving messages from the Shaman. at the house of my mother. and we left the chamber. and I hear the word Antenna. that this time the mission won’t fail. Clarke’s and Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”. where I had eaten a bowl of the Gypsy soup called Puchero.

the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. So I compared a mole of gold to a mole of silver. the distance from its center to its surface to the lunar orbital radius. Do the algorithm of five-fold symmetry in reverse for six-fold symmetry. and this time I do not see the living room of the gypsy shaman. Chapter Six I am back in the United States and I am at the house of my mother. you are right to consider it. like snowflakes. but a dozen of one to a dozen of the other. but reprogram the instructions for me. but for every yin there had to be a yang. an attempt to out-do the Gypsy space program. silver is next down on the list. she is asleep. a most popular arrangement. and you get the yang to the yin of nine-fifths is five-thirds. and the golden ratio. my flamenco will now state their idea of a space program. the physical. I said to myself: How far does this go? The Shaman’s son once told me he was in love with the moon. in mathematics are the most interesting subject. and the word Jupiter comes to mind and I am about to say of course. The one took you back to the beginning which left you with 8 tenths. the distance from the center of the earth to the center of the moon. But atoms of gold and silver are not measured in dozens. It was Nine compared to Five again! Chapter Seven I had found 9/5 was at the crux of the Universe. all else will flow from it. it is nine-fifths. it is night time again. the Spaniards do not undo the spell. Flamenco being flamenco. A ratio is this compared to that. and find it is nine-fifths (nine compared to five) which divided out is one point eight (1. the AE35 Antenna. so I consider the ratio of the orbit of Saturn (the second largest planet in the solar system) to the orbit of Jupiter at their closest approaches to The Sun. It was of course. and all the people. like pi. but in moles. Now go to eight tenths in the other direction. but proportions. and I said no way. Gold is divine. so that when I arrive back in the United States. So the question is: Saturn is to Jupiter as what is to what? Of course the answer is as Gold is to Silver. Nine fifths was one and eight-tenths of the way around a circle. you are right it is the largest planet in the solar system. and Saturn is indeed to Jupiter as Gold is to Silver. to Spain. across the Atlantic. but the streets of Madrid at night. Jupiter. six-fold. That is the separation between petals on a five-petaled flower. flamenco being flamenco. 7 . So I compared the radius of the sun. but a proportion is this is to that as this is to that. it is 72 degrees of the 360 degrees in a circle.8). and The Spanish interrupt and say “Yes.” I know ratios. and what is more that I am The AE35 Antenna for The Gypsy Space Program. Indeed life is known to have five-fold symmetry. Of course one does not compare a dozen oranges to a half dozen apples. if one wants to extract any kind of meaning.the spell of a Gypsy Shaman. and I look out the window east. I then proceed to the next logical step: not ratios.

chemical symbol 15! 8 . Sodium is the metal component to table salt. Potassium is. Saturn to Jupiter. “The Salt Of The Earth” is that which is good. I subtracted the two and got two-fifteenths! Two compared to fifteen! I had bought the Shaman his fifteenth rubber hose. the most abundant gas in the Earth Atmosphere is Nitrogen. and after he made me into the AE35 Antenna one of his first transmissions to me was: “God Is An Idea: There Are Two Elements”. and the earth is the third planet from the sun. just read Shakespeare’s “King Lear”. Sun to moon. It is so obvious. that is ninefifths with five-thirds. But multiply yin with yang. as a metal component to make salt substitute. which is gold to silver. aside from being an important fertilizer. The molar mass of potassium to sodium is five to three.Nine-fifths was in the elements gold to silver. and you get 3. the substitute for Sodium. the yang to the yin of nine-fifths. Where was five-thirds? Salt of course. I thought the crux of the universe must be the difference between nine-fifths and fivethirds.

6 The latter can be converted to 3.6 (10)Mercury Radius/Earth Radius (10)Mercury Orbit/Earth Orbit (earth radius)/(moon radius)= 4(degrees in a circle)(moon distance)/(sun distance) = 3. 7.8.… in other words. It is left then to consider the whole number multiples of nine-fifths (1.6 by multiplying it by (Earth Mass/Mars Mass) because Earth is about ten times as massive as Mars.7 ~ 3.8 Saturn Orbit/Jupiter Orbit Solar Radius/Lunar Orbit Gold/Silver 3.37 cubic earth radii ~ 3.2 10(Venus Orbit/Earth Orbit) 9 . and we look to see if it is in the solar system and find it is in the following ways: 1.8) or the sequence: 1. (Volume of Saturn/Volume Of Jupiter)(Volume Of Mars) = 0. Solar Radius to Lunar Orbit.Chapter 8: The Sequence We considered the ratio nine to five. 5. 3. Gold to Silver and if flower petal arrangements.6.4.2. 5.6 There are about as many days in a year as degrees in a circle. then the proportion and found it in Saturn Orbit to Jupiter orbit.4 Jupiter Orbit/Earth Orbit Saturn Mass/Neptune Mass 7.

495979E13 cm R for Earth = 6.378 km M for Earth = 5.O for Earth = 1.97 Molar Mass of Silver: Ag = 107.976E27 g Earth-Moon Separation: 3.409E8 km Jupiter (maximum distance from the sun): 5.84E10 cm Solar Radius: 6.87 Saturn (minimum distance from sun) = 9.014 AU = 1.9599E10 cm Molar Mass of Gold: Au = 196.4 Astronomical Units 10 .951 AU = 7.348E9 km Jupiter (minimum distance from sun) = 4.455 AU ~ 5.

Chapter 9: The Neptune Equation
If we consider as well the sequence where we begin with five and add nine to each
successive term: 5, 14, 23, 32…Then, the structure of the solar system and dynamic
elements of the Universe and Nature in general are tied up in the two sequences:
5, 14, 23, 32,…
1.8, 3.6, 5.4, 7.2,…
How do we find the connection between the two to localize the pivotal point of the solar
system? We take their difference, subtracting respective terms in the second sequence
from those in the first sequence to obtain the new sequence:
3.2, 10.4, 17.6, 24.8,…
Which is an arithmetic sequence with common difference of 7.2 meaning it is written
7.2n – 4 = a_n
The a_n is the nth term of the sequence, n is the number of the term in the sequence.
This we notice can be written:
[(Venus-orbit)/(Earth-orbit)][(Earth-mass)/(Mars-mass)]n – (Mars orbital #) = a_n
We have an equation for a sequence that shows the Earth straddled between Venus and
Mars. Venus is a failed Earth. Mars promises to be New Earth.
The Mars orbital number is 4. If we want to know what planet in the solar system holds
the key to the success of Earth, or to the success of humans, we let n =3 since the Earth is
the third planet out from the Sun, in the equation and the result is a_n = 17.6. This means
the planet that holds the key is Neptune. It has a mass of 17.23 earth masses, a number
very close to our 17.6.
Not only is Neptune the indicated planet, we find it has nearly the same surface gravity as
earth and nearly the same inclination to its orbit as earth. Though it is much more
massive than earth, it is much larger and therefore less dense. That was why it comes out
to have the same surface gravity.


Chapter 10: The Uranus Equation
I asked what needs to be done to solve My Neptune Equation, by going deep with the
guitar in Solea Por Buleras. I found the answer was that I didn’t have enough
information to solve it.
Then I realized I could create the complement of the Neptune equation by looking at the
Yang of 5/3, since the Neptune equation came from the Yin of 9/5.
We use the same method as for the Neptune equation:
Start with 8 and add 5 to each additional term (we throw a twist by not starting with 5)
5/3 => 8, 13, 18, 23,…
List the numbers that are whole number multiples of 5/3:
5/3n = 1.7, 3.3, 5, 6.7,…
Subtract respective terms in the second sequence from those in the first:
6.3, 9.7, 13, 16.3,…
This is an arithmetic sequence with common difference 3.3. It can be written:
(a_n) = 3 + 3.3n
This can be wrttten:
Earth Orbital # + (Jupiter Mass/Saturn Mass)n = a_n
Letting n = 3 we find a_n = 13
The closest to this is the mass of Uranus, which is 14.54 earth masses. If Neptune is the
Yin planet, then Uranus is the Yang planet. This is interesting because I had found that
Uranus and Neptune were different manifestations of the same thing. I had written:
I calculate that though Neptune is more massive than Uranus, its volume is less such that
their products are close to equivalent. In math:
N_v = volume of Neptune
N_m = mass of Neptune
U_v = volume of Uranus
U_m = mass of Uranus
(N_v)(N_m) = (U_v)(U_m)


Chapter 11: Europia
We now connect the first four points of the Neptune equation and integrate from one to
four, the equation:
F(x) = 7.2x –4
The inner terrestrial planets.
We take the derivative of the Uranus equation:
F(x) = 3 + 3.3x
So that
F’(x) = 3.3
We consider the integral the mass of a planet in earth masses, which comes out to be 42.
We consider the 3.3 to be the acceleration at its surface in earth gravities. Knowing these
two quantities we determine the planet is about three and a half times larger than the
Earth. Knowing its mass and size, we can determine its density, and from that its
composition, which turns out to be Europium, element 63, which is phosphorescent. We
will call the planet, Europia.


14 .

15 .

16 .

17 .

18 .

Fiction-Reality Entanglement: Levinson. and that nine-fifths was in the proportions of the monolith of Arthur C. which is only closer in density by a thousandth of a gram per cubic centimeter in density. The element is named for   Europe. And Clarke by opening the publication in this post. The proportions of the monolith are 1 by 4 by 9. 1 + 4 = 5. and this discovery began with my realization that ninefifths was in the universe. that it was the yin for which the yang was fivethirds. where life would begin on another world in our solar system.It is interesting that the hypothetical planet would be composed of Europium if we exclude the diatomic elements like iodine. Clarke's and Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey for which Jupiter became a star for the moon Europa.  It is an entanglement of a sort. Asimov.  Read. which lead to the discovery that it unified pi and phi. 19 .

six moles of H2O are required for every two moles of Europium to make two moles of Europium Hydroxide and Three moles of Hydrogen gas. I would say that is how that equation reads.02 g/mol By looking up the molar masses of the elements in the periodic table of the elements.6E22 mol Eu)(151.97 g Eu/ mol) = 3.4E18 Tonnes (1. and over the Earth Wikipedia states that the hydrosphere is 1.6E22 mol Eu Eu = 151.95E24 grams of Europium. I am little rusty on my reaction classification as well.4E24 g H2O)/(hydrosphere)) = 7.53E23 cm^3 Is the volume of the body composed of 3.01) = 2.53E23 cm^3 20 .02 + 16. I would say since the europium displaces the hydrogen.02 g H2O))x((1.243 g/cm^3 (cm^3/5. under.00 g/mol H2O = 2. the equation clearly states that one third of the moles of H20 are the moles of Europium required for the reaction to take place (2/6= 1/3). ((1 mol H2O)/(18. We write: H_2 = 2(1.000 g) = 1.97 g Eu/ mol (2.02 g/mol O = 16.8E22 mol H2O/hydrosphere 1/3(7.00 = 18.Chapter 12: The Europium Sphere Hydropshere: Total water on. though my chemical nomenclature is a little rusty. If it is a sphere.000 kg)(1.95E24 g) = 7. then the radius of it is: (4/3)(pi)r^3 = 7. that this is a single displacement reaction.95E24 g Eu The density of Europium at STP is 5. Regardless.243 g)(3.4E24 g We ask how much Europium is required to react with the entire hydrosphere? The reaction of Europium with water is: 2Eu + 6H_2O - 2Eu(OH)_3 + 3H_2 That is.8E22 mol H2O) = 2.4E18 t)(1.

162 cm (56.562. That of the moon of Jupiter called Europa is: 1.566/565 = 2.62 km ~ 565 km The Europium Sphere would have a radius of 565 kilometers.1 ~ pi ~ 3 The moon is about three times larger than the Europium Sphere.162 cm)/(100 cm)(1000 m) = 564.738/565 = 3.738 km 1.77 The radius of the moon orbiting the Earth is: 1.566 km 1.8E23 cm^3 r = 56. 21 .r^3 = 1. or about pi times larger.462.

Chapter 13: Manuel Incorporated 22 .

Therefore. is highly reactive: That is. as a source for the element europium. The density of Europium Three Oxide is: 7. 23 . however. or about pi times larger.65E7 cm)^3 = 7.65E7 cm (4/3)(3. The volume of the Europium Sphere in cubic centimeters is: (4/3)(3.587E24 g)/(1000) = 5.Manuel Incorporated . but an exopolitician: He was often an ambassador for humanity to worlds beyond our solar system. He was not just a politician. it combines with anything it comes in contact with.587E21 kilograms of Europium Three Oxide 5.Excerpt Manuel. He maintained a business relationship with some off world. Those were the colors that this phosphorescent substance would radiate. in other words. the compound Europium (III) Oxide (Europium Three Oxide). in orbit around Alpha Centauri. because it had great value as a phosphorescent substance that can be used as the source of red and blue in computer screens and fluorescent lights. Manuel Incorporated – Excerpt Thus the size of the Europium Sphere in Orbit around Alpha Centauri was 565 kilometers. the Europium sphere was combined with oxygen to make the compound ((Eu_2)(O_3)) that is.40 grams per cubic centimeter.587E18 metric tons. It must be understood that the Element Europium. Gypsies never have known borders since that day they left India and went west. few people have ever known that the space surrounding the earth was not a border to them either. It cannot exist isolated. despite humans having never built a craft that could leave it and go to the stars. interstellar societies. Consider the Summary written in Volume One of Cosmic Archaeology:….55E23)(7.55E23 cubic centimeters That corresponds to: (7. called the Europium Sphere. Manuel Incorporated was set up in the Alpha Centauri Star System about four point two light years away. was not just any man of business. The answer to the construction of Europia was simple.587E24 grams of Europium Three Oxide (5. It was there that he negotiated the construction of a sphere. at Lagrange point.141)(5.55 E 08 cubic kilometers or (565)(1000)(100) = 5. or glow.4) = 5.141)(565 km)^3 = 7. He saw no reason why off earth intelligent life should not be included in his business domain. The moon is about three times larger than the Europium Sphere.

The stuff sold for far more than a euro per metric ton in galactic denomination. and the clientele… Manuel’s Intergalactic Cargo Industry . and Manuel Incorporated was thus worth well more than 18 figures. The only currency he accepted was bricks of pure gold. He actually sent me a document that was part of the research produced.The stuff was made out of common substances from dead worlds. His earnings went towards funding his research institute. It was the following:… By Ian Beardsley Copyright by Ian Beardsley February 2013 24 .Excerpt Among his on Earth businesses. flat sheets of gold foil that he used to wrap his truffles for his Parisian truffle business. Manuel Incorporated In France . France on the Rue Di Bazaar that sold one thing: chocolate truffles. He then employed Gypsy artisans. in a process of nuclear chemistry. wrapped in foil made of gold. many of them family. he had a restaurant in Paris. to pound out the gold into thin.Excerpt Manuel distributed his Europium Three Oxide throughout the Galaxy by employing Free Traders throughout the Galaxy who piloted cargo ships. However each truffle was served in the sun on a patio. not yet an available technology on Earth. You can imagine the prices on the menu. Manuel’s Genesis Project which did research for turning dead worlds into life supporting paradises inspired by the Project Genesis that was a theme of a Star Trek movie.

she was silly. Not only did I think she was beautiful physically. He was to meet with a Frenchman who was a representative for the Bureau Of Weights And Measures on a mission to change the method of defining that distance called the kilometer. that I thought she would be a great president for The United States. It came to pass that Manuel. there are two elements”. he would say he was going to hit me. that he was in charge of the circle that comprised the art. Idiot that I was at the time. I would listen to Sheila Chandra. It would seem he carried a great secret that was handed down to him from his ancestors as they passed through the world by foot at times. When I was made into the AE-35 antenna I was essentially telepathic not just with the Gypsy Shaman Manuel.Chapter 14: The Differential Equation It is still not clear to me weather I bought the Shaman his 15th rubber hose. She understood immediately that her husband was having an affair with her. and when I tried to steal his art from him. It is not important either. but also with all of the members of flamenco. When he made me into the AE-35 antenna. but her music represented such a freedom. camel at other times. The Shaman was showing me the hose collection so that the number 15 would pop into my head. I had a crush on her. Apparently it had something to do with his hose collection numbering fifteen hoses and his feeling that God was an idea of which there are two elements. the founder of Hindipop. or if there were already 15 rubber hoses in the cave and I bought him the sixteenth. though. and caravan at other times completely unknown. he would say he was going to tear my lungs out through my throat. I admire Camaron’s singing greatly. a beautiful Hindu woman from England. the Gypsy Shaman. I have now discovered that Manuel was in England for more than one reason. his first transmission to me after I arrived in the United States was that: “God is an idea. and began asking me about the artist and told me she had to have a copy of the CD. Camaron would tell me. which precisely embodied both the lesson of the hose collection and the lesson of what God is. starting in India and ending in Spain. I had been playing her music while I was talking to the Shaman’s wife on the phone from California to Spain. I never sent her a copy. This was the beginning of a Journey in which I was to discover that the yin and yang were nine-fifths and five-thirds respectively. The thing was. told me via the AE-35 antenna. and that their difference was two-fifteenths. 25 . and when I said I liked her. that he was in England and having an affair with Sheila Chandra. I thought it was England’s mistake that they did not make her prime minister of their country.

3t (The Uranus Equation) V=at=(33/10)t where V is velocity. and passed some through the south. I chose The Uranus Equation.940 cm/s)dt + (3.234 cm/s/s (3. barrios.  If there is someone in the street. 3=(33/10)t (t) = 30/33 980 cm/s/s = g = the surface gravity of the earth (980 cm/s/s)(3. Of course. or how I could have discovered it. a is acceleration. But that of the Shaman concerning the definition for the kilometer.3)=3.100 +363.07925 km 26 . and camped where there was no one else.234 cm/s/s)(30/33 s) = 2. and to let out only one verse of one of their poets. I will never understand how he could have known it.825 = 407925 cm 407925 cm/100/1000 = 4.  They became Artists. then what is the initial velocity in the equation. which is the number 3? V = 3 + 3. and went unseen and unknown during all that time. who is anonymous:  “If there is someone in the street. he knows him.234 cm/s/s)t This is the differential equation: (dx) = (2.940 cm/s)15 + ((1/2)(3.940 cm/s = v_0 v_0 is the initial velocity Thus we can write the Uranus equation as: V = 2. had to be deep. or quarters of western construct. I thought it was really time I solve a differential equation.” I believe each individual has different secrets. the time is 15 seconds.234 cm/s/s)t dt The only thing we lack in solving this is a time for which we can derive a distance. he is familiar with it. in neighborhoods. then. and t is time.234) cm/s/s)15^2 = 44. it was in the hose collection he showed me.3 earth gravities. only to unite and settle at Land’s End. We now determine given the acceleration in the Uranus equation is 3. The result is X_0 = (2.As I had once jotted down: All That Can Be Said They originated in the Far East. and others through the north over a period of A Thousand Years through deserts. and I think I discovered what it was.940 cm/s + (3. Clearly if the Shaman had some secret.

Thus Manuel went to England in my belief not just to spend time with the awesome Sheila Chandra.Notice the numbers after the decimal are 7925. then by 1000. The seven is the average of the nine and the five. It is the yin and the yang of nine-fifths and five-thirds. That refers to the integral 100 is 100 cm/m 1000 is 1000 m/km That integral evaluated from 0 to 15 seconds. 27 . 2 is the two elements that are the idea that is God.940 cm/s)dt + (3. and the nine and five make up the mysterious nine-fifths.07925) All that divided by 100. But more incredibly the value is almost perfectly four kilometers. but to get The Bureau of Weights and Measures to define the length of a kilometer as: (1/4) (Integral [(2.234 cm/s/s) t dt] minus 0.

How come then that our forefathers back in the Stone Age had values so exact. further. The Gypsy Shaman. How could he have known so much about the Universe and connected it to the kilometer. It may be that it was even known longer ago than that day Manuel’s ancestors left India.07925) All that divided by 100. may have the answer in his book “Our Cosmic Ancestors”. when The Metric Committee in modern times defined the kilometer as one ten thousandth of the distance from the North Pole to The Equator. That refers to the integral 100 is 100 cm/m 1000 is 1000 m/km That integral evaluated from 0 to 15 seconds.000 years ago. 1957.234 cm/s/s) t dt] minus 0. when the Soviet satellite Sputnik started to trace and measure the first orbits around the globe?… We then obtained the exact measurements by observing the irregularities in the orbits of the first artificial satellites in order to calculate the true shape and dimensions or our globe. who was the director of developing the communications system for the NASA Apollo Missions. We surmise his ancestors knew this secret at least one thousand years ago. had some kind of a secret about how the length of a kilometer was connected to the Universe. 65. Chatelain writes: “This is where my interest became really aroused and my work became exciting…All units of measure in the distant past of our civilization had the same basic system in their foundations – all were determined from the exact dimensions of our planet Earth. The wind blows in an endless sea of sand.Chapter 15: The Mystery Runs Deep.940 cm/s)dt + (3. and connected it. Maurice Chatelain. distant ancestors. our ancestors derived their feet and inches from the length of degree of latitude or longitude….” Chatelain suggests extraterrestrials. knew this at least a thousand years ago. Riding on it is a voice breaking up and disappearing into the air: “La tila. which we ourselves were only able to obtain after 4 October. We wrote: Thus Manuel went to England in my belief not just to spend time with the awesome Sheila Chandra but. As incredible as this may sound to the uninitiated. then by 1000. to get The Bureau of Weights and Measures to define the length of a kilometer as: (1/4) (Integral [(2. We said Manuel. The ancestors of Manuel. Guadacali”. 28 . measured the earth by orbiting it in the same way and gave our units of measurement to our past. to “The Cosmos”.

000)(1/4)C where C = 2(pi)R_e C is the circumference of the Earth and R_e is the radius of the Earth.378 km We can say: 4 km = (1/10.000)C 29 .The Source Of One Fourth In The Uranus Integral 1 km = 1/(10. R_e =6.

A Second Look At The Uranus Integral Uranus Integral From 0 To 15 Seconds ∫ 15 0 (2..120..925 cm Let’s convert the part beyond 4 km to feet: (7.05 m = 4 km + 79. and metric system in ancient times as Maurice Chatellain of NASA suggested in his book. 2. Now we take the second look: (260. It would seem using the Shaman’s 15 seconds in The Uranus Integral wants to connect the metric system to feet. this is rather remarkable.009)+(0.. 3.234cm /s /s)tdt = 4.0328084 ft/cm) = 260.00657 feet It is almost exactly 260 feet. Is there a reason for these different systems of measurement? Were they both meant to be in that they are connected to one another through the Universe and Nature? 30 .00005) We can also write: 4 km + 70 m + 9 m + 0.925 cm)(0.07)+(0.120 inches! Let’s rearrange those numbers. and the obscure origins of the foot. especially when one considers the origins of The Uranus Equation. Our Cosmic Ancestors? There has always been a debate between Europe and America as to whether America should adopt the metric system in everyday life.07884 inches It is almost 3. 4 km + 7000 cm + 900 cm + 20 cm + 5 cm = 4 km + 7. the foot.00657 ft)(12 in/ft) = 3. Americans already use it in the sciences. 1.07925km Which can be written in kilometers: € 4+(9+5)/2(100) + 9/1000 + 2/(10.0002)+(0. If we consider the origin of the metric system being in the dimensions of the Earth.000 = 4+(0.25 m Or.2 m + 0.000) + 5/100. We get: 0. Is it that extraterrestrials gave us the inch. It is accurate to about six and a half thousandths of a foot.940cm /s)dt + ∫ 15 0 (3.

That refers to the integral 100 is 100 cm/m 1000 is 1000 m/km That integral evaluated from 0 to 15 seconds.940cm /s)dt + ∫ 15 0 (3.000)(1/4)C where C = 2(pi)R_e C is the circumference of the Earth and R_e is the radius of the Earth.378 km We can say: 4 km = (1/10.234 cm/s/s) t dt] minus 0.07925km The factor of one fourth enters because the kilometer is defined by the distance from the the pole to the equator.07925) All that divided by 100. not the circumference of the Earth.234cm /s /s)tdt = 4.000)C Uranus Integral (1/4) (Integral [(2. € 31 .940 cm/s)dt + (3. R_e =6. We also call the following The Uranus Integral: ∫ 15 0 (2. then by 1000.The Source Of One Fourth In The Uranus Integral 1 km = 1/(10.

Chapter 16: Bohria 32 .

the string was then cut to 4 kilometers. then folded in fourths. then fall back to the ground. and that was attached to a cord wrapped around a spindle: as the spinle let cord go. that Manuel went to this planet in his mind – we will call it Bohria – and he would shoot up an arrow at the right velocity from the surface. The tactic we surmise was. the arrow would reach 4 kilometers. That planet it turns out. and cut into four pieces. It having pulled off four kilometers of string. that the arrow had to travel was 537 meters per second. All that was needed was a planet that had the mass of the earth. That velocity as it would turn out. would be 3. each a kilometer long. but radius such that something would fall in a way that over 15 seconds it would travel exactly four kilometers before it hit the Earth. could have made his kilometer long yardstick. The string tension of the bow was engineered precisely to impart that velocity to the arrow. and composed primarily of the element Bohrium. 33 . Manuel.327 kilometers from center to surface.Thus we must find a way that the Gypsy Shaman. As such the Gypsy Shaman produced a four kilometer long measuring string in accordance with his integral.

34 .

35 .

36 .

37 .

38 .

39 .

40 .

41 .

42 . the average of 5 and nine. pi and phi taken alone express nine-fifths in the best possible ways. further. the golden ratio. in that pi + phi = 3.759 Because the numbers after the decimal in the sum (the important part) are 5 and 9 and 7. if not most beautiful ratios in mathematics.618 = 4. and the second and third digits after the decimal add up to nine. the average of 9 and 5. the circumference of a circle to its diameter. and subtract to make five. I should also like to point out that the fourth and fifth numbers after the decimal in pi are 5 and 9 and in phi the third and fourth numbers after the decimal are one and eight where nine-fifths divided out is one point eight. and phi. in the orbits of jupiter to saturn in their closest approaches to the sun. and in the ratio of the solar radius to the lunar orbit. I have found nine-fifths occurs throughout nature in the rotation of petals around a a flower for a most popular arrangement. the first and second numbers after the decimal in phi add up to make 7.Chapter 17: The Unification Of Pi and Phi by Nine-Fifths All that is left to do is to consider pi. since they are two most important. I now further go on to say that this nine-fifths unifies the two most important ratios in mathematics pi and the golden ratio (phi). and. So not only does the solar system unify pi and phi through nine-fifths.141 + 1. in the ratio of the molar masses of gold to silver.

and perhaps flower petal arrangements. and in the ratio of the Sun’s radius to the orbital radius of the moon (moon-earth separation). must be of extraordinary profundity. is the most popular arrangement of petals around a flower.Chapter 18: Summary About Nine-Fifths In Summary. the most precious of the metals. silver. as such the relationship would be ideal for transmission of a message by other intelligent life forms in the universe to say to the receiver: “I am here and have noticed it”. we currently cannot know whether the inhabitants of other star systems have it in their sun (star) they orbit and a moon that might orbit their planet or in the ratio of the orbits of the largest planets in their star system putting their planet at one unit from their star. which unifies pi and the golden ratio. The curious thing is that it exists in our solar system in the ratio of the orbit of Saturn at its closest approach to the sun compared to the orbit of Jupiter at its closest approach to the sun. and. The answer to this enigma. and is in the ratio of the molar masses of gold to silver. I think. this most beautiful constant in Nature. but more locally in our solar system? Does it mean humans have some kind of divine specialness in the cosmos? While we can know that the nine-fifths phenomenon would be represented by gold and silver throughout the universe. the two most beautiful ratios in mathematics. the Earth that planet which harbors intelligent life in the Solar System). The question is why does this relationship for pi and the golden ratio of nine-fifths not just exist throughout the Universe in gold. of nine-fifths. 43 . One could only guess that such would be noticeable throughout the universe and would be noticed by other intelligent life in the universe. mystically putting the Earth at one unit from the Sun (Jupiter and Saturn being the largest and most massive in the solar system.

The one will take you all the way around a circle. Seven is the average of nine and five. and the second number is our 5 in nine-fifths and the third number is the 9 in nine-fifths.8.8.618 = 4.718 = 5. what is left is 0. and the third number after the decimal is the 9 in nine-fifths.859 The second number after the decimal is the 5 in nine-fifths. 2013 44 . which I have found exists in Nature and the Universe. It would seem 9/5 unifies euler’s number. and pi. as well: (pi) + (e) = 3. e.Chapter 19: (pi) and (e) I have talked about how 9/5.141 + 1. which is 9/5 divided out. Ian Beardsley January 17.759 because the first three numbers after the decimal are 7.141 + 2. This is significant because the 8 is the 8 in 1. 5 and 9. unifies pi and the golden ratio (phi): (pi) + (phi) = 3. The first number after the decimal is eight.

My first exposure to “Cosmic Archaeology” must have been when my college Calculus teacher was deriving Euler’s Number. the imaginary number (i). all though Greek. Roman Egypt). as well. Bhrahmagupta (around 628) Heron of Alexandria (c10 – 70 AD) Jacob Bernoulli (1655 – 1705) Archimedes (c. We can see how this revelation would be key to Cosmic Archaeology. and something about the human story using astronomy. and e from Switzerland (Jacob Bernoulli).Chapter 20: Cosmic Archaeology I consider what I do to be what I call cosmic archaeology.212 BC) 45 . Egypt. Euler’s number (e). The equation is: (e)^[(i)(pi)] =-1 He pointed out that this equation. and negative one all to one another. After deriving it. pi to some accuracy from Ancient Greece (Archimedes). and Europe insofar as negative numbers come to us from India (Brahmagupta). relates three geographical regions to one another. was native to Alexandria.287 BC – c. he derived Euler’s Equation. the imaginary number comes to us from Egypt (Heron of Alexandria. the ratio pi. which relates. India. e. Cosmic Archaeology strives to say something about the Universe using archaeology.

I looked down at them and they had the brand name “Diana” written on them. closed the pack and put them in his pocket. “Diana. We had both been smoking together the day before. However I liked it. glanced down at the pack of cigarettes between us. and I know the question they are asking is if there is advanced intelligence in the Universe that can come to Earth it would stand to reason they are far ahead of us. Silver. “good. I tried one of his cigarettes. Several years after I have discovered the Secret of The Shaman’s Hose and learned that God is an idea wherein there are two elements. and he told me it was cheap tobacco. 46 . some more like Spain. We are at the Aunt’s house of my wife. everyone can see in my facial expressions. all the other planets in the Universe had their messiahs. He was saying with the look on his face: “Surely if there is a Messiah that represents all the messiahs of all the other planets in the Universe. Christmas rolls around and we go to visit her family in Italy. there must be a Universal Mother. Saturn. Indeed there may be one Universal Jesus that represents all the messiahs in the Universe. As such there is a balance in the Universe. then. The important thing was that I was now sitting across the table from the Nephew of my Wife and between us was a pack of cigarettes. the one like Italy will prevent them. and I am completely transparent. so why don’t they take the Earth. I thought to myself: “Her name is Diana” He picked up the pack of cigarettes as if to say. we will accept that”. He tried one of my cigarettes and thought it was bad. I told him it was expensive tobacco. gave me a cigarette. Gold. They set down a cup of espresso in front of me as if to say. Do you know what her name could be?” He looked at me. table salt and salt substitute. That is to say whatever I am thinking. We came to the conclusion that their cheap tobacco was our expensive tobacco. and I meet a woman from Italy. I look at them and my faces says because there are different worlds. her name will be”. flower petal arrangements. and we moved on to enjoy the evening. I am thinking about other life in the Universe and they look at me. It must have been a couple days later that after having dinner with her family I am sitting across the table from her Nephew. Everyone knows I worked in astronomy. others more like Italy. he opened the pack. Now I am thinking.” They seem to like the idea and now my wife and I return to the home of her parents. have discovered the Yin and Yang of the Universe of nine-fifths and five thirds and their representations in Jupiter. and our cheap tobacco was their expensive tobacco. Sun Moon. Then. “If there was a Jesus on Earth. We get married and move from California to Washington DC because she got a job in that city as a secretary at The Italian Embassy.Chapter 21: Full Disclosure It is now several years after I am in California. so if the one like Spain wants to take Italy.

and wondered what “Diana” meant.After my wife and I returned to Washington. I thought it was interesting that the brand name written on them was Diana. Later. After opening the box. and a pair of pool thongs that she had bought me when we were in Italy. looking at them. the word is believed to mean. 47 . but remained friends. I went back to California to visit my Mom and my wife and I became separated. and found though its origins are uncertain. I found my guitar. “Divine” It would seem I now have two elements to use in solving the cosmic mystery: That of the Shaman’s Hose and that of The Italian Pool Thongs”. I did a search on the word. It came to pass that she mailed me some of my belongings. I got to thinking about the Universal Mother.

it means mother but in Greek it means “of each”. Very good. or Ana mean? Os is neuter (Latin) for opening. rings of the Shaman’s God is an idea. and The Italian Pool Thongs.Chapter 22: Etymology It is now August 17. that the rubber pool thongs have everything to do with the rubber hose in the most profound sense. Let us say. What does Os and Anna. there are two elements. Dios can be broken down into Di and Os. 2012 and I realize it is time to breakdown the meanings of the words cropping up in the mystery of the Shaman’s Hose. Di is the Greek prefix for two. 48 . as in carbon dioxide is a compound with chemical formula one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. which means “God is an idea: There are two elements”. then. thus having the Greek prefix of two as well. But the pool thongs bearing the name Diana can be broken up into Di and Anna. two of each. We first look at the Spanish word for God is Dios and the Shaman had told me “Dios es una idea: Son dos”. Well in Proto Turkic. and Diana is believed to mean Divine. Diana (Divine). the name meaning Favor or Grace. The Ana of Diana may derive from Anna. The Shaman had said God was an idea consisting of two elements.

and as I spoke to people at the café one day. was saying to god in the sense that we arrive at being god. and someone asked me what I had been up to.Chapter 23. the two different shamans. They looked at me and said. the only way to answer that question is if you can be in two places at once. is my radio on in my room when I leave it. because. which is to point out the expression for goodbye really means “To God”. but the Shaman as he explained. I mean logic would dictate that it would be. the one who resides at the edge of the Sacromonte and one who lives at the center. I told them. It was all theatrics and flamenco. it could have temporarily failed and come back on when I came back in my room. but also that he and I were different manifestations of the same thing. I cannot prove it. Of course the Spanish say to god when they say goodbye. It was a couple days later that I was down at the local café. and the real thing to be gathered from the experiences of that period in my life was to be educated by a Shamanic Teacher on the nature of reality. He had said: God is an idea. 49 . What good was it though. that I was the Shaman who lived on the edge of The Sacromonte. and said to me. He can be at two places at once. strange. Not only did that include myself and he knowing how to be in two places at once. there are two elements. of course. To God I once wondered about the paradox of. not in words. They said: “Nonsense. Such reports came in higher frequency as time went by. not in words. and he replies A Dios. I talked to you then”. When I say goodbye to the Shaman as he leaves my spirit. are one and the same person. from his home in Spain. I realized then that I had been in two places at once. emphasizing that he is separating the “A” in Adios from Dios. We often are the people we know. however. I said I had been at home writing last night until midnight. even if I don’t turn it off. and no doubt the Shaman had set me on that path. I thought. if I wasn’t aware I was doing that? Further evidence came in to verify my suspicion. to answer my question about the radio. but last night I was the Gypsy who sings in the center of the Sacromonte. you were here last night. I say Adios. and knows the answer to the paradox of the radio. you are the same person you were last night. to say live such that you will go to heaven. on a program to become God. The Gypsy Shaman tuned in to my thought via the AE35 Antenna.

everything handed us by the Gypsy Shaman. Now this story may have a deep meaning. God replied. and I will be a regular man here on Earth. when the devil walked into the cave. be an empty man and develop into a personality from my experiences here on earth. After all. or may be utterly silly due to a faulty transmission from the AE35 Antenna.” He wandered India and developed a personality. He explained that he liked it here so much that he said to God in the heavens. you have to stay up here in the heavens to look over creation. The Gypsy Shaman said to the devil: “Who was here first?” He then appeared to the devil as a snake and rattled his rattler at him and the devil said: “You were” then left. He said he was God and decided to come to Earth in human form to see his creation first hand. He then went to a cave in the wilderness. curled up on the ground to get some sleep. that he liked it so much that he wanted to become a man and live on Earth. 50 . but we must be scientific and record it nonetheless. has been of the utmost scientific wonder. you can’t do that. because he was here on Earth. so far. a body. The gypsy shaman replied: “I will walk the tight rope for you” That is to say I will send my spirit back up to you. and you will then be able to reside in the heavens as you were.Chapter 24: Origins The Gypsy Shaman related the story of his origins to me via the AE35 Antenna. Both of us will be satisfied.

that information cannot travel faster than the speed of light. His AE35 Antenna was a transmitter. of god being an idea. I was the receiver. in this scenario is not just a transmitter. It was by sending signals through Hyperspace. But the twoway radio is the crux. and even realized we could be reaching that phase in our evolutionary development where we are becoming telepathic. There Are Two Elements. He is a two-way radio.Chapter 25: The Idea One can approach finding the answer to the Shaman’s mystery in his phrase: God Is An Idea. When I installed it. but instantaneous communication over long distances. In these novels he imagined humanity inventing what he called A Hyper Relay. The answer is it is communication. at the apex. but is a receiver as well in the sense that he hears our prayers. in 2001: A Space Odyssey fails because the antenna fails. This becomes a problem for interstellar space travel. If one travels to the other side of the Galaxy. by thinking what is at the crux of human success. I had become the AE35 Antenna. God. With time I was transmitting to The Shaman’s AE35 as well as receiving. The mission to Jupiter. Not just the two way radio. The solution was proposed by Isaac Asimov in his science fiction novels. We have learned of many examples of the Idea that is God. first with language. he is human as well. But Einstein’s Theory of Relativity only applies to the physical space we exist in. Humans have succeeded up to this point because their sophisticated development in communication. The Foundation Series. his son. The Shaman had realized this. Those are the two elements that are most important. it will take a hundred thousand years for a message to reach earth from there. An antenna can transmit and receive. then with radios to facilitate the use of language over a long distance. as Einstein’s special theory of relativity puts forward. is something composed of two elements. is a receiver who can relay the information to humans because though he is god. 51 . It would be important to note that messages take time to be relayed. so he tried to perfect the Antenna. the messiah or messenger. How do we see this? The classic structure of religion is God is a transmitter.

A battery has a positive and negative pole.Chapter 26: God Is Nature “God Is An Idea” means Nature is God because it is an Idea that is aesthetically beautiful in its convenience. like a light bulb. Further when electricity flows through a wire it creates a magnetic field. That convenience rests in “Two Elements”. This is what we mean by energy is conserved. When we connect a wire across the oppositely charged poles. 52 . Their sums are a constant in any system such that as when potential energy is lost. two elements. which brings light to darkness. and we see it provides for understanding everything in terms of one thing. At least this is how I believe The Gypsy Shaman sees it. kinetic energy is gained. electricity flows from negative to positive. as in the two interposed Yins and Yangs of Taoism. just converted from one form to another. Light is an electromagnetic wave and it has been suggested that humans are beings of light. so that no energy is lost or created. Light and dark are two opposites that interact constructively. potential (stored energy) and kinetic (energy of motion). Two lines intersect in a plane to make a point whose position is specified by two components. This flow of electricity can do work on a load. There are two forms of energy.

an instrument for their use. 2012 – I am telling someone my assessment of whether or not we have made contact with extraterrestrials and I am suddenly my ex-wife when I last talked to her on the phone and I am thinking the words “the loop”. that secret branch of the military (that not even the president knows about according to conspiracy theory) and am with everything we talked about at that time fully occupying my mind. because I want to know first hand from the extraterrestrials what they are about. It is not only that my ex-wife is implying she is in the loop. before becoming their instrument. but that I am being made a pawn of the loop.Chapter 27: The Loop August 18. This is much the way I realized she had taken me into a secret society years ago. that reportedly knows the truth about Jesus. but that I am beginning to believe it exists. known as The Priory of Sion. It is not that I am being told anything about the loop. 53 . I resist such an invitation even though the word is that the extraterrestrials are benevolent (friendly and trying to help us).

with specialists from every field. they realized nothing would be a better idea to actually pursue. He said: “Tranquilo: Poco a Poco” which translates as “Tranquil: Little by Little”. and written it out in my works “The Genesis Hypothesis”. So I search. I have explained to him I am working on The Genesis Project. and I feel the world’s problems are growing faster than I can keep pace with. This is an approach the Gypsies of Spain have taken to solve the world problems. I tell the Shaman I have been stuck for months now. The most valuable clue I have I call The Neptune Equation. After seeing the Star Trek movie where they can plant the genesis device on a dead planet and it instantly converts a dead dried up world into a world of lakes and forests. I realized I am one man and cannot possibly achieve such a level of science alone. I have discovered much that may be of value. I remember the words of another Gypsy when I was in a hurry to learn more. I realize that massive computations have to be done with sophisticated math software not available to the public. by a team of more than a thousand scientists.Chapter 28: Reconnected I have now reconnected with The Gypsy Shaman. 54 . and “Set Theory 01 And 02 And 03”. He tells me: “Pacencia Tranquila” which translates as “Tranquil Patience”. instead for some clue hidden in the Universe that will reveal the solution.

Light is an electromagnetic wave and it has been suggested that humans are beings of light. electricity flows from negative to positive. so that no energy is lost or created. just converted from one form to another. and we see it provides for understanding everything in terms of one thing. The “two lines” of reasoning are electricity flows when positive is connected to negative and electricity creates a magnetic field where light is an electromagnetic wave. as in the two interposed Yins and Yangs of Taoism. The plane in which the two lines of reasoning intersect is the canvas upon which the idea is expressed. which. two elements. kinetic energy is gained. The latter is a definition from geometry for the definition of a point. I have been tranquil and patient for perhaps three days now. like a light bulb. This flow of electricity can do work on a load. At least this is how I believe The Gypsy Shaman sees it. Then I wrote: Two lines intersect in a plane to make a point whose position is specified by two components. When we connect a wire across the oppositely charged poles.” When I write: There are two forms of energy. Further when electricity flows through a wire it creates a magnetic field. Their sums are a constant in any system such that as when potential energy is lost. “Tranquil Patience”. is. It is specified by two components electricity and magnetism. potential (stored energy) and kinetic (energy of motion).Chapter 29: An Approach to Shamanism The Shaman has told me with respect to making progress in The Genesis Hypothesis. which brings light to darkness. Let us see if we can show how really it says what we have written about electricity and magnetism. “God is an idea. and this is what I have come up with: Can we decode the mysterious statements put forward to us by the Shaman. like “God Is An Idea. There Are Two Elements” with Euclidean Geometry? I wrote: “God Is An Idea” means Nature is God because it is an Idea that is aesthetically beautiful in its convenience. there are two elements. This is what we mean by energy is conserved. Light and dark are two opposites that interact constructively. That convenience rests in “Two Elements”. 55 . A battery has a positive and negative pole. The point is that humans are beings of light.

The important thing is.Then add “light is energy” then I am saying the soul is eternal. as long as you choose a formal system. Further arguments can constantly be made that ultimately takes you into eternal debate. because humans are beings of light. I chose to follow the path of the Shaman. and Euclidean Geometry is a formal system. which may be a valuable clue as to how Earth can succeed in my Genesis Project. 56 . I mean. at least until it takes them somewhere of value. we say the world has oxygen to breathe. upon which this system. definitions. Of course the Incompleteness Theorem of Gödel tells us all formal systems (in mathematics) are based on at least one improvable statement. called religion. by the theory of evolution. is based. We see really. Despite the discussion on religion and science. I find that does not matter. really I am happy with this idea of translating axioms. you will get somewhere if you stick with it. and it resulted in my Neptune Equation. have come into existence precisely because oxygen exists. that they stick to it. once one has found a system that suits them. and we have said energy cannot be created or destroyed. and we need oxygen to survive. and theorems from mathematics into philosophical grammatical statements. the theorem does not just apply to mathematics but life. However. only converted from one form to another. that does not matter. For example. is in that we could. so therefore God exists. I mean. The improvable statement is.

half animal. all of the sudden. gazelles. beings half human. but that everything began with Shamanism. The Shaman. entered their trance by such means. to journey into the spirit world. like overnight on a an historical scale. in his journey to the spirit world. In South America they eat the Ayahuasca root. It would seem the paintings on cave walls were not done by many. and themselves. make spears. It may be the early cave painters of the Upper Paleolithic. say the experience of taking hallucinogenic drugs make their skin tingle and feel like they are being stabbed. However. communication. and eventually painting on cave walls images of bison. religion. a person chosen to become a shaman takes hallucinogenic drugs. even people in psychological experiments. where he suffers illness. we ask: When did Shamanism begin? Well it is not that Shamanism began. or speared. about 100. but for each time period and place. 57 .000 years humans (homo sapiens) did nothing but chip stones. as well.000 years ago. That is what is depicted on cave walls of “The Wounded Man”: a man with spears piercing his body in several places. At least that is the going theory in anthropology. Professor David Lewis-Williams is a leading proponent that the wounded man is not a depiction of a man being pierced by real spears. If we look at the practice of Shamanism today. carving altars of stone. naturally occurring. like a cobra’s head. and hunt. Then.Chapter 30: The Beginning of The Human Story Since our story is one of Shamanism. symbolic representation. to Journey into the spirit world. even sometimes death. For 100. humans started stringing shells into necklaces. but is the Shaman’s experience in a hallucinogenic state that he is being pierced. Today in Africa Shamans eat the shrub called Iboga. one artist. and anthropologists call it The Wounded Man. Writing. then returns a healer for the tribe. and journey to the spirit world. art. as is practiced by Shamans today.000 years from Europe to Africa. This wounded man seems to explain what the cave drawings mean. bears. one image seems to reoccur throughout the world over a period of 17. or by starvation and hyperventilation.

I was sitting in my living room at night. Some of the orange hues looked like a dragon breathing fire onto the shaman. you met a spiritual man from India last night. entered the painting. He has a lot of plans. He taught me how to breathe and told me when I go home to meditate on the color orange. But. I will show you how to use bashubatu. I then looked at the painting with orange tones. to go up a notch it would be wise to bring our names down from something extravagant to something humble. but what they really want --. called Bashubatu. It will allow one to convert a place of materialistic wealth. even to ever remember that he had ever talked about them. and the spirit of the shaman and the spirit of his wife. It depicted the silhouetted images of a man sitting cross-legged. from India. and a woman along side him. He said he was going to give me a gift – meditation. but he forgets them minutes after talking about them. you and I were working as a team to arrive at being god. Two days before recognizing this. 58 . I began to notice the people portrayed looked like the shaman and his wife. I mean Arnie. He gave you a gift. He said to me. He seemed to become water at my will and deflect the fire. I sense you see it may be advantageous to humanity if we embrace transcendentalism. a guru. Hindu style.Chapter 31: The Shaman Changes His Name There was a painting on my wall in varying shades of orange. It is done.happiness. I am called Manuel. He continued. It was a weapon possessed by Lord Shiva. then never takes them up. was staying. that he had. to one of spiritual wealth. and become something beyond god. In other words it will give people not what they think they want. you really should not listen to Manuel. but you and I will now call our selves Arnie. I was at a house where a spiritual man. The Shaman’s wife interjected. carrying out the meditation.

That it embodies God. when he wrote in China. which we have said is Nature. or. or two sets. it could mean “two. one of each” an apple and an orange. “two. 59 . We have said the Spanish word for God is Dios. like two pairs of shoes. or pairs. it means. Hence always rid yourself of desires in order to observe its secrets. Two and four in this statement mean the same thing: two. of each” – notice the placement of the comma. there are two elements. might not matter. The name that can be named is not the constant name. The name was the mother of the myriad creatures. The nameless was the beginning of heaven and earth. But always allow yourself to have desires in order to observe its manifestations. one of each. Mystery upon mystery – The Gateway of the manifold secrets.Chapter 32: Lao Tzu: Tao Te Ching and Gypsy Shamanism The Gypsy Shaman said: God is an Idea. Being the same they are called mysteries. Now this could mean “two of each” like two apples and two oranges. These two are the same But diverge in name as they issue forth. or two as in a left shoe and a right shoe. may have been expressed by Lao Tzu. in his Tao Te Ching. in the sixth century BC: The way that can be spoken of Is not the constant way. Whether we are talking about two items. which can be broken up into Di And Os where Di means two (Greek) and Os means of each (Greek).

each different expressions of the same idea. which believes the true story about Jesus. We all know I have translated this to mean: God is an idea. that is divine. How do we see this? We have guessed the Gypsy knew God in Spanish is Dios. and the Judeo-Christian God. sub-deities can merge to become one God. meaning two in Greek – they were given to me to comment on the Gypsy Shamans statement: God is an idea. as they are from India. In Spanish. of each” (two. but one of each. But don’t think the Gypsy Shaman is not well aware of what it means in Spanish. as in a left and right-footed pool thong. one of each). or “two. When we consider the pool thongs. 60 . polytheistic. they are two. there are two elements. was that he was married to Magdalena. we are saying “God is an idea. with name Diana on them. Divine – not no mention the word having the prefix di. more than likely meaning. and with this because it resolves the conflict that must exist in Spain. Just read. son dos”. of how to embrace both Allah. you know it translates as “God is an Idea. A Spaniard would be content with this. that. hence the Hindu acceptance of Christianity. This is far reaching because I have said the woman who gave me the pool thongs had taken me into the Priory Of Sion. as 15 divided into two. and Christian church doors with Islamic design need to resolve a conflict. Spanish one would say there are two Gods. which we found exists in the Universe. and that this union between man and woman embodied all that is holy. However if you speak Spanish. it is a pair” which in its deepest meaning is the unification of man and woman. because the pool thongs bear the name Diana. which we have said contains di. as Hindus. “The Da Vinci Code”. you would know it translates as I have done it. Of course if you spoke Gypsy Spanish. If we really look at what is being said in the Italian pool thongs. Spanish of the phrase. It is further important that the Italian Pool Thongs are made of rubber. It may be the Gypsies take the two gods in the Spanish. being from India. the Greek prefix for two and os. However if one knows how Hinduism works.Chapter 33: Cracking The Code We have said the Gypsy Shaman Told me: “Dios es una idea. Clearly the position is put forward that Dios (God) is not two pairs. for which the likely translation is “Divine”. there are two elements. And. because it was from The Gypsy Shaman’s collection of 15 rubber hoses. the problem arises that this can mean “two of each” (two pairs). and thereby. Spanish. Latin for of each. they have what they need. that we discovered the mathematical relationship between Yin and Yang. because many of them having Arabic ancestry. as sub-deities.

is a great insulator. because rubber is made from oil. are made of rubber. because we encase electrical wires with the stuff. English to latin.The ultimate importance in all of this. ellos means them. them is eos English to Greek. two of them. Them: Of Each Spanish: Uno (one) Dos (Two) Tres (Three) Dos = de os (of each. and therefore important to electronics. ella means her. them is tous Spanish: El means him. a pair) 61 . is that both the Italian Pool Thongs and The Rubber Hose of The Shaman. Linguistics: Portuguese: Encontrei-os na rua. making hot wires manageable. I met them at the street.

or Sun (Spanish). His son is Orc. Blake used Los as an anagram for Sol. meaning I bought them in the store. Los means “them”. It then follows the idea that is god has the son Eos (Latin. created The Sacromonte (Sacred Hill) the neighborhood of the caves of artists. it) with Os (Portuguese. then. However Los can be used “Los Compre’ en la tienda”. 62 . the plural). them). Los being a Smith. Los is William Blakes “eternal prophet” a Smith. The Los of Blake created the visionary city Golgonooza. the idea consisting of two elements. which we have said is of each. then to represent The Gypsy Shaman’s phrase “God is an idea. Our Los. two) a contraction of de (Spanish of) and Os (Portuguese. them) to obtain Los (Spanish. there are two elements” in one word. them). We will take Los. where the Gypsy Shaman resides. the two elements are his Hammer and Anvil. a pair from Dos (Spanish.Chapter 34: Los We contract Lo (Spanish.

Further. the Shaman. Dos. there are two elements. I have stated that there is some indication that the Shaman and the Singer are one and the same person. one female.Chapter 35: Noah I have said I have known of a Shaman called Manuel. We have concluded that the Galactic Mother could be called Diana. It was also said that they all married in a four-way wedding. was his cousin. Why is this important? It is important because The Judeo-Christian God. Di means Two. had wives that the singer said were cousins. two of them. 63 . in The Old Testament. This in that Dios is Di and Os. meaning two. told Noah that there would be a great flood (deluge) and that he should build an arc to take “two of each animal. And. We see if Dios has this alternate meaning. He told me that Manuel. to higher ground. that I knew a singer in the same neighborhood. it means two of each. We have concluded that Dios. a pair. one male. all gypsies address one another by the title cousin. and Manuel the singer. means the same thing as the statement by the Shaman God is an idea. The other is that he was actually born by the brother or sister of the Shaman’s mother or father. which we have said is the expression for God. That the Shaman knew how to be in two places at once. and verified it in the Spanish language. The first is. But if indeed them does not mean two when expressed in os. which theoretically means Divine. There are two senses in that he could have been his cousin. the Spanish word for God. so that life may start again. Os means of each. We have concluded from the pool thongs that Dios means two. then the word for God tells the story of Noah. is de os. both Manuel the Shaman. and has the same prefix Di. and dos means two. where each can be as many pairs as we want. What I have not said is that he was called Manuel as well.

Chapter 36: Connecting Europium And Europia With Europa We compare the molar mass of Europium to that of Silicon: Eu/Si =151. the first one after it. Further. and. Oct 24. is the mass of Saturn compared to the mass of Neptune. because Europia is connected to Europa. Si is in the same group as carbon. from which the Neptune Equation is derived. and it would follow that new life would be based on silicon.4 Which is Jupiter’s furthest distance from the Sun in its orbit around the Sun in Earth-Sun separations. the moon around Jupiter where a new life begins in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. our yin of the Universe.8 is nine-fifths. I decided to compare Europium (Eu) to Silicon (Si). 2012 64 .8n.09 = 5. Ian Beardsley. Life is based on carbon. this is important because the Earth is the third planet from the Sun and 1.97/28. It is also the third term in the sequence 1.

119 ~ (1. but by prime numbers: Mercury (2) Venus (3) Earth (5) Mars (7) Jupiter (11) And Jupiter is the eleven in the above product. 65 .100 rounding to nearest 100) Europa must be about one thousand and one hundred times further from Jupiter than it is in radii. This is astonishingly close to a perfect multiple of 100 with 11. but in so far as its connection to Silicon in The Neptune Equation.695 km 1. We will write the 100 times 11. We do the most obvious thing. and not only do we have our 2/15. We divide that into the two in the above product. as: (2)(5)(10)(11) We have said that yin is 9/5 and yang 5/3. the second Galilean Moon from Jupiter. from Jupiter the same size as the Sun.745.000 km/x x = 1.560.515. to see it. How far would Europa have to be from Jupiter to appear the same size as the sun does from Jupiter.515.560 = 1. not just by name.Chapter 37: Europia And Europa And The Importance Of The Shaman’s 15 It is appropriate that Europia is connected to Europa. We subtract the two to get 2/15.990 km/1. We will take this to mean we are on the right track towards solving the mystery of our hypothetical planet. Solar Radius/Europa Radius = Jupiter-Sun Separation/x 695.745. and we discovered a great mystery. It works out great. Europia.500. because it is the place in the Solar System that is the best candidate for life beyond Earth: It has a tenuous atmosphere composed primarily of oxygen and is covered with water ice. and list the planets not by orbital number. We add the 5 in the above product to the ten in the above product to get 15.695/1. The moon is the right size such that as seen from the Earth is appears about the same size as the Sun.8 km = 778. that may have water in its liquid form beneath its surface. but eleven is left. the planet we were considering! We see we based our new physics on a collection of 15 rubber hoses in a cave in Spain.500.000 km/x 446 = 778.

378 km We can say: 4 km = (1/10. We also call the following The Uranus Integral: ∫ 15 0 (2.000)C Uranus Integral (1/4) (Integral [(2. € 66 . not the circumference of the Earth. R_e =6.234 cm/s/s) t dt] minus 0. That refers to the integral 100 is 100 cm/m 1000 is 1000 m/km That integral evaluated from 0 to 15 seconds.07925km The factor of one fourth enters because the kilometer is defined by the distance from the the pole to the equator.The Source Of One Fourth In The Uranus Integral 1 km = 1/(10.940cm /s)dt + ∫ 15 0 (3.234cm /s /s)tdt = 4.000)(1/4)C where C = 2(pi)R_e C is the circumference of the Earth and R_e is the radius of the Earth.940 cm/s)dt + (3.07925) All that divided by 100. then by 1000.

and 15 to construct the following quadratic: The area of a rectangle is 15. we chose g = 32 feet/sec/sec as opposed to the value in meters g = 9.5. not to mention there was the two used to average nine and five.Again. l. 67 .968sec t2 = We note that 1-0. We used 9. now it is profoundly connected to the 32 of earth surface gravity in feet.32 We then made a quadratic in time: € 1 15 = gt 2 2 30 t2 = g Because of the result for w. The Gypsy Shaman has indicated that 15 is at the heart of matters.8 meters/sec/sec € 30 ft 32 ft /sec/sec t = 0. The Shaman’s 15 seconds described meters in the Uranus Integral and the numbers in nine-fifths and their average.032 € I find that interesting. The length. is 9 more than the width multiplied by 5: w 2 + 9w − 3 = 0 w = 0. we found 9/5 recurrent in the Universe and Nature.968 =0.

68 .

perhaps some water. was to be taken as 32 degrees and the upper limit was determined by the human body temperature as measured by a thermometer in an armpit to be a value around 97 or 98. I did post this story to some kind of a discussion group. The Uranus integral is derived from nine-fifths. I was intrigued by the fact that there is nine-fifths of a degree centigrade per every degree of Fahrenheit. yes there is nine-fifths degree centigrade per every degree of Fahrenheit. To the matter at hand: The Gypsy Shaman’s 15 seems to reconcile metric distances with feet. just said. I could not convince him what I was saying was true. is that one pound is 453. and learned Fahrenheit was constructed so that freezing temperature. or near there. That does not change the fact that there is nine-fifths degree centigrade per every degree of Fahrenheit.59 grams from a whole number. literally the temperature measured by a thermometer in a mixture of salt and ice. which we see unifies the metric measurement of temperature with that of the foot-pounds Fahrenheit. He was presenting the formula that converts one temperature to the other. That only leaves us needing to find the connection between the metric system’s grams and kilograms with the pound. when I first noticed nine-fifths in the solar system and nature. All I can say.59 grams. so we have dealt with the matter where mass and weight are concerned. It has something to do with ninefifths? 69 . He kept saying you have to add thirty-two. both systems use the second to measure time. That is their scales are different: Celsius begins at 0 degrees is freezing and Fahrenheit begins at 32 is freezing temperature. Adding the thirty-two is to zero the relationship so one can convert centigrade to Fahrenheit. Why these values were chosen I could not find any reason for that was documented. and that makes it exactly 0. I had tried to find the physical connection concerning this. A gram is nicely defined as the amount of water in a cubic centimeter. at this point. I never talked about my earlier work in that area.Pounds And Kilograms Early on in my work. Later I had posted my discovery of nine-fifths to the Joseph Campbell discussion forum and someone there said nine-fifths was in the equation that converts centigrade to Fahrenheit.

70 . then: 34.7 seconds after traveling a distance of about 1.8 kilometers. where 1.940cm /s)dt + ∫ 15 0 (3.118478 miles Once again we see nine-fifths unifying the foot-pound system to the metric system in that 1.940 cm/s + (3234 cm/s/s)t and t=9.8km Thus in the Uranus Equation we reach mach one in about 9. Let’s convert that to miles: (1.234 cm/s/s)t This is the differential equation: (dx) = (2. That is if we think of the mile as part of the foot-pound system.8 kilometers.235 km/hr (mach 1) = 0.07925km Mach 1 = 768 mph =1.300 cm/s =2.940 cm/s)dt + (3. Putting that time in the integral: (x) = (2.621371mi/km)=1. the Uranus equation is a time of 9.8 is nine-fifths and a mile is about 1.8km)(0.940)(320/33) + 1/2(3234(320/33)^2 = 180.7 seconds So.940 cm/s + (3.696969697 seconds = 9 23/33 s = 320/33 seconds ~ 9. If we write.7 seconds to reach mach 1.235 km/hour That is mach 1 in dry air at 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) at sea level.234 cm/s/s)t dt Uranus Integral From 0 To 15 Seconds ∫ € 15 0 (2.557 cm 1.80557 km ~ 1.234cm /s /s)tdt = 4.Getting A Sense Of The Uranus Equation Thus we can write the Uranus equation as: (v) = 2.343 km/s.

which is the amount of kilometers in a mile and is the 9/5 that occurs in Nature and the Universe. when evaluated at the Gypsy Shaman’s Mysterious 15 in the form of 15 seconds. We have shown how nine-fifths unifies grams and pounds and centigrade and fahrenheit. kilometers. it describes miles. Fifteen is the degrees the Earth rotates through in an hour. nine-fifths and feet and inches. 71 .8 kilometers. not only does the Uranus Integral describe kilometers. We have already shown how the Uranus Integral describes. not to mention that it unifies pi and golden ratio and pi and Euler’s number e. Again we see the Shaman’s 15 unifying two systems of measurement in that there are fifteen degrees in one hour of right ascension. It is one compact statement that embodies everything.The Uranus Integral Is Intriguing The Uranus Integral reaches mach one in 1. Thus.

Appendix One: Derivation Of Yang 72 .

73 . which is one of the three tessellating regular polygons.  The five-thirds angle is 60 degrees.Six-Fold Symmetry (The Nine-Fifths Algorithm in Reverse) 360/6 = 60 360-60 = 300 300 – 60 = 240 240/360 =2/3 (2/3) + 1 = 5/3 Counterpart to nine-fifths is five-thirds.  Sixty degrees is the measure of each angle in an equilateral triangle. A snowflake with each arm separated by sixty degrees forms a regular hexagon with internal angles of 120 degrees.

Appendix Two: The Yang Elements 74 .

67 ~ 1.7 K/Na ~ 5/3 75 .99 = 1.71 5/3 =1.10/22.The Yang Elements K = potassium Na = Sodium K/Na = 39.

ever since the term was coined in a Star Trek movie. It would seem if the Gypsies have such secrets about such things. Ironically I had come to feel the Gypsies of Spain have been working on such a project. and Oxygen are these three elements. and 16. Manuel. Interestingly. Ian Beardsley January 3. 2013 76 . Nitrogen. The Nitrogen is taken out of the atmosphere and fixed by bacteria for many kinds of plants to carry out their biochemical processes. Oxygen is made by plants and plankton for most of life to breathe. The project could be called A Genesis Project. Carbon is the basis of life. Two fifteenths turned out to be the difference between the values I obtained for yin and yang. Manuel. we should look into the Uranus and Neptune equations I derived from the path Manuel sent me on. or into their synthesis. both by mass and number of diatomic molecules. 15. but perhaps he wanted me to think not just of fifteen. he could have showed me a collection of 15 rubber hoses for which I bought him his sixteenth rubber hose. Nitrogen is about 75% of the Earth atmosphere. the Gypsy Shaman. could have used his hose collection to make me think about the number 15. making organic matter in the form of hydrocarbons. the chemical elements Carbon. They are the two most abundant elements in the earth atmosphere. but also by the above reasoning. which is the idea behind the planet we derived that we have called Europia. was talking about some clue to the basic framework of the Earth that is responsible for the existence and continuation of life on Earth. or. We know two represents the philosophy of two in Taoism. 14. and the most important non-metals in the periodic table. for which I bought him his fifteenth rubber hose.The Gypsy Genesis Project There are three ways in which the Gypsy Shaman. and Oxygen about 25%. He could have shown me a collection of 14 rubber hoses.

In Gypsy Shamanism And The Universe, we told the best we could the experiences I had
with a Gypsy Shaman that lead to astounding scientific discoveries, both in my works An
Extraterrestrial Analysis and A Message From Extraterrestrials. Progress, it would seem,
is at a standstill. I think it is because Gypsy Shamanism And The Universe is only half
the story. It would seem when I was made into the AE-35 antenna and, after my second
trip to Spain (Madrid) and my subsequent trips to Italy, it was omitted from my memory.
However, I seem to have remedied that, and accessed it. Thus we now progress with the
story of Gabriel.
Aside from the Gypsy Shaman, there was another Gentleman worth noting, with whom I
actually spent more time. His name is Gabriel. He is actually half Gypsy and half
Spanish. He lives in a cave among the other caves of the Sacromonte, including that of
the Gypsy Shaman, Manuel.
Gabriel took the three of us under his wing in training for the guitar: The two children of
the Gypsy Shaman, Manolin (was aged 27 at the time, which was around 1990) and his
younger brother, Antonio (he must have been about 23).
Manolin and Antonio were at the cave of the Gypsy Shaman, Manuel, their father, where
I was staying. Gabriel came by, and told Antonio to play bulerias. He said to, at a
certain point, play g minor with the fifth removed (the fourth played instead) and began
to sing. He sang with great power, “Tengo Un Caballo Blanco” which translates “I have
a white horse”. He asked me to hand him a Cordobes hat that was hanging on the wall.
He put it on his head and said let’s go. We, and all the other occupants, went together to
a cave that was a bar. We all ordered drinks, and then went through one of the tunnels to
a cave lit up green that had tables and posters of flamenco greats. He handed me the
guitar and told me when he makes the chord on his arms, that I should play it on the
guitar. It was a Deep Song G minor with the bottom e played in it. I did so when after he
started singing and he played the chord on his arm at the point of crescendo.
We went back into the bar, it was getting dark, and there was a man playing guitar in the
corner. Other people started to arrive at the bar, from other towns. We all went through
another tunnel in the cave that lead to a chamber where there were wood chairs lining the
walls. It was dark, lit only by candles. I sat all the way to the left side of the cave next to
Antonio who was about to play bulerias for all the people in the chairs that lined the walls
of the round cave. He played, along with others, and a person would get out his chair,
stand in the center of the cave and sing, sit down after done and then someone else would
then do the same, until one at a time the dancers would come to the center of the floor,
dance, then sit down. I remember one of the set of lyrics that one singer sang:


Saca la red
Hermano, saca le red
Que ya salio la luna
No vaya coger
That is:
Take out the net
Brother, take out the net
The moon has already left
You are not going to catch it.
Gabriel tended to disappear for several days, and I did find out what that was about. He
took me out of the Sacromonte one day just befor sunset, and we walked up to The
Albaicin, the same Albaicin near where I bought the Gypsy Shaman his hose, the old
Arabic City. We got to a plaza and entered a bar. Gabriel walked in, myself with him
and approached the bar counter, looked briefly to his left, then shifted quickly to his right,
then back to his left, then rapped out a fast flamenco rhythm on the counter. It was not
long before someone ordered him a drink, which in Spain comes with tapas (appetizers)
for free, usually Calamares (deep fried squid). Gabriel and I drank through the night and
around sunrise we began to walk back to the Sacromonte, out of the old Arabic City and
down through the cobblestone streets, leaning on one another the whole way down past
people sweeping the sawdust out of their bar floors (bar floors are covered with saw dust
to absorb the oil from parts of fish thrown to it: there are no trash cans, everything is
thrown to the floor including napkins.) Gabriel offered to help one person with this task.
When we arrived at the Sacromonte, two women were approaching from the other
direction. Gabriel said the one was his mother. I asked why he didn’t say hi, and told me
he did not want to embarrass her. He then went on to tell me that Tomatito (a famous
Gypsy Flamenco Guitarist) was his half brother by way of his mother.
The next day I was talking to Antonio and he said that Gabriel was the brother of
Tomatito. I said I know, by his mother. Antonio said no, by his father. I told him
Gabriel told me by his mother. Antonio said Gabriel tiene historia. (He has a history).
The day after that I told Gabriel that Antonio says he is Tomatito’s brother by his father
and Gabriel said that it was due to being sort of traditional in an old fashioned way that
Antonio said that.
This is interesting because one day when I was walking through the Sacromonte with
Gabriel, we could see up in the hills from her cave patio, a Gypsy woman named Belen
(Bethlehem) and I waved to her. Gabriel said to me that we had to have a talk. He took
me up to a remote place in the hills and we sat on some rocks and he told me: “You
don’t know what you would be in for if you married a traditional Gypsy Girl”.


It was the night before that I was up at her terrace with her father. He was not Manuel
the Gypsy Shaman, but Manuel the singer, Deep Song singer (cantaor). I told Gabriel I
was going there for a flamenco lesson and he said “Manuel es bueno” (Manuel is good).
That is what everyone always said about him. It is best explained by Bob Dylan’s lyrics,
“His clothes are dirty but his hands are clean.”


 The pool thongs would suggest Jesus simply sat along a lakeside and sipped something akin to Arianciata or Limonata. 80 . more than likely meaning divine.  The alternate theory is that it was neither.Chapter Two: Las Piscineras Referring to my book The Exploits Of Manuel. We now see the idea behind the thongs was to propose another theory of concerning the debate. which was addressed in the movie The Name Of The Rose. and how the name written on the thongs was Diana. we spoke of The Shaman's Hose collection and the Italy pool thongs. as to whether Jesus was in poverty (barefoot) or had sandals (well off).

a series of gestures that were a language built into Gypsy dance of Ancient Hindu origins. or the female gypsy gestures. God appeared to him through the ceiling in his room.Chapter Three: God’s Work It was late at night and Manuel was in Southern California. 81 . “El Rey De Bastones sobre el Calle Ocho”. As he passed a fountain. He pulled on his cowboy boots. that he must go out into the world and do God’s work for him. he noticed it say to the night sky. “The King of Clubs upon Eighth street”. He began doing hand. The sun began to rise. He called upon the tarot spirits. At times he did inverse Romani. his face embedded in space amid the stars. and the night sky said it never goes undefeated. and he placed a pig faced mask over his own face. and arm Romani. just a few blocks south of where he was headed. He sensed that trouble lurked on Eighth Street. and head out into the night. He passed Eighth Street. the most divine of the animals and said to Manuel: “You always second guess me”. “I am more profound than you”. Manuel knew what that meant. and reached the center of commerce.

then head out of the Sacromonte.” (We will search for the life. He put the first coin in the slot machine and lost it. the third. sitting on a bench with his guitar by him in its case. or look for our means of existence in other words). Manolin: “Dame lo. We go up to his cave and get my guitar. and descend by “The Paseo De Los Tristes” (The Pass of The Sad Ones) along the Rio Daro (the daro river). doesn’t he?) Me: “Si. Manolin: “Toca muy bien. and head for “Plaza Nueva” “The New Plaza”. He gets out his guitar and starts playing Ragtime Style. the fourth. I am going to double it).” (Give it to me. I run into Manolin. what are we going to do?” Manolin: “Buscamos la vida. we will have no money for later. the fifth. Spain called El Sacromonte (the sacred hill). Manolin: “Que Hay?” (What is there?) Me: “I am heading up to your cave to make something to eat. Then lost the second. ceramic tile floors.” (Get out your guitar and we will go down the hill). in the Gypsy Neighborhood of Granada. American. very beautiful) The Guitarist: “How about if I buy you two a drink?” 82 . Me: “Now that we have no money. Along the way we stop at a café and bar. no?” (He Plays very well. Manolin: “Cuanto dinero tienes?” (How much money do you have?) Me: “About 500 pesetas.Chapter Four: The Gypsy Idiom It is sometime in 1990 and I am heading up the road that winds through ancient caves of white stucco and red.” (It is where I was staying). Manolin: “Saca la guitarra. Manolin: “Hombre. bella” (Yes. lo voy a doblar” (Man. y bajamos el monte. Manolin stops in front of him and asks him if he will play something for us. We arrive at Plaza Nueva and there is a man.) Me: If I do that.” (It was about five dollars). muy.

Manolin: “Claro. We listen from outside until the Gypsy Guitarist ends the piece. there is nothing I can teach you. The Other guitarist: Hola.” Me: “It is very old” 83 . In Spain that comes with calamares (deep fried squid). then Manolin and I head out. The Guitarist orders a couple drinks for us. We drink and eat. cousin. He comes out of the bar and greets us: Gypsy Guitarist: “Hola.We go into the nearest bar. Primo. and through some old colonial. cobblestone street until we come across a bar where another Gypsy from the sacromonte was playing flamenco. are you teaching him guitar?” (Of course.” The other guitarist: Is that your guitar? Me: “yes” The other guitarist: “Can I try it?” I hand him the guitar.) We went our ways. Me: “Es tu primo?” (He is your cousin). there is nothing I can teach you. what is there?) Manolin: “We came to see you play” Gypsy Guitarist: “Primo.” (Of course.” Gypsy Guitarist: “Claro.” (Of course) We run into another guitarist. say our goodbyes. que hay?” (Hello. Primo (Hello Cousin) Manolin: “Hola. are you teaching him guitar?) Manolin: “Claro. primo. Who is with you?” (Cousin. The other guitarist: “I like it. Who is with you?) Manolin: “A friend from America.

I open it and look through it. and half Spanish. He has a leather bag.” (Of course). Manolin and I head back up to the caves. and yells at it: “Busca la vida por alli!” (Search for the life over there. search for your existence elsewhere. Bedouin Man: “The student and the teacher are the same. He asks me: “If Jesus was so great. in other words. sitting on the porch in California with a young Bedouin man who recently found his way into my life.The Other Guitarist: “Claro. We pass by an old woman on her terrace in front of her cave. or.” Me: “Of course. half Gypsy. He gets out a book inside. by Kahlil Gibran. named Gabrielle. We again say our goodbyes and go our ways. She throws a rock at a dog. A young man. an old Moorish Castle across the valley. then why did he die?” I am later back in America.” 84 .) The dog gives a yelp and runs off. and says it is called “The Prophet”. We take our beers outside and sit on the step and watch the sun set behind the Alhambra. We come to a cave that is a bar owned by a Spanish woman. with a carry strap strung over his shoulder. He hands it to me. invites us in for a beer.

and popped out a new man. Ian Beardsley March 1. in hopes that I would find a bridge. Pepe Habichuela was expressing the plumbing system of Spain with his guitar: The pipes connected everyone to one another. which spanned from Egypt to India. lights on the television console were lights coming to me from beneath the earth. making their way from Spain to America. 2013 85 . Meanwhile. Gypsies were down there. We both made our way along the ridges of the river on either side. Meanwhile. jumping over hot spots here and there. beneath the Atlantic Ocean. I was beneath India with Manuel. The roots of the trees in India reached far down underground into the Egyptian Underworld.Still Further Exploits of Manuel: Chapter One The red shining numbers on my digital alarm clock was light being piped over to me from the lights in the Gypsy caves of Spain. Manuel was swinging a long metal chain in figure eights to make a shield of sorts. found the combination to open the apex. The flamenco guitarist Nino Ricardo worked his way from the bottom inside of the Great Pyramid of Giza to its top. from the fires of hell. Manuel yelled to me from across a river down there: “You have to find a way across the river to me!” The river was full of piranhas.

the Gypsy Shaman.6 volts.Fifteen As Well Wants To Describe The Units Of Microergs A diode is made of silicon (sand) doped with phosphorous and boron. We have already found that the Shaman’s 15 not only unifies meters with the universe. the circuit is off.” We can take this to be our Yin and Yang of 9/5 and 5/3.6 Volts in the circuit is what we want to look at. then apply that power over one year – the time it takes the earth to go around the Sun. said: “God is an Idea. all naturally occurring elements made (forged) in interior of stars. Off is coding for zero and on is coding for 1. This voltage drop of 0. Manuel. but meters with feet. this is subtracted from the six volts that turn the diode on. so really it operates on slightly less than six volts. There are two elements. amazingly in the Uranus Integral outlined both in The Exploits Of Manuel and Further Exploits Of Manuel.6 volts to conduct a current. or ground (zero). are the two elements of the Shaman’s yin and yang. Zeros and ones can be strung together to make numbers. 86 . Because you have to run a diode at least 0. In a diode gate a high voltage is six volts and the circuit is on and a low voltage. and letters in the alphabet. high voltage and the circuit is on. A silicon diode needs 0. We will evaluate the voltage drop over the Shaman’s mysterious 15 seconds and obtain an amount of power. again. These. Low voltage and the circuit is off.

557.612E-20 Joules (9.602E-19 Joules) = 9.612E-13 ergs (9.000 ergs (0.557.Now we do the calculation: One electron volt is the energy of an electron falling through a potential difference of one volt.602E-19 Joules.000.6 Volts)(1. One Joule is 10.0 microergs It is almost exactly two microergs! (Is the two microergs prompting that we decode the message in binary?) 87 .612E-13ergs)/(15 seconds) = 6.000.600 seconds) = 2.408E-14 ergs/second 365.408E-14 ergs/sec)(31.25 * 24 * 60 * 60 = 31.600 seconds/year (6. which is equal to 1.022211008 microergs = 2.000 ergs/Joule) = 9.612E-20 Joules)(10.

022211008 Insofar as it came to us from natural constants like the charge of an electron. and the separation of numbers by zeros. the orbital period of the Earth.2. Let us look at the part after the decimal.  I think along the way in doing this I may have found an encrypted message from extraterrestrials in the number: 2. The idea is that extraterrestrials somehow told us to measure electromotive potential with a unit of volts because it would produce the above number.  It is: 022211008 It is the second number three times. the first number two times and the last number is the number of digits that precede it. eight. The three twos and the two ones add up to the last digit. The two ones add up to each of the three twos. and numbers we invented like the measure of electromotive potential. the second. and the foot-pound system.… 88 . the meter. the volt. in Ancient times despite the history that tells us the metric system is modern.1. like the foot. perhaps a little ambiguous in its history. It count from right to left 0. I am interested in it because of the repetition of ones and twos.What Message? My book A Thorough Dimensional Analysis is about how I provide evidence in support of the idea that extraterrestrials gave us our units of measurement.

The last digit is an eight. This gives us the three numbers 3. which in binary is 110. 6. This segment is in binary to begin with. a zero. 4: 364 89 . which is 1000 in binary. 12. which is a nibble. The next segment is 1100. which is a bit: (0) (110) (1100) (1000) We write this as three nibbles: (0110) (1100) (1000) Thus 022211008 translates as 0110 1100 1000 Which are the three numbers: 6. 12. 8 have the common denominator of two. and is the number 12. 8 These three numbers divide nicely into the 360 degrees of a circle: 360/12 = 30 360/6 = 60 360/8 = 45 These are the angles in the three special triangles with which we can write out the trigonometric functions of important angles in closed form: 30-60-90 60-60-60 45-45-90 6.Decoding The Message The message is: 022211008 The 222 adds up to six. including the first digit. Thus we have.

because the ones scroll off from right to left nibble to nibble. Are extraterrestrials pointing out that the number of Earth days in a year are closely connected to the three special triangles? The number in binary is interesting. one digit at a time. 90 .Which is very close to the number of Earth days in a year (365).

An Alternate Cosmology 91 .

7. and carry most of its energy of motion and angular momentum.… Subtract the second sequence from the first: 4. 28+11=39. which was quite fruitful. Their distances from the Sun at closest approaches are about five and nine.… 11/6 => 6. however. 22. As we found 9/5 in the molar mass of gold to the molar mass of silver. 39.… (a_n) = a + (n-1)d = 4. 28. 11/2.667. Let us. but look at the angles between radii of a regular hexagon.8 of the 360 in a circle.167 = 9. We then sought the Yang of six-fold symmetry because it is typical to physical nature.166. Most incredibly.333.8.501 (works) 92 . 17+11=28.167. 31. five-fold symmetry is typical to life. 3. with the one taking us around a circle once leaving 0.167n-5 Try n=3: 9. 5. – 5 = 27. think of Yang not as 5/3.167.167+(n-1)9.… Now we find the common difference between terms in the latter: 9.833. chapter titled “Gypsy Shamanism And The Universe”) and build our Cosmology from there. 11/3. We said it was 5/3 since it represents the 120 degree measure of angles in a regular hexagon and we built our universe from there. We have: 360 – 60 = 300 300 + 360 = 660 660/360 = 11/6 We say Yin is 9/5 and Yang is 11/6 and stick with The Gypsy Shaman’s 15 (See An Extraterrestrial Analysis. being 1. like snowflakes. we called this 9/5 the Yin of the Universe. 17. but let us apply 11/6 in place of 5/3: 11/6 => 11/6.In Gypsy “Shamanism And The Universe” we took Jupiter and Saturn as the beginning points as they are next to one another in the solar system. and in the solar radius to lunar orbit. as they are the most massive significantly.5. … = 6. are in the middle of the solar system by number. resulting in the Uranus Integral. 22/3.… = 1.501 – 5 = 22. 6+11 = 17. 9. 13.667.167 = 4.167 + 9.167n – 9. we noted going in the other direction to it was the 72 degrees in the separation of petals in a five-petal flower and that. putting the Earth nicely at one unit from the Sun.333. We already built The Neptune Equation from 9/5 and used it with 5/3 to derive the planet Europia. respectively.

167n –5 We notice this can be written: [(Saturn Orbit)/(Earth Orbit)]n – (Jupiter Orbital #) = (a_n) The Neptune Equation for n=3 gave Neptune masses. we will call this equation The Earth Equation. This equation for n=3 gives close to the tilt of the Earth (23. 93 . 5/3. In the spirit of our first cosmology built upon 9/5. the Uranus equation for n=3 gave Uranus masses.Our equation is: (a_n) = 9. and 15.5 degrees) in a form that is exactly half of the 45 degrees in a square with its diagonal drawn in.

The Origin Of The Extraterrestrial Message Is In The Same Place As The Wow! Signal 94 .

y.y. and z.z) and find the gradient vector.3x + 3 And now with our alternate cosmology we have The Earth Equation: 9x-5 With three equations we can write the parameterized equations in 3-dimensional space. 95 . We can write from that f(x.2x –4 We have the Uranus Equation 3. or normal to the equation of a plane in other words.We have the Neptune Equation: 7. and from that a region in space. for x. parameterized in terms of t.

358 degrees/15 degrees/hour =-4.−1/9〉 x(t) = a=5/36 b=-10/33 € c = (5 /36) 2 + (10 /33) 2 = 0.−10 /33.3572 hours € 24 00 00 – 4.3572 = 19.6428 hours RA: 19h 38m 34s Dec: -18 degrees 27 minutes 36 seconds 96 .019 = 0.0918 + 0.358 o tan β = d /c β = −18.46 o -65.3328 d=-1/9 € tan α = b /a α = −65.36 t −4 5 33 y(t) = t + 3 10 z(t) = 9t − 5 5x + 20 10y − 30 z + 5 = = 36 33 9 5 10 1 10 x − y − z+ =0 36 33 9 11 ∇f = 〈5 /36.

97 .

minutes and seconds. The closest prominent star to this I found was HD 184835 and also near. Sagittarius is a rich summer constellation for us here in the Northern Hemisphere. -1/9) a location on the celestial sphere of 19h 38m 34s and –18 degrees 27’ 36” a region in the constellation Sagittarius. which is in the direction of the center of the galaxy. The Uranus Equation (derived from the yang of five-thirds). We found the normal vector to the plane and deduced from its orientation degrees in. 98 . who theoretically left us a message. are from that region of space. This is important because this may be at the basis of our mystery. and called it right ascension and its degrees up and called it declination. but we had to convert degrees in into hours. With three equations.We had three equations: The Neptune Equation (derived from the yin of nine-fifths). I found this on the sky charts in the free downloadable sky charting software called Cartes du Ciel. we could create the equation of a plane in three dimensions. was Rho 01 Sagittarius. We will make a guess that the extraterrestrials. That is to say that the Earth rotates through 15 degrees every hour (360/24 =15). Declination is already in degrees. Back to what we were doing: We derived from the normal vector: (5/36. I wrote about why I think we have a 24 hour day and 360 degrees in a circle in my chapter titled The Dance Of The Heavens in my book An Extraterrestrial Analysis. We noted in doing as such that once again the Gypsy Shaman’s 15 unifies two systems of measurement in that there are 15 degrees to each hour of right ascension. as I deduced from the nature of electronics. and The Earth Equation (derived from the alternate yang of eleven-sixths). -10/33.

99 .

Its name is what it is because the astronomer on duty. but exactly what they were looking for in an extraterrestrial signal. Ian Beardsley May 6.64s 19h25m17. The estimation of the coordinates for the origin of the Wow signal are two: 19h22m24. and 15 for the origin of my message from extraterrestrials was somewhere in the easternmost part of the constellation Sagittarius. This happens to be the same place where the one possible alien signal was detected in the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). It was called “The Wow Signal” because on August 15. Jerry R. yang. Ohio called The Perkins Observatory. it lasted the full 72 seconds that the Big Ear antenna listened for it. which I calculate to be near HD 184835 and exactly at: 19h 38m 34s -18 Degrees 27 minutes 36 seconds The telescope that detected the Wow Signal was at Ohio Wesleyan University Delaware. 2013 100 . I say incredible because I have mentioned the importance of 72. not just in my Neptune equation – for which my location in space was derived in part – but because of its connection to the Gypsy Shaman’s AE35 antenna and its relation to 72 in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey”.01 s That is about 2. Incredibly. 1977 the big ear antenna received something that seemed not like star noise.5 degrees from the star group Chi Sagittarri It is very close to my calculation for an extraterrestrial civilization that I feel hid a message in our physics.The Wow Signal And My Signal The projection by my calculation through my cosmology of yin.01s With declination of: -26 Degrees 25 minutes 17. Ehman wrote “Wow!” next to the numbers when they came in.

around 1990. the same 72 of the Wow Signal? Did they know the transmissions I would receive from the Gypsy Shaman. when they sent us in 1977 a transmission from the constellation Sagittarius. a Gypsy Shaman. 2013 101 . would lead not just to the discovery of a message embedded in our physics. in Ancient Sumerian clay cuneiform tablets. Manuel. It is the same 72 that is the number of years for one degree of precession of the Earth’s Equinoxes. for the origin of my message? This is the same 72 that is in the 0. would make me into The AE-35 Antenna of 2001: A Space Odyssey that the ship computer. It is the same 72 of the highest gematria of the Hebrew God. would say would fail within 72 hours. YHWH. but a system of three equations that would point to the same region of space as the Wow Signal. a constant that is the common denominator for all celestial cycles in our solar system. Ian Beardsley June 14.72 astronomical units of Venus from the Sun.The Most Bizarre Story Ever Told Did extraterrestrials really anticipate. HAL. that lasted 72 seconds (SETI’s Wow Signal) that. and further Venus was the Patroness of Nineveh (Ishtar) where The Nineveh Constant was found in Mesopotamia. the constellation Sagittarius.

that extraterrestrials are telling us we are at a turn around point ourselves. in the film. between being still an ape. the Wow! signal (duration 72 seconds) and the time estimate by HAL of at least 72 hours before failure of the AE-35 unit?  My 7. I would say it is. now. although one that is spacefaring. if my interpretations of the math are correct.2 in my Neptune Equation and my discovery of what seems to be a message embedded in our physics from extraterrestrials from the same region of space as the Wow! signal (Sagittarius)?  It would seem to indicate.A Possible Meaning Of The AE-35 Antenna Putting myself to thinking about the meaning of the AE-35 antenna in 2001: A Space Odyssey. or that they are going to invite us into stellar society soon. the turn around point for humankind between being a being that depends on technology and a being who is liberated from technology. and the starchild. 102 .  How is this pertinent to my connection between an extraterrestrial message.

103 .

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