THINK  &  DO  #4  






8:30AM – 9:00AM – Breakfast 9:00AM – 9:15AM – Welcome + “Words of Wisdom” (Presentation) 9:15AM – 9:45AM – Principles of T&D + Participant introductions (Participants share items) 9:45AM – 10:00AM – Transmedia Branding: The State of the Art (Video + Presentation) 10:00AM – 10:50AM – Re “Framing” Transmedia Branding: Hexagon Activity (Breakout + Presentations) 10:50AM – 11:00AM – BREAK 11:00AM – 11:55AM – Prototyping Transmedia Branding (PB or “Jammed”): 2017 Campaign Activity (Breakout + Presentations) 11:55AM – 12:15PM – Remixing PB and Jammed: Consumer Reactions Activity (Breakout) 12:15PM – 1:00PM – Lunch 1:00PM – 1:45PM – Finish Consumer Reactions Activity (Breakout + Large Group Discussion) 1:45PM – 1:55PM – BREAK 1:55PM – 2:45PM – Develop Principles of Transmedia Branding: Debrief and Discussion 2:45PM – 3:45PM – Adding Value to Transmedia Branding: An Unconference Approach (Breakout + Presentations) 3:45PM – 4:30PM – Moving Forward and Closing Remarks



8:30am – 9am – BREAKFAST 9am – 9:15am – WELCOME & WORDS OF WISDOM • Subject Matter Expert introduces the topic • Talking points: o Welcome o Words of Wisdom o “Spreadability” o Occupy Movement • Use PPT 9:15am – 9:45am – T&D PRINCIPLES/INTRODUCTION and PARTICIPANT INTRODUCTIONS • T&D Introduction talking points: o Five P’s – Provocative Question, Phenomenal Participants, Place, Play, and Progress. o Values – open space, collaboration, and each participant is valuable. • Participant Introductions – participants share the items they brought. o Talking Points:  Phenomenal participants are a big part of the T&D and we have some really phenomenal people here. o Directions: We’d like each of the participants to share their personal brand artifacts. If you didn’t bring one, think fast – we also accept digital pictures. You’ll have 30 seconds to share and we’ll be timing you. • Materials: o Flipchart with 5 P’s o Flipchart with intro instructions • Facilitators to scribe key themes and clusters. 9:45am – 10am – TRANSMEDIA BRANDING: THE STATE OF THE ART • Subject Matter Expert presents on transmedia branding (PPT presentation) and discusses the key elements that will be addressed in the following activity. • Video – Transmedia Branding introductory video • Review the agenda. • Talking points: o “But today we are here to rethink transmedia branding.”



10am – 10:25am – RE “FRAMING” TRANSMEDIA BRANDING: HEXAGON ACTIVITY • Directions: This exercise asks you to think about the current state of transmedia branding and to project into the future to identify innovations, challenges, and ethical dilemmas. We’ve discussed key elements of transmedia branding (Media, Policy, Narratives, Markets, Communities, and Culture). But, now, we want you to drill down within these categories to answer the following questions: • What’s missing from this explanation? • What’s working and what isn’t working? Then, project into the future. 2017 is far enough and think about: • What innovations, within each element, could change the future of transmedia branding? What might be the game changers? Who will be the winners and who will be losers? What ethical dilemmas will be introduced?

For this activity, each group has been given 2 poster boards as well as blue, white, and yellow hexagons. Some of the blue hexagons contain “elements” of current transmedia branding. Other blue pieces are blank. Please use the blank blue hexagons for items missing from the description. The white pieces are for innovations or game changers that may change the future of transmedia branding. The yellow hexagons are for ethical dilemmas that will arise from those innovations and challenges. You can write on these hexagons, draw on them, use them as props, crumple them up or throw them away. But, use the hexagons to describe the current state of transmedia branding and the innovations and challenges that may impact the future of transmedia branding. When thinking about innovations and challenges, please think about those that might occur between now and 2017. Feel free to make a flower, a waterfall, a straight or zigzagged line, or let your imagination soar. When your group is finished, pick one or two things you think will be the biggest game changers and be prepared to share your “collage” with the group. Blue Hexagons = Elements of Transmedia Branding White Hexagons = Innovations and Game changers Yellow Hexagons = Ethical Dilemmas



You have 25 minutes for this exercise and then you’ll come back to the group to present. Participants split into prearranged groups for the activity. 10:25am – 10:50am – RE “FRAMING” ACTIVITY PRESENTATIONS • Directions: Please present your hexagon arrangements to the large group. • Facilitators scribe common themes and also post the boards around the room. • Should end with a “reframed” understanding of transmedia branding with the game changers for the next exercise. 10:50am – 11am – BREAK 11am – 11:30am – PROTOTYPING TRANSMEDIA BRANDING: 2017 TRANSMEDIA BRANDING CAMPAIGN ACTIVITY • Directions: Imagine it’s 2017. In 2012, your company received excellent advice about the challenges ahead for transmedia branding, and all expected challenges have come to fruition. Now, your team has been charged with developing a transmedia branding campaign for one of the following – Pluto, Thunder, Beige, Strontium, or Rage. As a group, you are expected to give creative presentations that are transmedia and that consider the game changers from the previous activity. After 30 minutes, we’d like you to come back to the group and present your campaign. You’ll have 3 minutes to present and remember to get creative so act, draw, dance, and engage us with your brand, but please, no PowerPoint presentations! Have fun! There are no correct answers! Facilitators make sure that each group has the curated objects and the materials (flip chart, markers, PlayDoh, Legos, etc.) to create presentations. Participants split into prearranged groups to begin the activity.

11:30am – 11:55am – 2017 TRANSMEDIA BRANDING CAMPAIGN PRESENTATIONS + CONSUMER REACTIONS INSTRUCTIONS • As participants reenter the room to present their campaigns, facilitators randomly distribute consumer roles. These roles include: Elderly techno enthusiast, activist, user of a competing product or service, an influential blogger, a fan boy/girl, moms, empty nesters, grandparents, teenagers, newlywed couple, NYC bachelor, Malibu surfer, 8th grader, recent unemployed college grad working as an intern, someone who buys



• •

products for Wal-Mart, elementary school teacher, university professor, hacker trouble maker. Directions: You will have 3 minutes to present your group’s campaign. And, by now, you all should have your consumer role. As you hear the campaigns, we’d like you to view each presentation from the role of your consumer and think about how your consumer would react to the campaign. We’ll have further instructions after the presentations. Facilitators will need to post campaign names on blank wall for consumer reactions.

11:55am – 12:15pm – CONSUMER REACTIONS ACTIVITY • Directions: Now that you’ve heard the campaigns, we’d like you to meet with the other consumers in your role and discuss your reactions to the presentations. Then, as a group, please select 2 campaigns you’d like to respond to and develop a way to respond – what media would you use, etc. We’d like you to develop a way to visually represent your reaction (i.e., a story board, a poster, a verbal post, or a tweet). You’ll have more time after lunch to discuss and post your responses. So please break into your consumer groups, discuss how you would respond, and think of a way to show this response. You’ll have 10 minutes after lunch to finish. 12:15pm – 1:00pm – LUNCH 1pm – 1:45pm – POST CONSUMER REACTIONS [BRANDS RESPOND] • Directions: Now you have 10 minutes to finish crafting and creating your responses and reactions to the campaigns and then please post these on the flipchart paper under each campaign name. After a quick break, we’ll review the reactions as a large group to identify what principles emerged from this process. The campaigns will also have a change to respond to the consumer reactions. 1:45pm – 1:55pm – BREAK



1:55pm – 2:45pm –DEVELOP PRINCIPLES OF TRANSMEDIA BRANDING: DEBRIEF AND DISCUSSION • Subject Matter Expert and T&D expert lead a large group discussion to discuss observations and consumer reactions in order to develop a list of transmedia branding principles. • Talking points: o A Think & Do always has a “do” and an after life. o We’ll be applying these principles to the final activity. 2:45pm – 3:45pm – ADDING VALUE TO TRANSMEDIA BRANDING: AN UNCONFERENCE APPROACH • Directions: Now that we’ve discussed the principles of transmedia branding, we want to think about how we can collectively add value and develop some interdisciplinary projects to move forward after today’s session. We’ve posted 4 categories: Education, Research, Products, and an “Other” category. And, there are several pieces of flip chart paper underneath each category. We’d like

each of you to take a pen and mark any ideas you have for moving forward on the flip chart paper. And, please put your initials or first name next to your ideas. You may suggest ideas in any and all categories you like. We’ll spend the first 5 minutes silently writing on the flip charts and reading what others have written. Make sure you check out all of the ideas. At the end of 5 minutes, please go to the area with the ideas that most interest you. You are now free to discuss the ideas with others, expand on them, combine them, or put up new ideas. We’d like groups of like-minded individuals to form and spend 15-20 minutes working to expand the idea and develop a pitch to present to the large group (Please no more than 2 minute presentations and no bullets or PowerPoint). Convince us that your idea is worth pursuing. After hearing the pitches, we will prioritize the projects to move forward.



3:20pm – 3:45pm – Presentations and prioritizing results from this activity o Group discussion and presentations.

3:45pm – 4:30pm: MOVING FORWARD + CLOSING REMARKS • Discussion + Next Steps • Thank participants for their participation and involvement.        


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