Early Medieval: Coin purse: http://www.vikingsonline.org.uk/resources/authenticity/basickit/basickit14.

html Small leather pouches most likely used for carrying money and small valuables. T hese are based on finds from Viking Age Hedeby; they have also been found in Nov gorod and other places, as well. We've only found leather ones, but there's no r eason you couldn't make one from fabric. http://www.northernneedle.net/Research/VikingPouch.pdf A Fabric one.

Ring Pouches: http://larsdatter.com/pouches-framed.htm You can find images of these sorts throughout SCA period here (mostly Medieval a nd later). http://kaleeb.galtham.org/pdf/anglosaxonringpouch.pdf How to make a square-body Anglo-Saxon ring-pouch. This type of pouch was also us ed in the Medieval period. There are some small differences with Anglo-Saxon pou ches, but shouldn't be too difficult to alter for Medieval personas: http://brigidavadesbana.blogspot.ca/2012/09/ring-pouches.html Full confession, this is my own blog! Haversacks: http://www.larsdatter.com/pouches.htm (under "Bags") http://www.larsdatter.com/pilgrims-bags.htm Images can be found here. http://ikketikketheo.wordpress.com/2008/09/20/do-your-own-messenger-bag/ A modern version, but a fairly simple one. http://strangewayes.pbworks.com/w/page/45255506/Pilgrim%20Bag%20Class%20Handout Written instructions on how to make a pilgrim's scrip, no pictures. It does desc ribe the process of making a trapeziodal pilgrim scrip, but if squared off, woul d also work for an Early medieval haversack. http://haandkraft.blogspot.ca/2009/03/new-blogger-and-pilgrims-bag.html No instructions, but several pictures that show how it is put together. http://www.crookedtreefarm.com/history/haversack/haversack.html Another one with written instructions and pictures of the finished pieces. This is an 18th Century Living History site; the fastening methods may not all be acc urate.

Medieval: Ring pouches (see above links) Frame Pouches:

http://larsdatter.com/pouches-framed.htm http://trystancraft.com/costume/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/makemetalframepurse-T LB08.pdf Also known as Spring-catch framed purses. Drawstring pouches: Images of of this type are available here (under Girdle Pouches): http://larsdatter.com/pouches.htm And here: http://larsdatter.com/pouches-drawstring.htm http://www.coblaith.net/Bags/DrawstringPouch/basic-drawstring.html Basic construction for drawstring pouches. http://broiderers.lochac.sca.org/projects/log Brief instructions for a basic drawstring pouch used almost universally in Europ e from the earlier 13th Century to the mid-14th Century and continued to be used by women through to the end of SCA period. http://www.stringpage.com/tw/bag.html Written instructions on how to make a drawstring pouch of the same sort out of l eather. http://brigidavadesbana.blogspot.ca/2012/09/leather-drawstring-pouch.html Yeah, my site again... How to do a leather drawstring bag photo-essay. http://www.livinghistory.co.uk/homepages/oakley/pouch.html Some drawstring pouches had a single strap attached to the back, rather that cor ds from the sides. http://www.virtue.to/articles/in_depth_garb.html A couple of very simple pouch designs among other articles. These drawstring pouches can also be done knitted, however, as I do not know how to knit, I'm afraid I cannot guarantee the usefulness of any of these links. http://www.strangelove.net/~kieser/Medieval/Knitting/knittingnotes.html Some images may be found here. http://wkneedle.bayrose.org/filum/filum_32_kintting.pdf Some history and 'getting started' information may be found here. With additiona l articles on a beginner's pouch and a more complex second piece. http://chrisknit.blogspot.ca/ The same instructions and charts as above, in non-pdf form. http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/advanced-techniques A page with some 'advanced' techniques for knitting, including how to knit with two colours (necessary for most of the pouches) http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/medieval-pouch-charts Some Medieval pouch charts on Ravelry http://lochac.sca.org/fibre/newsletters/2004/jan/3-egyptianKnittedPouches.php Not actually a drawstring bag of the above sort, but a long narrow bag, most lik ely used as a coin purse.

Carrysacks: Images can be found here: http://larsdatter.com/wallets.htm the term wallet here does not refer to the common concept of a wallet, but rathe r a large carry sack for bringing smaller goods to or from market. (these would actually be kind of cool for grocery shopping too, if you had to walk a bit to a nd from the store! Just sayin'!) http://www.albrechts.se/Library/Pdfer/CarrysackfromMartebo.pdf Carrysack from Martebo article, from the Albrechts Bössor reenactment/living histo ry society in Sweden. These carry sacks are found throughout medieval illuminati on. They are almost always illustrated in white, suggesting undyed linen, though a few pouches that appear to be versions of this sack are illustrated in black, which may indicate being made of leather. http://www.18cnewenglandlife.org/18cnel/wallets.htm Patterns for two different snapsacks, and a market wallet. While the site caters to 18th military Living History, these bags, in the simpler forms have been dat ed back to the late Medieval period. http://thegoodwyfe.blogspot.ca/2010/12/making-snapsack-heres-one-i-made.html Written instructions for snapsack, and a picture of two finished ones. http://www.crookedtreefarm.com/history/snapsack/snapsack.html Written instructions for a snapsack.

Haversacks and Pilgrim Scrips: http://larsdatter.com/pilgrims-bags.htm Images can be found here. http://strangewayes.pbworks.com/w/page/45255506/Pilgrim%20Bag%20Class%20Handout Written instructions on how to make a pilgrim's scrip, no pictures. http://www.coblaith.net/Bags/TrapezoidalBag/default.html How to with diagrams and written instructions to make a trapezoidal Pilgrim's sc rip http://aldscrafts.blogspot.ca/2012/08/pilgrims-bag.html http://aldscrafts.blogspot.ca/2012/08/pilgrims-bag-finished.html These two blogposts work together. The first has a sketch of the pattern piece s hapes, the second shows the bag sewn together inside and out, and the closure. (see also Haversacks above)

Late Medieval/Renaissance Drawstring pouches (see above as well) http://purplefiles.net/katerina/projects/pouchworkshop.htm

A simple design for a round drawstring pouch, 16th century http://amiesparrow.files.wordpress.com/2012/06/german-purse-class-2012.pdf Middle class German Women's Purses 1500-1550, from Amie Sparrow amiesparrow.word press.com/ How-to's for three different styles are shown. These how-tos include how to add little pouchlets on the front of larger pouches. A simple leather purse with pou chlet, a round drawstring pouch, and a frame purse. Loose pockets http://aneafiles.webs.com/saccoccia.html A early style of loose pocket tied on under the outer dress, from the Italian Re naissance. Post-period these became wide-spread, and often referred to as 'embro idered pockets'. A brief description of the process, no pictures. http://purplefiles.net/katerina/garb/diaries/FLSaccocciaPouch.html A very brief description and a few pictures. http://adventuresofawannabeseamstress.blogspot.ca/search/label/Saccoccia This link has some very good pictures of the process, though the written instruc tions are confusing. In particular, in the second step (after cutting out 2 each of the outer fabric and and the lining) when she says "On the wrong side of you r fabric, draw the slit line." she presumably means to take one each of the diff erent fabrics and follow the instructions. I advise reading all the instructions and examining the pictures carefully first. http://broidermebethan.blogspot.ca/2012/05/olive-pocket.html Not much by way of explanation, but very nice pictures of the process. These four how-tos are probably best if all used together to get a good idea of how to create a loose pocket.


Tassel-making how-to's http://www.timeless-creations.ca/The-Art-of-Making-Tassels.pdf Basics of making tassels, beaded tassels and tassels from fringe. Lots of pictur es for inspiration on making them fancy. http://embroidery.racaire.at/?cat=198 Basic tassel tutorial, specifically for making integral tassels on tasseled medi eval pouches.

If you want to make your tassels fancier... http://m-silkwork.blogspot.ca/2007/04/3th-century-mid-14th-century.html Simple embroidered tassels, from finished basic tassel. http://m-silkwork.blogspot.ca/2007/05/tassels-with-turks-head-knots.html Turk's Head decorated tassel, from finished basic tassel

If necessary: http://www.troop54.com/knots/TurksHeadKnot/TurksHeadKnot.htm How to make a Turk's Head knot. http://m-silkwork.blogspot.ca/2007/05/how-to-make-gimp.html How to make gimp cord to make the turk's head knot from.

Seam finishes: http://m-silkwork.blogspot.ca/2007/04/finishing-seams-of-14th15th-century_29.htm l A tutorial on how to finish the outside of seams with embroidered braids. http://www.greydragon.org/library/underwear2.html Shows image of how to finish a seam with tablet weaving. http://medievalpurses.blogspot.ca/2009/07/side-stitching-on-purses.html Shows a version of tablet-woven edges that look very similar to the embroidered braids above, using only two holes in the tablets, rather than all four. college2012.dwarfworks.com/handouts/Beyond%20the%20Basics.doc Written instructions on how to do a tubular tablet woven edge, including how to split the cards to go around both sides of the opening at the top. Please be awa re, this is an automatic download link (Word Doc) http://www.stringpage.com/tw/bag.html Written instructions on how to do tablet woven edges on a leather pouch. http://brigidavadesbana.blogspot.ca/2012/09/leather-drawstring-pouch.html Photo-essay on how seam finishes could be done.

Drawstrings: http://loopbraider.com/tutorials/ Fingerloop braiding tutorials, from very simple 3-loops, to very complex braids, multi-person braids (and how to do them by yourself), extra-long braids... Not all of the braids are period, check other sources if you want to be sure to use a period style and pattern. http://www.silkewerk.com/braids/source.html A list of braids found in period sources. Clicking on the specific braid listing will take you to a page with more info, and a picture of what the braid would l ook like.

Finishing Drawstring holes: http://www.greydragon.org/library/underwear2.html How-to images of how to make eyelet and buttonholes, and another form of cloth b uttons.

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