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Book 1 — ErHIcaL AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS AND QUANTITATIVE MeETHODS Readings and Learning Outcome Statements... Study Session 1 ~ Ethical and Professional Standards Self-Test ~ Ethical and Professional Standards... Study Session 2 ~ Quantitative Methods: Basic Concepts... Study Session 3 ~ Quantitative Methods: Application ... Self-Test — Quantitative Methods... Formulas. Appendices . Indes Page 2 LEVEL 1 BOOK 1: ETHICAL AND PROFESSIONAL STANDARDS, AND QUANTITATIVE METHODS ©2009 Kaplan, Inc. All rights reserved. Published in 2009 by Kaplan Schweser. Printed in the United States of America. ISBN: 1-4277-9457-X PPN: 4950-0105 Tthis book does aor have the hologram with the Kaplan Schwser logo on che back coven, i was isteibuted without permission of Kaplan Schweser, a Division of Kaplan, Inc. and isin direct violation (of global copyright laws. Your assistance in pursuing potential violators of this law ie greatly appreciated. Required CFA Tastinae® disclaimer: "CEA® and Chartered Financial Analst® are wademarks owned bby CEA Instiute. CFA Insticue (formerly the Assocation for Investment Management and Reseatch) does not endorse, promote, eview, of warrant the aceuracy of he preducts of services offered by Kaplan Sehweee. Certain materials contained within tis text are the copyrighted propery of CFA Institute. The following. isthe copyright disclosure for these materials: "Copyright, 2010, CFA Institute, Reproduced and republished from 2010 Learning Outcome Statements, Level 1, 2, and 3 questions fiom CEA® Program Materials, CFA Insticure Standatds of Professional Conduct, and CFA Instiute’s Global Investment Performance Standards with permission fiom CFA Institue. All Rights Reserved.” ‘These materials may not be copied withoue written petmitsion from the author. The unauthorized duplication ofthese notes isa Violation of global copyright laws and the CFA Tastitate Code of Ethics Your asissnce in pureuing potential violators ofthis law is greatly appreciated, Disclaimer: The Schweser Notes thould be used in conjunction with the original eadings as ser forth by CFA Institute in their 2010 CFA Level 1 Study Guide. The information contained in these Notes covers topics contained in the teadings referenced by CFA Institute andl is believed robe accurate. However, thei accuracy eannot be guaranteed nor is any warranty conveyed asco You ltimate exam suceees. The authors ofthe referenced readings have not endorsed or sponsored these Notes, (©2009 Kaplan, tne ‘WELCOME TO THE 2010 ScHwESERNOTES Thank you for trusting Kaplan Schweser to help you reach your goals. We are all very pleased to be able to help you prepare for che Level 1 CFA Exam. In this introduction, want to explain the resources included with he Study Notes, suggest how you can best use Schweser materials to prepare for the exam, and direct you toward other educational resources you will find helpful as you study for the exam, Besides the SchweserNotes themselves, there are many educational resources available at Just log in using the individual username and password that you received when you purchased the SchweserNotes, and go to Online Access. All purchasers of our 2010 Level 1 SchweserNotes Package receive SchweserNotes ~ Five volumes that include complete coverage of all 18 Study Sessions and all Learning Outcome Stacements (LOS) with examples, Concept Checkers (multiple-choice questions for every reading), and Comprehensive Problems for many readlings to help you master the material and check yout progress. At the end of each topic area, we include a Self-test. Self-test questions are created to be exam-like in format and difficulty in order for you to evaluate how well your study of each topic has prepared you for the actual exam. Practice Exams Volume 1 ~ Three full (240-question, 6-houe) Level ? practice exams with answer explanations to help you prepare for che exam itself as well as to beter target your final review efforts. Schweser Library ~ I have created five videos that are available to all SchweserNotes purchasers. Each Schweser Library volume is approximately 30 to 60 minutes in lengeh. Topics include: "CFA Level 1 Exam Overview,” “Calculator Basics,” “Code and Standards Overview,” “Level 1 GIPS®,” and “Time Value of Money.” The full Schweser Library is included with our 16-week live and online classes and with our video class Schweser Study Planner ~ Use your Online Access to tell us when you will start and what days of the week you can study. Study Planner will create a study plan just for you, breaking each study session into daily and weekly tasks to keep you on track and help you monitor your progress through the curriculum, Frequently Asked Questions ~ Answers to more than 100 questions that candidates most commonly ask about the curriculum and the exam. Purchasers of the SchweserNotes Package also receive access to Instructor-led Office Hours. Office Hours allow you to gee your questions about che curriculum answered in real time and ro see others’ questions (and faculty answers). Office Houts is @ text- based five interactive online chat with a Level 1 expert. Archives of previous Office Hours sessions can be sorted by topic or date and are posted shortly after each session, If you purchased the Premium Solution or PremiumPlus, you have full access «0 InstructorLink, which includes Frequently Asked Questions, the Exam-tips Blog, Office Hours, all volumes in the Schweser Library, and instructor tutorial support. 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