Darcie Wonacott NGO paper# 1 IS 410 11/01/11 Grassroots International Grassroots international is a non-government organization (NGO) working to create

a sustainable world by building alliances with different progressive movements. The main focus of this organization is land, water and food as human rights and the support of development in a country being led by the community. Grassroots international was founded in 1983 by Dan Connell, a lecturer in journalism and African politics with the goal of providing aid to social movements in Eritrea, Lebanon, and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, and later to work in South Africa and the Philippines. Now Grassroots international is working in several countries including, Brazil, Haiti, The Middle East, The United States, and Mesoamerica. Some of the core partnerships that Grassroots international is involved with consist of rural, indigenous, or women-led organizations and movements. These partnerships are working in The Middle East, Latin America, and the Caribbean at a local, national, and international level doing education and advocacy to support global movement for social justice. A key element of Grassroots international and their partners is bridging the geographic, political, and economic gaps that separate the different movements and organizations from each other. A few of the main issues that Grassroots international focus on are: food sovereignty

which consists of five continents, food for people, valuing food providers, localizing food systems, making decisions locally, building knowledge and skills, and working with nature. The next issue is defending human rights by making grants for the training of human rights monitors, legal defense, and education and training on raising awareness. Another issue is movement building which is working to remove borders between different social movements. The next is resource rights because everyone has the right to land, water, and food. The last two is sustainable livelihoods and rethinking aid which focuses on disaster relief and education of the people’s rights to the land and its resources. Grassroots international structural organization is made up of advisors, the board, and the staff. The board has 13 members which include the president and chair, the secretary, the treasurer, and the executive director. The advisors have 21 members and then there is the Resource Rights Advisory board that has 20 members. The staff have 11 members with several various jobs that include, Associate Director of Strategic Philanthropy, Director of Grant making & Advocacy, Program Coordinator for the Middle East and Haiti, and Director of Development and Communications. The funding for Grassroots international is completely non-governmental and the funds come from various different donors and donations from fund raising and partners. Grassroots international recognizes that resources such as land, water, and food belong to everyone and that everyone has a choice to change the way they care for the land and the way that they treat others. Grassroots international and their different partners are working to find the root causes of the challenges everyone faces every day and through advocacy, find ways to make sure that those problems are fixed and a more sustainable future is possible for all.

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