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Cause & effect

Sentences Connectors
Therefore As a result Owing to Consequently As a consequence Hence Thus Conclusively Inevitably So For this purpose In conclusion In a nut shell All in all To sum up In brief On the whole Summing up As we have seen As has been noted Hence Therefore I draw the conclusion Arrive at the conclusion that In summary Likewise Similarly In the same way Equally Likewise In the same way Asas However Nevertheless Yet Still On the contrary Unfortunately Originally Surprisingly Ideally Apparently On the other hand Meanwhile As oppose to Still In contrast Admittedly Paradox On the other hand In contrast Conversely Instead In fact Indeed As a matter of fact That is

because since as thereby

Phrase Linkers
because of as a result of due to leading to owing to

To summarize & conclude

Summing up




like similar to

Contrast in expectation

although even though though despite the fact but

despite despite of in spite of but

Contrast in comparison

while whereas


Contrast in action Emphasis

Instead of

Main reason Confirmation



Additional information

Continuation of explanation


Essentially Interestingly Fortunately Inevitably Definitely Extremely Obviously In fact Indeed Unquestionably Without a doubt Certainly Primarily Most important Usually Traditionally Normally Naturally Clearly In general Generally Generally speaking In a broader context In a broader perspective In particular Particularly Specifically Moreover Besides Additionally In addition Furthermore Apart from that also too than Equally important In this context In this connection In this respect In this perspective In that case Otherwise Now Given

In accordance with Confirms


in addition to that besides


Without condition Example

Regardless Despite For example For instance As shown by. As exemplified by As illustrated by In this case On this occasion In this situation To illustrate To demonstrate

if provided that when while until as long as now that once that even though exemplified by illustrated by shown by be it

Regardless of Despite of like such as e.g

Qualification reformulating Alternative Reintroduction

To express time

To prove a point


At least To put it another way In other words On the other hand Regarding For In connection with Focusing on With respect to Immediately Soon After a few (hours) Finally Then After Later Previously Formerly As soon as As long as because for since For the same reason Evidently In fact In any cases That is First, second, ... Then Next Now Continuing Further Finally Again Also Simultaneously Concurrently Afterwards So forth Eventually Meanwhile Subsequently After that To begin Last but not least

before after

before after

Giving ones own opinion

In my view; To my mind, In my opinion, As I see it, I think that , I believe that , I have come to the conclusion that, I would not say that ..., Therefore I cannot agree with ..., As far as I am concerned, .... For all these reasons I would support the view that ... It is for this reason that I think ... As we have seen, ... I am convinced that ... I strongly feel / belive I am doubtful whether / certain that ... According to the text ... It seems to me that ... Another argument is that ... In short ... One reason is that ... I would say that ... With regard to ... I assert that