Agenda CSHC committee meeting 6-2-13 1. Previous Minutes 2. Report on public meeting Jan 31st 3.

Ideas for expanding the campaign
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School gate and jobcentre leafleting Links with other campaigns

• Contacts 4. Proposal for campaign website/blog 5. Future events
Event Details CSHC street stall and petitioning Camden Anti-Cuts Speak Out Fuel Poverty Action protest Day Sat 9th Feb Thurs 14th Feb Sat 16th Feb CSHC street stall and petitioning Lobby of Brent Council budget meeting IRSPG/ Brent LRC meeting to support Irish Republican prisoners Barnet Alliance Protest march against the Cuts in Barnet CSHC Benefit night CSHC protest in Whitehall, with all anti-cuts campaigns/organisations invited SWAN network conference Sat 16th Feb Mon 25th Feb Thurs 28th Feb Sat 23rd March Fri 8th March Sat 6th April Fri 12th & Sat 13th April 13pm 6.45p m 7pm When 13pm 7pm 2pm Where Kilburn Square Camden Town Hall Dept of Energy SW1A 2AW Kilburn Square Brent Town Hall, Forty Lane, Wembley Conway Hall 25 Red Lion Square WC1R 4RL Finchley Central Tube The Falcon Bar and Lounge To be confirmed

11am 7pm

South Bank University


6. Finance 7. Any Other Business


Action points from committee meeting on 22-12-12
1. Discussion on campaign objectives and structure Name – We decided that we should use the name Counihan- Sanchez Housing Campaign as this is now a well-established brand in Kilburn. We can use additional slogans or straplines to highlight particular issues such as : No evictions in Brent Objectives of the Counihan Housing Campaign *To secure social housing for the Counihans in Brent *To support and defend all Brent residents made homeless or facing eviction by Brent Council *To link up with other anti-cuts groups in Brent and NW London and coordinate activity We demand that Brent Council must: * Oppose all cuts AND set a needs budget based on engaging Brent public, community groups, trade unions * Cap rents in Brent at an affordable rate and prevent profiteering by rogue landlords * Build genuinely affordable housing for working class people in our area. * Take into public ownership all properties in Brent that have been vacant for over a year, with compensation to be paid only on the basis of proven need * Campaign for a genuine living wage in Brent 2. Structure of the campaign * Campaign membership – We decided to have open meetings and to leave it to individuals to donate what they can as we don’t want to discourage/ disenfranchise anyone who can’t afford to pay. * Monthly campaign public meeting – Good idea. Would Saturdays or a week night be best? * Elected committee – The following officers were elected by the committee: Chair – Tracey Burke. Default chair for meetings unless someone else is nominated. Deputises as secretary in their absence. Treasurer – Isabel Counihan Secretary – Jim McIntyre. Takes notes in meetings, sends out communications, sets meeting agenda. Chief Fundraiser – Carol Foster Youth organiser – Sarah Counihan 3

Those present at a public meeting should vote on a committee. The committee will be responsible for the day to day running of the campaign. The committee will report back on activity at every public meeting and can be held to account if a majority of those present disagree with current course of action, they can call a re-election of one or more committee members. A term shall be 6 months (i.e. committee is re elected every 6 months).