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The ingredients Masthead (logo)

Use on front cover

March 2010 mixmag Dan Hans

The mast head in this issue is the same font that it is in every other issue as its is the brand and its logo. The only difference is the colour, which in this one is yellow and is partially covered by the main image. The actual text is smaller than usual as it has a box in the right hand corner, which isnt in most issues. This is to show the customer what the mag is and to show what genre it fits into.


The date line for this magazine is on the left side of the bar code and says March 2010 to show what issue it is. This wouldnt be relevant for most people buying it from a newsagents part from knowing its the up to date issue, but it is more for people who have subscribed to the magazine and get them posted to them in sets.

Main image

The main image in this is to members of the crookers in animal costumes jumped up in the air, their costumes go well with the colour scheme. This main image would be to gain the attention of the customer and to show them who or what the main article will be about in the magazine.

Model credit

The model credit on this issue of mixmag, is in the bottom left corner stating the people in the main image who in this case are crookers. It also has the name of the photographer giving them a credit too. It is in a very small plain font so it doesnt get mistaken for a cover line as it is not as important as the rest of the titles on the cover.


The coverlines on this issue of mixmag are on both sides of the mag, they too follow the colour scheme of the cover which is yellow and black. They are there to tell the reader what is inside the magazine; this would help them decide if it is worth buying for them as they could see if there is anything that they find interesting.

Main cover

The main cover line on this issue is Out of the cage


CROOKERS this makes a pun on the image of them dressed in animal onsies as it says out of the cage. It then follows, the planets wildest party aniamls, again making a pun on the animal suits. This just basically tells the reader that the main article is about crookers.

Left third

The left third is basically the left side of the magazine where the coverlines are, however on this magazine the cover lines are on both sides of the mag. But the left third still contains the plus section and the barcode in it.

Bar code

Bar code is important on all magazines as it allows the reader to purchase the magazine; it is also a convention of magazines. It is located in the left third at the bottom of the cover.

Selling line

The main cover line is the same for every issue of mixmag (part from the Ibiza specials) and it says the worlds biggest dance music and clubbing magazine. This shows the consistency of the magazine, and regular readers would recognise the magazine.