Existing System: The present status of the system involves mainly the following:   Collect the resumes from the candidates. Search manually for suitable candidates who satisfy the companies' requirements.   Person Short listed information Maintain the candidates' status information.

Problem Specification

Problems with the existing system:

The problems with the present manual system are the same as encountered in any manual file processing system. Some of the problems are listed below.

TIME DELAY: In the existing system information related to all candidates is stored in different registers. It takes a lot of time to store, maintain and

The existing system requires a lot of paper movement and paperisation. . extra skills he/she has and all the other details. Hence they are not much attractive and preparing them is very time consuming as it again involves going through various registers. Data validation also becomes very hard. The manual searching takes a lot of time as it involves going through many registers that contain the candidate details. This may result in the loss of data consistency. ACCURACY PROBLEMS: Since the data is stored and retrieved manually there is always the scope for error increases. which involves lot of duplication in work. The candidates are enlisted according to their qualification and also according to the skills they posses. since the same candidate information is stored in different registers.update this information. REDUNDANCY: All the details about the candidates involve his/her qualifications. DIFFICULTY IN REPORT GENERATION: Various reports regarding the candidates are prepared manually.

Here the kiosk will help them in getting the information.  Maintaining the data integrity is also quite simple and data is consistent.  Physical storage space can be avoided.Proposed System The proposed system automates the whole process of storing and retrieving the resumes that various candidates submit to the organization. First the portal authorized person has to get registered in our portal through the admin. This proposed system has all the benefits that any computerized system will have. the need for the computerization of the manual job management procedure has become almost unavoidable. . Some of the advantages are:  Larger volumes of data can be easily stored and retrieved. To sum it all up with the advent of computer technology communicating with the data has become very easy and efficient.  Designing various forms and reports has also become very easy using the computers.  Data security is easily provided. Here the portal mainly concentrates on to the users who stay at remote places and they don’t have the internet to to access the job sites. Hence.

Such technologies are applied for various fields to improve the overall system performance to improve the productivity and popularity of the organization. .And also Disadvantages: Doesn’t provide effective and efficient services for different users of this sytem. Doesn’t provide Fast and efficient system With the advent of new technology every task in modern life is being absorbed rapidly within the routine of human life. Doesn’t provide secure and portable application Doesn’t provide all other related services under this portal Doesn’t provide the facility to the Job Seeker to track the job details to which he has applied for.

The main problem faced was unnecessary delay in generating the required information by all unnecessary fields into consideration.PROPOSED SYSTEM: This product has been mainly designed to overcome some of the problems faced with the previous system. . It provides an efficient way to pass the information between different users to cater their needs. It is a common platform where corporate recruiters and job seekers come under roof. It is an exclusive career portal aimed just for the service of job seekers. It is a Complete Portal for Job seekers and employers. It is a one stop information clearing house about jobs and careers.

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