Open letter to : The Assembly of First Nation Chiefs, Shawn Atleo, Clan Mothers, Elders and all Nations

2012 will either be a new beginning in true democracy and justice for all or the final implementations of a New World Order, a One World Government through the continued execution of the” 1969 White Paper” and the step by step dismantling of your authority as keepers and caretakers of these lands, natural resources including your reservation lands and your Treaties. We come to you to awaken you to the truth, even if you refuse to see it, hear it, or acknowledge it and to warn you to beware and be wise. Whatever happens in the next few months or the next few years will be of our own doing, only we bear full responsibility as Peoples of the Earth. Whether we act upon the facts of the New World Order publically spoken about by World Leaders and Presidents for the last 20 years of its final implementation or not, is each of our responsibility. As Creator beings, we are each accountable not only for ourselves through our actions, but for our families and all of humanity, the Earth and all life. The time to react is now before it is too late. The “1969 White Paper” drafted by Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Jean Chretien, then further implemented by Brian Mulroney, Paul Martin and now, Stephen Harper was a stepping stone to a One World Government which has been continuously implemented through the duplicity of false pretenses which all now makes sense, when seeing the bigger picture of a New World Order, One world Government. The North American Union has been formerly negotiated through the Free Trade agreements since 1985 and now completed with the signing of the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreements. The next step is to attach us to the South American Union, then the EU and China with Australia, etc., all under the pretext of Trade negotiations. This will be the completion and success of their One World Government of the North, East, South and West, enabling them in controlling everything and everyone worldwide. You and we, will be at their mercy even more than ever if we persist in doing nothing and believing their words. We must once and for all take action in stopping the One World Government as it is led by corporations and the elite and heads of Governments and not the People. You, hold the key to World Peace, respect and prosperity not just for a few but for all of humanity. You always have through the “Great Law” White Roots of Peace. Your ancestors knew the true Creator; this is why they could communicate with all life. They understood nature, love and respect for all living things. Many of you were given the tools by them to continue and to teach this to all for the next Seven Generations. Some way, somewhere it has been lost or forgotten or not known or simply ignored. 1

all are responsible. However and thankfully through this undertaking. even in the colonial system and the United Nations rules. just like in the true way of the Haudenosaunee Great Law. is our greatest downfall if we continue to allow it to happen. Corporations are fiction. 2 . as they do now. it is time to dismantle the Corporation illusion power from Governments worldwide. they lie. We simply put things back as they should have been in the first place.The Haudenosaunee Five Nations Constitution “The Great Law” in your roots is the greatest asset and tool the Earth and Humanity has and will ever see. Will the governments deny these words? Of course they will. The moment that the People forgot Creator and who they were through duplicity. we are not done and we will persist. from the true meaning of life and true peace and democracy here on Earth. they must assimilate you and everyone on earth. You as North American Sovereigns and we as Canadian and United States Citizens can stand together and stop this new world order through proper Decolonization from the Colonial system and all that the governing bodies are attached too and of which they themselves have implemented within the United Nations Decolonization Declaration of 1960 in unloading nations they no longer had anything to take from except for those countries and peoples they could take and steal from. what this move has done for us all. then there can be no corruption. When the people make the decisions. Nothing else needs to change immediately. All they do and want you to do is to pave the way for the One World Order takeover by the Corporations. of those who took part and that have succeeded at removing the inner power of the good mind. all are equals. As some of you know. to do this. we received the proof that the Queen is still the head of Canada and we were never free of her Rights in Canada. all of North America. dividing what your Peoples own as Nations. is that it gave us attention within the Occupy Movements. It is simple. we had taken upon ourselves to file a negligence and abuse of power court claim against Canada and Stephen Harper. the USA and Barack Obama for proper decolonization through the Federal Court of Canada even though we knew it would most likely be stricken from the registry. cheat and steal and then claim they were trying to help you. They want you to incorporate Taxation and Fee Simple Land Registries upon your Reserves further. But most importantly. Many now see the reality and solution that is needed by supporting the North American Nations in proper decolonization along with all its citizens not just to your reserves but to the right in retrieving as caretakers of the land. strength and your peoples voices from being heard through the original roots of the Constitution and the Great law by implanting “bought and paid for” representatives to keep you from connecting and separating you and us all. It is legal and our right if we chose it. we simply transfer final decision making authority to the people and not to one person or a small group that can breed corruption. an illusion created to hold more power than the people and their voices. But. When the Corporate illusion speaks louder than the voices of the people.

North America and all of humanity and all life on earth. It is the time to implement the Haudenosaunee Five Nations Constitution roots within all clans and all Nations. People are finally waking up to the reality of the insidious treatment of the Indigenous people’s worldwide now that they have been awaken to their own reality making it that they see the Indigenous peoples as a huge part of the solution in stopping the New World Order. we cannot release ourselves from the New World Order without releasing ourselves from the Church and all religions and other Gods that support the extinction of all others as they too are part of the illusion. is true democracy and ensures that there is no corruption and duplicity within each nation. people need to use common sense and truly search their hearts and research to find the truth hidden within the lies and corruption. What we are asking and hoping for is for all of you to remember “who you are” as Creator beings. has been neglected in many nations for far too long. Therefore. entrapping their followers. the heads at the top of the NWO pyramid. One thing is for certain though. and that all can change for the better if we all stand together and put an end to this 500 plus year insanity and to the insanity of what is to come if we all do nothing. Reinstating the Great Law and practicing it. It is no longer mere speculation and propaganda. Set aside all differences and all past doings and support one another instead of fighting amongst each other succeeding at nothing that is pure and good.Since the beginning of October. it is a fact. are not worried about what we might do because they think that they are guaranteed a hold on all of humanity as long as we keep feeding religions that lie and use people against one another about the true Creator. This is fact. This is the time to stand together and do what is right for all of humanity. as many nations have suffered through the infiltration of bought and paid for Councils. 3 . that you” hold the key” and to remember the “1969 white Paper” and to not allow yourselves to be influenced by those who only deceive especially during your meetings with Stephen Harper and others as they will try to sway you and stop you from moving forward in doing what is right for your Nations. We just need to follow the money to see the truth of their lies and deceit. Lawyers and advisors who should have known about your rights to all North American lands through proper decolonization since as far back as 1945. Please remember that you are not alone. We all need to remember that only Creator Law is absolute and is unbreakable and that the capstone of the New World Order can be crushed by the power of love. the good mind and respect for all life. At some point. many protesters are now moving towards changing the “Occupy” Movements in the cities to” Decolonize” Movements. One world Government being imposed. It is time to rise up the Clan Mothers to their duties in continuing or re-establishing themselves and their voices that have been muffled and for the Chiefs and for the Clan mothers to listen to the people as this too.

understanding by everyone. Protected Sun “Nicole LeBrasseur” Montreal QC. makes no common sense for anyone who dares to stand and look through the looking glass. 4 . Canons and Concordats (treaties) in order to build their army of innocent people. murdered and stole from them. So to everyone. with love. all can be well again as intended by Creator before the veils of deceit and invaded humanity. There is no separation. Respectfully yours and with much love and gratitude.Their manipulation of the Doctrines. as all Life is equal – We are all equals within Creator of All and Creation. all of humanity and especially those who have lost their way or forgotten please remember who you are within creation…and once you do. patience. seeing the entire picture presenting itself to all of humanity. while they abused. Any religion that separates all life and all peoples from one another are not connected to the true Creator of all Life.

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