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Introduction The Nephilim The Cult of the Black Virgin Identity of the False Christ The Sacred Marriage The Bloodline From Hell William Cooper & The Three Bears The False Prophet Michael the Counterfeit Archangel The Roman Dragon By Barbara Aho
INTRODUCTION The following pages are selected portions of another report on this website, The False Gospel in the Stars, which is an expose of the astrological signs that will be used to validate the credentials of the Antichrist and False Prophet. Many projections concerning the identities of these personages are often disinformation calculated to deceive. Adding to the general ignorance, there is little information coming forth in the way of exposure of the Merovingian dynasty as the Satanic bloodline from which the Antichrist and False Prophet will come. Whatever lipservice is paid to this subject is usually accompanied by enough misinformation to keep the masses of Christians ignorant of the truth. Yet the Bible presents specific evidence concerning the identities of the Antichrist and False Prophet, the Mark of the Beast, Mystery Babylon the Great and other entities that will be imperative for God’s elect to recognize during the Tribulation Period. We believe that New Agers already know the identity of the False Christ, the False Prophet and various other Tribulation counterfeits through their study of astrology, as interpreted by a large body of occult tradition and the current propaganda proliferating through New Age publications. There is no reason that Christians, given the same information available to New Agers, and aided by a right understanding of Scripture, cannot discern and rightly interpret this end-time enigma. The alternative is to be at the mercy of a massive disinformation campaign that is being conducted within the Christian community by the same New Age network which is planning the destruction of Christianity and return of mankind to the paganism of the ancient world.

THE NEPHILIM The term ―Merovingian‖ is said to derive from Merovee who was King of the Franks from 447458 A.D. Despite recent claims that the Merovingian Franks were sired by Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, and are therefore ―divine,‖ the legend of King Merovee conceals the true origins of the Merovingian race in remote antiquity. According to the legend, as explained in Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Merovee had two fathers, King Clodion and a strange ―beast of the sea.‖ ―Despite the carefully listed genealogies of his time, the heritage of Meroveus was strangely obscured in the monastic annals. Although the rightful son of Clodion, he was nonetheless said by the historian Priscus to have been sired by an arcane sea creature, the Bistea Neptunis... ―The Sicambrian Franks, from whose female line the Merovingians emerged were associated with Grecian Arcadia before migrating to the Rhineland. As we have seen, they called themselves the Newmage —‗People of the New Covenant‘, just as the Essenes of Qumran had once been known. It was the Arcadian legacy that was responsible for the mysterious sea beast — the Bistea Neptunis — as symbolically defined in the Merovingian ancestry. The relevant sea-lord was King Pallas, a god of old Arcadia. His predecessor was the great Oceanus. The immortal sea-lord was said to be ‗'ever-incarnate in a dynasty of ancient kings‘ whose symbol was a fish - as was the traditional symbol of Jesus.‖ (Laurence Gardner, Bloodline of the Holy Grail, pp. 166, 175) The Bistea Neptunis was worshipped in classical antiquity as the Roman god, Neptune, and as Poseidon in Greek mythology. Neptune was the mythological god of the sea who is said to have founded Atlantis, which is the pagan version of the pre-flood civilization which God judged in Genesis 7. Revelation 13:1, which identifies the Antichrist systen as ―the beast that rises out of the sea,‖ becomes crystal clear upon discovery that a demonic bloodline which exists today that was originally sired by a mysterious ―sea beast‖—the Bistea Neptunis. ―And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.‖ (Rev. 13:1-2) ―Meroveus‖ derives from the French words ―mer‖ meaning ―sea‖ and ―vere‖ meaning ―werewolf‖ or ―dragon.‖ The book of Revelation informs us the dragon is ―the Devil, and Satan‖: ―And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels... And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.‖ (Rev. 12:9) Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code were popular books marketed for mass consumption and, as such, were propaganda tools which concealed the true origins of the Merovingian race. For their esoteric allusion to the Merovingians‘ legendary progenitor, King Merovee, having been sired by a mysterious ―beast of the sea‖ is a claim of literal Satanic descent.

The demonic origins and history of the Merovingian Dynasty—also known as the Dragon Dynasty in honor the great red dragon of of Revelation 12 and 13—are revealed in less available insider sources such as Gardner‘s Realm of the Ring Lords and ―Kenneth Grant and the Merovingian Mythos‖ published by DragonKey Press. ―...The ancient people of the Tuatha De Danann...were the supernatural tribe of the preAchaean agricultural goddess Danae of Argos, or perhaps of the Aegean mother-goddess, Danu. But their true name rendered in its older form was Tuadhe d‘Anu. As such, they were the people (or tribe) of Anu, the great sky god of the Anunnaki.‖ (Gardner, Realm of the Ring Lords: The Myths and Magic of the Grail Quest) ―The Nephilim were banished to the center of the earth for disobeying God by mating with the daughters of men and teaching them the ‗forbidden‘ arts. In this publication the Nephilim have been identified as the Fathers of the Merovingians... ―...the Merovingian race was sired by a water beast known as the Quinotaur. This Quinotaur took the form of a sea-bull. Crowley‘s personal seal was of a sea goat. Grant, writing of Crowley‘s Seal of the Beast, says: ‗The beast is the sea-goat or amphibious monster identical with Cthulhu, the Quinotaure or Bull of the Deep.‘ Grant writes as a footnote; ‗The waters under the earth; home of the ‘ancestors’ or subconscious atavisms of the race.‘ Is this a reference to the race of the Grail?‖ (―Kenneth Grant and the Merovingian Mythos‖) Merovingian claims of angelic ancestry may seem too bizarre to be true, however, as mentioned above, such a race of demonic origin is found in Scripture: ―And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart. And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them. But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.‖ - Gen. 6:1-7 The Hebrew word nephiyl is properly translated fallen ones and refers to the offspring of fallen angels who mated with human women on Mount Hermon in the land of Canaan. It may be that ―after that‖ in Gen. 6:4 refers to a second invasion of fallen angels after the flood, which would explain why the Israelites found giants (Nephilim) in Canaan upon entry into the Promised Land: ―And there we saw the Nephilim, the sons of Anak, who come of the Nephilim; and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.'‖ (Num. 13:33, Hebrew Masoretic Text, Hebrew-English JPS 1917 Ed.) ―Some commentators have speculated that the Nephilim of Numbers 13 belonged to a second eruption of fallen angels, since the earlier Nephilim had been destroyed in the Flood. And they see an allusion to this in Genesis 6:4, where it states that ‗there were Nephilim in the earth in

and go on your ways. also called Mount Sion. and did bake unleavened bread. even the men of Sodom. spreading their Anunnaki seed and replacing the conquered people‘s traditions with their . And they said. whose worship of Baal/Pan involved such fertility rites at Mount Hermon. and Lot sat in the gate of Sodom: and Lot seeing them rose up to meet them. I pray you. and they did eat. my lords. and ye shall rise up early. compassed the house round. ―Through the work of Sir Laurence Gardener we discover that Sumaire in the old Irish language means Dragon.. all the people from every quarter: And they called unto Lot. phonetically called Sumerian (pronounced ‗Shumerian‘) was actually Sidhemurian (Shee-murian). but left their own habitation.‖ (―Sons of God. turn in. Millions went and settled in the European and Scandinavian areas. both old and young. Daughters of Men‖) Sodom and Gomorrah were Canaanite settlements that practiced cult prostitution in conjunction with their fertility rites. Nay. But before they lay down. 19:1-5) The Canaanite territory of northern Israel was later occupied by the tribe of Dan. Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us. and he made them a feast. into your servant's house. And he said. it could explain why the Lord commanded the total extermination of the Canaanites. are set forth for an example. as the record of Genesis 19 also attests.those days.‖ (Jude 6-7) ―And there came two angels to Sodom at even. Jude 7 suggests that the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrha were so depraved that fornication with angels was practiced. From there they spread out to other parts of the world. ―And the angels which kept not their first estate. also known as the Dragon Lords of Anu because they were the offspring of the fallen angels (Anunnaki). and they turned in unto him. and he bowed himself with his face toward the ground. The Merovingians are the offspring of the tribe of Dan which intermarried with the Canaanite Tuatha De Danann. he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.‘ Could it be that the ‗after that‘ was a reference to the Nephilim found in Canaan during the Israelite entry into the land? If so. He writes: ‗It is also reckoned that the subsequent culture of the region. and said unto him. when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men. giving themselves over to fornication. and the cities about them in like manner.‘ ―During the days of the Biblical Great Exodus. and entered into his house. the men of the city. Behold now. as He had earlier ordered the near annihilation of the human race.‖ (Gen.. This group was the Tribe of Dann. a group separated from Moses and went to the North. conquering the countries. and also after that. but we will abide in the street all night. suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. and tarry all night. that we may know them. Even as Sodom and Gomorrha. and going after strange flesh. This case is now considerable since the early Ring Lords of Scythia (the Tuatha De Danaan king tribe) were actually called the ‗Sumaire‘. and wash your feet. And he pressed upon them greatly.

1) In ‗The Psalter of Cashel‘ it states that: ‗The Tuatha de Danaan‘ ruled in Ireland for about two centuries. 141-2) The progenitors of the Tuatha De Danaan. Like the original dynastic Pharaohs...we discover many of the descriptive terms which sit at the very heart of popular folklore. they were the sacred gentry known as Pict-Sidhe. pp. ‗fairies‘ and ‗pixies‘ .. the Virgin Mary.. In Wales they founded the Royal House of Gwynedd.‖ (―The Tribe of Dann and the Lost Tribe of Israel‖) The Tribe of Dann said to have ―separated from Moses" may have been among the mixed multitude that left Egypt with the Israelites (Exodus 12:38) and "fell a lusting" in Numbers 11:4..whether known as the Sangréal.‖ (The Ark of Millions of Years.. angels.. however. In the Realm of the Ring Lords. gods and goddesses of ancient cultures. who went with his fifty daughters to Argos. who were considered to be demi-gods.‖ (Gardner. they were severely curtailed and went underground. In Irish legends the Tuatha de Danaan. The DANAAN (a collective convention-name to avoid confusion).‖ (Van Buren. dead saints or famous people. the Albi-gens or the Ring Lords . and were highly skilled in architecture and other arts from their long residence in Greece. cast out of heaven after rebelling against God. The souls derived from the union of the Nephilim and mortal women were called the ‗mixed multitude‘. These teachers of wisdom.. p.. from a single caste of the original Blood Royal . The Sign of the Dove. in this one noble race. the term ―mixed multitude‖ may. Pt. describe the hybrid genetic composition of this group..were said to have possessed a. the son of Belus. For here. Lucifer (Satan).‘ Their leader was also a fallen Son of God.. since the arrival and ascendance of Christianity.own serpent culture. Among their myriad guises are apparitions of Jesus Christ.. Grail-like vessel. they must now resort to various disguises to camouflage their true identity..‘ The Tuatha de Danaan were the descendants of Danaus. they traced their descent from the great Pendragons of Mesopotamia. and later to France and the British Isles where they established pagan priesthoods and royal dynasties of the demonic bloodline: ―The Tuatha De Danann (or Dragon Lords of Anu).C....were the. from them sprang the kingly lines of the Irish Bruithnigh and the Picts of Scotland‘s Caledonia..not beguiling little folk. In these verses.Black Sea princes of Scythia (now Ukrane). ―So. always jealous of their technology and secrets. extraterrestrials — whatever life form is appropriate to obtain acceptance and a foothold in a given culture or subculture: ―Though communications between the space races and our own continued.were the founders of the Druidic priesthood.[before settling in Ireland (from about 800 B. The Nephilim came from a class of angels called ‗the watchers‘..)]. The word Nephal means. in fact. the Dragon Lords of Anu (Anunnaki). and not all watchers fell.. 333) When God dispersed the northern tribes of Israel for their wickedness. ‗to fall‘ and means ‗the fallen one. were demonized by the various . the tribe of Dan migrated to Greece. ―The Nephilim were the fallen angels. while in Cornwall in the southwest of England. the home of his ancestrous Io. still communicate with mankind. but distinguished Kings and Queens of the Dragon succession. we have the ‗elves‘.

Zoroastrian. kachinas.. Hermetic.. Fortuna. "Judaic." (Stories of the Constellations: The Legend of Virgo: 905) . the boogeyman and Santa Claus. man progressed to the point that he dealt with the problem through ridicule or derision by Science instead. There is a strong circumstantial evidence for this race‘s continual intervention on a number of levels in man‘s development from the crudely physical to the artistic. according to Holy Blood. to cloud the memories of their visitants.and a variety of identical gods in all cultures.. The only difference today is that there is much more evidence of the encounters. scientific and esoteric. Ancient man believed that the constellation Virgo was the Great Mother Goddess who ruled over a Golden Age called Lemuria. This astrological tradition was transmitted to successive pagan cultures through the ages of mankind. Holy Grail. Pythagorean. "The NeoPlatonists are Greek philosophers who lived long enough after Plato to have lost the name of Platonists as far as modern scholars are concerned (although they were intellectual disciples of Plato and considered themselves Platonists). Erigone. which is just a rehash of Greek paganism.. Mithraic. angels. Sibylla and the Virgin Mother. Their rituals and ways of life derive from a worship of the harmony of nature and the mastery of the mind of man over it. it is through their dreams and in riddles. bedtime fables. She who existed before the masculine gods of ancient and classical mythology." (942:72) In ancient times. which preceded Atlantis. Hecate. Eve. mankind worshipped the hosts of heaven. or whatever is appropriate for that culture. and all such records have prophesied that a time would come when a new Golden Age would occur. and sanitized surrogates such as fairies. "Some of the mythological representations of Virgo are Nana. All representations of the Great Mother in some form. Isis. in time ascribing the space races to personifications of psychological projections (archetypes). the Corn Mother. ―From active persecution by the Church of contactees between their race and ours in the Dark Ages. Themis. believing them to be gods and goddesses who ruled the pre-flood civilization of Atlantis. They mythical record the world over speaks of is a Golden Age in which man and the gods (angels) freely and openly interacted. they assume the guise of the Virgin Mary. Cybele. a crucible in which. ―When they interact with man. Istar. all former secrets being revealed. Astraea.‖ (―History of the Red-Haired Race: Tuatha de Danaan‖) THE CULT OF THE BLACK VIRGIN During the first century A. When overt contact is necessary. and contact is becoming increasingly visible.D. Diana. Demeter." (31:123) It was in the early centuries of the Christian era that the ancient worship of the Mother Goddess was introduced to Christianity by Jews who had fled Israel and embraced Alexandrian Neo-Platonism. Egypt was a veritable hotbed of mystical activity. Hera. since corrupted by man through ignorance. and neo-Platonic doctrines suffused the air and combined with innumerable others. seeming to prefer inspiring from behind the scenes to any kind of direct communication. ―There has never been a time in mans‘ history that these people were absent and nothing occurring in today‘s UFO and abduction phenomena has not been recorded throughout.. Alexandria. ―They cover their tracks with hypnosis and probably drugs or some other high technology.religions that guarded the traditions established by them long ago.

"she who is to be feared". as was his contemporary. was Demeter. The Maiden was represented naked and sitting. Epiphanius (305-402) gave us a detailed description of how the Alexandrian Gnostics celebrated the Epiphany. the arch heretic Valentinus. They did this in the sanctuary of the Maiden Goddess Kore whom they equated with the image of the Holy Virgin. managed to convert their pagan goddess worship into a theologically respectable tradition called Gnosticism by giving the goddess the trappings of Christianity. for disobeying the Lord who had . nationalities and religions and perhaps where the Holy Family had fled to escape the depredations of Herod‘s men. It was in the Gnostic culture of Alexandria that the Mother Goddess evolved into Mary Magdalene. Thus the human nature of Jesus or Everyman is transformed into divine and spiritual nature by the holy female power. Clement of Alexandria (c. Alexandria is also the main source of Gnostic works linking Jesus with Mary Magdalene. of individuated consciousness is born. Kore would remain the dark lord's queen and her name would no longer be Kore. It is from the feminine intuitive consciousness and feeling nature that the messianic power.which was probably the Migdol mentioned in Ezekiel. Kore. St. Kore. which they associate with Migdol: "There is no necessity to endeavor to crowbar [Mary Magdalene] into a Galilean setting. Ean Begg wrote in The Cult of the Black Virgin that ".The Greek adaptation of Virgo." (272:128) In their endeavors to relocate the center of Christianity in Alexandria. a seething cosmopolitan melting pot of many races. The Alexandrian Jews who worshipped the Greek goddess. with crosses marked on her brow. Egypt.many of the finest Gnostic writings are of Alexandrian inspiration or origin. According to this tradition it was through the Magdalen. rather than through Peter and the male apostles. the maiden. "virginity" has an altogether different connotation to Gnostics than it does to Christians. 194) mentioned that the followers of the Gnostic master Basilides feasted on the day of the Baptism and kept a long vigil before it. the Holy Spirit.just across the border . The Gnostics said that on this day. Although they worshipped her as the Holy Virgin.. that Jesus transmitted his secret doctrine. There was a large and flourishing Jewish community in Egypt at that time. gave birth to the divine principle known as the Christ. but Persephone. "Another important feature of the Gnostic tradition of Epiphany is that it is really a feminine holiday. Basilides." (Mary Magdalene Files: 843) There is no mention of Migdol in the book of Ezekiel. there was a Magdolum in Egypt ." (Gnostic Liturgical Calendar: 834) It is important to note that the heretic.. the Virgin. was an Gnostic Jew of Alexandria. however the prophet Jeremiah reproved the apostate Jews who took up residence in Migdol. in the initiation rite of baptism. her hands and her knees. the Gnostics misrepresent Mary Magdalene as a native of the Magdolum in Egypt. for there are other intriguing alternatives for her place of origin: although there was no ‗Magdala‘ in Judea in her day. the god of the underworld. in Egypt. The statue was carried seven times around the central shrine and was then retired to the crypt once more. At midnight they descended with torches into the crypt of the temple and brought the wooden statue of Kore forth in procession. which was particularly centered on the great sea port of Alexandria. whose daughter Kore was abducted by Pluto.

. and saw no evil. and in the streets of Jerusalem: for then had we plenty of victuals. we will not hearken unto thee. basalt figures of Isis!'" (Isis. and at Noph. we have wanted all things. ye. neither they. In Isis Unveiled. H. to burn incense unto the queen of heaven. saying. her devotees carried into the new priesthood the former badges of their profession. answered Jeremiah. and poured out drink offerings unto her. symbols. titles. omitting. Isis was perhaps the most popular goddess in the Eternal City. in the cities of Judah. In the first century BC. Rhodes. so highly reverenced in certain French cathedrals. to Malta and Sicily. including Britain: her only rival was Mithras. Because of their wickedness which they have committed to provoke me to anger. in that they went to burn incense. the Egyptian goddess. to Rome.the very terms applied afterwards to that personage (the Virgin Mary) who succeeded to her form. along with the entire body of Catholic tradition. Cyril of Alexandria became the Bishop of Alexandria. . rites. and all the women that stood by. we. as we have done. saying. and have been consumed by the sword and by the famine.P.. {See: Mystery Babylon the Great: Catholic or Jewish?} "Immaculate is our Lady Isis. Blavatsky wrote: ". unfortunately. finally. and no man dwelleth therein. Virgo." (195:41. a great multitude. to Asia Minor.. without our men? Jer. and to pour out drink offerings unto her. can be traced to the worship of Isis in Egypt. and in the country of Pathros.commanded them to go with their countrymen to Babylon. But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goeth forth out of our own mouth. and to pour out drink offerings unto her.. our kings..15-19 Here it is apparent that the worship of the Mother Goddess. did we make her cakes to worship her. behold.Corinth. the worship of the Virgin Mary in the Roman Catholic Church. nor your fathers. The 'Black Virgins'. the obligation to celibacy. Crete. under the appellation of Isis. Thus. spread from Egypt into Israel and from Israel to the centers of the Roman Empire: "The cult of Isis was widespread in the Egypt of the dynastic period. and to serve other gods.proved. the tonsure.. had openly embraced the cause of Isis. . the Bishop of Alexandria. The prophet Jeremiah specifically admonished the Jews in Egypt for their worship of the Mother Goddess: The word that came to Jeremiah concerning all the Jews which dwell in the land of Egypt. and upon all the cities of Judah. even all the people that dwelt in the land of Egypt. and our fathers.Cyril. the Black Virgin: 921) In 412 A. Samos and other islands in the Aegean.. Thus saith the LORD of hosts.. And when we burned incense to the queen of heaven. to many parts of mainland Greece . this day they are a desolation.. and were well. and ceremonies. which dwell at Migdol. Then all the men which knew that their wives had burned incense unto other gods. in Pathros. and. when at last critically examined. and. the God of Israel. But since we left off to burn incense to the queen of heaven. Ye have seen all the evil that I have brought upon Jerusalem. to Cyprus. and the surplice. from which her cult spread to the furthest limits of the Roman Empire. As for the word that thou hast spoken unto us in the name of the LORD. and had anthropomorphized her into Mary.(Star Lore: 920) In fact. and pour out drink offerings unto her.. and our princes.. 44:1-3. Syria and Palestine. the frequent ablutions prescribed by the ancient creed. Argos and Thessaly amongst them. the mother of God. and at Tahpanhes.. From Egypt it spread northwards to Phoenicia. whom they knew not.D..

not on Christology. However. valiantly combated the Arian heresy which challenged the divinity of Jesus Christ. Nestorius and the Nestorians were exiled to the Persian Empire and become the Assyrian Orthodox Church of the East. Isis. whose philosophy and culture were. The Council of Ephesus condemned the Nestorian heresy but approved the veneration of the Virgin Mary as "Theotokos" ---the God-Bearer or Mother of God. once that power had been exercised on Nestorius. In her article on Mariology." (Mariology: 849) Even the trappings of monasticism that found a home in Roman Catholicism originated in the asceticism that was prevalent in Egypt. without the backing of the majority. Mother of God'. It is clearly documented that Nestorius. may have been another dialectical operation. the church had gained power. Yet with the reign of Constantine. who shared in the divinity of her son. (Catholic Encyclopedia: 548) Following his victory over the heresiarch Arius and the . in his emphasis on the reality of the humanity of Jesus. became the prototype of the 'hermit' monk.Vol. was declared a heretic and exiled because he rejected the popular title given to Mary (Mother of God). In his autobiography. Keri Mills posited that the issue driving the great Nestorian controversy was really the doctrine of Mary rather than the doctrine of Christ: "Catholics claim that no serious question was raised about Mary's sinlessness after the Council of Ephesus in AD 431 which declared Mary to be 'God bearer. the path had been cleared for Mary to be transformed from the "Mother of God" to a deity in the image of the Mother Goddess. he insisted that he did not oppose the title 'God-bearer' because he denied the Godhead of Christ. The Council of Nicea in 321 A. in fact the paradox remains clear to this day that Jesus the son of Mary pre-existed Mary. Mother of God' was to declare that God could be born of a woman. derived from the occult traditions of the pre-Flood civilization. and so no serious questions would be raised outwardly. with the same purpose to refute heretical thinking. Parents pre-exist their children. in what appears to have been a classic dialectical operation. that Christ was two persons or 'two sons' the son of Mary and the son of God. Athanasius also used that council as an opportunity to incorporate in the canons of the Church the requirement of celibacy for Christian leaders. Hermes or Thoth. The church would claim that Nestorius made it appear.D. What is not explained is the reason why no questions (according to the RCC) were raised after the council. like Egypt. Interestingly. a demi-god from the pre-flood civilization of Atlantis. yet Mary a mortal woman could not pre-exist God. Nestorius was refuting heretical ideas that Christ was not flesh. as Bishop of Alexandria. Athanasius (296-373 AD). a disciple of the apostle John and bishop of Antioch. Cyril wrote passionately and voluminously against the Nestorian heresy.II) During his bishopric. and yet he is not declared a heretic. only deity. Nestorius was declared a heretic based on power politics and his denial of Mary as God-bearer. There St. He insisted that calling Mary 'God-bearer. as the heavenly Father is his Father according to his divine nature (To the Ephesians)'. the writings of Ignatius. and was largely instrumental in having it condemned at the Council of Ephesus in 431. but rather to distinguish that Jesus was a genuine human being born with a body and soul. 'Mary is presented as Mother of Christ according to his human nature. declared a similar thought. dating back to Hermes Trismegestis. However. The Third Ecumenical Council was held at Ephesus in Greece. Horus. bishop of Constantinople.

It was through the establishment of monasteries that the Merovingian Jews. THE PRIEURÉ DE SION In the thoroughly pagan milieu of Alexandria. a pernicious teaching which influenced many devout Christians to seek Christ in monasteries and convents.D. Part 3: 636) The Society of Ormus would eventually relocate to Italy [Ordre de Sion] which may have been formed earlier.D. Mark. twenty-nine years before the First Crusade.. He purified the Egyptian Rites. There Ormus changed its name to the "Ordre de Sion" and the monks were given a tract of land owned by one Bernard of Clairvaux. "The 'Prieuré documents' imply that.. in 1070 A. 46. Holy Grail. St.Arians. which became the Ordre de Sion. the founder of the Rosicrucians was one Ormesius. the Society of Ormus. To this society the Essenes and Therapeutae joined themselves. however. Bernard. Many of the popes were Merovingian monks who forced masses of European Jews to convert to Roman Catholicism. move to territory in France owned by Godfroi de Bouillon.. In the Gnostic theology of abbey existed by 1100 and housed an order of the. and conserved the Masonic Secrets. According to Gérard de Sède this band of monks was led by an individual called Ursus—a name the 'Prieuré documents' consistently associate with the Merovingian bloodline. carrying his disciples with him. a Merovingian. each member wearing a red cross. also wrote of the Rule of the Templars. began to infiltrate and mold the theology and practices of the Roman Catholic Church... (See: Mystery Babylon the Great: Catholic or Jewish?) We believe it will be from the monastic movement that the False Prophet.. Athanasius traveled throughout Europe promoting monasticism and asceticism. with the result that the Church incorporated traditions from both Judaism. Although the religious orders had the outward appearance of spiritual piety. who had been converted by St.. part of Godfroi de Bouillon's domains. [A]t Orval. will rise to prominence and power as the Antichrist's right hand man. As a false convert. According to Holy Blood. they were often. in A. not far from Stenay.... It is known that in 1070. the first Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion. Egypt and establish the monastic society which was the original "Order of the Rosy Cross": "According to Baron de Westerode. then became the Prieuré de Sion. Ormesius would synthesize Christianity with the paganism of Alexandria. only ascetics were considered the Bride of Christ. Gnostics allege that Ormesius was a convert of St. and reconciled them with Christianity. and founded the Society of ORMUS.. whose forefathers were the Alexandrian Gnostics. fronts for occult as well as homosexual/lesbian activity. enforced celibacy and monastic life have borne evil fruit throughout the centuries is evident in the rampant sexual perversion of the Roman Catholic priesthood and hierarchy. at Alexandria. the Talmud and the . Mark.. where Dagobert II had been assassinated some five hundred years earlier. such conversions are a common modus operandi of infiltrators with hidden agendas. That asceticism. a specific band of monks from Calabria in southern Italy arrived in the vicinity of the Ardennes Forrest." (Antiquities of the Illuminati. He is credited with introducing monasticism specifically to the Romans and Germans. an Egyptian priest and magus by the name of Ormesius founded the monastic Society of Ormus. who was the founder of the Cistercian Order of monks. or of the Light. The members of this society included the Therapeutae of Alexandria and the Essenes of Qumran—apostate Jews who had embraced the Neo-Platonist doctrine of the lost continent of Atlantis. however.

D. At the same time. According to Nodier this 'supreme' secret society is called the Philadelphes. but also the name .' And the M that forms the frame enclosing the other letters is not only an M but also the astrological sign for Virgo—connoting.. the Merovingian Jews in collusion with Pope Urban II. he adds. "". What is ORUS? ORUS is a corrupted form of Horus." (937) According to Holy Blood. The device for 'Ormus'. that in fact presides over all others. and its glyph. much like in the Golden Dawn Adeptus Minor Ceremony. adopting the one which has allegedly obtained to the present—the Prieuré de Sion.. an echo.. Orme is French for 'elm. however. not only the name of the King of the Franks. Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion from 1801-1884. but IACCHUS. ASI. that Urban was not the first Merovingian pope.abbey was established to house the monks. also a Merovingian. French Prior of Cluny (Reformed Benedictines) becomes the pope.... or Rosicrucians. who ruled 888 to 898 and considered one of the antecedent kings of the Capetian House of France. An article titled The Merovingian Infiltration of the Christian World Through Monasticism confirms what we have long suspected.. launched the First Crusade.. averred that this secret order presided over a global network of secret societies: "There are a great many secret societies in operation. As a kind of subtitle it is said to have adopted the curious name 'Ormus. he speaks of 'the oath which forbids me to make them known under their social name.' Nevertheless there is a hint of Sion. is 'gold.. APOPHIS. Ormus.. It is said to have called itself L'Ordre de la Rose-Croix Veritas. in the form of a cross: ". By 1108 they had mysteriously disappeared. Urban was of the 'Eudes' family. namely. as subsequently became apparent.. and OSIRIS.. ―1088: Urban II.. in the language of medieval iconography. of course. which stood for Horus.[was] the name allegedly adopted by the Prieuré de Sion between 1188 and 1307." 31:123.' This subtitle was supposedly used until 1306—a year before the arrest of the French Templars.mysterious Abbey of Orval. only IAO stands not for ISIS. Eudes.[is] where our research suggested the Prieuré de Sion may have had its inception. Notre Dame.. and ORUS. and is used in Crowley's 5th Degree Ritual for the OTO. The glyph is as follows: ORUS.. for older browsers: this is OR + Virgo Sign + US. Virgo and ORUS.. Holy Grail. His Rose-Croix ritual includes an analysis of the Keyword. had become one of the fiefs owned by Saint Bernard.involves a kind of acrostic or anagram which combines a number of key words and symbols. Nodier declares... Orval. But there is one. the Virgo Sign in the standard font.122) The signature of the Prieuré de Sion incorporated the sign of Virgo [] with the four letters ORUS. the name Ormus.said to have modified its name. but the 6th in a succession of French Merovingian popes beginning in 999 A. Ours means 'bear' in French— Ursus in Latin.. of Dagobert II and the Merovingian dynasty. "In 1188 the Ordre de Sion is....." (31:152) In 1099. Ormus evolved into the Order of the Prieuré de Sion of the Rosy Cross: "One is intended to see in Ormus the origins of the so-called Rose-Croix. that is.' Or. by 1131.185 Charles Nodier. And in 1188 the Prieuré de Sion is said to have adopted a second subtitle in addition to Ormus." (31:113. [note. "Wingdings"] "What is this? Ormus. that takes precedence over all others..consider the device of the Priory of SION.

first Dynasty of French kings. Counts of Razes. the Prince of Orange.‖ The pretext for the First Crusade—recovery of the Temple treasures and sacred sites—concealed the real motive of the Merovingians. Counts of Toulouse. as King of Jerusalem! Aquitaine is so-named on maps of Second Century Roman Empire and comprised then. founded by Herod Antipas. nine Knights Crusaders in the East. Counts of Barcelona. among whom were Geoffroi de Saint-Omer and Hugues de Payens. Eudes I the RED of Burgundy who acceded 1079. Septimania was the area that was later known as the Languedoc. great grandson of Hugh Capet. the whole area from Languedoc. is the pope who will call the first Crusades resulting in the crowning of a direct lineal descendant of Guillem de Gellone. which was to rebuild the ancient Temple of Solomon. and where there was a large population of Cathar Jews who were given independent status by Pepin. Hugh I of Burgundy. the Duke of Aquitaine in 1012 was Eudes of Aquitaine ! And Aquitaine and Septimania are extremely significant : ―It happens that Septimania (Languedoc) is exactly where the Jesus-Magdalene heresy flourished. named Godfroi de Bouillon. Absalom died when his long hair got caught in branches in the forest during the Coup. had abdicated to become the Prior of Cluny! Now something is very amiss here ! Is this just coincidence? Both were sons of Henry of Burgundy who married Sibylle of Barcelona. consecrated themselves to religion. Dukes of Guise. Duke of Lorraine. Confusing this issue. these kings also claimed to be of Merovingian descent . (2 Sam:18:9) And the Merovingians. each acknowledged as 'King of the Jews'. but not confusing when one realizes that Jesus was of the House of David and Mary Magdalene was from the town Magdala. were the Long Haired Kings!! ―The details of the separate kingdom of Septimania were erased from history books. home of their mother. Carolingian King. and took an oath between the hands of the Patriarch of Constantinople.of the Royal Capetian line of Burgundy. South France. descendant of the Eudes of Septimania and Cluny Prior. 4 miles from Tiberius. most famous of whom was Guillem de Gellone. who was an Edomite descendant of Esau with whom Benjaminites married. who was the son of Hugh Capet. was part of the Spanish March connected to Septimania and. here too. Absolom. had a rebel following who would have joined the Benjaminite cause. who pulled a coup d‘etat on his own father in an attempt to take his throne. to Poitou and Anjou. David‘s son. pp 368-371) And it was precisely a Duke of Aquitaine who founded Cluny! Thus. Additionally. for now Urban II. but the descendant bloodlines were apparently the 'heretical Royal Bloodlines' as : Dukes of Aquitaine. NINE years before Urban (Eudes) became pope. Dukes of Lorraine. Septimania now becomes extremely important. Henry was son of Robert I of Burgundy. In Chapter XXX. Thence their own kings ruled as: 'seed of the Royal House of David'. . Barcelona. Albert Pike wrote of the Crusader Knights of the Temple: "In 1118. a See always secretly or openly hostile to that of Rome from the time of Photius. And Eudes the Red acceded in that specific year because his brother. (HBHB. Counts of Auvergne. The avowed objective of the Templars was to protect the Christians who came to visit the Holy Places: their secret object was the re-building of the Temple of Solomon on the model prophesied by Ezekiel. ―Knight Kadosh‖ of Morals and Dogma.

Counts of Fontaine. St Clair de Neg and the Hapsburgs. "The Templars. meaning Builder and Builders. became the Chief Builder of the Haikal Kadosh. it is easy to see how the First Crusade provided these families with a 'God-given' opportunity to return to their Holy Temple to recover the treasure that was their birthright . descended from the Jewish lines of David and Aaron. and privy to the greatest secret this side of heaven. yet each of them must have had at least one male member who held the traditional history of their high-born Jewish roots close to his heart. as Pythagore de Crotone was into Peter Gower of Groton in England. re-built and consecrated to the Catholic worship would become. the Holy House. The Knight of the East.. the members of the Rex Deus families group were almost certainly fully Christianised.. St. the Warrior-Masons of Zorobabel.. in the Bible. making the Kabalistic pantacle known by the name of the Cross of the East. in effect. (a name mis-rendered into Hiram) from an artificer in brass and other metals. Therefore it was that the Sword and the Trowell were the insignia of the Templars. adopted by way of secret reference to the Builders of the Second Temple. In The Second Messiah. Clairs of Roslin. or possible even just after. descendants of the very first Church.. who subsequently. the history books record that [Pope Urban II's] leadership marked the papacy's assumption of the leadership of Western Christendom. Lords of Gisors. and the Knight of the East and West. and the words Bonai and Banaim yet appear in the Masonic Degrees.." A secondary objective of the Knights Templar may have been to deposit the Merovingian "Holy Grail" cache at Jerusalem. of the Temple... "Indeed. The Temple of Solomon.] "The trowel of the Templars is quadruple. St Clair de Gisor. had become the secret dream of the Patriarchs of the Orient.and it would be done at exactly the same time that the Jewish writer of the Gospel of John the Divine had predicted! The Rex Deus families were at the forefront of the .of each family. They were a silent elite — 'the kings of God'. formally predicted by the Judaizing Mystics of the earlier ages.. concealed themselves under the name of Brethren Masons. the Metropolis of the Universe. the fall of the Temple. "If the Rex Deus group did exist. They had passed down the knowledge of the artifacts concealed within the Temple to a chosen son. Counts of Anjou. Brienne.. have in their titles secret allusions of whom they were at first the successors. Lords of Payen. who had escaped from Jerusalem shortly before. Freres Macons in the French. or Poor Fellow-Soldiery of the Holy House of the Temple intended to be rebuilt. holding the sword in one hand and the trowel in the other. No doubt they saw themselves as 'super-Christians'. Khairum or Khur-um. authors Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas identify the Merovingian Rex Deus families which conspired with the Merovingian pope—truly a Jewish fifth column within the Catholic Church—to recapture the Holy Land: "The picture that was emerging was of a group of European noble families. [This name. was corrupted in English into Free-Masons. took as their models. Joinville. and the triangular plates of it are arranged in the form of a cross. and the Patriarchs of Constantinople would possess themselves of the Papal power. de Bouillon. Chaumont. Some of the families involved were the Counts of Champagne. the East would prevail over the West. "By 1095. who worked. as will be seen. These artifacts will probably be "discovered" in the future as "proof" of Merovingian claims of their "divine" blood."This re-building.

I know the location and so do the authors of Holy Blood. when the New World Order is solidified the relics will be taken out.. someone's bones. the king was not persuaded." (96:79-83) In his book Behold a Pale Horse. The relics are hidden in France.. Baldwin I died at the age of sixty (presumably of natural causes) and his cousin was rapidly crowned King Baldwin II of Jerusalem.. In 1118. including His bones! We wondered for some time how Cooper knew this. Most of all I am amazed at their inability to put the puzzle together. nine French knights were camped on the site of Herod's stables.[the Rex Deus group] told Baldwin [King of Jerusalem] that they wanted to post a small contingent of knights in Jerusalem to carry out some exploratory digging under the pretext of being. the non-Rex Deus leaders were quickly removed and the families infiltrated the Jerusalem monarchy and the Church. Underlying Cooper's belief in this heresy is his rejection of the death. the last remaining pieces of the Cross of Crucifixion. the robe of Jesus. "Once the Christian armies had secured Jerusalem.. and will. and whether Jesus actually died or if he survived and produced a child. Not only did William Cooper claim to know what the relics of Jesus are... I can tell you that the reality of the bones will shake the world to its very foundations if I have been told the truth. will be united with the Spear of Destiny.. Unfortunately... It may also explain Hitler's desperate search for their hiding place during World War II. William Cooper stated that the real treasure the Templars absconded with was not the Temple artifacts. according to legend. which are hidden in a location known only to them. Holy Grail. and every Crusade. If they believe. "According to members of the intelligence community.First. This may confirm beliefs passed down through the ages that describe the significance of these relics when united in the hands of one man. I am amazed at the authors of Holy Blood. Many myths surround the Knights Templar concerning these relics. the remains of the Cross of Crucifixion.. If my sources are correct.. The treasure hidden in France is not the treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem. The Order set for itself the goal of preserving and recording the bloodline of Jesus and the House of David. the robe of Jesus.. Holy Grail and the information that they have unearthed. and most myths throughout history have at least some basis in fact. but relics pertaining to Jesus Christ. the Knights Templar survive today as a branch of the Illuminati and guard the relics. give the world's ruler absolute power. 51:75-6) .in 1114. but they do not know that they know—or do they?" (Behold a Pale Horse.. Through every means available to them. you will be affected. Medieval scholars have long wondered why it should be that the same families drove all of the Crusades for their entire duration. and. the Prieuré de Sion had found and retrieved the remaining relics. Within weeks. according to my sources.guardians of the highways for pilgrims. "The Knights Templar were founded sometime during the 11th century in Jerusalem by the Prieuré de Sion for the express purpose of guarding the remaining relics of Jesus and to provide military protection for the religious travelers during their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. and now we had a possible answer. to ensure that they would not be blocked in the holy endeavor of the 'Kings of God' to regain what their ancestors had left for them. The world was told their mission was to save the Christian pilgrims from the evil Muslim bandits... ". but where they are hidden. It is the Holy Grail itself.. "The Prieuré de Sion was a religious order founded upon Mount Sion in Jerusalem. Again I must remind you that it makes not one iota of difference what you believe. resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ: "One of the greatest secrets of the ages is the true story of the Holy Grail. but their true mission was to locate and rescue the scrolls and treasures of the Jerusalem Church.

. died in 1940.. the epoch during which Christianity decked itself with 'a display of white churches'. "1020. held ceremonies of initiation in this crypt.Behold a Pale Horse. for this was the time when after a labour lasting five centuries the Benedictine abbeys succeeded in constituting a corps. Gun Alfred Leslie Lilley. Bernard's Cistercian Order. a lay brotherhood of builders.. 66) "The nine Knights were sent out by Bernard the Cistercian. Source of this priest: another priest Anglican. wrongly.. Following the dissolution of the Templars in 1307. from the Cistercian Order. the Prieuré de Sion carried on quietly mainstreaming the Black Virgin. which had contacts with the modernistic catholic movement (based at the beginning with St-Sulpice). The whole gothic formula derives from the Cistercians and the 'Conipagnons des Devoirs'—heirs of the builders of gothic cathedrals—make no mystery that they derive their characteristic 'feature'." (Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral." (948) Meanwhile. gothic was born at Citeaux. so below'. That many legends of the period connect the twelfth-century Black Virgins with an earlier miraculous origin dating from the Merovingian period raises potentially disquieting religio-political questions.who came to build and teach in Normandy. [was] no guarantee of the orthodoxy of their cult. affiliated to the Order.were mainly the work of the 'Children of Solomon'—a guild of masons instructed by St. the Knights Templar were involved in the financing and otherwise lending support to the building of over 1. back in Europe.. "After the abbeys. like with Emile Hoffet.926) . will be the undoing of Christianity.that the treasure of Rennes is not material but that it contains the formal proof that the crucifixion did not take place and that Jesus was still alive in the year 45 (?!?!?).. relics which would disprove the divinity of Jesus Christ. many in honor of the Black Virgin. Laurence Gardner wrote in Bloodline of the Holy Grail of the astrological configuration of the French cathedrals: "In accordance with the Hermetic principle of 'As above.. to which they could appeal for protection if necessary. a more exact designation would be 'the lower church'. manufacture.} The 'Notre Dame' cathedrals. "The legendary origin of so many statuettes in the baggage trains of returning crusaders. their descriptive geometry. the combined ground-plan of the Notre Dame cathedrals replicates the Virgo constellation. the Benedictines were able to put lay builders at the disposal of the secular church. often under the direction of monastic mastercraftsmen. the crypt... This was a notable epoch in Romanesque architecture. The Prieuré obviously plans to produce. at least 'Children of Solomon'." (272:13) During medieval times.e. A French website maintains that this is the famed secret of Rennes le Chateau: ". There is a tradition that the builders' guilds. Holy Grail and the multitude of Grail publications all claim that the future revelation of the treasure of Rennes le Chateau. where they trained their workmen. especially when they happened to be Templars. i. {See The Virgo Cathedrals of Northern France for this configuration... particularly in France. the French village where the Prieuré de Sion deposited the Templars' Grail cache.000 churches and cathedrals throughout Europe.. indispensable for the erection of gothic monuments. Holy Blood." (29:264.beneath the aisles and choir of [Chartres Cathedral] called. ".

from whose female line the Merovingians emerged were associated with Grecian Arcadia before migrating to the Rhineland. As previously stated.. the full name of the Prieuré is the Order of the Prieuré Notre Dame de Sion.e. was murdered in 679. in reality. From this bloodline—whose blasphemous claims of divinity refer to intermarriage between the pre-flood demons and the daughters of men—issued a truly Satanic dynasty of kings.. the Light-Bearer. and its chief aim seems always to have been the restoration of the Merovingian blood-line to the throne.. In this connection Plantard mentions that one of the most important acts of Dagobert. As we have seen. god of the sea and founder of Atlantis. near to Stenay. he was nonetheless said by the historian Priscus to have been sired by an arcane sea creature. Dagobert II.. though it is not quite either. the Bistea Neptunis. the eponymous goddess of the Ardennes. a god of old Arcadia. Former Grand Master of the Prieuré. has identified Notre Dame as Our Lady of the Light. Although the rightful son of Clodion. they called themselves the Newmage — 'People of the New Covenant'.The Black Virgin was. i. According to the author of Bloodline of the Holy Grail: "Despite the carefully listed genealogies of his time. who was christened in Alexandria as Mary Magdalene. a secret society which does not spurn the right sort of publicity. Lucifer. worshipped Cybele as Diana of the Nine Fires. between the Black Virgin sites of Orval. a worshiper of the virgin goddess Diana of the Nine Fires. The Black Virgin. The immortal sea-lord was said to be 'ever-incarnate in a . just as the Essenes of Qumran had once been known. Avioth and Mezièrres. "There exists in France an organization that has been in continuous existence since the twelfth century. a political grouping with specific aims that is also interested in ancient esoteric wisdom and hidden mysteries. Virgo. the Great Mother Goddess known to the Egyptians as Isis. the worship of the Black Virgin. where the Merovingian king and saint. was sired by a 'beast of the sea'— Neptune. Its full name is the Order of the Prieuré Notre Dame de Sion. It is also passionately concerned with the cult of the Black Virgin and has a remarkable record of equal rights for women. Pierre Plantard de Saint Clair. the Merovingians boast that the founder of their dynasty. The relevant sea-lord was King Pallas.. the heritage of Meroveus was strangely obscured in the monastic annals. ancestors of the Frankish Merovingians. points circumstantially to a link between the two cults. The huge idol to Diana/Arduina which once towered over Carignan. is reported as saying that the Sicambrians. the raison d'être of the Prieuré de Sion is the restoration of the Merovingian dynasty as the royalty of Europe and eventually to a position of world supremacy. is Isis and her name is Notre-Dame de Lumière. King Meroveus. that has some features both of an order of chivalry and of a religious order. The Sicambrian Franks. when he acceded to the throne after his Irish exile.. Pierre Plantard. he insists. in north-east France. It was the Arcadian legacy that was responsible for the mysterious sea beast—the Bistea Neptunis— as symbolically defined in the Merovingian ancestry. "The Grand Master of the Prieuré 1981-4. 272:14) As stated by Ean Begg. or as Arduina. was to continue the ancient tradition of Gaul." (Cult of the Black Virgin. According to The Cult of the Black Virgin.

is represented mythologically as the was the traditional symbol of Jesus. is merely an anagram of Cain.' Grant writes as a footnote.' Couldn't Makaru be a form of Merovee who spawned the Merovingians..Rev.. the key vibration of the plane of the Elder Gods.. the infernal of the two. whose twin was Abel according to occult belief. writing of Crowley's Seal of the Beast. Enki." (571) It was originally from Cain. Crowley's personal seal was of a sea goat. the Merovingian race was sired by the Nephilim—that demonically-bred race of giants which God destroyed in the Flood. who was appointed by Aleister 'The Beast' Crowley to succeed him as Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Orientis: "The Nephilim were banished to the center of the earth for disobeying God by mating with the daughters of men and teaching them the 'forbidden' arts. and upon his horns ten crowns. Grant says.. This also reminds us of the twins or brother gods in Sumeria called Enki and Enlil. Makaru or as the crocodile. 'The waters under the earth. ".. represents Set and Enlil represents Horus (although in this context Enlil would also be Osiris. . Neptune." (29:166." (571) "The Eye Over the Throne was a hieroglyph used in Egypt and Sumeria to denote the world monarchy of the Atlantean Gods. "The mortal world spreads east and west and the land of le invisibles lies above and below it in the vertical dimensions of height and depths.. the twin brother of Enlil.. and Cain was a very bad boy. Enki is associated with Cain.. Horus and Set. banished Nephilim below. Set kills Osiris as Enki kills Enlil. Grant.the Merovingian race was sired by a water beast known as the Quinotaur. and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.175) And I stood upon the sand of the sea. That the Merovingian bloodline is associated with the subterranean race that inhabits earth's center (Hell) is confirmed by DragonKey Press.Writing of the Great Old Ones or Elder Gods from Lovecraftian lore. and who is said to be one of the eldest ancestors of the Grail family. obviously he was one of these 'kings'. Since here it is called 'Kingu'.Enki has been associated with Set. 13:1 Not only was Meroveus sired by the sea beast. and was sired himself from a sea-bull? Tracy Twyman has already written of the connections between Lovecraft's Necronomicon Mythos and the Merovingians in her article Dead But Dreaming: The Great Old Ones of Lovecraftian Legend Reinterpreted as Sumerian/Atlantean Kings.. ". whose name is the root from which the word 'king' comes. having seven heads and ten horns. whose descendants intermarried with the Nephilim. Enki was an infernal god that has been identified. perhaps related etymologically to 'Cain'. says: 'The beast is the sea-goat or amphibious monster identical with Cthulhu. It's best to keep this in mind when studying this type of material. Enki. ".. 'The letter M." (922) .. north and south.dynasty of ancient kings' whose symbol was a fish ..who is also Satan. that the Grail race descended. in this publication. and saw a beast rise up out of the sea. This Quinotaur took the form of a sea-bull. the Quinotaure or Bull of the Deep. In this publication the Nephilim have been identified as the Fathers of the Merovingians.' Is this a reference to the race of the Grail?.' This ties in with the Book of Enoch and the Hosts above and the fallen.. home of the 'ancestors' or subconscious atavisms of the race.) In ancient mythologies names and stories can be switched and one god can also be an attribute of another. as siring the Merovingian race. where a review is posted of a book by Kenneth Grant. As it has been shown in another article of this publication. the beast of the waters..

" The Necronomicon. each of which had a particular 'energy' or 'plain of existence' associated with it. beings and monsters which dwell in the Abyss. furnish them with weapons. conceived of the ancient Atlantean gods or Nephilim as possessing supernatural power. says that this power comes from the stars. in much the same way that Monty Python and the Society for Creative Anachronism have kept alive the Grail myth for these same teenagers.. the gods of ancient Sumeria and Atlantis. . being able to resurrect from the dead only when the stars were in a certain position. According to that informative article. including intermarriage with the gods: "The history or 'fables' about the mysterious Telchines—fables echoing each and all the archaic events of our esoteric teachings—furnish us with a key to the origin of Cain's genealogy (Genesis.. as the Cainites were by that of Jehovah?" (897:391) Dagobert's Revenge recommends Tracy Twyman's "Dead But Dreaming: The Great Old Ones of Lovecraftian Legend Reinterpreted as Sumerian/Atlantean Kings" for information about the Atlantean gods. were still to be found as Cyclopean stones on islands in the Pacific. of the human psyche. by a person called the 'Mad Arab'. Abdul Alhazred. This book. the Nephilim preserved their occult traditions within the oath-bound secret societies which are now programming the younger generation to accept the Grail mythology as true. ch.P. A. Remains of them. and like ancient man himself. the Atlantean god-kings purposely associated themselves with the stars and the planets. which has given birth to a cornucopia of role-playing and computer games. taking on the personifications of planets and constellations." (922) Twyman quotes The Necronomian. who foretell that. and brought their images with them. has been passed down through the ages.. like Enoch. Rosicrucians. but there were arts which could revive them when the stars had come round again to the right positions in the cycle of eternity. Were not the Telchines—it is argued—the mysterious ironworkers of Rhodes. will be the opportune time for performing blood rituals to effect the resurrection of these 'sleeping' gods and their human offspring: "'There had been eons when other things ruled on the Earth. who preserved and carried on the occult traditions of Cain. not only to the Masons. "The Secret Doctrine given to the elite castes of mankind by the Nephilim or the 'Annunaki'. and they had had great cities. Templars. the Nephilim. that these beings in fact had come from the stars themselves. he said the deathless Chinaman had told him. when the stars are rightly positioned in the heavens. and. according to the mythos. and Outer Space.). This energy could be further manipulated by the prayers and rituals of the cult members who are loyal to the Great Old Ones.According to Blavatsky. "a volume written in Damascus in the Eighth Century. contains the formulae for evoking incredible things into visible appearance.D. and makes it responsible for the Deluge. and seemed to be metaphysically affected by the movement of the stars. and men with magic arts? And is it not they who were destroyed by a deluge at the command of Zeus. They all died vast epochs of time before man came. "Likewise. Ham. and his descendants. They had indeed come themselves from the stars.] Lovecraft/Necronomicon lore. who will rise again when the stars are in the right position. after the Flood it was Noah's son. like Enoch. and other fraternal orders which perpetuate the tradition. or "Book From the Dead" consists of messages from the ancient gods of Lemuria and Atlantis. they give the reason why the Roman Catholic Church identifies 'the accursed blood' of Cain and Ham with Sorcery. but also to the teenage geeks and D & D 'gamers' of today via the [H. they who were the first to raise statues to the gods. iii.' "Lovecraft.

Allah. and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being . it was not explicitly stated anywhere that this blood was in fact Jesus. Indeed. the New World Order.. Yeshu. "Writers examining the lives of Christ and Mary Magdalen in search of clues to the Grail mystery have been left with more questions than answers.. the Prieuré de Sion also alleges to have "incontrovertible proof" of Merovingian descent from Jesus Christ and His continuing bloodline. like it belongs on the face of a dragon. Yahweh." (Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult) 'THE MOTHER PRECEDES THE SON' ". Such a resurrection is also described in Aleister Crowley's The Book of the Law when he writes about the coming 'Age of Horus' and the return of the rule of the gods. "The rise of R'lyeh." (922) Alice Bailey associated the Grail bloodline with the sign of Virgo: "Virgo itself is a cup-shaped constellation. "while the Merovingian royal blood was credited with a sacred. Ouranos. or Lord of the Deep Waters.. He was a deified king named IA. or Leviathan. and has been working to reestablish the power of the Merovingian dynasty. and divine nature. The name IA served as the basis of god-names from many other cultures." (Virgo) And there appeared a great wonder in heaven. "The first king of Sumeria was also the first god of Sumeria. is clearly a symbol of this newly-risen kingdom of Atlantis. Janus. as well as their offspring. Leigh and Lincoln have admitted. the human 'kings'. Not a single one of the crucial clues relating to the Grail mystery can be satisfactorily explained in terms of orthodox Christianity. it would appear that the Grail story was Christianized precisely to conceal a legacy that was wholly unchristian. 'watched over' (as in 'the Watchers') by the All-Seeing Eye. or Cthulhu. miraculous.. The Eye in the Pyramid on our dollar bill. Uranus.and wish to see their kingdom rise again. Oannes. in its highest meaning the Holy Grail. Ianus. Ihah. the Golden Age. and the moon under her feet. in much the same way that Masons. but its legacy is not to be found within the context of the religion founded in his name. including (but not limited to) Jah. even Baigent. a woman clothed with the sun.the constellation Virgo. an Essene adept who saves by giving gnosis rather than shedding his blood—and Mary Magdalene (the holy grail or womb which bore this other Jesus' children) are merely attempts to Christianize the demonic bloodline which will place Lucifer on the throne of this world... which in fact rises just before the star Arcturus.. It even looks reptilian. However. and. Jove. the New Atlantis. It is a legacy that goes back to Ia. and he was known as the Lord of the Flood. Undoubtedly the reason for this is due to the fact that the Holy Grail has virtually nothing to do with Christianity per se. this time over a world kingdom.these are all terms for the same resurrection of the ancient global kingdom of the gods. And those going over the Bible with a fine-toothed comb have come up equally empty-handed. Rosicrucians and other occultists today perform rituals in hope of bringing about the 'Great Work' called the 'New World Order'. Christ may have been a key figure in a long line of servants of the Grail.. the New Jerusalem. which represents the New World Order. and the mysterious race of which he was a descendant. and even the Apocalypse . a new Golden Age just like the one that covered the Antediluvian world when the Atlantean god-kings (whom they revere) ruled over the Earth directly. which could just as easily be the eye of Dagon. Jehovah.." Claims of direct descent from Jesus—who is at best another Jesus." Along with descent from immortal sea beasts.

. During the Renaissance. Ishtar. Exoterically the white virgin on the west facade is the Blessed Virgin Mary who gave birth two thousand years ago. the black virgin is the pregnant woman of the druid's vision. We greet her as the Victor in all the battles of God. see the left arch on a level with the twelve apostles. we greet Mary as the great sign in the heavens which precedes the coming of her Son. 12:1." Bishop Rudolph Graber. Chartres Cathedral was built on a sacred site in France where ancient Druids worshipped the Mother Goddess. initiates worshipped a replica of a Druidic statue known as the 'Virgini Pariturae' or 'the virgin about to give birth'. The Templar Chronicles calls the Virgini Pariturae "the Virgo who must give birth". its thoroughly pagan symbolism—Chartres Cathedral is known to occultists as the 'Golden Book' that reinstated the philosophy of classical Greece in the mainstream of Christian Europe. i. The statue in the underground chapel was also called Our Lady Under the Earth because the crypt. are difficult to recognize. but esoterically." (931) The photos below show 'Mary' in a position identical to the other Black Virgins we have seen above—enthroned and with a child on her lap. A World Heritage Site famous for its Gothic architecture—and. In the underground crypt of the cathedral. and pained to be delivered. Fatima Advancing Rapidly Towards Final Fulfillment (929) A New Easter? Of course. or rather between her thighs!! The Gemini figures. The feast of the Mother Goddess. because the mother always precedes the son. travailing in birth. she is the black virgin who was still pregnant with child. to the initiated. in conclusion. . Within its massive structure was housed a mystery school which operated as a theological academy for over two centuries. "The Druid's love of inner journeys and their visions inspired their prophesies about the woman that would bring a saviour into the world. was believed to be connected to telluric powers. referring to gnosis. the underworld. . On the west front of Chartres Cathedral is featured in the tympanum of the right portal—the Gate of Birth—a statue identical to the Virgini Pariturae in the underground chamber.e.Rev. that medieval period when the occult traditions flooded Europe from the Mideast. We greet her as the one who at Fatima wanted to bring peace to the world if we fulfilled the demands of her maternal heart. This pregnant woman is the black madonna we often find in medieval shrines throughout Europe.2 "Thus. The cathedral expresses through 'sacred geometry' and astrological symbolism the Gnostic belief that "Man can compass his salvation by means of knowledge". where initiations took place. representing twins.. If the white virgin is the one who has already given birth.with child cried. The exterior icon was and still is venerated by the profane masses of Catholics as Mary. the 'Mother of God'. and as the Mother of the Church who will bring the Good Friday of the Church to an end and give it a new Easter.

Virgin and Christ Child Enthroned. but the archetypal goddesses of fertility and the 'feminine principle'.—a fertility symbol he called Virgini Pariturae. It was at Chartres that the Church adopted the veneration of the fireblackened. which means "the virgin about to give birth". female figurine which was worshipped at a Druidic sacred grotto at Carnutum. " (266:49. God before Time. Since Chartres was dedicated to the Sun-God. the veneration accorded to a fire-blackened. like most initiatory tribal cultures. According to authors Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins. which the official guide states categorically was used as an initiation chamber.. when the planets align in the same configuration as the cathedrals. the seven mystical cathedrals of Europe were deliberately founded on Druidic sites dedicated to planetary oracles. Incarnation of Christ. There is a prophecy that. now the modern city of Chartres.. The sacred site upon which Chartres Cathedral was erected was dedicated by the Druids to the Sun.. not Jesus . This statue does not represent Mary or the Biblical concept of womanhood. Druidic figurine Virgini Pariturae in the guise of the Black Madonna.. 1145-55. Left on arch: Gemini. "The Druids.Chartres Cathedral West Facade. Julius Caesar describes. the time of transition into the New Age will have arrived.163) The Virgin portrayed in the west facade of Chartres Cathedral is called the 'Virgini Pariturae'. the virgin about to give birth. the child of the sculpture is Horus. Right Portal. Throne of Wisdom. A medieval replica of the Druidic figure is found in the crypt. woshipped the principle of the Eternal Feminine as the source of all fertility. Rosslyn: Guardian of the Secrets of the Holy Grail. in de Bello Gallico. a sign of the Zodiac The occult symbolism of this most famous of the medieval cathedrals is discussed in the Masonic book.

spun upon itself in a mad whirl. It is the same Gnostic principle which Bishop Graber and the present Pope fundamentally espouse. seemed all at once to loosen itself from the . which had been a focus of worship at Chartres in pre-Christian times. one of the major and most pervasive aspects of modern Catholicism. which supposedly achieved the highest level of civilization ever known to man.and whirling wildly. They then fell into the theological trap by calling Mary the 'Second Eve'. Pope John Paul II is expecting a manifestation of Mary similar to the 'Miracle of the Sun' at Fatima.. 1917. Hopkins credit the Merovingian infiltrators for the stunning success of Mariolotry in Roman Catholicism: "It is ironic that Mariolotry... the pagan feminine archetype. Paul which described Jesus as the 'Second Adam'. should have been further strengthened by the spiritual understanding of hidden initiates in the Middle Ages. To avoid persecution and to enable this powerful symbol to exert its influence the statue was carved in the guise of Mary the Mother of God with the infant Jesus seated on her lap. Portugal on October 13. over her Son. On this occasion. It is known as Notre-Dame de Sous-Terre—Our Lady Under the Earth. The Church attempted to exert control over this Marian cult in its traditional manner by taking over pre-Christian forms of worship and sacred sites dedicated to various goddesses. A replica of this figurine was then carved in the place of honour above the main portal of the cathedral. ". Ishtar and Isis were adopted and given a Christian veneer. This form of veneration also incorporated the concept of Sophia the goddess of Wisdom. however. The following excerpt from Rosslyn reveals how Gnostic occultism engulfed Western Christendom through the occult infiltration of the Roman Church. corresponding to Lemuria. Roman Catholicism had at long last stumbled across the perfect answer to the problems posed by the ambiguities inherent in the title 'Mother of God'. As previously stated. the sun appearing as "a solar disc. There are.Christ.. viz.. (266:87-89) Wallace-Murphy and Ms. Cybele. one significant outcome of the Nestorian heresy was to give priority to the Mother Goddess. Early Christians had taken up the theology of St. The symbolism.." (266:89) The pagan principle of the eternal feminine asserts that the Mother Goddess ruled over the first age of earth. and the importance of the principle of the eternal feminine. that the divine feminine. so reviving the old pagan concept of the divine son/spouse relationship as found in the Ishtar and Tammuz cult of ancient Babylonia and in the worship of Isis and Osiris in Pharaonic Egypt. prayers and litanies associated with Demeter. masquerading as Mary. the virgin about to give birth. chronologically preceded and therefore gave divine life to her Son. In emphasizing Mary's role.we greet Mary as the great sign in the heavens which precedes the coming of her Son. which only the initiated fully understand.. revealing the very unity in nature which is the mainspring of creation. This symbolic representation of fertility and the archetypal feminine rests in the crypt of Chartres to this day. the Church was fulfilling a deep and long-felt need among its adherents by importing the pagan principle of the eternal feminine into the previously male-dominated and patriarchal realm of the Holy Trinity. "The revelations of the ancient mysteries brought about a deep insight into the laws of all natural phenomena. To commemorate this heretical and pagan concept. After many years of theological dispute with the Orthodox Church in the East.." Bishop Graber's prediction is generally construed as an apparition of Mary. they carved a replica of the Druidic statue 'Virgini Pariturae'. renaming them in honour of the Holy Virgin. the Mother of God.. esoteric connotations in Bishop Graber's statement.

D. full of names of blasphemy. scandalized the world with reports of homosexuality and pedophilia in its priesthood. October 13 in the year 1307 A.. control the news media which has sensationalized these scandals. Bishop Graber has predicted that a sign will precede the coming of Christ. . whose associations include Knight of Malta. advance threateningly upon the earth as if to crush us with its huge and fiery weight. and shall eat her flesh. 1917. the sun took on the appearance of a solar disk. the pagan messiah who will avenge the Knights Templars by destroying the Roman Catholic Church. Might the Fatima vision in 1917 have been a sign of the coming vengeance determined upon Rome by the Templars? Bishop Graber. may be sending an esoteric message that Virgo will be the sign in the heavens which will precede the coming of Horus.. Should another Fatima-type apparition occur in the sign of Virgo. and given that the secret societies.firmament and. Revelation 17:16 .) On October 13. which are under the oversight of the Prieuré de Sion. an ancient occult symbol of the sun. another such apparition displaying overtly occult phenomena would probably provide the death warrant needed to overthrow this Harlot Church which has. also the Moon was in Virgo. perhaps at Medjugorje." (938) Catholics believe that a recurrence of this miracle would vindicate the Catholic Church as the 'one true Church'.. And not just a sign. Peter Beyerhaus. blood red.. Although Roman Catholics perceive this apparition as a visitation of Mary. Since few people are aware of the Merovingian (Jewish) infiltration and takeover of the Roman Catholic Church or that celibacy. According to a published eye-witness account of the Fatima apparition. in recent times.. the mother of Jesus. but a great sign! Was the Bishop referring to Virgo. these shall hate the whore. and burn her with fire. New Agers recognize the many occult phenomena which attended the solar event at Fatima. and considering the success of this ingenious and carefully executed plan. the sun would have risen in the sign of Virgo.and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast. (See solar disk symbol and explanation. And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast. having seven heads and ten horns.' To the contrary. the Knights Templars were arrested by King Philip IV of France in collusion with Pope Clement V. we submit that the mighty fall of this citadel of Christendom is a fait accompli. and shall make her desolate and naked. the Great Mother Goddess? On Friday. such an event would hardly vindicate Roman Catholicism as the 'one true Church. homosexuality and pederasty are sacred rites of the Merovingians.

and Israel shall dwell safely: and this is his name whereby he shall be called. That made the world as a wilderness. 6:12 Behold. Jesus. In his days Judah shall be saved.W. In the King James Version. saying. .. we read in Zechariah 3:8.' Also 'In that day shall the branch of the Lord be beautiful and glorious.'‖ (939) Knowing that Virgo is the Great Mother Goddess of pagan religions. that I will raise unto David a righteous BRANCH. He is the God-man. and shall execute judgment and justice in the earth.Jer. He is a man.. 23:5. which has the ancient meaning of 'The Branch'—a picture of the coming of Christ. and he shall build the temple of the LORD: . behold. saying. the Scriptures cited by Kennedy and Bullinger will undoubtedly be used to validate a false Christ. Also.‖ (D. 4:2 Isaiah 14 also mentions a branch.' 'the Branch of Jehovah. and he shall grow up out of his place. He is God. Thus speaketh the LORD of hosts. Behold the man whose name is The BRANCH. That is one of the names in the Old Testament for the coming of the Messiah. He is the servant.Is. I will ascend into heaven.Zech. Is this the man that made the earth to tremble. concerning the Branch. THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. E.' (Isaiah 4:2a). I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation. Bullinger actually stated: "The day has here come to fulfill the prophecies concerning Him who is 'the Branch.. .' Behold the man whose name is The BRANCH' (Zechariah 6:12). A confirmatory of this is that the brightest star in Virgo is called Spica. the days come. and consider thee. and destroyed the .6 In that day shall the BRANCH of the LORD be beautiful and glorious. and a King shall reign and prosper. who has come. to the sides of the pit. For. James Kennedy) 872:20-21 Although the constellations in the heavens do not form configurations that are definitively human.' 'the man whose name is the Branch.THE MEROVINGIAN DYNASTY SATANIC BLOODLINE OF THE ANTICHRIST & FALSE PROPHET PART II IDENTITY OF THE FALSE CHRIST "A number of times the Scripture refers to Jesus as 'The Branch. Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell.. saith the LORD. O Lucifer. who will be promoted as 'The Branch' and whose name will actually mean "branch". which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast said in thine heart. in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. And speak unto him. and that this Branch represents 'the Christ' who will come to redeem the world. this chapter describes the fall of Lucifer who will one day incarnate the Antichrist in his attempt to destroy the world: How art thou fallen from heaven. son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground. They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee. I will be like the most High. saying. I will bring forth my servant the BRANCH. animal or vegetable. promoters of the false 'Gospel in the Stars' are of the same opinion as astrologers that Virgo holds a Branch. that did shake kingdoms.

most of Europe's monarchs have been of Jewish descent.D. Eve and Isis: "Eve or Hawwah is explained by Robert Graves as possibly being the Hebrew version of Heba. Pritchard 1954) 1060 From the 5th to the 8th centuries. the goddess is holding the ears of grain in her right hand and a serpent in her left hand. Note that in the sculpture of Hathor (right). The first Merovingian king of France. This 'serpent' (Spica) is the 'branch' or 'coming son' of the Egyptians. Heracles' goddess-wife. In fact. even all of them. Hebat. The Merovingians kings claimed Jewish descent from King David. This is Spica.‖ Now in the ancient zodiacs. that opened not the house of his prisoners? All the kings of the nations. Spica. feigned conversion to Christianity in 496 A. On Denerah Virgo is Isis. which has the ancient meaning of 'The Branch'. it is a graphic image of the covenant of circumcision. ―Eve is similar to Demeter or Ceres as the grain goddess. Khebat. an ear of corn. Bullinger. as a carcase trodden under feet.. posturing as Christians.‖ (1067) Hathor as Qadesh the Syrian fertility goddess with phallic Min. She was worshipped in Jerusalem. Al Mureddin another star in Virgo is 'the branch that cometh' and is associated with a grape gatherer (Noah) who would redeem man from the curse of the earth by giving us wine. Kennedy and fellow 'Biblical' astrologers inform us that "Spica. as the woman who rides the beast (Rev.. from the Middle Ages until the present day. Clovis I..cities thereof.17). and as the raiment of those that are slain. or the goddess of the garden. that go down to the stones of the pit. is representative of the Mother Goddess -. holding a serpent and ears of grain (Graves 1946.Virgo. Hathor stands upon a lion (Leo) and. She is depicted as riding a lion in a sculpture.. from Jesus Christ through Mary Magdalene. every one in his own house. She stands on a lion. But thou art cast out of thy grave like an ABOMINABLE BRANCH. thrust through with a sword.Is. Note the Hathor crown and headdress. or Khilba. the 'branch.000 of his Jewish warriors. King Solomon and. 14:12-19 The Rev'd. along with his Jewish household and 3.a masculine symbol. Spica in Hebrew astrology is named Tsemech or 'branch'.‖ is "a picture of the coming of Christ. the Merovingian dynasty ruled Europe and. .' was portrayed as a serpent. lie in glory. ―The royal emblem of the Merovingian king Clovis was the fleur-de-lis (the iris). This name is symbolic of a coming son or branch. This three-pronged 'lily' . Her Greek name was Heba.

From this lineage came the Blanchefort family who gave three centuries later a Templar Grand an ancient symbol for Israel: the capitals of the two phallic pillars of Solomon's Temple. It was Clodion who brought the custom of Long hair in to the Frankish Kingdom as descendants of Samson of the Tribe of Dan. was deposed in 751 by Pepin III. Clodius was also called Merovee I (from the Sea). Charlemagne had himself married a Merovingian princess. to consolidate his claim to the throne of the Franks.. Dagobert's nephew. Charlemagne's Jewish name was David Kalonymus. Bera III (715-771). The Merovingian line included. the Merovingian bloodline continued in the personage of Sigisbert IV.from whom Mr Plantard took his name!-: Sigebert V (695-768). who fled to the south of France.". Like Samson their long hair was invested with mystic power. Sigisbert assumed the name of "the Plant-Ard". Guillemon. to the village of Rennes le Chateau in Razes. the first of the Carolingian dynasty.‖ (The Trojan House of Charlemagne) After the death of Dagobert II. Dagobert II had as a second wife Gisèle. Arthur and Charlemagne from among the lands of Joseph and Ephraim (the Lost Tribes in the Western Refuge or Exile of Zarephath). the Roman Catholic Church collaborated with the Carolingians to assassinate the Merovingian King Dagobert II.936 Charlemagne was also Jewish. Childeric III. In 800. Pepin's son.. was crowned Holy Roman Emperor. Hildéric I and finally Sigebert VI known as 'Ursus'. Sigebert IV escaped and arrived in the Razes on the 17 of January 681 where he took refuge with his grand father.856 . The Merovingian Kings were direct descendants of the Tribe of Dan through their ancestress' rape by the Prince of Dan (also called the Beast of Poseidan/ Neptune). were carved with 'lily work' (I Kings 7:22). Charlemagne. which means "sapling" or "branch" and the title of the Count of Razes.‖ .. Bera IV (755836). It was believed that a Danite descendant of the Merovingians would claim Davidic descent and be an antichrist figure opposed by a true Great Davidic King descended from Constantine.. According to the parchment found by Saunière the lineage did not stop with Sigebert VI but continued up to this date although nobody claimed the French throne.. "The Merovingian dynasty continued formally with Thierry IV and Childéric III who was removed in 751 and this was the end of the dynasty. Charlemagne and the Carolingians married Merovingian Jews. his descendants claiming the pedigree of tribe of Judah. Queen Argotta was raped by Dan the Sea King and her son Clodion the Hairy was adopted and brought up by Pharamond (Faramund) who was a Davidic descendant of St Joseph of Arimathea.D. the daughter of Béra II the count of Razès. "Plant-Ard" evolved into the surname Plantard: ". although his kingdom actually was the Frankish Empire.Dagobert II climbed on the throne but he was assassinated in 679 as well as his son Sigebert IV according to the official history. Bera V (794-860). and this could be true according to some historians.‖ (936:62) In 679 A.. after Sigebert IV (676-758) also known as the 'Plant-Ard' . Bertrand de Blanchefort.. ―The Carolingian Dynasty were the direct descends of the House of David of the tribe of Judah on their male lineage. From him the dynasty took its name of Merovingian. ―In fact.. Jachin and Boaz.. whereas the Merovingians were of the apostate tribe of Dan: ―Incredibly. According to the parchment found by Saunière.

Ye are of your father the devil. that of the Holy Family and that of a pagan divine beast. The connection between the Merovingians and the Holy Family seems to have been hind-shadowed by this union of the bloodlines. who is blasphemously identified as a descendant of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ. Sigebert IV was also known as "Plant Ard or Rejeton Ardent"). and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness... "The concept of the dragon in Celtic mythology emerged directly from the holy crocodile (the Messeh) of the ancient Egyptians. when indeed they would seem from contemporary sources to be a kind of Pendragon lineage.. authors of the Protocols of Zion.44 The Merovingian dynasty was deposed in 800 A. Comte de Rhedae.. founded by Godfroi de Bouillon in Jerusalem in 1099.. Chap.873 (Book 1. the 'Plant-Ard' or Branch.was the King-of-Kings and 'Guardian of the Celtic Isle'. it is natural that Sigsbert." The phrase means Burning Kid! Another prophecy pertaining to the Messiah is Isaiah 53:2: For he shall grow up before him as a tender PLANT.. From this Jewish bloodline came Godfroi de Bouillon.. To further authenticate their pseudo-divine lineage. such as Vortigern and Arthur in Britain. rather their Pendragon lineage refers to descent from Uther Pendragon.the marriage of Dagobert II and Giselle of Razes combined the two bloodlines. the Prieuré de Sion..D. who captured Jerusalem in 1099 and formed the Knights Templars (Military Order of the Knights of the Temple of Solomon). "Given the events of his childhood. The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines. it appears the bloodlines of the divine king and the world teacher combined. The Pharaohs were anointed with crocodile fat. ". known today as the Learned Elders of Sion. 12:9 Jesus said unto them. that old serpent. and his wife Magdala'. and Satan. has numbered among its Grand Masters Leonardo da Vinci.the 121 dignitaries of the Prieuré de Sion are all éminences . the new Count of Rhedae. the Quinotaur.." 29:183 And the great dragon was cast out.. or 'Head Dragon of the Island'. but perpetuated itself in a direct line from Dagobert II through his son Sigisbert IV."According to the latest documents the Merovingian dynasty is now alive in the Plantard family (we must remember that Saint Dagobert II' son.. which in turn became emblematic of mighty kingship." . The title was not dynastic. married to "Magdala". John 8:42. Rev. kept a low profile. called the Devil. the Merovingian genealogies have Sigisbert IV. The only solid evidence of his existence is a charter for a monastery signed in 718 by 'Sigebert. there is no beauty that we should desire him. the father of King Arthur and Head Dragon of the Druidic Dragon Court: "The Pendragon. In Sigisbert IV. Victor Hugo and Jean Cocteau. and when we shall see him.... . The image of the intrepid Messeh evolved to become the Dragon. as well as the Prieuré de Sion.‖ (Fritz Springmeier. Pendragons were appointed from Celtic royal stock by a Druidic council of elders. 171) ―A veritable secret society of 121 dignitaries. p. and thereby attained the fortitude of the Messeh (Thus Messiah—Anointed One). ―The Prieuré de Sion – the Elders of Sion also relates to the Rothschilds who are reported to serve on a Jewish council of Elders of Sion.. 9) Sigisbert and Magdala were most assuredly not descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.

by virtue of being founded on 'the rock of Sion. and Habsburg-Lorraine. Joinville. If the Merovingians were indeed descended from Jesus. SAINT-CLAIR—SINCLAIR in England. Brienne. then Godfroi—scion of the Merovingian blood royal—had. Lords of Gisors. These include the houses of Hapsburg-Lorraine (present titular dukes of Lorraine and kings of Jerusalem).grises of high finance and of international political or philosophical societies. who was. This secret cabal called the Priory of Sion. No doubt they saw themselves as 'super-Christians'.." . Egypt had relocated to Calabria.936:63 The Templar Revelation lists the Jewish families who strategized the First Crusade: "The picture that was emerging was of a group of European noble families. 1098) could then conceivably have been an attempt to restore an heir of the Davidic bloodline to the throne of Jerusalem in the person of Godfroi of Bouillon (also known as Godfroi of Lorraine). ". Lords of Payen. and privy to the greatest secret this side of heaven. Eustache's grandson was Godfroi de Bouillon. of Merovingian lineage. or possible even just after. who captured Jerusalem in 1099. Holy Grail.of each family. They had passed down the knowledge of the artifacts concealed within the Temple to a chosen son. Italy and that. and various other noble and royal families. duke of Lorraine and conqueror of the tenth century a certain Hugues de Plantard. this line came to include Godfroi de Bouillon.. Montesquiou.D.' the . the fall of the Temple.. St Clair de Gisor.'the kings of God'.Although it was deposed in the eighth century. descendants of the very first Church. part of the domains of Godfroi de Bouillon who was the duke of Lorraine...96:79-83 Godfroi de Bouillon who became the King of Jerusalem and first Grand Master of the Knights Templar was a descendant of King Dagobert through Hugues de Plantard. They were a silent elite -..a literal descendant of both Dagobert and Guillem de Gellon—became the father of Eustache. was reputed to have been formed by Godfroi of Lorraine to protect the interests of the bloodline.. as well as the Hapsburg dynasty which is allied with Plantard through the House of Lorraine... the first count of Boulogne. Chaumont. "There are at least a dozen families in Britain and Europe today—with numerous collateral branches—who are of Merovingian lineage. and various others.. in 1070 AD. who had escaped from Jerusalem shortly before. past and present—Blanchefort.. "The First Crusade (A. PLANTARD. descended from the Jewish lines of David and Aaron. according to legend. twenty-nine years before the first Crusade. And from Godfroi there issued a dynasty and a 'royal tradition' that. From these Jewish families descended the Saint-Clair (Sinclair) and Plantard bloodlines.. St. "By 1095. "." . in his conquest of Jerusalem. Montpezat.. p. Gisors. the Merovingian bloodline did not become extinct.' was equal to those presiding over France. the Calabrian monks removed to Ardennes Forrest in France.. Clairs of Roslin.. Counts of Fontaine.. Counts of Anjou. regained his rightful heritage. Some of the families involved were the Counts of Champagne. de Bouillon. Luxembourg. According to the 'Prieuré documents.. St Clair de Neg and the Hapsburgs.. yet each of them must have had at least one male member who held the traditional history of their high-born Jewish roots close to his heart. By dint of dynastic alliances and intermarriages. 214) Recall that the Society of Ormus which originated in Alexandria.‖ (Holy Blood.... and Germany. England. the members of the Rex Deus families group were almost certainly fully Christianised.

Hamelyn (Plantagenet). amongst others. John (Plantagenet) (de Warenne) married Alice Lusignan (de Brien) and English resentments of favouritism towards the `foreign' Lusignans led on to the Baron's revolt in England.. It appears that during the Middle Ages." . Pythagorean works. In 1247. the Gonzagas. played a major role in the formation of the European Union. leading to the capture of king Henry III at Lewes (1264). the most prominent baron of Aquitaine." .31:107. the lecherous king John. The Medicis are tied to the Black Nobility. and inaccurately painted as a time when learning went out. and included various descendants of the Merovingians..'" . including the House of Lorraine. ." . the House of Guise. king John married Isabella of Angouleme in Aquitaine who subsequently married Hugh de Lusignan. the Catholic church had control of all the libraries. 1444 a non-church library at San Marco where Plato. the Estes. Interestingly. whose senior branch was the House of Vere [whose] ancestry was jointly Pictish and Merovingian descending from the ancient Grail House of Scythia. and the St. count of Anjou and Maine was the father of king Henry II of England and. Warren earl of Surrey (London). René d' Anjou. Sforzas.SINCLAIR family in Britain is also allied to the bloodline. Clairs (Sinclairs). England and Germany included the HapsburgLorraine dynasty which. though the king was freed by John (Plantagenet) (de Warenne) at Evesham (1265).77:79 The Merovingian families which ruled France. the Middle Ages when witchcraft and paganism were dissolving have been branded the 'Dark Ages' by the establishment." . Up until this time.. witchcraft and the mystery religions had seriously dissolved to the point that these modes of thought had to be relearned from the ancient writings.31:302 According to Fritz Springmeier's Top Thirteen Illuminati Bloodlines.. as are various branches of the Stuarts. in the twentieth century. a descendant of the Merovingians persuaded Cosimo de Medici to establish in c. The first evidence for the Pl(a/e)nte name in England is found in 1219. "In 1200. 396. and books on Hermetic Magic were translated. "From the beginning the Prieuré de Sion has been committed to Hermetic Magic. 409-10 The first Angevin dynasty was known from the 12th century as the Plantagenet dynasty through the House of Anjou which produced King Henry II and subsequent kings: "Geoffrey Plante Genest. just after the times of Henry II's son.950 "The Plantagenets were themselves a junior branch of the House of Anjou. the Medicis.248:8 "According to the 'Prieuré documents' the lords of Anjou-Plantagenet family were thus allied to the Merovingian bloodline. And the name of Plantagenet may even have been intended to echo 'Plant-ard' or Plantard. which was a revival of humanism and the occult. "The original start of the Prieuré de Sion appears to have been the idea of a number of powerful bloodlines. It was from Cosimo de Medici's library that the spark of Greek and Egyptian teachings set off what developed into the Renaissance.

as well as information leading to discovery of the identity of the False Prophet. shared the position of Grand Master with Gaylord Freeman. the principal nation states of the Draconian peoples:. 1943 and. Plantard de Saint-Claire was Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion from 1981 to 1984. This choice of grand master marks a decisive step in the evolution of the Order's conception and spirit in relation to the world. of the Merovingian kings. This Order convened its Convent at Blois on 17 January 1981. His descent has been proved legally by the parchments of Queen Blanche of Castile. and the Prieuré de Sion and . discovered by the Abbe Sauniére in the church at Rennes-le-Château (Aude) in 1891. following World War II. [T]hey disputed the legitimacy of the Valois succession. Churchill. has numbered among its Grand Masters Leonardo da Vinci.235-6) According to Holy Blood... and claimed their own right to the throne by virtue of descent from the Emperor Charlemagne through the House of Lorraine. from 1963 to 1981. As a result of this recent Convent at Blois. had been strictly banned and membership of any such organisation was subject to severe penalties. secret societies. Germany and France during World War II.357 PIERRE PLANTARD DE SAINT-CLAIR There are compelling reasons for our conviction that the Antichrist will come from the Plantard and Saint-Clair bloodlines. and the physical embodiment of the sovereign Princedom of Drakenberg. a Merovingian as well."Prominent in the Wars of Religion was the noble French family of de Guise. "A veritable secret society of 121 dignitaries. Pierre Plantard de Saint-Claire was elected grand master of the Order. but they did. through Dagobert II. also of an Illuminati bloodline. Holy Grail. Pierre Plantard de SaintClaire joined the Prieuré de Sion on July 10.. Great Britain.(232:318) According to The Messianic Legacy. Anjou and Lorraine. and particularly Pierre Plantard. Roosevelt and Stalin were all Masons... including freemasonry. which is recognized under European Law as a sovereign ethnic racial group." (31:214-15) It seems that.29:307 "The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court is the ancient Household Court and Order of the senior Angevin descendants of the Imperial and Royal House of Vere of Caledonia. the Prieuré de Sion. the Prieuré de Sion." . the royal and ambassadorial nature of the title of the Prince of Drakenberg (Princeps Draconis) is recognised under the 'Official Observations' of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Government of its state of origin within the European Union. and were deposited in a safe-deposit box of Lloyds Bank Europe Limited of London. Victor Hugo and Jean Cocteau. Supporting evidence for this view will be presented throughout this series. "Under the German occupation and the Vichy regime. These documents were sold by the priest's niece in 1965 to Captain Roland Stanmore and Sir Thomas Frazer. founded by Godfroi de Bouillon in Jerusalem in 1099. Lincoln and Leigh. "Furthermore... for the 121 dignitaries of the Prieuré de Sion are all éminences grises of high finance and of international political or philosophical societies. were intimately involved with the rise of Charles De Gaulle rise to the presidency of France. According to The Messianic Legacy by Baigent. (232:319." . DeGaulle of France was closely linked with several esoteric groups.. and Pierre Plantard is the direct descendant." Springmeier states: "It is hard for people to grasp that the Illuminati controlled Russia.

the people of the world weren't ready for a world government. W. Plantard's wife. and the Prieuré de Sion assisted in the military coup that overthrew the Vichy government. when their task of installing the General in power had been completed." (232:333.Grand Orient Masons helped him to power in the 50s. Bidault had worked closely with Robert Schuman.." Plantard proceeded to dismantle and thereby defuse the Committees of Public Safety which might turn against DeGaulle. Another important pro-Gaullist figure was Geoges Bidault. he granted Algeria independence from France. They received support from a number of highranking military men. "Modelled on the Committees of Public Safety during the French Revolution." (77:168) Front organizations were formed to agitate for change.. to preside over their dissolution. an acronym for "Chivalry of Catholic Rules and Institutions of the Independent and Traditionalist Union..W. including Marshal Alphonse Juin. Between 1945 and 1954. As "minister of propaganda. between 1959 and 1962.. he told us that Charles de Gaulle had personally requested him to direct the French Committees of Public Safety and. Plantard's first wife—states: "Under the authority of Marshal Alphonse Juin.. the seat of the Secretariat-General of the Committees of Public Safety in metropolitan France was at Aulnay-sous-Bois [Paris suburb]. which weakened France as an imperial power. Prime Minister of France. They also received support from a coalescing pro-Gaullist movement in France. CIRCUIT..." (232:330) After De Gaulle was installed as President. Anne Lea Hisler—M. . II was carried out to adjust people's thinking toward wanting European unity.the Prieuré de Sion was using its magazine for something other than its own internal business. who is alleged to have been an important member of the Prieuré de Sion..the Committees [of Public Safety] began to agitate for a strong guiding hand in France which would be sympathetic to their cause. and André Malraux. Pierre Plantard known as Way.whose leaders included Michel Debre--who became De Gaulle's Minister of Justice and... however.. This Committee was directed by Michel Debré.. DeGaulle appointed Pierre Plantard secretary of a national 'Movement' for the defense of liberty to succeed the Committees. Therefore... Thus the Committees of Algeria began to press insistently for De Gaulle to assume power in France. The announcement was published by Plantard's first wife. Plantard in 1979. clearing the way for drawing up plans for the EEC." ". Anne Lea Hisler: "When we first met M.. In a mimeographed pamphlet deposited with the Bibliothèque Nationale in 1964. if necessary by means of a military coup.256) Anne Lea Hisler. shortly after.. Only one person was deemed capable of providing such a hand— Charles de Gaulle. and most not even a united Europe.a member of the Prieure de Sion. worked with her husband on the magazine of the Prieuré de Sion.

which Pierre de SaintClair edits with his son Thomas. and only recently posted on the Internet. of which Plantard became the Grand Master at the age of just twenty-two." (242:43) THOMAS PLANTARD DE SAINT-CLAIR The Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion since 1989 has been Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair. the late Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair. informed the 121 Masters that. September 1989." (232:339-40) The name "Hisler" happens to be an adaptation of "Hitler. Thomas is the son of the former Grand Master. Holy Grail. based in Paris. including Pierre Plantard.. "Fifty-seven years after his death. This was officially the organ of the Order Alpha Galates. naming him as the 'second antiChrist'.) (1055) The prophecies of Nostradamus included "." Was Anne Lea Hisler really Anne Lea Hitler? Is it possible that the wife of Pierre Plantard de Saint-Claire was related to the infamous Adolf Hitler? The Templar Revelation confirms other reports of that Pierre Plantard de Saint-Claire at least had Nazi sympathies: "Born in 1920. sometimes under the pseudonym of 'Chyren'. page 1 Managing Editor: Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair 110 Rue Henri Dunant.. which may explain why so many people named Hitler . the present Grandmaster. he first came to public notice in the Occupied France of 1942 as the editor of a journal called Vaincre pour une Jeune cehvalerie (Conquest for a Young Knighthood)—which was markedly uncritical of the Nazi oppressors. and that THOMAS . sometimes writing under his own name.both in the United States and abroad had their names legally changed during World War II. 92700 COLOMBES THOMAS PLANTARD de Saint-Clair becomes Grandmaster of the PRIORY OF SION By virtue of Article XIV OF THE CONSTITUTIONS OF THE PRIORY OF SION: "their titles shall fall as of right to one of their children to be designated by them without consideration of sex. at 10 o'clock solar time." The Decatur Daily reported in 2002. ratification had been made on 6 AUGUST 1989 in PARIS.. in view of the favourable response of 107 votes in favour. Pierre PLANTARD de SAINT-CLAIR.a number of detailed prophecies concerning Hitler (whom he calls Hisler). According to Holy Blood." By act dated 6 JULY 1989. a quasi-Masonic and chivalric society. (I know a man named Hisler whose family name was spelled with a 't' instead of an 's' 60 years ago. 3. and which was actually published with their approval.Vaincre is now [1998] the title of the Priory's internal bulletin. Hitler's name still has shock value. Vaincre No."The 1959 series of Circuit [contained] articles by Anne Lea Hisler and others. 5 abstentions and 9 votes against accepting the proposed succession of title and prerogative." By virtue of article XVI "the various duties and titles of Grandmaster of the Priory of Sion shall be transmissible to their successor according to the same prerogatives. The following announcement of Thomas' election as Grand Master was published in the internal bulletin of the Prieuré de Sion in 1989..

The third grand master was in charge in the year that the Templars were ordered arrested and the treasure fleet set sail for Scotland to escape the agents of the French king. the surname of this so-called sacred lineage is Sinclair.' 'the Branch of Jehovah. the divine ruler. Clairs. who ruled between 1437 and 1460—the age of René d'Anjou. The Da Vinci Code: "Only two direct lines of Merovingians remain. In Great Britain. who will bring mankind into a utopian age of peace and prosperity. W. Holy Grail) . In a charter believed to date from 1601.' This is the earliest specifically Masonic document on record. "Through marriage the family of Marie Levis St.'" . the Sinclairs are recognized as 'hereditary' grand masters of Scottish Masonry.PLANTARD de Saint-Clair had been proclaimed Grandmaster. the family from which the first and third grand masters of the Prieuré de Sion came. and the chapel at Rosslyn—built between 1446 and 1486—has long been associated with both Freemasonry and the Rose-Croix. Did one St. "It was a Burgundian World Emperor that [Johann] Lichtenberger expected to arise as a Second Charlemagne.939 The Prieuré de Sion was formed and has been directed by individuals related to the Saint-Clair bloodline.823:110-111 E." (Holy Blood. 'nomine P. Prieuré de Sion was created and run by individuals related to the St.' 'the man whose name is the Branch. probably protected by the Priory.935:260 According to Marjorie Reeves' Joachim of Fiore and the Prophetic Future. at once god and king. who will be the monarch of all Europe and reform Church and clergy.31:183 . the Saint-Clairs are Grand Masters of Freemasonry by right of birth and they have historically controlled the Prieuré de Sion. after which recent pseudo-Christian books have been patterned: "The day has here come to fulfill the prophecies concerning Him who is 'the Branch. moreover. Bullinger wrote in The Witness of the Stars. His hint as to who this will be is quite plain: 'And it is said in the book of the kings of the Franks that from the stock of King Charles of France [Charlemagne] will arise in the last days an Emperor.'. the hereditary grand mastership was conferred on the Sinclairs by James II.836:1 Merovingian sources collectively point to the Plantards and Saint-Clairs as the bloodlines that will produce the Grail King. One piece of evidence for this choice is found in a recent best-seller. Information has been sent to all members of the ORDER.'". Clair (from France) correspond with another Sinclair (from Scotland) for this express purpose? Most likely the answer is yes. Without question. Their family names are Plantard and Saint-Clair. however. Clair was connected to the de Gisors. .281:178 "Their domain [the Sinclair family—Scottish branch of the Norman Saint-Clair Gisors family] at Rosslyn was only a few miles from the former Scottish headquarters of the Knights Templar. According to Masonic sources. Both families live in hiding." (Lost Treasure of the Knights Templar) . According to at least two Masonic sources." . a second Charlemagne will arise whose surname begins with 'P'. After him there shall be no ruler.

seated on the lap of Pierre. Thomas sitting on the lap of Pierre. will reign over a Golden Age. also called Black Madonnas. there is a childhood photo of Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair seated on the lap of Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair. At that point in time. Please take note of the pose. the much despised Church Age will come to a close and Lucifer. having destroyed the Harlot Church which no longer serves his purposes. Holy Grail is to covertly communicate secret information from the Prieuré de Sion to a specific audience—the global network of secret societies and New Age cults. This peculiar photograph of Thomas Plantard. another objective of best-selling New Age books such as Holy Blood. in the person of the Antichrist. is conveying an esoteric message to the occultist.In addition to conditioning the masses to believe their New Age propaganda. In Holy Blood. Note the striking similarity of the poses of Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair with Thomas and the Black Virgins with their sons who were child gods. Holy Grail. Below are some photographs of famous Black Virgins. Notice also the masculine appearance of the 'Madonnas' and the placement of their sons between their legs: . all of which eagerly await the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

a voyage across the great water in which she is the ship.272:13. France . little-understood Black Virgins are a still-living archetypal image that lies at the heart of our civilization and has a message for us.."Our ancient. and guiding star. There are signs that the goddess now requires to be worshipped in spirit and in truth through the law written in our hearts. much-loved. "There is clearly no return to the twelfth century. One old truth is that man and woman. the third century or the third millennium BC. are equal parts of a consciously androgynous whole that is each person's potential reality." (Ean Begg. comment on how masculine some of them look. rudder.. Many people. shown photographs of the Black Virgin for the first time.134 Notre-Dame de Marsat Marsat Puy-de-Dôme. her hero-path. The light of nature tells us that life is a pilgrimage. a journey to the stars along the Milky Way.. Sophia. though different. The Cult of the Black Virgin) . the Holy Grail and the Church of Amor [Catharism] are no longer available as living realities for us today. battered. rather than in temples built with hands. Inanna.

Louis . Puy-de-Dome. France Notre Dame de Laval (Loire) France Brought back from Crusades by St.Notre Dame de Clermont Clermont-Ferrand.

and sits between the Madonna's knees.5 inches tall. A very powerful and important Madonna. keepers of the Grail Bloodline. originally a hermitage in and during the Merovingian Dynasty. The Child is dressed in red with bare feet. She regally sits an impressive 8. holding a closed book in his left hand. This gothic style icon is found in the French village of Correze..925 . the Merovingian line of Mystic Kings. This is one of the Madonnas of the Fisher Kings. Correze. and has been called one of the strangest and most interesting Black Madonnas to date.Notre Dame de Meymac Meymac. France Notre Dame de Meymac.. Black Madonnas are believed to be pre-Christian archetypes whose child-nurturing focus is the embodiment of the pre-historic Great Mother. The Black Virgin has very large hands and a red cloak. also known as the Black Madonna of Meymac is believed to have been carved sometime during the 11th century. This Black Virgin was once part of the 11th century treasure of Benedictine priory of Saint Andrew..

Notre-Dame de Montserrat La Moreneta * Montserrat Katalonien.." . though not primarily in Spain. the genre of the statue is certainly that of an 'enthroned virgin'.." Will Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair be revealed as the reincarnation of Horus.' Benko adds that Isis was sometimes 'pictured as black'.e. bringing together the separate parts of humanity—different races." .Montserrat is located in Spain. Perhaps the image was created black to represent some esoteric religious symbolism. France has more than 300 Black Virgin sites. "Like the goddess Isis. Her sacred sites stand on highly charged earth energy centers. Further. New Agers anticipate the return of Horus as the reincarnation of Nimrod who will finally unite mankind in a glorious revolution which dethrones God. in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries esoteric Christian sects proliferated. she holds a powerful attraction for her millions of devotees around the world.. Spain "Beyond general style. ". the Montserrat figures [and] over 1. people have undertaken pilgrimages to her shrines as a way to explore her mysteries and to enable her to do her miraculous work of healing..925 "Whoever the enigmatic Black Virgin may be. not in France where St.42:62 .. enhanced by megalithic ley-lines and sacred architecture. religions and cultures. "From ancient times to present. who found and restored all of the lost pieces of her husband. Nimrod. transformation and inspiration. (Gen. Bernard of Clairvaux (the nephew of one of the original nine Knight Templars) and others produced well-known commentaries on the Canticles. Stephen Benko notes: It is well known that the iconography of Isis and [her son] Horus was basically adopted by Christians when they started to portray Mary and Jesus as Mother and Child. typical of the earliest icons of Mary. who will at last unite the world under Lucifer? Recall that the myth of Horus is a distortion of the Genesis account of God's judgment on the Tower of Babel. Osiris. i. On behalf of Madonna and Child representations.000 of the world's better known Madonnas are black.. 10 and 11) Not happy with this arrangement. Ean Begg notes that the Shrine of Montserrat is among the best candidates for former sanctuaries for the Holy Grail. many are restoring the unity of all life. with over 150 Black Virgins still in existence.

the single manifestation of all gods and goddesses that are. namely. their Ancient Mother of the Corn. there sat women weeping for Tammuz. Stygian Persephone. [Pierre Plantard] insists. "Some know me as Juno. Queen also of the immortals. suffered an untimely death. behold. like Nimrod and Osiris. 8:14 . Mistress of all the elements. for the trilingual Sicilians.Ezek. is Isis and her name is Notre-Dame de Lumière. But both races of Aethiopians. Mother of the gods. for the islanders of Cypress I AM Paphian Aphrodite. "Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD'S house which was toward the north." . the Althenians.925 Isis is an onomatopoeic Asianic word. call me Cecropian Artemis. for the archers of Crete I AM Dictynna.. The universal Mother. sprung from their own soil. Ezekiel 8 can be understood as a reference to Israel's participation in the Babylonian worship of Tammuz. Nemesis. primordial child of time. or Cybele. some as Bellona of the Battles." . Ish-ish. and for the Elusinians. and the Egyptians who excel in ancient learning and worship me with ceremonies proper to my god-head call me by my true Name. meaning 'she who weeps'. Demeter. sovereign of all things spiritual.THE MEROVINGIAN DYNASTY SATANIC BLOODLINE OF THE ANTICHRIST & FALSE PROPHET PART III THE SACRED MARRIAGE ISIS — GODDESS OF THE THRONE "The Black Virgin." 272:14 "I AM Nature. The primeval Phrygians call me Pessinuntica. Queen Isis. Queen of the dead. others again as Rhamnusia. the reborn Nimrod who. and. whose land the morning Sun first shines upon.. others as Hecate.

this Madonna incorporates aspects of Kali. Isis is often represented with a headdress consisting of the empty throne chair of her murdered husband. Hall. and his renown eventually exceeded even Nimrod's. she shows how papal and kingly thrones all hark back to the lap of Isis upon which sits enthroned the child-god." . Isis was the embodiment of authority.928 . There they would present their offerings of wine. where she is the literal personification of a throne.' in classical mythology) met an untimely death at the tusk of a wild boar. (It was this practice. The day would conclude in orgiastic revelry of a most debasing sort. inscribing them with a cross (a pagan fertility symbol). the forty days preceding Ishtar's festival were set aside for fasting and self-affliction to commemorate his suffering and death. and our modern festivals of Christmas and Easter re-celebrate this primeval human rite. Here legend overtakes history altogether. Osiris reborn is often depicted as an infant on the lap of Isis. . Throne of Isis Definition: The headdress of the Egyptian goddess Isis. Masonic. queen of heaven and goddess of fertility. but during her absence the passion of love ceased to operate and all of life on earth languished in mourning. and divine right to rule was by her authority. when the lamenting was over. the people would make small cakes. and often included human sacrifices." . meat. Tammuz was firmly ensconced as the new god of the sun. and incense and prostrate themselves before the rising sun. Some accounts say that after three days Tammuz miraculously resurrected himself.Manly P. exclaiming 'Our lord is risen!' Then would commence the festivities of Ishtar. In preparation for this high celebration. originally." (1002) Isis is the Greek form of more ancient Egyptian names. means 'Throne or Seat'. (or Auset). Isis is typically represented as a woman wearing on her head the hieroglyphic symbol of her [Egyptian] name. By all accounts. Her original headdress was an empty throne chair belonging to her murdered husband. for baking in the sun and eating as part of their ritual. Medieval cathedrals (called in France 'Notre Dame'— literally. After many days she succeeded.) At the end of this period of mourning the people would waken early on the first day of the week and travel to the highest hills near their homes. others say that the grief-stricken Ishtar journeyed far into the netherworld to find him. 14. Isis is the Greek derivative of the Egyptian name Aset. Osiris. ISIS is THE THRONE. Isis was known as Aset. Depicted as black virgin."Unfortunately. or Eset which.918 "As a later identity of Isis with Horus. Hermetic. Quabbalistic & Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy Isis represents the dynastic seat of authority whose offspring are destined by their birthright to rule as kings. 'weeping for Tammuz. and this peculiar structure was accepted during certain dynasties as her hieroglyphic. in Egyptian. meaning throne or seat of authority.' that God called an abomination in Ezekiel 8:13. Black Virgins are traditionally seated on thrones in a manner similar to icons of the Egyptian Isis. 'Our Lady') are venerations of the ancient Great Goddess' majesty. meaning 'lord. "Among the Egyptians. which represents a throne or seat. the youthful Tammuz (also known as Adonis. Each gave birth to savior gods who would die and be reborn in annual cycles (a parallel to the Demeter/Kore myth). "Every year following Tammuz' tragic death and presumed ascension to the sun.

Lewis Spence wrote in Ancient Egyptian Myths and Legends that the cult of Isis has survived from the dynastic period of Egypt through the Classical period and Holy Roman Empire and is. the high level initiates who have infiltrated the Laodicean Church will attempt to palm off Lucifer as the Holy Spirit. "The Enthroned Lady or Heavenly Queen is the ancient title of Isis. produces the Christ Child who is the 'living embodiment of Light'. When the Temple is so . with the Christ Child seated in her lap." The divine right of kings would explain the longevity of the cult of Isis and her esteem among royalty who believe themselves to be descendants of a divinity. Horus is the incarnation of the 'Spirit' Lucifer. the Virgin Mother or Soul. (902:70) In preparation for the occult New Age of the Spirit. and Mary is pourtrayed as the 'throne' or 'seat'.. which is achieved only by the highest adepts and masters. In the dynastic period she was regarded as the feminine counterpart of Osiris. and divine right to rule was by her authority... Out of the cosmic form of Nature are born the shining Sons of Light.e. Osiris. revealing many mysteries. or Ast. who is the incarnation of her husband/brother. the virgin Soul. the latter being a creator of life. It is a carefully constructed and important symbol. "In the Hebraic cabbala. The sublime union of the receptive. the virgin mother of Jesus. In biblical terms it means that the 'living soul'. must be regarded as one of the earliest and most important conceptions of female godhead in ancient Egypt. principally carried on in Paris. Adam. the Throne (Isis) also represents the Temple in which the union of the Virgin Soul (the initiate) to the Spirit (Lucifer) takes place. and is seriously carried on in Paris to-day. becomes a 'life-giving Spirit'. the living embodiment of Light (which is what the word Jesus or Horus means). Eventually. the Throne is described as the Merkabah or Throne of Glory—the perfect dwelling place of the Lord. the location of the Prieuré de Sion. was also used as a hieroglyph for Isis. it is the perfect form of divine manifestation. today. the virgin mother of Horus. in the same symbolic sense that a moon may become a sun." (995) Peter Dawkins wrote in The Great Vision that. This union. in accordance with the Manichean tradition that the Holy Spirit is the transformed Lucifer. the Spirit with whom she united: "The Temple. his head aligned with her heart.. "Isis. which Dawkins states is the meaning of Horus. the Virgin-Bride (Isis) is 'married' to the Christ Child (Horus). Christ: the former being a receptacle of life. In other words. The same symbol is employed in Christian iconography. responsive Bride with the active. in Cabalistic mysticism. papal and kingly thrones all hark back to the lap of Isis. The hieroglyphic symbol of Isis used by the Ancient Egyptians was that of a throne—Isis being the actual throne or seat upon which the child Horus sits as King of Light (the Sun King)."Isis was the embodiment of authority. synonymous with the Throne. creative Spirit produces (i. or a light-receiving vessel may transform itself into a light-producing star. It is the supreme and pure Tabernacle or Temple in which the Messianic Presence of the Lord God may dwell and be manifest. Bride to the Spirit. as also of Mary. gives birth to) the Messiah as the Christ Child. but flourished later in Greece and Rome. for her cult did not perish with that of most other Egyptian gods. No other deity has probably been worshipped for such an extent of time. That is to say. and we may take it that before the dawn of Egyptian history she occupied a similar position. aka Lucifer.

which was associated with the Society of Ormus." (902:70) According to a Masonic source. meaning 'Holy Light'. The motionless Temple becomes a living Flame. it moves. one from 'Branch of David'. a pyre of flame—a 'Pyramid'. it becomes active. so the Christ Child sits as a King of Glory upon His Throne: Horus sits upon Isis. or can be.. from clair clear (from Latin clarus) + voyant. The Hiram Key.29:297 The word 'clairvoyant' is derived from Latin words meaning to see the light. God. the Christ Consciousness sits upon man's soul. but in the mystical sense of actually seeing living entities (light beings) in the spiritual realm. as it were to her Son. 'assumed' and 'married'. Merriam-Webster Dictionary Main Entry: clair·voy·ant Etymology: French. And in becoming a pyre of light." . will save his people by the hands of two messianic figures who arise at the end of time. Jerusalem (meaning 'the Great Peace') is another name for the Kingdom. the Empire of Peace and Plenty that is bathed in the golden glory of Christ Consciousness. there was a prophecy given by a Teacher of Righteousness to the Gnostic Essene Community of Qumran.filled with the Presence of God that it is set on fire with divine love and light (which a perfect Temple will be). the revelation of Christ. which is Truth. just as the flame becomes identified with the light. In Christian symbology. and the other 'The Interpreter of the Law'. "The Christ Child is the Sun-King. or Jesus enthroned in the centre of the Vesica Piscis (the 'flame-vessel of the Fish'). 'Prince of Light'. Old Jerusalem is the Mother—the psyche. both individual and universal. The Throne becomes a Chariot.. the revelation of the Divine Idea or Divine Consciousness. the Davidic Messiah. Just as the central orb of light sits enthroned in the midst of the flame. Then. had such titles as 'Mighty Man'. the Son or Light of God. It is the revelation of the Supreme Mystery or Gnosis. so the Mother becomes identified with her Child. 'Man of Glory'. Firstly. shining its radiance or glory all around. Jesus seated upon the lap of his Mother.. however. mean the same.. from Latin vidEre . It is.The man who would lead them at the 'End of the Age'." .. so the perfect Soul enables the Spirit to become fully manifest as the Christ Child. that two messianic figures of the end time would have the following titles: ".162:201 The symbology of the light and the glory applies to Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair on several levels. swallowed up by its glory. or is. Saint-Clair is French for holy light: "The name Saint-Clair is derived from the Latin Sanctus Clarus. present participle of voir to see. then it becomes. Jesus sits upon Mary. "Just as a flame enables light to be manifested as a blazing orb or sun of radiant light. and his Throne or Mother is the Kingdom of Heaven.. New Jerusalem is the Mother with Child—the 'heavenly' or beautiful Soul that has attained Christ Consciousness. not merely in the sense of a realization.

Lucifer. the ordained Archpriest of the Sacred Kindred. This arrangement.. Cathy Burns explains in her book. of course. By virtue of this. the Prayer of the Celts began. In the mystery religion of ancient Egypt. but then occultists typically glorify the irrational or subjective over logical and objective ways of thinking. although Arthur was destined to become the prominent subject of romantic history. At that time. Modred. the Antichrist must exemplify the reprobate condition to which mankind must stoop in . and the offspring of the latter unholy union." 39:177 In other words.e. Contrary to all myth and legend.Morgaine represented the female aspect of the duality... Set and Nephthys were brother and sister as were King Arthur and Morgaine." . adds: 'Alchemy. which is discussed further in Libra.. namely incest. and would be duly anointed as such. present and future) or distance. The faulty of seeing with the inner eye or spiritual sight. was incest— a practice not uncommon among the ancient gods and goddesses. who are regarded by the Merovingians as divine descendants of Jesus Christ. into a symbol of the union of opposites. was believed to be the 'Celtic Christ'. any male offspring from the union would be deemed the 'Celtic Christ'. 'Our Father-Mother in the heavens'. "Occultist and psychologist Carl Jung. as did the equally ancient principle of the 'sacred sisterbride—so revered in the holy ritual of Mesopotamia. i. In conjunction with this. specifically defined rites were performed to denote the mortal incarnation of the 'dual male-female entity'. In this regard.exalted the most heinous transgression of the law. Real clairvoyance means the faculty of seeing through the densest matter (the latter disappearing at the will and before the spiritual eye of the Seer). On the festival of Beltane (the spring equinox). Horus was the offspring of Isis and Osiris who were fraternal twins before they became husband and wife. but rather a rebirth of the ancient archetypal androgynous Godhead: "Writers have sometimes deemed Arthur's sexual relationship with his half-sister Morgaine to be incestuous—but this is not the way it was regarded in Celtic Britain. and irrespective of time (past.29:205-6 The occult traditions glorify incest for other reasons that defy logic."Clairvoyance. it was the dying Archpriest Modred (not Arthur) who was carried from the field by his mother Morgaine's Holy Sisters. the divine spark within each man will generate an opposing impulse toward transformation and the Golden Age will begin—this Utopia of peace and prosperity into which the Grail King will lead mankind. and an anointed Fisher King.316:85 The surname Saint-Clair esoterically denotes a bloodline of high level initiates who have experienced union with Lucifer. In view of Arthur and Morgaine's supposed divinity during this rite. Based on this esoteric concept.. hoping in this way to bring back the golden age. it was his son Modred who held the highest spiritual position: he was designated Christ of Britain. when mankind reaches the nadir of its depravity... The designation of young Thomas as the HorusKing means that he is the living embodiment of the Light. Laurence Gardner rationalizes that King Arthur's sexual union with his sister was not really incestuous.. the anciently perceived dual nature of God prevailed. another reason for the exaltation of incest. As the earthly manifestation of the goddess Cerridwin.. Arthur was her true male counterpart in the established royal tradition of the Pharaohs. Arthur was apprehended as a god in human form and obliged to participate in a ritual of sacred intercourse between the twin aspects of the incarnate Father-Mother. Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated.." ..

from Hebrew t'Om twin At this point. On the left is a photograph of the parents of William Cooper which appears in the Foreword of his book. scheming to provoke God's wrath on the human race. Behold a Pale Horse. arrived into this world in 1943. Lucifer. we ask the reader to carefully compare the pictures below.order for the transformation to begin. Utter madness! says the rational man. On the right is the previous photo of Pierre and Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair which was taken in 1979. Are these photographs younger and older versions of the SAME MAN??? . However. but William Cooper. Returning to the concept of twins. the meaning of 'Thomas' happens to be twin: Merriam-Webster Dictionary Main Entry: Thom·as Pronunciation: 'tä-m&s Function: noun Etymology: Greek ThOmas. The photo is undated. who was their firstborn. sensible persons may be assured that behind the irrational belief system of the occult is the archenemy of mankind.

old enough to be Thomas's grandfather. then who was Thomas' father? William Cooper was the eldest of three children. of the deceased Éminence grise. Thomas would seem to be the grandson. If this is the case. Their pictures along with William's and some revealing family information are presented in the Foreword to Cooper's book. King Arthur's . Connie's husband is also named Ron. who is two years younger than her elder brother. the name of her twin brother. would have been 59. if William Cooper's father is not Milton Cooper but Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair. As outrageous as this hypothesis may seem. Another coincidence. Curiously. Connie. not the son. although he looks younger. born in 1920. his sister and brother being fraternal twins named Connie and Ronnie. and not Pierre. Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair bears a remarkable resemblance to William Cooper's sister.Thomas is said to be 10 years old in the 1979 photo. according to Cooper. Connie would now be 59 and Thomas would be around 33 years of age. In our opinion. it is within the realm of possibility that Thomas is the son of Connie. Pierre Plantard.

Any remaining notes Mengele carried with him on his escape to South America and those were never found. he was arrested. ―dressed in a breastplate worthy of so great a king. During the Holocaust. ever really knew. the Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion is. from October 1943 until the end of 1944. wrote of this former Grail King. well contrived for slaughter. Girt with Caliburn. only 200 survived the war.381:70 Note that Dr.also attempted to change the sex of some twins.. his mother would represent Isis.. either the child-victims. transfusions of blood from one twin to another.. they were driven to various labs at Auschwitz or neighboring Birkenau camp. Depending on the type of experiment endured by the twins. he graces his right hand with the lance named Ron. and fabricated in the isle of Avalon.. males were castrated. From the book.. on which a picture of the Holy Virgin constantly recalled her to his memory. Most received routine blood and x-ray tests.‖ We venture to state further that if Thomas Plantard de Saint-Claire. Josef Mengele. Holy Grail. conducted countless experiments on sets of Jewish twins. This was a long and broad spear. esoterically speaking. "Unfortunately a strict veil of secrecy over the experiments enabled Mengele to do his work more effectively. sex change operations..." . Hitler's Angel of Death. Over his shoulders he throws his shield called Priwen. aka Auschwitz's 'Angel of Death. often on a daily basis. Mengele injected chemicals into the eyes of children in an attempt to change their eye color. Children of the Flames: Doctor Josef Mengele and the Untold Story of the Twins of the Holocaust.. the reincarnation of Horus. incestuous impregnations.biographer. "Let us remember that during the Occupation. He was imprisoned by the Gestapo for more than a year.' The full extent of his grusome work will never be known because the records he sent to Dr. and 'twins who were subjected to the most grusome procedures took his secrets to their graves. injections with lethal germs. ―Arthur himself.‖ as Geoffrey of Monmouth relates. "Mengele.' held a fascination with twins. Female twins were sterilized.." (31:221-2) Whether Plantard was a prisoner or a willing participant in Nazi genetic experimentation is the question. reaction to various stimuli... What was the point of these ghoulish experiments? No one. Geoffrey of Monmouth. whose twin brother was also her husband.. a most excellent sword. who was the son of Uther Pendragon... According to Holy Blood. As Auschwitz's senior 'physician' he conducted 'genetic experiments' on nearly 1500 sets of twins between 1943 and 1944. Mengele's experiments were conducted for genetics purposes and occurred between 1943 and 1944. isolation endurance. Mengele's experiments were both physical and psychological. that Arthur defeated his enemies with a lance named 'Ron'. "Of the 3000 twins who passed through Mengele's labs. nor the adult witnesses. Von Verschuer at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute were shipped out 'in two truckloads' and destroyed by the latter. the exact years Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair was . we found this disturbing account: "Josef Mengele. suffered torture by the Gestapo and was interned as a political prisoner for long months. Pierre Plantard spent time in a Nazis prison. places on his head a golden helmet engraved with the semblance of a dragon. the removal of organs and limbs. experimental surgeries performed without anesthesia.

the products of in vitro fertilization. since the inbreeding of aristocrats has long been suspected as a cause of degeneracy among them. Thomas Plantard de Saint-Claire would have been born circa 1969-71. it ironically makes that pedigree more likely." In the irrational world of the occult. Jean-Luc Chaumeil... "Truth is stranger than fiction. but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. these clandestine organizations sponsored the sexual revolution which.Plantard had been arrested and tried for pedophilia or kidnapping of a child. Masterminded and directed by Lucifer. Sexual perversion is not uncommon in the Merovingian dynasty. But even if it is true that Plantard was at one time arrested and tried for some sort of sexual deviance regarding children (assuming that this is not just a smear). we must project ourselves into the subjective mindset of the occult underground. born in 1945... One thing seems certain.‖ . to what lengths the demonized race of Merovingians. Might Pierre Plantard have been involved in some capacity in Mengele's experiments on twins? Was M. the realities are indeed more bizarre than fiction. To comprehend this collective flight from reason. if at all possible. This charge was made later by the supposedly Jewish ex-member of the Priory of Sion. Found in a biography of Pierre Plantard is evidence that Thomas may also be a twin.'. when Connie and Ronnie were in their mid-twenties. The following is an English translation of Pierre Plantard's bio from the French. foster anarchy and eventually to eliminate distinctions of gender. and to comprehend.1085 THE SACRED MARRIAGE Mark Twain wrote.html. The driving force behind the pornography industry is the vast network of secret societies who conduct their lucrative operations legally through tax-funded intelligence organizations. The following allegation comes from a website debunking Pierre Plantard and the Prieuré de bankrolled by the CIA's drug running syndicate. ―.. Truth isn't. was designed to destroy moral standards and family values.tripod. as his name indicates. Henry Lincoln chose to disregard this charge as a 'vicious libel. a more credible Merovingian!. Plantard/Milton Cooper and/or his wife genetically manipulated to conceive twins? Or were Connie and Ronnie. as well as good and evil. Truth — Veritas — is indeed stranger than Fiction. possibly. carefully controlled to produce twins? Or. which is one method of damage control when the truth somehow gets exposed. Lucifer. whose rather incoherent letters to Paul Smith are now carried on Smith‘s website at http://smithpp0. where virginity has nothing at all to do with sexual purity. will go to produce a human vessel worthy of incarnation by their androgynous god. .. this does not affect Plantard‘s (or the story‘s) insistence that he was of Merovingian descent.... the brackets show the French wording for purposes of clarity. 1957. A sexually perverse Plantard is. The possibilities are legion. having delusions of divinity. In fact.was genetic manipulation performed to restructure the twins' DNA so they would produce an androgyne in the future. Who knows what genetic engineering was possible in 1943-4 or what was accomplished in the Nazi eugenics institutes. which we believe Thomas may be. which in fact it rejects. where right and wrong are what the Luciferian adepts pronounce them to be.incarcerated by the Nazis.

the last Merovingian king. This event was recorded by 'St. "Some of the Jews ascribed [the Gemini Twins] to the tribe of Benjamin. the Abbess d'Oeren who was the daughter of Dagobert II. 726). the original twins being the sun and moon. the month of the god Janus. Allen wrote. male child-figures." (927:223-4) The feast of Lupercalia.. escaped assassination and took refuge in his mother's home at Rennes-leChateau in Razès. 'Janus' may be etymologically related to 'John/Jean'. She recalls l'assassinat of her father DAGOBERT II. that as the zodiac spread from Babylonia to Greece and Egypt. Fifteen days after his election as Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion. An article is published in [l'Est républicain] introducing Thomas February and Irmine [PLANTARD] like "the two young descendants of 1 Clovis.. capital of the RAZÈS (country d'origine of GISELE. We are told that. on the feast of Imbolc. in Egypt they became 'Two Sprouting Plants' pictured as twins who symbolized the sun and moon. The following is a translation of an extract from a special issue of "Studies of the Merovingians" devoted to Dagobert II: "The ciborium would have contained." (996) Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair was elected to the Prieuré de Sion on 17 January 1981. in our current South-west. who fled to Rennes le Chateau." (For the record. as the Twin Deities or Dioscouri.. the esoteric name of all Grand Masters of the Prieuré. Irmine. (Let us point out qu'lRMINE was the girl of DAGOBERT II). January 17 681 with RHEDAE. Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair introduced Thomas and Irmine Plantard as being "like the two young descendants of Clovis. The Hindus knew the Gemini Twins.. the Roman counterpart to Imbolc—the day on which Thomas and Irmine Plantard de Saint-Claire made their debut in the French press—was celebrated in honor of Romulus and Remus—the twin gods who founded Rome. naked. in Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning.1981 Election of Pierre [Plantard Grand] Master of the Priory of Sion. Holy Grail. the central character of Holy Blood.932 Thomas sister. and half-sister of Sigisbert IV (676-758).. on 17 January. the stay of her half-brother SIGEBERT IV with the monastery d'OEREN. Castor and Pollux. Clovis I is the legendary King Arthur) Are Thomas and Irmine twins. is almost certainly named after St. in 708. second wife of DAGOBERT). and Brown reproduces a Euphratean representation of a couple of small. Irmine (c. The RAZÈS belonged to Marquisat of GOTHIE. a parchment written by Sainte IRMINE. who is symbolized with two heads representing twins. abbess d'OEREN. one standing upon its head and the other standing upon the former. when the one is up the other is generally down. then her refuge. which was later discovered by Abbé Bérenger Saunière. as the name Thomas suggests? Richard H.. feet to feet." .. . Irmine' in a parchment that was placed in a vessel containing the head of Dagobert. The Prieuré always convenes for selection of Grand Masters on 17 January. Sigebert IV. The Egyptians as Two Sprouting Plants. known as the 'Plant-Ard'. its symbolism changed.

the infernal of the two. the androgyne appeared in myth as male-female twins born simultaneously. which have continued under Christian guises. According to the myth of Castor and Pollux. or Candlemas. the goddess of air. the story behind the constellation of Gemini. "The sense of duality inherent in The Lovers is strengthened through its association with Gemini..... one aspect of which is the . The Lovers is principally related to Venus. and to their powerful impact on the patterning of all our relationships with friends and lovers. His father Zeus agreed. The two lovers in the Waite-Smith deck represent. newness.. naked youth traveled to neighboring towns to purify them according to Barbara Walker in The Woman's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets. Importantly.. although the vernal equinox is seven weeks away.. as typified by the astrological sign of Gemini. ". Fauna-Faunus.. e. in esoteric astrology."Midwinter (early February) was the time of many ancient Pagan festivals. fraternal twins of a divine bloodline were the preferred stock. South and east of the British Isles ancient Romans celebrated the Lupercalia in honor of Lupa..933 The gods and goddesses of ancient and classical mythology were often twins as were the kings and queens they supposedly incarnated.. IsisOsiris. the relationship between siblings. Enki. "The Lovers follows a series of five very important..Gemini draws our attention to the importance of sibling relationships. It signifies a sense of challenge. Sacred marriage in the original Tarot card deck refers to incest between siblings.. three of which are masculine and two feminine. In esoteric astrology. and Gemini which. After these rites.. opposition and heightened awareness. the Gemini Twins represented 'sacred marriage' between fraternal twins. or Brigid.. she rules. very powerful [Tarot] cards. The Lovers can signal some sort of synthesis between the different aspects of make and female that each of the previous cards represents." (934) "The twins or brother gods in Sumeria [were] called Enki and Enlil. is a time for purification and new beginnings. when the mortal Castor died. represents Set and Enlil represents Horus (although in this context Enlil would also be Osiris." . especially twins.. Orgiastic rites were performed to honor her in the Grotto of the She-Wolf to insure fertility in the coming year. on the proviso that they spent half their time in the Underworld and half in the heavens.. "Astrologically.g. the 'moon and sun' united in their Mother‘s womb. Gemini is also the first sign of relationship in the arrangement of the brother-sister pair... the she-wolf who nursed Romulus and Remus who were considered Rome's founding twins. The wild Lupercalia of ancient Rome was replaced by the austere Festival of the Purification of the Virgin. the sign of The Twins. The Celtic Imbolc. "Often. When it appears in a reading therefore.)" (571) The sacred marriage ritual required sexual union between male and female siblings. The word Imbolc refers to the pregnant condition of ewes at Midwinter. his immortal twin brother Pollux begged his father to let him join Castor in the Underworld. Their fertility was a good sign to the ancient Celts who depended on sheep for food and clothing. and an integration between the powerful forces that have been unleashed and experienced (sometimes unconsciously) to this point. Imbolc anticipates spring. Helen-Helenus or Artemis-Apollo. Jana-Janus. Diana-Dianus.

This is accomplished through the 'sacred marriage' ritual. The rationale behind this ludicrous concept is that integration of the sexes will lead humanity back to the chaos of Genesis 1:2. the undifferentiated unity that existed before Creation.. In many rituals.. which the blessed hope of the Christian. "Perhaps the most important way in which androgynes may be split into two groups.Many myths point out that the permanently fused androgyne is.. according to the highly irrational thinking of occultists. The 'sacred marriage' of The Lovers really represents a relationship of equality between two individuals. 'The Christ'. to be not true androgynes but pseudo-androgynes.androgynes may be regarded as 'good. These liminal creatures include. others are born in a fused form and subsequently separated into a male and a female. when the image presents a convincing fusion of the two polarities and as 'bad' when the graft fails to 'take' visually or philosophically—that is. "The fusing type of androgyne is originally created as a male and female in isolation and must fuse in order to create.male-female twins. rather than pressing on to the high calling in Christ Jesus. a type of relationship that is largely absent from the Major Arcana.for he shall magnify himself above all. 'Bad' androgynes often turn out.. Some are the result of the fusing of separates." .. The most common variant of the theme of the fusing androgyne is the Two-in-One or hierogamy (i." (851) The purpose of the sacred marriage is to produce the 'divine androgen'.) That the fusion of male and female twins to form an androgyne is a foundational principle of the secret doctrine is stated in reputable sources such as the Encyclopedia of Religion: ". too. androgyny will be achieved.146:277-78 ("Androgynes") The final paragraph sounds eerily like the description of the Antichrist in Daniel 11:37: "Neither shall he regard. technically.'sacred marriage'. only the androgyne is creative.... is in terms of their way of coming into existence.. the androgyne symbolizes a state 'in which the erotic no longer has to be sought or pursued.... i. (The false hope of the occultist lies in recreating aeons of the past... ".... when it is a mere juxtaposition of opposites rather than a true fusion. the desire to merge back into chaos is the goal of human existence. male and female. the one creature in the world who is certain to be unable to copulate. and this return to the homogenous takes the form of supreme regeneration. A set of twins not being a true androgen—the Gnostic ideal—the twins must somehow become one.e." .chaos is positive. the supreme integration toward which one strives. sacred marriage). As Alan Watts has remarked. because it is always present in its totality...' in the sense of symbolically successful.. If the twins can be fused. on closer inspection. The separate components are barren..e. "In the mythology of mysticism. as it were. androgyny is 'a symbolic restoration of 'Chaos'...the desire of women.. of the undifferentiated unity that proceeded the Creation. the marriage between brother and sister... a prodigious increase of power'.

285 "As stated previously. The evolved being tends toward bisexuality. the six planes.48:360-361 The Mark of the Beast will be a symbolic representation of the Antichrist's own androgynous state (which is why he is called a 'beast') and the "transformed" condition of humanity under the perverse influence and governance of this demigod. emanate from the 'Heavenly or Celestial Virgin. the upper and lower hierarchies included. The Antichrist's declaration of 'peace and safety' takes on new meaning when we understand that the "transformation of mankind" will bring God's wrath upon the world: "The six-pointed star is a symbol of the lost archetype of The Sacred Marriage.. is symbolized by the six-pointed star. representing fire and water. the androgynous Antichrist will be the pattern for all mankind. In Jesus the tension and polaristic strife of sex are resolved in an androgynous unity.. the Androgyne. and the goal is union with .. All these.146:281 THE GRAIL KING It is fitting that the sign of Virgo. Sacred Symbol of Male Creative Power that the evolutionary process requires the elimination of gender distinctions until androgyny is the norm: "The goal toward which the human species should aim is the progressive reintegration of the sexes until androgyny is obtained..000." (148:145) Danilou implies in The Phallus. principles. it is male-female in the sense that the male paired with the female in Jesus' soul.forces." . as his heir. In mythology and in religions generally." (Blavatsky) . all synthesized by the seventh. "The six-pointed Star refers to the six Forces or Powers of Nature. And the Church. I) Cirlot's Dictionary of Symbols reveals that the six-pointed star signals the birth of a god: "Since [Virgo] is governed by Mercury and corresponds to the number six it is symbolic of hermaphroditism. Alice Bailey stated. alchemy was not primarily the search for a metallurgic formula to turn lead into gold.'" .102:113 The Antichrist's false religious system.. has taken this over from him. Hence Virgo is sometimes depicted with the symbol of the soul or the Seal of Solomon (two triangles. 'Here the new androgynous form of existence becomes visible. including a counterfeit 144. or that state which is characterized by dual . representing the androgyne or hermaphrodite. the Sephīrāh-Adam-Kadmon. this symbol is always associated with the birth of a god or a demi-god. etc.' the great mother in all religions." . 14:4 ('Those are they that are not defiled with women. or the central point in the Star. superimposed and intersecting to form a six-pointed star).. Christianity is neither male nor female. She too is androgynous. will no doubt model the neutered Christianity of the new Gnosticism: "With regard to Rev.209:215 (Vol. The crucible is life itself.. representing the balance of male and female among others and essential for our personal and planetary healing." . etc. The primary texts of the old master alchemists refer to the transmutation of a natural person into a spiritual person.positive and negative . as the supreme expression of the dynamic consciousness. "The Plan is concerned with rebuilding mankind. for they are virgins') [Georg] Koepgen asserts.As if this wickedness were not sufficiently evil..

" (242:37)  ".. the Shekinah..Pierre Plantard. was consummated.. His son..5 May of the year 2000.. although the vernal equinox is seven weeks away..was ruptured... Thomas a time for purification and new beginnings. And the sacred [six-pointed star] remained in the rabbinical tradition as the preeminent symbol for the Sacred Marriage...God.[was] deceased on. convened its Convent at Blois on 17 January 1981." ." (127:53)  "17 June 2000. to me.. a promise of harmony and well-being."(361) .. the relationship of Yahweh and Shekinah.' It is still the prayer of the universe.. 2000......... but also a 'man and a woman locked in intimacy in the form of a hexagram." (375) Imbolc is one of four major Druidic feasts which involve ritual human sacrifice.... Mars and Mercury get together. with his feminine counterpart... which Pierre de Saint-Clair edits with his son Thomas... so goes the Jewish myth.this emblem was a sign of the age to come. the Bride was often associated with Mary Magdalene.. this wisdom is illustrated with the symbol [of the six-pointed star]. often equated with wisdom. and the hexagram symbolizes the 'hieros gamos'. the intimate union of the opposites. The word Imbolc refers to the pregnant condition of ewes at Midwinter. "We find this Sister-Bride..February 3. Recall that "The Celtic Imbolc. still searching for her lost Bridegroom. announced the death of his eleven hours ten minutes.[was] deceased on." (375)  ".. in the Song of Songs.936:164-166 Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair died in the year 2000 on the day following Imbolc (February 1-2): "....'" (31:214)  "Vaincre is now [1998] the title of the Priory's internal bulletin. The meaning of the hexagram is summed up in the Hebrew word 'shalom' meaning 'peace and well-being..... the Prieuré de Sion.' This tradition articulates the fundamental basis of Hebrew society. Meanwhile his bride roamed the earth in exile. Imbolc anticipates spring. eleven hours ten minutes. a date when for the first time in 6... As a result of this Convent at Blois. With the destruction of the Temple. the unseen Holy One. Pierre Plantard. Here again we find the sacred 'union of opposites' and holiness/wholeness illustrated by the hexagram. Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair was elected grand master of the Order. like the community of Israel in Diaspora. "Jewish rabbinical tradition teaches that the Ark of the Covenant kept in the Holy of Holies of Solomon's Temple on Mount Sion contained not only the tablets on which the Ten Commandments were inscribed. 1981. Up until the thirteenth century..000 years all the planets of our solar system will be arrayed in practically a straight line across space. ". the tablets represent the precepts of the covenant. "Recent research about the feminine aspect of God in the Hebrew tradition reveals that the Holy of Holies was the marriage chamber where the union of Yahweh. and Yahweh returned to the heavens to reign alone." Consider the timing of events in the life and death of Pierre Plantard de Saint-Claire:  "On January 22. a short article appeared in the French press. In some alchemical texts.Percival becomes the king of the Grail when the planet Saturn. 2000.. The transformed person is one who finds the 'philosopher's stone'...." (127:48)  ". 'A veritable secret society of 121 dignitaries.Pierre Plantard..February 3.....

. a "Grand Sextile". Sun and Moon collimated within a geocentric (Earth-centered) sector of 27 degrees of the Constellation of Taurus in our Milky Way galaxy.m. 'the birth of the New Age of Enlightenment' The Age of Aquarius. ―The night of May 4. there occurred an event that was heralded by New Agers as the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Venus.'.. there are "revolutionary transformations accompanying the change of Ages.‖(479) MAY 5.. It began with the darkest night in living memory. a "Star of David". Mankind is being prepared for a massive visitation of extraterrestrials (aka... Cathy Burns' chapter on the Six-Pointed Star from Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated. Universal Time. the longitudinal span of these five planets. decision and judgment. The Six-Pointed Star: The Mark of the Beast presents a reasonable case for its use by the Antichrist to brand his disciples in a Luciferic initiation. superimposed upon one another to form three sets of 6 (666) with a "Grand Cross" and two five pointed star configurations. The importance of the six-pointed Star of David in occult symbolism and ritual cannot be overstated.It is the twilight of the gods -. demons) who have promised to assist them in transcending matter to a higher plane of existence ." [GaiaMind ] . explains the occult significance of this symbol. the perfect balance. have a prophecy predicting the May 5th Grand Planetary Alignment and this time. of the Christ-man. 2000. The six-pointed star is the Star of Bethlehem. including the Mayans and Hopi. forming a 'Grand Planetary Alignment. Mercury. at 8:08 a.that of pure spirit. New Agers believe that the gods will return to earth. and transformative celestial events of our millennium according to astronomy and astrology experts. New Agers believe that May 5. The sign of this transition will be the astroarcheological Star of Bethlehem.. May 5th marked the end of the 5th Sun and the birth of the 6th Sun. Jupiter and Saturn were hidden from human eyes behind the Sun.the Day of Judgment for the outgoing and incoming Ages. Expected to be the day of reckoning." [CalenderSign 2000] [article removed] Since the planets represent gods in the occult traditions. was a "cosmic moment" similar in appearance and significance to the Star of Bethlehem which announced to the Magi the coming of the Messiah. "The Star is the symbol of the perfect life. which contains three "mystic rectangles". which again means the Star of the Son of man. powerful. when all of the planets were in alignment. was the eve of one of the most exciting. in New Age terms. The next morning. The six-pointed star has been identifed by the New Age as the Star of Bethlehem which announces the Advent of Christ. This delusional phenomenon is depicted on The Astroarchaeological Star of Bethlehem website. At the turn of every age (two millennia).Many cultures. Mars. On the Mayan calendar. Dr. 2000 was the close of present Age of Pisces. a "Seal of Solomon". no moon or planet lit up the sky as the Moon.On May 5 of the year 2000. May 5th.

which means one who rules. A golden red star situated on the left knee of Bootes. his name. a biblical interpreter of the constellations..833 ("Ursa Major") . After failure and perseverance.. They also called him Bau. Parzival. or 'driver of oxen' are other titles. Furthermore it has been suggested that this constellation. From Arktouros or Arctophilax." (127:48) Based on this planetary alignment and its occult significance. Percival was a knight in the legendary King Arthur's Dragon Court. it is probable that Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair. became the 'Grail King' around the turn of the Millennium. In the poem. and the constellation of Ursa Major... 'Arthur's slow wain [wagon] his course doth roll in utter darkness round the Pole. and Ursa Minor. the hero. the Great Bear. which means also 'the coming one'.According to Wolfram von Eschenbach's poem. the 4th brightest in the sky. Mars and Mercury get together.Percival becomes the king of the Grail when the planet Saturn. according to The New English Dictionary. means the quest for immortality.. subdues. is known as Arthur's Chariot. "Arcturus takes its name from its nearness to the sky Bears.. and governs. "According to E W Bullinger (The Witness of the Stars). the precursor of his famous Round Table. ". the Bear. . Jupiter. Percival at last laid hold of the Holy Grail at the castle of Montsalvat (mountain of salvation) where he ruled as Grail King until succeeded by one of his twin sons. with its circular route. in fact. The 'Herdsman'. Big and Little Bears. 'the Bear Guard and also called 'the Bear Watcher'. the twelve knights of the 'round table' corresponding to the twelve signs of the Zodiac's 'circle of animals'. the divine androgen. may have led to the notion of the round table (The Zodiac). Parzival.' In Welsh lore.. "The name Ursa Major. it is claimed. 'the wonderful bear'. Ursa Major.. is derived from ArthUthyr. and the legendary association with Arthur and Charlemagne. the protagonist set out on a quest to find the Holy Grail which.'.. 'appears to arise out of the verbal association of the star name Arcturus with Arturus or Arthur. The legend of King Arthur has astrological significance. the constellation is seen as a symbol of the Celtic King Arthur. mystically. the ancient Egyptians called Bootes Smat. So it was that the early Britons saw Arthur's Chariot in the great constellation. The name Arthur. is derived from 'Artos'.. "ARCTURUS.

For there shall arise false Christs. and false prophets. in this section.We mention these details of the Arthurian legend because the Plantard family crest displays two Rampant Bears which are esoteric symbols of the Great Bear and Little Bear constellations. the term used for the Antichrist and False Prophet in the book of Revelation. . Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. 24:24 To follow the Plantard thread. we have presented further compelling evidence that Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair is the Antichrist. This explains the heavy promotion of the Zodiac within the Christian community. in the False Gospel in the Stars series. the word 'bear' means 'beast'. just click on the Plantard family crest (right) or the next section (below) where evidence is presented on the Antichrist connection with the Great Bear. if it were possible. Mt. These constellations are found in the astrological sign of Cancer and. that each astrological sign has relevance to the characters and events of Revelation. insomuch that. and shall shew great signs and wonders. they shall deceive the very elect. As a matter of fact. The reader will find.


"The stars must be aligned in a specific way in order for Set [Satan] to be properly invoked." — Kenneth Grant, Grand Master, OTO "The three constellations develop the truth. What is now called Ursa Minor is the Lesser Flock; Ursa Major gives us The Sheepfold and the Sheep; while Argo, The Ship, shows the travellers and the pilgrims brought safely home—all conflict over." (Bullinger) 939 Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are the constellations of the Great Bear and Little Bear. They are commonly known today as the Big and Little Dipper, although they extend beyond the Dipper constellations. In spite of the fact that these constellations are represented in the Greek zodiac by wild beasts, Bullinger, Kennedy and other proponents of the false 'gospel in the stars' theory maintain that Ursa Major and Ursa Minor represent sheepfolds. "The meaning [of Cancer] is made even clearer as we consider the three decans. On a planisphere Ursa Minor is found near the center of the ecliptic and is called today The Little Bear. However, this is not the ancient meaning of the constellations Ursa Minor and Ursa Major. In fact, never did a bear have such a tail as that! Actually, there is no bear in the planisphere or zodiacs of the Chaldeans, Persians, Egyptians, or the Indians. Rather, what we have here is a sheepfold, which is believed to be the original meaning of Ursa Minor. "The figure of a sheepfold probably comes from the fact that one of the brightest stars in Ursa Major is the star Dubheh, which means a 'Herd of Animals' and is very similar to the word Dob or the Hebrew Dowb, which means 'The Bear.' This could be the reason the sign changed over time. But it is really referring to a little fold and a great fold. God's Church is the little flock--the gathering together of his people... "The second decan [in the sign of Cancer] is Ursa Major, probably the best known of all of the constellations in the sky. We don't know it as the Great Bear, as the Greeks called it, but we call it The Big Dipper... Like Ursa Minor, Ursa Major is neither a dipper or a bear. Rather it is the greater sheepfold, as pictured in the most ancient planispheres or zodiacs of the various nations... "Other stars in Ursa Major are El Alcola, 'The Sheepfold'; Cab'd al Asad, 'Multitude of the Assembled'; El Kaprah, 'The Protected,' or in Hebrew 'The Redeemed' or 'Ransomed.' A more familiar star, Callisto, again means 'The Sheepfold.'..." - 872:109-114 The word Ursa comes from the Latin "ursus", which means bear. According to Webster's Dictionary, the Anglo-Saxon word for bear (bera) is derived from the Latin word fera meaning 'wild beast'. This ferocious beast is of the genus Ursus: Bear \Bear\, n. [OE. bere, AS. bera; akin to D. beer, OHG. bero, pero, G. b["a]r, Icel. & Sw. bj["o]rn, and possibly to L. fera wild beast, Gr. ? beast, Skr. bhalla bear.]

1. (Zo["o]l.) Any species of the genus Ursus, and of the closely allied genera. Bears are plantigrade Carnivora, but they live largely on fruit and insects. Note: The European brown bear ({U. arctos}), the white polar bear ({U. maritimus}), the grizzly bear ({U.horribilis}), the American black bear, and its variety the cinnamon bear ({U. Americanus}), the Syrian bear ({Ursus Syriacus}), and the sloth bear, are among the notable species...- 868 THE PLANTARD FAMILY CREST And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a BEAR, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority. - Rev. 13:1-2

"The Rampant Bear...emblem...depicts just this - the Bear constellation tied to the Pole of the earth's axis, and dancing around it." — Peter Dawkins, Arcadia The Plantard family crest is regarded as the key to the Typhonian/Draconian Current, which is the demonic lineage of the Merovingian bloodline. The Typhonian Current refers to the Dragon lineage of Satan. Revelation 12:9 states: And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world. "Typhon is...Plutarch asserts, the distinct 'Evil Principle' or the Satan of the Jews." (316) The key to the Draconian lineage — the Plantard crest — has been elucidated by Kenneth Grant, the Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), the occult organization once headed by

Aleister Crowley. Note the Merovingian symbols, the bears and the bees, in the Plantard crest. Also, do not miss Grant's assertion, amply supported by other sources, that the Prieuré de Sion has for some time controlled the Vatican. In his book Outer Gateways Kenneth Grant wrote: ―In The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail, the authors reproduce the family crest of Clan Plantard, the contemporary representative of which was, until recently, the Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion, an Order which, according to [Henry] Lincoln, dominated the Order of the Knights Templar and various other highly influential institutions which, at certain periods of history, included the Vatican. The crest which supplies the key to the [Typhonian/ Draconian] Current represented by the Merovingian bloodline and the Order of Sion, comprises the symbols of the Typhonian line of descent: the two bears, eleven bees, and the fleur de lys. The motto incorporated in the crest reads 'et in Arcadia ego.' Arcadia=127, which is the number of the Egyptian Goddess Heqt who was typified by the 'lower part of the back, or haunch.' ―The two bears denote the Mother (Typhon) and her son (Set) [Satan]. The image of the bee pictorializes the buzzing or humming vibration peculiar to the Outer Ones, or their vehicles. Eleven is the number of Those who are Without, or beyond, the Tree of Life, thus identifying the Outer Ones.' The Outer Ones are also the Qliphoth or the Ancient Ones of Lovecraftian lore. That the Typhonian Tradition and the Merovingian Tradition share the same important symbols seems to be much more then a mere coincidence.‖ - 571 THE DRACONIAN CURRENT The Typhonian or Draconian Tradition refers to the secret doctrine of the Ordo Draconis, the Order of the Dragon which is associated with the Rosicrucians: "In 1408...the Dragon Court was formally reconstituted as a sovereign body at a time of wars and general political turmoil. The Court's reemergence was instigated by Sigismund von Luxembourg, king of Hungary, a descendant of the Lusignan Dragon Kings of Jerusalem. Having inherited the legacy in 1397 he drew up a pact with twenty-three nobles who swore to observe 'true and pure fraternity' within the Societas Draconis (later called Ordo Draconis) — Hungarian: Sarkany Rend. The founding document...stated that members of the Court might wear the insignia of a dragon incurved into a circle, with a red cross — the very emblem of the original Rosicrucis which had identified the Grail succession from before 3000 B.C." (348:225) The Draconian Current refers to the demonic bloodline which is represented by the Dragon Order. The Dragon Court was constituted in 1408 for the express purpose of preserving the ancient Vere bloodline. Of this bloodline Godfroi de Bouillon was a member, according to "From Transylvania to Tunbridge Wells" on the Dagobert's Revenge website: "...The Holy Grail itself was Elven as was Jesus himself, complete with his Crown of Fairy Thorns, depicted as the headgear of Godfroi de Vere de Bouillon in the 12th century... "The Dragon Court exists as an organization solely for the bloodline descendants of the ancient Vere family -- the senior bloodline successors as a Scythian-Merovin, Elven House of Princess

the first Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion. Alpheus. and the whole Arcadian imagery and allegory is that of a Utopia or Paradise on earth that might be achieved. at all.889:15 According to Holy Blood. a sacred river flows from Arcadia to the underworld. descended from Godfroi de Bouillon. Laurence Gardner locates the Plantard bloodline within this Draconian Current: "The Plantagenets were themselves a junior branch of the House of Anjou. This underground stream. who was therefore an offspring of the Annunaki: "One of the interesting items from the archives of the Dragon Court was the origin of the word 'kingship'. right to the heart of all mysteries." (342:5) We have already documented in the previous section that Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair and his son.and for those whose bloodlines are extracted from this descent and its ancient Dragon Court. head of the Sumerian House of Kish. "According to the Dragon tradition. whose recorded successors (although given little space in the Old Testament) were the first great Kings (or Kains) of Mesopotamia and Egypt. represents a demonic bloodline to which the the Plantard bloodline belongs. the importance of Cain was that he was directly produced by Enki [Satan] and Ava [Eve]. His half brothers Hevel and Satanael (better known as Abel and Seth) were less than half Anunnaki. "Arcadia..and the Rosicrucian Brotherhood have inaugurated it.." (248:8) In "Starfire: Gold of the Gods".. which began with Cain. "Arcadia was one of the primary mystery names given to the state of the world in a Golden Age. In its original form. The world is on the threshold of that achievement now. In his book. Gardner elucidates the ancient pedigree of the Dragon succession. "On recognizing this. And the first King of the Messianic Dragon succession was the biblical 'C(Kain)'. for the historical line from David to Jesus was not from Adam and Eve's son. according to the way the evolutionary cycles of divine law work. being the offspring of Ateba and Ava (Adam and Eve). 'kinship' was 'Kainship'. supposedly the offspring of Eve and Satan. It derives from the very earliest of Sumerian culture wherein 'kingship' was identical with 'kinship' . This ." .is frequently denoted by a fountain or a tombstone.. Holy Grail... so his blood was three quarters Anunnaki. the Greek city where Danaus and his fifty daughters introduced the worship of the mother goddess. All have used Arcadian imagery. one can immediately see the first anomaly in the tradition of the Genesis story." . whose senior branch was the House of Vere [whose] ancestry was jointly Pictish and Merovingian descending from the ancient Grail House of Scythia. Jesus Christ and the Buddha prepared us for it in an outstanding way..and 'kin' means 'blood relative'. Seth. Arcadia represents the Rosicrucian's envisioned Paradise on earth.612 (Part I) ET IN ARCADIA EGO "Et in Arcadia Ego" inscribed on the arch between the two bears is an esoteric reference to Arcadia. both of which are associated with an underground stream. It was from Eve's son Cain. Genesis of the Grail Kings. Francis Bacon.. Thomas. Gardiner' revision of the Genesis account traces the genealogy of Jesus back to Cain.Maelasanu -. the meaning of which pierces deep.

Jean des Plantard had married Marie de Saint-Clair--thus forging another link between his family and that of the SaintClair/Gisors. Kubla Khan.. ".the underground stream. .. Typhon. the god of the underworld. In a portion of this poem. In 1548.. lord of the underground stream.. God will turn fresh water sites into blood during the Tribulation period: And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters. for they are worthy. But oh! that deep romantic chasm which slanted Down the green hill athwart a cedarn cover! A savage place! as holy and enchanted . So twice five miles of fertile ground With walls and towers were girdled round: And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills... the sacred river. From the remotest antiquity to Coleridge's 'Kubla Khan' the river Alpheus has been deemed sacred... Its very name derives from the same root as the Greek word alpha. the 'Prieuré documents' state. the occult uses rivers and other fresh water sources as sacred sites for their vampire rituals.. ".. and they became blood.. another sacred site of occultists..the specific phrase in Poussin's painting—'Et in Arcadia Ego'. And here were forests ancient as the hills.'. and you have given them blood to drink. In the foreground of this painting a bearded water deity reposes in an attitude of brooding moroseness—the river god Alpheus.. reprinted below.. the sacred river Alph descends to the underworld...might connote an unacknowledged and thus 'subterranean' bloodline.177..Rev. Apposite to their sin.. is pictured as an erupting volcano. in which the tomb is surmounted by a skull and does not constitute an edifice of its own. which flows underground and is said to surface again at the Fountain of Arethusa in is usually equated with the river Alpheus—the central river in the actual geographical Arcadia in Greece. The imagery is phallic: Kubla Khan In Xanadu did Kubla Khan A stately pleasure-dome decree: Where Alph. 16:4. For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets..appeared in an earlier painting by Poussin. ran Through caverns measureless to man Down to a sunless sea.31:139-140.180-2 As an aside. ".. 6 In William Taylor Coleridge's famous poem. Enfolding sunny spots of greenery.. but is embedded in the side of a cliff. Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree. meaning 'first' or 'source." .the Plantard family--lineal descendants of Dagobert II and the Merovingian dynasty.

Aitna (Mt Etna). Or chaffy grain beneath the thresher's flail: And 'mid these dancing rocks at once and ever It flung up momently the sacred river.319 . Antiochus VII defeated the Maccabees and besieged Jerusalem.. with ceaseless turmoil seething.35) Holy Blood. Holy Blood..As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted By woman wailing for her demon-lover! And from this chasm. indicating a young plant which has its roots in the underworld but aspires to reach the sky. stylized here and perhaps a precursor of the French fleur-de-lys. This three-pronged 'lily' is an ancient symbol for Israel: the capitals of the two phallic pillars of Solomon's Temple. was a symbol of Judea. Clovis I is shown receiving a banner from his queen.. 138-29 B. for whom the Bible is a closed book." (31:Fig. Princess of Egypt.' A fifteenth century illumination of the legend of the divine origins of the fleur-de-lys. Holy Grail contains an illustration which explains the connection of the fleur de lys with French Merovingian royalty.. The Woman with the Alabaster Jar: Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail. ." (31:Fig. . According to Margaret Starbird's esoteric book.. it is a graphic image of the covenant of circumcision." – Dionysiaca 13.. Clotilde.781 In Greek Mythology. In fact. the fleur de lys specifically represents the French branch of this genealogical tree. A mighty fountain momently was forced: Amid whose swift half-intermitted burst Huge fragments vaulted like rebounding hail. where the rock is alight and kettles of fire boil up the hot flare of Typhaon‘s bed. The lily." (936:62) As a symbol of the Merovingian bloodline. This volcano-daimon hurled red-hot rocks at the sky and. "The royal emblem of the Merovingian king Clovis was the fleur-de-lis (the iris).boiled forth great storms of fire. In French. As if this earth in fast thick pants were breathing.a masculine symbol.C..33) More likely the fleur de lys was an Egyptian symbol minted by Antiochus VII. the surname 'Plantard' means 'sapling'... Typhon was the volcano demon which spewed fiery rocks at the sky: "TYPHOEUS was a monstrous immortal giant who was defeated and imprisoned beneath Mount Aitna by Zeus. the king of Syria who married Cleopatra Thea. Typical of occultists. were carved with 'lily work' (I Kings 7:22).. the fleur de lys is a masculine symbol of the covenant of circumcision.867 FLEUR DE LYS The fleur de lys in the Plantard crest is a also phallic symbol. Holy Grail misrepresents the fleur de lys as a Jewish symbol: "Jewish coin of the time of Antiochus VII. The fleur de lys also represents the Tree of Life which also descends to the netherworld (hell). Jachin and Boaz. Notice in Coleridge's poem that the volcano-daimon Typhoeus is ejaculating all over the sky. "'Legend of the Fleur-de-lys. symbol of the French royal line. verses are wrested to their own destruction.

.. The trunk of the Tree of Life represented the World Pillar or Axis Munde (literally 'Axis of the Mound') around which the heavens appeared to revolve. The gods had their home among the stars.' Also. is therefore the link between the earliest manifestation of the Typhonion current and its final phases..903:6 ELEVEN BEES The Great Mother Goddess of the Merovingian bloodline was Diana. The bee is also a symbol of Set or Satan. It is from this hieroglyph that the 'fleur de lis' which is frequently found in Ancient Egyptian Art traces its origin. is an occult number. Grant writes 'The bee. On top of each stem is the Lotus flower which was used in Ancient Egypt to represent Life and Resurrection.It seems the fleur de lys is frequently found in ancient Egyptian artifacts. the authors of The Templar Revelation. who. the link between the terrestrial and celestial worlds.' Picknet and Prince got this information from the Dossiers Secrets of the Priory of Sion.. like herself. who was a lesbian. The glyph which denotes the sacred knowledge associated with Hu is also formed by the three stems of the three sacred lotus lilies. 217 is also the number of DBVRH.. he became the World Pillar.the Merovingian kings. eleven. whose name means 'a bee. which all point to the sign of Cancer. of course. The stars must be aligned in a specific way in order for Set [Satan] to be properly invoked. her most famous temple was at Ephesus. Osiris became the Axis Munde around which the heavens appear to revolve. which are a recurring symbol of the Merovingians are.' Sekhet is another aspect of the god Set. abjured marriage. To the Priory of Sion (the secret.. "In ancient Egyptian texts. He held the heavens in his outstretched arms. His later mummy wrappings were symbolic of his having been encased inside a tree trunk. They have tree stems curving to the left as though blown into Life by the breath of Hu. he metaphorically became as one with the Tree of Life. and was one of the seven wonders of the world. meaning 'a bee' which is the specific symbol of Sekhet." . occult organization dedicated to preserving the Merovingian Bloodline). '217 is the key number of [Crowley's] Book of the Law." . in the Typhonian Tradition. which was later cut down and used as a pillar in the palace of the King of Byblos. represented frequently as the humming or buzzing sound that occurs before the appearance of the Great Old Ones or 'beings' proper to this tradition. ' . The fleur de lis' represents the Tree of Life. There are eleven bees on the arch of the Plantard crest. The World Pillar was the centre of the universe. always accompanied by a band of young women.. There are eleven bees because eleven is the number of Magick and of the . "Osiris. while it's roots reached down into the watery abyss of the Netherworld. She is depicted with a quiver and attended by dogs.The Tree of Life grew out of the Sacred Mound. and he soaked up the word of God from the waters of the Netherworld. was called Djed. in his earliest Axis Munde form of a tamarisk tree trunk. it's branches reaching out and supporting the star and planet studded sky. or crab. the Bear was an animal of the Goddess Diana. In Ancient Egypt the Netherworld was called the 'Netterworld' meaning the 'World of the gods'.. "The Ancient Egyptian symbol for 'plant' meaning 'Tree of Life' was three sacred lotus lilies. ""In the Typhonian Tradition the Bear is the constellation of Ursa Major. the Celestial Sphinx.625:237 Kenneth Grant includes among Diana's sacred animals the bear. from their founder Merovee to Clovis (who converted to Christianity in 496) were 'pagan kings of the cult of Diana'. the bee and the crab. When Osiris was enclosed in the trunk of a tamarisk tree. beetle. According to Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. The bees. In this next excerpt from Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations can be seen a connection between Osiris—who is identified with the Kabalistic Tree of Life—and the Plantard bloodline. "[Diana] devoted herself to hunting. His mummy was therefore an Axis Munde.

Callisto. in the Typhonian Tradition it represents the 'kingly man' that Crowley extols and the inheritor of the Grail Bloodline. was raped by the king of Greek gods.' The 'blood royal. ancestors of the Franks.867 "The stars must be aligned in a specific way in order for Set to be properly invoked. Possibly the 11 bees on the Plantard Crest represent the apostate northern kingdom of Israel. their offspring was Arcas. but we are of the blood royal.. Symbolic of transition." Kenneth Grant. the huntress. The name Artemis appears to be a derivative of 'Art' which means 'Bear. The word 'Arcadia' comes from Arkas. called Daath.sephirah on the Tree of Life. who says: 'For I am not appointed to guard thee. known as Diana to the Romans. is named after Arcas..571 ―. the Merovingians were said to be descended from the Trojans. Variations of the myth are that either Zeus/Jupiter or his jealous wife Hera/Juno. who belonged to the Artemis' band of lesbians. The region of Greece known as Arcadia..571 "Eleven. the daughter of Lycaon.ten. "The name 'Arthur' comes from the Celtic arth. "The 'Prieure documents' claim that the Arcadians were descended from Benjamites driven out of Palestine by their fellow Israelites for idolatry. there is an infernal character about it: since it is in excess of the number of perfection . were known as the 'people of the Bear' for their worship of the bear-goddess Arduina [Diana/Artemis].namely.‖ (Kenneth Grant) . where the Merovingians settled. 'Arcadia' was also known as the source of the River Alphaeus. patron god of that area of Greece. the guardians of the Treasure-house of Wisdom. excess and peril and of conflict and martyrdom. 'bear. and sister of the lesbian Greek goddess Artemis. Callisto.‖ .. OTO In Greek mythology. According to Schneider. Crowley is 'conversing' with his Holy Guardian Angel Aiwas. hurled Callisto into the heavens where she became the Great Bear (Ursa Major) and Arcas soon followed as the Little Bear (Ursa Minor). which means wolf. which is the 'Gateway' to the backside of the Tree and to the Gods. the Great Bear.. Grand Master.' the Sangraal of the Holy Grail. Callisto's constellation is also known to many as Ursa Major. THE BEARS ―The two bears denote the Mother (Typhon) and her son (Set) [Satan]. related to 'Ursus' -. Zeus. In The Vision and the Voice. sister of the huntress Artemis. "The Sicambrians." (491) . They are particularly significant in cabalistic studies." .was equated with the Egyptian god Set..' In legend. and Homer reports that Troy was founded by a colony of Arcadians.the daimon Typhon.." 242:203 There are also 13 tribes of Israel: 2 in the southern kingdom of Judah (Judah and Benjamin) and 11 in the northern kingdom of Israel (Ephraim and Manasseh plus 9 other tribes representing the sons of Jacob)..." 48:234 "There is a good reason for the emphasis on eleven and twenty-twos: these numbers are both 'Master numbers' in the occult. stone. the 'underground stream' which figures so prominently in Coleridge's poetry and in esoteric literature. the son of the nymph Callisto. As for the fleur de lys. or God' and Artemis/Diana was known the bear-goddess..

leaving the secular governing function to chancellors known as the Mayors of the Palace. It was thought that the Merovingian lineage was extinguished.000 B. It seems that the son of Dagobert II. culminating with the crowning of Charlemagne as Holy Roman Emperor. The only solid evidence of his existence is a charter for a monastery signed in 718 by 'Sigebert. ―Archeaologists have found carvings and cave paintings of Bears at Drachenloch Caves. The Apocalyptic Secret of Rennes-le-Chateau explains this marriage as the union of the two 'divine' bloodlines: ". In Sigisbert IV.. Mary Magdalene and their 'divine' offspring. "Given the events of his childhood. we find bear art back to 17. particularly in North Spain and the Southwest of France. Sigisbert IV. in return for baptism into the faith and recognition of his right to rule a new Roman empire as 'Novus Constantinus. Dagobert's marriage to "Magdala" at Rennes-le-Chateau in South France. Aedeche." . when indeed they would seem from contemporary sources to be a kind of Pendragon lineage. 9) It will come as a surprise to many that the term 'Magdala' refers. that of the Holy Family and that of a pagan divine beast. survived and that a Merovingian principality continued to be ruled in Septimania by Guillem de Gellone.000 years ago. the last Merovingian king who was assassinated. it is natural that Sigsbert.the marriage of Dagobert II and Giselle of Razes combined the two bloodlines. it appears the bloodlines of the divine king and the world teacher combined. who founded the dynasty that came to supplant them--the Carolingians. Siegebert IV. the overthrow and extermination of the Merovingian Dynasty was never fully accomplished. Pepin the Fat.' "Yet one of his descendants. but to the 'Magdalenian Era' which was the last of the Paleolithic Age and noted for its cave paintings. A sixth-century altar dedicated to the bear god. largely due to efforts to preserve it through intermarriage. struck a deal with the newly nascent Roman church. the legendary abode of Mary Magdalene. the new Count of Rhedae. He would subdue their enemies.. and his wife Magdala'. and in turn recognized the family of usurpers as legitimate. in Switzerland. was said to unite the divine 'beast of the sea' [Satan] with the Holy Family -. The connection between the Merovingians and the Holy Family seems to have been hind-shadowed by this union of the bloodlines. in any case it was excised from the history books. the Merovingian lineage persists to this day.not far from . not to Mary Magdalene. is found in the French town of St. an allusion to his demonically-rooted pedigree. "The significance of such alliances is the key.According to the Mysteries of Rennes-Le-Chateau. Pé d'Ardet--the Vallée de l'Ourse -. the Arian Visigoths and the pagan Lombards. "If the Prieure documents are to be believed. a descendant--and ancestor--of Godfroi de Bouillon. The bear god was worshipped in this area of France which later became the Languedoc.Jesus. was known as the 'Plant-Ard' or Sapling. flatly betrayed its pact with Clovis. left a son: "The Merovingians were 'sacred kings' who reigned but did not rule.491 Dagobert II's son. Chap." .873 (Book 1. the Quinotaur. It was one of these Mayors. "One of the great Merovingian kings. Neanderthal man revered the Bear back as far as 70. Comte de Rhedae. The church endorsed the assassination.accounts vary) at the orders of Pepin. "But there is some evidence that Dagobert's son. Dagobert II. was murdered by a lance pierced through his eye (or poison poured in the ear -. Clovis. such as Vortigern and Arthur in Britain. In the Lascaux caves. kept a low profile. in France.C.

" . Egypt. But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goeth forth out of our own mouth. Then all the men which knew that their wives had burned incense unto other gods.. did we make her cakes to worship her. we.. Joseph Campbell claims that Bear Cults and Clans are older than shamanism. without our men? Jer. There was a large and flourishing Jewish community in Egypt at that time.just across the border . Bera IV (755-836). whom they knew not. and to serve other gods. nor your fathers. in all probability was derived from the city 'Migdol' near Alexandria. Dagobert II had as a second wife Gisèle. and this could be true according to some historians.Lourdes. and at Tahpanhes. a great multitude. we will not hearken unto thee. a seething cosmopolitan melting pot of many races.. and our fathers. our kings. As for the word that thou hast spoken unto us in the name of the LORD.which was probably the Migdol mentioned in Ezekiel. . to burn incense unto the queen of heaven. Guillemon. rather her name derived from the Magdalenian Era when the bear god was the divinity of choice in South France. which was particularly centered on the great sea port of Alexandria. as we have done. and to pour out drink offerings unto her. after Sigebert IV (676-758) also known as the 'Plant-Ard' . was no offspring of Mary Magdalene. nationalities and religions and perhaps where the Holy Family had fled to escape the depredations of Herod‘s men. Many ancient cultures wore Bear skins with the head still attached to try to become Bear. we have wanted all things. Bera III (715-771). the daughter of Béra II the count of Razès. and at Noph. "The Merovingian dynasty continued formally with Thierry IV and Childéric III who was removed in 751 and this was the end of the dynasty. and were well. And when we burned incense to the queen of heaven. for there are other intriguing alternatives for her place of origin: although there was no ‗Magdala‘ in Judea in her day. the God of Israel. there was a Magdolum in Egypt . which dwell at Migdol. 44:1-3. this day they are a desolation. and to pour out drink offerings unto her.. Because of their wickedness which they have committed to provoke me to anger. and. in that they went to burn incense. in Pathros. in the cities of Judah. and no man dwelleth therein. where the Queen of Heaven was worshipped as Isis. "There is no necessity to endeavor to crowbar [Mary Magdalene] into a Galilean setting. and our princes. According to the parchment found by Saunière.from whom Mr Plantard took his name!-: Sigebert V (695-768). The Merovingian line included. and upon all the cities of Judah.15-19 So Magdala.Dagobert II climbed on the throne but he was assassinated in 679 as well as his son Sigebert IV according to the official history. and all the women that stood by. and in the streets of Jerusalem: for then had we plenty of victuals.‖ (978) 'Magdala'. and saw no evil. Ye have seen all the evil that I have brought upon Jerusalem. Thus saith the LORD of hosts. and poured out drink offerings unto her.843 God had a few words to say through the prophet Jeremiah to the disobedient Jews who worshipped the Queen of Heaven at Migdol: The word that came to Jeremiah concerning all the Jews which dwell in the land of Egypt. answered Jeremiah. No wonder the offspring of Sigisbert IV and Magdala were BEARS! ". and in the country of Pathros. neither they.. behold.. saying. But since we left off to burn incense to the queen of heaven. saying. and have been consumed by the sword and by the famine. the wife of Sigisbert IV. Sigebert IV escaped and arrived in the Razes on the 17 of January 681 where he took refuge with his grand father. and pour out drink offerings unto her. ye. even all the people that dwelt in the land of Egypt.

And they took all the goods of Sodom and Gomorrah. Metaphorically: A brutal.] (Zo["o]l. And it came to pass in the days of Amraphel king of Shinar. plantigrade. which possibly derives from the Latin word fera meaning 'wild beast'. called respectively the {Great Bear} and the {Lesser Bear}. beer. and brother of Aner: and these were confederate with Abram. for he dwelt in the plain of Mamre the Amorite. and the king of Bela. plantigrade. the white polar bear ({U. And when Abram heard that his brother was taken captive. Alpheus. [L. From this lineage came the Blanchefort family who gave three centuries later a Templar Grand Master. 4. the grizzly bear ({U. describes the two rampant bears in the Plantard family crest.. Americanus}).Bera V (794-860).] 1. sea bear. the Syrian bear ({Ursus Syriacus}). he armed his trained . or morose person. as man. That these made war with Bera king of Sodom. pero. Hildéric I and finally Sigebert VI known as 'Ursus'. and the king of Bela (the same is Zoar. and the bears. b["a]r... and the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled. And they took Lot. and of the closely allied genera. Gr. Rev.. ? beast.) Any species of the genus Ursus. and all their victuals. or one that walks or steps on the sole of the foot. and departed. are among the notable species. coarse. and told Abram the Hebrew. and his feet were as the feet of a bear. the woolly bear. [OE. and the sloth bear. 'water beast' and 'sea bear'.. 2. Bears are plantigrade Carnivora.856 According to Webster's Dictionary (1913). .) and they joined battle with them in the vale of Siddim... Bear \Bear\. (Zo["o]l.31:180-2 In the book of Genesis.. (Astron. ant bear. BERA is the Anglo-Saxon word for BEAR. and the king of Gomorrah. Holy Grail.) A plantigrade animal. water bear. akin to D. bera. and the king of Zeboiim. OHG.868 The term. Arioch king of Ellasar. n. According to the parchment found by Saunière the lineage did not stop with Sigebert VI but continued up to this date although nobody claimed the French throne... and went their way. bero. AS. which is Zoar. and his goods. Abram's brother's son. arctos}). or {Ursa Major} and {Ursa Minor}. and they that remained fled to the mountain. the river god and lord of the underground stream is a 'bearded water deity [who] reposes in an attitude of brooding moroseness'." .) . n.) One of two constellations in the northern hemisphere. And the vale of Siddim was full of slimepits. planta sole of the foot + gradi to walk: cf. and with Birsha king of Gomorrah. 3. Skr. but they live largely on fruit and insects. according to Holy Blood. & Sw. and possibly to L. And there came one that had escaped. and the king of Admah. G.) An animal which has some resemblance to a bear in form or habits. Note: The European brown bear ({U. Icel. fera wild beast. (Zo["o]l.868 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard. found in definition #1. the American black bear. as. and also the description of the first beast of Revelation13: Plantigrade \Plan"ti*grade\. which means 'son of evil'. Plantigrade \Plan"ti*grade\. bj["o]rn. brother of Eshcol. the king of Sodom was named Bera. and Tidal king of nations. bhalla bear. and fell there. bere. 13:2 Pertaining to definition #4. F. Chedorlaomer king of Elam. and its variety the cinnamon bear ({U. and Shemeber king of Zeboiim. who dwelt in Sodom. And there went out the king of Sodom. Shinab king of Admah. but no real affinity.horribilis}). (Zo["o]l. Bertrand de Blanchefort. Bera offered goods to Abraham which the latter wisely refused. a. maritimus}).

. "The 'Prieuré documents' imply that. According to Gérard de Sède. where Dagobert II had been assassinated some five hundred years earlier. and also brought again his brother Lot. the Calabrian monks may have left a crucial mark on Western history. And the king of Sodom said unto Abram. That I will not take from a thread even to a shoelatchet. it is noteworthy that the Prieuré de Sion was founded by one Prince Ursus.. and pursued them unto Dan. which spans all twelve signs of the Zodiac.. By 1108 they had mysteriously disappeared. .an abbey existed by 1100 and housed an order of the. lest thou shouldest say... Give me the persons.170 ―According to the Prieure's own documents. And Abram said to the king of Sodom.. twenty-nine years before the First Crusade. "Before their departure from Orval. If this is abbey was established to house the monks.. Its earliest roots are in some sort of Hermetic or Gnostic society led by a man named Ormus.31:113. he and his servants. and pursued them unto Hobah.. born in his own house.922 The constellations of Great Bear and Leo the Lion governed Ancient Egypt under the Pharaonic dynasties. In the Great Mayan Cycle. not far from Stenay. into which they were 'folded' in 1099 by Godfroi de Bouillion.. These monks are said to have formed the basis for the Order de Sion.[is] where our research suggested the Prieuré de Sion may have had its inception. this was known as the Age of Taurus. founded the Abbey of Orval in France near Stenay. and take the goods to thyself. and his goods. Italy. three hundred and eighteen.. and smote them. I have lift up mine hand unto the LORD. Today. for Peter the Hermit is often believed to have been Godfroi de Bouillon's personal tutor.' ". by 1131." . they included the man subsequently known as Peter the Hermit. and the [Ordre de Sion] which may have been formed earlier. The story of Sion only comes into focus in the Middle Ages. led by one Prince Ursus. This individual is said to have reconciled paganism and Christianity...‖ . along with Pope Urban II. at least. which were also from this demonic bloodline. however. Orval... In 1070. part of Godfroi de Bouillon's domains. the possessor of heaven and earth.mysterious Abbey of Orval. Peter the Hermit is regarded as one of the chief instigators of the 'Crusades. and that I will not take any thing that is thine. I have made Abram rich: Genesis 14 Recalling that Ursa Major means Great Bear. and the women also. by night. in the Ardennes. which is on the left hand of Damascus. In 1095. the most high God. [A]t Orval. "It is known that in 1070. it would be extremely significant. According to Gérard de Sède this band of monks was led by an individual called Ursus--a name the 'Prieuré documents' consistently associate with the Merovingian bloodline.. Peter made himself known throughout Christendom by charismatically preaching the need for a crusade--a holy war that would reclaim Christ's sepulchre and the Holy Land from the Muslim infidel..... its history is long and convoluted. a group of monks from Calabria.. And he brought back all the goods. had become one of the fiefs owned by Saint Bernard.. a specific band of monks from Calabria in southern Italy arrived in the vicinity of the Ardennes Forrest. And he divided himself against them.

would be his princely following. is a picture of a powerful shepherd-king who tenderly holds a she-goat and two little goats in his left arm. and their civilisation adapted accordingly. the Spring Equinoctial sun arose in the middle of the zodiacal sign of Taurus.the association of two great constellations that have special significance to each other. These two constellations. With this 'thigh of the Eye of Horus' Ptah (the Creator god signifying the Voice of God) 'opened' the mouths of divine entities and the souls of the dead.. c.Rev. c. and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power. who fertilises the minds of mankind with seeds of light. Orion is the warrior-prince with a sword on his side and his foot on the hare or serpent. These astronomical ages were recognised by the Egyptians. Canis Major. ". 3. . is the River of Judgment belonging to Orion. and Auriga. is an angry. There was something even more significant in the heavens which governed that particular cycle of the Egyptian civilisation . are two human figures seated together in loving closeness. and great authority. 3." ."The sign of Taurus is taken as representing the initiating impulse that starts the process of illumination. the Bull. "The first and main cycle of the Egyptian pharaonic civilisation. Lepus is the mad hare.. rushing animal. This could be a picture of The Lord's comfort of the persecuted believers of this coming period of judgment. 13:2 Since New Agers are trying to replicate the ancient Egyptian culture which was based on the preFlood civilization of Atlantis. Eridanus. but the cycle of their civilisation was not governed primarily by such ages.. ―Cancer the Crab is the figure of a crab. Procyon. The symbol of the bull was of particular importance for Egypt throughout its history. . which determined the whole length and course of the first cycle of Egyptian pharaonic civilisation.. and Ursa Major was considered by the Egyptians to be the magical 'thigh' (or right foreleg) of Taurus. Sirius. one near the north pole and the other in the zodiac. and Canis Minor. which marked the start of the first cycle of pharoanic dynasties. the Shepherd.889:27 And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard. the latter symbolising the illumined mind and referred to as the 'Eye' of Horus.Leo is also a symbol of the heart. Eridanus.At the time that the pharaonic civilisation of Ancient Egypt was supposed to have begun. and Leo. "It should be noticed. This section would then foretell the coming judgments on the earth and the glorious outcome of Christ's reign. Canis Major. and his seat.. This could be a picture of the victorious King of Kings when He returns.240 BC. in the act of taking and holding on with its pincers.....more than just the Taurean Age. the Lion. This could portray the Marriage of the Lamb. (See Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Taurus the Bull is the great Bestower of Light.240 BC.spanned.. The Decans are Orion. and the May Day festival sun was on the cusp of the signs of Cancer and Gemini... and the Decans... The Second Dog. which would be a meaningful symbol of God delivering His wrath during the Tribulation. the Great Bear. Auriga.. and his feet were as the feet of a bear. the Lion are the final signs of the Biblical zodiac promoted by Kennedy et al and represent the greater sheepfold of the Christ who will come to destroy his enemies. the enemy under Orion's feet. the torturous River. were Ursa Major. the Great Dog could prefigure the Prince coming in His glory.. "The last four signs make the most sense if they stand for the final consummation of all things. Ursa . ―Taurus. The Twins. Then Canis Minor.. began with the commencement of the astronomical Age of Taurus. ―Gemini.that the so-called 'Unification of the Two Lands' in Ancient Egypt. it is ominous that Ursa Major in Cancer and Leo..) The Decans are Lepus.

Sons of God. because he is writing to esotericists. And Corvus. the adepts and masters) come from. devouring his carcass. and that he is a Great Initiate of the star system called Sirius. which means 'Dove'.. Ursa Major the Greater Bear. as to the identity of the shepherds who left the 'heavenly place of enlightenment' to enable the human race to evolve: the Christ Brotherhood of Sirius. by means of which that Spirit descends to the earth and governs its kingdom. 'picked up' en route. All three of the Decans point to the destruction of the enemy. As the Sheepfold. as also the fiery chariot on which Elijah ascended to heaven. The Great Bear is known as the mother of the Little Bear. and Argo. it is the heavenly place of peace and enlightenment that Jesus spoke of. Of these. the ones born later. is also on the serpent. presumably by the adepts and masters who are their "shepherds".889:80 Dawkins has already informed the reader in Volume 4 of his series." (889:12) Volume 5 of Dawkins' series.e. the fleeing Serpent. It is said that his soul achieved perfection in worlds other than our own. He is the author of the Francis Bacon Research Trust Journal Series. With these three Sirian Initiates came their circles of disciples. illuminated) soul. ―Leo. the Lesser Bear. and dancing around it. Dawkins promotes the same twaddle as Bullinger and Kennedy about the Bear really being a Sheepfold. the Bowl of Wrath. Argo.the 'crown of the world . he came with two others on a special mission to our solar system. its heart.850 Peter Dawkins is a recognized authority on the Baconian-Rosicrucian philosophies and Ancient Wisdom teachings. As the Chariot. whose purpose is "to give insight into the complete initiatory path that all the great Religions or Wisdom Traditions have taught from time immemorial. It is signified by the royal crown of a High King (i.. the Truth and the Life. however. Venus. which is her son. Hence Arthur is known as 'the Bear'.e..e. souls . Arcadia: The Ancient Egyptian Mysteries. reveals to the 'initiated' the esoteric meaning of the 'Great Bear' and 'Little Bear'. to which the 'sheep' (i.. Hydra. The Great Vision: The Judaic-Christian Mysteries. and then incarnating into the coarse environment of our planetary sphere via the finer environment of our twin planet. Ursa Minor could also mean the lesser sheepfold. The Rampant Bear and Ragged Staff emblem.Jesus of Nazareth.and the circumpolar constellations. the Lesser and the Greater Bear are the most important: the former providing the present North Pole Star. Crater." (Prophecy Central. The 'Bear' is a veil to the real name. is placed on the serpent. As the Dove." . it is Arthur's vehicle of manifestation. and stand for the first-born who will be rulers.the Bear constellation tied to the Pole of the earth's axis. the Lion might easily picture Christ in His final victory over the Devil. could picture His privileged followers.e. a crown with arches) . "Associated in esoteric knowledge with this role of high kingship is the symbol of the North Pole Star . Dawkins discloses its deeper significance—that the Sheepfold is the "heavenly place of enlightenment" to which the initiates of mankind (sheep) are led.depicts just this . is historically one of those truly great souls that we call Christs. entering it via the Sun. pictured as a serpent. Gospel in the Stars promo) . Studies in Ancient Wisdom. ". the evolution of which is far beyond our own. the Raven.. and from which the 'shepherds' (i. and Ursa Major could be the greater sheepfold. as being the Way. From the great Christ Brotherhood of Sirius. is about to be pounced upon by the lion. or 'Chariot'. the Ship. the bird of doom. it is known as the vehicle of the Holy Spirit. initiates) of mankind are led.a halo of light which descends upon a truly worthy and anointed (i. brings the weary travelers home from their toils and travels. or 'Sheepfold'.Minor.. bestowing full knowledge of Truth.

existing and evolving in areas of the world known as Mu. guiding and teaching the younger souls of Earth's humanity throughout their whole conscious human evolution on this planet. we are told. immediately precede the last sign of the so-called 'Biblical Zodiac'. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard. in which spheres of beauty. moreover. presages Christ in His final victory over the Devil. be vigilant. the Lion. By incarnating into the substance and evolutionary chain of events of this planet. inharmony and human injustice of our less evolved world.. which. The sacrifice of the Venusian souls who came with Jesus is great. they then moved across the world to other key areas in order to act as guides and teachers to the young races of humanity. inspiring. and helping to provide an evolutionary stimulus at certain required times. Nowhere in Scripture is the sheepfold of Jesus Christ compared to a bear. walketh about. and great authority.. the bear and lion of the Zodiac appear to be the Antichrist and his false religious system.. a roaring lion. as sheep. located in the sign of Cancer.. And they worshipped the dragon which gave . but not as great as the Sun-souls who accompanied Jesus. And I stood upon the sand of the sea. in which spheres they had achieved certain levels of initiation. and by participating in it to truly love and teach others by example and by close ties of friendship. Establishing this area as their principle home and temple. because your adversary the devil. the Motherland. seeking whom he may devour. Leo. Such a mission. they act as yeast in the dough of humanity.. And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death.associated with both the Sun and Venus. its pains and joys. As well as being examples of the perfect life.." (I Pet. "The Ancient Wisdom Traditions teach us that these mighty souls came to our planet approximately 18 million years ago. and upon his horns ten crowns. self-sacrifice in the Name of Love.. "The mission of the Christ Jesus to our planet is one of overseeing." . and saw a beast rise up out of the sea. harmony and illuminated peace are deliberately left in order to live in and experience the ugliness. and his mouth as the mouth of a LION: and the dragon gave him his power. and his seat. but who needed or chose to undertake such a mission as this one to the planet Earth as part of their next step in initiation. and his feet were as the feet of a BEAR. constitutes a conscious.902:38-9 The Great Bear and Little Bear. 5:8) Rather than shepherds and sheepfolds of Jesus Christ. they are warned about the lion: "Be sober. having seven heads and ten horns. living in aetheric bodies and inhabiting the land subsequently known as Hyperborea ('the Land beyond the North Wind). and theirs is not nearly as great as that of the Sirian Souls.. at the time of this great incarnation of 'God-men' and 'Sun-men'. and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast. Young humanity was. this great Teacher and his company of Sages are able to experience and understand the peculiarities of our human and planetary evolution.

expertise he gained through explosive experiments conducted on human subjects during the waning stages of World War II. which actually competed for their fair share of Nazi war criminals! To meet this demand. and leaned his hand on the wall. the US Navy was equally eager to snare its measure of war criminals.Amos 5:19-20 THE MEROVINGIAN DYNASTY SATANIC BLOODLINE OF THE ANTICHRIST & FALSE PROPHET PART V WILLIAM COOPER & THE THREE BEARS MILTON WILLIAM COOPER Lest our hypotheses appear to be wild speculations. As if a man did flee from a lion. "The Knights Templar exist today as a higher degree of Freemasonry within the Templar Order. previously there were Operation Overcast. In fact. the Knights Templar is a branch of the Order of the Quest. intelligence agencies. psychiatrists and intelligence agents were sanitized in several operations. and a serpent bit him. the reader should consider some biographical information on William Cooper. saying. according to "Project Paperclip and the Nuremberg Trials Whitewash": "Under the terms of [Project] Paperclip there was fierce competition not only between the wartime allies but also between the various US services . Following World War II. Bethesda Naval Hospital would become the center for CIA mindcontrol drug projects following WW II. For its part. physicists. and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months. or went into the house. One of the first men picked up by the navy was a Nazi scientist named Theordore Benzinger. .  William Cooper was an intelligence agent with the Office of Naval Intelligence in Bethesda. MD. a branch of Freemasonry. Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies.Rev." . and Operation Sunrise. and a bear met him. doctors. engineers. the dossiers of Nazi scientists. Benzinger ended up with a lucrative government contract working as a researcher at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. and not light. The DeMolay Society is a branch of the Freemasons that consecrates the memory of the persecution of the Knights Templar .power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast.949  William Cooper credits his selection for this Nazi-infested organization to his membership as a young adult in the DeMolay Society.S. Benzinger was an expert on battlefield wounds. 13:1-5 Woe unto you that desire the day of the LORD! to what end is it for you? the day of the LORD is darkness. Curtis LeMay saw his new-minted US Air Force as certain to prompt the navy's virtual extinction and thought this process would be speeded if he were able to acquire as many German scientists and engineers as possible. .always the most savage form of combat. German scientists were in great demand by all of the U. the most well-known and last being Operation Paperclip.

the Prieure de Sion had found and retrieved the remaining relics. Harvest Publications.and in particular. Through every means available to them.adopted the subtitle 'Order de la Rose-Croix Veritas'.. and. the robe of Jesus.. because I was a member of the DeMolay Society as a young adult. the CAJI News Service." . 101." .." (963) Pierre Plantard used the word Veritas in reference to the Prieuré de Sion and the Rosicrucians: "1962. that in.1188.51:75  William Cooper's belief system. including the station he manages as Trustee for the Independence Foundation Trust." (961) According to Dagobert's Revenge. Arizona. the Prieuré de Sion. someone's bones. as stated in Behold a Pale Horse.000 people.. Trustee. Veritas: . I can tell you that the reality of the bones will shake the world to its very foundations if I have been told the truth. broadcasting to 7. The relics are hidden in France. and whether Jesus actually died or if he survived and produced a child. "It is significant.51:75 In Behold a Pale Horse. William Cooper claimed that he actually knew the location in France of the Holy Grail. "One of the greatest secrets of the ages is the true story of the Holy Grail. by Rob Howells shows the cozy relationship between the Priory of Sion and its front organization.. which he strongly implied includes the bones of Jesus! "The Prieure de Sion was a religious order founded upon Mount Sion in Jerusalem. The treasure hidden in France is not the treasure of the Temple of Jerusalem. The Order set for itself the goal of preserving and recording the bloodline of Jesus and the House of David. has founded for Harvest Trust. included the Holy Grail fiction and denial of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.... Treasures Of The World. I became separated from the Society when my family moved to a location out of reach of any lodge. their leader Jacques deMolay. I know.. and has helped over 700 low power FM affiliate stations get equipped and on the air. Robert Charroux. "William Cooper. I know the location. the remains of the Cross of Crucifixion." (51:76)  William Cooper founded a newspaper which he called VERITAS. the robe of Jesus.1 FM Eagar. according to my sources." (962) UPDATE.. then. 5-14-2012 A recent book. It is the Holy Grail itself.. VERITAS national full size newspaper. The Intelligence Service. the last remaining pieces of the Cross of Crucifixion. containing chapters devoted to the Abbé Bérenger Saunière and to the Order of the Knights‘ Templar – the latter chapter referring to a painting of Saint Celestine in adoration before a luminous apparition at the centre of which was inscribed the word 'Veritas' (Plantard was to equate the Priory of Sion with the Rosicrucians and the word Veritas). I loved the mystery and ritual.. I believe to this day that my association with the DeMolay Society may have been the reason for my selection for Naval Security and Intelligence. Inside the Priory of Sion.

"An esoteric secret society of obscure origins, Rosicrucianism, or the Order of the Rosy (or Rose) Cross, is the most closely aligned to what we think of as the Priory of Sion. Sion itself claims that Rosicrucian orders (Rose Croix in French) are its spiritual arm and a key means by which it can influence society. They assert that Sion is the small group that oversees and controls a particular French Rosicrucian order called Veritas (Truth) and its subgroups or ‗chapters‘. They would also use it to recruit members of Sion... "‗Prior to 1925, and in the 19th century, the order of Sion had not made itself public other than by the use of its spiritual/esoteric body: the Ordre Rose+Croix Veritas. This is the ―trunk‖ of what is now known as Priory of Sion, and it is the same ―society‖ which held the Salon de la Rose-Croix in Paris in the late 19th century [headed by] Joséphin Péladan.‘" (Howells, Robert. Inside The Priory of Sion: Revelations from the World’s Most Secret Society–Guardians of the Bloodline of Jesus, Duncan Baird Publishers, (2011). On Cooper's website, Hour of the Time, is displayed the alchemical symbol of the Nuda Veritas or the 'Naked Truth'.

Note that "Truth is at its center." According to "Freemasonry and Religion" by David Brownback, "One of the first things that a newly initiated brother learns is that 'Freemasonry is a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated with symbols.' He also learns that Truth is at its center." (616) Cooper's logo is, in fact, a famous painting by the visionary artist, Gustav Klimt of Vienna, Austria. Produced in 1899, Klimt's Nuda Veritas [right], had a serpent at the feet of the woman which is missing from Cooper's reproduction. Klimt belonged to "a secret lodge, the Masonic Order of Visionaries." He was regarded as a true visionary artist, or one who portrays through art his personal visions of the 'divine light' and out of body experiences of 'union with the Mother Goddess' i.e. sexual intercourse with demons. William Cooper's Nuda Veritas, meaning the Naked Truth, is literally the

revelation of gnosis in the form of a woman. This pernicious teaching was an ancient heresy that found its way into the early church and was refuted by Irenaeus in his treatise, Against Heresies: "Marcus, a student of Valentinus' (c. 150), says that a vision 'descended upon the form of a woman... and expounded to him alone its own nature, and the origin of things, which it had never revealed to anyone, divine or human.' The presence then said to him, 'I wish to show you Truth herself, for I have brought her down from above, so that you may see her without a veil, and understand her beauty.'" (1057) Elaine Pagels wrote in The Gnostic Gospels, "And that, Marcus adds, is how 'the naked Truth' came to him in a woman's form, disclosing her secrets to him. Marcus expects, in turn, that everyone whom he initiates into gnosis will also receive such experiences. In the initiation ritual, after invoking the spirit, he commands the candidate to speak in prophecy, to demonstrate that the person has received direct contact with the divine." (1057) But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of. - 2 Pet. 2:1-2 Gustav Klimt's Nuda Veritas turns out to be Sophia, the female half of Adam-Kadmon, the Divine Androgyne. Understanding of the alchemical imagery of this painting is elucidated by an androgynous statue in the cathedral of Nantes in France. We learned from a New Age source that the fusion of male and female is the outcome of spiritual transformation: "...One alchemical symbol that is widely acknowledged by modern scholars is that of an old bearded man, the back of whose head shows a young woman looking into a mirror. A statue with this image graces the exterior of Nantes cathedral, as does a bearded king with the body of a woman, in the porch at Chartres that depicts the Queen of Sheba. "The hermaphrodite is a pure alchemical symbol, representing the perfect balance achieved in the Great Work, and the perfect being, in which the alchemist himself is transformed and transmuted spiritually - and, as many believe, physically as well. It was a 'consummation devoutly to be wished' and had little, if anything, to do with sexuality as we understand it today. The Great Work was an explosion of the potential into the actual, where the

mystical quest takes on concrete form. As the alchemists said, 'as above, so below' - this process was believed to make spirit into matter and transmute one sort of matter into another. It made a man into a god." (1058) The 'Great Work' is the union of the soul with the Divine by means of sexual alchemy. This union, says the alchemist is not to be confused with sexuality as we understand it today. Then what is it, pray tell? A rather eerie New Age website, World Soul Media, carries an online book titled Heavenly Partners: The Mystical Marriage Revealed, which gives explicit details of the author's "daring and beautiful accounts of the mystical marriage ceremony and the resultant alchemical fusion of the author with the Theosophical Masters, by which the author begins The Great Work - the transformational process of becoming an Ascended Master while still on the physical plane." (1056:Intro) Chapter 6 titled, "Sexual Alchemy: Tantra Yoga"
features a side view of the Divine Androgyne of Nantes while explaining its significance as a Heavenly Partner fused with a human being:

"I believe fully that sexual alchemy is the key to...spiritual union with the Heavenly Partners. Sexual alchemy is like the spiritual equivalent of Tantra Yoga. It involves Swadhisthana chakra, by which our minds become fused... The ancient, oriental alchemists said the partners are 'inner plane beings,' and that they are the result of an internal alchemical process that manifests them. The process involves the psychic energy centers of the physical body and begins with a blinding white light and the taste of ambrosia... In the inner alchemical laboratory of my subtle body, the circulation of energy begins when the Swadhisthana chakra is stimulated, releasing ching or sexual energy. Ching combines with chi, at the heart region. Finally, Ching and chi meet with shen in the head. When this happens, the 'ambrosia flows like saliva in the mouth' and the 'gold and silver lights' are seen. The psychic inner lights of the Heavenly Partners, now manifest, can always be seen. Alice Bailey called it 'externalization of the hierarchy.'... "The Statue of Prudence at the tomb of Francois II in Nantes Cathedral shows the Divine Androgyny, which I interpret to be the Heavenly Partner and the human being. The statue shows an old man residing at the back of the head of a young woman." (1056:6)

an invocation ritual to summon the spirit who is going to be your lover! "Then you will learn the previously hidden secrets of having sex with a spirit lover. which unites a human being with Lucifer under the guise of returning the . in a sense. so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. and daughters were born unto them. The following promotional for Sexual Alchemy: Magical Intercourse with Demons by Donald Tyson makes Jesus' words in Matt. Here you will learn how to have erotic relationships with loving spirits. Now. as a result of studying the inner mysteries of alchemy. You will also learn how to create a physical representation of the spirit you are going to use as a partner. Doesn't it make sense that we use all of our abilities to honor the source from which they came? That means we can even make use of our sensual natures to honor the Gods. when men began to multiply on the face of the earth. purifications. "The second part of the book includes the practices and techniques which the author found to be effective from other sources or developed himself. a race will be propagated of magically generated beings able to probe extraterrestrial dimensions. This includes techniques of diet. And the next stage in the advancement of evolution on the planet 'will be achieved by a willed congress [sexual intercourse] with extraterrestrial entities of which. In the new aeon. 6:1 "Chances are that you've heard of Tantra and Taoist sexual practices. If you want to follow a system based on Western traditions. And then. That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair.Today there are New Age books which instruct readers on how to have sexual intercourse with spirits. . "Everything we are.Matt." (1056) The Underground Streams website speaks of an extraterrestrial Current that would one day mate with human beings: "[Aleister] Crowley was aware of the possibility of opening the spatial gateways and of admitting an extraterrestrial Current in the human life-wave. That means the methods presented here can function as a Western alternative to Eastern sexual practices. 24:37 And it came to pass. . banishings. They also can be used by a solitary person and need not depend upon the participation of a partner. highly charged fluids for magical purposes. breathwork. and they took them wives of all which they chose. "The first part of this book presents a history of sex with spirits. Aiwaz (Aleister Crowley's Guardian Angel) is the immediate messenger to humanity. Donald Tyson presents a Western system of sacred sexuality in Sexual Alchemy. It also goes into the secrets of Eastern internal alchemy and how the books of Western alchemy often made secretive references to sexual magick. when you have accomplished your ritualized mating. this book can be your guide. exercise.Gen. You''ll learn how to prepare and recognize the signs that this is an actual occurrence and not simply a fantasy..'" (379) A "willed congress" with extraterrestrials is called a sacred marriage or alchemical wedding. and finally. 24:37 a present reality: But as the days of Noe were. you will learn how to collect and use the resulting. is a gift from the Divine. everything we have..

and Cooper served for many years as an agent of the U. and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. she is defiled. This union is achieved through spiritual marriage. as shown in the Plantard Family Crest. Rosicrucian symbolism represents Jehovah as a bear. of I. is a bogus profile.O.. Desolate and repentant." William C. she prays to her Father for restoration. Office of Naval Intelligence. When she falls into a body..‖ [The latter abbreviation is Jehovah sans vowels. 1913) In the Holy Bible. Behold a Pale Horse. the bridegroom comes down to the bridal chamber. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard. androgynous in form. cleverly conveys vital information pertaining to the astrological profile of the Antichrist and False Prophet—that of the of the bear god. and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power. Thus the ascent of the soul to the Father is accomplished.soul to its former androgynous state: "According to Gnostic teachings 'the soul is a female (the Greek word for soul. and his seat. however. living in the presence of the heavenly Father. water beast and sea bear. is feminine). and the soul and her bridegroom 'become a single life'. is an Anglo-Saxon derivative from the Latin word fera meaning wild beast. and restored to androgynous union with her brother. Behold a Pale Horse. in The Nag Hammadi Library (1057) WILLIAM COOPER & THE 3 BEARS The previous sections presented compelling evidence that the father of William Cooper is none other than the late Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair.S. God has also given His people clues as to the identity of the Beast that will rise up as the Antichrist. and is abused by the wanton adulterers of this carnal world. after abandoning her Father's house and her virginity. and great authority.were on the front line during the Oklahoma land rush and succeeded in staking out 320 acres on BIG BEAR CREEK near what would eventually become Enid. former Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion. for some amazing clues as to Cooper's identity. and he hears her prayer. Robinson. and upon his horns ten crowns. ―a plantigrade animal [is] one that walks or steps on the sole of the foot. The Foreword to William Cooper's book. Jr. and the bears. Behold a Pale Horse. There are. She is returned to her former condition.] The word bear. and saw a BEAST rise up out of the sea. however.‖ (p. Arcadia: The Ancient Egyptian Mysteries. The following are photos and excerpts found in the Foreword: ―My paternal grandfather's family. she falls into sexuality and prostitution. as man. or symbols.‖ (Webster's Dictionary. Also. inseparable from each other. Originally she is a virgin.8) . and his feet were as the feet of a BEAR. . ―Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are the celestial signs. psyche. having seven heads and ten horns. and the soul is again at home in heaven. it is entirely plausible that that the biographical material presented in William Cooper in his book.Revelation 13:1 We turn now to William Cooper's book. And I stood upon the sand of the sea. According to Peter Dawkins esoteric book. in Cooper's book many subtle clues which would communicate the author's true identity to the ―initiated‖— those who are well-versed in the symbolic language of the occult and are looking for the man who will lead mankind in its final stand against Jesus Christ..A. Since the intelligence agencies specialize in the creation of false identities for their spies.

I feel a great loss when I see that it's only SUGARBEAR.. 1989. Pooh was born on May 30.‖ (p.has grown to be so much a part of me that even now I sometimes get a feeling to look behind me to see if that little girl is still there. I love him too.. but then. 31) COOPER GIVING POOH A "BEAR HUG" MAMA BEAR & PAPA BEAR . 1990. my faithful dog. so I can't complain..13) ―Annie and POOH (Dorothy's nickname) are the lights in my life. Annie and I were married on July 4. POOH is my always and forever friend.‖ (p..―Connie.

gentlest. his mother's name was ―Dovie‖ and her family came to the United States from Scotland. My mother was one of those chosen to live in a children's home. The messiah of the Rosicrucians is not Jesus Christ but St.. I never knew much about my mother's family.. According to Peter . Behold a Pale Horse. She is one of the last of a dying breed.MAMA BEAR According to William Cooper... They used to call her kind a Southern belle. woman that I have ever known. John.‖ (William Cooper. DOVIE Nell (Woodside) Cooper is the type of woman that men like to dream about when they're lonely. p.. ―My mother is a real Southern lady.11) The name ―Dovie‖ has great esoteric significance... She is the kindest. whose name is considered synonymous with Jehovah.8. a major Merovingian stronghold: ―My mother's family came from Scotland and settled in North Carolina.

7) Peter Dawkins of the Francis Bacon Research Trust. a 'bear'. the shortened form of Jehovah (I.‖ (William Cooper. or Jehovah (aka Dove): ―[Rosicrucian] emblems depict Jehovah as an eagle with protective wings outstretched: cryptically alluding to St. meaning rest. It is no coincidence that the esoteric number for woman is four. she would defend them to the death: ―My mother." (988) ―Dovie‖ was known for her gentleness and fierce loyalty to her family. referring again to Arcadia and the Arcadians. or Jehovah in the motto.) also means ―Dove‖! Furthermore.. is represented by all these symbols—eagle. is represented by all these symbols—eagle. is the symbolic incarnatory form of Maia. a 'bear'‖ and ―I.. plenteousness. "The Bull is the symbolic incarnatory form or vehicle of Jupiter.A. sheepfold. I. the idea of the Great Goddess in three of her aspects—Maiden. From this premise. sheepfold. as in Iona.11) ―Moon-goddesses often have association with Bears.O. ―In Ice Age art the Great Goddess or Great Mother is responsible not only for life and death but also for regeneration. which like the bear. Mother and . the golden child of light.A.A.. the mainland of Europe forms the landscape of the Bull. a 'sheepfold'. equivalent to the Grail King. Behold a Pale Horse.A.).‖ (Peter Dawkins. She was also called the Dove Goddess and Lady of Transformation. and will defend her cubs against all forces to the death.Dawkins. a 'sheepfold'. the Dove. can be translated as the Great or Little Bear. p. bear..O. Dawkins extrapolates that the Bull (Europe) represents the Grail King and Europa (Britain) represents the Grail Queen: "Europe takes its name from the myth of Europa and the Bull.O. according to ―The Johannite Legend of the Templars‖.A. just as in the Christian Trinity. peace' (which is the description of I.A. 889:122) ―My ancestors came from England..could be so tough and yet so kind. Ireland and Scotland together constitute the landscape of Europa. John (whose symbol is an eagle). Arcadia: The Ancient Egyptian Mysteries.‖ (William Cooper. and as this word is directly associated with Dohver. p. and loving all at the same time. as the symbol of the Dove is derived from the Hebraic word Dôveh.the Holy Ghost that brings divine Light into the world of material manifestation. dove. God was female—the Great Mother Goddess.A. Scotland and Ireland. strength. gentle. bear. security.. Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are the celestial signs of I. dove. the Hebrew word for Dove (Dôveh) ―is directly associated with Dohver.O. and with Dôhv. the Grail Queen and Mother of Mercury.‖! In addition to all of these coincidences.O. Bear is like the Primal Mother. also means 'DOVE' . Whereas the islands of Britain.A. ―I.O. Ursa Major and Ursa Minor are the celestial signs. Woe to anyone who ever harms my dad or one of her children in her presence." Dawkins' interpretation of Europa and the Bull (Zeus/Jupiter) transposes the traditional interpretation so that Europa stands for Great Britain and the Bull is Europe.—as JIHOVAH.O. whose name is derived from the same sacred vowels—I. thus the eagle in the emblems. leads "Bull and Europa Pilgrimages: A coordinated series of geomantic pilgrimages within the landscape of Europe.‖ (978) In ancient paganism. Behold a Pale Horse. or symbols. and with Dôhv. of I.. to the Ancient British race. Furthermore. the divine Father of Light.O. Europa..

the institutional Church will give way to a more spiritual form of worship. with their attendant signs and lying wonders.. is come... on the inner cover of the Led Zeppelin IV album. Caves. the Hermit and the Dove. once a Led Zeppelin devotee but now a born-again Christian.. the son in the Qabalistic trinity.. this is what the Lord Jesus Christ had to say about the Holy Spirit to his disciples.. there is found a statement of this group's belief in the occult trinity. which introduced Stairway to Heaven. ". and the beak is to the right of the eye.‖ (982:214) . he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself." (Copyright . They also say that the 'Mother' in their Qabalistic trinity is the Holy Spirit in the Bible.the mountain top. And in some Charismatic and Pentecostal circles.‖ (141:23. The father and mother in the Qabalistic trinity are on the top of the mountain. and caverns are natural manifestations of the primordial womb of the Universal Mother.306) That the Great Mother Goddess was also called the Dove Goddess and Lady of Transformation is revealing. Howbeit when he. Her fourth and less well known aspect. but whatsoever he shall hear. she has a far wider concept—that of Cosmic Creatrix. God was female. Another heresy that is being introduced through the Messianic/ Hebrew Roots Movement claims that the Holy Spirit is female.. ―The Great Mother exemplified natural generative forces of the belly or womb of the earth.. Coming down the neck toward the shoulder of the right wing. Son and Holy Spirit. crevasses. mother and son‖ for the Biblical Trinity of Father. the Spirit of truth. makes her the Lady of Transformation. This explains the present overemphasis on the Holy Spirit in portions of Pentecostalism. This false doctrine is a direct attempt to substitute the occult trinity of ―father. the extension of the right wing is folded under the shoulder. the cave of subterranean darkness. just before he was crucified: 'I have yet many things to say unto you. is that these occultists are in error when applying a feminine singular to the Hebrew Godhead. that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come. Notice that the mother in the Qabalistic trinity is called the Dove: "Horus the Hawk. focusing less on doctrine and more on experiences ascribed to the Holy Spirit. ―Worship of the divinity continued from the Paleolithic era.386) Thomas Friend. the Dove Goddess. During the Age of the Spirit. Hermit is the Devil himself. the 'Spirit' that is being invoked has usurped the exalted position that rightfully belongs exclusively to the Lord Jesus Christ. the author of Fallen Angel: The Untold Story of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin. she is not per se a mother or a fertility deity. The eye is below it to the right. The New Age has long been referred to in the occult the Age of the Holy Spirit or simply the Age of the Spirit. For Stone Age people. but ye cannot bear them now.. They use the Holy Spirit as presented in scripture to represent the other (this is the dove that the Hermit is standing on at the top of the mountain on the inner cover of Led Zeppelin's fourth album). As the Great Goddess.Atlantic Records) (982:198. According to Thomas Friend.. later refuted the pagan concept of a female Holy Spirit. Conversely. and the art of the deep recesses of the earth seems to be dedicated to her in much the same way that cathedrals such as Chartres are consecrated to the Virgin Mary.' (John 16:12-13) The Lord Jesus Christ presents him as masculine. Note the small crown on top of the head.Crone—cuts across history. This is on the Led Zeppelin IV inner album cover mountain. ―The logical conclusion then.

p. gregarious.‖ (William Cooper. One song. According to Holy Blood. from 1188 to the present. ―. Plant's lyrics are loaded with Celtic. specific allusions to Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. Who. Sion's grand masters are therefore alleged to have comprised a continuous succession of Jeans and Jeannes. was which John.. Col. PAPA BEAR ―I was born May 6.‖ Robert Plant. According to the 'Prieuré documents' every grand master. My father is USAF Lt.) Milton V. the nickname given to him by the family when he was a boy.. He prefers to be called Jack. (Ret. on assuming his position. Arthurian lore. Cooper. This succession was clearly intended to imply an esoteric and Hermetic papacy based on John. Jean) is the adopted name of all Grand Masters of the Prieuré de Sion. wrote the lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven"—a blend of Celtic/Druid rock music and mythology—which is considered the most popular rock song of all time.In his expose of Led Zeppelin. Jeanne (Joan). sometimes overbearing. handsome. of course.10) At this point it is not unreasonable to hypothesize that Cooper's description of his father as a ―big bear of a man‖ may be a cryptic allusion to Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair being the Great Bear. was Jean I?" (31:159) The following is Cooper's description of his father: ―Now I love my Dad. "One major question. Druidic and Black Sabbath symbolism. wrote Friend.8) American readers will know that ―Jack‖ is a nickname for ―John‖—not Milton! But few readers know that ―John‖ (Fr.Dazed and Confused contains a two-part command from Robert Plant to the listener to sell his or her soul to the Devil. confident. Behold a Pale Horse. feisty. "After 1188 [the Prieuré de] Sion is said to have chosen a grand master of its own.. and detailed instructions on how to make a pact with the Devil. in contrast (and perhaps opposition) to the exoteric one based on Peter. author of the Book of Revelation? It clearly seemed to be one of these three because Jean de Gisors in 1188 had purportedly taken the title of Jean II. . 1943.. I was reared in a military family. adventurous. presumably of the Plantard bloodline. He is my friend. p. John the Baptist? John the Evangelist—the 'Beloved Disciple' in the Fourth Gospel? Or John the Divine. Friend wrote about the direct appeals of this rock band to recruit bond slaves for Satan. tough. More than one analysis of Led Zeppelin's music has speculated that Stairway to Heaven is really the Stairway to Tolkein's Middle Earth. He is an independent. had adopted the name Jean (John)—or. the first of them being Jean de Gisors. since there were four women.‖ (William Cooper. Holy Grail. Behold a Pale Horse. then. BIG BEAR of a man.

which is a coffin or the stand upon which a coffin is placed. 38:32) it is translation of the Hebrew word 'Ayish (ash). not a bear. supposed to refer to the square in this constellation as a bier. ―The Hebrew word ash or Ayish in the Book of Job. and xxxviii.BABY BEAR Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons? Job 38:32 Bible commentaries seem to agree that this verse is a reference to the constellation of the Great Bear. Jerome in the Vulgate. attributing this title to the slow and solemn motion of the figure around the pole.‖ (977) This Hebrew word ash/Ayish in Job 38:32 actually means bier.‖ (978:169) Is this another aspect of Arthur's Wain which rotates slowly around the North Pole as a continuous funeral procession? ―The Bier and Great Coffin were other titles [of the Great Bear].' which probably means the constellation the Great Bear. 9. the Mourners... they saw the constellation as a funeral procession. In other traditions the Seven Stars are a bier followed by mourners.'the Daughters of the Great Bier'. 32. with the stars of the Dipper as the coffin and the handle as mourners. was translated Arcturus by St. ―In the King James Bible (Job 9:9. Arabian Christians identified them as 'the Bier of Lazarus' . as in the Arabic Banat Na'ash al Kubra. ix.

Alcor and Mizar are a double star or twins.27) Mizar. so below" based on the knowledge that Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair was the earthly representation of the Great Bear at this pivotal point in the occult calendar. fourth magnitude Alcor. Alcor-Mizar and Alkaid. and are regarded as the three stars in the tail of the bear. the Greater Bear.William Cooper Mizar . only 12 minutes of arc (a fifth of a degree) to the northeast. is the Zeta star of Ursa Major.‖ In the tail of Great Bear Constellation are found three stars—Alioth. these stars are the sons of the Great Bear.. According to Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible. and the Dipper's fourth brightest star... in the Dipper's bowl). ―[In] the well-known constellation of the Great Bear.. The star's Arabic name derives from a word meaning 'the groin' of the celestial Bear that plods silently around the north celestial pole (the name mistakenly drawn from Merak. The two. termed the 'horse and rider' by the Arabians. second magnitude (2.or Ayish.and it was thought that the tradition possibly arose from the slow and solemn motion of the figure around the pole. Mizar and Alcor..the 'sons' of Ayish are spoken of in Job 38:32. ―MIZAR (Zeta Ursae Majoris). 78 light years away.Ron (twin brother of Connie) Alkaid .‖ .975 Employing the Hermetic axiom "as above. A Dictionary of the Bible.974:191 THE GREAT BEAR CONSTELLATION (URSA MAJOR) Of these stars. who would be the sons of Arcturus? Alioth . ―Astronomy and Astrology‖) . are a good test of minimal vision.‖ (James Hastings. the second star in from the end of the handle of the Big Dipper.Thomas Plantard de Saint-Clair (son of Ronnie and Connie) . The Skidi Pawnees saw it as a stretcher with a sick man on it. In large part its fame comes from the coupling of the star with a nearby visual companion.. One of the most famed stars of the sky.

Though the name may not be so well known. they served as clocks to nocturnal travelers. the constellations of the Great Bear and Little Bear. an Australian organization dedicated to "providing . Edgar Allen Poe called them 'star dials' in his arcane poem. as the night was senescent And star-dials pointed to morn— As the star-dials hinted of morn— (981) THE GREAT BEAR The Hermetic axiom "as above. Because they rotated around the North Pole like hands around a clock.. The Temple of the Dark Moon. the great asterism that makes most of the grand constellation Ursa Major. Nor the ghoul-haunted woodland of Weir. the Greater Bear. whatever occurs in the heavens is regarded as the blueprint of the gods for man's activity on earth. the star certainly is. 'travelers direct their course by the bears. 'star-dials that pointed to morn.. But our thoughts they were palsied and sere— Our memories were treacherous and sere— For we knew not the month was October.‖ . From ancient times. And now. so below. Occultists strive to conform their pagan rituals.. these constellations were used to navigate the high seas. And we marked not the night of the year— (Ah. as Alkaid is the end star in the handle of the Big Dipper. occult objects and calendar of events to the heavenly blueprint as interpreted by their adepts and masters. and measures of time generally. as in Poe's Ulalume..927:430 Excerpt from Ulalume Our talk had been serious and sober.―ALKAID (Eta Ursae Majoris). Alkaid's Arabic name means 'the leader'.. Since man is a microcosm of the macrocosmos. ―Its well-known use by the early Greeks in navigation was paralleled in the deserts of Arabia 'through which' according to Diodorus the Sicilian. Ulalume: ―Both of these [bears] have been—and perhaps still are—night clocks to the English rustic. leading personages.'.975 See: Antichrist in Virgo In the Plantard family crest there are two bears.." will bring about the global transformation which Lucifer has promised them. These deluded souls believe that scrupulous attention to the Hermetic axiom. sacred sites. night of all nights in the year!) We noted not the dim lake of Auber— (Though once we had journeyed down here)— We remembered not the dank tarn of Auber.'‖ . signifying Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. "as above. so below" is the supreme principle governing the belief system and practices of the occult. in the same manner as is done at sea.

and in horsemen. This feeling intensifies the more the magickian successfully practices his or her skills. The pictures found today in the zodiac were not invented by the Greeks. neither seek the LORD! Isaiah 31:1 The most important of the stellar constellations is Ursa Major. ad infinitum. Whenever he experiences a failure.. the magickian feels connected with the Universe. because they are very strong. he or she knows that the ritual was not performed correctly. the Great Bear..forasmuch as the LORD hath said unto you. the atom is the same as … and so on. This pivots on the belief that 'all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation'. therefore. E. ―The purpose of all rituals in ceremonial magick is to unite the microcosm with the macrocosm to join God. Yet Kennedy et al reveal their true colors when they identify the key to understanding the celestial zodiac.. as well as the practices of magick and other occultic arts". the cell is the same as the atom. God is the same as man. but they look not unto the Holy One of Israel.. so below": ―This phrase comes from the beginning of 'The Emerald Tablet' and embraces the entire system of traditional and modern magick which was inscribed upon the tablet in cryptic wording by Hermes Trismegistus. or Gods when invoked. explains the occult concept "as above. viz. it is a statement of an ancient belief that man's actions on Earth parallel the actions of God in heaven. this legend appears to have derived from the ancient worship of the bear: .. but were in place perhaps as early as 4000 B.W. probably applying the Hermetic axiom in their religious life. man is the same as the cell. is found in ancient depictions of the Great Sphinx of Egypt.' ―This message theorises that man is the counterpart of God on Earth. 'That which is above is the same as that which is below . When such a supreme union is achieved the subject and object becomes one. False teachers such as D. predating even the civilizations of Sumeria. with the human consciousness.‖ (976) Astrology is the Hermetic science of religiously modeling phenomena on the earth below to a pattern that exists in the heavens above. The significance of this phrase is that it is believed to hold the key to all mysteries. From time immemorial it seems that star worshippers have revered the bear as a god.information on Paganism (in particular Wicca and Wytchcraft).macrocosmos is the same as microcosmos. which they claim presents the message of salvation. and trust in chariots. Bullinger and Joseph Seiss have suggested that there is a Biblical message in the stars. James Kennedy. Therefore.. This accounts for the mythology of ancient pagan belief systems which depict an epic narrative of the ancient gods of Atlantis—the antediluvian civilization which God judged in Genesis 7—whose home was believed by pagan cultures to be in the stars..C. he or she can control them. Deut. and stay on horses. All systems of magick are claimed to function by this formula. For Scripture states concerning Egypt: But he shall not. Ye shall henceforth return no more that way. because they are many. as God is man's counterpart in heaven. This is because the magickian feels that he is consciously in touch with all elements of the Universe.. Since Arthur means bear.. that the zodiac is a pictorial story of God's plan of salvation on earth. 17:16 Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help. the first Frankish monarch—was the earthly representation of the Great Bear constellation. It may be said. King Arthur of the Celtic legend—who in real life was Clovis I. The Universe is the same as God.cause the people to return to Egypt.

‖ 979 Cecil Rhodes derived his concept of the Round Table from the Celtic legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. And God fulfils Himself in many ways. . Soltices and Equinoxs were performed at Stonehenge.. I am going a long way . Thomas Malory tells a different legend of Arthur's epitaph.. But now farewell. The Winter's Soltice is the longest night of the year. 'Yet some men say in many . Then loudly cried the bold Sir Bedivere..‖ "In his great 15th century epic Morte D'Arthur. I perish by this people which I made. alternately called Arthur's Chariot and Arthur's Wain (Wagon). Arthur was borne to the heavens on a celestial barge. Ancient traditions help us discover our ancestral roots.. Switzerland. In particular. whither shall I go? Where shall I hide my forehead and my eyes? For now I see the true old times are dead. And every chance brought out a noble knight. When every morning brought a noble chance.―The Celts had two goddesses that took the form of the Bear: Andarta ('powerful bear') and Artio.. be." According to legend. To rule once more. Their names are both from 'Art' which means 'Bear. which was also known as 'Arthur's Wain/Arthur's Plow.' There are also many place names called Artos or Arth. and people called upon the constellation of the Great Bear to light their way in the darkness.. Arthur's life in Morte D'Arthur ends at Glastonbury. stone. Images of the god Artio have been found in Berne (Bear City). Where I will heal me of my grievous wound. . "Ah! my Lord Arthur." And slowly answer'd Arthur from the barge: "The old order changeth. Tho' Merlin sware that I should come again To rule once more . King Arthur is the 'once and future king': ―Tho' Merlin sware that I should come again. But now the whole Round Table is dissolved Which was an image of the mighty world. Ardeche.' Midwinter is the time of Alban Arthuan/The Light of Arthur and the Winter's Soltice. or Arthe. a great god of antiquity) is associated with Bear in that his name comes from the constellation of the Great Bear. which has its 'den of bears' which was used by the Bear cultists.. The Bear is also thought to be ruled by the planet Mars. a portion of which is reprinted below. Such times have been not since the light that led The holy Elders with the gift of myrrh.. Rhodes was inspired by Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem Morte d'Arthur which is a poetic account of King Arthur's death. I am so deeply smitten thro' the helm That without help I cannot last till morn. In other cultures there are the bear god Artaois. or God. yielding place to new. his burial is witnessed by Sir Bedevere and a hermit 'that sometime was bishop of Canterbury'. King Arthur (a form of Artios or Artiaus.but let what will be.

000 times more material erupted than Mt.. that the U. White to revive Arthurian lore in anticipation that the ancient king would one day return.‖ 979 It is recently reported that a super-volcano is expected to erupt in Yellowstone National Park.000 years at Yellowstone. the earliest institution of a military order of knighthood. whence he shall return in the person of the of England that King Arthur is not dead. but had by the will of Our Lord Jesu into another place. bear. typified the Great Bear. Yet I will not say that it shall be so. then it may well be volcanic springtime in Yellowstone. Arthur. Coleridge portrayed the god Typhon as a volcano erupting from Hell. and he shall win the Holy Cross. ―'King Arthur. returning to the earth in the person of the Antichrist. Modred. we know that the early English placed King Arthur's home here and that the people of Great Britain long called it Arthur's Chariot or Wain. and men say that he shall come again. the offspring of Arthur's 'sacred marriage' rite with his half-sister. St. a book titled Once and Future King was written by T. waiting for his day of awakening. Heeding Bible Prophecy. Space. As above." .com) We have documented in our report.‖ (William Henry Smyth. Helens in 1980.' Wicks says.000 years past due. a location which is known for its population of bears. Volcanoes are believed to be portals to the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. in 1958.H. here in this world he changed his life. ―. Super explosions. Arthur's barque sailed to the location of the Great Bear constellation.. Morgaine. no one can say if or when it might become dangerously active. the Once and Future King. the renowned hero of the Mabinogion. however.the Yellowstone Super-Volcano was 20. as his name— Arth. military is capable of awakening volcanoes with electromagnetic weaponry. is like the life of a Bear that hibernates in the winter in a sort of suspended animation.‖ (Space.. and the constellation.. wonderful—implies in the Welsh language. But many men say that there is written upon the tomb this: HIC IACET ARTHURUS. but rather I would say. 'And it's been about 620. . Let us review that story: ―NEWS BRIEF: 'Super Volcanoes: Satellites Eye Deadly Hot Spots'. whose name means bear.000 years since the last super explosive eruption there. ―The legend of Arthur sleeping in an underground cave. visibly describing a circle in the North Polar regions of the sky. It is possible that the planned awaking of the super-volcano in Yellowstone National Park will be one of many environmental events announcing the coming of Arthur. so below. was the Guardian of the Grail. in one news report the supervolcano is likened to a hibernating bear. and Uthyr. the once and future king'.'Here lies Arthur.. If a volcano is like a hibernating bear. about 1.. Speculum Hartwellianum) . Ironically. happen about every 600.' Whatever may be the fact in this speculation. as its bodily temperature falls to conserve calories.927:425 Arthur's son.831 More recently.S. may possibly have been the true origin of the Son of Pendragon's famous Round Table. is believed to be sleeping as the bears who hibernate during winter. 07 August 2001 ―.com. REX QUONDAM REXQUE FUTURUS .

The following synopsis of the 'Gospel in the Stars' fallacy is found on the Prophecy Central website. Gemini. but inwardly they are ravening wolves. is the River of Judgment belonging to Orion. and symbolizes the 'seed of the woman. The Decans are Orion. The final four signs--Taurus. a half-horse. and he spake as a dragon. which would be a meaningful symbol of God delivering His wrath during the Tribulation. Eridanus. is the first sign. This could represent the child who is born.' The branch is a familiar Old Testament name for the Messiah. that 'the seed of the woman would destroy the seed of the serpent. who is the Great Shepherd and Harvester. is an angry. The last Constellation in this Sign is Bootes. when the Promised Seed will actually come to destroy the seed of the serpent. leading His flock. . Note the extensive imagery of the Shepherd leading and protecting his Sheepfold: "The first four signs [of the Zodiac] would prefigure the person. the virgin birth of a child who has two natures. is a picture of a powerful shepherd-king who tenderly holds a she-goat and two little goats in his left arm. This section would then foretell the coming judgments on the earth and the glorious outcome of Christ's reign. Auriga. and the role of that child when he is grown as The Great Shepherd. The wheat is actually seed. She has an ear of wheat in one hand and a branch in the other. or Arcturus. having two natures: being both God and man. or the Desire of Nations. Virgo. and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast. The next Decan in this group is Centaurus. whose deadly wound was healed. the torturous River. the 'first sign. ―Taurus. Together these images seem to portray. the Virgin. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him. and Auriga. Cancer and Leo--all represent the consummation of all things. half-man. "The last four signs make the most sense if they stand for the final consummation of all things. 7:15 In the false 'Gospel in the Stars'.. The same woman is seen in the first Decan of this sign. Matt. Rev. and he had two horns like a lamb.THE MEROVINGIAN DYNASTY SATANIC BLOODLINE OF THE ANTICHRIST & FALSE PROPHET PART VI THE FALSE PROPHET And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth. work and triumph of the illustrious Redeemer. the Shepherd. Coma. ―Virgo. the Branch. Eridanus. as in the Bible. which come to you in sheep's clothing. 13:11-12 Beware of false prophets. Certain stars in these astrological signs are claimed to portray the Promised Seed shepherding his flock of sheep until the final consummation of all things. represents the protevangelium. This could be a picture of The Lord's comfort of the persecuted believers of this coming period of judgment. the Bull. rushing animal. holding a baby. Orion is the warrior-prince with a sword on his side and his foot on the hare or serpent..

could picture His privileged followers. as also the fiery chariot on which Elijah ascended to heaven. and Canis Minor.the Bear is a ‗veil‘ to a real name. the bird of doom. This could portray the Marriage of the Lamb.‖ Initiates? Adepts & Masters? This discovery seemed so significant that we purchased the $50 book cited by Hamblett—Arcadia: The Ancient Egyptian Mysteries by Peter Dawkins—hoping to learn more. pictured as a serpent. we happened upon the website of the Mystery of Rennes-le-Château. The Second Dog. and stand for the first-born who will be rulers. Sirius. by means of which that Spirit descends to the earth and governs its . and Pan was the great God of Arcadia…arcadia comes from the word Arcas – the son of Zeus & Callisto. the adepts and masters) come from. It is where the sheep (ie initiates) and shepherds (adepts & Masters) come from.. the Bowl of Wrath. This could be a picture of the victorious King of Kings when He returns. are two human figures seated together in loving closeness. to which the 'sheep' (i. Lepus is the mad hare. Hydra. Canis Major. The 'Bear' is a veil to the real name.. the Ship. James Kennedy. Callisto is the Great Bear & Arcas is the Little Bear in astronomical terms. ―Cancer the Crab is the figure of a crab. which means shepherd.―Gemini. and Ursa Major could be the greater sheepfold. We were not disappointed. As the Chariot. As the Dove. the Raven. Canis Major. Hence Arthur is known as 'the Bear'. devouring his carcass.. As the Sheepfold. Procyon. The Twins. in the act of taking and holding on with its pincers. All three of the Decans point to the destruction of the enemy. E. Crater. which means shepherd.. Ursa Minor. These stars circumnavigate the North Pole Star – which esoterically is the symbol of high Kingship. is also on the serpent. or 'Chariot'. Bullinger et al would have Christians believe that the Great Bear and Little Bear constellations are representative of God's sheepfolds.. D. initiates) of mankind are led.‖ (573) The final sentence is the key that unlocks the meaning of this sign: ―. Dawkins' explanation of the esoteric meaning of the Great and Little Bear constellations was worth the price of the book: ―Associated in esoteric knowledge with this role of high kingship is the symbol of the North Pole Star . or 'Sheepfold'... The Decans are Lepus. ―Leo. And Corvus. A distinction is even made between two classes of sheep: a little fold of 'first-born who will be rulers' and a greater fold which follows them. the Lion might easily picture Christ in His final victory over the Devil. and from which the 'shepherds' (i.W. the Lesser Bear.e. In the course of our research. Of these.the 'crown of the world . and the Decans.e. it is known as the vehicle of the Holy Spirit. An article on this website titled ―Francis Bacon & The Arcadian Academy‖ provided a revelation of the esoteric meaning of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor: ―According to Peter Dawkins. the French village where Merovingians claim to have discovered evidence disproving the Biblical origins of Christianity.. the enemy under Orion's feet.and the circumpolar constellations. is about to be pounced upon by the lion. It is where the sheep (ie initiates) and shepherds (adepts & Masters) come from. Then Canis Minor. it is Arthur's vehicle of manifestation. the Bear is a ‗veil‘ to a real name. Argo. brings the weary travelers home from their toils and travels. in his book on the English Arcadian Academy. is placed on the serpent. the Lesser and the Greater Bear are the most important: the former providing the present North Pole Star. the ones born later. the Great Dog could prefigure the Prince coming in His glory. ―Arcadia was presided over by shepherds. Ursa Minor could also mean the lesser sheepfold. and in Greek Mythology. which means 'Dove'. the fleeing Serpent." (850) Prophecy Central. Ursa Major the Greater Bear. it is the heavenly place of peace and enlightenment that Jesus spoke of. and Argo. would be his princely following.

False prophets are like Judas goats who are strategically placed to lead God's sheep to the slaughter.‖ Although Dawkins credits Jesus Christ with this pagan concept.a halo of light which descends upon a truly worthy and anointed (i. He is recorded in Matthew 23 as saying. or anywhere else in Scripture. and few there be that find it. founded in 1917 by followers of Lanz and List." As for the trustworthiness of adepts and masters who are lead the initiates entrusted to them. At the last moment. and broad is the way. It is signified by the royal crown of a High King (i. even Christ. The Rampant Bear and Ragged Staff emblem. that leadeth to destruction.depicts just this . and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate. By way of warning about bad companions. The Great Bear is known as the mother of the Little Bear. Beware of false prophets.e. which is her son. this writer's father used to tell the story of the 'Judas goat'. 7:13-15 The notorious German Thule Society.e.‖ (155:819) False prophets and teachers know that sheep are very much herd animals." (1029) List was "a close associate of Lanz who formed an elitist priesthood called the Armanen Order. "Neither be ye called masters. He also warned that deceivers would present themselves as Christians. but he is intentionally misled by false interpretations. but it is intended that he shall imagine that he shall understand them. the adepts and masters) come from. Before they slaughter the sheep. The occult doctrine of the Thule Society . authors of The Pink Swastika. was founded by the followers of Jorg Lanz Von Liebenfels and Guido von List.e. Lanz was "formerly a Cistercian monk whom the Roman Church excommunicated because of his homosexual activities.. which Hitler joined in 1919. the princes of Masonry. which come to you in sheep's clothing. the Judas goat is allowed to escape by a sidegate while the sheep go to the slaughter. but inwardly they are ravening wolves. however. initiates) of mankind are led.. who stated in Morals & Dogma that Masonic initiates are intentionally misled by the adepts and masters: ―Part of the symbols [of Freemasonry] are displayed there to the initiate. As a matter of fact. implicate the Thule Society of empowering 'initiates' with supernatural powers for eugenics purposes: ―The Nazi dream of an Aryan super-race was adopted from an occult group called the Thule Society. illuminated) soul. and narrow is the way. it is foreign to Jesus' teaching. affecting a disposition ever so meek and mild (like sheep). Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts. the real meaning of Sheepfold in astrology: ―As the Sheepfold. It is not intended that he shall understand them. does Jesus refer to His sheep as 'initiates'. for Jesus said that the final end of deceived sheep is destruction. let us not forget the words of Albert Pike. to which Hitler may have belonged. bestowing full knowledge of Truth. Kevin Abrams and Scott Lively. meat packers train an old goat to lead the sheep out of the pen and down a chute into the slaughter house. and from which the 'shepherds' (i.kingdom.the Bear constellation tied to the Pole of the earth's axis. which leadeth unto life. Nowhere in chapter 10 of John's gospel. and dancing around it. 'adepts' or 'masters'. it is the heavenly place of peace and enlightenment that Jesus spoke of.‖ (889:80) There you have it.Matt. for one is your Master. .e. to which the 'sheep' (i. they are wolves! Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate. a crown with arches) . in reality such deceivers are a species more dangerous than goats." In a penetrating analysis of the occult origin of Nazi Aryanism.

the Cistercians personified the banality of evil at its finest. Blavatsky in 1893. he first came to public notice in the Occupied France of 1942 as the editor of a journal called Vaincre pour une Jeune cehvalerie (Conquest for a Young Knighthood)—which was markedly uncritical of the Nazi oppressors. a quasi-Masonic and chivalric society. the author of a 1958 study of Lanz. Joseph of Arimathea is alone associated with the Grail legend and the Quest of the Grail legends.‖ (550) The Secret Doctrine. Cistercians were Rosicrucians. based in Paris. whose underlying premise was the Aryan root race theory.. Josef Mengele.." (1029) The former Cistercian monk. including the Thule Society.. Citeaux derive from Cistus. A compelling expose of the Merovingian infiltration of the Catholic Church reveals that the Cistercians were Rosicrucians: ―Like most Merovingian monasteries Glastonbury became a Benedictine Monastery. a gnostic belief that the present race of Homo Sapiens is destined to be replaced by the seventh root race of "godmen" or Homo Noeticus. of which Plantard . ―More than any heretical Merovingian organizations. The False Christ. became the sourcebook for twentieth century esoteric societies.. The name Cistercian and of their first monastery.assigning her the symbol of the Rose and Cross in memory of the Brotherhood of the Sun founded by Akhenaten who had taken as its symbol the Rose and Cross (Lewis). There is no doubt in my mind that [the Grail legend] would have been the work of the Cistercians. of the Cistaceae or Rockrose family resembling the wild rose and cultivated in the Mediterranean. authored by H. The initiates would use these powers to create a new race of Aryan supermen who would eliminate all 'inferior' races. JOHN: HEAD OF KNIGHTS & INITIATES The Templar Revelation by Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett confirms other reports of the Nazi sympathies of Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair. The inner core of the Thule Society were Satanists such as Dietrich Eckart to whom Hitler dedicated his book.'. whose possible connection with Hitler's 'Angel of Death'. And this Rosicrucian order of monks would triumph in its infiltration of the Church. Hitler assiduously applied himself to the The Secret Doctrine. ST. Mein Kampf. The Man Who Gave Hitler His Ideas. was explored in a previous section. This was officially the organ of the Order Alpha Galates. are dominated by the mystical symbolism of Cistercians. There is evidence that the German scientists were aided by contact with 'Gray entities' from inside the Earth for the building of their war machine and genetic research.held that the survivors of an ancient and highly developed lost civilization (Atlantis) could endow Thule initiates with esoteric powers and wisdom. founded by Benedictine monks as 'the ratchet' for the structural organization of [the Prieuré de] Sion..P. A website critical of Plantard's "mystic monarchist games" also exposed the fascist proclivities of the former Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion: ―Born in 1920. And they had chosen the Magdalene. the New Man.. Jorg Lanz Von Liebenfels was considered the 'father' of National Socialism by Austrian psychologist Wilhem Daim. The Myrrh with which Mary Magdalene anointed the Body of Jesus also comes from the Cistus family. which per Colliers Encyclopedia. And the purpose of Merovingian monasteries was 'infiltration' based on the belief that the best way to crush the Church was from 'within. and which was actually published with their approval.

means 'Conquest for a Young Knighthood.' "Let me also point out that P. The 'Rennes-le-Château Papers of Paul Smith' charts the development of the Prieuré de Sion and cites the work of M." "For more than twenty years we have been calling in 'Atlantis' for the formation of a new order of Knighthood and indicating the means by which it might be achieved. in the face of the current enormous danger... in 'Le Probleme Numero Un'.became the Grand Master at the age of just twenty-two. Le Cour to expose the fascist nature of the New World Order envisioned by the late Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion." (994) Le Cour insisted that the Roman Catholic Church must radically change its Christology if she would be the patron of the new knighthood. John the Divine (a composite John the Baptist and John the Evangelist) was the Messiah rather than Jesus Christ.‘ In 1949. Jules Romain. published in 1947. wishes.. "The order would comprise novices. Another French author. in which he.. has also spoken for the need for the creation of an order of knighthood. likewise in 1947. disciples and masters. too.. By this he meant a monastic "community of initiates under the direction of a man with a sense of mission. Vaincre pour une Jeune cehvalerie.. but thinks that it could be through the Catholic Church. for a spiritual power consisting of a grand order of chivalry and it seems to him that for it to be realised the support of the Catholic church would be of great help. Implied here is the gnostic belief that St.. calls for the formation of a grand order consisting of a community of initiates under the direction of a man with a sense of mission. It is a work of esoteric and apocalyptic Christianity in which the author also voices his belief in an esoteric spiritual tradition that originated in Atlantis…" (994) Note that the periodical which Pierre Plantard edited with his son Thomas. on condition that it lifts the veil off the New Testament and 'questions St John.‖ (242:43) Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair was strongly influenced by one Paul Le Cour.Vaincre is now [1998] the title of the Priory's internal bulletin." (994) . a French mystic who wrote 'L'Ere du Verseau' (The Age of Aquarius). And Jean-Louis Lagor has published a work with the title 'Une Chevalerie Renaitra' (An Order of Knighthood Will Be Reborn). the following passages are from a chapter entitled ‗The Formation of a New Order of Knighthood. He does not indicate the means of realising it. which Pierre de SaintClair edits with his son Thomas. Le Cour disclosed that his organization. has published. a curious work entitled 'Vers un prophetisme nouveau'. Translator Peter O‘Reilly interprets Le Cour's vision of the Age of Aquarius as a civilization which revives the mystery religion of ancient Atlantis: "In [L'Ere du Verseau] Le Cour looks forward to the future Age of Aquarius as bringing with it the return of Christ in the role of Christ the King. Raymond Abellio.Riquet in a conference in 1947 at Notre Dame de Paris. Atlantis.' In Le Cour's The Age of Aquarius. had been making preparations for the formation of 'special establishments' for the training of future leaders.

which had ruthlessly persecuted the Knights Templar and related Gnostic sects. Their head is King Arthur. and now ideas are shooting up on all sides.the third age would be one of love. The esoteric Church of St. let us try to fulfil it by preparing knights of the Apocalypse whose head will be Christ when he returns!" (994) At the right moment. head of the legendary order of knighthood of the Grail. i. ". These warrior-monks will be directed by the false 'Christ' when he returns. which directs all other secret societies. Let us try to understand what our mission consists of.e. which there is good reason to connect with that Ganymede (i. according to the late Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion. which had been victimized by the baleful influence of secular humanism.The target group for initiation into the new knighthood was the youth culture. the new world order will be not only of a religious character but a dynamic network of monastic communities under a priest-king. Peter. in which all men would be . who is to return one day at the head of his knights to put the world back in order. in special establishments: Priories (Prieures). John would replace the traditional Church of St. All are unused. joy. It has been shaken hard to wake it from its torpor. its majestic chapel for prayer and its magnificent hall of knights. Everything therefore needs to be created from the beginning to bring about the formation of leaders and educators.e. Joachim of Fiore. Yet. "Young people have been abandoned for far too long without moral or spiritual direction. the Grail. such as Mont St Michel with its wonderful cloisters for meditation.. The Age of the Spirit was to be the Sabbath or resting-time of mankind. as the training centers. who is the head of knights and of initiates. But such an order of knighthood will have to be placed under the patronage of St John. This would be a perfect fulfillment of a prophecy made in the twelfth century by the famous mystic monk.. subject to a discipline simultaneously heroic and sanctifying. a new Grail King would rise to the occasion of directing the communities of youthful initiates. "Our country has a mission to fulfil. Then the world would be one vast monastery. Le Cour saw France as the locus of planning and activity by the new leadership with priories. said Le Cour. Teaching has been developed at the expense of 'education'. We possess in France buildings that are permeated with a spiritual dynamism that favours its realisation. socialist world government under the management of the United Nations. and freedom. for France is a seedbed of ideas. a search to which the knights dedicate themselves. Aquarius). and at that time all symbols will be explained. it is the object of a quest. Virtually all exposure of the global conspiracy creates the image of a secular. "The cycle of the romances of the Round Table tells us the story of the holy vessel. monasteries. Considered as containing all light and all knowledge. when the knowledge of God would be revealed directly in the hearts of all men." (994) The preceding passage presents an altogether different type of world order than is portrayed by the usual New World Order propaganda. its lethargy.

England. scholars... at age 32. is networking monastic communities worldwide in order to form the very leadership envisioned by Joachim of Fiore. A British native.D.sponsor(ed) the formation of a World Monastic Council." (243:108-9) Joachim of Fiore (1135-1202 AD) was born in Calabria. he left the Anglican Church and converted to Greek Orthodoxy in 1958. The Trojan Horse: How the New Age Infiltrates the be an international network of monks. where Bishop Ware lectured in April of 2002: "Consecrated Bishop of Diokleia in 1982. Also in 1966. the Father ruled the world through power and fear (Old Testament). In 1966.. he was ordained priest and became a monk.. an order which merged with the Merovingian Celtic Church in 1128 A.the global society of the future to work for the awakening of spiritual consciousness (godhood). Timothy Ware's first contact with Orthodoxy was as a 17. The third age was nearing (he prophesied around 1260) when the Holy Spirit would rule with universal love without the need for institutions." (1009) Joachim's prophecy may not be as far-fetched as it seems. . Paul Le Cour and Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair for the new global spirituality: "In June of 1980. In the first age. who would work together to create. receiving the new name 'Kallistos'. He made his monastic vows at St. the Church would be freed from everything carnal and worldly. Bishop Kallistos Ware is today a major figure in the interfaith / ecumenical movement. The Son ruled through wisdom and discipline in the second age (New Testament). theologians and laity from. He proclaimed that there were three ages of the world corresponding to the three persons of the Holy Trinity. a Cistercian Abbot from Southern Italy.. Bishop Kallistos serves in the diocese of Thyatira of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.contemplative monks rapt in mystical ecstasy and united in singing the praises of God. And this new version of the kingdom of the Saints would endure until the last judgment. The following profile appears on the website of Ohio State University. a 'Spiritual United Nations' launched by Eleanor Roosevelt.year-old who 'by chance or divine providence' attended an Orthodox vigil service already in progress and immediately felt a sense of 'belonging' although he could not understand . John the Theologian monastery on the Greek island of Patmos and is now a bishop of the Eastern Orthodox Church and considered the "foremost authority on Orthodoxy". allegedly received visions on Mount Tabor which inspired him to write the 'Eternal Gospels' based on his own interpretation of Revelation 14:6. "Joachim of Fiore. In their book. he returned to Oxford as Spalding Lecturer in Eastern Orthodox Studies at the University.. In this third age. "Bishop Kallistos Ware is a resident of Oxford." (24:83) KALLISTOS WARE Timothy Ware (1934-) was an Anglican theologian who converted to Greek Orthodoxy in 1958. He has written books and conducted numerous seminars on the Eastern Orthodox Church and Christian mysticism.. Italy and became a Calabrian monk. and a new religious Order would be founded whose task it would be to propagate these ideas and thereby save the whole world... Brenda Scott and Samantha Smith reveal that the Temple of Understanding. Bishop Kallistos is well known for his popular books about Eastern Orthodox faith and practice and has been hailed as 'perhaps the 20th century's foremost authority on Orthodoxy' by the Russian Orthodox press.Temple of Understanding.. the. nuns.both East and West.

says that Janus is two-faced because he is a fusion of Artemis and Apollo (i. Diana/Jana and Saturn are especially associated with him. in the very location where the monastery of St. Ean Begg confirms the duality and bisexuality of Janus/Diana.the language. Sun and Moon. the worship of pagan gods and goddesses declined and was eventually proscribed . John the Theologian now stands.. He has written three books. where he had completed his own studies in Greek and Latin. Ioannis Christodoulos. was a leading figure in the Eastern church and monasticism at the time. He was ordained to the priesthood at age 32 and took monastic vows at St.(406:69) "Macrobius.. Patmos next entered history in 1088 when a Byzantine emperor granted the island to the monk Christodolous. His two faces illustrate not only his role as deity of beginnings. His Grace was a member of the Anglican Orthodox Joint Doctrinal Discussions from 1973-84 and spent five years in the mid 1990s as co-chairman of the Preparatory Commission for the Orthodox Methodist Theological Dialogue." (1008) From prehistoric times. The construction of monasteries and cathedrals on sacred sites proliferated due to the fact that such sites were connected to an underground energy grid known today as ley lines.Janus was really the oak-god Dianus who was incarnate in the King of Rome. The first of an eight-volume set of his own collected works. His Grace also was a fellow of Pembroke College at Oxford.. His Grace was the Spalding Lecturer in Eastern Orthodox Studies at the University of Oxford. On the high point of the island... Active in work for Christian unity.. there was in ancient times a famous temple in honor of Diana. was recently published. was and is still a hotbed of pagan worship. Or did they? Several occult sources agree that Diana/Artemis was the bisexual god. the religion of Patmos was the worship of Artemis. There the Greek Orthodox monks tore down the temple of Artemis in order to erect a monastery to St. whose intention it was to establish a monastery. also called Artemis." .. and has translated three major Greek liturgical works. The eastern Christian empire of Byzantium exercised control over the isle of Patmos and in the 4th century the ancient shrine of the goddess Diana was torn down. John but this church was itself destroyed sometime between the 6th and 9th centuries when the island was subjected to frequent raids by the Arabs." (662) The Greek island of Patmos." (272:7) Monastic communities have historically built their monasteries and other edifices on the sacred sites of pagans.. Built upon the remains of the old church and the older shrine of Diana. Janus and Jana = Dianus and Diana).e. Directly upon its foundations was erected a church dedicated to St. thus he corresponds to the alchemical hermaphrodite. adding that Janus was also John: "Janus is one of the most important Roman gods. John instead. "Before retiring last year. one of the companions to the Black Virgin. "In 313 AD. entitled The Inner Kingdom. The founder of the monastery. He may have been Gallicized into Jean (John). where human sacrifice was practiced as part of their Satanic rites. Janus/Jana. With the advance of Christianity. Robert Graves stated in The White Goddess: "." (983) In The Cult of the Black Virgin. including The Orthodox Church. Left deserted after these raids.. John the Theologian monastery on the Greek island of Patmos. the monastery of St. and a Roman philosopher informs us that the Roman variant of 'John' is 'Janus/Jana'. looking to past and future. but his essential duality as the original bisexual chaos and the form which emerged from it. where the apostle John received his vision for the book of Revelation. John has been in continuous operation for over 900 years. Christianity was officially recognized as the religion of the Roman Empire and from this time the new faith spread rapidly throughout the Greek islands.

. Graham Mundine has shown how the ley-lines of the pagan world are to be reactivated from sacred site to sacred site.. ". The following article notes that Mary.. To circumvent this prohibition... not of the priesthood. pagans simply disguised themselves as Christian monks and infiltrated the Church. In time..The effect of this grid was to connect humans to the Earth though the power of Spirit. also filling it with spiritual forces.. keeping a portion of the mysteries and knowledge alive... "This grid was a system of electromagnetic frequencies created through worldwide linkages made by human thought waves and energy transmitted by the Earth and through crystals.. the hyperlinked words and phrases lead to more detailed information in another report. The grid truly connected the Heavens and Earth and formed the perfect Oneness.[which] embodied the study and form of geomancy. whether unwittingly or no. Heeding Bible Prophecy. This matrix of sacred sites were and are still believed to connect mankind to the underworld and the 'divine cosmos'." (45:346-50) There were other sacred sites in Greece as well. ". This matrix was known as a grid. Each time they visited foreign places. settled in Egypt and the Yucatán. "That was the state of affairs when Atlantis was in it glory. history would reveal that the souls of the High Priests and Priestesses would reincarnate to rebuild Atlantis in the form of the Seventh Golden Age. where they were... Atlantis fell. began to rise to power and change the systems. Some churchmen attempt to ascribe the rise of cult . given carte blanche as 'holy men' to reactivate the ancient underground grid: "These mystical. which means the divination of lines drawn at random.. providing a lattice network for such activities as telepathic communication and healing.many of these great accomplishments were buried with the land underneath the ocean floor... was declared the "Mother of God' at the Council of Ephesus. which city was the very heart of Diana/Artemis worship. "In the Roman Catholic Church. initiation sites. That time is now." (70:15) In their New Age book The Light Shall Set You Free.. "Hermes and other beings of Light first implanted celestial crystals within the etheric bodies of the High Priests and Priestesses and then within those of the Light Workers of the hierarchy. Norma Milanovich and Shirley McCune expound at length upon the electromagnetic grid that was developed by the gods of Atlantis.. forming the Illuminated web of Divine energy. "These select emissaries of the Divine journeyed to various lands and sites. conception sites. In the selection from the book below. and... as the 'Rainbow Spirit Theology' book discloses. 'The ancestors walked the land.ancient magic of the cabbalists and shamans.. These forces are concentrated in sacred sites [which] include fertility sites. which resulted in disaster. The system followed a carefully designed global plan. and cremation and burial sites. This effort formed lines of Light radiating from their etheric bodies which connected to the Earth. But.... occult [ley] lines join together the sacred sites thus making a grid which is a force or source field . who were keepers of this sacred knowledge on geomancy.The electromagnetic grid was built by the Thrice-Greatest Geomancer and Master of Earth known as Hermes Trismegistus and the High Priests and Priestesses of Atlantis who came to earth to build a great civilization for this part of the galaxy. Certain individuals.. These crystals contained symbolic and geometric coding from the Universal Language of Light that send out frequencies to connect signals emanating from points of Light. Some of the survivors. which outlines the various elements of the New Age plan to recreate pre-flood world of Atlantis via demonic beings who will present themselves as reincarnated Atlantean high priests and priestesses. an etheric energy matrix existed beneath the Earth's surface. the currents of energy were made stronger.. the mother of Jesus Christ...

. as. empowered by St. In Sparta. was a statue of the Christian Black Madonna crafted by St. on her head a mural crown or tower. the 'maiden huntress'." (1025) Atlantis? We interject here that Chuck Missler of Koinonia House sponsored an 'Exclusive Archaeological Cruise Event' called The Malta Expedition. a thousand years earlier had that of her predecessor. should be identified with the many-breasted.. for John was not a skilled craftsman. April 6 Early arrival on Malta. the fishing villages and an ancient Tarxien .of the Black Virgin in Ephesus to the worship of Mary. In Ephesus in AD 431 the Virgin Mary was proclaimed 'Mother of God'. "One of the treasured relics taken from the Cathar stronghold of Montsegur. Two days were spent on the island of Malta. The sexual puritanism of the new goddess of Christianity. Paul's Shipwrecked Church. deer and a bee. however. just before its fall to the Inquisition. According to legend she started as a black meteoric stone. goats.A World Heritage Site. Malta and Crete with excursions to Ephesus and Athens. brownies playing bears to her honour in the forest. Ephesus was where the Virgin Mary traditionally spent her closing years before her Dormition and Assumption. but it was and is a venerated talisman. where the tour visited the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta! Day 7 . Grand Master's Palace (War Room).. fertile. Rome. with St John. youths were flogged in front of the statue of Artemis Orthia (upright).. in Arcadia and Sparta. Ean Begg traces the origins of Black Virgin statues in Greece to pre-Christian idols of Artemis. No proof of this absurdity exists. shows her with a black face. hands and feet. It was a simple artwork. Between them they combine the paradox of virgin and mother which is at the heart of Christian Marian dogma. are great favourites of hers. where they visited the Acropolis. but boys fare less well at the hands of her devotees. Parthenon and Mars Hill.. who. she was the many-breasted Black Virgin. Visit Valletta . "It is debatable how far the Artemis of Greece. through which he imparted the Book of Revelation. in a combination of fertility rite and painful puberty initiation. and her cult spread thence to the city of the she-wolf. the mother of Jesus." (272:54) Another New Age fable imagines that. and on her dress images including bulls. The best known image of Artemis of Ephesus. would not altogether have displeased Arcadian Artemis. before his exile to Patmos.. "It is with Artemis of Ephesus rather than the Arcadian Lady of Wild Things that we must now concern ourselves in the quest for the origins of the Black Virgin. Paul's Cave. with its proliferation of monastic establishments. the worship of Artemis being the obvious reason for the Black Virgin cult in Ephesus. Unawakened little girls. a Roman alabaster and bronze statue of the second century. the apostle John crafted a Black Madonna which was removed to France. indeed. Ephesian goddess. "Artemis is hostile to love and punishes sexual transgressors severely. however. In Ephesus. John on the Isle of Patmos. the tale does demonstrate that the Black Virgin was venerated on Patmos. Tourists sailed to the islands of Patmos. whose duality is expressed in her contradictory images. the Black Ephesian. the lesbian goddess invoked by women participating in same-sex unions. This begs the question. France. John during his mystical trances. multiple breasts. and so to all the corners of the world.Tuesday. they claim (without a shred of evidence) lived there with John in her later years. during his exile on the island of Patmos.

Church. A Russian TV crew had visited Malta for this purpose and a documentary was screened on OTR channel 1 in the Soviet Union. Valletta. Graham Hancock's recent book devoted 120 pages to evidence that Malta was the tip of the former continent of Atlantis. David Furlong. the spiritual singularity of the goddess temples of Malta is conspicuous. The latter had suggested that the presence of man on Malta could date back to about 15000 to 12000 BC rather than the traditionally accepted date of about 7000 BC. Piero Angela. The World Monuments Fund is trying to help protect these temples. The discoverer of the 'lost anchors of Paul' is Robert Cornuke. Cornuke's books are offered by the ministries of Chuck Missler and J. has 320 monuments making it one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world and one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. In Lady of the Beasts: The Goddess and Her Sacred Animals. yet finished with the first dressed stone within. Built with monumental boulders. Gaining in popularity is the theory is that the Mediterranean Sea is the location of the lost civilization of Atlantis! Archaeologists claim they have located underwater structures off the coast of Malta and the latest studies argue the existence of an advanced civilization that predates dynastic Egypt. Buffie Johnson informs that Malta was renown for its temples and monuments to the Mother Goddess. flooded kingdoms of the Ice Age' in the UK. president of the Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration Institute (BASE). Best selling author Graham Hancock had also published a book 'Underworld. Exclusive evening dinner and book signing at the Palazzo Parisio with dignitaries and those who assisted in the discovery of Paul's Anchors. of Super Quark. author of Keys to the Temples. The theory that Malta was Atlantis was published in the Italian journal of archaeology Hera. ovens for baking sacred bread. as well as many other so-called Christian ministries. has discovered these anchors but this did not deter the promoters from publishing their speculations as facts. "Even in the monument strewn islands of the Mediterranean. was also interested enough to come to Malta to make a documentary about the subject. were expanded through the addition of vaulted circular chambers. Some temples." (1044) Mount Athos ." (141:68) The stated purpose of the Malta Expedition was to view the newly-discovered 'lost anchors' of Paul's second missionary journey. There is no evidence that Cornuke. was also in Malta to study the positions of prehistoric sites and compare them with British sites.evidence for the Magdalenian. At Valetta the tour also visited an ancient Tarxien temple. the remains of one are nearly six feet in height. the capital of Malta. "Last year the idea that Malta was Atlantis gained international recognition and featured in popular television documentaries. while the French journal Archeologie also carried articles about it. 'Tarxien' means 'huge stone' which describes those used for the numerous prehistoric temples on Malta. and many goddess figures. and Dossier Malta . large enough to be compared with cathedrals. dedicating 120 pages out of its total of 761 to Malta and the publications Malta: Echoes of Plato's Island. published in 1997.temple. publications and guidebooks. fonts. these temples were designed in a unique apsidal arrangement resembling the clover leaf form of the goddess herself. They contained altars. whose organization co-sponsored the Malta cruise. The Misslers' excursion appeared to be a pretext for promoting ancient centers of occult activity as historic Christian sites and this scheme may be even more sophisticated. A visit to the monuments there reveals convincing evidence of goddess worship.R.

Bishop Kallistos Ware is also the President of the Friends of Mount Athos, a society dedicated to the "the advancement of education of the public in the study and knowledge of the history, culture, arts, architecture, natural history, and literature of the Orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos and the promotion of the religious and other charitable work of the Holy Community and monasteries of Mount Athos". We will therefore consider some of the "history, culture, arts, architecture, natural history, and literature of the Orthodox monasteries of Mount Athos". History. Mount Athos is no ordinary sacred site in Greece, but the very center of Orthodox monasticism. "The religious history of Athos goes back long before the birth of Christianity however. The great marble peak of Mt. Athos (6670 feet, 2033 meters) was mentioned as early as Homer and Aiskhylos as being the first home of the Greek gods Zeus and Apollo before they moved to Mt. Olympus. Pagan hermits have lived in the deep forests since prehistoric times for it was known then, as it has been forgotten now, that places where the ancient gods had lived still held great powers for humans." Today, Mount Athos is still held in great reverence as a 'Holy Mountain' and populated exclusively with monastic communities, as well as many hermits, totaling over 2,000 monks from all of the Orthodox traditions. "For in spiritual terms Athos is not of this world at all: it is, at least for those who live there, a station in sacred space, a foretaste of paradise. Not for nothing is it known as the Holy Mountain. "For more than a thousand years Athos has existed as the principal centre of monasticism for the Orthodox Church -or rather for all the Orthodox Churches. Ever since Byzantine times it has been a pan-Orthodox, multi-national centre. There were once monasteries for Albanians, Amalfitans, Bulgarians, Georgians, Moldavians, Russians, Serbs, and Wallachians as well as Greeks. Today there are still houses for Bulgarians, Greeks, Romanians, Russians, and Serbs. Furthermore Athos is unique for being a portion of contemporary Europe entirely devoted to the monastic life and to nothing else. "Today the Mountain has a total population of some 2000 monks, a figure that is steadily rising. Most follow the cenobitic tradition which brings monks into communities for living, working, and worshipping together. Others follow the eremitical tradition and live as hermits, either in small groups or as solitaries. Between them they inhabit a variety of different establishments." (1026) Art and Architecture. Icons are an integral part of the Orthodox belief and tradition--a direct violation of the 2nd commandment: "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth." Exod. 20:4. During Paul's second missionary journey, while he was in Greece, God spoke through the apostle commanding all men, and in particular the Greeks, to repent of their idol worship: Now while Paul waited for them at Athens, his spirit was stirred in him, when he saw the city wholly given to idolatry... Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars' hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious. For as I passed by, and beheld your

devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you. God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands;... Neither is worshipped with men's hands, as though he needed any thing, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device. And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent. Acts 17 There are, in fact, close to 18,000 icons on the 'Holy Mountain' of Athos today and many of these are claimed to have performed miracles, particularly those of the Virgin Mary. Supposedly largest collection of Christian art in the world, some of this artwork is blatantly pagan. For example, one wall painting from an Athonite monastery displays a dragon eating the head of a man; the facade of another monastery exhibits an All-Seeing Eye, the well-known symbol of occult illumination. (1052) Bill Schoenbelen writes from personal experience when he explains the occult meaning of the All-Seeing Eye: "To 'open' the eye a little bit is to experience psychic powers. To open the eye completely is to have your brain flooded with the 'pure' consciousness of Lucifer himself. This is why one of the Masonic symbols is the 'All-Seeing Eye.' It is a symbol of Illumination. This is Satan's counterfeit for being Born Again. In it, you acquire a 'personal relationship' with Lucifer. You begin to think his thoughts and see with his eyes. You begin to look at humans the way he does. It is not a pretty sight." (39:365) In the Greek Orthodox Church, there the many dark icons that can be considered Black Virgins. The Athens News Agency stated on November 11, 2002: "Several Eastern Orthodox monasteries are located on Mount Athos, an all-male community dedicated to the Madonna for a millennium." Monastic communities in the Roman Catholic Church, particularly the Carmelite and Benedictine, were noted for their devotion to the Black Virgin. This is understandable, considering that monasticism was birthed in Egypt (where Isis was worshipped) and Christianized in Alexandria (where the Mary Magdalene cult arose), whence it was transported to the Roman Empire by Athanasius, the Bishop of Alexandria, and to the Byzantine Empire by Basil the Great. Subsequent to their genesis in Egypt, Black Virgins were worshipped by monastic communities of the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches, in that order. Ean Begg stated, "Since the Catholic [Black Virgin] icons are Byzantine in origin, it seems worth indicating some in Greece that are mentioned as potential [Black Virgins]..." (272:239) The Mount Athos icon in the Monastery of Dochairou "is of a totally Black Virgin and Child". Culture. Mount Athos is also a major center for the gnostic tradition of hesychasm, which is a Byzantine form of contemplative prayer directed toward ecstatic mystical experience. A practice akin to Zen Buddhism and Hindu Yoga, hesychasm involves striving for 'inner stillness' as a means to having visions of 'the divine light'. "The monks of Mount Athos accepted Hesychasm. According to Gregory of Sinai, the founder of hesychia, monks could see the ‗uncreated light of God‘, the light that shone about Christ at his Transfiguration on Mount Tabor, if they were virtuous and devoted themselves exclusively to prayer, seated from morn to eve in the same place, concentrating and repeating silently the prayer ‗Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me‘. The hope that they could thus come close to God was perhaps a reaction to the ever increasing external dangers and the collapse of the Byzantine Empire." (1026)

The Philokalia is a five-volume collection of 'spiritual wisdom' in the Orthodox tradition that was written between the 4th and 15th centuries by the 'Holy Fathers' of the Orthodox tradition and preserved within Mount Athos monasteries. Co-edited by Bishop Kallistos Ware, Philokalia: The Complete Text is a source book for the Orthodox on the practices of Hesychasm, the Jesus Prayer, Nepsis or Inner Attention, Asceticism and Theosis, which is the deification of man doctrine embraced by the Greek Orthodox Church. A book review of The Philokalia reveals that the objective of repeating the Jesus Prayer is personal deification---the Satanically-inspired lie, 'ye shall be as gods': "The goal is to repeat without ceasing the Jesus Prayer, whether aloud or not. Literally without ceasing. The prayer should revolve in the mind even while eating, speaking with others, or sleeping. Thus perpetual communion with God, the purpose of human existence, can be fulfilled. Theosis, deification, partaking of the divine nature, gaining the divinity that God has extended to us, is the purpose of practicing the Jesus Prayer in this way, just as it is the purpose of asceticism, hesychasm, and other practices." And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil. Gen. 3:4-5 The founder of hesychasm, Gregory of Sinai, also invented the 'Jesus Prayer', a 'monologistic' prayer, which means praying ‗Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me‘ repeatedly and contemplatively while seated in the same place. (In some Russian traditions the phrase ―a sinner‖ is added at the end.) Repeating this prayer from morning to evening is supposed to fulfill Paul's command to 'pray without ceasing.' Bishop Kallistos Ware has written and lectured extensively on the practice of hesychasm, which originated at Mount Athos. His book, The Inner Kingdom, begins with a chapter on "Silence in Prayer: the Meaning of Hesychia". In the year 2002, Ware was also a presenter for the John Main Seminar, an annual event sponsored by the World Community for Christian Meditation. A promotional piece for Bishop Ware's seminar presents a word-for-word description of the hesychast technique: "Countless Christians over the centuries have found a way of entry through practicing the invocation of the Holy Name: in the West often through the repetition of the name 'Jesus' on its own; in the East more commonly through a longer phrase, such as 'Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.'" (572) Apposite to Bishop Ware's leadership in the advocacy of hesychasm, one medieval Patriarch of Constantinople by the name of 'Callistus' created an uproar in the Greek Orthodox Church when he persecuted opponents of hesychasm: "In the fourteenth century a pseudo-spiritualism akin to that of the ancient Euchites or Messalians, culminating in the famous Hesychast controversies (see HESYCHASM; PALAMAS), greatly disturbed the mutual harmony of Greek monasteries, especially those of Mount Athos, one of whose monks, Callistus, had become Patriarch of Constantinople (1350-54) and in that office exhibited great severity towards the opponents of Hesychasm. Racial and national discord

Codex Alexandrinus. is mixed. and there is evidence that the Codex Alexandrinus was found there as well. shows in its index 30 references to Mount Athos covering 53 manuscripts which were found there.. and delivered to Europe where they were translated and disseminated.".. Foakes Jackson and Kirsopp Lake agree with Scrivener and point out that Cyril was on Mount Athos in 1612-1613. Westcott and F.. a deacon attached to Cyril Lukar. Gregory of Sinai belonged to the Monastery of St.H. A Plain Introduction to the Criticism of the New Testament. Mount Athos is the most frequent source. Katherine at Mt.J. in the seventh century.. and 6 from St.'. It was at this convent that the gnostic manuscript. Scrivener states that Wetstein. author of A Testimony Founded Forever. .A.It is interesting that F. Hatch's catalogue of uncials of 1939... and I believe that the Corpus Hermeticum actually came from Mount Athos. Before relocating to Mt. from Patmos. Dr. Of these 6 are Byzantine and one. and I am also convinced that Codex B was found there by Bessarion at just about the same time as the discovery of the Corpus Hermeticum. James H. Mount Athos was ever a hotbed of gnostic occultism. only 4 of which had been catalogued by Scrivener. Sightler. where it was translated by Marsilio Ficino. Nothing is known which suggests that it remained in the East until the fifteenth century and was then brought to Rome under the influence of the revival of letters. At the time of publication of this book in 1883 about 650 New Testament Manuscripts had been found. Athos to teach the monks the hesychast method of contemplation. was discovered by Constantin Tischendorf in the 19th century. cited previously. Sinai. Catherine on Mt. I believe that Codex B as well had been removed from Athos l 50 years before by Bessarion. These were the core documents of the Hermetic tradition which were unavailable to the West in classical times but 'rediscovered' in Athos during the Renaissance.. Sinaiticus Aleph. 20 from Jamina in Epirus. and thence to Calabria. Jackson and Lake give the opinion that Codex B 'was brought from Alexandria to Sicily by fugitives from the conquering Arabs. 20 from St. believed that Cyril had obtained Codex A from Mount Athos. Therefore about eight per cent were from Athos." (548) Literature.. Furthermore. working for Cosmo de Medici." ". Sinai. "Frances Yates relates that a monk from Macedonia. I say this because of the mystical and Hermetic influences in religious practice and art on Athos which we have just noted. Saba in Jerusalem. brought the Corpus Hermeticum to Florence about 1460.A. Michael Psellus knew of this manuscript in his day in the eleventh century. The Sinaiticus Aleph along with infamous Vaticanus B were used by B. Leonardo da Pistoria. on the authority of Matthew Muttis. and for a while the monks were again subjected to the immediate supervision of the Bishop of Hierissus. The index lists 5 ms. For those manuscripts whose origin is known. Scrivener's book. 16 from the monastery of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Sightler is of the opinion that the Vaticanus B was also preserved at Mount Athos..between the Greeks and the Servians added fuel to the flames.F. Hort as the basis for their corrupt New Greek Text from which modern versions of the Bible are translated. which is a peninsula of Macedonia. sheds more light on the pivotal role of the Mount Athos monks in preserving the Corpus Hermeticum. "It is now no longer necessary to believe Tischendorf's claim that Codices B and Aleph were once located and used in Constantinople.. lists a total of 7 uncials from Athos.

Bassarion and Plethon in 1442 founded the Academia Platonica at Florence. or to Mistra. which means that "every religion has. when the Arabs under Amrou captured the city after a siege of fourteen months... known from antiquity. This philosophy is termed the religio perennis." Unfortunately. Sinai. where the monastery of St. Plato and Platinus into Latin and carried on the work of the academy. calls this dialogue 'esoteric ecumenism'. in 640 A. Catherine had been built by Justinian in the eighth century. in which all men would be contemplative monks rapt in mystical ecstasy. including copies of the Corpus Hermeticum. the Mount Athos community has accepted "EU funds to help preserve both their treasures and the fabric of the monasteries"--a compromise having major consequences: On September 4." NEW ORDER OF MYSTICAL KNIGHTHOOD Bishop Kallistos Ware is involved in a number of ecumenical initiatives the purpose of which is to unite Protestant. primordial and universal.. the 'eternal religion'." (1037) Frithjof Schuon. Marsilio Ficino. when the Saracens captured portions of the island. as well a Biblical manuscripts. but through an assimilation of the doctrinal (watered down to mere theism) into the mystical. Plato." This eventuality has the makings of an ecumenical uprising against the European Union and a groundswell of support for the poor monks of Mount Athos. considered the foremost spokesman of religio perennis and author of books such as The Transcendent Unity of Religions. Not only was this spelt out in the Greek constitution as recently as 1975. The Corpus Hermeticum could have been carried along with it as well. not along the lines of doctrinal beliefs. Bishop Ware co-edited the aforementioned complete text of The Philokalia and also contributed to James Cutsinger's book Paths to the Heart: Sufism and the Christian East." (350:128-33) According to Ian Paisley's European Institute of Protestant Studies (EIPS). probably in Alexandria. Aleph was taken by other monks to Mt. "Mount Athos comes under the spiritual jurisdiction of the Patriarch of Constantinople. who was the first to translate the Corpus. which is a collection of essays by Greek Orthodox and Islamic spiritualists finding common ground in the esoteric traditions of their respective religions. 2003 "A plenary session of the Euro-Parliament has passed a proposal-report demanding that the Greek government rescind the special protection the monks have enjoyed for a millennium. . perhaps in the famous Labyrinth cave. when Greece entered the European Union six years later the monasteries were specifically excluded from the jurisdiction of EU equality legislation. but enjoys the status of a semiautonomous republic within Greece. Plethon.D. Cosimo provided funds for the acquisition of rare manuscripts. He later gave a villa at Careggi."Both B and Aleph were written in Egypt. "At the Council of Florence Cosimo de Medici met Bassarion and his mentor. These codices then remained in their respective places until Bassarion took Codex B from Athos or Mistra in 1846 and Tischendorf retrieved Aleph in 1859. an esoteric dimension. At that time Codex B was taken to Mount Athos. Which is precisely what the social transformers have in mind to galvanize popular support for Joachim's mystical utopia---where "the world would be one vast monastery. Catholics and Orthodox. besides its literal meaning. which is essential. I believe they were removed by Egyptian anchorites before the city fell and taken to the island of Crete to be kept. by the monks and their successors until 823 A.D. For example. near Florence. to a student and colleague of Plethon and Bassarion. I believe that both were there.. and Plutarch. and was moved by them to back the establishment of a school at Florence for the study and dissemination of Neo-Platonic philiosphy. where the earliest monastic communities were just arising.

. "Why the Archbishop is embracing pagan roots" by Ruth Gledhill. Fr. All of the presenters at this conference—Dom Laurence Freeman. Jean Vanier and Mary McAleese. and Kallistos Ware. Greece and one of the Assistant Bishops of the Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain (under the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople). Harold O.J. Professor Huston Smith. 2002. Thomas Keating. He is a member of the Monastery of St. a Benedictine monk and Director of the World Center for Christian Meditation. The Times article. the Dalai Lama. Catholicism and Orthodoxy. assorted Catholic priests. "Since 1966.. Recent Seminar presenters have included: Archbishop Rowan Williams. We suspect that the Church of England's affiliation with the Druid Order is really nothing new. some 25 meditation centres and a large number of meditation groups. J. the Buddhist High Priest. Bishop Kallistos has taught in the Faculty of Theology at Oxford University and is a past chairman of the board of the theology department in Oxford. and he is co-translator of 'The Philokalia'. including just under 200 in Canada. Bishop Kallistos also speaks French. the inspiration and founder of The World Community for Christian Meditation. Brown of the UN/Mormon-affiliated World Congress of Families. published in 2000." (1027) This strategy has been voiced by a number of leading figures in Protestantism."These commonalities suggest the possibility for a deeper kind of religious dialogue than is customary in our day. these are the very personages with whom Bishop Ware is sharing platforms in symposiums such as the Ecumenical Conference for Traditional Christians sponsored by Touchstone Magazine. His books include 'The Orthodox Church' and 'The Orthodox Way'.J. and which. who is a member of the Order of Druids.I. President of Ireland. a dialogue which seeks to foster what Frithjof Schuon has called inward or 'esoteric' ecumenism. that all who have filled this high office of the Church of England have been closet Druids.. His Holiness the Dalai Lama. in fact. James Cutsinger (mentioned above) and others—are affiliated with heterodox organizations. S." (572) Prior to the Archbishop of Canterbury's installation ceremony last year. who was presenter of the seminar in 2002. while respecting the integrity of traditional dogmas and rites. [at end of page]: "The World Community for Christian Meditation (WCCM) is an international community that practices and teaches meditation in the Christian tradition in over 60 countries. as speaker." The seminar has in the past featured as speakers the Archbishop of Canterbury. ECT Document). Rowan Williams. Patmos. Rowan Williams was inducted into the Ancient Order of Druids. 'calls into play the wisdom which can discern the one sole Truth under the veil of different forms'. reported the event: . His latest book is 'The Inner Kingdom'. "The John Main Seminar is the Community's premiere annual event held in honour of Dom John Main (1926-1982). Packer of Renovare and Richard Neuhaus (Catholic priest/author. July 19. "Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia (Timothy Ware) will lead the John Main Seminar 2002. The Seminar was last held in Canada in 1993 with William Johnston. among his many charisms. The John Main Seminar is an annual event held by the UK-based World Center for Christian Mediation to "celebrates the life and teaching of the Benedictine monk whose life's work was passing on the ancient practice of Christian Meditation. John the Theologian. Active in work for Christian unity.

prayers. The initiation event is completed when the Dalai Lama ritually destroys the mandala after all meditation and initiatory rites have been completed. which are detailed on a Buddhist education website." (991) In addition to his activities at the World Community for Christian Meditation. writers and artists. a citation will be read. According to some prayer leaders the rituals in Graz are linking into the nazi mythology that was typical for Austria during the Third Reich. a presenter at the WCCM John Main Seminar in 1994.. will enfold them in his own and utter words of welcome. The Dalai Lama presides over the complex event. having internalized them through meditation. It is a shamanistic process involving the conjuring of 722 spirits to be released over the land. 2002. which has been built for them. essentially. the Archbishop of Wales. After a trumpet fanfare and the thrice partial sheathing and unsheathing of a 6ft6in sword. Graz at that time was the main city embracing Hitler. is accepted into the white druidic order. and a steward will lead him to join the other assembled druids inside a sacred circle. J. "The Kalachakra tantra ritual is the key initiation rite into tantric or Tibetan Buddhism and is given over the course of 12 days. The spirits are thereby released over the land while the initiates retain the spiritual connection to Kalachakra and his world.where the Dalai Lama also starts his visits and preparations. will don a long white cloak while druids chant a prayer to the ancient god and goddess of the land. dances etc. the Welsh body of poets. Buddhists prophesied that the next Dalai Lama will reincarnate in the Western world. in Graz." (595) The Dalai Lama. Dom Laurence Freeman of the John Main Institute. Packer and Richard Neuhaus (authors of the ECT Document).. the highest of three orders of the Gorsedd of Bards. The Kalachakra tantra ritual is the key initiation rite into tantric or Tibetan Buddhism. musicians. there are eight days of preparatory rituals. These rituals. the river Mur. First.I. The Mistress of the Robes. wearing a crown and shield over his bardic robes. veneration. The sand from the mandala is poured into a nearby body of water. These spirits are invited to take up residence in the mandala. the Most Rev Dr Rowan Williams. Sian Aman. during which monks make a mandala. Thousands of participants from over 30 nations are to be initiated into tantric teachings by the Dalai Lama XIV. The following brochure was published in Touchstone Magazine. Brown of the UN/Mormon-affiliated World Congress of Families and other Catholic and Evangelical priests and apologists. Austria. bardic name.". will hopefully give the reader an idea of the teachings of the Dalai Lama at the John Main Seminars.J. Dr Williams will close his hands in prayer while the archdruid. who will adopt a new. "On October 11-23. the Kalachakra for World Peace will take place in Graz.. a Journal of the . has of late been conjuring evil spirits in Hitler's old stomping grounds in preparation for the Fourth Reich. That will be the moment that Dr Williams. is a shamanistic process involving the conjuring of 722 spirits through music. which. The event is being supported by the Mayor of Graz and the Provincial and Federal Government in Austria.the new Archbishop of Canterbury will be inducted as a druid in a 200-year-old ceremony with pagan roots in Wales next month. "According to church leaders in Austria and Germany the Dalai Lama wants to make Graz the pillar of a bridge for Buddhism into the Western world. to see if the next dalai lama is among them. As the sun rises over a circle of Pembrokeshire bluestones. or spiritual house. will then clothe him in a druidic white headdress. Kallistos Ware has shared platforms with Benedictine monk. which flows from Austria to Slovenia . In Graz children shall be presented to the Dalai Lama.. Harold O.

Chair of Ethics. Orthodox monk and editor of DOXA. Brown. Brown] Proclamation & Preservation: Necessity & Temptations of Church Tradition Tape 4: Responses to Brown: Brother Isaac Melton. Trinity Evangelical Seminary [Christianity Today. This conference. formerly a Lutheran minister who denied the substitutionary atonement. UN/NGO]. (Editor's comments are in teal. associate editor. Professor. co-author with Chuck Colson of the Evangelicals & Catholics Together Document] A New Thing: Ecumenism at the Threshold of the Third Millennium Tape 2: Responses to Neuhaus: James Cutsinger. but who are alike in their personal and intellectual commitment to the traditional Christian faith.Greek Orthodox Fellowship of St. 1995 Hosted by Rose Hill College (Aiken South Carolina) Ecumenical gatherings are hardly unique. University of South Carolina. First Things [Catholic priest. advertising a 1995 conference to promote ecumenism among the Catholic. S." tried something different: to test whether an "ecumenical orthodoxy. Hutchens.] Tape 3: Harold O.) Not of This World: An Ecumenical Conference for Traditional Christians Co-sponsored by Rose Hill College and Touchstone May 16-20. James. can become the foundation for a unified and transformative witness to the age we live in. who represent a variety of affiliations and backgrounds. Contributing Editor. Christian Research Institute Journal. Tape 1: Richard John Neuhaus. Professor of Theology. J." solidly based upon the classic Christian faith. Contributing Editor since 1995. gathered to discuss whether they can together defend and communicate their common faith in an increasingly faithless world. Protestant and Orthodox traditions.J. M. a collection of essays by Greek Orthodox and Islamic spiritualists finding common ground in the esoteric traditions of their respective religions. editor. see Alan Morrison's recommendation of Harold O. Jose Pereira. but they have too often been excuses for dismantling the faith. "Not of this World: An Ecumenical Conference for Traditional Christians. Touchstone [Author of the aforementioned Paths to the Heart: Sufism and the Christian East. Leading theologians and other Christian scholars. Fordam University and author . World Congress of Families [Mormon-affiliated.

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School Tape 14: Panel Discussion with the plenary speakers (except Neuhaus) A complete set of 14 tapes in an album for $59 plus $5 shipping. . Lecturer in Eastern Orthodox Studies. Glorify Thy Name Tape 8: Responses to Reardon: Joseph Fessio. Kent Hill. Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals' Resolutions for Roman Catholic & Evangelical Dialogue. Professor. William Abraham. University of San Francisco. The Holy Trinity: Heart of Our Life Tape 6: Responses to Ware: Robert Fastiggi.Tape 5: Bishop Kallistos Ware. Oxford. Co-author. Richard Foster]. Faculty of Regent College. where he teaches courses on Evangelical/Catholic and Evangelical/Orthodox Dialogue. Packer. author of The Orthodox Church. Bradley Nassif. Professor of Theology. Carl Braaten. Louis University. Signer. Signer. Professor of Theology. Boston College. Evangelical Declaration on Care of Creation [Interfaith/Earth Summit]. Packer — Director of Anglican Studies. Lutheran School of Theology Tape 7: Patrick Henry Reardon. Evangelicals and Catholics Together Document (ECT I). On From Orr: Cultural Crisis and Incarnational Ontology J. St. associate editor of Touchstone. Southern Methodist University Tape 9: Peter Kreeft. I. Professor of History. I. B.] Tape 13: Responses to Packer: James Hitchcock. ECT II. and author of numerous books [Roman Catholic apologist] Ecumenical Jihad [Kreeft's book on Apologetics at Catholic Encyclopedia website] Tape 10: Peter Kreeft Ecumenical Jihad (continued) Tape 11: Responses to Kreeft: Theodore Pulcini. Orthodox priest. Vancouver. Edward's University. President of Eastern Nazarene College and author Tape 12: J. Regent College. Associate Professor of Theology. Professor. Professor of Philosophy.C. Renovaré [a mystical movement founded/directed by Quaker psychologist. Board of Reference. Regent College. St. Lausanne‘s Theology and Education Group. Willowbank 1978. Father.

Roman Catholic or Orthodox. rather than making Scripture the final authority in matters of faith and practice. 6:7 "Countless Christians over the centuries have found a way of entry through practicing the invocation of the Holy Name: in the West often through the repetition of the name 'Jesus' on its . Waite wrote in The Hidden Church of the Holy Grail: ".179:681 DEIFICATION THROUGH THE DIVINE ENERGIES According to Webster's Dictionary. the experience of mystical union or direct communion with ultimate reality reported by mystics. the following promotional for the John Main Seminar described the mantra technique taught by Kallistos Ware for receiving visions of the divine light of God. I. Touchstone advances an ecumenism of orthodoxy defined by the Great Tradition. A. 3. Mt." . and devotional orthodoxy. we need more of it!" Kallistos Ware. or ultimate reality can be attained through subjective experience (as intuition or insight). however. and Roman Catholics. or Cerenthus and all their cohorts. For example. Knowing God [Anglican] "Touchstone is a voice that greatly needs to be heard in today's Christian world.J. Packer Author. Orthodox. mysticism is: 1.I should look assuredly to the East. spiritual truth.. use not vain repetitions. 2. as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. the belief that direct knowledge of God. Mystics rely primarily on subjective experiences to formulate their beliefs about God."Edited by a bevy of mainly younger Protestants.E. i. but is the unexpressed mystery of experience in deep wells which issue no strife or sects. in the direction of that pure catholic gnosticism which lies like a pearl of great price within the. The fact that Touchstone exists to serve this purpose gives it great importance.." .. which is not of Marcion or Valentinus. Bishop of Diokleia & Spalding Lecturer in Eastern Studies at Oxford University [Eastern Orthodox] This alliance of Reformed.' is appealing to all Christians. which calls itself the 'Confessing Movement. Those who practice Gnostic mysticism usually hide within the organized Church system and claim to follow primitive Christianity.. moral. If this is what robust ecumenism means.Richard John Neuhaus. a vague speculation : a belief without sound basis b : a theory postulating the possibility of direct and intuitive acquisition of ineffable knowledge or power. The writings of mystics may claim the primacy of of external Christianity. The Touchstone people are bracingly conscientious and determined to follow where the Spirit leads. The use of mantras. Roman Catholic and Orthodox traditions.e. but in practice they ignore its finer points of doctrine. Editor-in-Chief. is a direct violation of Christ's command: But when ye pray. First Things [Roman Catholic] "Touchstone serves the most significant form of ecumenical endeavor today: the rallying and coalescing of those in all the churches who stand for doctrinal. Protestant. to embrace the teachings and practices of mysticism as authentic Christianity." .

but our language is not to be interpreted literally. Although nonmaterial. more exactly. they reach beyond the words into silence. the uncreated energies surpass our human powers of description. 17:2). requiring as it does no special knowledge or elaborate preparation. in the experience of the saints. seen by the three disciples on the mountain—seen also by many of the saints during prayer—is nothing else than the uncreated energies of God. The practice of the Jesus Prayer is akin to the teaching of Christian Meditation and other forms of the rich tradition of Christian contemplative prayer. This light of Tabor. yet nowhere in Scripture is the believer led down the path to mystical experiences. provided that his senses have been transformed by divine grace.‖ (633:127) Through an ecstatic vision of the Divine Light of Tabor. The doctrine of the 'deification of man' is central to Eastern Orthodox doctrine This false doctrine of deification runs the gamut of false religions. but. since the real Jesus has forbidden mindless repetitive forms of prayer. Kallistos Ware claims the body is deified. The Orthodox Way: ―…God is revealed as light above all at the Transfiguration of Christ on Mount Tabor. This divine light.' "This is a prayer in words. and is especially suited to our present age of anxiety. but cannot be described in words. We shall see how in Sinai and Mount Athos the invocation of the Name came to be accompanied by a physical technique. Because it is rooted in the traditions of both the Christian East and the Christian West. The reader is then admonished by Kallistos Ware that his senses must be 'transformed' in order to see the light that is non-physical. in referring to them as ‗light‘ we use the least misleading term. nor yet a purely metaphorical ‗light of the intellect‘. we are inevitably employing the language of ‗sign‘ and symbol. It is probable that another Jesus is summoned by repeating the name in an invocatory manner. Not that the energies are themselves merely symbolical. it is nevertheless an objectively existent reality. Not only do the 'transformed' eyes see the Divine Light. in the East more commonly through a longer phrase. have mercy on me.Bishop Kallistos of Diokleia (572) Pagans also use mantras for invoking spirits. It is being practiced today more than ever in the past. in terming these energies ‗light‘. it can serve as a powerful instrument in our shared quest for unity. ―Although non-physical. This sounds suspiciously like demon possession. is neither a physical and created light. This paranormal activity is attributed to the indwelling Holy Spirit. His eyes do not behold the light by the natural powers of perception.‖ (633:127) The gnostic strives for visions of the Divine Light. We shall learn also how. when ‗his face shone as the sun." . but through the power of the Holy Spirit acting within him. yet it is a prayer that leads to the deepest mysteries of contemplation. involving a positive use of the body. the divine light can be seen by a man through his physical eyes.own. that is to say. and so. Son of God. "The Jesus Prayer is a prayer that all can use. such as 'Lord Jesus Christ. Kallistos Ware nevertheless avers that suspending one's mental faculties and repeating the 'Jesus Prayer' leads to a vision of the Divine Light of Tabor. the Jesus Prayer brought them to the vision of the Divine Light of Tabor. Being divine. "In the Seminar we shall explore the distant origins of the Jesus Prayer among the Desert Fathers and Mothers of Egypt. the body is permeated with it. they enable us to discover the silence that is hidden in the heart of the words themselves. because the words are so few and so simple. and his raiment was white as the light‘ (Matt. They genuinely exist. This mystical experience in greater detail in Kallistos Ware's book. .

Djwal Khul. it is said. makes them shine like tapers before the Son of God. Boehme's 'terror that comes from the blinding light' is a phenomenon peculiar to initiation rites.‘… ―…as Jacob Boehme puts it. cited by Ware as a spiritual authority. Nietzsche. Boehme directly influenced the German Romantics. Bergson. and indirectly the existentialist philosophers Schopenhauer. but it is concerned with a peculiar type of energy which can be induced at a moment of supreme tension. so the saints‘ bodies also are glorified and shine as lightning… ‗The glory which thou hast given to me I have given to them‘ (John 17:22): just as many lamps are lit from one flame. and are definitely related to the processes and effects of initiation. ‗The darkness is not the absence of light. I may not reveal. was a German mystic whose writings were a precursor to existentialist philosophy. and nothing else… Our human nature is transformed into the power of God.according to their degree .' Bishop Ware appeals to mystic monks and canonized saints as authorities. when he went up the mountain and was transfigured into the glory of God and into infinite light. This will not even make sense to you until certain initiate-experiences have been undergone by you. there are numerous examples of such bodily glorification… In The Sayings of the Desert Fathers we are told how a disciple looked through the window of Abba Arsenius‘ cell. The 'Blinding Light' which ever accompanies true conversion (a rare and sudden happening always when true and real) and which is an attendant demonstration of all Lives who have passed the human stage of consciousness . being members of Christ. Hegel. Jacob Boehme (1575-1624). Vladimir Lossky was not speaking merely in metaphors when he wrote: ‗The fire of grace. Alice Bailey described this mystical experience in one of her many books channeled through her spirit guide. Western as well as Eastern.―‘The body is deified at the same time as the soul‘ (St Maximus the Confessor). He who beholds the divine light is permeated by it through and through. so the bodies of the saints. It is not easy for the average aspirant to realize that progressive stages upon the Path indicate a progressive ability to 'take the Light. who is Deity Himself.and the light which is released by the fission of the atom are one and the same expression on different levels of consciousness. Of Abba Pambo. but the terror that comes from the blinding light. kindled in the hearts of Christians by the Holy Spirit. and saw the old man ‗like a flame of fire‘. rather than Scripture—except to misapply the Scriptures concerning the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ.‘ ―…In the lives of the saints. Martin Buber and even Carl Jung. must needs be what Christ is.' When the aspirant prays in the new Invocation: 'Let Light descend on Earth' he is invoking . titled Discipleship in the New Age.‘‖ (Bishop Kallistos Ware) . Just what this secret is. so that his body shines with the glory that he contemplates. and it is kindled into fire and light. Paul Tillich. because of the glory which his face had. ‗God so glorified him that no one could look at his face. The only possible hint I can give you in connection with this mysterious matter is that it is closely related to the 'Blinding Light' which Saul of Tarsus saw on the road to Damascus and the 'blinding light' which accompanied the discharge of energy from the atomic bomb. and Schelling. and Heidegger. Baader. He himself becomes light.(633:128) For theological support of the ecstatic experience of 'deification.‘ The Homilies of St Macarius affirm concerning this transfiguration of man‘s body: ―Just as the Lord‘s body was glorified. Hartmann. that initiation veils a secret and that the revelation of that secret is imminent. In the chapter 'Teachings on Initiation' Bailey states: "We come now to our second point.

it is fatal to try to 'let oneself go' consciously. finds himself irrevocably committed to the performance of The Great Work. "One very effective method is to stop short. mantras suitable to the gods. This mistake is the most frequent cause of failures in invocation. There is the general metaphysical antithesis that Magick . the lover. though in him and of him.something which humanity will have to learn to handle. It is one great mistake of the beginner to concentrate his force upon the actual stated purpose of the ceremony. The Magician must be carried forward blindly by a force which." (1028) By way of comparison to Bishop Ware's meditative technique. audi tuo servo! kyrie Christe! O Christe! [Our Lord. The whole secret may be summarised in these four words: "Enflame thyself in praying. the Union of God and man is consummated. total passivity. by a supreme effort of will. But the secret of success in invocation has not hitherto been disclosed. the gradual development and materialization of the force.only rare circumstances demand any action what ever on the material plane. "The subsequent invocations. all else is but an accident and an illusion. this is one of the things for which the disciples of the world must begin to prepare the race of men. no minutest atom saying nay. or wealth. we will now consider an extract from Aleister Crowley's book. is by no means that which he in his normal state of consciousness calls I. and the whole being of the Magician. it is that all the conscious part of him has become detached from the true ego which lies behind that normal consciousness. Just as the poet. "Every Magician must compose his ceremony in such a manner as to produce a dramatic climax. love. The Magician addresses a direct petition to the Being invoked. the blinding light (Lucifer). At the moment when the excitement becomes ungovernable.. is irresistibly flung forth. Note the elements common to 'Christian mystical' and 'Satanic magick' rituals of invocation—forgetfulness. is carried out of himself in a creative frenzy. There are a thousand different ways of compassing the end proposed. In blinding light. at that moment must he utter the supreme adjuration. hear your servant! Come Christ! O Christ!] "The mind must be exalted until it loses consciousness of self. when then the whole conscious being of the Magician undergoes a spiritual spasm. Magick in Theory and Practice. "Inhibition is no longer possible or even thinkable. letting oneself go. But the circle is wholly filled with that divine essence.. quietly pursuing his invocations. Chapter XV titled "Of the Invocation". And so a man who perhaps took up Magick merely with the idea of acquiring knowledge. the artist. again and again. so far as external things are concerned. so must it be for the Magician. transformation of the body and union with God—after which Crowley correctly observes "there is no distinction between magick and meditation"!! "In the straightforward or 'Protestant' system of Magick." This is Qabalistically expressed in the old Formula: Domine noster. on the very brink of that spasm. and as soon as his balance approaches perfection he ceases to invoke any partial god. "It will now be apparent that there is no distinction between magick and meditation except of the most arbitrary and accidental kind.. "A corollary of this Theorem is that the Magician soon discards evocation almost altogether -. until a time arrives when the idea of exercising that will fails to occur. This forgetfulness must be complete. It is practically of no importance whatever that the invocation should be 'right'. only that god vertically above him is in his path. "If the Magician is still seen standing in the Circle. amid the roar of ten thousand thunders. The Magician devotes himself entirely to the invocation of a god. It is an exceedingly simple one. require no effort..

is the 'Great Work'. the Christian must guard himself against any spiritual practice which would produce an altered state of consciousness. In fact. demon possession.'Truth comes bubbling to my brim. Having been delivered from the power of Satan. Life and Death are one to Him!'. in surrendered believers may be condensed into one word. He has a mouth but refuses to talk because he hopes the Holy Spirit will speak through transmuting the astral body into His shape. and cannot be too sedulously practised. The Magician should practise the formation of this body as recommended in Liber O. that is. so he no longer will use any element of his being. a cessation of the active exercise of the will in control over spirit. 'The word passivity simply describes the opposite condition to activity. passivity. The Spiritual Man. though limiting his 'rising' to the particular symbol whose God he wishes to invoke. or all. Luke 11 records the manner in which Jesus taught His disciples to pray and His exhortation to ask for the Holy Spirit. or either. This last method is really essential to all proper invocation.' The passivity of a saint arises out of the non-use of his various talents. No vain repetitions. He considers himself fully surrendered to God. (1) loss of selfcontrol in the sense of the person himself controlling each. "What primarily precipitates the enemy's invasion among the 'heathen' and among carnal Christians is wilful sin. which means the unification of the Microcosm (initiate) with the Macrocosm (Lucifer). of the departments of his personal being. which opens the door to altered states of consciousness and possession by demonic spirits. but 'the primary cause of deception . He has hands but will not engage them since he expects God to do it. Mysticism of the Will-to-Die. and in the experience of the believer it means. and (2) loss of freewill in the sense of the person himself exercising his will as the guiding principle of personal control. as may be the case. Thus he falls into an inertia which opens the way for deception and invasion. "The first method concerns the so-called astral body. but --. Jesus sternly admonished those who were seeking after signs and wonder. "The second is to recite a mantra suitable to the God. only humble believing prayer. no transformed senses. in harmony with the will of God. and learn to rise on the planes according to the instruction given in the same book. calling such men an 'evil generation'. and indeed of all ritual magick. with simple faith they would receive precisely whatever they request of the Father. soul and body. he saith. In Volume III of his series.. of which we may give three." (1012) The Lord Jesus also warned of the dangers of states of passivity." (1011) Crowley stated that the end of this ceremony. "Beside these open methods thee are also a number of mental methods of Invocation. briefly. In other words. no visions of divine light. Watchman Nee warned against the spiritual dangers of passivity in the believer. and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked . I will return unto my house whence I came out.. Then goeth he. When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man. he findeth it swept and garnished. And when he cometh. "The third is the assumption of the form of the God --.' The organ of volition ceases to choose and decide matters referred to it. Our Lord also included a concise teaching on how to protect oneself against demon possession. seeking rest. and finding none. he walketh through dry the Art of the Will-to-Live. He does not exercise any part of his person but waits for God to move him.

Wehre. Spear(e). Ver. Vary. Svear. These twenty-six members will be a false twenty-four elders plus the Antichrist and False Prophet. depicted as the headgear of Godfroi de Vere de Bouillon in the 12th century. Werr. Veer. Were is Old Frisian. Also previously documented in this series is the fact that Pierre Plantard de Saint-Clair and his son. whose senior branch was the House of Vere [whose] ancestry was jointly Pictish and Merovingian descending from the ancient Grail House of Scythia. In Genesis of the Grail Kings.. Wayer. As stated. Waer. Vire. descended from Godfroi de Vere de Bouillon. "The Dragon Court exists as an organization solely for the bloodline descendants of the ancient Vere family — the senior bloodline successors as a Scythian-Merovin. Sver(e). which is comprised of twenty-six members of royalty from Eurasian countries that help comprise the European Council of Princes. Very. The Druidic head dragon king (Pendragon). Laurence Gardner identified the Plantard bloodline as a branch of the House of Vere: "The Plantagenets were themselves a junior branch of the House of Anjou. as occult priest kings. Vare. which has historically been called the 'King of Kings'. and they enter in. . Wyre The werewolf is also derived from this surname. Wear. Weyr. the exalted pedigree of this bloodline requires an organization whose sole purpose to protect its purity and perpetuity: ". Previously mentioned is the fact that Godfroi de Bouillon—the first Grand Master of the Knights Templar who captured Jerusalem in 1099—was a member of the Merovingian de Vere bloodline. Werre. etc.. Veir. Shpere. Vear(e). and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. de Ver. These are supposedly descendants of Israel's twenty-four priestly families. there are currently twenty-four families representing the Rex Deus group and the Dragon Court.. The following are variations of the Vere surname found in different countries and various dialects. but do not yet rule. Fairy. For example. out of which will eventually come the Antichrist. Elven House of Princess Maelasanu—and for those whose bloodlines are extracted from this descent and its ancient Dragon Court. will be the Antichrist. Weir is a Scottish form of Vere. Wehr/Weir is German. per Revelation 13:12.The Holy Grail itself was Elven as was Jesus himself. [See: Antichrist in Virgo] Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg is currently the Sovereign Grand Master of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court & Order. Veyre. the first Grand Master of the Prieuré de Sion. Veary. the former and current Grand Masters of the Prieuré de Sion. Weir(e)." (342:5) As King Arthur's Dragon Court was originally comprised of twenty-four knights. Spere. Weer. According to Dagobert's Revenge website. Luke 11:24-26 THE HOUSE OF VERE Is Kallistos Ware the False Prophet? If he would exercise all the power of the Antichrist. Weier. the Dragon Court exists to protect the descendants of the ancient Vere family of the Merovingian bloodline. VERE / WEIR: Vere. Svar. Fere." (248:8) Kallistos Ware would also be a member of the Merovingian Vere bloodline. Weary. Thomas.than himself.. the Old English Wer is related to Old Norse ver. the False Prophet must be a member of the Merovingian bloodline. they reign. Ware. Fear. Revere. de Ver. Weyir. The Druidic Council of Elders are represented by the Dragon Court. complete with his Crown of Fairy Thorns.

Weirton Steel. Weir (Transgenics)." It is also noteworthy that President George Bush is also a member of the Merovingian Vere bloodline. Verimark (Communications) Religion: Bruce A. Lance Ware (Biological Weapons/Founder of Mensa) Government: Karl Ware (CFR). with mention of a German occultist named Weirus: ". {World}.] A person transformed into a wolf in form and appetite. sets out a publick apologie for all these crafts-folks. by witchcraft. Belief in werewolves. procuring for their impunitie. pl. and {Wolf}. or voluntarily. Vera Inst. Weir (DNA expert). Thomas Weir (Sorcerer of Edinburgh). Bruce Weir (Human Genome Project).WEREWOLF.B. (868) Prominent names related to the Vere/Weir bloodline are found at the highest levels of the various sectors of society: Economy: Warburg (Banking). is not now extinct. Robert F. Thomas E. wherby. either temporarily or permanently. a werewolf. German is 'verdad'. But our thoughts they were palsied and sere— Our memories were treacherous and sere— For we knew not the month was October.. MHG. [AS. the word for 'truth' is 'vérité'. Mary Ware Dennett (Birth Control). Weir (Masonic High Priest). Weyerhauser (founded Fuller Theological School of Psychology). Veri-Chip (Implantable Biochip). Weir (Euthanasia). Edgar Allen Poe's Ulalume is full of esoteric meaning which only an occultist would comprehend. of Justice Science/Genetics: Edmond Ware Sinnott (Genetics). {Werewolves}. Veridian Systems (Federal Data Corp.WIERUS. As in William Cooper's organization. whether by supernatural influences. Warfield (Bible). wer a man + wulf a wolf. Jessie Weir LaRouche (mother of Lyndon LaRouche). formerly general. w["a]hrwolf. The Daemonologie. Bishop Kallistos (Timothy) Ware (Anglican/Eastern Orthodox). Harry F. and cf. n. night of all nights in the year!) We noted not the dim lake of Auber— .J. G. . Ware (Apologetics). Latin is 'veritas'. Weir (Environment). a German Phisition. Henry Ware (Unitarian Church founder). Sorcerer) King James I opened his book.. Virgil. B. he plainely bewrayes himselfe to have bene one of that profession. Italian is 'verità'. {Virile}. w["a]rwolf. Weirus (16th c./Carlyle Group). Thomas A. Veritas. John Ferguson Weir (Skull & Bones '83). See {Were} a man. However. wehrwolf. werwulf. And we marked not the night of the year— (Ah. Bruce S.. cf. Verio (Webhosting). Weir Systems (Intelligence/Software UK). Verifone (Mondex) Education: B. Poe's obsession with the 'ghoul-haunted woodland of Weir' is explicable and relevant to any inquiry as to the identity of the two Beasts of Revelation 13. Weir Hall (Yale) Environment: James H. werwolf. In the French language. [root]285. \Were"wolf`\. Weyher (Pioneer Fund). Ware (Public Health). a lycanthrope. Our talk had been serious and sober. See our report: Heeding Bible Prophecy The name Vere means 'Truth'.

not Lucifer. The Frenchman who told the story of the two schools of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus said that the high priests of Yahweh used these names for themselves. Zaphriel. Nor the ghoul-haunted woodland of Weir. accurately foretell the outcome of the Antichrist's battle against Jesus Christ. Truth is to be found in Scripture alone. through thought put into action. Over the entrance to the chamber where the degree is conferred is written: 'Ye who have not the power to subdue passion. as Peter Dawkins expressed in Arcadia. Michael. flee from this place of truth'. Blavatsky remonstrated against the revealed truth of Scripture and pontificated on her version of truth which is based in the ancient wisdom texts." Knight and Lomas further suggest that the high priests of the Jerusalem Church assumed the names of the major angels—7 angels to be exact. Brother Truth." These Masonic authors claim to have "uncovered the origins of Freemasonry which showed how modern Masonic rituals developed from those once used by the Jerusalem Church and later developed by the famous Crusader Order of the Knights Templar. the "father of lies.. Jesus Christ is the Way. the Truth and the Life. And it is from the the Vere bloodline that the Antichrist and False Prophet which will eventually come. the occultist wallows in his own reasonings about God rather than acknowledging the truth of Scripture: "Through thinking man comes to understand and eventually." In her tomes. Camael. when the armies of the Antichrist are arrayed against Him and His heavenly armies." The occult version of the 'Truth' embraces the falsehood that Lucifer is know God." and his hosts of lying spirits. states: "There is no religion higher than truth." (889:113) Thomas Paine stated it more succinctly: "My own mind is my own church. However." The corollary to this fallacy is the belief that Lucifer will defeat Jesus Christ in a final battle. however. experience. of course. The degree describes all the Masonic symbols. and the overall purpose is given as the inculcation of truth. "The twenty-eighth degree of the 'Knight of the Sun' claims that it is the Key of Masonry. to know truth .(Though once we had journeyed down here)— We remembered not the dank tarn of Auber. (981) "Weir" is the German spelling of the ancient French House of Vere of the Merovingian bloodline. Perhaps as the new high priesthood of Yahweh. As perceived by the occultist. Azrael and Uriel. . Gabrielle. Aleister Crowley referred to him as "Lord God the Devil.. Blavatsky. specifically Psalm 2 and Revelation 20. "when Rosslyn is excavated the truth will conquer all. as if these subjective factors were reliable determinants of truth. Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas state in The Second Messiah concerning Roslyn Chapel in Scotland. The occultist. A lecture on truth is delivered in sections by nine officers who are called Thrice Perfect Father Adam. Raphael. The Secret Doctrine and Isis Unveiled. and intuition. Brother Truth? The motto of the Theosophical Society founded by Helena P. derives his understanding of the 'Truth' from communication with Lucifer. truth is God. "The last seven names used in this degree are those of the major angels. This 'mother of the New Age' preached that all ideas — whatever their source — should be tested against one's knowledge. the Knights Templar also took these names.

. and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.will save his people by the hands of two messianic figures who arise at the end of time. Second in command. and he had two horns like a lamb.. When he comes to power. According to The Hiram Key: Pharaohs. and will be a religious figure who interprets the Law. earthly Adam respectively).. to receive a mark in their right hand.Hermes Trismegestus taught the idea of the seven governors of the world. We have demonstrated that the most likely candidate for Antichrist. and the other 'The Interpreter of the Law'. or the number of his name.Rev. which had the wound by a sword. and he spake as a dragon." (162:201) These two figures answer to the Antichrist and False Prophet who will pose as the saviors of Israel and the world. Here is wisdom.". both small and great. ." (350:115) ." (96:14) These nine officers of Masonry were probably intended to correspond to the original nine knights of the Order of the Temple. one from 'Branch of David'. saying to them that dwell on the earth.Rev.. and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. free and bond. or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell. who also prefigure the Council of Nine which will rule the New World Order: the Antichrist. a Greek Orthodox monk whose surname means 'Truth' fits the bill for this office of False Prophet. False Prophet and seven planetary angels. so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast. rich and poor. And he causeth all. ". the False Prophet will function as the high priest who interprets the laws of his pagan religious system. As the right hand man of the Antichrist. Freemasons and Discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him. the False Prophet. that they should make an image to the beast. and did live. the Merovingian bloodline. And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast..The emphasis on 'truth' brought back to mind the sole inscription in Rosslyn [Chapel] that reads: '. whose deadly wound was healed. members of monastic orders refer to each other as 'Brother'. 13:11-18 Subordinate to the Antichrist (Father Adam) and the False Prophet (Brother Truth) will be a counterfeit Michael the Archangel who presides over the seven planetary angels. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man.. Thomas Plantard de Saint Claire. the Antichrist will be known as the Third Adam (the first and second Adam being the heavenly Adam-Kadmon and fallen.. Significantly. will be affectionately called Brother Truth.truth will conquer all'. and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast. planetary angels. "God. will present himself as the 'Branch'. or the name of the beast. In ancient Egypt. And he doeth great wonders... that the image of the beast should both speak. 13:11 The Biblical reference to the False Prophet having 'two horns like a lamb' may refer to Bishop Kallistos Ware's leadership in both the Anglican and Eastern Orthodox churches. save he that had the mark. 'He spake as a dragon' would refer to the False Prophet's descent from the Dragon race. who will be the seven kings who rule under the Antichrist. Kallistos Ware. . both apostate forms of the true Christian faith.

and that this person corresponds to the Beast that rises out of the cosmic sea in Rev. Mars. the One Ring was representative of the overlordship of the Sun. Jupiter. Sol and Luna. We. In Gnostic belief these gods were transformed into archangels who became the central focus of medieval magic and the Hermetic tradition..". THE GREAT BEAR "Like Ursa Minor. that the Lord of the Rings is the Sun-god. Uranus. uauber. so that all peoples may be taught the Law and thereby enabled to apply it towards universal improvement as the only means of saving mankind.. which proclaimed: 'This is the New Dispensation. Premier Plenipotentiary of the Council of Nine of the Confraternities of the World." (353:4) There is in fact. Jupiter (Zeus). Mars (Aries).. Venus (Aphrodite). de St Vincent. Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince reprint the Council of Nine's directive in The Stargate Conspiracy: "Clymer claimed that the doctrines of his society were endorsed by a secret order that directed it from France—called the Council of Nine..S. These variants stem from the Sanskrit upari (Up-Ari or Up-Arya. Saturn (Chronos). In ancient times.—the Fraternitas Rosae Crucis—claimed that his organization was directed by a Council of Nine in France. He published a letter from them in 1932. with the other key Eight Rings representing the planetary kingdoms of Earth. which means Lord: "If spelt literally vampire would be uavber. aka the Antichrist... A prominent occultist of the early twentieth century. and he spake as a dragon.. and he had two horns like a lamb." (25:24) J. Rather it is the greater sheepfold. the One Ring was Lord of the Rings. R. "Other stars in Ursa . Sovereign Grand Master of the Dragon Court. Note in the following statement which appears in Laurence Gardner's Realm of the Ring Lords...13:1. or uaupir .6) Nicholas de Vere. Neptune and Mercury. corresponding to the "Beast that rises out of the earth" . Saturn. Swinburne Clymer who directed the the oldest Rosicrucian body in the U.R.And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth. meaning Over-Lord).. and that both derive from the Sanskrit word. Another title of the Council of Nine. presages this angelic Council of Nine which will rule the world. informs us that the surname 'Vere' means vampire which means overlord. the Council of Nine.[he] who held the Ninth Ring. and the work of the Spiritual and Mystical Fraternities must be reestablished around the world. was the 'Secret School'. as pictured in the most ancient planispheres or zodiacs of the various nations. have selected your organization.' "This letter was signed by the excessively immodest 'Comte M. (Rev." (722:271 ff. Over (ME-ouere) began a graphic variant of uuere which translates into the dynastic name Vere with the Latin V being interchangeable with the double U for hard Germanic W which became V— rendering Ver or Were... Next in position was the planetary god of the Earth.'. The reader will recall that the Prieuré de Sion is located in Paris. Ursa Major is neither a dipper or a bear. The Lord of the Rings. which is the central European oupire or oupere.. Venus. an earthly Council of Nine in France which appears to be headed by the Prieuré de Sion. Tolkein's Trilogy. Aryan. 13:11) "In Ring Lore." (268:288) CALLISTO.. They adopted the seven planetary spirits or gods. represented by the classical gods of Roman and Greek mythology—Mercury (Hermes). at present. as one of the oldest in America to help to this work.the Gnostics derived some of their lore from the stellar religion practiced by the Chaldean astrologers. according to Clymer.R.

means "Sheepfold. "Zeus had the habit of seducing young maidens. In Greek mythology Kallisto was a nymph who was loved by Zeus. "In Greek mythology Callisto. the Little Bear. the founder of the Greek Arcadia. was seduced by Jupiter (the Roman Zeus) and turned into a bear. the Greek form of the Roman Callisto. Callisto was the daughter of King Lycaon II and a nymph of Artemis." (666) Zeus/Jupiter. The one thing she prized above all was her chastity. the Roman Diana. however. Reflecting her own vows of chastity. "Artemis gathered about her a number of young nymphs. Ancient Greek Derived from Greek kallistos meaning "most beautiful". (664) KALLISTO f Greek Mythology. Callisto. Artemis loved to hunt. ancient home of the Merovingians.‖ (Greek Myth) / kallistos (663) In Greek mythology. either by Zeus.Major are El Alcola. to whom she made a vow of chastity. before he too joined his mother in the heavens as Ursa Minor. A moon of Jupiter bears this name.. daughter of King Lycaon (wolf). keeping the same form of a bear. Her son Arcas would grow up to be the ancestral founder of the Arcadians. Now Artemis was Apollo's sister.. and subsequently became the Great Bear constellation. whose name means "most beautiful". whom Zeus turned into a wolf for performing child sacrificing with his fifty sons. Callisto. a title of Artemis as totemic She-Bear and mother of Arcas. CALLISTO (2) f Roman Mythology Roman form of KALLISTO. she would take her revenge in the chase. She was changed into a she-bear by Hera." (D.' his assumed name upon entrance to monastic life is 'Kallistos'. again means 'The Sheepfold. she even asked Zeus for eternal virginity. 'Multitude of the Assembled'. . this star was named after a Roman lesbian goddess.'. she took her revenge.. Lycaon.' or in Hebrew 'The Redeemed' or 'Ransomed. James Kennedy) (872:114) Not only does Bishop Ware fit the description of 'Brother Truth.―Most beautiful. hunted down and killed. patroness of childbirth and protector of babies and of suckling animals. was chosen as a young child to be one of Artemis's companions. depending on which version is read. When Artemis discovered that Callisto was pregnant. This was also an ancient Greek personal name. Recall that Danaus. 'The Protected. El Kaprah. as a bear. Callisto. have misled their readers that Callisto. she also required complete fidelity from these young women (girls actually. who would grow into womanhood). and eventually he got around to Callisto. 'The Sheepfold'. One of these was Callisto. The term lycanthropy derives from the mythical King of Arcadia. the son of Saturn/Chronos. Hera or Diana. and sent Callisto to the heavens. one of the stars in Ursa Major. who had fifty daughters. "So Artemis's plan was to have Callisto. was the king of Atlantis whose offspring with Callisto was Arcas. So she changed Callisto into a bear.' A more familiar star. (665) Teachers of the false 'gospel in the stars'. Cab'd al Asad. Callisto . which he granted. which is the Great Bear/Ursa Major constellation.." However. But Zeus took pity.

all animals were sacred. which is January: "The Anglo-Saxons called [January] the wulfmonath." (942:167-169) Kenneth Grant. the wolf month.the Merovingian kings.what was really meant to be significant about Danaos's progeny was not their sex but their number of fifty. Aristotle's famous school of Athens.. Robert Temple associates the wolf with the Dog Star Sirius. the huntress and goddess of wild places." (571) To Diana. the authors of The Templar Revelation. wrote of the Merovingians' affinity for the goddess Diana: "According to Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. ". Diana is sometimes artistically portrayed running with wolves. was in the grounds of the Lycian Apollo's temple just outside the Athens Gate of Diochares. "lycanthropy means the same as 'were-wolf'...was made king of Argos after Apollo (twin brother of Artemis)...e. Human blood-sucking vampires. It was from this changing of the jackal into the wolf through adaptation to the European clime that those peculiar wolf traditions arose in Arcadia which developed in pre-classical times into the werewolf concepts.. disguised himself as a wolf and terrorized the inhabitants of this city. It is noteworthy that Convents of the Prieuré de Sion for selection of Grand Master are always held in the wolf-month. the mystery of the orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A in its fifty celestial steps. male- . the Lyceum. the psychological faculty of certain sorcerers to appear as wolves. is important. '. It is an obvious European substitute for the non-existent jackal of Anubis." (316:193-4) It was in ancient Greece that the cult of the werewolf originated.. who is also Dianus or Diana.Janus was really the oak-god Dianus who was incarnate in the King of Rome.. the esoteric name of the Grand Masters of the Prieuré de Sion. The Sirius Mystery." wrote Blavatsky. And from Pindar we see that they were on fifty thrones. sometimes substituted for a dog in the Sirius tradition of the Dog Star.. In other words. In his book. Janus is also an hermaphrodite.. from their founder Merovee to Clovis (who converted to Christianity in 496) were 'pagan kings of the cult of Diana'. ". Grand Master of the Ordo Templis Orientalis (OTO)...and lycanthropy of werewolves all luxuriated in the wilds of Arcady among the Pelasgian survivors in pre-classical Greece after the Dorian invasion." (668) Robert Graves stated in The White Goddess that January is named after the bisexual god Janus/Jana.' Picknett and Prince got this information from the Dossiers Secrets of the Priory of Sion. "Occultly.... The fact that Aegyptos of Egypt had fifty sons as well and that Danaos's daughters... What is a werewolf? It is a man's body with a wolf's head. And the temples of Wolfish (or Lycian) Apollo. were not altogether rare in Greece. i. and fifty daughters or sons in GrecoEgyptian mythology with fifty celestial thrones orbiting Sirius: "The element of the wolf...." (406:69) Recall that Janus/Dianus is the also Roman variant of 'John/Jean'.. and many European sightings of 'werewolves' take place during this season. for this reason.taught the Egyptian mysteries to the Greeks all indicates that what transpired was a transplanting from Egypt to Greece of the all-important tradition to be common to both countries from then on--the fifty linked with the Dog Star Sirius and as celestial thrones. where the gods reside.

R. but there is an ancient Roman mosaic showing Ganymede. Callisto and Ganymede. the founder of Troy was named Dar-dan-us. frozen Ganymede. Janus and Jana = Dianus and Diana). The name is strikingly familiar. Sun and Moon. Ganymede.." (983) Diana required of her band of nymphs a vow of chastity. According to Homer's ILIAD (Book V).e. founder of the Roman Empire. who was the namesake of the ancient Trojans and of their capital city. It also seems to have been true in ancient Greece that the rule of "chastity" did not apply to relations between women. who had a son named Tros. Macrobius says that January is dedicated to Janus as December is dedicated to Saturn. Laying her hand on the bow of the goddess.' Cynthia approved the vow. Io and Europa. THE ILIAD. Zeus wanted Ganymede to be a special cup-bearer to the gods (which may be a clue to the origin of the legend of the so-called Holy Grail). Ilus. Zeus kidnapped the prince." (667) According to J.' quoth she. Callisto is also the name of one of Jupiter's 4 major moons. the founder of Troy. Priam. by Homer. and Europa. As moons of Jupiter. appointed Ganymede to be cupbearer to the gods and. Aeneas. In the lesbian subculture. 'Thou bow. and said. Zeus. virginity means strict avoidance of sexual relations with men only. as a prince of the royal house of Assaracus. 'Keep but thy plighted troth(3) and thou shalt be the foremost of my company. 'which thus I touch. the most volcanically-active body known. "Tros had three sons. are considered fraternal twins although this relationship does not hold true in mythology.. are named after deities associated with the Grail legend. Ganymede. "The ILIAD does not relate how Zeus carried off Ganymede. focusing on the four majors . the reigning king of the Trojans. since ancient Greek society was male-centered. Jupiter and its moons are a mini solar system. the Trojan prince. 4. The other three. largest moon in the Solar System with a surface temperature of minus 150 degrees. Callisto. the founder of Troy. and so Janus is the new god who reigns at the end of the Saturnalia. There is a common perception among neo-pagans that the goddess Diana's loyal band were lesbians. and Assaracus. "Galileo's orbital tour of Jupiter's 16 moons. Ganymede's crater-scarred twin. granted him immortality. bear witness to my virginity. Ganymede was the great-grandson of Dardanus. He also says that Janus is two-faced because he is a fusion of Artemis and Apollo (i. Ganymede is therefore regarded as keeper of the Grail: "According to the ancient Greek treatise. Ganymede was a descendant of Dardanus. Troy. Church.female: "In the Saturnalia. Dardanus had a son named Erichthonius. It contains the name of Dan! It was said that Dardanus was the son of Zeus. as related in Ovid's Fasti: ―Among the Hamadryads(2) in the train of the archeress Diana one of the sacred band was Callisto. icy world with a possible sub-surface ocean that may contain extraterrestrial life. for his service.Io. was of the line of Ilus. the ancient home of the Merovingians.'‖ (916) Callisto's chastity may have had little or nothing to do with sexual purity.. thus he corresponds to the alchemical hermaphrodite. The king of the gods. Ganymede. being .

and was also the father of Aegyptus 1 and Danaus 1. Thus. have their root in Greece.carried off by Zeus." (993) The naming of Europe after this Phoenician princess. The Tuatha de Danaan were the descendants of Danaus. Europa. eleven .. the king of Argos. who originated in Greece and fled to Egypt. the names 'Ware/Vere' and 'Kallisto/Great Bear' betray an association with the Merovingian bloodline as symbolized by the Plantard family crest.. A native of Argos. but others affirm that his parents were Belus 1 and Anchinoe. Belus 1. Io's descendants were Agenor 1. Shelley employed mythological themes and figures from Greek poetry to challenge Christian values. and was never found. Ursa Major/Ursa Minor.were the founders of the Druidic priesthood. the grandson of Io and uncle of Danaus. the father of Danaus. music.. and Lelex 2. who were considered to be demigods. our religion. Hera. was.. but who is one of the Three Main Ancestors. "King Belus 1 of Egypt was son of Poseidon and Libya. the authors reproduce the family crest of Clan Plantard. the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion. And King Epaphus 1 of Egypt. "Agenor 1 was by birth an Egyptian. the contemporary representative of which was. Europa was fathered by Agenor. but he departed to Phoenicia and reigned there. an Order which. who had taken the form of an eagle! Here is a possible clue to connect the progenitors of the ancient Trojans with the tribe of Dan." Like many poets of his day. The famous English Romantic poet.. Io was the ancestor of Danaus who became king of Argos. "In the Psalter of Cashel it states that: 'The Tuatha de Danaan ruled in Ireland for about two centuries.were said to have possessed a. Io. included the Vatican. until recently. and were highly skilled in architecture and other arts from their long residence in Greece'. indicates the extraordinary influence of Greek culture on the continent of Europe---her literature." (127:103) Jupiter's moon. daughter of Epaphus 1 and Memphis 2. Io was seduced by Zeus and turned into a cow by his jealous wife. in turn. painting and other applied arts. our arts. Our laws. was. The crest which supplies the key to the Current represented by the Merovingian bloodline and the Order of Sion. from whom sprang the Libyans and the Ethiopians.. who went with his fifty daughters to Argos. our literature. which features twin bears representing the Great Bear and Little Bear constellations. one of the three main ancestors of all royal houses. kidnapped by Zeus. was the founder of the city of Memphis in Egypt and the son of Zeus and Io. in ancient mythology. According to some Agenor 1 is the son of Poseidon and Libya. These teachers of Wisdom. symbolizes the Typhonian/Draconian bloodline of the Merovingians: "In his book Outer Gateways Kenneth Grant writes: 'In The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail. Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822) wrote: "We are all Greeks. sculpture. comprises the symbols of the Typhonian line of descent: the two bears. Io wandered to Egypt where she gave birth to Epaphus 1 who became king of Egypt and father of Libya... His mother Libya was. In Irish legends the Tuatha de Danaan. the son of Belus. The crest. as esoterically interpreted by Kenneth Grant..Grail-like vessel. dominated the Order of the Knights Templar and various other highly influential institutions which." (258:142) Another major moon of the Jovian system. in Greek mythology. the girl who was once turned into a cow. who had adopted the eagle as their insignia.. at certain periods of history. the home of his ancestrous Io. according to Lincoln..

. under the Dragon which is being slain by the Archangel. the devil they honour they call God.the Merovingian kings. occult organization dedicated to preserving the Merovingian Bloodline)....(571) THE MEROVINGIAN DYNASTY SATANIC BLOODLINE OF THE ANTICHRIST & FALSE PROPHET PART VII MICHAEL THE COUNTERFEIT ARCHANGEL "That religion they call Christianity. The two bears denote the Mother (Typhon) and her son (Set)." —Aleister Crowley. However. which is the Crab.. a Crab. or appreciate its occult meaning. '." . one of the Sun-god and the other. As the photos above and below reveal. The stars must be aligned in a specific way in order for Set to be properly invoked. The World's Tragedy On the grounds of the Cathedral of St. the esoteric message of this dramatic scene is one which the occult underground understands very well. from their founder Merovee to Clovis (who converted to Christianity in 496) were 'pagan kings of the cult of Diana'. there are two other strange figures. John the Divine in New York City there stands a large sculpture of Michael the Archangel slaying the Dragon. the Bear was an animal of the Goddess Diana. It is that of a long-awaited moment of revenge.' Picknett and Prince got this information from the Dossiers Secrets of the Priory of Sion... This epic event will take place when a counterfeit Archangel Michael destroys a scapegoat Dragon—the Roman Catholic Church and . Your average sightseer would not recognize the Zodiacal sign of Cancer. and the fleur de lys.. To the Priory of Sion (the secret. it is their God and their religion that I hate and will destroy. the authors of The Templar Revelation.bees. "In the Typhonian Tradition the Bear is the constellation of Ursa Major. at the base of the sculpture. According to Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince.

The Sun-god and Crab positioned underneath the Archangel mean. Merovingians attach great importance to the Dead Sea Scrolls which prophesy that Michael the Archangel as "The Heavenly Prince Melchizedek. will preside over the final judgment of Satan. the identification of Michael the Archangel with Melchizedek and Elohim resembles the false belief of the Jehovah's Witnesses that that Jesus did not always exist. i. This . that the sun will be moving through the sign of Cancer when this watershed event occurs. The great act of deliverance is expected to occur on the Day of Atonement at the end of the tenth Jubilee cycle."." (121:300) In the first place.... Identical with the Archangel Michael.e. Here Melchizedek is portrayed as presiding over the final judgment and condemnation of his demonic counterpart Belial/ Satan. the Prince of Darkness.Pope—in the sign of Cancer. the Sun in Cancer. "The heavenly deliverer is Melchizedek. in astrological terms. he is head of the 'Sons of Heaven.' or 'God's of Justice' and is referred to as Elohim and 'el'. in fulfillment of Revelation 12:7: And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon. but was a created being originally named Michael the Archangel.. and the dragon fought and his angels.

heretical teaching automatically classifies the above prophecy as a counterfeit fulfillment of Revelation 12. Although Scripture identifies the dragon in Rev. 12:9 as Satan: "And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world..." the Merovingians have cast the Roman Church as the great Dragon: "It is of importance to note that the X sign, which became so hated by the Roman Church, was identified with the archangel Michael (Melchizedek) onwards from Old Testament times. The heritage of St Michael was the dynasty of high Zadok priests — a heritage that prevailed in the continuing Messianic line... Fragments of the Prince Melchizedek Document found among the Dead Sea Scrolls indicate that Melchizedek and Michael were one and the same. It is this representation which features in the Revelation when the Archangel Michael (the descending Zadokite power of the Messiah) fights with the Roman Dragon of oppression…" (29:299,177) The motive behind portraying the Roman Church as the Dragon is vengeance for the overthrow of the Merovingian dynasty during the Middle Ages and subsequent persecutions of the Knights Templar and related heretical sects. The Donation of Constantine was created expressly to overthrow the Merovingian dynasty and to elevate the authority of the Roman Catholic Pope over secular kings. The arrest of the Knights Templar is described by Michael Howard in Occult Conspiracy: "Phillip IV passed the [incriminating evidence] on to Pope Clement V and the king and the pontiff conspired to lure the Grand Master of the Order, Jacques de Molay, into a trap on French soil... In reality the wily king was plotting the downfall of the Templars and the death of de Molay. The knights were staying at the Templar citadel in Paris and on 13 October 1307 the king executed his plan. Troops surrounded the building and everyone inside was placed under arrest. Within forty-eight hours warrants had been issued ordering the detaining of every Templar in France, even though this was technically illegal as the Order was answerable only to the Pope and not to civil laws. On 22 November however, the Pope issued a bull to all the Christian rulers in Western Europe ordering them to arrest any member of the Order residing in their countries. The fate of the Templars was sealed." - (25:35,36) In Realm of the Ring Lords, Sir Laurence Gardner described the Albigensian Crusade conducted by the Vatican to eradicate the Cathar heresy in the South of France. "In the Cathar language of old Provence, a female elf was an albi (elbe or ylbi), and Albi was the name given to the main Cathar centre in Languedoc. This was in deference to the matrilinear heritage of the Grail dynasty, for the Cathars were supporters of the original Albi-gens - the Elven Bloodline which had descended through the Dragon Queens of yore, such as Lilith, Miriam, Bathsheba and Mary Magdalene. It was for this reason that, when Simon de Montfort and the armies of Pope Innocent III descended upon the region in 1209, it was called the Albigensian Crusade. Through some 35 years, tens of thousands of innocent people were slaughtered in this brutal campaign - all because the inhabitants of the region were champions of the original concept of

Grail kingship, as against the pseudo-style of monarchy which had been implemented by the papal machine..." (248:1) The French Cathar name Albi-gens means Elven bloodline, according to Prince Nicholas de Vere, Sovereign Grand Master of the Imperial and Royal Dragon Court & Order. "The real 'gentry' or to give them another familiar epithet - the Lords and Ladies - blood alone, the members of a genetic strain, the Dragon and Grail families - the Fairy Blood. One could not and cannot 'become' a member of the gentry any more than one can 'become', by initiation or otherwise, a 'witch', a 'vampire', a 'magus', a 'dragon', a 'fairy' or an 'elf'. All these are names which described the 'gentry' and the latter - elf - is a word which originates from albi meaning a white or 'shining one'. From albi derives the French Cathar name Albigensian (Albi + Gens) meaning - 'of the elven blood' - et quid erat demonstrandum." (353:4) Curiously, Fundamentalist and Evangelical leaders often refer to the Albigensians as the true Christians of the Middle Ages who preserved the Word of God while under severe persecution by the Catholic Church. For example, David Cloud, who denounces the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope as the Antichrist, glorifies the Albigensian cult in his book, Rome and the Bible: "The persecutions which were poured out upon these Bible-believing people beginning in the 7th century caused them to be scattered throughout Europe, everywhere carrying with them the New Testament faith. The Lutheran historian Mosheim, writing in the 17th century, says:...They were later known by many names, including Paterini, Cathari, Bulgarians, Patarins, Gazarians, Turlupins, Runcarians, and Albigenses... The term 'Albigenses' probably derived from a Council which was held in the year 1176 at the town of Lombers near Albi, 'for the purpose of examining certain reputed heretics'." (789:34) See: The Albigenses and Cathari What is going on here? Any encyclopedia or objective history will document that the Albigensians were a sect of the Cathar movement which was heretical in the extreme. The following entry from Collier's Encyclopedia is representative of other sources: ―The Albigenses followed Manichean dualism in its attempt to solve the problem of evil. They asserted the co-existence of two ultimate principles, a good deity (the God of the New Testament) who created Spirit and Light and a bad deity (the God of the Old Testament) who created Matter and Darkness. Accordingly they condemned marriage and the procreation of children as demoniac. Yet concubinage was tolerated…and desertion of husband or wife was…praiseworthy. Like the Arians, the Albigenses claimed that Christ was merely a created being, who never really took on a human body, and never actually died on the cross… His redemption gave us only the example of a noble life and a moral lesson of his virtue. It did not achieve an objective remission of sin. Believing in metapsychosis, or transmigration of souls, they forbade the use of flesh meat and milk or other animal produce. Rejecting the authority of the Church and State, they appealed to the Scriptures, mostly the New Testament because the Old Law was regarded as mainly a demoniac creation. The taking of oaths, war, and capital punishment were forbidden. ―The Albigenses distinguished between the 'perfect' and mere believers. The former, a small minority, were held to the observances of the ancient Cathari: the consolamentum or spirit

baptism through the imposition of hands, which gave the right to preach the new religion, the appareillamentum, or public confession of sins and endura or starvation to death in order to be freed from the flesh… ―While exact figures are not available, it is certain that more than one thousand cities and towns in France were influenced by Albigensianism at the close of the 12th century… Always the Cathari were denounced, not only for doctrinal heresy, but as a menace to the family, state and human society. ―…Their only requirement was faith; for the rest they were allowed to do as they pleased.‖ (990) There are also connections between the Albigensian Cathars and the Grail cult, which also flourished in the south of France. This connection is mentioned in Bloodline of the Holy Grail: "Elusive though it is, there does seem to be some link between the Cathars and the whole cult of the Grail as it evolved during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. A number of writers have argued that the Grail romances - those of Chretien de Troyes and Wolfram von Eschenbach, for example - are an interpolation of Cathar thought...Something had been smuggled out of Montsegur just after the truce expired. According to tradition the four men who escaped from the doomed citadel carried with them the Cathar treasure, but the monetary treasure had been smuggled out three months earlier. Could the Cathar 'treasure', like the 'treasure' Sauniere discovered, have consisted primarily of a secret? Could that secret have been related in some unimaginable way to something that became known as the Holy Grail?" (29:51-2,61-2) Can it also be that modern day Cathars are behind the movement to portray the Albigensians as Christian and the Catholic Church as the Dragon/Antichrist/ False Prophet? After their demise, the Merovingians determined to overthrow the Catholic Church and aspired to repossess the thrones of Europe. To this end, Jewish Cabalists and other occult sects infiltrated the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages with the intention of subverting it from within. In recent times also, many of the popes have been agents of Judeo-Freemasonry. To accomplish the final overthrow of the Roman Church, the occult societies have launched a campaign within Christianity to misrepresent the next pope as the Antichrist or False Prophet. The Catholic Church will be tried, in all probability at the World Court in Geneva, Switzerland (home of John Calvin), for crimes against the gnostic sects during the Inquisition. The Pope and Catholic Church will be overthrown by a counterfeit Michael the Archangel under the sign of Cancer which is most likely to occur around the mid-point of the Tribulation Period. Rome will be burned and the Pope will be beheaded as the Dragon—or the Antichrist or False Prophet, depending on the audience targeted for this Merovingian propaganda. This event will be a counterfeit fulfillment of Daniel 12:1 and Rev. 12:7 and the actual fulfillment of Revelation 17 and 18—the destruction of Mystery Babylon the Great. A Merovingian Pope will then become the patriarch of a new Esoteric Church. In essence, the confrontation between the counterfeit Archangel Michael and the Roman Church represents the culmination of the long war between the Gnostic heresy and Christian doctrine. From the holocaust of the Christian faith (Luke 18:8) will rise the mythical Phoenix, the Esoteric Church. Having destroyed the Roman Church, the

that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth. These include the houses of Hapsburg-Lorraine (present titular dukes of Lorraine and kings of Jerusalem).with numerous collateral branches . this pseudo Archangel Michael will have the audacity to fight against Jesus Christ upon His return. fifth removed from Charles II.262. which claims a greater nobility than the reigning House of Windsor. Plantard. the late Princess Diana was a member of the Stuart bloodline." (31:145-46) According to Kitty Kelly's book. II Thess. this is what the Gnostics believe will happen. (Psalm 2) When the counterfeit Michael the Archangel slays the counterfeit Dragon. Montesquiou.e. Holy Grail provides a listing of of Merovingian noble families.who are of Merovingian lineage. Montpezat. Listed alongside the Plantard and Sinclair (Saint-Claire) bloodlines are "various branches of the Stuarts": "We cannot point to one man and assert that he is Jesus' lineal descendant. from which will come the heir-apparent of the purported royal bloodline of Jesus deemed worthy to sit on the throne of the kingdoms of this world. Luxembourg. as are various branches of the Stuarts. claiming that Jesus is Satan. According to the 'Prieuré documents. every vestige of Christian doctrine will be removed from planet Earth. The Royals (p...bogus Dragon. destroys the Roman Church. and various others.' the Sinclair family in Britain is also allied to the bloodline. which is not mentioned in the Merovingian royalty. The contribution of the Stuart family to Freemasonry is commended in Holy Blood. i. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion. There are at least a dozen families in Britain and Europe today -. 2:12 Who will be the counterfeit Michael the Archangel??? HRH MICHAEL STEWART OF ALBANY Holy Blood. At least.. Thus cleansing the earth—by elimination of all historic creeds and remnants of traditional Christianity as inhibitors of the Gnostic program of transformation—will make possible the release of mankind from his bondage to matter and escape to the spiritual realms. but had pleasure in unrighteousn ess. Holy Grail: .

King of England. The Jacobite Heritage refutes Prince Michael's claim to fame: "'Prince Michael' claims to be 'President of the European Council of Princes (Le Conseil Europeen des Princes) . "Prince Michael" claims to have connections with many European royal houses. Scottish Rite Freemasonry introduced higher degrees than those offered by other Masonic systems at the time.that were regarded as Rosicrucian…" 31:145-46 In Bloodline of the Holy Grail. It established more direct connections between Freemasonry and the various activities -. on the latter's death without legitimate issue (he left one illegitimate daughter. Scotland. however. It promised initiation into greater and more profound mysteries -. whom the Jacobites tried to restore to the British Throne in 1727. for instance -. Cabalism. he is. He says that this organisation was founded in 1946 (as the International Council of Government) with Archduke Otto of Austria as its President until 1992 (when 'Prince Michael' succeeded). Indeed. maintained that Gardner's genealogies are undocumented and cannot be supported by historical evidence. who also died without issue). birthdays. (illegally) deposed as King of England and Scotland on 10 Dec 1688. The Official Home Page of the Royal House of Stewart provides extensive information about the aspiring Prince. the House . marriages. The Jacobite Heritage.] Prince Michael is thoroughly debunked as merely another pretender to the British throne on the Fantasy Royalty web site: "The Royal House of Stuart became extinct in the male line with the death of Henry (IX) Stuart."During their stay in France the Stuarts had been deeply involved in the dissemination of Freemasonry. Clementina. charlatans). He had succeeded his elder brother. The foreword to Bloodline of the Holy Grail is written by a Prince Michael Stewart of Albany. and as King of Ireland six months later. Sir Laurence Gardner attempts to prove that the House of Stuart still retains the legitimate right to the throne of England. and Hermetic thought." Compounding the royal intrigue was the "coincidental" release (one week after Princess Diana's death) of an expose of the Royal Family which holds present title to the British throne. however. who died in exile in 1701. Prince of Wales. which surname Sir Laurence maintains is "Stuart. in 1807. He also says that the heads of all the major European royal houses belong with the exception of the House of Windsor. sometimes known as 'Bonnie Prince Charlie.alchemy. or funerals. The only people who might be members are people who claim legitimate descent from long extinct houses such as Hohenstaufen (ie. Archduke Otto of Austria has never been president of any such body. who also holds the position of Head of the European Council of Princes. Both were the sons of James (III). Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church and Bishop of Frascati." albeit with a different spelling. nor has the head of any major European royal house ever been a member. who is the Head of the Royal House of Stewart. Duke of York.Un Organe Consultatif Constitutionel'.mysteries supposedly preserved and handed down in Scotland. never seen at any of their celebrations marking baptisms. only son of James II. they are generally regarded as the source of the particular form of Freemasonry known as Scottish Rite. France and Ireland. possessing a living descendant of Bonnie Prince Charlie.' in 1788. [The existence of this body before 1990 cannot be verified. Charles (III) Stuart.

"Israel is actively considering joining the British Commonwealth. Led by whom? Probably not the dispossessed sons of Charles should he abdicate the British throne. following an 'unofficial approach' to its ambassador in London from the secretary-general of the 53-member organization. George VI. the implication is clear that the ideal form of world government would be a constitutional monarchy under a restored Stuart monarchy. In his recent release. however. were conceived via 'manual fertilization' after their sickly father. such propaganda may be part of the smear campaign required to dethrone the already disgraced House of Windsor. now the Queen Mum. 9/16/97) Although this sensational revelation is most likely not true. Princess Margaret. medical specialists contacted by The Post say the story's not implausible. but declined to provide further details. 'It might have been quite possible. The Royals by Kitty Kelley brazenly asserts that Queen Elizabeth II was conceived by artificial insemination and that the Queen Mum is illegitimate. this eventuality seems a formidable prospect. failed to impregnate their mother. "The approach was made earlier this month in a meeting between Ambassador Moshe Raviv and the Commonwealth‘s secretary-general. Diana having also relinquished her crown. A spokesman for the Commonwealth confirmed that a meeting had taken place between Chief Anyaoku and Mr Raviv. in fact. respectively. Prince Michael claims to be the "legal Pretender to the throne of England" (92:302). who knew the importance of a monarchy with a hereditary bloodline. Dare we call it conspiracy? We know that Diana was required to give up her crown when she divorced Charles.S. is said to have offered the American crown to Charles III Stuart. Prince Michael makes the point that England does not have a constitution and therefore its monarchy is little more than a despotic feudal system. … Though the sisters were born in 1926 and 1930. George Washington. And given the sudden promotion in Christian media of Prince Charles as the Antichrist. (92:255-56) He emphasizes.of Windsor. Another development in the unfolding drama is a recent report that Israel is pursuing membership in the British Commonwealth. by which we infer is meant that he would receive it by default of Prince Charles. Although The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland does not document its claims concerning the founding of the American system of government. 'But is it true?'" (Washington Post. The move is being seen as especially significant at a time when Israeli ties with the European Union and other international bodies have been strained over the stalled Middle East peace process. decades before artificial insemination became a widely used medical procedure. Benjamin Younger MD. in the more usual fashion. it is the same Masonic model used by the Founding Fathers of the United States! However. that Scotland has a constitution. . executive director of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Chief Emeka Anyaoku. several prominent U. Should Prince Charles not accede to the throne (and there have been rumors that he would decline because of so many scandals).' says J. then Princes William and Henry may lose the right of succession. The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland. A Washington Post review of this popular book stated: "Among the more startling claims is that both Queen Elizabeth and her sister.

(and) the specific responsibility of the churches in member states of the European Union for EU policies. Masonic books are now glutting the market to the end of bringing forth the Merovingian vision of the 'new world order' governed by a "wise and benign spiritual figure. 1997) What human agency may be orchestrating the rise and fall of the kingdoms of this world and leading them to fulfill Zechariah's prophesy that Israel will become a burdensome stone for all people? (12:3) Holy Blood.peace. and to deal with ethical questions facing European society. Chevalier Labhran de Saint Germain and Presidential Attache to the European Council of Princes. appear to be one of the Merovingian bloodlines spearheading the conquest of the Throne of Jerusalem. however. a priest-king" of the pedigree of Jesus Christ. Aug 25 . Prince Michael Stewart of Albany was elected head of the European Council of Princes. as we have seen. Holy Grail and Bloodline of the Holy Grail are obviously publications of the Prieuré of Sion. It is significant that opening this session was Jacques Stewart. . than the rest of us." The following is a partial listing of Stewarts who hold influential and powerful positions in the global network moving the world toward political and religious unity...democratisation. We suspect it is shared by the Prieuré de Sion as well. the founders of the Knights Templar who were the predecessors of the Rosicrucians and Freemasons. and the environment. The authors of Holy Blood. Notably. justice and the integrity of creation." Ethical questions will encompass: ". any more intrinsically miraculous. This attitude would undoubtedly be shared by a great many people today." The stated purpose of this commission was to help European churches "monitor and react to developments in institutions such as the European Union and the Council of Europe."The approach came in the wake of a visit to London earlier this month by Yasser Arafat. human rights and minorities. European security.." (ENI News Service.. prudent to assure the future serfs of their modern feudal system that the lineal descendant of Jesus "…would not be any more divine." On 14 January 1998 the World Council of Churches reported the formation of the European "Church and Society Commission. during which the Palestinian Authority chief asked Commonwealth officials whether a future Palestinian state could have associate membership of the organization. Source: MED.. Sir Laurence himself being no less than "Prior of the Celtic Church's Sacred Kindred of St Columba. who described the meeting as "historic" and "long awaited. Holy Grail are. the European Court of Human Rights.. Weekend News Today. and the European Parliament. Prince Michael is also proclaimed to be the 7th legitimate descendant from the exiled Charles Edward Stuart. the French city which houses the headquarters of the Council of Europe. On the web site of Bloodline Of The Holy Grail is found Sir Laurence Gardner's defense of the Stewart claim to the Thrones of Scotland and England. in 1992. 14 January 1998) The January meeting took place in Strasbourg." The Stewart family are ubiquitous in the movement toward a global government and religion and. reconciliation and relations between churches and governments. ("Israel Could Join British Commonwealth.

HRH Prince Michael James Alexander Stewart. who is also former president of the Protestant Federation of France. The Drakhan's Lair) Leland Stewart Founder. some 32 sovereign houses openly proclaimed the continuing de jure Scots monarchy to an international audience – a royal dynasty which. Unity & Diversity Council. CR+C. He spoke of a forthcoming New World Religion.Leland Stewart's organization. Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis AMORC is the world's largest Rosicrucian organization.. Lewis and Spencer Lewis in the American revival of the R+C tradition." .. and in which the European Parliament holds regular plenary sessions. Imperator Stewart's authority to lead the world's Rosicrucians can be traced back through Ralph M. The OMCE…has a strong Templarist influence. the European Court of Human Rights. In this regard. Strasbourg is the French city which houses the headquarters of the Council of Europe. European Ecumenical Commission on Church and Society The EECCS has offices in Strasbourg and in Brussels. The new appointment held significant political implications for Scotland because. in unanimously electing Michael of Albany. had long been extinct.Prince Michael Stewart of Albany Head of the European Council of Princes "In June 1992. opened the first meeting of the Church and Society Commission of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) which took place on 9 and 10 January in Strasbourg. (Survey on Modern Rosicrucian Groups. OMCE. sponsored Benjamin Creme in 1982 in their annual meeting and urged the members of their affiliate organizations to hear him. 7th Count of Albany (Scotland) was elected President of the European Council of Princes -. QBLH. Gary Stewart is Imperator of the Confraternity of the Rose Cross.C. Unity & Diversity Council Constance Cumbey's "Special Report on Pat Robertson" states: "Leland Stewart displayed large charts of what he called 'The Unity & Diversity Framework. according to British academic historians.. Frater Melchior F. he succeeded the Imperial and Royal House of Habsburg Austria. 14 January 1998) Gary Stewart Former Imperator. (ENI News Service. who had retained the office from 1946. Presently.R. Grand Sovereign Master of the British Martinist Order and Knight Commander of the Order of the Militia Crucifera Evangelica. Traditional Martinist Order.He praised Pope John Paul II for his meeting with the Dalai Lama and African Animist leaders. Darryl Riser. AMORC.a constitutional advisory body within the European Union.a one world government comprised of bio-regions and some left over nation state boundary regions. where the main EU headquarters are located.." (231) Jacques Stewart President. Jacques Stewart.' He explained the coming new world government -..

Be sure to note the New Age redefinition of Thanksgiving. in Scotland. has been called the "New Age Vatican. at… (the) Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. Inc." Donald M. Findhorn. p. Stewart Member of the Club of Rome. Patricia Carry Stewart Member of Council on Foreign Relations. which was affirmed by 11 other distinguished international religious leaders.. Winner of the 1997 Amnesty International Award with Mike Wallace and Bianca Jagger. Library of Congress Programs. witches. The Amnesty International USA Media Spotlight Award is given to those in the arts and media who make special efforts to promote wider public awareness of human rights. nature worshippers. Robert Muller was one of the signatories of the first Declaration of World Thanksgiving. medicine men. Patrick Stewart Star of Star Trek: The Next a 'circle dance' of religious friendship and unity. ) Martha Stewart Independent television and film producer. Patrick Stewart also endowed an Amnesty International USA summer program . Edna McConnell Clark Foundation. (76:213-22) Peter Pauls Stewart Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Thanks-Giving Foundation at Thanks-Giving Square in Texas. J. Part of the impetus for the ceremony was to create 'a heightened consciousness of the necessity of different religions working together to save our planet. Also. Rev. a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Director of the Center for International Policy. founder of Martha Stuart Communications and member of the U. Sr. Ravaged By The New Age. Association for the Club of Rome. 1995. James Parks Morton. Morton said the purpose of the dance was to 'redefine' Thanksgiving.R. 74) Gordon Curran Stewart Member of Council on Foreign Relations. President. tribal leaders. (76. Ruth Ann Stewart Member of Council on Foreign Relations." (Texe Marrs. the pastor. including the Pope and Dalai Lama. Former President of Spelman College.S. conducted a Thanksgiving day service in which 4. Insurance Information Institute NYC.. as stated by the pastor of St.000 children and adults joined with American Indians. Assistant Librarian. Who's Who In The Elite. Robert Galen Ross. John the Divine (on which grounds is the sculpture of Michael slaying the Dragon): "In 1988. Stewart Speaker at Findhorn conference in 1995 with Luciferian David Spangler. Vice President.

George Stewart Architect of the U. J. Jr. Avoided felony charges but paid $5 million in fines and served 2 months home confinement for 25 misdemeanor counts of campaign-finance violations. Cult Of The All-Seeing Eye. ( Seattle Times.S. D. Senator Trent Lott. Teaches the false "Hebrew Roots" of Christianity doctrine . THE STONE OF DESTINY A Revival leader associated with the United Kingdom/Toronto Blessing wrote a testimony which portrays Jesus as a voyeur. (Calvary Chapel) Lee Stewart Maintains web site for AD 2000 & Beyond and Global Resources Ministries International (GRMI). Stewart. A . Don K. Michael Stewart. Don L. Rep. The blasphemous testimony of Teresa Seputis was posted on her web page. and other globalists involved in media. but removed within days of posting our expose. real estate and financial industries. Don Stewart(s) Authors/Bible commentators promoted by Chuck Smith's Calvary Chapel: Don Douglas Stewart. Pomona Valley. which at one time had links to numerous Evangelical ministries/ denominations. Represented by Cyrus Vance. a secret organization which includes among its 400+ members numerous Christian ministry leaders. 3/19/98) Don Stewart Canadian government environmental official. Rod Stewart New Age Rock & Roll Hall of Fame star from Scotland. oil. (GRMI) Glen Stewart Authored and maintains the Scottish Stewart Clan Internet Home Page. Thomas Stewart Washington State Republican businessman investigated for illegal campaign contributions of an estimated $100. including Jesse Helms and Jack Kemp. now titled GodSpeak International.000 since 1990. various members of Scottish Rite Freemasonry of high degree. (Amazon) Jeff Stewart Calvary Chapel Pastor. Stewart. Dick Armey. The Schloss Heroldeck Castle is Calvary Chapel's European Conference Center in the Austrian Alps. D. Stewart Member of the Council for National Policy. p. 42) Donald R.J. Stewart. Capital [1954-1970] (Spenser.a form of British-Israelism which claims that the Anglo-Saxon nations are the lost 12 tribes of young adults first-hand field experience working with human rights agencies in countries from the USA to Rwanda and Bosnia.

and I will give it him. Prayer Network. Scotland. New Age books such as Bloodline of the Holy Grail also emphasize genealogies. Most scholars. Seventh Day Adventist. as a nation. until he come whose right it is. it went to Scotland. Catholic. Lutheran. 1994). as stated last Ireland. (GodSpeak International. Assembly of God.. Mennonite.along with Zedekiah's two daughters . The Scottish Stewart Clan Internet Home is very esoteric with emphasis on the genealogies of various Scottish clans.and true to prophecy. John Arnott at SF (July 17. along with this writer. ChristNet-UK. would have no king until Messiah comes (Gen. ChristNet-Scotland. according to Ezekiel. including the Stewarts. it: and it shall be no more. the third 'overturn' is yet in effect. Jacob's Pillar (The Stone of Destiny) was believed to have been subsequently carried by Jeremiah . In other words. Nazarine.. especially the Merovingian families. the Scottish Stewart Clan Internet Home blocked access to their discussion groups for all except those having a secret password.' "…It will not be used ever again in the crowning of an earthly king because it has been announced that it will go on permanent display in Edinburg. Apparently the Stewart Clan does not want the Rosicrucian UK-Toronto Revival connection to be known. then England. will be used in the coronation of Christ as the King of Israel: "This Stone is believed to be the original Pillar that Jacob dedicated to God after his all-night wrestling vigil with an angel. overturn. .. . see these three moves associated with Ezekiel 21:27: 'I will overturn. CellChurch. Prolife. In light of these facts. this stone represents the House of David that went into oblivion after the wicked king Zedekiah was dethroned by our Father and later blinded then killed along with his sons. and in 1996 and 1997 with Randy Clark and the St. this move obviously ended the Stone's role in the crowning of kings. Within hours after the Watch Unto Prayer expose was posted on November 6. Church of God. Louis Vineyard Christian Fellowship which sponsored Catch The Fire conferences in Moscow. Baptist. Promise-Keeping Men. overturn. which has recently been moved from England to Scotland. On the Stewart Clan Internet Home is posted the Crest of the Phoenix. That being the case. ending with King George VI in 1936 . will be the next King over the House of David . Israel. The Stewart web site also features a "Christian" version of Dungeons and Dragons titled "Dragon Raid. this Stone (formerly Jacob's Pillar) upon which kings of Scotland and England were traditionally crowned. Glimpses of Moscow Catch the Fire I & II) Of interest to us was the fact that Teresa Seputis' testimony was also posted in an e-mail conference on the Scottish Stewart Clan Internet Home which focuses on the Toronto Revival that has been exported around the world. Worship and Unity. Among the 67 CyberChurch discussion groups which were active on the Scottish Stewart Clan Internet Home we found a broad spectrum of ministries that profess to be Christian: Pentecostals. From all references. Teresa also ministered in 1994 with John and Carol Arnott of Toronto Blessing fame in San Francisco (GodSpeak International. Methodist. this move (after some 700 years) would seem to be significant as to just how close the Lord's return could be. Revival." Of special interest on this Merovingian website is a page about the Stone of Destiny. 1997.portion of this testimony is reprinted in the Revival Connection. According to the Stewart Clan interpretation of Bible prophecy. 49:10) . Vineyard Churches. Messiah. that has . Episcopal. which is the occult symbol of resurrection. Later. from Zedekiah forward. so.. the last king crowned over the Stone. Therefore.

"When the Jews were persecuted by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. By the time of William the Lion (d. having originally been carried to Ireland from Judah in about 586 BC. was installed in Judah. which has since rested beneath the Coronation Throne at Westminster Abbey. over a millenium. but this rock was not the sacred Stone of Destiny -. the son of King Josiah (and a direct descendant of David). This most sacred of Scots treasures had been brought to Scotland from Ireland by Fergus Mor mac Erc. Twelve years later Jerusalem fell to Nebuchadnezzar.been the case. 39:6-7. "Princess Tamar (Teamhair) gave her name to Tara. ancestor of Ugaine Mar (Ugaine the Great). This piece of rubble is 26 inches long by 11 inches deep (c. and whether it was Jacob's pillar or pillow. In a dream God promised Jacob that his seed would generate the line of kingship to follow ." (29:299) The preceding fabrications of the origin of the Stone of Destiny are Merovingian lore which propagates a variety of fictitious narratives intended to prove that the Biblical promises given to Israel will be fulfilled in Britain. Subsequently. What he actually got was a piece of sandstone from a monastery doorway. He also brought the anointed Stone of the Covenant. Royal seals of the early Scots kings depict a much larger installation rock. not of hand-cut sandstone. which became known as Lia Fail (Stone of Destiny).. and other Anglo-Saxon countries. 52:10-11). on which Jacob laid his head and saw the ladder reaching up to Heaven at Beth-el. This means that the scattered and divided kingdom of Israel must be restored and Christ installed as her King. and is of inscribed black basalt. in the 5th century. His sons were murdered. where the relic of Judah became synonymous with the Kings of Dalriada. The venerated holy relic was said to be the Stone of the Covenant. 66x 28 cm) and weighs about 335 lbs (c. 152 kg). The real Stone of Destiny is said to be smaller. the Stone of Destiny bore witness to nearly a hundred coronations in sovereign descent from King Zedekiah.the line which in due course became the Davidic succession. It was hidden by the Cistercian Abbot of Scone in 1296. In Latin it was the Saxum Fatale. the Abbot prophesied that one day 'The Michael' would return to his more than is the medieval masonry prize of King Edward. The Irish heritage then progressed to Scotland.'the most holy' Dan. "On declaring himself Overlord of Scotland in 1296. 1214).. America. the seat of the High Kings of Ireland. 28:18-22). 9:24" Although there is disagreement as to which stone is the true Stone of Destiny. One version . and it has remained hidden ever since. the first King of Dalriada. known as 'Jacob's Pillow' (Gen. he acceded to the throne of Jerusalem in 598 BC. Known as King Zedekiah. and she married Ard Ri (High King) Eochaid. whereupon Zedekiah was taken to Babylon and blinded (Jer. they also became protectors of the Stone of Destiny (the Stone of Scone). Eochaid's successors were crowned in the presence of the sacred Stone. Edward I of England stole what he thought was the Stone of Destiny. but his daughter Tamar was removed to Ireland (via Egypt and Spain) by the prophet Jeremiah. King Kenneth (MacAlpin (844-859) later moved the Stone to Scone Abbey when he united the Scots and the Picts. the preceding fable is nearly identical to the account presented by Laurence Gardner in Bloodline of the Holy Grail: "Not only were the Grail Knights and Templars appointed Guardians of the Stewart Sangreal [Holy Grail] in Scotland. more naturally rounded. on secreting the Stone. Mattaniah. The Columbian tradition tells us that.

thou son of man. For Joseph. The Stone is also called the Grail. winging down from heaven. and that by a miracle. Israel. In this mystical poem. take thee one stick. Behold.not a book or scroll. and will put them with him. After the crucifixion. He will rejoin them into one people. typified by the phoenix. which afterward is bright and shining and as lovely as before… "Such power does the Stone give a man that flesh and bones are at once made young again. but the ashes give him life again. I am grieved to hear that. and they shall be one in *mine hand*. and they await there a Dove. it fades before his eyes. (See 1 Kings 11) The two sticks mentioned in Ezekiel are not books or scrolls -. Today is Good Friday. appear letters inscribed. for I know it to be so and have seen it for myself…By the power of that Stone the phoenix burns to ashes. and they shall become one in thine hand. Thus saith the Lord GOD. the stick of Ephraim. the Pope of the Harlot Church. Among the Grail romances. and leaves it upon the Stone… "Hear now how those who are called to the Grail are made known. i. You foolish man. For no man can ever win the Grail unless he is known in heaven and called by name to the the Scriptures will document. and the tribes of Israel his fellows. it means a stick of wood -. This I must tell you about the Grail. No one needs to rub out the inscription. (See Strong's No. Thus. and write upon it. the Merovingian Messiah will unite the world.' "The word 'stick' is literal. the most famous is Parzival. even with the stick of Judah (House of Judah). On the Stone. 63:91-2) To the establish the Scottish Stewart claims of nobility. Thus does the phoenix moult and change its plumage. Scripture supports neither of these fictions. Jesus married Mary Magdalene and fathered children. which is in the hand of Ephraim. Joseph of Arimethea took Mary and the children of Jesus to Europe. Of course." These sticks are literal wooden sticks which were used to represent the divided Kingdom of Israel which had become the House of Judah and the House of Israel. Our Father says that when asked about the . "Verse 19: "Say unto them (Israel). H6086) Therefore. composed by Wolfram von Eschenbach.e. For Judah. which will rise again and restore the inheritance of the Merovingian bloodline: "You say you yearn for the Grail. the Stone of Scone page presents another aberrant interpretation of Scripture. rather than the Jews. giving the name and the lineage of each one. This very day there comes to it a message wherein lies its greatest power.they are people -. in writing the name of Judah on one stick and the name of Joseph on the other. and for all the house of Israel his companions: And join them one to another into one stick. and write upon it. According to this mythology. for once he has read the name. who is to make the blessed journey. the Grail is identified as a Philosopher's Stone upon which appear inscribed the names of the heirs of the throne of Jesus. round the edge." (31:297. having first vanquished another false Christ. Note verses 16 & 17: 'Moreover. The sticks simply represent people. that is. and for the children of Israel his companions: then take another stick. maid or boy. I will take the stick of Joseph (House of Joseph). and make them one stick (one nation). It brings a small white wafer. is simply showing the separation or division of God's People. Note in the following excerpt that the Houses of Judah and Israel are identified as "people" rather than "Jews" exclusively.identifies the Anglo-Saxon race with the ten lost tribes of Israel which migrated to the British Isles following the Assyrian Captivity. Ezekiel 37:19-22 is wrested from its proper Hebrew context and given a subtle British-Israel rendering.

meaning of this joining.a heritage that prevailed in the .and prepare His remnant today -. which is in the hand of Ephraim (whose leader was Ephraim -. read carefully: "'And I will make them *one nation* (one stick. the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble. but he will fail. The heritage of St Michael was the dynasty of high Zadok priests -. and Christianity's Christ. every one that shall be found written in the book. "So. Daniel 12:1 identifies Michael as "the great prince" who will rescue Israel during the Tribulation: "And at that time shall Michael stand up. and one king (Christ) shall be king to them *all* (Shiloh. tell them as follows: Verse 20: 'Thus saith the Lord GOD. "The Michael" will face a formidable foe: "It is of importance to note that the X sign. Behold. even today." THE MEROVINGIAN DYNASTY SATANIC BLOODLINE OF THE ANTICHRIST & FALSE PROPHET PART VIII THE ROMAN DRAGON According to the Scottish Stewart Clan Internet Home.for the things about to come to pass. a false Christ will try to unite mankind. Citing the spurious Dead Sea Scrolls.the remnant).a single people -. Gardiner informs readers that 'The Michael' at any time in history is the High Priest Melchizedek." Will "The Michael" prophesied by the Abbot of Scone come forward (stand up) as the lineal descendant of Jesus Christ. was identified with the archangel Michael (Melchizedek) onwards from Old Testament times. that they will yet be reunited into one nation -." who will "fake uniting the people…under the promised covenant of peace"? Purveyors of the Grail legend thoroughly disparage the New Testament. I will take the stick (the House or people) of Joseph. even with the stick of Judah (join them with the House or people of Judah -. and make them one stick (one people). Whose right the Stone of Destiny represents): and they shall be no more two nations (two sticks). this movement of the Stone of Destiny could very well be the beginning of a chain of events to shape the world -. and will put them with him. impersonating Michael the Archangel and defeating "Christianity's Christ. neither shall they be divided into two kingdoms any more at all:' Can Christ be a King over anything except people? These two sticks being joined are specifically used to remind the descendants of Israel. He will pass himself off as Israel's Messiah. as in the beginning) in mine hand. one people) in the land upon the mountains of Israel.' Verse 22 con-firms that these two sticks represent people who have been scattered to the four winds -. and they shall be one (a single nation. Upon returning to receive his kingdom. and the tribes of Israel his the original land given to Abraham!. arguing that the Gnostic Nag Hammadi Scrolls predated it and are therefore more authentic. which became so hated by the Roman Church." In Scripture. prior to the crowning of the Messiah on the sacred Stone of Destiny.but will be reunited when Christ returns. the false Messiah shall come first and try to fake uniting the people (Daniel 9:27) under the promised covenant of peace. whose office Jesus Christ once occupied. such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be that time).

and Satan. 177) The Dead Sea Scrolls In English do in fact contain a scroll titled "The Heavenly Prince Melchizedek. Sir Laurence identifies the dragon as the Roman Empire: "The Imperial Romans displayed a purple dragon on their standard. "The Michael." The esoteric church mentioned here are the Gnostics cults in their myriad forms ~ from the ancient mystery religions to the Alexandrian School of Egypt. the Prince of Darkness. Geza Vermes." which reveals that the Merovingian dynasty (rather than the Roman Church) is "the beast which had the wound by a sword.' or 'God's of Justice' and is referred to as Elohim and 'el'. Bloodline Of The Holy Grail features a picture of an angel slaying a dragon with the following caption: "Truth Against the World by Peter Robson. Knights Templar and Babylonian Kabbalists. Here Melchizedek is portrayed as presiding over the final judgment and condemnation of his demonic counterpart Belial/ Satan. 300) In the following excerpt from Bloodline Of The Holy Grail. We should therefore understand that the Archangel Michael's battle with the dragon in Revelation 12:7 corresponds to the conflict between the Zadokite succession and 'the beast of blasphemy' -. the dragon in this instance was Rome: known historically as the City of the Seven Kings (or heads .' As we have seen earlier. to the medieval Celtic Druids. and did live. JSOT.the number of kings before the Republic was formed. 1987... to the enlightened Rosicrucians and modern Freemasons and New Agers. the caption under the Stewart Crest of the Phoenix on the Scottish Stewart Clan Home page states: "Courage gains strength from a wound. who will officiate at the final judgment: "The heavenly deliverer is Melchizedek. Revelation 12:9 explicitly states that the dragon is "…the Devil.Wearing the black garb of the esoteric church. 56) To illustrate the point.continuing Messianic line. 13:3.). According to their prophetic tradition. he is head of the 'Sons of Heaven. 3rd Ed.." (Rev. the triumphant woman carries the therapeutic serpent of wisdom and healing.Imperial Rome. when Michael confronts the 'dragon with seven heads. the esoteric church suffered the persecutions of the Catholic Church. According to the annals of Merovingian revisionist history... and it is this symbol that is depicted in Revelation 12:3. Fragments of the Prince Melchizedek Document found among the Dead Sea Scrolls indicate that Melchizedek and Michael were one and the same. The day of fulfillment when the DRAGON is slain and the PHOENIX shall rise. p.. the student of prophecy will recognize at once Gardiner's deceit as to the identity of the dragon of Revelation 12... England.12. which deceiveth the whole world…" To further the deception required for the Merovingian conspirators to attain their messianic goal. It is this representation which features in the Revelation when the Archangel Michael (the descending Zadokite power of the Messiah) fights with the Roman Dragon of oppression…" (29:299. which the authors misleadingly identify as the Christian Church. defeats the Roman dragon or "Christianity's Christ" who will "fake uniting the people …under the promised covenant of peace." However.The great act of deliverance is expected to occur on the Day of Atonement at the end of the tenth Jubilee cycle.." who will come forward (stand up) as the lineal descendant of Jesus Christ and the apotheosis of Michael the Archangel.14) Fritz Springmeier states in The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines: .. Identical with the Archangel Michael." (The Dead Sea Scrolls in English." (29:183." The introduction to this scroll identifies Melchizedek with Michael the Archangel and also Elohim..

the legendary guardian of the Holy Grail. so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. When questioned about his promiscuous conduct by a reporter who thought angels should be holy. in order to appear real. and they took them wives of all which they chose. 229) THE MICHAEL No doubt the sacred Stone of Destiny will be consulted to identify the royal heir to the Throne of England. usually beheads a hapless victim with his sword." Another movie.37) MICHAEL OF THE CULTS An impersonator of Michael the Archangel who becomes a key figure in the unfolding of Bible prophecy would be welcomed with open arms by many false religions like the Jehovah's Witnesses." (p. having a place in the genealogy of Jesus Christ."The 13th bloodline lacks nothing to bring forth their Anti-Christ who will appear to have all the correct credentials. and the Knights of the Round Table. in the final scene. could garner enough credibility to convince modern man that a persona with the credentials of "Michael the Archangel" is the legitimate heir to the Thrones of England and Jerusalem. the groundwork has been carefully laid over many decades for this very deception. In the 1970's. In recent years." (Gen. occupying the seat of authority over the kingdoms of this world. The History Channel often presents documentaries. popular movies such as "Braveheart" (William Wallace.. I would not even be surprised if their Anti-Christ. The purpose of these movies is most likely to prepare the world for "The Michael. And a TV series called Highlander features a Scottish hero who. Michael retorted. "I'm not that kind of angel.. which already regard him to be Jesus." which present the Merovingian quest in a positive light. However. to whom has also been given the right (according to Merovingian tradition) to accede to the Throne of Jerusalem. will expose another Anti-Christ. 24. "City of Angels" stars an angel who falls in love with a human girl and is willing to forfeit eternity and become a human being because he loves her so much." who will be the first of many demons to manifest physically in the same manner recorded in the pre-flood account of Genesis: ". such as "The Shadow of the Knights Templars" and "In Search of the Holy Grail. 6:2) In very fact. One movie titled "Michael" featured John Travolta as Michael the Archangel come to earth to answer a widow's prayer for help. Jesus foretold in his endtime discourse: "But as the days of Noe were. with no basis in fact. (Matt.the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair. According to the research of the Watchmen Fellowship Expositor. It seems incredible that the Merovingian legend. the hero of Scottish independence) "Indiana Jones" and "First Knight" have been subtly indoctrinating the masses with Merovingian lore. the popular Mary Stewart series of novels were published about King Arthur. "Jesus of the Watchtower" is not God but an archangel: .

Noting that St Michael the Archangel appeared in the 100th year of Our Lady of Guadalupe (April 25. His initiation into the morontia world [the next level of existence] normally takes about an hour.' meaning 'chief angel' or 'principle angel. teaches that Jesus has not always existed. has sanctioned a pamphlet by the title of Saint Michael's Sword. Jesus underwent 'the Morontia Transit. 1152) Another cult.e. head-quartered in Brooklyn. Considering medieval history. along with the Universal Father. After the crucifixion. Texas:1990) It is significant that this pamphlet is reproduced on an Irish/Celtic web site. are responsible for the creation of humanity. but was himself a created being originally named Michael. However. prophecies of The . created all the 'only-begotten' Creator Sons who. is the spiritual force which moves justice throughout the universe! Archangel Michael's Clarion Call is to alert all souls to the changes in the coming new millennium. Jr. for he not only personifies the Eternal Son but also fully represents and actually embodies the personality presence of the Universal Father. The Archangel of Cosmic Justice. the 611.' Jesus was not the Eternal Son. The mission of Michael's ministry is to teach each one of you how to raise your consciousness in preparation for the coming changes and to align you with the energy of the new millennium to achieve your greatest prosperity. Urantia." The Jehovah's Witnesses' view of Christ is explained in their book. Jesus was Michael of Nebadon. New York. Dr. This light which you have seen descend from heaven is the virtue which God is giving to this spring for the health and healing of all infirmities and necessities." (James David Holloway. Star Harbor."The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. a close associate of Pope John Paul II... Malachi Martin." (Watchmen Expositor) New Age Morontia Foundation promotes devotion to the Archangel Michael who will prepare mankind for the new millennium: "Archangel Michael ~ St. but rather he possessed 'additional power and authority.121st original concept of the Paradise Father and Son. Despite being the 'original concept." Finally. modern Celts and Roman Catholics seem strange bedfellows indeed. Before incarnating on this planet as Jesus of Nazareth. the Archangel. abundance. the spirit of Jesus without the physical body] went forth from the tomb and met with Gabriel and other celestial administrators. the publication is dedicated to the honor of Saint Michael the Archangel-Prince. where many publications by Malachi Martin are advertised. but was twice interrupted because Jesus wanted to explain to his followers what was happening. 1631). Michael is the only one said to be the 'archangel. Aid To Bible Understanding: "'Scriptural evidence indicates that the name Michael applied to God's Son before he left heaven to become Jesus Christ and also after his return. teaches that Jesus was a created angelic being called Michael: "Jesus Christ: The Eternal Son.'" (p. Michael... as part of the Order of Michael. joy and true love.' in which the resurrected morontia form and personality of Jesus [i. "The URANTIA Book also fills in details about the resurrection. "May the wonders performed at San Miguel del Milagro continue to draw all to thank God for the grace of our mighty and noble angelic defender…in front of this place can be found a spring of miraculous water for all infirmities… Don't doubt what I tell you. Make it known to all.

Malachi foretell that a final pope will betray Holy Mother Church into the hands of Antichrist." Nostradamus) MICHAEL THE RESTRAINER? We would expect the cults to confuse Michael the Archangel with God. until he be taken out of the way. Several years ago. the guardian of Israel. 8:5).' "If a man is reclining or seated and is said to amad. was already said to be actively defending Israel." The 8-1/2" tall molded acrylic statue depicts Michael's defeat of Satan. With spread wings and sword drawn. the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble. one of Israel's greatest teachers. he would not hold down. he would not restrain. he will stand 'still.000 years) with his foot on the Dragon's head. however. Restrainer of the Antichrist": "But what does the expression. which states: "And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time.' If a man is standing and active and said to amad. 'And at that time shall Michael stand up. and when he opened it. . a Christian book. he will stand 'up.' 'desist. Rosenthal strains credibility in his exposition of this verse in his chapter. every one that shall be found written in the book. More ominously. Michael. but now he would 'stand still or stand aside. The Pre-Wrath Rapture Of The Church by Marvin Rosenthal. 10:13. 'And Ezra opened the book in the sight of all the people {for he was above all the people}.' And Strong's concordance cites one of the root meanings of amad as "cease" and one of its definitions as 'stand still. and answered no more' (Job 32:16). had earlier fought for her (Dan. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let. whose Hebrew scholarship is unexcelled. Rashi indicates that the people kept quiet (stood still) while Ezra read the Torah. stand still or fast.' mean? Rashi.Nostradamus and a medieval Irish priest and Kabbalist who became St.' He would not help. Commenting on this verse. the prince. and one who had no concern regarding the issue of the timing of the Rapture understood stand up (Hebrew. Michael held a chain (ready to throw Satan into the pit for 1. Trinity Broadcasting Network was offering a statue of Michael to those who send a large enough "love gift." Rosenthal supports this claim by interpreting Daniel 12:1 as: Michael. 21). teaches that Michael the Archangel is the Restrainer of II Thessalonians 2:6 and 7. in context. amad) to literally mean 'stand still' in Daniel 12:1.' The archangel Michael. "Young's Analytical Concordance to the Bible says that amad means 'To stand. "Some clear biblical instances of amad meaning 'to be still' or 'desist' are: 'they…stood still {desisted}. it is disconcerting to discover that Christian ministries are also promoting Michael beyond the boundaries set in Scripture. and again. "The Archangel Michael: Protectorof Israel. standing aside rather than standing up for Israel. "And at that time shall Michael stand up." Denying the orthodox interpretation of Daniel 12:1. all the people stood up' (Neh. ("The Antichrist and the Pope. such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered.' or 'cease' his defense on their behalf. To amad meant he would 'stand still.

[not stated whether deliberately or unknowingly.until he be taken out of the way" in II Thess. "In a similar development on the mystical side of Judaism. 1040-1105 A. There the commentaries of Rashi on the Torah and Talmud are acclaimed by Kabbalists to be "a cornerstone of Jewish learning. confirm. one can reach the highest spiritual levels attainable.D. still. the environment. root. (be at a) stay (up). To support his choice of translation. remain. set (forth. [This is strictly forbidden under the 'old order' of Judaism. with-) stand (by. cease. in the middle of the seventieth week. repair.. "Students [of The Kabbalah Learning Center] come away with a new sense of consciousness about people.. astrology. to stand. ordain.. one of Israel's greatest scholars. 'The Holy One." In every other verse in which it appears in the book of Daniel. raise up. amad. Hannah Newman. establish. warns her Jewish readers that the Kabbalah is no longer the exclusive province of practical occultists. and faith becomes knowledge. place. fast. appoint. + serve. These teachers are being hailed as 'co-conspirators' who are furthering the New Age Plan. so that the strange becomes familiar. cease to stand for her. arise."Rashi wrote. and trans. and fig." The Kabbalah Learning Center Internet page. New Age spokesmen applaud orthodox Jewish teachers for recently releasing Kabbalah from the restricted access imposed on it by past generations of Jewish sages. desist. stand still. the student can then keep on taking eight and twelve week classes on advanced kabbalistic concepts. (make to. healing. the unknown. up). since Kabbalah is simply one path to their goal of getting as many people as possible." Israeli journalist and author. concerning Daniel 12:1. -tle. also defined the Kabbalah for the uninitiated: "KABBALAH is mystical Judaism. From Rashi's interpretation of Daniel 12:1 Rosenthal then draws the conclusion that Michael must therefore be "he that letteth. dwell. endure. In Israel the Zohar (a major Kabbalistic work) is even being sold door-to-door.): -. faith." In Strong's Concordance. as quickly as possible. the Hebrew word "amad" is translated "stand up. into 'contact with the spirit realm']. and the true meaning of life. leave. Marvin Rosenthal cites the commentary of a prominent Jewish scholar named Rashi. and other intriguing subjects.) recommended on several Kabbalist Lubavitch web sites. Rosenthal includes no documented information about "Rashi. and the unseen. make to be at a. 2:7. be [over]. intrans. whose Hebrew scholarship is unexcelled. There are also special seminars on everything from healing relationships to Kabbalah and Business to the kabbalistic meaning of the Torah. It is the deepest and most hidden meaning of the Torah. Although many people rely on belief. be employed. but the results will be the same. in various relations (lit. and dogmas in pursuing the meaning of life. over. said to Michael." However a search on the Internet finds Rashi (Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki. a prim.. Blessed be He. Kabbalists seek a spiritual connection with the Creator and the forces of the Creator. stand aside. reincarnation. which displayed the Rampant Lion of the Merovingians. tarry.. Armed with these concepts. but has being mainstreamed into traditional Judaism. make.abide (behind). 'You are silent? You do not defend my children.' The archangel Michael who had specifically been involved with standing for Israel will. aw-mad'. firm. Through the ultimate knowledge and mystical practices of Kabbalah. such as The Kabbalah Center. the word "amad" is actually defined as follows: 5975.]" (Masters of the Blinding Light) . (be) present (self). but New Agers are not concerned with proper understanding of the teaching... up). or Bible. Considered Israel‘s greatest interpretation. making its teachings available to all. and even encouraging free exploration without rabbinic supervision.

. 12 as the Roman Church engenders hostility toward the Pope and his Church. However. he will attempt to kill them so that they cannot bow to the true Christ. which means no morality reigns. "Revelation 12 through 14 form a trilogy of thought.. the belief that there is no God. Tragically. The verse says that the Lamb "shall" overcome the ten horns.. (Jer. comes logically out of the two.Humanistic philosophy rests on four major pillars. chapter 12 speaks of a woman (Israel) who gives birth to a child (Christ) and of Satan who.The second pillar of humanism is evolution. 30:7. Rosenthal states: ". 24:21)" (pp. 'the time of Jacob's trouble. when his false religious system (Romanist) is unable to kill Christ. 73-74) 2. MICHAEL THE INITIATOR Preeminently. Rosenthal states: "(Antichrist's) purpose will be assimilation of the Jewish people through the religion of humanism. 74) 3. The first is atheism. such as Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado.there is no right or wrong. worshipping the god of forces (the force). 81-2) Pre-Wrath Rapture Of The Church has many other elements necessary to prepare the apostate church which. Rev. (Rev. Dan 12:1. the Midrash and liberal theologian. If he cannot get them to bow to him. The ultimate manifestation of this scheme will occur during the Great Tribulation. which immediately follows the destruction of Babylon with its false religious system. If atheism and evolution are true and no absolutes exist. 17:14 in the present tense moves the destruction of the Antichrist forward in the timetable of events so that it coincides with the destruction of Mystery Babylon. the Antichrist will be quite religious.. The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church betrays an end-time agenda which could easily align with the Merovingian conspiracy. Misidentification of the dragon in Rev. other pseudo-Christian books.. the archenemies of the Prieuré de Sion. First. such as the Apocryphal book of Maccabees. this scholar's wide appeal to Kabbalists and mainstream Jews alike hardly recommends him as an authority on Bible doctrine. are conditioning the apostate church to accept manifestations of angels as the officiates of the global initiation.F.. 14)" (p. The fourth pillar is pragmatic and relates to values and lifestyle.. 17:5.. Bruce. Marvin Rosenthal uses other uninspired and questionable sources. According to Daniel 11." (pp. left on earth after the Pretribulation Rapture. as the following excerpts demonstrate: 1. moral relativity.. Misrepresentation of the Antichrist political system as "atheistic" is a set up for the introduction of a theocracy based on the mystery religions under the Merovingian priest/king.. F. will accept a "Michael" character who will be heralded as the heroic deliverer of Israel before the genuine Michael the Archangel comes on the scene (Daniel 12:1.. Matt.the defeat of the Antichrist. 12:7). . Misinterpretation of Rev. assails the Jewish people through whom Christ came into the world.. then amorality.The third pillar of humanism.Although Rashi is considered by Hannah and other Jewish traditionalists to be a universally respected commentator in Judaism.

24:31. Only Christ has the 'keys of death' (Rev. would be appropriate in connection with the Rapture. were in fact related to. 10:3. 'your Prince' (Dan. he is never so designated}. 10:13). According to Rosenthal's confusing exegesis of I Thess." "The Changan Monument. and with the trump of God {the trump is blown in connection with (1) calling God's people to His presence (Num. 4:16. and that the retreats of the Irish monks had been the last bastion of classical knowledge . Interpreting Scripture with Scripture.. the 'Astounding Bible Truths' Sabbath page linked to another Seventh-Day Adventist web site. they systematically destroyed and falsified the true records of Christian history. (distinguished lawyer and counsel to the Queen of England). 12:1). consider the following statement from a Seventh-Day Adventist organization.Considering the Merovingian plan to introduce "The Michael" as heir to the Throne of Jerusalem in the lineage of Jesus Christ. is considered to be as important a find as the Rosetta Stone for it had the inscriptions in more than one language. cf. 10:21). with the voice of the archangel {Michael is the only angel ever specifically given the title "archangel" (Jude 9). Graves. or the "speaking stone. The truth was preserved because the Jesuits were not able to read the inscription that was in Syrian. i. 1 Cor. "I am the resurrection and the life. the moving of God's hand was shown in another discovery. 1:18)." John 11:25" (Astounding Bible Truths) Interestingly.e. and the "great Prince" (Dan. Two renown British scholars. but. He is the Archangel of Jude 9 who has resurrection power as is witnessed by His resurrection of Moses. connects Seventh-Day Adventists with the Celtic Church and presents the typical Celtic revisionist history. the dragon as Rome and Michael as Christ! "The Bible identifies who Michael is: The name is from the Hebrew mika'el which means 'who is like God'." To appreciate the grave danger of Rosenthal's obfuscation of Jesus Christ and Michael. At His Second Coming Christ will call the dead forth 'with the archangel's call' (1Thes. (Bishop of Limerick. Michael must be Christ who claimed. there will either be two shouts at the Second Coming (the Lord's shout and Michael's voice) or there is a subtle attempt here to blend the two. the student of the Bible will recognize the erroneous interpretations of the woman as the church. 15:51-52) and. which promotes the Celtic Church. and also the identification of Jesus as Michael the Archangel in the various false religions. and other startling discoveries revealed that the primitive seventh-day Sabbath-keeping Celtic church originated during the Roman occupation of Britain. "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout {the victor's shout (see Joel 2:11 where Jesus is seen to shout in connection with His coming at the Day of the Lord)}. James Arrabito. Mt. therefore. although Gabriel may also be an archangel. These. Michael is called 'one of the chief princes" (Dan. Pre-Wrath Rapture may be just the book to deceive those who miss the real rapture. 4:16). and Sir Samuel Fergusson. the Roman Catholic dragon : "Wherever the influence of the Roman Catholic Jesuit Priests extended. presented their discoveries to an astonished British intellectual community. "These gentlemen proved that the ancient Celtic Ogam writings discovered on tombs and ancient temples in Ireland and Scotland were NOT writings of later centuries. on which page was found a "speaking stone." The author. and pre-dated ancient Latin. the "true Christian" Celtic Church vs.. a pillar in the Anglo-Irish Church). Our Sabbath Heritage.. Reverend Dr. As the night of the Dark Ages began to fade in the light of the nineteenth century." as it is called.

" (164::96) KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE According to the World Book Encyclopedia.. Through many points of entry. "Saint Michael was the patron saint of knights. Rosicrucians. which they propose is the Roman Catholic Church. at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound. 1997.. and we shall be changed. Oct." What rationalization will have been offered to the apostate church after the true Church is taken out of this world? Alice Bailey wrote in Initiation: Human & Solar that these were souls who did not "achieve the needed expansion of consciousness. at which time he slays the "dragon" (i." Upon researching the plethora of Grail literature inundating the mass media.. New Age cults. We can only surmise that this out-of-body experience will closely mimic I Corinthians 15:52 -. the leadership of SRC met to affirm that God was calling these men to pass leadership of the Center to others in order to move into a greater dimension of ministry for past leadership and .e." (Ibid. one discovers that indoctrination in medieval pagan lore is taking place on a grand scale. Please feel free to use this information as you deem appropriate." "integrity. Seattle. WA on Friday.all are looking for the appearance of "The Michael" or Michael the Archangel who will defeat the Dragon. when the rest of the world had collapsed into barbarism and papal superstition. concerning a change of leadership at the Seattle Revival Center. Thanks. being the headquarters of one of the ten Federal Regions of the United States: Celtic Revival Swords "…The following change has been announced at Seattle Revival Center. "The theme for the Third Annual Celebration of the birth of Seattle Revival Center. Although Christians would prefer to believe that the occult legend of the Merovingian bloodline is confined to the network of New Age cults. the Pope and his church)." "morality. in the twinkling of an eye. the Celtic Church -.) The Seventh Day Adventists." "chivalry. 'You Haven‘t Seen Anything Yet!' was more appropriate than any imagined."In a moment. After "The Michael's" glorious victory. the legendary heroism of the medieval warrior/mystic/monks is being promoted in Christian churches. after which Michael takes his place as "Christ" on the throne of the Temple of Jerusalem. During the conference. Another piece of evidence linking the Merovingians to the revival is a 1997 post from Revival leader. Richard the western world. The Scottish Stewart Clan's promotion of the Toronto Blessing reveals the true source of this occult revival." "honor." ad infinitum. Seattle seems to be a main center for the global planners. (they) will be held to be failures. a global initiation will most likely be performed as mankind makes a covenant of loyalty to the true Antichrist.. and the dead shall be raised incorruptible. transferred to those planetary schemes which from the point of view of time are not so far advanced as our Earth scheme.24. All have rearranged the end-time scenario so that the "The Michael" arrives on the scene at the mid-point of the tribulation. Jehovah's Witnesses. it is difficult to avoid the conclusion that this megalomaniacal vision is being introduced to the Christian community Church via change agents who are surreptitiously promoting Celtic lore and traditions under the banners of "righteousness..

Wayne Anderson. appropriate for students from fifth grade through adult. necessitating a change in local leadership of SRC. King Arthur Through the Ages. reported to be the cup used by Jesus and His disciples at the Last Supper. Messiah and the Second Coming. A New Age book." . Messiah & the Second Coming by John David and Naomi Rice. Newcastle. of Kelowna. his fair knight. "In a highly emotional and dramatic 'passing of the torch' ceremony. and prophecied an increase and enlargement of the effect and impact of Seattle Revival Center both regionally and in the world. 1982. though he loved Arthur. Stacey Campbell. having lost his battle with Lancelot. This CD is even designated "Winner of a 1996 Parents' Choice Honor." (John Davis and Naomi Rice. B. The fame of King Arthur. Arthur followed. The fee for King Arthur is $40. art. idealistic. but while Arthur was gone some of the knights seized the kingdom.g. Camelot) will recall the degeneracy of King Arthur's legendary Court rather than its virtue. derives from his election as Guardian of the Holy Grail. This compendium of literature. gifted. Coptic Press.. confirming the direction of God. Lancelot took every opportunity to be with Queen Guinevere… "The guilty love between Lancelot and Guinevere cast a cloud upon King Arthur's court. than for his love. recalls the much glamorized affair at Camelot: "The fair Knight Lancelot came to King Arthur in his young manhood. Arthur's grief appears to be more for Lancelot." "Calvert School's Home Instruction Department is proud to offer its first interactive CD-ROM. Misdirected thinking and living for self-gratification has a way of being contagious. the King and knights accepted him into their sacred group.. WA 98056) The ceremonial exchange of Celtic swords among the Revival leaders at a "Knights of the Roundtable" is manifestly derived from the Celtic legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table." (Seattle Revival Center. followed. the three founders of Seattle Revival Center gathered with new leadership at a 'Knights of the Round Table. history and legend may serve as a perfect introduction to the Arthurian legend or a gateway into the vast body of Arthurian lore beyond Calvert's fifth grade text King Arthur and His Knights. adventuresome. He returned her love and betrayed his king. Guinevere. 100-1) Warrior Children Notwithstanding the moral condition of Arthur's Knights of the Roundtable. leader of the Britons. pp. hear an excerpt from Geoffrey's [of Monmouth] account.00.' During an exchange of Celtic swords. circa 500 AD. Guinevere gave Lancelot her heart instantly. there is on the Internet the home page of a private Calvert's School that offers to parents who homeschool their children a "King Arthur and His Knights" interactive CD-Rom. allows one to read a story about the Round Table. Arthur returns.SRC. Steve Richard and Darrel Stott have increasingly been called to America and the nations. …Jealousy and ambition overcame the knights and the secret love of Lancelot and Guinevere denounced by each of them to the King. 12636 SE 89th PL. the Holy Spirit moved powerfully on the entire group. or see the coat of arms of an Arthurian knight from an unpublished 16th century manuscript. Lancelot fled to France. The program. Arthur wins back his kingdom but is mortally wounded. Readers who are familiar with the tales of the Arthurian period of English history (e.C. Other knights began to weaken and live for pleasure… "Guinevere's power over Lancelot caused him to fail in his quest for the Holy Grail.

' he would not know what to do with his pain and would almost always abuse his power. Your life is not about you. pp." The very structured process situation described by the author. You are not that important. Richard Rohr relates five difficult male initiation truths: Life is hard. Our fathers are too close to us to play the role of mentor or initiator. such as the "sacred circle. If Dad is vice president of the local bank the Warrior child may rove the world as a hired mercenary.." (Llewellyn Pub. and never through rite or ceremony. [Editor's Note: Sacred space. insures that the hapless victim is psychologically manipulated into compliance by employing the same mind control techniques used by cults to divest their prey of volition and freedom: "Cultures throughout history have felt that if a young man were not initiated to 'the mysteries. No observers. the father is entirely absent. a dim figure who never appears on the stage. 22-27) "Christian" Initiation? The point is made that initiation is the rite of passage which transforms a young boy into a warrior...King Arthur's father Uther Pendragon actually gave his son up to be raised in the woods... in traditional societies.M. apart from what has become predictable. some churches are now substituting initiation ceremonies for the "new birth" which is only accomplished by the Holy Spirit. A Process of Transformation A sample North American initiation pattern. advocates the myth of the Grail legend as appropriate material for those involved in the "universal male quest" for "genuine masculine empowerment. the authors suggest that the training of a young boy as a warrior requires that he be mentored by a man other than his own father.Another New Age book. A Process of Transformation. claims to be "Rooted in the solid ground of prophetic biblical tradition…a progressive Christian voice…. "Liminal" and sacred space must be created. Sojourners..F.The father figure and more specifically his professional interest. Therefore.A mentor is not the same as a father. new and more exciting. a Franciscan monk. 1995. In very fact. Read his sample North American initiation pattern.. By Richard Rohr. then proceeded to die during the boy's absence." (It is noteworthy that numerous Stewarts are affiliated with Calvary Chapel whose European Conference Center is a castle in the Austrian Alps. "Few Celtic myths describe for us a deep relationship between father and son. In many cases. is often rejected in favor of something different. You are not in control." also called the "quest for the Grail Castle." is a physical area .) Inspired by the Arthurian tradition. The Grail Castle: Myths And Mysteries in the Celtic Tradition by Kenneth Johnson and Marguerite Elsbeth. O. You are going to die." The May/June 1996 issue of Sojourners contained an article by a priest titled "Boys To Men: Rediscovering Rites of Passage for Our Time. WHERE: Someplace in the natural world.. WHO: "Godfathers" and teen-age boys of almost even numbers. A neo-Evangelical magazine.. the mentor role is often played by a male relative.

that has been ritually set apart for paranormal conditions to exist. fears. who is expecting to be transformed into the divine state through occult power. transformation. solitude. separation from boyhood. Normally some time of extended silence. honest. Each young man has a special journal." He must be alone long enough to see the patterns in all of nature. letting go. When boys are prepared. Sparse. perhaps presented by his mother before he leaves. Honest feelings. and talked about: 1. some "great idea" that the elders already have between . HOW: Three stages with the young man must be ritualized. sharing faith and one's own path. and growth. and deprivation wherein he can learn to draw upon deeper resources than he is presently aware of. strippeddown possessions. give books to read. pray together." This must be vulnerable. If work cannot be taken off or schedules changed." (62) The initiate is also called the Dweller on the Threshold. along with hopes and care for the new initiate. Create expectation long beforehand in whatever ways you can devise: meet as a group several times. This can be done through some kind of death ritual. "Liminal" is derived from the word limen which means "threshold. Elders tell a bit of their story. WHEN: At a time when elders have themselves been "initiated into the mysteries" and have something to say about reality. God." This can be done in a final time of storytelling by elders. and intimate." Describing humanity as the Dweller on the Threshold.] WHAT to bring: Just what is needed for survival and ritual. his former status. and the seeing of women and older men as his servants. Leaving. If he does not feel manipulated or told what to feel. No radios. community. tape players. he is more likely to trust his real experience. but not "churchy. Theosophist Alice Bailey specified that "threshold" meant "the threshold of divinity. the vision quest of the native peoples "secularized in boot camp and athletic training" must be made sacred again. Experiencing an alternative universe now. Incorporating and affiliating with "sacred manhood. experienced. IF: The ritual can only be done if there is some "common wonderful. given expectation. 3. 2. A stark and clear understatement is safer for the male. make expectations very clear that everybody will be together from start to finish. where they let the boys "in. whereby he accepts the eternal pattern of dying as the prerequisite for all rebirth. newspapers. prayers. but don't overdo anything." some shared goodness. the message of intense significance will not be given. but also can come with genuine freedom. or books to hide in. HOW LONG: From a minimum of four days to whatever is workable. irresponsibility. suffering. There can be a celebration ritual and symbols given. which he is guided to write in at least twice a day. and experiences must be named personally and safely or the young man will not go deep inside. desires. The "desert" of Jesus.

Raising a Modern-Day Knight attempts to inculcate Christians with the notion that the knights of medieval Europe were honorable men.. from a section of Robert Lewis' book titled "The Knight and His Round Table." RAISING MODERN-DAY KNIGHTS Last year. the agreed rate of interest on late payment of debt was 60 percent per year . Knights Templar. if your boy is to become a man. 150-51) What community of men that is based on the order of knighthood would provide a bonding experience through the mystical power of ceremony? The global network of secret societies under the oversight of the Prieuré de Sion offer many such opportunities through various fraternities such as Freemasonry. you must enlist the community.. 'To drink like a Templar' was a frequent simile in medieval England.. Unless there is a collective wisdom that the boy is being initiated into. There is no substitute for this vital component. pages and squires became knights because they were part of a masculine community. This publication appeals to the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table to recommend that Christian fathers return to the wisdom of medieval paganism for the training of their sons. on a massive scale.. excerpted from The Temple & the Lodge: "At the apex of their power. canon law forbade Christians to engage in usury." (Focus on the Family Pub. One might expect this interdict to have been applied even more stringently to an institution as ostensibly pious as the Temple." recommends that men become bonded with other men through the mystical power of ceremony: "In the Middle Ages. 1997.. Christian leaders who glorify knighthood omit to mention the bloodshed. In one proven case. Focus on the Family published a book titled Raising a Modern-Day Knight.17 percent more than Jewish money-lenders were allowed to claim… . the Templars were accused of pride. their reputation for accuracy... Nevertheless. [they] become mentors to these young men. by Robert Lewis.. One might not like them. Bonded through the mystical power of ceremony. pp. the Temple lent money. It might take a year for the elders to find what it is themselves! Then initiate the next generation.If you are serious about moving your son to manhood. it will not have depth or endurance. arrogance. the page left home and entered into a mentoring relationship with an older man. begin asking the Lord to lead you to a small community of men. Not unlike other New Age propaganda.. but one knew one could rely on them… "In theory. etc. The following excerpt. and despite their vow of chastity. At an early age. and intemperate and dissolute behaviour. Skull & Bones. the collecting of interest on loans. usually a cousin or an uncle… Boys become men in the community of men. Calling evil good. the knights seem to have wenched as zealously as they drank. Consider the following profile of the Knights Templar by Michael Biagent and Richard Leigh. Knights of Malta. debauchery and occult rituals which were the lifestyle of the medieval mystic/warrior/monks. ruthlessness. honesty and integrity in financial affairs remained untarnished. Dad.the community of men expands a son's spiritual and moral resources.them. and collected interest. But whatever their conduct in such respects as these.

that [it could] make riches… "Item. as necromancers. They became gentle men. promoting themselves as latterday avatars of the army that toppled the walls of Jericho. "Item. By age 14. the army that nearly defeated Rome in the years just prior to the Christian era… "Amidst the mystique surrounding the Order of the Temple. the Templars had their own 'cult of the head. learning the rudiments of knighthood under a mentor. namely heads… "Item. they constantly invoked Joshua and Maccabees. This is indicative.. 79) Notwithstanding the patently ignoble character of medieval knights. . chivalry. Indeed. with Biblical principles of absolute right and wrong. that [it made] the land germinate…" (106:49. Nor was military prowess the only virtue. and military duties. a number of echoes and images thus become fused. that in each province they had idols. His ceremony was memorable--a ritual cleansing. and. These ideals combined with the well-defined mentoring process made a boy into a knight. was that of worshipping a mysterious severed head some-times known as 'Baphomet'… "In the list of charges drawn up by the Inquisition against the Templars on 12 August 1308. social. and one to which a number of knights pleaded guilty. as alchemists. generosity. that it made the trees flower. A knight who broke his oath was charged with treason for betraying the order of knighthood. By age eight. that they said that the head could save them. When he turned 21. and social order. a boy left his mother's care and became a page. he became a squire. a review of his moral. while perfecting his skills through discipline and hard work. 48. All knights swore an oath to and lived by a code of conduct: loyalty. a day of fasting and a night of prayer. as sages privy to lofty arcane secrets. but also as high mystical initiates. principled men-Knights. honesty. the Arthurian Knights of the Round Table and. especially in the British Isles. religious. and that the heads of vanquished adversaries should therefore be severed and preserved. there appears the following: "Item."Among biblical texts. he was eligible for knighthood. Joshua's army. ceremonial dress. 91. unselfish service. dedicated to justice. Focus on the Family sponsored the following promotional material for Lewis' book: Raising a Modern-Day Knight: A Father's Role in Guiding His Son to Authentic Manhood by Robert Lewis John Coale…7/13/97.the peers of Charlemagne. a knight's servant..' Among the charges preferred against them. And indeed. The Templars appear in The Persevalus not just as military men. the Red Branch of Ulster. and obedience to God. "Item. confession. "…there is a well-known Celtic 'cult of the head' . the Maccabees. justice. rating =10: Fathers . the Grail knights emerged with yet other historical and/or legendary antecedents . men of valor. for the Templars were only too eager to reinforce the popular image of themselves as magi. that they adored these idols… "Item.Join the Knights of the Round Table "Out of the Dark Ages rose noble characters to preserve and maintain law. the severed head is now regarded as one of the hallmarks of ancient Celtic culture…At the same time. it was precisely this image that rebounded upon them and provided their enemies with the means of their destruction.the ancient Celtic belief that the head contained the soul. communion. as wizards or sorcerers.

self-discipline (1 Tim 4:7-8). and expects the greater reward-God's reward. you are unworthy of it. servant-leadership (Mat 20:26-27). a question. integrity (Pro 10:9). Yes. mentoring your son in the process to become a knight.finally. inspiring stories. a father reinforces the process." In April of 1997. (Pro 20:7) "Highly Recommended for small groups of men to create a round table of their own. purity (1 Tim 4:12). What is a Man? What are his responsibilities. It characterizes a man who rejects passivity. it can be done. A high spiritual power wrote the name of the knight who should sit in each chair. his behavior. to employ God's gifts. portrayed by Sir Galahad who said. April 26. joins the Army." . Pass it on to your son. the concept of King Arthur's Round Table was based on the Last Supper of Jesus Christ and His disciples: "King Arthur founded the Round Table." (p. and his goals? When does a boy become a man in our society? When he gets his driver's license. The chair remains vacant until the perfect knight appears. Robert Lewis outlines a practical guide to teach and live these ideals. which legend dramatically declared was symbolically the same table present at the Last Supper. leads courageously. The Call To Renewal is a coalition of various Christian and Catholic denominations and ministries that have appointed themselves "Christians for a New Political Vision. Raising a Modern-Day Knight provides a vision for manhood. and what the Church will do about it. For fathers. "Now image your son going through this knightly process to attain Biblical manhood. excellence (1 Cor 9:24). honesty (Eph 4:25).99) Round Table conferences are common throughout the globalist network and are also becoming popular among the ecumenically-minded denominations of the apostate church. takes a woman to bed. Spiritually every aspirant to the holy life is tested before being permitted to enter into the activities of the special inner circle. Are you ready to be a knightly example for your son? Work for the King and become His knight. or financially provides for himself? First. 'The Church Steps Forward: A Christian Roundtable on Poverty and Welfare Reform' will take place in Philadelphia in conjunction with the Presidents' Summit for America's Future. Through godly example. For what purpose do you desire to enter the order? If it be riches. and to respect women. teachable moments. A righteous man who walks in integrity-how blessed are his sons after him. "By celebrating the stages of training with ceremony." THE GLOBAL ROUND TABLE According to Messiah and the Second Coming.' The true test of one questing for Christed Consciousness. Second. accepts responsibility. Call to Renewal will convene a roundtable initiating dialogue among a broad cross-section of Christian leaders about the crisis now facing America's poor. 'It is here that I must renounce all things in order that I may gain all. a father helps his young knight discover a will to obey God. humility (Phil 2:3). Finally. The Call to Renewal sponsored a "Christian Roundtable on Poverty and Welfare Reform" in which religious leaders discussed the role of church and state in overcoming poverty: "On Saturday. to take your ease. it establishes a superior cause to work towards which can only be satisfied in Jesus Christ. Each knight must pass certain tests of valor before he could occupy a chair at the table. kindness (Pro 19:22). and positive affirmations. and perseverance (Gal 6:9). his beliefs. it defines a Biblical code of conduct: loyalty (Hos 6:6). and be held in honor without doing honor to knighthood.

scientific." (45:37) A REVIVED MEROVINGIAN EMPIRE This is the megalomaniac ambition of a Revived Merovingian Empire. it will be chaired by a Merovingian descendant of King Arthur who was the fabled Guardian of the Holy Grail during his particular era of history. public events will proclaim the beginning of a new Call to Renewal table. local "tables. The Call to Renewal went to work creating an ecumenical network of regional roundtables across the U. This established the vortex for Camelot. above nationalism. This error is built upon a faulty exposition of the four empires represented in Nebuchadnezzar's image in Daniel 2 and the four beasts of Daniel 7. above religionism. The Grail was placed in Glastonbury for safekeeping at that time. President Clinton has been affiliated with the three leading New World Order organizations: the Council on Foreign Relations. Emory Searcy Jr. The symbolic golden round table of King Arthur will eventually manifest on earth where varieties of leaders. and individuals ." (p. which was convened by President Clinton and chaired by former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. . will dedicate their lives to international objectives for the benefit of all..S. New alliances are being built between groups that historically have not worked together. and the Bilderbergers. political.103) When this celestial Round Table manifests on earth. is coming to bloom. recalling King Arthur's mandate at Glastonbury. which eventually will bring the Earth into the Seventh Golden Age. the Trilateral Commission. some 4. Another New Age book titled. Perhaps Christians ought to reconsider the popular doctrines of modern prophecy teachers. who teach that the final beast system will be a Revived Roman Empire.The Pentecost activities this spring will be an opportunity to announce the formation of these new tables around the country. which are construed as referring to the same world empires. destined to come forth later in the fifth and sixth centuries. Following special worship services in local congregations. 1997. It will be through the Grail in England that the energies of transformation and ascension will be channeled. "We will create a new federated network that will include covenanted. . The Light Shall Set You Free. .. A closer look at Daniel 2. The spiritual unity of nations a true sister/brotherhood of humanity encompassing universal principles of unconditional love and sharing." congregations. travel around the country. confirms that England will be the center for world transformation. spiritual. above personality.Following this conference. these new tables are already forming. Mary went to England with Joseph of Arimethea. As convener Jim Wallis and field organizer Rev. for the benefit of all peoples." Also on April 26. Colin Powell is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.500 delegates attended the Philadelphia Summit on America's Future. affiliated organizations. from all nations of the world. which is a virtual showcase of roundtable discussion groups. "Following the death of Jesus. The authors of Messiah & the Second Coming conclude their discussion of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table in a chapter titled "The Holy Grail" with the prediction of a global round table: "The future world Round Table is being created now in the etheric realms.. Colin Powell. 7 and Revelation 13 demonstrates otherwise.

" Whereas Dan. "And the beast which I saw was like unto a LEOPARD. The eagle's wings which were plucked in Daniel 7:4 is an obvious reference to the United States. diverse from one another. and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. whose government from its inception was the vehicle through which the English Freemasons planned to establish the New World Order. And behold another beast. and saw a BEAST RISE UP OUT OF THE SEA. "devoured much flesh. a second. are four kings. like to a BEAR. Daniel 7:3-6 must refer to four future world empires: "And four great beasts came up from the sea. who blasphemously claim to be of the bloodline of Jesus Christ: "And I stood upon the sand of the sea. and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it. a reasonable interpretation of the symbolic beasts or world empires of Daniel 7 places them in the period immediately preceding "the fourth kingdom upon the earth." Nazi Germany was known for its Panzer (panther or leopard) divisions in World War II. the beast had also four heads. The first was like a LION. which shall arise out of the earth. having seven heads and ten horns." (v." The Royal Arms of England displays the Rampant Lion. and lo another. which are four. After this I beheld. clearly identifies the mystical Merovingian Fisher-Kings. which shall be diverse from all kingdoms. Persian. However. "O king…Thou art this head of gold. and his seat and great authority. 2 identifies 3 future and 1 existing empire (the Babylonian). devour much flesh." All of the world empires described in Daniel 7 are future empires.Daniel 2:32-42 describes the Babylonian.2. Revelation 13 describes in symbols the Merovingian dynasty as the BEAST THAT RISES UP OUT OF THE SEA. and a man's heart was given to it. and made to stand upon the feet as a man. Please recall that the Bistea Neptunis or "beast of the sea" which is believed to be "ever incarnate in the dynasty of ancient kings" and whose symbol was a fish." which is also a Merovingian symbol. and upon his horns ten crowns. Daniel 2:38 states that the head of gold of Nebuchadnezzar's image was the existing Babylonian Empire. and dominion was given to it. This misinterpretation of Daniel 7 has been a primary . and had EAGLE'S wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked. and break it in pieces. modern prophecy teachers have prevented the identification of beast kingdom as a revived Merovingian Empire by erroneously correlating the empires of Daniel 7 with those in Daniel 2. Thus. and his feet were as the feet of a BEAR. and the symbol of Communist Russia is the bear which." Since Revelation 13 is identical to Daniel 7. and his mouth as the mouth of a LION: and the dragon gave him his power. Greek and Roman empires. future kingdoms are also symbolically represented. like a LEOPARD. According to verse 17: "These great beasts. and shall tread it down. "made to stand upon the feet as a man. and shall devour the whole earth. and it was lifted up from the earth. Arise. under Stalin. and it raised up itself on one side. And like Daniel 7. which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl.23) The beasts of Daniel 7 are also found as the composite beast which John saw rising out of the sea in his vision described in Revelation 13:1.

and against his army. and shall make her desolate and naked. Their minions will be the multitudes of Joel's Army who have been initiated into the mysteries via Freemasonry and its various religious fronts. The full cast of characters will conduct their final Crusade against the King of Kings and Lord of Lords in a battle which is described in Revelation 19:19-21 ~ "And I saw the beast. Having established this deception and contrived to bring a false interpretation of Bible prophecy to fulfillment.and the Knights of the Global Round Table." . the stage will be set for the Messiah of the Merovingian dynasty to vanquish the Pope and his Roman religious system (the Dragon). Having vanquished the Pope." The ubiquitous propaganda of the Rosicrucian network would have the undiscerning believe that the great end-time battle will be between the noble Merovingian dynasty and a revived Holy Roman Empire. and the kings of the earth. and them that worshipped his image. after which glorious triumph this false messiah will be crowned upon the throne of the Temple of Jerusalem as "the Christ. These both were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone. And the beast was taken. this vile personage will rule the world with a modern Merlin the Magician . with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast." The destruction of MYSTERY BABYLON in Revelation 17-18 is not the end of the story. In the place of the proper interpretation of these prophecies. which describes the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to destroy the real Antichrist. and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him. these shall hate the whore. the masses have been led to believe that a Revived Roman Empire controlled by the Roman Church. which are indoctrinating multitudes with medieval mysticism. gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse. and shall eat her flesh. Revelation 17:16 describes the demise of the harlot church at the hands of the beast: "And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast. who will be the Merovingian priest-king of the makebelieve Order of Michael-Zakok.the counterpart of King Arthur's Sorcerer . will be the final Antichrist system. respectively designated the Phoenix and the Dragon. The final battle is fought rather in Revelation 19. Scripture treats these two systems as being equally evil and worthy of God's judgment. and their armies. insuring that its direction of world affairs behind the scenes will continue largely unnoticed. and burn her with fire.factor in perpetuating a general ignorance of the Merovingian conspiracy. However.