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Description: In today’s competitive world, quantitative aptitude and reasoning play a prominent role in almost all competitive examinations and job recruitment exams. Keeping its importance in mind, this book is designed to familiarize the aspirants with basic mathematical and reasoning concepts. It enables them to apply to a range of quantitative and reasoning problems. The text is organized in two parts—Quantitative Aptitude (Part I) and Reasoning (Part II). The separate sections are devoted to verbal and nonverbal reasoning. It sharpens the ability to apply analytical and logical thinking while gathering and analysing information, designing and testing solutions to problems, and formulating plans. The main objective of this book is to guide the students to solve the problems within the stipulated time and that too with the higher degree of accuracy. Each chapter contains numerous worked-out examples and practice exercises. The questions range from purely numeric calculations to problems of arithmetic reasoning, graph and table reading, percentage analysis and quantitative analysis. This book is intended for the students appearing for quantitative aptitude and reasoning test conducted in various competitive examinations such as civil services, common admission test (CAT), management aptitude test (MAT), staff selection commission (SSC), combined defence services (CDS), national defence academy (NDA), LIC—assistant administrative officer (AAO), bank clerical, bank PO, income tax and central excise exams. Apart from that, the book is also useful for the students preparing for the campus recruitment screening test and the undergraduate students of mathematics for their course in Aptitude Examination. KEY FEATURES : The book includes : Short-cut methods to reach at quick solutions to problems. Model Test Papers (with solutions) to instill confidence in the examinees. Important formulae and notes to reinforce the understanding of the subject matter. Large number of problems asked in various competitive exams with explanatory answers.

Contents: Preface Part I: QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE 1. HCF and LCM 2. Permutation and Combination

Classification 3. Compound Interest 19. Percentage 6. Problems on Calendar 29. Analogy 2. Alligation 23. Ratio and Proportion 5. Probability 4. Elementary Mensuration I 26.3. Profit and Loss 9. Elementary Algebra II 16. Time and Work 20. Problems on Clocks 28. Series 12. Average 7. Odd Man Out and Series 33. Work and Wages 21. Cubes and Cube Roots 11. Elementary Mensuration II 27. Series Completion . Divisibility 37. Trigonometry 32. Problems on Trains 24. Progression and Sequence 13. Mathematical Operations 36. Fractions 14. Boats and Streams 25. Heights and Distances 31. Squares and Square Roots 10. Number System 38. Problems Based on Ages 8. Partnership 17. Arithmetical Reasoning Part II: REASONING Section A: General Mental Ability 1. Elementary Algebra I 15. Pipes and Cistern 22. Simple Interest 18. Data Analysis 35. Time and Distances 30. Data Sufficiency 34.

Analogy 24. Assertion and Reason 12. Logical Venn Diagrams 9. Logic 17. Number Ranking and Time Sequence Test 10. Blood Relations 6. Logical Sequence of Words Section B: Logical Deduction 16. Water Images 29. Statements and Arguments 18. Classification 25. Situation Reaction Test 13. Series 23. Mirror Images 28. Coding and Decoding 5. Deriving Conclusions from Passages Section C: Nonverbal Reasoning 22. Puzzle Test 7. Decision Making 11. Direction Sense Test 8. Analytical Reasoning 26. Statements and Assumptions 19. Inserting the Missing One 15.4. Statements and Conclusions 21. Statements and Course of Action 20. Problems on Cubes and Dice 27. Mathematical Operations 14. Rule Detection Model Test Papers .

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