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Welcome to Cloud Web Security. Websense® TRITON Cloud Web Security is a fully managed service that provides comprehensive and flexible protection against Web threats such as viruses, spyware, and phishing attacks, and controls employee Web access. Cloud Web Security is simple to use and works “out of the box” with a default policy.

Registering for Cloud Web Security
1. Click on the Websense Tile under “MyApps” in the Comcast Upware portal. Then click the “REGISTRATION” button. Alternatively, you can also click the link on your confirmation email from Websense that says “Click here to begin the registration wizard” and then enter the evaluation key that was included in your confirmation email. 2. Verify or reset your account information as needed.

3. Verify or reset your system administrator’s details as needed (name, address, telephone number, email address, and password for the administrator account). Click Next.

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4. Enter the domain(s) for the account, for example “acme.com”. Enter the primary domain in the field provided. Click Add Another to add another domain. Click Next when done.

5. Click Add to enter the IP address for which the service will receive Web requests (proxied connections). If you prefer, you can do this once connected to the service and skip to step 7.

6. Enter a name and description for this connection and add either the IP address, range of addresses, or subnet range for this proxied connection. This is usually the external interface for your firewall. Click Add when you’re done.

7. Click Next to finish the process. A Registration Complete screen appears.

Getting Started 3

A security check is then carried out by our engineers. Once complete, your account is activated and you receive a confirmation email advising you of the next steps. This normally takes about 1 business day.

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Logging on to the Cloud Security portal
When you receive logon information in your confirmation email, log on to the Cloud Security portal by clicking the link that is provided or visiting www.mailcontrol.com/login/login_form.mhtml. Alternatively, you can Click on the Websense Tile under “MyApps” in the Comcast Upware portal. Then click the “TRITON Cloud Security Portal” button.

Note You must have port 443 open on your firewall to access the Cloud Security portal.

Enter your username and password into the fields provided.

The screen that appears lists all the licenses that you have pending for your account.

To activate a license, you must accept the terms of your license contract. Click the contract name to view the contract and review its terms. If they are acceptable, close the contract, check the Accept license box, and click Accept. This enables your account.

Getting Started 5

You can now configure your Cloud Web Security account. A default policy has been created for you; click Web Security > Policy Management > Policies to access it. This reflects the most commonly chosen policy options. You can change your configuration at any time. Just click Account Settings to enter the setup area of the portal. Refer to the TRITON Cloud Security Help in the Technical Library for instructions on how to configure policies for your account.

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