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Criminal Justice Columnist, Counter Punch Magazine Commentator, Black Talk Radio “Public relations guru”--Los Angeles Times 1996 st Former 1 Vice President, LA Newspaper Guild Member, CWA Local 39521, Pacific Media Workers Guild

For Immediate Release: 2/7/13 For Information: Jan B. Tucker as above for CALLAC/NLLAC; Sherry Lear (Miss Revolutionaries) ; Linda Pruett 818.345.9809 (SFV/NELA NOW); Cynthia Conover 818.615.0819 (SFV/NELA NOW); Jose Luis Ramirez 818.383.4328 (UFE) SAME PAGE COALITION MAYORAL/CONTROLLER ENDORSEMENTS The Same Page/Misma Pagina Coalition has completed a second round of candidate vettings for the Los Angeles City 2013 municipal election cycle and has made endorsements for Mayor, City Controller, and City Council District 6. In the first round of early endorsements the coalition endorsed Los Angeles Community College Trustee Nancy Pearlman (Office 6) for re-election, Bob Blumenfield for City Council District 3, and Maria G. Cano for Board of Education District 6. The participating organizations are the San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles Chapter of the National Organization for Women (SFV/NELA NOW), California League of Latin American Citizens/National League of Latin American Citizens (CALLAC/NLLAC), Miss Revolutionaries, and the United For Education Coalition. The United For Education Coalition (UFE) decided to stay “neutral” on the Mayoral and Council District 6 endorsements. With that exception, each of the groups made identical endorsements—staying on the “same page”--for City Controller, Council District 6, and each called urged voters to “Vote Against Trutanich” inasmuch as no candidate has so far sought the coalition's endorsement for City Attorney. For Mayor, three of the organizations made endorsements that were similar but not exactly on the “same page.” A detailed breakdown of the endorsements made follows. In compliance with SFV/NELA NOW's conflict of interest policy for political action committee participation (the organization was the first to adopt such a policy and believes that it is the only NOW chapter that has written guidelines of this sort), Co-President Jan B. Tucker recused himself from voting on the chapter's Mayoral endorsement. Tucker, who serves as State Director for CALLAC/NLLAC in California, indicates that he could not ethically vote on the SFV/NELA NOW endorsement for Mayor because the organizational interests of CALLAC/NLLAC were substantially different. Tucker stated that his corporate “duty of loyalty” under California law dictated his choice to recuse himself in the matter. -30-

Same Page/Misma Pagina Coalition L.A. Mayor4


UFE Coalition3

Miss Revolutionaries Dual Endorsement: Garcetti, Perry

Triple Endorsement: Garcetti, Greuel, Perry5 Ranked Endorsement: Galperin 1st, Bornstein 2nd Cindy Montanez

Ranked Endorsement: Perry 1st, Garcetti 2nd Ranked Endorsement: Galperin 1st, Bornstein 2nd Cindy Montanez Vote Against Trutanich


L.A. Controller

Ranked Endorsement: Galperin 1st, Bornstein 2nd Neutral Vote Against Trutanich

Ranked Endorsement: Galperin 1st, Bornstein 2nd Cindy Montanez Vote Against Trutanich

City Council, 6th District

City Attorney Vote Against No questionnaire Trutanich responses received

The Same Page/Misma Pagina Coalition utilizes a joint candidate questionnaire (which can be downloaded from http://www.sfvnow.org/blank.html and which is likely the most extensive and subjective in California). The coalition jointly interviews the candidates. The Coalition prides itself on being as diverse as any in Los Angeles: included amongst the candidate interviewers and voting boards of the coalition groups are immigrants from Africa, Korea, Mexico, and Peru; African Americans, Jews, Chicanos, Native American and even some Honkeys/Gringos; Lesbian, Gay male, and Transgender; and members of at least four different political parties.
Previously endorsed by Same Page Coalition for this election:  Nancy Pearlman, Community College Board Office No. 6; Bob Blumenfield, City Council District 3; Maria G. Cano, Board of Education, District No. 6

1 2

San Fernando Valley/Northeast Los Angeles Chapter, National Organization for Women

California League of Latin American Citizens and National League of Latin American Citizens 3 United For Education Coalition 4 Kevin James was interviewed but failed to submit a questionnaire response and was thus precluded by coalition rules from being considered for endorsement by these participating coalition members 5 For Mayor, all SFV/NELA NOW board members/officers are free to publicly make their own endorsements and/or actions in support of any of the three candidates endorsed.