The Monster of Mars


-by Dhruv N. Chawda, Mumbai, India

The events in the following story are all falsely made. None of the things in this story are true. It is just a story for entrainment. There is nothing like monster yet found on mars. The monster of mars in this story is neither a myth nor true. STORY Long long ago, there was no life on earth. The sun was the largest and heaviest body in our solar system. Slowly the planets were born. In due course of time, nine planets started revolving round the sun. They also spun on their own axis like tops. Out of nine plants, seven had moons revolving round them. Mercury is closest to the sun and it became the fastest planet in the solar system. Today mercury has rocks, large craters, and it is very hot. It is a silent world. Venus has rocky deserts, high mountains and valleys but there no water. It is wrapped in cloud. Mars has ice caps, rivers and huge mountains, a full soil of iron oxide, but the air is too thin to breathe. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system. It is a huge ball of gases and does not have any ground to stand upon. Saturn also is a ball of gases. It has rings around it, made of ice and rocks. Uranus too, is made of gases greenish blue in color and Neptune is the same. Furthermost from the sun, Pluto is today a hard snow ball and is the coldest place in the entire solar system. The earth too, at first was a huge ball of gases. The planet earth was born 150 millions km away from sun. The earth is 4.6 million years old. At first this ball of gases was very poisonous and the earth was very hot. Slowly the earth cooled and became a giant ball of rock and metal. The surface of earth was made up of rocks and on top were oceans, lakes and land masses. The oceans covered three fourth of the earth’s surface

which helped the earth to keep cool, neither hot nor cold. Right on top, the earth was covered with a blanket of air, which protected it from the destructive radiations of sun. The clear air, water and energy form the sun helped a 100 million years later to produce a molecule on earth that could be called “life”. For 3.5million years life on earth remained in the sea. Plants began to grow, then other kind of life arrived which ate plants. These were the first plant eating animals. At last arrived the life which ate both plants as well as plant eating animals. Millions and millions of years later arrived fish, insects, birds, reptiles and Homo sapiens sapiens i.e. human being the most intelligent creature. Today mankind has progressed in every field such as art, literature, music, sports, science, etc. man has created television, fans, air conditioners, sprays, vehicles, food dishes, etc with his wisdom. NASA is a famous research institute of America. NASA selects the healthy, brave and courageous persons from all over the world. They conduct experiments in space. Once they thought that there were living things on mars. They selected their capable persons and gave them training. The persons were told to conduct experiments on mars. They were also told to bring the soil full of iron oxide from mars. After a training of thirteen years they were ready to go to the planet mars. All were in a great hurry. Their chief whished them all the best for their journey. They all counted their last seconds of departure 5…4…3…2…1…0… and there the huge spaceship flies up with a great loud blast. Huge amount of dust and smoke scattered all around. All things were working properly. Contact between spaceship and the ground staff of NASA were excellent. After a very hard journey, the mars planet came into the astronaut’s sight. They all were ready to land on the new soil. Astronauts followed the messages from their chief and other ground staff continuously. They followed their all orders and landed safely. They sent photographs of the huge mountains, rivers, etc. They conducted experiments which were told to them. They collected 1 quintal of iron oxide and arrived to earth. They again landed safely of the planet earth. The result of the astronauts’ experiments on mars was that there were living things millions and millions of years ago.

The NASA institute was very shocked to see that the soil of mars i.e. iron oxide was moving and vibrating as if it had life. This news was spreading like a wildfire by every means of communication in every country. NASA made arrangements to keep the iron oxide in a chamber full of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and water vapour. On the second night a big scaring blast was herded in the NASA office. The whole staff saw that the chamber was broken into pieces and when they checked the air it was found that the big bang was because the hydrogen was lit. The living iron oxide had disappeared. In addition to this the iron and copper pipes which supplied oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and water vapour had also disappeared. It was a puzzling mystery for NASA. The next day a number of cases came of cars being robbed. NASA proclaimed red alert in California. The NASA intelligence force declared to give an award of 10,000$ for the one who finds and informs about the monster of mars. Michael Angelo a poor man supported his family solely by working in a field. One day when he was working in this field he saw a ten feet tall man coming near him. On the top of his head he saw vapors looming out. He was very frightened by seeing this horrible man. The man within a moment melted and mixed with a car and grew bigger. Michael Angelo just thought about the big award and ran to the PCO near him. He

rang the NASA intelligence force. He gasped “T...Th...The mars man is here. Help me. Please for god sake. Help me…” The NASA intelligence force got a clue. They found that from area 51 the phone call was made. They sent their tanks, helicopters, fighter planes and armed forces. They proclaimed red alert in the areas of 49, 50, 51, 52 and 53. “No one should go out of their homes. All windows will be closed. At night all lights off.” were the words of Robert D’ousa the chief of intelligence forces. Tanks, helicopters, fighter planes and armed forces fired bullets and bombs. All were surprised to see that nothing happened to the monster. Instead of dying it became hotter and bigger. It melted the iron of the bullet and mixed with it. He melted fifteen tanks and mixed with it.

A Russian scientist Vladimir observed all the acts of the mars monster. He tried to make an antidote of the monster. He saw that he is made of iron oxide but he eats only iron. He thought that if he makes him eat an object of iron oxide coated with iron it will get destroyed. He thought why the soil of mars got life when it came on earth. What is the difference in mars and earth? The difference is only that earth has dense air and mars have very thin air. He made a trap for the monster. He made a moving vacuum chamber. He made a car of iron oxide. He gave orders to move all the cars from the area where the monster was. All things went right. The monster got trapped in the vacuum chamber. But instead of dying the monster got multiplied with a loud explosion. The idea of Vladimir got a failure and the people were very scared and angry. Half of the people in America were shifting to New Zealand. All people were going by waterways the monster avoided to go near the sea coast. He didn’t hurt any people. People were surprised to see that he didn’t attack a big ship standing near a harbour. Many scientists came forward to destroy the monster of mars. An Indian scientist Rajat Mehra was a newly astronomer of India. He had a great interest in mars. He also observed the monster of mars. He thought why the monster from beginning avoided eating flesh. He is only eating iron. He never drinks water. He thought that it is because he has brain i.e. sense. Now he knew that to destroy him will not be an easy job. Rajat Mehra the new Indian scientist made one iron ball. The iron ball consisted pork, a plastic bag which had water filled in it, and some metals and the soil of the planet earth in small quantities. The iron ball weigh about 1 quintal. He requested to the president of U.S.A. to make the monster eat the iron ball. President gave orders to Robert D’ousa to make provisions for the monster to eat the iron ball. The NASA force didn’t understand to call the iron ball an ‘iron ball’ or a ‘magic ball’. The ball worked as hydrochloric acid and the monster melted as a wax. People praised our Indian scientist as god. The president of U.S.A. ordered nine more iron balls to destroy other nine monsters of mars. They all worked properly. But just after few hours it was observed that they vibrated and moved same as before. They were destroyed but not completely. Before again they come back to life something should be done to prevent them. Rajat Mehra advised to keep them in a vacuum chamber. As they were kept in the vacuum chamber the process of the monsters which gave them life was stopped. A conference was held in Mexico by the scientist to destroy completely the mars monster. The scientist of France, England U.S.A., Australia, Russia and India were present in the conference. They decided that the main factors of the soil of mars being alive are air, climate and atmosphere of earth which protect the earth from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. The only place where there is no air, climate and atmosphere our solar system is the sun. If the monsters are kept in a

vacuum chamber of a spaceship then the monsters will not be alive. The spaceship will be programmed to go in the sun and as the sun is extremely hot, they will be decomposed in the sun. After nine long months a special spaceship was ready to take the horrible monsters in the sun. As the NASA brought the monsters, NASA destroyed the monsters. NASA boarded the monsters in the spaceship. The NASA ground staff eagerly launched the spaceship. The people heaved a sign of relief the astronomers filled less fuel so that when it crosses the earth’s gravitational force the spaceship stops. By the gravitational force of the sun, the spaceship will get automatically get pulled towards the sun. The astronomers calculated the time that spaceship will reach the sun. It was approximately thirty years. Two years before the time when the spaceship reached the sun, NASA saw the spaceship near the sun in the liquid state. It was telecasted live in the news channels of U.S.A. Just then in few hours the spaceship disappeared. The liquefied spaceship was now in the gaseous state. By then the NASA celebrated victory and proclaimed that ‘The monster of mars has been destroyed from top to bottom.

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