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TURN SEQUENCE Initiative, Movement, Firing, Melee, Morale/Rally INITIATIVE Both sides roll 1d6, whoever rolls the highest has initiative for this turn. The side that lost the initiative on the previous turn adds +1 to the roll. Any time a 6 is rolled roll another d6 1- Time for tea: One of your militia units, chosen by your opponent, does nothing this turn as it stops to have a cuppa. 2- Thats the bugger!: Choose one of your militia units, that unit gets +1 to all shooting or melee rolls this turn as someone in the unit recognises the cad on the other side who tried to seduce his wife... 3- Cough! Splutter! Cough!: Choose one of your opponents vehicles (not an aircraft), that vehicle breaks down and cannot move again until your opponent repairs it by throwing a 5 or 6 during his Morale phase. 4- Whats Phil done with the keys?!?: One of your militia or regular infantry units, chosen by your opponent, runs out of ammunition. The unit may not fire again until two members of the unit get to another friendly unit, to scrounge what ammo they can, and back again. 5- I have a cunning plan!: Choose one of your opponents militia units, you get to move them this turn. 6- Incoming!: One of your militia units, chosen by your opponent, does nothing this turn except hit the deck as it believes its about to come under heavy fire. Any shooting rolls against this unit receive an extra -1 and only veterans roll extra d6's per 6 rolled. MOVEMENT Type Move Fast Rough Armour Infantry 4 +1d6 4 Civilian car/van 10 +1d6 5 2 Armoured civilian 6 +1d3 3 3 Civilian lorry/bus 8 +1d3 4 2 Armoured lorry/bus 6 3 3 Steam lorry 6 3 2 Armoured steam 4 2 3 Traction engine 4 2 2 Armoured traction 4 2 3 Bicycle 8 +1d6 6 Cavalry 10 +2d6 10 Armoured car 10 +1d6 6 3 Light tank 10 +1d6 10 4 Medium tank 8 +1d3 8 5 Heavy tank 6 6 6 Aircraft 20 2 (min 10) Aircraft ignore all terrain. Large hedges may only be crossed by heavy tanks. Stone and brick walls may only be crossed by tanks and armoured cars. Infantry and cavalry may cross them if they are no higher than an infantry figure. Woods are only passable to cavalry, bicycles (no fast movement for either) and infantry. Vehicles and bicycles which complete all their movement on roads may roll an extra 1d6 for fast movement.

FIRING Weapon Range Anti-Veh Anti-Inf Pistol 12 1d6 Shotgun 12 2d6 Rifle 24 1d6 Smg 12 2d6 Lmg 24 2d6 For all the above weapons every 3 hits 1 armour penetrated vs vehicles Hmg 36 1d3 3d6 Anti-tank rifle 12 2d3 Light cannon 24 1d6 2 burst Medium cannon 36 1d6+1 3 burst Large cannon 48 1d6+2 4 burst Light mortar 6-24 1d3 2 burst Medium mortar8-36 1d6 3 burst Heavy mortar 10-48 1d6+2 4 burst Burst Weapons: Regular & veterans 1d6 scatter, militia 2d6 scatter. 1D6 per figure under burst to hit. Armour value must be beaten to knock out a vehicle. Firer Militia Regular Veteran Modifiers To Roll Target Firer Light cover -1 Moved -1 Medium cover -2 Moved Fast -2 Heavy cover -3 Moved -1 A roll of 6 is always a hit. Regulars and veterans roll an extra d6 per 6 rolled. Reaction Fire Any unit that did not fire in its previous fire phase may shoot at any enemy unit that moves through its front fire arc. Only 6's hit (no re-rolls for regulars) and the unit may not fire in its next fire phase. MELEE Any unit moving into contact with an enemy unit counts as charging. 1d6 per figure in contact with an enemy figure or across obstacle. To Hit Modifiers Militia 5+ Charged +1 (first round of combat only) Regular 4+ Opponent behind obstacle -1 (both sides get this) Veteran 3+ Opponent suppressed +1 Casualties must be taken from those actually in melee. The unit that suffers the most casualties takes a morale check. If both sides suffer the same amount of casualties or the morale check was passed immediately fight another round of melee. If a second (or third etc) round is to be fought the side that did not need to take a morale check gets to move extra figures into combat or a better defensive position first. If both sides suffered the same amount of casualties each side rolls 1d6 with -1 for militia and +1 for veterans. The winner of the roll gets to move its figures first. MORALE/RALLY When to Test Militia taking first casualty due to firing Any unit that goes below 50% of its starting number Each phase a unit suffers a shooting casualty once its below 50% If a vehicles armour is equalled by any hit Roll 2d6 2-4 5-8 9-12 Modifiers to Roll Militia rout off field* suppressed hold In medium or heavy cover +1 Regular retire 2d6* suppressed hold Over 50% of unit left +1 Veteran suppressed hold hold Command within 6 +1 Not under fire or in melee +1 *if in medium or heavy cover suppressed instead Regular +1 Veteran +2 Suppressed -1 To Hit 5+ 4+ 3+