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MYTh5 8 L|N50
N0 K|wN|5 FM|LY:
0|5TP|LT N0 0||5|0N: 5
FM|LY 5Y5TEM N0 5P|P|T: 5
MPP N0 Lh|P|N5 EENT5: 8
uPL0M|N5 EENT5: 9
PE50uPLE5: |0
Circle K exists on an international
level, existin in 17 nations world
wide with over 13,250 members.
Our District encompasses Calitornia,
Nevada, and Hawaii, spannin over
2700 miles with +0 clubs and over
1,000 members.
The Paradise Division includes 7
clubs, trom Hawaii and the reion ot
$an Dieo.
Our club is the larest community service
oranization at the Lniversity ot
Calitornia, $an Dieo.
A specialized community service
roup composed ot adults who
live with disabilities.
Hih school branch ot Kiwanis,
dedicated to servin
the community.
Hih school branch ot Kiwanis,
dedicated to servin
the community.
Community service club at
the middle school level.
Colleiate community
service oranization with a
worldwide membership.
Teaches elementary school
students the value ot helpin
other throuh community service.
The parent
oranization ot all the
branches ot the
Kiwanis Family.
- Circ|e K Icke: Icc much Iime.
Circle K doesn't require a specitic amount ot par Circle K doesn't require a specitic amount ot par
ticipation to remain a member. The benetit that
you do receive trom this oranization does depend
on how much time you are willin to put into it,
throuh the Member Reconition Proram as a tes
tament that what you put into somethin is what
you et out ot it.
- lI: Icc |cIe Ic jcin c fcmi|y cr Leccme c
False You are welcome to join at any time ot the
year. Once you become a member, we will place
you into a tamily.
- Circ|e K i: ju:I fcr ccmmuniIy :ervice.
Circle K otters a variety ot opportunities tor mem Circle K otters a variety ot opportunities tor mem
bers, such as. leadership skills, event plannin, vol
unteer access to local $an Dieo events, network
in, and a whole lot more
CEFF = C|uL EvenI FepcrI Fcrm
CKl = Circ|e K lnIerncIicnc|
CNH = Cc|ifcrnic Nevccc Hcwcii
DCM = Divi:icnc| Ccunci| MeeIing
DCCN = Di:IricI CcnvenIicn
DFl = Di:IricI Funcrci:ing lniIicIive
DLSSF = Di:IricI Lcrge Scc|e Service FrcjecI DLSSF = Di:IricI Lcrge Scc|e Service FrcjecI
DSl = Di:IricI Service lniIicIive
DSSS = Di:IricI Summer Service Sccic|
FIC = Fc|| Ircining Ccnference
lCCN = lnIerncIicnc| CcnvenIicn
LSSF = Lcrge Scc|e Service FrcjecI
LIG = LieuIencnI Gcverncr
MFF = McnIh|y FepcrI Fcrm MFF = McnIh|y FepcrI Fcrm
MFF = MemLer:hip FeccgniIicn Frcgrcm
SIC = Spring Ircining Ccnference
WiIh cn crgcnizcIicn ccmpri:ec cf cLcuI 200 pecp|e, new memLer: mcy fee| c |iII|e LiI cver-
whe|mec wiIh everyIhing IhcI i: hcppening. Hcwever, hcve nc fecr, Ihe fcmi|y :y:Iem i: herel /||
pcic memLer: cre p|ccec in cne cf Ihe :ix fcmi|ie: IhcI Ihe c|uL i: :p|iI inIc. Ihi: c||cw: new mem-
Ler: Ic fcmi|icrize wiIh Ihe c|uL cn c mcre per:cnc| |eve|. Ecch fcmi|y hc: Iwc cr Ihree Fcmi|y
Hecc: cnc cifferenI fcmi|y ccmpeIiIicn: cnc :ccic|: IhrcughcuI Ihe yecr. WiIhin Ihe fcmi|ie:,
new memLer: {LiII|e:) cre mcIchec up wiIh c reIurning memLer {8ig) Lc:ec cn per:cnc|iIy IrciI:
cnc inIere:I:. Ycur 8ig i: :cmecne whc he|p: Ic guice ycu in Circ|e K cnc even he|p: ycu cuI
IhrcughcuI ycur enIire cc||ege experience.
Cne cf Ihe ncIcL|e Ihing: cLcuI Circ|e
K i: Ihe :piriI cnc price we hcve fcr c||
IhcI we cc, ncI cn|y Ihrcugh ci:IricI
evenI:, LuI ycu ccn even :ee Ihe
enIhu:ic:m IhcI exuLercIe: frcm Circ|e
K memLer: cn ccmpu:. /mcng mcny
cf cur cheer:, here i: UCSD Circ|e K:
:igncIure cheer, :igncIure cheer,
SlC {Service i: CcnIcgicu:).
/hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CHCCl
Ccugh, ccugh, ccugh
Sneeze, :neeze, :neeze
We've gcI Ihe Circ|e K ci:ec:e
Sc ccme cnc Icuch u:
Cuz :ervice i: ccnIcgicu:
GeI :ic, GeI :ic GeI :ic, GeI :ic
CcIch iI ccIch iI, Cuick Cuick
{Cne per:cn): Ycu kncw ycu Ihink cur
mc:ccI': c|ever
{Everycne): Cuz UCSD i: Ihe Le:I c|uL everl
Put toether the club
newsletter as well as
brainstorm ideas to pub
licize the club and en
courae intercampus
and interclub relations.
Other committees to look torward to.
Key 2 Collee
District Level Committees.
Besides club level committees, there are also district Besides club level committees, there are also district
committees such as Awards Committee, DCON Com
mittee, Finance e Fundraisin Committee, and many
more Look out tor these leadership
opportunities toward the end ot the school year.
Ihe MemLer:hip FeccgniIicn Frcgrcm {MFF) reccgnize: cue:-pcic memLer: fcr Iheir ceciccIicn Ic
:ervice, |eccer:hip, cnc fe||cw:hip. ln ccciIicn Ic Leing cwcrcec cn c ci:IricI |eve|, cur c|uL wi|| c|:c
rewcrc ycu fcr c|| cf ycur effcrI: IhrcughcuI Ihe yecr fcr Leing :uch cn cwe:cme memLerl
Chciring evenI: i: c grecI |eccer:hip cppcrIuniIy cnc c wcy Ic Leccme mcre invc|vec wiIh Ihe
c|uL. lf ycu wcu|c |ike Ic chcir cn evenI, ccme cuI Ic c ccmmiIIee meeIing cnc vc|unIeer, cr ycu
ccn even per:cnc||y c:k Ihe per:cn in chcrge cf Ihe evenI. Ycu wi|| hcve Ic fi|| cuI c C|uL EvenI
FepcrI Fcrm {cr CEFF fcr :hcrI), cnc Iurn iI in Ic Ihe cpprcpricIe pecp|e. E-mci| Fi|ip
{fhe::.uc:ccki:ec@gmci|.ccm) fcr mcre infcrmcIicn cnc c L|cnk CEFF. Ihere i: even c guice cn cur
weL:iIe cn :Iep: cn hcw Ic fi|| cuI c CEFF, :c cefiniIe|y :eize Ihi: chcncel