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Also, now that you have Blizzaga, go out to the Coliseum lobby and use it on the torches to receive

a HOLY-G. Then check under one of the statues to find a purple pot containing an ORICHALCUM. When you are done with all you wanna do at the Coliseum (leave the two mystery challenges alone... for now), head off to Neverland. ~=============================================================================~ | * NEVERLAND [W2] | ~=============================================================================~ _____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | WEAPONS: Dream Rod ........... [ ] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | MAGIC: Stopga .............. [ ] | |_____________________________________________________________________________| |=============================================================================| | ENEMIES: Phantom (Boss) | |_____________________________________________________________________________| '=============================================================================' You'll notice you can no longer land in the Clock Tower area, so head to the Ship: Cabin area. Place Peter in your party and then talk to Tinker Bell, who is hanging out in a corner of the room. Who you replace depends on your situation. If you are confident that you have enough MP restoring items and abilities (MP Rage is a HUGE help; the next boss hits so hard that he'll restore enough MP for you to cast a Cure spell and then some), then leave Donald in your party. If you think you don't have enough resources, leave Goofy in your party and equip all of his MP boosting abilities (MP Haste, etc.) and finally MP Gift. This will allow you to maintain a lot of MP. You'll be using Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Curaga, and Stopra throughout the battle, so it's up to you which spells you want in your shortcut menu. I would suggest putting Stopra and Curaga there, since these two spells will definitely be needed in a pinch. The three elemental spells can be cast somewhat more leisurely. As you are on your way to the Clock Tower, a sinister figure appears and challenges you to a battle. _____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | BOSS FIGHT: Phantom [W3] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Stats | HP: 1200 ATK: 42 | | | EXP: 9999 DEF: 34 | | | | | Drops (Defeated) | Stop upgrade | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | As soon as this battle begins, fly over to the clock and cast Stopra on the | | minute hand. This causes the clock to stop for a short while. If the clock | | reaches the 12, you can kiss one of your party members goodbye for the rest | | of the battle. Needless to say, you don't want this to happen a third time, | | or you lose the battle. When the Stopra spell wears off, cast another one. | | In fact, you can cast a new Stopra before the spell wears off if you don't | | want to cut it close (which you shouldn't). | | | | Anyway, you have to look under Phantom in order to find out how to hurt it. | | If the orb under it is red, cast a Firaga spell. If the orb under it is |

| blue, cast a Blizzaga spell. Yellow is Thundaga, and white is a physical | | attack. Once in a while, he'll fly in front of one of the clock faces and | | shoot energy balls at you that deplete your HP, but this shouldn't be a | | problem if you are flying away from it. To avoid this attack, simply fly | | around to the other side of the Clock Tower when you see it pause in front | | of the clock face. Follow the rules of this battle, and you should emerge | | victorious (especially if you're around level 77). | |_____________________________________________________________________________| '=============================================================================' After the battle, your Stopra magic is upgraded to STOPGA. You can now return to Merlin to obtain Donald's DREAM ROD (which isn't very useful if you have his Save the Queen staff). ~=============================================================================~ | * AGRABAH [W4] | ~=============================================================================~ _____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | ENEMIES: Kurt Zisa (Boss) | |_____________________________________________________________________________| '=============================================================================' Return to Agrabah and land in Aladdin's House. Place Elixirs in everyone's item slots. After saving, talk to Carpet, who is flipping out. He takes you into the Desert where you find a strange mechanical Heartless. _____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | BOSS FIGHT: Kurt Zisa [W5] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Stats | HP: 1500 ATK: 42 | | | EXP: 20000 DEF: 34 | | | | | Drops (Defeated) | -| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | As the battle starts, cast Aeroga quickly, because your magic is about to | | get locked. You could attempt to summon Tink, though this takes a bit | | longer and carries some risk--you could end up not being able to cast | | anything. | | | | Superglide over to Kurt Zisa and attack the glowing orbs in his hands. | | After you kill each one, generous large HP Balls will be released. When it | | falls over, immediately start attacking its head. You should be able to | | deplete its life to at least the orange bar. Remember that your magic is | | back the second those two white orbs are gone, so heal if the head smacks | | you. | | | | If you haven't summoned Tinker Bell yet, wait until you can't hit Kurt's | | head anymore, and summon her. You won't regret it, especially the next time | | your magic gets locked out. | | | | When Kurt Zisa gets up again, it casts a protective barrier around it which | | can only be destroyed by magic. From my experience, Blizzaga works best IF | | you are patient with Kurt. He moves around fast, but if you can get in | | close and hit him with a full blast of Blizzaga, it takes the most HP away | | from his shield at the lowest MP cost. Firaga and Thundaga work as well, | | but Firaga does too little damage, and Thundaga takes way more MP away. If | | you don't have Tink out yet, summon Mushu to bring the shield down extra |

| fast (tip from my friend Ryan). | | | | Occasionally, when you hit the shield, MP Balls fall out, so try and stay | | in close. When the shield is destroyed, continue hitting Kurt. When it gets | | back up, it will start the pattern over again by sealing your magic. | | | | If you have two MP Rages and MP Haste equipped, then just follow Kurt Zisa | | when it puts up the magic barrier. Donald will cast spells, making it shoot | | out MP Balls, and if any of the attacks hit you, you will gain MP and be | | able to heal. This is a good way to recharge. | | | | The second time it seals your magic, it uses a spinning blade attack that | | can be extremely difficult to dodge (apologies for saying before that it | | was undodgable). When the spin attack is vertical, you'll have to Dodge | | Roll to the left or right at the last second to avoid it. When the attack | | is horizontal, jumping at the last second (hopefully you have High Jump | | equipped!) will allow you to avoid damage. He will usually use these | | attacks in quick succession, around 5 times, randomly switching between the | | horizontal and vertical attacks. Your only hope is to either get very used | | to predicting and timing your aversion to these attacks, or be quick with | | your Elixirs. | | | | Kurt Zisa should go down after he uses his barrier for the second time, if | | you're lucky. If not, you're probably looking at going through the cycle a | | third time. | '=============================================================================' If you've defeated Kurt Zisa, you're definitely ready for the Ice Titan and Sephiroth. Head back to the Coliseum. ~=============================================================================~ | * COLISEUM [W6] | ~=============================================================================~ _____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | ENEMIES: Ice Titan (Boss) Sephiroth (Boss) | |_____________________________________________________________________________| '=============================================================================' The first mystery match pits you against the fearsome Ice Titan. Be sure to be around level 78. _____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | BOSS FIGHT: Ice Titan [W7] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Stats | HP: 1500 ATK: 46 | | | EXP: 5000 DEF: 46 | | | | | Drops (Defeated) | -| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | The trick to winning this battle is the MP trick I mentioned earlier. Equip | | the MP Rages and the MP Haste abilities. This way, you can heal whenever | | you get hurt. The Ice Titan has many attacks you should look out for. The | | most basic attack it has is shooting icicles at you. If you lock on to its | | head, you can hit the icicles back at it. USE THE GUARD ABILITY! It's so | | much easier than trying to use the Keyblade to do this. This is actually | | the only effective way to cause damage to this boss (for now). | | |

| It is important that you do not cast Aeroga during this battle. Doing so | | will cause the icicles to become too big to hit back at it. Also, seeing as | | you don't have your friends, you will not be able to summon Tinker Bell. | | Yes, this means you'll have to TRY. | | | | Another attack it uses early on involves it shoving its hand into the | | ground. Icicles pop up all over the battlefield, and the first one will | | usually target you automatically. Use Dodge Roll to avoid this attack. | | | | It can also summon three large ice boulders that fall on you. When you see | | it spread its claws (you'll get familiar with the attack pattern) run | | horizontal across the screen to avoid the boulders. | | | | It can sweep the arena with its icy breath. If you are hit by this attack, | | you'll freeze into and ice block. If you jump over it, be sure to glide | | forward a little, so you don't slip on the icy residue. A flurry of icicles | | always follows up this attack. | | | | Oh yeah, and watch out for the shockwaves that emanate from the feet. | | | | Use the icicles to cause small damage to the head (after locking on of | | course). After a while, the Ice Titan will keel over for a few precious | | seconds. Use special abilities sparingly, unless you have a lot of Ethers | | in stock. After taking a chunk of health away, the Ice Titan will rise once | | again. | | | | After every time it gets knocked down, the Ice Titan will modify its attack | | pattern. After it gets knocked down a second time, you'll want to stand on | | the bleachers as far away as possible. It has an attack that covers | | everything in its immediate range and then some. If you are far enough | | away, you won't even be hit. If you are too close, prepare to be frozen | | several times. A flurry of icicles (and later ice boulders) always follows | | this attack. | | | | And there you have it. This is a tricky battle, but the worst is yet to | | come. | |_____________________________________________________________________________| '=============================================================================' And now for the last boss fight in the Coliseum... be sure to fill Sora's item slots with Elixirs. _____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | BOSS FIGHT: Sephiroth [W8] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Stats | HP: 1800 ATK: 46 | | | EXP: 18000 DEF: 46 | | | | | Drops (Defeated) | -| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Wow. Yeah, this is the infamous last boss of Final Fantasy VII and now he's | | back, to challenge Sora to a one-on-one duel to the death... er, winning | | the tournament, rather. | | | | Sephiroth isn't a single strategy boss, so I'll break it up. | | | | When the battle begins, target him and keep it that way. He will get many | | hits on you during this phase (oh, it gets worse), so be ready to heal for | | every two or so hits you take (jump away and quickly heal while in the |

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

air). To attack Sephiroth, jump at him (do not glide) and use your Keyblade to close the distance. If you glide towards him, it takes you longer to pull out your Keyblade, and it's much easier for him to hit you. As you close the distance with your Keyblade strike, finish up with a combo. This may or may not cause him to disappear. If he does, quickly jump out of the way or use Guard and target him again. During this time, you'll also have to look out for his "Power" attacks. A column of fire surrounds him, and if you're caught in it, you'll get hit once or twice. He uses it if you don't finish up a combo while attacking him, or if he blocks you with his sword. There's nothing to do other than heal after this onslaught. If you happen to hit him and interrupt him during this time, don't be surprised when he decides to use this attack again. When you start depleting his pink bar, he changes strategy a little. You'll know when this happens if he just stands there taunting you. When you see him teleport away, and not appear behind you, *very* quickly target him and Superglide to him as he's saying "Descend Heartless Angel" (for a while, everyone thought he was saying "Sin Harvest"; it's a shame, Sin Harvest sounds so much cooler). If you feel that you aren't going to make it in time, head instead to the other side of the arena and get an Elixir ready to the point where it asks you who you are giving it to. As soon as your MP depletes and your HP reaches one, press the button to use the Elixir. This refills everything, but Sephiroth will probably hit you anyway. You will lose if you don't use an Elixir or even just a Potion and Ether. Also at this point in the battle, he starts teleporting a lot more, and running around, making it extremely hard to hit him, except when he's using Descend Heartless. It's easier to focus on avoiding the Descend Heartless attack if you don't attack him AT ALL during this time EXCEPT during the Descend Heartless attack. This gives you time to stay in the middle of the arena and easily be close to wherever he appears. When you start depleting his orange bar, he says something like, "Come, power!" and the screen will darken. During this time, he is invulnerable to attack, and he hits you unmercifully. Since it's extremely hard to pull off a Curaga spell during this onslaught, use Aeroga before or during it to lessen the damage. Continuously hit the Guard button and he won't even touch you (well, maybe once or twice, but that's not a problem if you have Aeroga on). Be ready to stop another Descend Heartless attack after this "Come Power" portion. When you get him to his yellow bar, he changes his attack pattern yet AGAIN. When green energy wells up around him, orbs appear, so try to avoid those. After he absorbs them, he summons meteors and is invulnerable to your attacks again. Glide around Sephiroth to avoid the several meteors that create shockwaves as they hit the ground. The meteors begin to spin around him, and they will probably hit you unless you're very lucky or very good. Watch out for the giant meteor that appears above his head. When it starts to fall towards you, Superglide away to avoid it. That ends this portion of the battle. At this point, you'll want to keep Aeroga cast. He uses a spinning tornado attack at you, and it's pretty tough to dodge. You'll have to stay relatively close if you want to attack. It's best to attack right after one of these spinning attacks, but watch out for his teleport again, he still uses it, this time in conjunction with the tornado attack. Using Ars Arcanum at this time can pretty much seal the battle, depending on your strength and MP remaining, and depending on Sephiroth's life bar.

| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

| | | This last part of the battle is actually a relief compared to the Descend | | Heartless / "Come Power" portion. Just keep Aeroga on, and heal as often as | | you are able, and you will finally win this frightening battle. | |_____________________________________________________________________________| '=============================================================================' Now that you've done everything there is to do, it's finally time to return to the End of the World and end some unfinished business with Ansem. You don't even have to be a high level to finish the game. Level 65 suffices, but if you've followed the guide, you should be around level 81. Well that's fine too, eh? By the way, if you are missing any Trinity Marks, Dalmatians, Gummi Blueprints, etc., now is the time to collect them. Check their respective sections after the walkthrough. ~=============================================================================~ | R. END OF THE WORLD [R0] | ~=============================================================================~ _____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | ENEMIES: Ansem (Boss) World of Chaos (Boss) | | Darkside (Boss) | |_____________________________________________________________________________| '=============================================================================' Return to the Final Rest area and save. Now, head through the final door. Back on Destiny Islands, head to where the Secret Place is to trigger a cutscene. _____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | BOSS FIGHT: Ansem [R1] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Stats | HP: 1500 ATK: 40 | | | EXP: 10000 DEF: 30 | | | | | Drops (Defeated) | -| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Ansem's guardian shadow thing is a real nuisance in this battle. He can get | | in front of Ansem and block any attacks coming from your end. It also | | shoots out blades and such, but after coming out of that battle with | | Sephiroth alive, can you really complain? | | | | The only really special thing you can do to mix the battle up a little more | | is to use Guard against the blades. They'll deflect back and hit Ansem for | | a teensy bit of damage. | | | | Sometimes, the demon thingie will possess Sora and changes his attack | | command to Freeze for tiny bits of time. If you try attacking during this | | time, the guardian will come out and grab Sora for a while. If you sit idly | | by while Sora is possessed, the demon will occasionally come out and damage | | Sora. This is a good time to go after Ansem and give him all you've got, | | however (while the guardian is dormant). | |_____________________________________________________________________________| '=============================================================================' After the battle, restock Sora's supply of items if need be. Sora fights the next two battles alone.

_____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | BOSS FIGHT: Darkside (3) [R2] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Stats | HP: 900 ATK: 40 | | | EXP: 8000 DEF: 30 | | | | | Drops (Defeated) | -| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Darkside is back yet again, but he's no different (other than a larger HP | | meter). You shouldn't have any trouble defeating him. | |_____________________________________________________________________________| '=============================================================================' _____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | BOSS FIGHT: Ansem (2) [R3] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Stats | HP: 1200 ATK: 40 | | | EXP: 20000 DEF: 30 | | | | | Drops (Defeated) | -| |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Ansem uses a few new attacks in this battle. He charges at you back and | | forth across the battlefield, which is a little tough to dodge, even when | | using Superglide. He also likes to use a lightning attack, but it's not | | very damaging. | | | | Your best bet is to keep Aeroga on during the entire battle, and not only | | to mitigate damage. Aeroga can block Ansem's charge attack without you | | having to press anything, and Aeroga can (somewhat slowly) drain Ansem's | | life, even when the guardian is blocking him! | | | | When he says something like, "My strength returns..." the guardian will pop | | up from the ground several times and try to hit you. Just use Dodge Roll | | back and forth and you'll be fine. | | | | He uses the guardian to possess you again. During this attack you should | | use special abilities like Ragnarok. | |_____________________________________________________________________________| '=============================================================================' _____________________________________________________________________________ |=============================================================================| | BOSS FIGHT: World of Chaos [R4] | |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------| | This strange floating ship is the giant series of battles between you and | | the end of the game. You'll have to systematically take down the ship and | | get your friends back. | | | | A note before you begin: flying to the top of the area at any time will | | cause Ansem to release bat-like Heartless to attack you. While this may | | seem like something not worth mentioning, they DO give you a lot of HP | | balls if you kill them (helpful if you're out of MP and items for whatever | | reason). | | | | Go after Ansem first. He uses his staff to knock you away and shoot energy | | beams at you, but you should be fine if you just keep attacking. After you | | deplete his life bar, he protects himself with a Heartless symbol, and Sora |

| flies into a portal. | | | | In the portal, attack the Shadows that appear, and look for the giant | | floating nasty thing. Attacking this will cause a black portal to appear in | | front of Ansem. Attack the weird blubbery things in front of it, then fly | | over to it again and enter. Destroy the Darkballs and the nasty thing here | | to release Goofy. | | | | Now the face has opened up, but you'll want to take care of the blubbery | | things under it first so that they don't distract you. Ignore the energy | | and lightning damage, and attack the face, healing when necessary. You get | | 3000 EXP for defeating the face. After that, it opens, and you can enter a | | new portal. Destroy the Invisibles here and the final nasty thing to free | | Donald and blow up the face. | | | | That makes the shield around the core of the ship go away, but you'll have | | to take care of more blubbery things before you can commence attacking. The | | mound of blubber with the jack-o-lantern face is your target. Attack it | | until it implodes. Or explodes. Or whatever. | | | | Ansem is no longer protected by the Heartless shield, so go attack him | | again. This is the last portion of the battle. You'll have to contend with | | more lasers than ever, in addition to a powerful new vortex attack. When | | you see the big black sphere of destruction open up, fly quickly away or | | kiss most of your HP goodbye. | | | | When Ansem has just over a life bar left, land down on the bottom part of | | the ship and summon Dumbo for a cheap and somewhat hilarious win. | | | | You get a generous (but rather pointless) 20,000 EXP for winning the | | battle. | | | | If you really ARE having trouble (my strategy is assuming that you beat | | Sephy), try using more summons, more magic, or more items. Give it your | | all! It's the last battle after all. If you're really stuck, I suggest | | leveling up more and getting better equipment. Good luck! | |_____________________________________________________________________________| '=============================================================================' And that's it! Enjoy then ending sequence, you've certainly earned it. If you have all the Dalmatians, sealed every keyhole, and beat the Hades Cup, then you will get an extra special ending movie... it's a trailer to Kingdom Hearts 2! Most excellent. SHAMELESS PLUG!: Need a guide for Kingdom Hearts II? Why not use mine!? Find it here:

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