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Visit the South Travel Packet!

The property of: ______________________________ Traveling Partner: ______________________________ Home State: ________________________________ Departure date: ______________________________

Activity 1 Visit the South Region photograph Response (photo from South Region Project page) What features/items do you see in the photo? List up to 6 items below. ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________

Choose TWO items. How are these items important to the region? 1. ___________________ is important to the region because _____________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________ is important to the region because _____________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________

Activity 2 People, Places, and Resources videos Turn up the volume on your computer just a bit, so you and your partner can hear the video and not disturb your fellow travelers! After you view each video, check it off. _____ Economy How people make a living? _____ Natural Resources _____ Physical Resources _____ Climate and weather

Activity 3 Now its time for you to begin your journey! What states will you be travelling through? Browse through the classroom resources or the State Information Links on the Visit the South Region blog if you want. Your browsing should take 10 15 minutes at the most. Write the states (and their capitals) you have chosen below. We will begin our trip in _____________ ______________, then we will travel through ________________ ____________________. Finally we will complete _____________________.

my adventures in _________________

Activity 4 On your South Region map, neatly (with pen or marker and straight edge) mark your trip through the South Region states. Circle your home state and the state you are travelling to.

Activity 5 Plan your trip! Using the links under State Information Links, gather information about your home state and your destination state by completing Visit the South Region Project Planner in your Travel Packet. You and your partner will gather the information by helping each other research different locations. This activity should take no more than TWO CLASS PERIODS.

Activity 6 Using Google Earth and with teacher direction, determine the approximate number of miles between the TWO state capitals in the states you have researched. Record your information below. It is approximately _______________ miles between ______________, ______________________ and _________________, ___________________. To get from one city to the other, I would probably take the following mode of transportation (circle one or more): plane train car bicycle

because _________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

Activity 7 Project Presentation (see teacher for additional information) Choose one of these choices to show your classmates your fabulous trip: *PowerPoint Presentation *Newscast *Rap or other musical mode *Ultimate postcard *Travel Brochure *Informational poster TV advertisement *Your choice (see teacher)