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FOR THE ACTION OF LENDING AID A. For rich countries 1.

Economic advantages cheap labor market expansion tariff reduction natural resources exploitation

2. Political benefits having allies in dealing with the worlds issue like environment, tourism promulgation of political beliefs through cultural activities

3. Responsibility avoiding illegal immigration war redemption Global issues

4. Examples America lending aid to Thailand America lending aid to Japan

B. For poor countries 1. Economic edges more jobs expertise gaining more money to develop ( deal with illiteracy, disease and etc,) up-gradation of technology

2. Cultural and political gains

having allies enriching their culture

3. Examples Vietnam receiving aid from Japan India receiving aid from America A. Against rich countries 1. Economic disadvantages Lose their technology secrets Lose jobs to poor countries Budget deficit AGAINST THE ACTION OF LENDING AID

2. Inhumane Poor people in rich countries need help

B. Against poor countries 1. Economic disadvantages Lose natural resources Consumer market Lose talented people/ brain-drain

2. Cultural and political adverse impact Invasion of foreign cultures Forfeit their autonomy