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One of Greece's most beloved myths is that of Perseus and Andromeda. He is the son of Zeus, she is the princess of Ethiopia. He has to rescue her from a sea serpent, ends up doing just that and they get married. They are the founders of the Persians, according to Greek myth.

Tanya Whitford is a beautiful African American community volunteer who teaches Greek mythology in the inner city she grew up in. But watch what happens when she comes across a mysterious book that brings the handsome Perseus to life and he imagines her to be his Andromeda!


About the author:

Melissa Kyeyune wants to take the world by storm with her writings, one story at a time. Either that, or she simply wants to spot one of her books being read in a train station. Now wouldn't that be something?

Copyright 2012 by Melissa Kyeyune

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the prior consent of the Publisher, excepting brief quotes used in reviews.

A Greek God In Harlem


Melissa Kyeyune




Prologue Perseus walked through the golden pillars and along the marble floor. His mind was unsettled. Why did he have to


prove anything to anyone? His golden sandals made no noise as he approached his father's throne. He would tell his father once and for all that he was not going to The Kingdom of Ethiopia. He was not going to slay Cetus, the sea serpent. The reigning Queen of Ethiopia had summoned the monster after she had declared herself more beautiful than the Nereides. Nobody does that. They just don't. Personally, Perseus thought the Ethiopian queen was more appealing than the Nereides, but Cetus did not. It was now wrecking havoc over her land and its people. Nothing could tame it. And that is when the gods of Greece had been summoned. Each of the gods, as mighty as they were, had come up with an excuse not to face the devilish monster, moreover in an unknown land so far away.

It finally came down to Perseus, who was the handsome son of a god. A very important god.


Perseus cleared his throat as he faced the humongous throne of his father, who was holding his head as if in pain. Zeus looked up and smiled as he saw his beloved son. He knew what his son had come to talk to him about. A bellowing voice said, "Hello son." Perseus gathered all his courage and stated, "I am not going to Ethiopia." Zeus frowned and replied loudly, "No. You will do as I say." A young peasant boy looked up at the clouds and so did his mother. The clouds were turning grey and flashes of lightning appeared. "The gods are arguing," The mother said as she looked up at the rain clouds. Her husband nodded and told her to get on with selling the tomatoes. "Mother is sick. I am not leaving her here for what will be a long odyssey to a dark land." Perseus stated matter-of-factedly.


Zeus sighed as he thought of his wife. It was true, Queen Danae, Perseus' mother was ailing and constantly in bed. Their bed was made of clouds, but that didn't stop Danae from perspiring greatly. She was a mortal after all. "Yes. Your mother is sick. However, this is your chance to prove yourself as a man, as your brother Hercules once did." Perseus winced. He hated it when he was compared to Hercules, his older half brother. As much as he loved him, he didn't want to be him. He wanted to be himself, Perseus. "There is a girl," Zeus said, half smiling. Perseus stared at his father dumbfounded. Was he really playing the 'girl' card with him? It was true Perseus loved his fair share of beautiful mortals, but not enough to face certain death. Zeus continued, "Andromeda. She is the daughter of Queen Cassiopeia and King Cepheus. She's the princess of Ethiopia. She's about your age and very desirable."


Perseus knew there was something his father was not telling him, "So I slay the sea serpent and get to dally with Andromeda, just like that?" Zeus added on quickly. "Of course. One little thing..." Perseus sighed. Of course, there's always one little thing... "She's tied to a rock in the rapids of the Nile River, naked. And Cetus is making sure no hero comes to rescue her. Not even her fianc, Phineus, to whom she is engaged." Perseus gave his father a blank stare. So he was going to leave his sick mother to rescue a princess who was already promised to someone else... "Did you say naked?" Perseus inquired. Zeus nodded and the two snickered at each other before a woman cleared her throat. They both turned to find the beautiful Queen Danae standing there, her hand on her stomach. She was getting paler by the day and she was now holding her stomach. Perseus rushed to her side with lightning speed and held her. She smiled lovingly at her son and touched his


cheek. Her hand was sweating, like her face. When asked what was wrong, she told her husband and son, "Medusa came to me in a dream yet again... son you have to go and rescue Andromeda from the rock, in order for me to live..." Both Zeus and Perseus looked at her in shock. This was what it was coming to? Medusa was entering her dreams? Perseus looked into his mother's eyes. If this was what it took... he would do it. He would travel to the land of the beautiful dark people. The Kingdom of Ethiopia awaited him. Andromeda awaited him...

"Hey Tanya are you gonna buy that book or what?" the shop owner shouted.


Tanya gasped in shock and closed the book, its dust flowing into her face. She sneezed and looked up at the Arab salesman who had called her name. She had been so engrossed in the story that she had forgotten she was reading it in a store. She set the book Perseus back in its place.

Chapter one


Donyelle opened her textbook and practically shoved her head in it, trying to ignore her boyfriend. He was currently making eyes at Julianna, the lone Latina in the class. She rolled her eyes. Was he trying to make her jealous? If so, he was succeeding greatly. Her eyes bore into the book that she was not reading. When she stole another glance at them, she was taken by surprise. Morris, her boyfriend, was looking straight at her. He winked. Donyelle stuck her tongue out and went back to 'reading'. She hated it when he did that, flirting with other girls. Admittedly, she did the same thing with the guys. Yup, they were a weird insecure couple, that couldn't admit that they loved each other. Morris stood up from where he had been talking to Julianna and all the girls turned to look at him walk. Tall, dark and handsome. Donyelle was so lucky! He purposefully passed by her seat without giving her a second glance and









How could he? Then she felt him cup her face, turn it up and kiss her. The whole class cheered. When their passionate kiss was over, he whispered into her ear, "I've been wanting to do that all morning." Donyelle let out a deep breath and composed herself before asking, "Whatever Morris. Have you done the assignment? The one on Zeus?" Morris shrugged, "Don't know, don't care. I'm in this class for the credits." His girlfriend shook her head. He had to let go of this 'bad boy' attitude. This was so not him. "Here for the credits huh?" Tanya Whitford entered the class with a bunch of books. The whole class groaned. They had hoped the lecture was not on. Morris licked his lips at Tanya, who was getting ready to write on the board, "Morning teach'. Looking good." Tanya shot him the evil eye and looked at Donyelle apologetically.


"Please sit down Morris. Our lecture has begun. So who can tell me about Zeus?" Tanya tried to pull her skirt down. She was the lecturer for Greek Mythology here at Mount Sinai School of the Arts, in her beloved hometown Harlem, and it was a tough job. The students were great, and willing to learn, but some of the boys were downright disrespectful. Her young and beautiful looks made it hard for her to teach without getting lewd 'compliments'. She was clocking thirty, but could easily fit in with the best of the college girls. Tariq spoke up, "Zeus? Only the most respected god in all of ancient Greece, had a bunch of baby mamas..." The whole class burst into laughter. Tanya couldn't help but smile. If it had been Morris making the comment she would have cussed him out, but Tariq was her top student. "Yes. Yes. Class calm down. Zeus did father many children with different women, true. And all his children grew up to become important mythical figures. Can anyone name some of them?"


Tariq was about to speak up again when a different voice said, "Hercules and Perseus. Two brothers who always fought for their dad's love and attention." The whole class including Tanya turned to look at the man who was now standing at the door, leaning against the wall, staring straight at Tanya. Damn! The girls thought unanimously. He was tall, muscular and very Greek-looking. He had dark hair and dark eyes that were staring straight at their professor Tanya. Tanya herself seemed to have forgotten what the hell she had been teaching as she stared at the handsome man that had sneaked into the class. She then remembered and nodded, "Yes. Hercules and Perseus were Zeus' favorite sons. And you are..." she asked, prompting for his name. The man continued to lean against the wall, "... enamored by your beauty, princess."


The whole class cheered and laughed. Morris cocked his eyebrow. Who did this white dude think he was, hitting on their hot teacher? Tanya blushed, "Why thank you. I think you may be lost though. I don't remember hiring a teaching assistant. You can't be a student, and since you don't want to tell me your name..." The man interrupted, "Perseus." The class snickered. Yeah right! Tanya asked, "Perseus? Zeus' son Perseus? Like the god Perseus?" The man nodded, "Like...the god. Yes." Tanya quipped, "Your parents must have really liked Greek myths. That's quite an ancient name..." Perseus shrugged, "Coincidentally, my brother is Hercules and my dad is Zeus." Tanya gulped. Okay this guy was getting creepy.


"You know that you have to be registered to be in this building. May I see your ID?" she asked. The whole class waited for him to show one. The girls were hoping he would show one and stay. He was sooo dreamy. 'Perseus' shook his head, "No ID, princess. It got lost on Have you ever been a long journey, looking for something?" He flexed his shoulders as if to relax them. By the time he had finished his sentence, Tanya had pulled out her phone, "Please leave this classroom before I call security." The class groaned.

The man called Perseus looked at her in shock and said, "We shall meet again Andromeda."
Donyelle uttered a 'what the f' under her breath. Was he calling the teacher Andromeda now? Andromeda was some princess from the Greek stories. This dude was definitely hot but weird. Tanya made a gesture as if to start dialing a number and before she knew it, 'Perseus' had walked out of the


classroom. She breathed a sigh of relief and looked back at the shocked class. "Okay. Just ignore the last ten minutes and let's get back to our lesson." She looked down at her notes and saw something that had not been on the table before. The book. From the day before. The book she had been reading in the store the day before, Perseus. She looked up at her students, "Who, who put this in my desk?" They all looked at each other. One of the girls replied, "The hot crazy guy from just now. When you weren't looking." Tanya stared at the book and then at the door where 'Perseus' had been standing. She hoped she didn't have a stalker on her hands. And why had he called her Andromeda?!! She made a mental note to find out after the lecture, who was playing this prank on her, because it was not very funny. Not funny at all.


Perseus my ass, she thought. On top of the book, lay a sticky note that said, 'Keep reading our story'. Tanya stared at the note for a bit and a student asked, "You okay teach'?" She looked back at her class and offered a weak smile. She'd have to find the mysterious dark-haired guy later on and set him straight. No one played around with Tanya Whitford.

Chapter Two


Tanya got off the bus at her usual stop and sighed. It was already evening time and she knew she had to walk back to her townhouse. Harlem was known for many not-so-good things, but you couldn't deny the intricate architecture that was built in the 19th century. It was beautiful when it wanted to be. You wouldn't find this anywhere else. Tanya loved where she lived, the Dutch design of the buildings, and the nearness to all of Harlem's famous spots. She loved her walk back home every evening, just because of the buildings she could stare at. She had moved back here seven years before to teach and she didn't regret the decision one bit. California had been great, and the opportunities were endless, but it was not home. Most people thought she was crazy, moving back to Harlem, but they didn't know it like she did. Great things were in store for it, that she knew. And she wanted to be there when it finally happened. One hundred years. Two hundred years. She didn't care.


Hmm, maybe thats where my obsession with Ancient Greece comes from. Immortality. The Greek gods were lucky. They lived forever, and got to see all their dreams and goals fulfilled, something mere mortals like Tanya did not have. When she finally reached her townhouse, the first thing she did was check to see whether nothing had been vandalized. It had happened before. She sighed with relief and removed her light jacket. It was now fall, and Tanya hated the jackets and dreary colors she had to wear. She switched on the answering machine. "Hey it's me Eric. Look baby... I just wanted to say, we need to sort things out between us, this isn't like you, not returning my calls. Don't you think you're being a little dramatic? Do you want me to beg..." Tanya angrily pressed the button and stopped the message right there, deleting it. If she had to 'forgive' Eric one more time, she would go crazy. She had seen him with


enough women to finally wizen up. He was not getting her back this time. If she was strong enough.... She felt tears come to her eyes briefly before quickly composing herself. She was not going to cry over a dude. Not even Eric. After eating a lonely supper, noodles and a leftover pizza, she settled down in front of the television. Usually, she went through her teaching schedule every night on the couch, before falling asleep. But this time her mind was on something else. The mysterious handsome guy from class who called himself 'Perseus'. She wondered if he would make an appearance again the next day. A part of her hoped he would, and she didn't know why. She pulled the book out, Perseus, and continued to read, getting comfortable on her couch.

The girls giggled as they watched Perseus bathe in the lake. One of them whispered to the other, "I heard he is going to Ethiopia to rescue a princess."


Another girl made a face, "Ethiopia? That means 'land of the burnt faces'. They have princesses?" The third girl hit her friend's arm disapprovingly, "Beautiful ones at that. But he's going to have get past Medusa and the sea serpent first." "It's not worth the hassle," one girl quipped. Her friends nodded in agreement. "He's my son and he's doing it for me. Am I not worth the hassle?" The shocked girls turned to the side and saw Queen Danae standing there, extremely pale. She was leaning back against a tree and looked very weak. The shamed girls bowed their heads in reverence and one of them said, "Our queen. Forgive us." "If you're done staring at my son, maybe you can get back to your duties?"


The girls quickly nodded and ran off. Queen Danae sighed and stared at her son bathing in the distance. She wondered whether his journey was really worth it. Oblivious to it all, Perseus was looking at his reflection in the still water. Suddenly, the water started to whirl around him and he gasped. He looked back at the reflection. A woman with snakes for hair. Medusa. She was smiling and talking, "Your mother is becoming weaker by the day! Andromeda is losing her grip on the rock! The tides are getting more dangerous. You will soon lose everything. All because you do not want to face me and Cetus." As Medusa said Cetus, a hideous snake emerged from her mouth. Perseus closed his eyes at the sight and on opening them, his reflection was back to normal. He stared at the water for a bit, before hitting into it angrily. This Medusa wench was not going to get the better of him. He would kill her and her sea snake thing, all by himself. His mother would regain her health, and Andromeda would...


Well, he didn't know what Andromeda would do then. She was engaged to someone else after all... He jumped out of the water and dried himself off. He had to seek Hercules' advice before leaving. Hercules had done this all before...

At this moment, the book had fallen out of Tanya's hands and she had fallen asleep in spite of the interesting story. She fell asleep dreaming of gods and mortals, and whether they could truly love each other. Outside, the wind blew and ruffled the tree leaves. Somewhere, a gunshot could be heard. Somewhere else, a block party had just begun. Tanya slept soundly on the couch. Another night in her home town, Harlem.


Clunk! Clunk! Clunk! Tanya's black heels sounded on the shiny floor as she frantically rushed through the white hallways of Mount Sinai School of The Arts. She couldn't believe it. She had overslept on the couch reading that book Perseus the night before and it was now 10 in the morning. Her lecture was supposed to have begun two hours before. Maybe she would find her students silently reading instead of having gone home? Huh? Fat chance, she thought as she turned a corner. She held on tight to her folders as she approached her classroom. It was silent for sure. She entered the room with a huge apologetic smile on her face and her face dropped. They were all gone. They hadn't even waited for her. They couldn't wait two hours. Maybe her Greek Philosophy lesson really was that boring. She felt her past insecurities creep back in. Was she really up for this 'teaching' thing?


She started to make her way to the staffroom before spotting Donyelle come out of the ladies' bathroom. Donyelle beamed at her professor, "Hey Tanya. Sorry we didn't stay in the class, we're all in Theatre Hall... waiting for you." Tanya gave her student a perplexed look, "Theater Hall? What are you guys doing there?" They both started walking. Donyelle dabbed some lip gloss on her fleshy lips, " was on your orders teach'. Percy told us." The older woman grabbed Donyelle's arm as they both walked towards the Theatre Hall, "Wait what? Percy? Who's Percy?" Donyelle rolled her eyes at her beautiful teacher, "Only the hottest new teacher ever. Perseus Theodosiou. The Greek guy from yesterday? He's our new Theater Coach."


Tanya shook her head as they entered the Theatre Hall. What the hell was going on? Don't tell me that guy is a teacher here, she thought to herself. Alas, when she entered the Hall, all her students were there, most of them paired up and reciting scripts. They were all into the activity and none of them looked up as she entered the room angrily.

She headed for the tall figure in the corner of the room, who was currently surrounded by a group of giggling female students.
She damn near pushed a few girls out of the way as she approached him, tapping him on the shoulder. A surprised Percy turned around. He was clearly enjoying all the attention he was being given. He had a huge smile on his face. "We meet again!" He exclaimed. Tanya stood there glaring at him. Her eyes fell down to the name tag on his chest. She read the wording under his handsome photo: Perseus Theodosiou

Theater/Acting Coach


Mount Sinai School of the Arts, Harlem.

He smiled when he saw her disbelieving eyes widen. The dark haired, thick eye-browed man held out his hand, "Just call me Percy. I quite enjoyed calling you Andromeda yesterday but Tanya is just as hot." He gave her a mischievous smile. Tanya put her hand to her forehead, "Why didn't you tell me you were a new teacher here? Why didn't you show your ID? You were totally freaking us out yesterday!" Her anger was turning to embarrassment at the way she had thrown him out of her class the day before. Perseus, or Percy as he liked to be called, shrugged, "I'm an acting coach. I was acting. Yesterday I was role playing as Perseus, the Greek god...and you were supposed to be Andromeda, my queen. Too bad you didn't play along." The corners of his lips lifted slightly. Tanya shook her head and looked around the buzzing Theatre Hall. The students were hunched over scripts and


seemed to be enjoying it. She looked back at Percy, who was observing her gaze. He answered before she could ask, "I figured you wouldn't want them to leave before you got to school. I found them packing their bags and led them here instead... you can have your lesson now." She looked at his earnest expression and looked back at the class. She was curious, "What script are they reading?" Percy reached over and grabbed one of the books she was holding to her chest. As he removed it, his hand brushed against the mound of breast under her sweater. They both blushed. Tanya pretended not to have noticed, although her ears were becoming hot. She couldn't help wanting him to do that again. To touch her. He cleared his throat and showed her the book, "It's some bits from this book, Perseus. That's why I left it on your desk yesterday. I got it from a bookstore."


Tanya's eyes widened, "That is such a coincidence. I was reading this same book a few days ago. You must have picked it up after I had returned it to the shelf. The shop owner is Middle Eastern right?" Percy couldn't remember and didn't care. He was staring straight into her dark brown eyes. Eyes that seemed so innocent... it really turned him on. Her whole manner did. The way she held onto her folders so tight, as if they were her life. The way her dark black hair was braided so simply, yet so intricately. She was very afrocentric-looking. He couldn't explain it, but it really turned him on. "Errm Percy?" The beautiful, braided black woman interrupted his thoughts. He snapped back and blushed yet again.


"Sorry I was... a little distracted there..." he said as he looked her over yet again. He had to stop doing this. After all, she was... "You're patient." Tanya quipped, looking straight at him. Percy panicked, "What did you just say?" "I said... you're patient. With these students. How did you get them to concentrate on your script so quickly? I mean, I have to take at least an hour to get their attention, though they're great otherwise." Percy smiled with relief, "Oh! Yeah I'm patient I guess. We were all like this at that age." Tanya smiled and nodded. She was slowly warming up to this fellow. "Do you wanna' grab a coffee in the teacher's lounge? I didn't have breakfast 'cuz I was rushing so fast." She put forward her request. She dreaded the potential rejection and was ready for it.


To her surprise, Percy's face lit up, "You know what? That would be great. Lemme leave these girls with the scripts and we're off." By 'girls' he probably meant the girls who had been staring at him the whole time during their conversation. They had refused to get into 'script reading' mode like the rest, and had instead resorted to admiring Percy's biceps. Tanya smiled understandably and let him get back to the girls for a few minutes. He quickly rushed through the instructions with them and handed them all scripts, much to their disdain. They wanted him, not some damn scripts. He escaped their attempts at conversation and rejoined Tanya. She looked up at his sculpted, yet soft face. "They really like you. I forgive you for stealing my class away..." she joked as they walked out of the hall and towards the teacher's lounge.

Percy innocently placed his hand on the small of her back, leading her out the double doors, "They were running away Miss


Whitford, I caught them," he whispered into her ear.

Tanya giggled and tried to concentrate with him walking so close to her. He literally looked like a Greek god. He was obviously of Greek descent yes... but he looked so much like the picture on the cover of the book Perseus. His full name was Perseus as well. Whether coincidence or not, Tanya was more than happy to start sharing her class with this mysterious new teacher. And judging by the looks he was giving her, he definitely felt the same way. Tanya bit into her ham sandwich and reveled in the taste. She would never miss breakfast again! She closed her eyes as the ham and bread went down her throat. On opening them again, an amused Percy was staring at her, before quickly looking down at his own plate of food.


Tanya chuckled and said in a muffled tone, "Forgive me, but I gotta enjoy this sandwich. Hmm."

Percy couldn't help but smile. He wanted so badly to lick the dab of mustard from the corner of her lip. To lick it with his own tongue.
Instead he leaned forward with a tissue and wiped it off her. She giggled and muttered a 'Thank you' before biting into the sandwich again. She managed to ask, "So... Percy..." He repeated in the same tone, "So... Tanya..." They both smiled at each other. Tanya would not be defeated, "You say you joined Mount Sinai this week? Where from?" Percy stared intently at her. What should he tell her? "I was teaching in Connecticut...somewhere there," he replied as he recalled his US geography. Tanya didn't seem quite satisfied with his answer.


"Connecticut? Okay. So what made you decide you wanted to teach here, in Harlem?" she inquired. She was genuinely curious about that fact. He rolled his sleeves up his muscular arms and placed them on the table, leaning forward. "I dunno really. I guess I wanted a change of environment. Things were getting mundane. I needed to branch out, expand my horizons..." "And you chose Harlem?" "Yep. Why not? I like to help anywhere in any way I can. I have a passion for what I do, and I want to find other ...passionate people." He said the last two words as his eyes fell down to her lips unashamedly. When Tanya saw how his eyes were on her lips, she suddenly had to cross her legs. This man was definitely trouble. "So how are we gonna combine our teaching schedules? Since we're gonna be teaching together?" she asked.


She sat back and watched him explain. He had a habit of licking his lips, which Tanya found extremely distracting She barely heard anything he was saying, as she was now taking time to observe his features. First of all, he was extremely good looking, with slightly tan skin. He had the most noticeable dark black hair that was slightly wavy but short. His eyes were a similar black, but on looking closer, Tanya could see a hint of blue. A very light blue. The contrast was amazing. He had a strong nose, almost royal and his lips. Hmm. They were slightly fleshy but very serious looking. Like they were used to being pursed shut. He had long dark eyelashes and thick eyebrows, a feature Tanya had noticed in many Greek men, on television at least. Percy was here, in the flesh, with her. A Greek hunk. And they were going to spend the next school year in the closest proximity. Tanya gulped. Lord help me keep my legs shut!


"I love the way it is." He said. Tanya snapped from her thoughts and begged his pardon, "Sorry what?" Percy leaned forward, "I love your hair. It looks just as Andromeda's hair was." He was looking at her braids in wonder. Tanya flipped her huge braids back and laughed shyly, "Andromeda had braids? How would you know that?" His eyes suddenly seemed to glaze over. He looked back down and changed the subject, "I think our students might be waiting for us?" A disappointed Tanya nodded and got ready to head back to the class. She had hoped he would pass more compliments about her hair, but alas... it was back to business. He stood up first and held his hand out to help her get up. She was amused at the chivalry but gave in to it anyway. At the very moment she held his hand, a tall modelesque Black woman with a 'Halle Berry haircut' passed by, giving


the couple an evil eye. Was Tanya flirting with the new guy already?! Typical. When Tanya spotted her, she called out to the lady, "Hey Aisha!" Aisha Mills exasperatedly stopped in her tracks and turned around to face the couple, her smile as fake as ever. "Tanya? Aren't you and Mr. Theodosiou supposed to be holding a class?" she asked coldly. Tanya dropped Percy's hand, which she had still been holding for some reason. "Errr yeah. We were on a break. Look can we talk about the schedule for," Aisha held out her hand to stop Tanya from continuing. Percy frowned. This pixie-haired chick was hot but quite rude.


Aisha pulled out her phone to answer a call and walked on, leaving Tanya and Percy standing there. Tanya was visibly upset, Percy could tell. He leaned into her as he asked, "And she is..." imploring for her name. "Aisha Mills. Her dad is the school principal. She's sort of like a coordinator around here." Percy nodded as he and Tanya walked back to the Theater Hall. "I'm assuming she's self-appointed?" he asked. Tanya giggled and refused to gossip about her superior anymore. She only said, "Percy. Welcome to MSSA. Where you're either at the top or you're a nobody." Percy took in those words and stared at Aisha walking away, her hips wiggling from side to side. He looked back at Tanya saying, "No. MSSA... welcome to Perseus." He had a serious look on his face.


Tanya found his sudden authoritative nature extremely sexy, amongst other things. She kept silent and wondered what he meant by the last sentence. What exactly did he have in store for MSSA? For Harlem? For her? As she stared at his muscular form, she knew couldn't wait to find out. Little did she know, the boss' daughter, Aisha Mills was thinking the same thing.

Chapter Three


When Percy and Tanya got back to the Theater Hall, all hell had broken loose. The floor was covered in scripts and Tanya managed to dodge a flying pen. Percy held Tanya's shoulders as his dark blue eyes looked at their previously silent class in disbelief. "What the HELL is going on here?!" He asked in a booming voice. Donyelle was standing on one of the desks, screaming down at Morris, who was nonchalantly shrugging his shoulders. Percy looked at Tanya's equally confused face and decided he had to do something. The whole class seemed to be cheering on the argument taking place between the young couple. A couple of disses and hi-fives were being thrown around. The tall Greek took a few strides across the room and at once he was at the desk Donyelle was standing on. In one swoop he managed to lift her lithe body by her denim clad legs and placed her on the floor as she fought him.


He looked at Morris who was now posturing, looking 'cool' and not affected by his girlfriend's actions. Tanya approached the crowd herself after Perseus had done the dirty work. "Okay can someone tell me what's going on?" she asked angrily, "Seriously, I need an explanation now students!" Percy was now holding Donyelle, who was crying into his chest. Tanya turned to Morris, whom she knew was the culprit. Morris sighed, "Look teach'. This is between me and Donyelle... y'all handle your business. I'll handle mine." He said, chewing a piece of gum and looking bored. Tanya glared at him, "You made it my business when you decided to bring your drama into the classroom! This is not Jerry Springer." She said this while glancing at Donyelle as well.


Then she appeared by Morris' side. Julianna. She looked straight at Donyelle and started in rapid English mixed with Spanish,

"Look chica. Morris can make his own decisions. You're not his wife or anything. Clearly, he prefers to read the script with me, not with you."
This is when Morris spoke up, "Look guys. I didn't say I preferred to read it with Julianna. I just think... we all need to change it up a bit sometimes." He said this as he looked guiltily at his sobbing girlfriend. He knew he had already crossed the line when she spotted him stroking Julianna's hair as they rehearsed. Donyelle had seen this and flown off the handle. Women. Morris shook his head. Donyelle frowned, "Whatever Morris. You just like rubbing it in my face. You like her, I can tell."

The whole class was awkwardly silent by now. Was the 'IT' couple about to break right


there and then? Over Julianna? Damn. They watched intently.

Percy tightened his embrace around Donyelle as he looked from her to her boyfriend. He had not signed up for this. He looked to Tanya for help but all she was doing was standing there, glaring at Morris. Perhaps Donyelle had not reacted in the right time and place, but that was damn disrespect, how Morris was going about things. Julianna placed her hand on Morris shoulder, who shrugged it off. He didn't want to incriminate himself further. "Look Donyelle. All I'm saying is, we spend every waking hour together. Why can't we just have different acting partners? You're seriously overreacting." And with that, an embarrassed Donyelle broke free from Percy's strong comforting arms and ran out of the crowded but silent classroom. Julianna flipped her hair and giggled at Morris, in a 'did-you-see-that-mess' kind of way.


Then Tanya ran after her, but not before throwing Morris and Julianna a look. Percy let out a deep breath, "Okay everyone. I think you oughtta' pick up the scripts you've been throwing all over the place and head home. Class is done. See you tomorrow." Julianna blew Percy a kiss as she left the room. He ignored it. "Morris stays behind," he said as he saw Morris get ready to leave. Morris gave Percy a sour look, "What?! What did I do? I got basketball practice son. She'll get over it."

As Morris flung on his backpack and started to walk out, he felt a strong hand grab the bag from behind and he almost fell backwards, as some girls laughed at him.
Percy said it one more time, "We need to have a small chat. Man to boy."


Morris turned around and Percy was giving him a steely look. The college boy's shoulders slumped. If looks could kill. Damn.

Tanya ran after a sobbing Donyelle into the school parking lot, "Donyelle wait!" she called. Donyelle turned around and all Tanya heard was, "Tell Morris I'm dropping out. Of school. Me and the baby." Tanya stopped in her tracks and stood still in shock, watching Donyelle run down the street.

Percy removed his reading glasses and told Morris, "Sit down." Morris sighed and found a seat. He looked up at Percy, who was sitting on the teacher's desk.


"This is my first class with you guys and this is how you repay me?" Percy started, half-jokingly. Morris breathed out. Percy continued, "I was about to blow a fuse on you just now, but I'll give you a chance to explain yourself." Morris could tell his teacher was forcing himself to remain calm. Judging by the size of his body, Morris was glad Percy wanted to keep calm. "I'm waiting..." Percy calmly said. Morris leaned back in the chair. Did he owe this white dude an explanation? The guy had just come into the school today, he didn't know shit. Who did he think he was? "Look dude, as I said, it's my business. Why don't y'all just leave me and my girl alone?" Percy looked at his watch, as if becoming impatient. "I could send out a disciplinary letter to your parents for your behavior today. Would you like that?"


"What?!! Dude it was Donyelle wilin' out not me. Geez. Why's it gotta' be me to pay for that shit?" Percy shrugged, "You're the guy. And something tells me this is about more than flirting with other girls." Morris narrowed his eyes at the teacher. Damn, this guy was good. But he would not give in. It wasn't his business, about the baby. So Morris didn't answer. "Are you ready to be a dad?" Percy asked. The look on Morris' face was that of a guy who had just peed on himself. What the hell? How did this teacher know about the pregnancy?!! Percy saw this look and remained focused on reading Morris's mind. "I, I don't know what you're talking about..." Morris stuttered. He didn't want to be associated with being the father or the baby...of any baby. Not now. Even if it was his. "Oh but you do. Donyelle is pregnant and you've got to start thinking about the baby's future, which will involve


both you and the mother. Trying to flirt with other girls and going for basketball practice is not gonna make the baby go away." Morris narrowed his eyes at Percy. Had Donyelle confided in him? That was some major betrayal right there. "Donyelle told you all this?" he asked tentatively. He would have a proper word with her later. Going around telling people she was pregnant. Chick had no brains. "No. But the fact remains, you're gonna be a father soon. I need you to start finding out what semesters Donyelle would like to take off, whether she needs aid of any sort and what you'll be doing to ensure she keeps reading despite the situation," Percy explained. Morris was still wondering how the hell Percy had known. It's not like he was a superhero of some sort. "Dude I ain't doing all that. The baby might not even be mine!"


Suddenly the weather outside started to change. The clouds turned grey and started to move very fast. It started to drizzle. Morris let out a "Huh?" as he turned towards the window. He looked back at Percy who was now looking at him with a more than deathly look, "That baby is yours. And you're going to be a part of its life. No matter how idiotic I find you, Donyelle needs you right now more than she needs anyone else. Are you going to do as I say? Or not?" Percy cracked his large knuckles. Morris gulped and looked at the door. If this dude decided to attack he could make a run for it. He looked back at the professor and said in a resigned voice, "Whatever. Yeah I'll talk to her, about the baby." The weather started to clear again. "Tell her this is not the end of her run here at Mount Sinai so she should not even think about dropping out. I'll


prepare special assignments and test days for her. Tell her that." Morris rolled his eyes. Was this guy just trying to make him feel guilty? Being all husband-like towards Donyelle. Morris spoke up, "Look dude. You're just our teacher. You're not her boyfriend, I am. I'll decide where we go from here..." Percy shrugged, "You better watch your mouth around me. Donyelle is a very beautiful girl who has her whole life ahead of her. Whether you decide to take this baby as a blessing or a curse, she'll always have support from the school." Morris shook his head as he walked out, "Okay. I hear you. I'll talk to her. I guess I've been acting this way since she told me she was pregnant yesterday. I don't know how you found out, but can you keep this between us?" Percy got up from the desk he had been sitting on and nodded. Morris asked one last question,


"Do you have a girl teach'? I mean, what would you do if you were me?"
Percy hesitated to answer, "I did. Have one. I lost her. Now I'm trying to find her again. She was my queen. Just as Donyelle should be yours." Morris prodded on, "Trying to find her again? Where did she go?" At that moment, Percy spotted Tanya standing at the door behind the class, staring at him. He smiled at her but her eyes were glassy. She was holding herself and just staring ahead. Morris took this as his turn to leave. When he had left, Tanya slowly walked towards the man seated on the front desk, looking at her confusedly. "Did you catch up with Donyelle? And on the same note, did you do track in high school?" He asked lightheartedly. Tanya simply broke down right there and then.


Percy panicked and stood up, walking fast to where she was and embracing her. She was now sobbing profusely and saying, "I see myself in her. So much." Percy looked down at her beautiful tear-stained face and the clouds turned grey again. Why was Andromeda crying? He wanted so badly to capture her lips, but she had to tell him what was wrong first. He wiped a tear away from her soft caramel face and waited for her to speak.

Later on that evening, Tanya sniffed and took another sip of her coffee. She sat back in the chair and looked up at the sky. She was currently on the rooftop of her apartment and the evening sky was becoming a darker shade of blue.


She looked at the tall man standing near the edge, looking out at the dilapidated borough. He looked back at her and caught her staring at him. She gave him a shy smile and he winked. Percy had brought her back home after the Morris-Donyelle ordeal and she had led him up here. Neither of them knew why, but it felt right. Them being up here, the both of them, alone.

Percy looked down at the drink he was holding and sighed. What a long first day.
Tanya noticed his exhaustion and gestured for him to come and sit down with her. There were two chairs after all.

All the way back home, she had refused to indulge any bit of her past to him including what might have caused her to cry for Donyelle so much.
In an apartment across them, they could hear Let It Flow by Toni Braxton playing. It was a soothing sound, one that Tanya so desperately needed. RnB ballads, intertwined with the sound of distant police sirens, were a sound that


Tanya had grown accustomed to whenever she sat on the rooftop. Percy walked up to the vulnerable beauty and sat down as she had suggested. He had insisted on not leaving until her tears dried. She wiped the last tear from her face and smiled dejectedly, "Don't let me keep you here. Tomorrow's another school day." Percy set his drink down and asked tentatively, "Do you want me to leave?" Tanya shyly shook her head and sniffed again.

Percy hesitated before continuing, "You have to forgive yourself Tanya."

Tanya's eyes widened and she gulped. What? What was he talking about? He can't possibly know about Percy took her hand, "You had named her. You had created a room for her... but he didn't want her...and eventually, neither did you."


There was a long awkward silence and Percy was wondering whether this was the right time to be saying all this. He knew it was a very sensitive topic for her, as it would be, for anyone. Tanya frowned and looked down, "I guess you got the lowdown on me from the teachers' lounge huh?" Percy shook his head, "No. No one was talking about you. But I know how much that baby meant to you. Freya. She was Freya right?" Tanya couldn't hold it in. She burst into tears. Percy felt a pang of sorrow and got a hold of her hand. He hated doing this, but he knew he'd have to reveal himself to her very soon. To explain how he knew all of this. He knew she had an Afro-Dominican boyfriend named Eric. He worked out of state and was always gone for months on end, though they shared the apartment. They had met when she had just moved to Harlem, eight years before. He had swept her off her feet, with his


Afro-Spaniard good looks and slick talk. A modern day Casanova. He was the CEO of his own startup, and it had branches all over the East Coast. Tanya was smitten with him and possibly he, with her. At company parties, girls would throw themselves at his feet all the time but one display of Tanya in a short red dress, with his arm around her... and all the vultures would stay away. They knew who he belonged to. They used to do all sorts of 'white people' things like skiing, bungee jumping. He would take her out every other day, whenever he was in Harlem. And then she got pregnant. Eric's attitude seemed to have made a 180 from the time she gleefully announced Freya to him. To keep it short, he was not too pleased, and was not afraid of speaking his mind. This had crushed Tanya's heart, and they separated for a bit.


Lord knows what he got up to during that time, but Tanya would always try to call his cell and it would divert. His phone was always switched off at night. Tanya was not stupid. She knew he was cheating on her. He was many miles away and separated from her. She was pregnant and could not give him sex. It was inevitable. As the pregnancy wore on, so did Tanya's doubts about the baby. Freya. At exactly 4 months, she decided to terminate the pregnancy. It had been the toughest decision of her life. "It was necessary baby," Eric had said, while hugging her. Tanya could smell the perfume on his collar and that was yet another blow. How much disregard he had for her, he couldnt even bother to cover his cheating behind. Tanya had hugged him back though. Tightly. And she didn't know why, up to this day, his things were still in her room, his number still on speed dial. Sometimes she hated herself for this. Percy got a hold of her soft hand and motioned for her to come and sit on his lap. If this was any other man, even


Eric at this point, Tanya would have jerked her hand away. But his hand felt so right, so familiar. She stood up and went to him, settling herself on his lap and in his embrace. He got the blanket she was using and covered the both of them with it. Their own little cocoon, up on the rooftop. Her legs were propped up against her body and she leaned to his hard body. She sighed into his neck and whispered softly, "I know we're both exhausted, but we have to come up with a schedule for class tomorrow. For Greek Mythology class." "Shhh..." Percy said softly as he enjoyed the feel of her body against his. He looked down at her gentle face and saw her eyes flutter with sleep. She was adorable. Tanya looked up at the sky once more and could have sworn she saw the stars twinkle extra brightly as he gently squeezed her. What could have caused this, she didn't know.


But Percy was getting to her, and she had to find out exactly who he was. She was not convinced about his 'teacher from Connecticut' story. How had he known about her past? She was too exhausted to become suspicious now. She fell asleep in his arms in spite of herself.

In a brownstone not too far away, Aisha was picking out her best dress. She was going to get a taste of the Greek hunk. And she always got what she wanted at Mount Sinai. Maybe she could get daddy to transfer him to a department closer to hers... she sighed mischievously as she pondered the possibilities. Her and Percy would make pretty GreekBlack kids that's for sure. And if there was any black woman he liked, why wouldn't it be her, Aisha Mills? He would go places. Aisha finally settled on a royal blue mini-dress. Tomorrow, Mount Sinai wouldn't know what hit them.


Percy would definitely have something to ogle at.

Chapter Four


Tanya sat at her desk and watched her students silently reading their scripts, rehearsing their parts. Donyelle was visibly missing, and Morris had taken up a spot next to Julianna. Tanya sighed worriedly at this. To get that image out of her mind, she looked to the other side of the lecture hall and smiled at the sight. Percy was seated nonchalantly, his long legs propped up on a desk in front of him. He was holding a Reader's Digest. He looked up when he felt her eyes on him and smiled back. Tanya blushed and looked back down at the novel she was reading, Perseus. She stole one more quick glance at Percy, wondering why he and the book character were so similar, down to the name and physicality. She shrugged it off and continued to read the book entitled Perseus. Gods only exist in books like this...


Perseus had never seen a sight more beautiful than this. At the same time, he had never been more scared in his life. There she was, Andromeda, the Ethiopian princess, tied to a rock. He would have stared at her all day if not for the apparent danger she was in. "You may have defeated me, but you will not defeat my spirit!" Medusa hissed in his ear. He gulped and refused to turn his head. Ever since he had decapitated the Gorgon Medusa, her ghost had taunted him wherever he went. He was now on the banks of the Nile River, armed with only his sword. He had been to hell and back these last few days, trying to defeat Medusa and plenty of other beasts. He looked down from the cliff he was hiding behind and a bead of sweat rolled down his forehead. He peered over and saw the naked Andromeda yet again, waiting for him, her hero. Waiting for someone.


She was weeping profusely and writhing against the rock. He had to do something. Give me the courage oh father! Perseus prayed to Zeus. A large sea serpent emerged from the water and showered her with it. She bowed her head and looked up again at the monster, seething with anger. She flipped her braids back and seemed to be taunting the monster. Perseus looked around and wondered whether he could jump on the serpent's back without it seeing him. The monster submerged again and Andromeda continued to sob and cry out for rescue. It was a haunting sound. Perseus didn't have to know her language, to know she was crying out at having been 'abandoned' and 'forgotten'. If only she knew. The Nile water was flowing in rapids and the rain was coming down in heavy torrents. The serpent reared its head and huffed menacingly at the tied up Andromeda.


Perseus gulped. His battle with Medusa was over, but this war had just begun. He had to rescue his princess, even if he would surely die doing so... he was not as strong as his brother Hercules Tanya was abruptly interrupted by someone making a cough sound. He had stood up. Percy. She gestured asking him what the matter was, and he walked over. He leant down and whispered in her ear, the closeness and hotness of his breath making her heart beat faster. What he said though, did not impress Tanya at all. She frowned. He looked at her with the same perplexed look and shrugged, indicating that he didnt know what to make of it either. He then excused himself and walked out of the class. Aisha had called him to her office?!!! And since when did she have an office?!!


Tanya could not help but wonder whether it was curiosity or jealousy that was making her ask these questions. Why was she so concerned about Aisha and Percy? It's probably just school schedules or scholastic material, she thought reassuring herself. She went back to reading her book and tried to get her mind off of Aisha... and onto the damsel-in-distress, Andromeda.

Percy knocked on Aisha's office door and he heard a cooing sound, probably inviting him in. He tentatively stepped inside, looked around the office and when his dark eyes settled on one particular thing, he couldn't help but mouth a silent wow...

Chapter Five


Percy closed the door behind him and mouthed, "Nice..." Aisha smiled mischievously, "Impressed?" The tall Greek nodded slowly, "Very." Downstairs, Tanya forced herself to continue reading the book Perseus despite wondering what Percy was doing in Aisha's office. She had this nagging thought it had nothing to do with school materials like she wanted to believe... after all, she saw the way the principal's daughter gave Percy lingering looks in the hallway. The question is, why do I care so much? She asked herself. I've known this new teacher for less than a week! She turned the page a bit too forcefully and folded it, "Damn it," she whispered. One student looked up from what he was reading and frowned at her.


She smiled back apologetically and immersed herself in the book once more... Perseus peered over the rock he was hiding behind and saw her once more. With her head hung low and her braided hair cascading down her naked body, she looked as if she was slipping into the unconscious. The young warrior panicked and looked up at the skies, "Father! Zeus! Give me the strength to face this monster..." The strength to defeat the serpent. Sure, he had just cut off Medusa's head, but Perseus knew that this monster was another task altogether, and he didn't want Andromeda to get hurt in the process. He looked up and the clouds started moving really fast. Was his father, Zeus, answering his call? He then heard it. The serpent was huffing loudly and writhing its beastly head around. It had emerged from the water once more. It was angry.


Perseus squinted his eyes not believing what he was seeing. There, were Andromeda had once been tied, was nothing. No one. Just broken chains. She had disappeared. Had she escaped? His eyes widened as he looked around frantically. The serpent was doing the same, searching the sea for a sign of its victim. When Perseus looked up at the skies once more, a thunderous voice said, "Son. It is too late now. She has been banished to a place far, far away... another time." Perseus he shouted back, "It cannot be! This is not how it's supposed to be! Where is she?!!" Zeus replied, "This is your punishment for your failure to be brave. You will search the ends of the earth for Andromeda and travel across periods of time. Once you find her, you will be half mortal. It is up to you... how the story goes from there..."


Perseus was now panicking, "Father! No! I don't understand! What about mother? What-" "I am sorry son... but the mortal world awaits will find her someday," Zeus replied sadly, from his throne in the skies. Perseus looked down at his sword which he slowly dropped to the ground in shock. The serpent had re-entered its waters, and the Nile River was now calm. He had failed his mission, and now he would search for Andromeda for the rest of eternity, losing his immortality as time passed by Tanya stared at what she had just read. She was an expert at Greek legends and she had never heard of a story that ended like this. The rest of the pages were blank, as if the story was unfinished, or unprinted. She closed the book and examined it. It had no publisher, no dates, and no author. She frowned. She hadn't noticed all the missing detail before, but it certainly worried her now.


So according to this strange book, Perseus was now roaming the earth looking for Andromeda. Tanya gulped as she remembered how the new teacher Percy, had called her just that, the day they met... She looked up and her students were now packing their things to go home. On the way out, one girl, whom Tanya knew as one of Donyelle's friends , stopped by the teacher's desk and told Tanya smiling,

"That Greek teacher is sooo into you. Have you noticed?" Tanya smiled back shyly and shrugged the girl away.
She looked back down at the book and stared at the cover title Perseus. "So what do you think? You like it?" Aisha asked shyly. Percy nodded slowly once more as he held the vase. "Is this straight out of Greece?" he asked almost disbelievingly. The tall woman nodded proudly, "I got all this


stuff when I went on a trip to Athens with my dad...when I was little." By all this stuff, Aisha meant the massive collection of ancient Greek artifacts that now adorned her office. From vases, to paintings, to miniature statues, to parchments. She seemed to have it all. Percy was frankly in awe at seeing these things for the first time in a long time. Tanya would love this. He turned the black vase around examining it. It had just enough chips and scratches to be the real thing. On its surface, its copper-colored characters told the story of two ancient Greek lovers. He set it down and picked up a painting of a beautiful woman. His eyes glazed over and he ran his hand over it. Queen Danae...


He looked up at Aisha with swollen eyes and smiled, half ashamed at his emotional reaction, "This- These are beautiful Aisha." Aisha wondered why he was so overcome with emotion but smiled back anyway, "I know. My dad has even more, back at his home. He's a closet Greek freak, just like I am." She stood up straight from the desk she had been leaning back against and walked towards him in her royal blue dress, "I think now, I'm ready for the real thing..." She deftly took the painting out of his hands and stood before him, "You didnt comment on my dress." Percy looked down at her body. It was covered in a dark blue satin minidress that displayed ample cleavage. He looked back up at her face. She was beautiful despite the layers of light brown makeup she had on. He started to apologize, "Aisha I- Tanya's waiting for me downstairs. She probably thinks I'm here to pick up a teaching schedule..."


Aisha ignored the pang of jealousy she felt when she heard that name and ran her finger down his sinewy arm, "I really want to get to know you Percy..." "...and so do I." Both Percy and Aisha turned to the door to hear who had just said that in a forceful tone.

Tanya was standing in the doorway, holding the book.

Chapter Six

"Donyelle there's no easy way to say this..." "Babe we just don't" "Donnie you know I love you but..." Morris tried to think of a better way to say what he was going to say to his girlfriend.


He was standing in front of the mirror, trying to think of the best face, the best pose, the best words. And his mind had drawn a blank. What he really wanted to do was punch the mirror and grab his reflection by the neck and possibly strangle it to death. His phone vibrated. He opened it and it was a message from Julianna,

Hey dude. You rushed out of class today and didnt even kiss me goodbye. Are you still thinking about Donyelle? Better yet, are we still on for that movie? You know how I love Denzel. Text back or it's over :) Your chica(if you want her), Julianna. Xoxoxo


His eyes lingered on the message and he finally pressed 'DELETE'. He didnt know why he had just done that, but it seemed like the best thing to do right now. He then scrolled down his phone list until he came to her name. Instead of the name 'Donyelle', was his pet name for her, "Indigo". It was an inside joke about the makeup brand she loved. Morris always told her she looked the same with or without it- always gorgeous. She always rolled her eyes at him before getting into an explanation about the wonders of makeup. Morris smiled at the memory. He clicked on it and rang her number. After a while, the phone was picked up on the other side, "Hello?" her voice was slightly groggy. Morris asked worriedly, "Donyelle? You okay? You sound a bit... I dunno..." "Pregnant?" Donyelle replied with some attitude.


Morris chuckled nervously, "Huh. Yeah... that's what it is. Are you okay otherwise babe?" There was a pause on the other end. She hadnt bothered answering. Morris trudged on, "Look. I wanna' come over. Can I come over?" There was an even longer pause from her end. He crossed his fingers. "Only if you bring me a tub of ice cream..." she replied with some humor. Morris smiled with relief, "Strawberry flavor and chocolate chip cookies?" It was her favorite. The groggy voice from the end yawned, "That's the one. Hurry up though because my aunt's gonna be back in a couple of hours. And she feels a certain way about you now, ever since I told her you didn't want to take care of the baby." She said the last bit in such a matter-of-factedly kind of way, it was almost chilling.


Morris tried to clear it up, "Donnie I never said " "See you in an hour. I can't wait to hear what you have to say." Donyelle interrupted him, before hanging up the phone. Morris looked at the phone then up at the mirror where he had been practicing his break-up line with her. He balled up his fist and punched his reflection with all his might shouting, "You don't deserve her you bastard!!!!!" His eyes brimmed with tears, not at the pain in his fist, but at the sudden 'revelation' that he was not worthy of Donyelle. His phone rang again and he quickly looked at it hoping it was her. Instead, it was Julianna calling. He let out an exasperated sigh.


Aisha looked Tanya up and down before saying cattily, "We're sort of busy right now, aren't we?" Aisha looked Percy in the eye, waiting for him to agree. He hadn't taken his eyes off Tanya, and he wasn't about to. He didn't answer Aisha and she cleared her throat again,

"Ahem. Percy, weren't we in the middle of something before we got interrupted? I was showing you my Greek artifacts!" It fell on deaf ears.
Tanya, still holding onto the book, was staring at Percy just as he was staring at her, with an irritated Aisha trying to get the man's attention. Percy asked Tanya slowly, "What do you wanna know?" He broke away from Aisha's grip on his arm. Tanya gulped as Percy's eyes bore into hers, as if he knew what she was going to ask. She held the book up,









Andromeda, and whether he will ever find her," her eyes seemed to brim with tears. Percy left a confused Aisha and walked towards Tanya. He got the book, set it down and held her hands in his. He held them up and brushed them against his lips. They could hear Aisha shout in the background, "Mr. Theodosiou and Miss Whitford! This is a highly inappropriate place for such..." and the rest of the sentence was a blur. All Tanya could feel was the sensation of his lips against her fingers. He whispered, "He was a coward. He didn't believe in himself." Tanya whispered back,

"Andromeda waited for months and months on that rock. Maybe he considered her not worthy of rescue?"


Percy held her chin up, "Andromeda was worth everything to Perseus, and still is." When he said the last bit, his brown eyes seemed to meet with her hazel ones as if urging her to believe him. They looked down at each other's lips simultaneously. They were both daring each other to and they finally did. Right there in Aisha's office. They kissed.

Chapter Seven


Morris stood on the doorstep to Donyelle's family's house. It was a modest brownstone far from the projects that Morris lived in. He wondered what the Smiths would think of him now. They had already never approved of him, but now that he had gotten their niece pregnant... He wondered what Donyelle had told them about the whole situation. He rang the doorbell and stood there nervously. His macho attitude and 'gangster poses' were gone. He couldn't think. He was nervous as hell and it showed on his handsome but troubled face. Unfortunately for him, Donyelle's aunt opened the door. She had already come back home. The elderly lady had Donyelle's dark brown skin and her grey hair was tied in a neat bun. Under normal circumstances she would have curtly greeted Morris.


But now, she was just looking at him bitterly. She looked him up and down, from his 'fade' haircut to his sneakers. She got the tub of ice cream from his hands and shut the door, leaving him standing there.

Not a word had been uttered.

Morris stood there not knowing what to do, before he finally walked away in defeat. From an upstairs window, Donyelle stared at her boyfriend walk away. She still loved the jerk, that she knew.

Tanya and Percy broke away from their passionate kiss and stared at each other in awe. In the background, Aisha could be heard talking through the phone to her dad, the principal in an agitated tone.


Percy stroked his newfound lover's braids, saying breathily, "We need to get outta' here." Tanya nodded, still entranced, and opened the door for them to leave Aisha's office. She couldn't help but wonder what price they would pay for their reckless behavior. "So how are we going to explain to our students that we're both suspended? I mean this is totally and utterly irresponsible of us! It just reeks of... hmmm" Tanya groaned as Percy's lips met her neck and he sucked her flesh. He embraced her even tighter and whispered into her ear, "I can't wait to see where you're going to take me tonight. Still don't want to tell me?" Tanya smiled, "Harlem is more than what you think, and I'm going to show you." Percy kissed her cheek and fed her another spoon of ice cream.


She was seated on top of his lap on this surprisingly sunny afternoon. It had been three days since their first kiss, and they were off from work. Of course, since the pair had been suspended for 'misconduct' in Aisha's office. Aisha's orders. They were both enjoying this new found intimacy between them, that they had kept bottled up for... well... the week that they'd known each other. The book, Perseus hadn't been discussed ever since and they were just living in the now.

Tanya ignored the nagging feeling that was telling her Percy was indeed Perseus, and she just wanted to feel the embrace of a man, a caring man, this man.
They had gone as far as passionate kisses and desperate gropes, but had refrained from anything more... what with Tanya's out of state boyfriend and all. The past three days had been the happiest days in Tanya's life and Percy knew he had found his princess. He


showed her every time he nibbled on her earlobe. Just like he was doing now. "So... what's Mount Sinai's policy on teacher relationships?" he asked curiously. As much as he had loved their little passionate clinch in Aisha's office, he didn't want Tanya to get fired from her job. She stroked his dark hair as she looked at him lustily, "It is not allowed to fall for your tall, dark and handsome teaching assistant, that's for sure." Percy's ego was stroked but he returned the favor, "Aaah. So it's perfectly okay for me to fall for my beautiful, black co-teach? Thank goodness." Tanya giggled and he intertwined his fingers with hers. They both looked down at the joined hand and Tanya said, "So we're on for tonight? You still remember the address?" The Greek-American man squeezed her hand, "I'll be there." Tanya squeezed his hand back.


Percy stood on 125th Street, in front of a famed building and let out a sound of awe. Tanya had been right. He was certainly pleasantly surprised. The world famous Apollo Theater. And the 'Kings of Comedy' were playing. He looked at the line up and shook his head at the star studded list of black comedians. He was definitely in for a fun night. "Are you okay with white people jokes?" he heard a female voice call to him from behind. He turned around and what he saw made his trousers suddenly feel much tighter. There Tanya stood. Her braided hair was tied in a high ponytail, giving her lovely face great definition. She has the lightest black eye shadow and light red lipstick. Her dress. Percy gulped. It was an extremely tight red minidress, much like the one Aisha had been wearing, but on Tanya it was...delicious.


Percy was practically eating Tanya up with his eyes as she shyly walked towards him and she noticed, which gave her much more confidence in her walk. When she finally crossed the road in her black ankle boots, she walked up to the stunned man and kissed his lips lightly. She didn't comment on his hard on, but they both knew what he was dealing with right now. Tanya smiled mischievously and stroked his cheek. He was not looking too bad himself. Dressed in a grayish silver silk shirt and black trousers, he looked very modelesque. If models were football player size at least. He caught the hand that was stroking her cheek and kissed it. He hadn't yet said anything to her, and his silence was starting to worry Tanya. Percy smiled, "I love any type of jokes. But I'm gonna love sitting next to you even more..."


Tanya wondered what he meant by that but let him take her hand anyway. He led her to the line of people waiting to enter and the couple were definitely a sight to behold. A few older women looked on enviously but when Tanya smiled at them, they could only wish the couple well. A lot of black men were sneering at Percy, who gave them a thumbs sign. This didn't help matters and Tanya told Percy to stop it, while giggling. He shrugged and playfully squeezed her behind. They finally entered The Apollo, bought their tickets, and entered just in time to find Steve Harvey making a joke about "Black People Wouldn't Have Drowned On The Titanic". The audience laughter was raucous and contagious. A lot of interracial couples were in sight, black women with Italian men and black men with Latina women, you name it. Most of the couples were black, with a sprinkle of white couples laughing nervously at the jokes.


What all the couples had in common was the knowing looks they'd give each other whenever Steve Harvey said something embarrassing, but true. Tanya and Percy joined the multicultural spectacle and soon fell into the laughter as well. Later on in the evening, the stand-up on stage pointed at Tanya and said, "Now that's what I call a beautiful woman!" He made her stand up and everyone cheered. When she sat back down, clearly flustered, Percy whispered into her ear, "I couldn't agree more," and he captured her lips.

"... I just... I just wanted to hear your voice..." Morris spoke into his phone, once in his room. On the other end, Donyelle was quiet. He could hear her breathing though, and that alone gave him some solace. He continued to talk to her,


"My dad... he's back. He's gonna be released from prison," he said in a shaky voice. Donyelle held her silence. She wanted so badly to be there for him, to hold him. But how could she, when he hadn't done the same for her? "So I guess you're gonna have to fill Julianna in on all that..." Donyelle finally said. She knew that sentence was gonna hurt Morris, and it did. He felt as if someone had just knocked the wind out of his stomach. He replied with a soft, "Wow." Donyelle replied, "You treat me like shit in front of everyone, and you have the nerve to call me about your problems with your dad? Not this time Morris. Just leave me alone. I've started going for antenatal scans, not like you care. Do you even know what those are?" Morris felt the sting of tears come to his eyes. He bit his lip and swallowed his pride, "No. Is it something to do with the baby?"


"Yes. My baby's doing fine so far." And with that, she hung up the phone.

"And remember when Cedric the Entertainer made you stand up?" Percy had a wide smile on his face recalling the night's comedy. He squeezed her waist as they walked down the empty but beautiful street, nearing her home in the historical district. Tanya giggled and held her face in embarrassment, "Oh my god... I was dying. Percy! You gestured at me when he was scanning the audience and then he made me stand up. I totally saw you!" Tanya slapped his arm in mock anger. "Whoa whoa... I'm sure Cedric can spot a beautiful lady without my help!" He said, putting his hands up in defense. Tanya narrowed her eyes and wagged her finger in his face. They were both laughing as they remembered the jokes from their date at The Apollo. By the end of the night,


they had to wipe sweat from their foreheads just like everyone else. "That was great. Thanks for showing me another side of this town," Percy told Tanya in a serious and thankful tone. "Ooooh there's soooo much more I'm yet to show you, this town is historic," she told him. He squeezed her waist one more time as they walked side by side approaching her home. When they finally got to the steps leading to her front door, they both grew more conscious. What now? They both thought as they looked shyly into each other's faces. "Well... I guess this is goodnight," Tanya slowly said as she profiled Percy's extremely handsome features. His dark eyes and fleshy lips complimented his dark brunette hair well. His hair was slightly long, almost a modern 80s mullet. She would tell him that when they joking around again.


But now the humor was gone. It was replaced by sentiment. What sentiment? Neither of them knew. He held her tiny hands in his as they stood facing each other on the pavement before her home.

He looked at the house and cocked his eyebrow, "It looks awfully lonely in there."
Tanya smiled knowingly, "Are you offering company?" Percy moved closer to the young black woman. He muttered, "I have no clever or polite way to express what I'm feeling for you right now." He placed his fingers under the thin straps of her red mini dress and started to rub her shoulders softly. He looked deep into her eyes before descending. His lips caught her neck. Tanya sighed and drew him closer with her hands encircling his neck. In between his kisses that had now plastered her neck and chin, Tanya managed to say,


"Percy. This is wrong. We hardly know each other. I have a boyfriend, sort of. You- I don't even know that much about you...I need to ask you...hmmm"
His hands travelled up under her dress and up her thighs, caressing them. She looked him in the eye earnestly to stop his movements. He paused when he realized she was being serious. He lifted her chin up with his finger and brushed his lips against hers, softly saying, "I really want to make love to you Tanya, but I need you to trust me, do you trust me?" The bluntness of his words and the lusty gaze he was giving her made her wet somewhere, down there. Tanya stared back into his dark eyes. Should I trust this mysterious man? She wondered. Percy, who looked like he was about to burst out of his trousers, needed an answer right there and then.


As gorgeous as he was, did she really want to go there with him? And what about Eric... oh god Eric! Tanya gulped as she looked at Percy who was waiting for an invitation, an answer... anything! The handsome Greek uttered, while placing his hands in his pockets, "Well Tanya? Should I go home? Or do you want me to stay?"

Chapter Eight


I have to get my mind off Donyelle. And fuck Dad, wish he'd died in prison. Morris thought. He tightened his jacket around his body and held his basketball tightly under his left arm. His mom didn't know, but he always snuck out late at night to hang out with other project kids, who were much poorer...and tougher than him. Morris figured with this whole 'attending drama school' thing, he had to regain his street credibility somehow. He deliberately 'dressed down' and dumbed down his speech, something the other guys hadn't seen through yet. They thought he was just one of them, hopeless and crime ridden. They never asked why Morris was always 'busy' whenever they'd call him about the latest plan to shoplift the Korean store, or steal some cars from the better part of town. Once he reached the courts, he found the guys already shooting hoops, their large bodies jumping gracefully into the air and landing roughly on the ground.


All around them were cute neighborhood girls, most in short skirts, others in short pants. All cheering on their favorite player. Or favorite gangster. The 'gangsters' were seated on top of stolen cars, bobbing their heads to the latest hardcore crunk music. Some were grinding against girls, others were practically having sex with them inside the cars. One girl shimmied her way up to the tall Morris and smiled seductively, "Hey Reecy. Haven't seen you in a while..." She stroked his chin and pulled him towards an empty car. Morris smiled back, tempted, but not so sure. Shauna was a beautiful Jamaican girl, almost as beautiful as Donyelle... Donyelle. Morris' felt like someone was clutching at his heart. He had already humiliated her with Julianna, he couldn't do the same thing all over again...


He tried to pull away from Shauna, but not before he felt a gun prod him from the back. He held his breath, as did the whole crowd, "The fuck you think you're doing with my girl? Are you that punk that goes to art school?" Shauna stepped back fearfully as she looked at her boyfriend holding a gun to Morris' back. Feeling the gun on his back, Morris angrily asked, "the f- you think I'm doing? I came here to play..." But he didn't get to finish his sentence. Percy closed the door behind him. Tanya had let him in. He couldn't really think straight, imagining all the possibilities of what was about to happen. He wanted to do all sorts of things to this woman from the first day he saw her in the Greek Mythology class.


They both stood in her lobby, looking at each other, staring, both wondering who would make the first move. They could hear each other breathe. Tanya broke the silence, "I've never been home this late. Not since Eric left for New Jersey..." Tanya said inaudibly. But Percy had heard. This was the second time she had talked about her 'boyfriend' that night. And every time she did, Percy felt like he was being punched in the stomach. Percy managed to say, just as softly, "There has to be a reason you've let me in at this time." Tanya tried to maintain her composure, "Oh really?" Percy walked slowly towards her in the tight lobby, until she could feel his breath, "For an ad agent, Eric doesn't know a good thing when he's got it..." Percy said, as his hand stroked Tanya's bare shoulder. His eyes bore into hers.


"I never told you Eric was an advertising agent. How did you know that?" Tanya asked softly, as she looked at his soft fleshy lips. The lust she felt for this Greek man looming over her body was overpowering. He had cornered her into the wall and was smiling slightly, as if he knew the effect he was having on her. After all she was having the same effect on him. Instead of answering her question, he kissed the corner of her mouth. Then the other corner. They were both standing in the darkened corridor, and their breathing was getting louder and harder. Percy grabbed her leg and propped it up against his hip so that his whole body pushed onto hers. His hands moved to her head, cupping it as his mouth attacked hers.


Tanya's own hands were fumbling with the belt of his trousers, trying desperately to open it. Her hand deftly felt the large bulge at his front. Percy moaned as her hand brushed over it, even slightly. He continued to kiss her, his tongue and hers joined in a desperate tango. In between kisses his hands moved from cupping her face, to caressing her bare brown shoulders. He wanted so desperately to pull her red minidress down from her breasts in one swift motion. He knew he could do it, but he figured that would be too rough. God he wanted to make love to this woman. Tanya reveled in the feel of his bulge against her own center. They were both still fully clothed, but the friction between their bodies was hotter than naked sex. Percy's hands moved to cup her bottom, as he lifted her even higher up the wall. Both her legs were encircling his waist now, in a tight clasp. She could feel his hardness even more now, and it showed the extent of his manhood, which scared Tanya a little.


He seemed too big for her. His mouth moved from her lips as he now decided to concentrate on unclothing her. He felt for the zip of her dress and pulled it down more roughly than he had intended. Tanya didnt mind, she understood the urgency of the situation. When her dress opened and crumpled down to her waist, Percy thought he was going to explode when his eyes finally settled on her naked upper body. He looked up at her, almost in awe.

Tanya smiled slyly at his reaction, "What Mr. Theodosiou? Never seen a naked black woman before?"
Percy smiled back and put his mouth to her dark chocolate nipple. Her breasts were supple, rounded and her skin was uniformly chocolate brown, not a blemish in sight. He knew she was beautiful before, but seeing her like this was killing him. And he hadn't even seen her bottom half yet.


He sucked and nibbled on her hard nipple and his mouth encircled the areola that surrounded it, while his hands massaged her beautiful, pretty breasts. Still stuck up against the wall, Tanya moaned and looked up at the ceiling. She loved everything he was doing, because he knew what he was doing, everywhere he touched and caressed was just right. "I have to ask you something..." Tanya said as she lay in the bed, her legs intertwined with his. It was about four in the morning and she was feeling quite sore in her nether regions. Thanks to the man lying next to her. Percy mumbled something unintelligible and Tanya swatted him. "Do you always fall asleep after making love, mister? No sweet words, looking into my eyes... not for you?" Tanya joked softly as Percy struggled to open his eyes. He smiled guiltily and replied, "Where are my manners?"


Next thing she knew, Tanya was being hoisted from her position and onto his... well.. his naked midriff. Only a bed sheet separated her silky sheath from his manhood. She could feel it come alive again and he could too. Regardless, he kept a straight face and looked at her naked form before settling on her precious face, "Go ahead. Ask me princess." "There's that word again. Percy... why do you keep calling me princess?" Tanya huffed. Her hands ran along his bare expansive chest. He cocked his eyebrow, "I think you're nothing less than royalty." Tanya rolled her eyes. "Percy, I'm a teacher in Harlem. Nothing more, nothing less. It's kind of creepy..." she started.

Percy asked, "What's creepy?"

"The way you seemed to come into my life the moment I opened, a certain book," Tanya replied. She gulped as she


stared at the book that was on her bedside table. She gestured for Percy to look over at it and he did. He looked back at her and didn't say anything. She continued,

"Percy look. I know who you are. And you're not- you're not a teacher from Connecticut who's come to teach. You're, you're not even from this century. This millennium."
Percy said, "I can hear a phone-" "No Percy. Please don't change the subject. Not before you tell me who you really are." Then Tanya heard it too. Her phone. In her bag. Who was that calling her at 4 in the morning? She gave Percy a warning look implying this conversation was not over yet. She jumped off his long body and went to answer the phone. Whoever it was, they were relentless.


"Hello?" she asked irritably. "Is this Tanya Whitford?" the voice sounded official. "Yes. Yes, this is her. What, who is speaking?" "This is Mount Sinai Hospital, we'd like you to come down as our patient's next of kin. Morris. He has suffered severe gunshot wounds... he was brought over... his mother is not answering her phone... you're his teacher?" Tanya dropped the phone from her shaking hand. She looked back at Percy who had been enjoying the naked view of her posterior. His smile turned upside down when she faced him. She was pale, if that was possible. "Morris. It's Morris," she said slowly, before quickly gathering up the clothes on the floor.

Percy frowned and sat up, "What about him? Tanya?!"


She threw his clothes at him, "Get up. We're heading to the hospital. He's been shot. Several times..." she said the last bit almost disbelievingly. Percy's eyes widened. He got up quickly and started to dress up. When they were both done, Tanya suddenly started to sob. Percy held her and tried to comfort her. "What are we gonna tell Donyelle? Do you think they've called her?" Tanya asked in between tears. Percy kissed the top of her forehead, "Let's get to the hospital and figure everything out from there, okay?" Tanya nodded and sniffed, "I'm scared he might not make it, he's young," Percy grabbed her hand, "Tanya let's go." Tanya and Percy sat in the lobby of Mount Sinai Hospital, facing each other. They were waiting for the doctor to allow them inside the room. The room where a wounded Morris lay.


The doctor, a gentle looking Indian man, finally emerged and gestured for the couple to enter.

Percy grabbed Tanya's hand and squeezed it. They were not sure what to expect.
Morris had been found by a young woman, who was there at hospital too, after she heard gunshots go off at a ball court nearby. And Morris had been the receiver of four direct shots from an AK47. Needless to say, he was left bleeding while most people just tried to evacuate the scene. Two suspects had been arrested. But neither of them was the shooter, according to the young woman.

This was stuff that Tanya didn't care about right now. She looked at the young woman, who was skimpily dressed.
Tanya just had to ask, "What, how did you get to the scene? I mean, weren't you scared?" The girl bit her lip and said in a lilting Jamaican accent, "I was the girl. I caused the misunderstanding that led


to my boyfriend shooting Morris. He thought Morris was macking on me, but it was me who started it." She said this in a low voice. Tanya looked the girl up and down. She wanted to slap her, to hit her, to hug her and tell her it was okay. This girl had just incriminated her boyfriend. A mixture of emotions travelled through Tanya's body. She would tell the police, very soon. Now that Tanya and Percy were in the room, everything seemed to go silent. The doctor stood in the corner politely. Morris lay there, tubes coming in and out of his body. He was shirtless and bandaged around the chest area, where he had been shot at close range. Percy stood back as Tanya let go of his hand and moved to the side of the bed. His eyes were closed and he was breathing very, very slowly. She held his cold hand and hoped the coldness was due to the weather, and not that he was slipping away. She was about to let go of it when she felt him squeeze her hold.


She gasped silently, "Morris?" Without opening his eyes he mumbled, "Donnie?" Tanya smiled slightly. His voice still carried some strength, "No sweetheart. Not Donyelle. But I'm sure she's on her way here. Do you know where you are? Do you know what happened?" Morris made a gruff sound as he tried to adjust his position unsuccessfully, "Definitely not my comfy couch back home." Tanya smiled. He could still be humorous. A good sign. "Where's, I really want to see Donyelle. Sorry teach. I mean, thank you for coming," his voice trailed off like he didn't mean it. Tanya smiled understandably, "I know sweetie, You wanna see your girlfriend. The mother of your child. That's understandable."


Tanya squeezed his hand and whispered, "The doctor's telling me to let you rest Morris. Percy and I are outside of the room. Very close. Donyelle will be here soon." Morris smiled weakly, "Tell her I love her. And I'm sorry. I don't deserve her, but I'll try. To change. I love her so much, no matter what distracts me..." His eyes teared up and he turned away. He didn't want Tanya to see him crying. Tanya whispered, "Okay. You'll tell her when she comes okay?" "I'm in so much pain," he suddenly said, as soft as he could. Tanya felt her eyes sting. He had been putting on act of strength and defiance. He was actually, really physically hurting. Tanya could not begin to fathom the pain. "I know sweetie. Just hang in there. Donyelle, your mom.... they're all on their way. And we're all praying. You'll be fine. You need to finish your Greek mythology assignments as well..." He chuckled and let go of her hand.


Tanya panicked and looked up at the doctor, who smiled softly, "He is just resting and he'll..." ...And then it started to beep loudly. The machine. The doctor's eyes widened and all the nurses rushed into the room at his demand. Then the fluorescent green line went flat. Tanya could feel Percy's hands grip her shoulders to turn her away. Did she scream? Did she cry out loudly? Did she kick and hit things? That moment would always remain a blur to her. Morris was buried a few days later at a very emotional funeral. The procession was larger than his mom could ever expect and she mentioned this during her emotional speech. The whole community seemed to be there. One of their sons had been taken.


The rest of the time, Donyelle and Morris' mom held each other and cried. Today was supposed to be the day Donyelle attended an antenatal scan with Morris. She remembered the last words she had said to him, Yes. My baby's doing fine so far. She touched her stomach and looked up at the sky, "Our baby's doing fine Morris." This was when she had sneaked off to her own private corner to grieve. The father of her baby was dead. Gone. Her boyfriend and best friend. Gone. Donyelle sat on the church steps and could hear people asking after the service, "Where's Donyelle? His girlfriend? His baby mama..." She remained seated on the hidden church steps and sobbed. She suddenly looked up when a shadow loomed over her, "Need a hug?" Percy asked softly. Donyelle nodded and stood up as she cried, now much louder. The Greek in


his funeral black suit lay her head against his chest and let her cry away. Soon after, Tanya found them and joined in the sorrowful embrace. The church bell rang, signaling midday. And the birds perched on the church roof flew off into the clouds, creating a lovely yet sad sight. Gone to the clouds, as all resting souls did.

Chapter Nine


One evening in the kitchen, Tanya dared to open the book Perseus again. She gasped. Where there had been blank pages, letters now adorned the pages once again, like an ordinary book. Like how it was before. She continued to read... Perseus walked up to Zeus throne. For the first time in a long time, his father was smiling at him. "I found her. I found my princess." Perseus said as he walked along the marble floor towards the throne. Zeus nodded and said in his thundering voice, "Yes, I see that you have found Andromeda. It took you around one hundred centuries, but you have found her in the most unexpected of places. In a land called America..." Perseus dropped his eyes, "Why is immortality granted to some and not to others?"


Zeus knew what his son meant, "You mean the young man... Morris?" Perseus bit his lip, "Why do I deserve immortality... and he does not? He was going to be a father..." Zeus didn't know how best to explain to his son, "Son, the world of the gods and the world of the mortals are as different as night and day. We have different rules. Different beliefs." Perseus' jaw clenched, "Tanya... Andromeda... is a mortal as well... will I lose her too?" He was looking up at his father with earnest blue eyes, as if begging him to change the rules of the universe. Zeus sighed, "She is indeed a mortal. Just like your mother. What is it with us and mortal women?" Zeus tried to smile. Perseus did not. Zeus continued, "You need to make a decision son. Whether to risk the heartbreak of when she finally gets


sick, and passes as all mortals do, or to marry an immortal goddess," Perseus kept silent for a bit. Then he spoke up, "I have decided... to live as a mortal. On earth. In Harlem, with Tanya." Zeus shook his head disbelievingly, "You could bring her here to the clouds... and live in luxury..." Perseus half smiled, "I don't think Tanya would appreciate the ride to another place and time. Besides, I quite like it where I am right now. In Harlem." Zeus paused before saying, "I understand. I see that you love her. More than you think."

Queen Danae had awoken by now when she heard Perseus' voice. She called him to her bedside. She was looking healthier by the day. Perseus kissed her hand and she said,


"Whoever this Tanya is... or Andromeda... she must be very special for you to decide to leave us here." Perseus bit his lip, "Mother as long as I am god, I will always find a way back to the clouds... to visit..." Danae smiled and caressed her son's cheek, "Go and b with her. Don't forget to tell her how much you love her, before it is too late. Don't wait 70 years... she is a mortal..." Perseus couldn't help but wonder whether his mother was talking about her own marriage to Zeus. He nodded, kissed his mother and went back down to Earth.

Tanya closed the book abruptly when she felt arms around her waist. Percy pulled her against him and started to kiss her neck tenderly. Tanya reveled in the feeling and leaned back into him. No words needed to be said. She was no longer afraid. She didn't care whether he was a god or a human or whatever.


Or whether he'd ever admit to any of this. All she knew is that he loved her, and now she knew, she felt exactly the same way.

Percy whispered into her ear as she set the book down on her kitchen table, "A penny for your thoughts princess?"
Tanya smiled, "We seriously need to find a way to get our jobs back... I don't know about you, but I miss my students..." As she said this, Percy started to unzip her pencil skirt. She giggled and held his hand to stop him,

"This is the exact behavior that got us suspended in the first place,"
He nibbled on her ear lobe, "But we haven't even tried the rooftop yet..." Tanya blushed because she knew he was talking about all the places they had made love. From the shower, to the kitchen floor, to the TV couch... just about everywhere.


It was the kind of 'suspension from a job' that anyone could enjoy. She stopped his roaming hand and said in a serious but endearing tone, "I love that you asked about Morris," Percy looked at her quizzically, "I don't know what you're talking about." Tanya smiled knowingly, "That's okay. Neither do I". And she pulled him up onto the rooftop.

Chapter Ten


Percy walked into the head office of the Zarefsky Center for Mental Correction, and threw his license onto the mahogany table. "I can't do it anymore," he simply said. Dr Zarefsky turned around in his swivel chair and narrowed his eyes at the young recruit. "Why did you accept the assignment if you knew she was going to be... such a beautiful woman?" Percy hung his head low as he spoke, "This. This project you're working on, it's, it's noble but it's inhumane at the same time. It took me a long time to realize that," Dr Zarefsky stood up, "No. Dr Theodosiou. The only thing you've managed to achieve throughout this project is falling in love with your patient, who already has a boyfriend." "You must guard against such sexual wiles when dealing with helpless, mentally disturbed women..."


Percy interrupted angrily, "Don't call her that..." "What? What else should I call her? She is a patient here at Correctional Facility and she doesn't even know it. She can't even remember what happened to her just over a year ago. How she came to be so... delusional..." Percy looked up at his grey-bearded boss, "She still believes I'm a god and that she's Andromeda. There's this book... she sees pages and then she doesn't see them. To her, the story changes as her life changes as well. It's hard to grasp, but this triggered everything." Dr Zarefsky asked to see the book that Percy had managed to bring along. Perseus: A Reader's Digest Compilation of Greek Mythology The elderly doctor shook his head, "Remember Sara Turner? The patient that I worked on? She used to read a lot of Twilight novels. When she got into a brain injury, she started to imagine her own husband was a handsome vampire,"


Percy's shoulders slumped, "Look doctor. I came here to resign from, from this career. I can't do this to Tanya anymore. It'll break her heart when she finds out, who she really is, and what happened to her." His eyes were almost brimming with tears. Dr Zarefsky walked over and placed a hand on his subordinate's shoulder, "You have to be the one to tell her Percy. You have to open her eyes to reality... and remind her of what happened to her in that Arab bookstore a year ago, while she was reading that Reader's Digest. You owe it to her and to her students." Percy sniffed, "She's gonna hate me. I don't want her to hate me..." "You're her doctor Percy. You took the Hippocratic Oath when you began medical school, you can't just quit. And you can't just abandon assignments. She is not cured yet."


Percy looked up at the ceiling and hoped to god Tanya would find it in her heart to forgive him, for using her as an experiment. He hoped she realized how much he loved her, even though he wasn't supposed to. Doctor-patient relationships were discouraged, and for good reason. A situation like this was a doctor's worst nightmare, and a patient's worst heartbreak.

Tanya placed the bag of groceries on her table before grabbing her phone to call Percy. He had gone on a small trip to Buffalo but she missed him already. When she picked it up she found a small message from Eric, Hey sweetie, hope you doing okay? How is your head feeling nowadays? Do you still get migraines? Just wondering. I might come down some time soon. I love you Tanya and I'm glad you're alive. I thank God every day.


Tanya looked at the message with confusion. How is my head feeling? Glad that I'm alive? She wondered, how did he know I had migraines? She always got a jab of pain in her forehead whenever she woke up but she didn't remember telling that to anyone. They were just random headaches after all. She shrugged the bizarre message off and placed the phone back down on the counter, forgetting that she had wanted to call Percy. So Eric wants to come down to visit huh? She rolled her eyes and went through his clothes which were still in her closet. She had never touched them since he had left and they were collecting dust. She started to remove them one by one, dusting them off. That's when she saw it. The wad of newspaper clippings and papers.


She hadn't seen this before. She started to go through the documents and what she saw, was... mind numbing.


THE NEW YORK TIMES- WEEKEND EDITION Gods, Monsters and Brains By Scott Thompson 3rd February 2010


Tanya Whitford proves that the rare condition known as 'mental hysteria' can attack even the most intellectual of beings. She was a successful, bright Literature teacher at a prestigious school in Harlem. Her students loved and admired her. Perhaps that is why they decided to go along with her treatment. It was a sunny day and Ms Whitford was flipping through a Reader's Digest entitled Perseus in a bookstore, when suddenly shots were fired from outside. Apparently, those shots were meant for a notorious drug dealer. However, Ms Whitford was the innocent bystander caught in the crossfire. Abdul, the shopkeeper remembers, "The glass

shattered and the next thing I know, this beautiful customer of mine is laying on the floor, a stream of blood seeping from her head. I called the paramedics but had to do something fast... by the time they came, she had lost a significant amount of blood... I was only happy she had made it..."


When the bullet was dislodged from Ms Whitford's brain the next day, the damage caused was already visible. She had to be reminded of who she was, where she lived and where she worked... But one little detail was left undealt with... her sudden obsession with Greek mythology. 'Mental hysteria' expert Dr Zarefsky explained this as an escapist mechanism that the brain used to create a fantasy for its patient. The brain had chosen to concentrate on Greek mythology because... this was the very literature she was reading when the brain's functionality had been put to a halt on that fateful day. Dr Zarefsky assigned one of his best doctors to the case immediately, to try to pull her back to her senses. However, the fact that this doctor is Greek-American, apparently has had some bizarre repercussions that the doctors would not like to discuss. Tanya Whitford's students may have lied to her when going along with their Greek Mythology classes, when they knew she should have been teaching Literature. They may


have been lying when they smiled in her face well knowing she was a patient at a mental facility. However, they did all of this out of pure love for their teacher, who miraculously survived a drive by shooting, only to lose her logic and start believing in gods and monsters. By Scott Thompson for the New York Times

Chapter Eleven


Tanya's heart was beating. She dropped the newspaper disbelievingly and picked up another one. LA Times, Time Magazine, The Daily Mail in the UK, they had all reported her story a year ago. With the exact same details. She felt like she couldn't breathe. She fell back to steady herself and felt her eyes brim with tears. She opened her mouth to cry out but no sound came out. She clutched her head and felt one of those painful migraines again. Then there was a knock on her door. When she didn't answer, the knocks became more frantic. She could faintly hear him... calling out her name, asking her if she was okay, asking her to open the door. Dr Theodosiou's voice was getting louder.

And Tanya had fallen onto her bed listening to his voice. A voice no longer soothing, but piercing and painful.
A stranger's voice. A doctor's voice.


Percy tried the door handle once again but it didn't budge. And she was not letting him in. He tried calling her cell phone for the umpteenth time but she didn't pick it up. He was panicking now. What was going on in there? Was she okay? ! Percy frantically kicked the door open and it finally did. He rushed inside... "Do. Not. Touch. Me" Tanya said as Percy held his hand out to her still figure. She was lying on the bed facing away from him. He gulped. He now saw all the newspaper clippings that she had been reading. Probably articles that Eric had kept in his clothes. He sat down gently on the edge of the bed. So she had found out... She was sniffing, sobbing silently and holding herself. After what seemed like an hour she finally spoke up


"Who are you?" she asked. "I'm Percy," he replied, knowing that's not the answer she was looking for. "You bastard, I asked you a simple question. Who are you and who do you work for? What do you want from me?" "Tanya...I'm, I'm Dr Percy Theodosiou. I'm a psychologist... I was up until today. I gave in my license." Tanya chuckled, in a very sad kind of way. She was still facing away from him. Still holding herself and scrunched up in a ball. "What happened to me? Why do I get these headaches?" "Tanya... you survived a drive by in a bookstore a year back. A bullet was dislodged from your brain," he wanted so badly to grab her hand. He felt uncomfortable talking to her like a doctor.


"I was shot in the head? And I can't even remember?!" she almost shouted. Percy didn't say anything. She continued, "So you're a doctor that was sent to treat my... mental situation," "Yes." He replied curtly. He felt a wave of shame wash over him as he spotted his tie and t shirt lying in her laundry basket. "Were you sent to sleep with me too? To bang me out of my misery?" she now turned around and faced him, tugging at his heart in the process. Her tear stained face was angry, confused, lost, scared... all at once. "Tanya... I... I was supposed to help you get out of your Greek mythology phase," he said slowly, "I, I failed. I failed you." Tanya was now seated up, looking at him, "How many of my students knew about this? Did the school know what you were doing?"


"Tanya," he hesitated, "all your closest students knew about me. The school gave me permission to... to pose as a teacher... everyone knew you had been shot and had survived, but not all the teachers knew about me. " Tanya's mind thought of Aisha when he said this. She continued to ask, "Why did you sleep with me? Why did you romance me? Was that part of the treatment too?" she asked angrily. Percy looked down shamefully. It certainly was not. "Tanya... I was weak. And thus I was not there for you. Not in the way I should have been..." "I want to see Eric..." she finally said. Percy felt his heart sink. Tanya got up from the bed and rushed to the phone, looking for Eric's number.


Eric's heart beat faster as he listened to Tanya's voice on the other end. "Eric... I... I need you to come down to Harlem. I need you right now...I'm so scared and confused." She was sobbing, he could hear it. He bit his lip and tried to comfort his girlfriend over the phone. This would be the perfect opportunity to see how far her treatment had gone. She had probably found out about the shooting and he hoped this would at least trigger her memory. And perhaps this would be the perfect way to tell her how loyal he was, how good he was to her... just that she couldn't remember. He would tell her how all his 'past infidelities' were just a figment of her faulty mind. Lies, perhaps... but necessary lies. He wasn't going to let go of her that easily.


He got up from his office desk and winked at the cute blonde receptionist on his way out. She blushed at the Dominican hunk and got back to filing her nails.

Tanya practically ran towards Eric at the bus station. She fell into his embrace and he frantically kissed her forehead and cheek. She sobbed, "Eric... what happened to me? Why didn't you tell me?!" All this as the two held each other in front of curious passer-bys. Eric feigned some tears and replied slowly, "I was told to give you some space for your treatment. Plus, I wasn't supposed to talk about it to you. Sweetheart, I'm here and that's all that matters. I'm gonna tell you everything,"


Tanya nodded and looked earnestly into Eric's eyes. He stroked her cheek and whispered in her ear, "c'mon, let me take you to dinner." Tanya sighed and let him lead the way. Percy removed his glasses and stared at himself in the mirror. Percy the Greek god. He replaced his glasses. Percy the doctor.

He couldn't dare to look at his reflection for another second. He flung his glasses across the room. They seemed to be a symbol of his deceit. He had never once worn them in Tanya's presence.
He looked up at his bookshelf filled with medical philosophies, textbooks from med school and all sorts of literature on mental hysteria. Tanya's condition. That's what he had labeled that section of his library when he was still doing research on his patient.


He then looked up at his wall adorned with accolades and medical awards. One of these was for a paper he had written entitled Why the moral dilemma of our 'mental hysteria treatment' does not count. By Dr Percy Theodosiou, of The Zarefsky Institute. He had written this before he had met Tanya.

He looked away from the wall guiltily and placed his knuckles on his desk, where his stethoscope lay.
He flexed his muscles in anger. Anger at himself. How could he defend such a practice? Such an institute? He hung his head in shame. He then took his hand and violently swept it across his desk, clearing it of all its contents.

Chapter Twelve


Eric kissed Tanya's cheek for what seemed to be the hundredth time before they both settled down to eat an Italian dinner. He stared at her intently and held her hand as he told her how she had gotten shot by some drive-by shooter, how she had lost her memory and how her recovery treatment required him to be away. All of which was true. Then the lies began. Tanya leaned forward and asked, "So all my thoughts about you... they were messed up. You never really used to cheat and all that?" Eric took a sip of his wine and sighed. He held her hand, "Tanya. I need you to remember just how great I am to you."


Tanya smiled slightly. She tried to get her mind to think of Eric as this great guy, but it couldn't for some reason. Eric squeezed her hand, "Baby... tomorrow we visit your doctor, Mr. Theodosiou. He has to give the final word on your mental state. I'm sure he has helped you in many ways," Tanya looked up at her boyfriend. She didn't really know how to respond to that.

She had slept with Percy.

With Dr Theodosiou. The liar. She squeezed Eric's hand back and brought it to her lips, kissing it. How could she have done that to Eric? When their expensive dinner was done, Eric clutched Tanya's hand tightly as they walked back to their apartment. Eric had told Tanya over dinner that he would move back as soon as his business out of state was done.


Tanya didn't know how she felt about this. How she felt about him. Once inside the apartment, the old landlady opened her door enthusiastically hoping to see Percy. Her face changed when she saw Tanya holding hands with Eric. Tanya gave her a blank look and the landlady smiled and told both of them goodnight, trying to hide her disappointment at this sudden change in things. Where was Percy? She wondered. Had he and Tanya broken up? Once the lady was out of sight, Eric chuckled, "I always did find that old chick weird." He expected Tanya to laugh, but she didn't. This just didn't feel right. Him in the corridor with her. Where she had often made love with Percy. This was Eric's apartment as well, sure.... but... but... He sensed her quiet and he imagined it to be sexual tension. He leaned in for a kiss, but Tanya didn't. When he


tried to bring his lips to hers, she turned and he caught her cheek instead. He chuckled. So she was now playing 'hard to get' huh? He cupped her face and roughly turned her face towards him. Tanya let out a faint 'ow' as Eric crushed her lips with his. More out of lust than any tender feeling. His hands started to roam all over her curvy body and she could feel he was greatly aroused. She tried to keep her lips shut but his tongue forced them open and he was now practically mauling her. Tanya didn't know why but she felt like puking. She pushed him off and wiped her mouth. Eric had an angry look on his face, "Tanya what the hell's your problem?" What was her problem? She asked herself the same question. This was her boyfriend after all. Her real boyfriend.


She smoothed his shirt as she said tenderly, "Look Eric. I can't do this right now, with you. It's been so long..." Eric started to kiss her neck, "All the more reason for us to make up for lost time," Tanya sighed and pushed him away again, this time more gently. "Eric..." He ran his hands over his fade cut and looked to the side, his ego crushed. He then walked away from her up to their room. When Tanya didn't follow him up the stairs he stopped in his tracks and turned towards her, "Oh... are we not gonna sleep in the same bed either?" Tanya shook her head slowly, wanting to avoid his eyes. Eric chuckled, this time out of amusement.


Angry amusement. He stood at the bottom of the stairs and didn't go up. Instead he made a left turn to the living room. "Pass me a blanket from upstairs then. I'm going to bed," he said curtly. He kicked off his shoes and landed on the couch. Tanya sighed at herself. She needed to act better towards Eric or else he would suspect something happened between her and another man. She ran upstairs and got her boyfriend a warm blanket. While she was covering him with it, he pulled it roughly and covered himself. Her goodnight to him was met with silence. Women never snubbed him, especially not his girlfriend. He fell asleep wondering why she was acting this way. She fell asleep wondering how she was going to face Percy the doctor tomorrow, hand in hand with Eric. In the middle of the night, Tanya woke up for some reason. She turned on the lamp and opened the book


Perseus. The Reader's Digest. That's all it really was, A Reader's Digest. Not some mythical book. And she was only finding that out now. She turned to the last pages, and all the text was there, it had never disappeared. Also, in the story Zeus never told Perseus to go down to Earth to look for Andromeda. She had imagined everything. It was just a stupid little magazine with Greek mythology. And everything about Doctor Percy that had seemed mystical before, had just been coincidences. He is a human being not a god, like the rest of us. I really am mentally deranged... she thought. She then grabbed her pillow and imagined it to be Percy, not Eric. She imagined his kisses all over her body, his gentle touch... and the things they did on their passionate nights. The memories burned through her mind and went straight to her heart.


But it was over between them, he had lied to her, claiming to be a teacher, when in fact he was her doctor. He knew she was crazy and never told her. He had taken advantage of her. Of her attraction to him. An attraction that still burned strong. She ran her hand over the familiar, animated cover of the Reader's Digest. Perseus and Andromeda's love story meant nothing to her now.

It meant nothing.
Perseus, the Greek god was not real. Never had been.

Chapter Thirteen


"Dr Theodosiou? A couple is here to see you," the secretary said in the intercom. Percy's heart felt like it wanted to stop. He replied slowly, "Yes. Yes. Yet let them in." Eric and Tanya walked into the room, hand in hand. The moment Tanya saw Percy sitting at his office desk, she dropped Eric's hand, much to her boyfriend's confusion. Percy stood up, and shook each of their hands professionally. He and Tanya's eyes bore into each other, neither one looking away. Neither of them was ready for this encounter, but it had to happen sometime. Tanya's diagnosis. Percy gestured for them to sit and they did. Tanya's eyes immediately traversed his office, which he had never showed her and which he had never mentioned. Right there in New York. It was full of medical posters, awards and there was a model of the human brain on his desk. He really was a mental health doctor. It showed completely. And he was wearing glasses.


Tanya felt like punching him in the face as he sat back down in his seat behind the desk. She had been taken for a fool by this bastard. She felt embarrassed and ashamed at their past intimacy. She felt betrayed, she felt horrible. When he started to speak, she didn't even look at him. "Good morning Eric. Good morning... Tanya..." Percy said as he looked at his patient. He felt like the guilt would consume him right there and then. He wasn't surprised when she didn't reply back. "Good morning doctor. Well I can see that Tanya's memory is getting better..." Eric told Percy. The doctor nodded, "Yes. It looks like the treatment is working." When he said treatment, Tanya cringed. She still was not looking at him. Percy noticed the cold shoulder. He continued nonetheless,


"However, I'd like to know if she still believes she is Andromeda." He felt like he was driving a stake through her heart as he said this, and that is exactly how Tanya felt. She felt her cheeks flush and replied softly, "No. I know I'm not Andromeda." Eric squeezed her hand and nodded profusely, "Well, honey, all those Greek stories really got to your head when you were shot. They're not real. I'm glad Dr Theodosiou sorted that out." Tanya finally looked up into Percy's eyes. Her eyes had glassed over. Percy wanted to look away. All the pain he had caused was staring right at him. After the session was over, Eric got up and shook Percy's hand smiling. Tanya just turned on her heel and walked out the door, with Eric asking, "What the?! Tanya!" And he ran out of the office after her.


The intercom rang again, "Dr Theodosiou, should I send in your next patient?" "No," he snapped back, then he said more softly into the intercom, "I'm sorry Marcy, didn't mean to snap. Pleasetell them to wait, I'm not ready yet. Just a few minutes." The confused secretary did as told. Percy fell back into his chair and rested his head in his hands. As if to mirror his feelings, a heavy rain started outside.

Chapter Fourteen

A heavily pregnant Donyelle grabbed a bowl of popcorn and cleared the couch. It was raining heavily outside, which was perfect for a comfy afternoon in front of the TV.


Plus she was the only one at home. Perfect. General Hospital was beginning on the television and she wanted to see if that dude had finally been killed. She bent down to move a pillow ... when she felt it. She dropped her bowl of popcorn as the sharp pain hit her again in the stomach. Oh. My. God., she thought, and grabbed her stomach as she doubled over. She could feel a bit of water between her legs. Then it became a lot.

Chapter Fifteen


"I'm not entering a car with you in that state..." Eric said as he hurried behind Tanya, who was ignoring him. They were walking through the sheltered parking lot, the heavy rain outside could hardly be heard. "Oh. You mean my mental state?" she snapped back. Eric shouted back, "No. Your angry state. Calm down Tanya. Let me drive." She narrowed her eyes at him, "You. Leave me alone." Eric widened his eyes at her before shrugging in defeat. Tanya entered the car and before he could enter, she started the car and drove off, almost knocking him. Eric watched as the car drove out of the parking lot and into the rain and he shook his head. He now had a nagging feeling he shouldn't have let her enter that car. Tanya picked up her phone which was ringing as she drove through the torrential rain. "Yeah?"


"Teach... it's me... Donyelle... please!!!" "Donyelle?!! Are you okay?! What's the matter?" Tanya shouted into the phone. The rain was making it hard to hear anything. "My pain. Tanya was shocked, she had completely forgotten Donyelle was due any time. And that time was now! "Ok! Donnie... sweetie!!! I'm on my way!!!" Tanya panicked while asking. She was quite far from Donyelle's home. Then the phone went dead. Tanya's heart beat as she stepped on accelerator, grazing against another car on the road. Tanya clutched her steering wheel as she drove hurriedly down the slippery, wet road. The rain was now water broke... I'm ready to... oh my

God..argghhh!" Donyelle screamed as she felt another sharp


pouring with all its might, and it didn't look like it was about to stop. She ignored the radio announcement for cars to slow down and be careful. She had to get to Donyelle before anything happened. She had to get her to a hospital. When the car approached a red light along the highway she beat her steering wheel in anger. She stopped the car abruptly and sighed impatiently. The moment it turned green, she sped off again, as fast as the rain was pouring. She was now using the countryside shortcut to avoid the traffic. The roads were narrower than she was used to but she sped on. Then the phone rang again from Donyelle's number, but this time an unfamiliar voice, "Hello? I'm a cab driver. I'm driving this girl to the hospital. She told me to tell you?"


Tanya breathed a sigh of relief and closed her eyes briefly. Donyelle would be alright. She didn't see it coming around the corner, the huge truck carrying firewood. Her car swiveled to the side to avoid it and her car went off the road, plunging straight into the rapid rivers below.

Chapter Sixteen


She broke free from her seat and swam up out of one of the windows. She swam towards the light. But the rapids kept pushing her to the side, not upwards. The water was clear, but she had to get to the top. Am I going to make it? She tried to swim up to the surface, where she could see sunlight. Her mind was telling her, swim. Survive. Make it to the top. You're not even injured. She blocked the all consuming fear out of her mind as she swam, trying to make to the surface. "A friggin car just fell into the river!!!!" one scared onlooker screamed into his phone. He had called 911 the minute he witnessed the horrifying sight. The car then floated onto the top and was washed away by the river rapids. Just like that. After all, the rain was sill pouring massively.


But where was the driver?!!! More onlookers now gathered on the side of the road, shocked. Not even the bravest could jump into those rapids. They had to wait for the rescue services. And they didn't know whether the driver was alive or not. They looked up as the sound of a helicopter got their attention. It now hovered over the river. An ambulance also arrived on sight and paramedics jumped out. "You're watching CNN. This is a live broadcast. A rescue effort is underway for a driver who has been identified as Tanya Whitman. Her car plunged into this river a while ago... As you can see, she has not been found yet, she has not emerged to the surface. Rescuers are looking for a way..." Percy felt his face go pale as he looked up at the small television set in the corner of his office. No. Not his Tanya...


"This is CNN. As of now, we're waiting on the rescue crew to start looking for the lost driver. All we know right now is that she is female. And she is somewhere, hopefully alive... in those rapids," the reporter on the scene said into the camera, in a dramatic voice. The camera then panned to the river which was gushing with fast moving, dangerous water. Percy stepped on the accelerator and his car rushed off into the rain, hardy seeing where he was going in the pouring rain.

He was headed to the river.

Tanya could feel the life slowly moving out of her, the surface seemed so far up. She was slowing down and she felt extremely drowsy. She couldn't... Then she submerged and took in the largest breath of air she had ever taken in her life. Her heart was beating extremely fast but now it started to beat normally.


Then she saw herself surrounded by nothing but rapid waters, and she started to panic again. She could see people in the far distance, all looking at her. A camera crew. A rescue crew. And she was out here, alone. She screamed out but water entered her mouth. She tried not to swallow. She tried to keep her head above the water. The river pushed her this way and then that way. She couldn't stay in one place. And it was freezing. She started to cry as she tried to keep her head above the water as she was pushed downriver by the rapids. As she travelled down her shoulder brushed against something sharp. She cried out in pain and realized she was now on the rocky part of the river. She quickly thought and grabbed onto one of the bigger rocks. The river could no longer control or push her. She was going to gain control. She was going to live.


She held onto the rock with her tired arm and managed to climb onto it, as the water tried its best to push her off it.

Again she cried out for help.

"There she is!" one rescuer reported from the helicopter above. They were now hovering over the river quite far from where she was but he had managed to spot her. The helicopter then turned to go after her. Tanya tried her best to hold onto the slippery rock but it was a struggle. She frantically took one hand and removed her trouser belt. She then tied it around one hand and hooked it onto a groove on the rock. It would hold her in place for now. She tried to look through the torrential rain for any sign of the rescue crew and spotted the helicopter in the distance. She willed it to move faster.


"Okay guys get ready to go down," the rescue captain told his team. "Holy Crap!" They heard their pilot say. One of the electric poles on the riverbed tilted and gave way, falling down swiftly, almost hitting the helicopter. The on looking crowd gasped as they watched the electric pole fall into the river due to the strength of the rain. Then they heard someone tell them to evacuate the area. This was not just rain, this was a hurricane. Tanya cringed as the rain beat against her body, waiting for the helicopter to come rescue her. She was now tied onto the rock with her belt and its tightness was hurting her wrist. Then she saw it. The electric pole falling, and its wire coming loose. The huge metal wire started to jump around, still producing some electric sparks, dangerously close to her.


It was menacing, almost alive, like a serpent or sea monster. "Where is she?!!!" Percy shouted at one of the paramedics on the scene, who was simply looking at the river in shock. One of them stood up and said, "Sir, please take a step back," Then he saw her. She was tied to a rock in the middle of the river. And he saw it. The electric wire jumping around near her. He looked at the helicopter in the distance, clearly taking its time. He gulped as he looked at the scene. He could tell Tanya was crying on that rock. Without thinking it through, he removed his jacket and jumped into the water. At a hospital nearby, Donyelle gave one final push and breathed a sigh of relief as a baby started to cry. The doctors held the tiny baby and Donyelle started to cry tears of joy as


it was placed in her hands. As her baby daughter was placed in her hands.

Little Marissa.
Tanya widened her eyes as she saw a man swim towards her, fighting against the rapids. He was not a rescuer, just a regular guy.

As he swam nearer, the electric wire jumped and landed near Tanya who screamed in fright. Percy heard this and his heart skipped, as he tried to swim faster, against the strong water.
He cried out, "Tanya!!" Tanya looked at the man and could not believe it... Percy?!!! He managed to reach the rock and held onto her leg, she held out one hand and pulled him onto the rock as well, with all her might. He opened up the belt that was tying her to the rock and before she could say anything, he pulled her back into


the water and away from the jumping electric wire. Away from that sea monster. The rescue helicopter now hovered over the rapids looking for a sign of their victim and that crazy guy who had just come out of nowhere. Tanya held onto Percy's strong body as the rapids took them downriver. She didn't know why, but she felt safe. In the midst of this all this, she already felt rescued. Just because she was with... him.

When their warm bodies roughly washed onto the muddy shore, a few minutes later Tanya rolled onto her side weakly and coughed water out. Percy just lay there. Tanya panicked and scrambled towards him. She pushed his chest, one , two , three times, before water spurted out of his mouth and he rolled to the side.


She felt tears of relief and grabbed him. When he realized they were out of the water and safe, he hugged her back, not saying anything. They just sat there, shivering, disbelieving and reveling in the warmth of their bodies. Tanya started to sob uncontrollably and Percy kissed her forehead, he himself trying to control his own tears. They didn't hear the approaching news crew, cheers from the crowd or the helicopter full of embarrassed rescue operatives. They didn't even see the sudden change in weather, the rain ceasing and the sun coming back out, or the electric wire suddenly dying. They didn't care. They were alive.

The reporter checked his silver hair before telling the cameraman to switch the camera on.


"This is Anderson Cooper reporting live from the scene where a passerby bravely jumped into the water and managed to rescue Tanya Whitford, who was tied to a rock. We captured it live and it is an incredible sight that we will replay for you throughout the day. This brave man has been identified as a Dr Percy Theodosiou. This is the most incredible story we've covered in a while. We're calling this one... Andromeda's Rescue... due to the stark similarities to the famous Greek myth, if you're aware of it. A rock, a sea serpent in the form of an electric wire, river rapids, an African princess and her Greek prince, who rescues her. Just incredible. Interviews with both Percy and 'his rescued princess' coming soon. Stay with CNN."

Chapter Seventeen

A month later...


Dr Percy Theodosiou's Office

"Mental hysteria is a curable condition. You're living proof of this. You don't get breakdowns, sudden outbursts or any of the severe effects. Your memory is returning quite fast and you'll be healed in no time. So I'm not going to classify you... as a patient. Your file will be closed." Tanya nodded slowly from where she was sitting, across the desk from Percy, who was wearing his reading glasses and looking down at Tanya's diagnosis. He looked up at her when she didn't say anything. She still had a sad look in her eyes. It had been a month since he had rescued her from the river. Since Tanya had been chained to a rock in rainy weather, the story had been peddled around the country as 'The Andromeda Rescue'. Very ironic. A media frenzy had ensued and Percy, whom the reporters were now calling 'Perseus', had been honored with some sort of citizen's award, or ...something.


Tanya had maintained her distance from him, even after telling him how eternally grateful she was. Not that he expected her to forget what he had done to her before. He beat himself up every night over it. He just would never be the same man again, not without her forgiveness, or her love. "Tanya? You're gonna be okay," he said gently. She attempted a smile as she looked at him. She had started to come to her sessions alone, without Eric, whom she had swiftly dumped right after her memory cleared. And certain things were revealed. She had told him to leave and go live his own playboy life, this time for good. She finally decided to ask Percy what had been on her mind the entire session, "What's with the boxes?" Percy removed his glasses and sat back, wondering how to say this.


His office was full of mover's boxes and he had taken down some of his wall adornments. Already his drawers and file cabinets had been cleared out. "Tanya... I'm leaving the practice. And moving." He finally said. He looked at her as he said this. She was his reason for quitting, which probably meant he had never believed in his own treatment in the first place. Tanya's eyes flickered a bit in shock. She felt a sting of tears but continued to look at him nonchalantly. "Oh? Don't like it in Harlem?" She asked casually, though her voice was getting caught in her throat. Why was he leaving? Didn't he know? Didn't he know that she loved him? That he was her soul mate? The reason she was alive right now, and her only hope for a future? Percy took in a deep breath. I'd love any city where you could wake up in my arms, he thought. But instead he said,


"I want to start over... in Greece. I have the qualifications for medicine, just not the heart. I want to work as a historian in Greek mythology. In my original home, Athens Greece. Be closer to my aging parents. Haven't been there in fifteen years." Tanya was shocked. He was leaving for Greece? Why was he doing this to her? Percy looked at her, to gage her reaction. She sniffed a bit and cleared her throat. She gave him a sweet smile, "That's great for you. Can I have my diagnosis? I have to go now, Dr Theodosiou." Percy's face displayed the pain her statement caused. So she didn't care if he went? He smiled back slightly and passed her the envelope containing her diagnosis. She could present it anywhere and get a job, without being questioned about her mental situation. A very important note. Percy stood up and held out his hand. Tanya stood up and shook it.


There was an electric, familiar warmth that radiated when their hands touched. Percy held her hand with firm gentleness as if not wanting to let go. Tanya knew she was going to cry any minute. She pulled her hand out of his grasp and said as she left the offices, "Thanks for everything, Percy." She quickly exited, leaving him there standing, looking shocked and sad. She closed his office door behind him and started to sob profusely as she walked down the hallway. Thanks for nothing.

Later that evening, Tanya lay on her bed as she flipped through her teaching schedule. She was going to start teaching again soon. That reminds me, she thought. She reached for the envelope containing her diagnosis. She wanted to know


exactly what it said, since she'd have to present it to the school principal. The school principal and Aisha, his daughter both knew about her condition but only the principal had known about Percy being a doctor. Aisha, just like Tanya, had thought he was just a new hunky recruit, had practiced her 'feminine wiles' on him, which had only resulted in Percy and Tanya's kiss in her office, for all her trouble. They had felt so real. His kisses. The way his face had lit up on their date at The Apollo to see The Kings of Comedy live. His lovemaking. It had all felt so... genuine. Tanya was angry at him not because he had done all those things with her, but because she couldn't tell... or dare to ask... if he had any feelings for her. And now that he was leaving dodge, well that just explained. He was done with Harlem, done with her. Onto the next Lolita, in Greece. Tanya ripped open the envelope with more vigor than was required. She removed her diagnosis and scanned through it. It pretty much said what he had told her, she was cured, which was true.


She then looked down curiously at the colorful paper that had just fallen out of the envelope as well. She picked it up. It was a ticket. A ticket to... the Apollo? Tanya frowned. Had Percy intended to put this in the envelope? It was for one person. Come see Eddie Griffin at The Apollo. Above 18 only. ... And it was for that evening. Tanya wondered if this was Percy's ticket and he had included it by accident. Perhaps he had gained an obsession for The Apollo ever since she had introduced him to it, that amazing night when they had come home and made love for the first time. She wondered if she should take it back to his office. He wouldn't want to miss his show. This had nothing to do with their failed relationship. Except for the fact that The Apollo was a special symbol of the time they had first really fallen for each other. The first time she had fallen for him. She didn't know what he felt, after all he had lied to her.


She turned the ticket around and that's when she saw what he had written on the back in pen, It's for you Tanya. Please go. Begs, Percy. p.s. I love you. She looked at those last three words and her heart skipped. Then she rolled her eyes. So he wanted her to go alone? Why hadn't he at least offered to come? Yes, she would have refused, but that was the most gentlemanly thing he could have done. She shrugged and decided not to waste the ticket. Percy probably had many boxes of books to pack up before he walked out of her life. Too busy running away. Tanya decided she would follow the ticket's instructions and go. She decided on the same red dress she had worn the last time, hoping no one would notice.

"Hey! I remember you! You were that honey in the red dress the other time! And you're in the same. Red. Dress." The guy collecting the tickets at The Apollo entrance


engaged in a quick conversation with her. She threw him a chilly smile and he chuckled nervously. "It's a lovely dress 'specially on you girl. Even if it you worn it before. Say. Where's the white boy? The tall one you came with last time?" Tanya grabbed her half of the ticket and told the man politely, "I'm now single and available." The old man whooped and started talking again before the line behind her started to grumble and shout. Tanya giggled and entered the theater, ready to listen to some rehashed Eddie Griffin jokes. "And you know what I just love? I just love how white people talk about hockey and shit. Shiettt... they should hire some brothas in the NHL, y'all know we got them third hockey sticks!" The audience howled. Tanya shifted in her seat. Funny, slightly crude joke. She should have laughed like a normal human audience member. But seated there alone, she couldn't.


Her mind was all on Percy. Who was probably cleaning out his office right now and counting down his days to leave Harlem. To leave her. Eddie Griffin walked back and forth with his tiny body, making people pee in their pants. Then he suddenly stopped and looked at his watch,

"You know I love white people," the audience laughed knowingly, since his repertoire claimed otherwise. He continued, "But if one more white boy comes up to me and talks about can I interrupt your stand up to propose to my girlfriend? Happened in San Fran. So obviously girlfriend was a dude."
Tanya face palmed. "Now y'all won't believe I got another white boy in my schedule. He emailed me a month ago, knew I was coming to town and wanted to use this opportunity to say something to his girl. Okay we in Harlem. If his girl's a sexy sista. Imma cut him off and tell him to go back to the Midwest. No more coming to Harlem, takin' our resources."


The audience and Tanya laughed. Eddie Griffin was crazy. "Okay so y'all give some minutes to Percy Theo... Theo-something. Geez. Dude, where you from with that crazy ass name, Iran?" Percy grimaced as he walked onto the stage, from backstage where had been waiting. The audience clapped and laughed, some women wolf whistled seductively at him. What a hunk! Who was the lucky girl?!! Eddie Griffin stood on his toes and patted Percy on the back. Only way he could reach him. Percy smiled gratefully at the famous comedian who gave him the mike and stepped aside. He looked out to the audience, looking for... her. The audience was too large.


When he brought the mike to his mouth, Eddie Griffin interrupted, "Yo, dude. Wait a minute. Let your girl stand up... what's her name?" Percy spoke into the mike, "Tanya Whitford..."

Some girls jokingly stood up, wanting to claim the hunk. The audience chuckled, and when the crazy girls sat down again, one remained standing.
A very shocked Tanya Whitford. Everyone turned to look at her. She was staring straight at Percy, her face a mixture of shock, happiness and forced anger. He took in a deep breath as he saw his gorgeous soul mate standing there. Eddie Griffin looked at her then at him, "What. Her? That's Tanya? Oh hell naw! Dude I. Hate. You." The audience laughed. Tanya was a tall, gorgeous brown skinned woman with box braids. They could all see that from a mile away.


The guys were now looking at the 'white dude' on stage thinking... dayumm! Dude, we totally get you!
Then they all went quiet anticipating what Percy was going to say. Tanya's eyes were twinkling. She couldn't believe it. What the heck was Percy doing? He cleared his throat. He had never really spoken to a large audience before. Let alone a black audience who had come here for scathing comedy, not some soppy interracial romance. He continued anyway, looking straight at the curvy lady in the red minidress, who was standing quite awkwardly and shyly, "Miss Tanya Whitford has absolutely no reason for liking me right now." The audience hushed, now very curious.


"I was not supposed to fall in love with her. But I did. I lied to her... about who and what I was, thinking she would not respond to my advances if I told her I was... what I was. "That... and in my world I was doing the right thing. Playing a role, to help her heal." The audience was absolutely confused right now. Playing roles? Lying? What? Tanya however completely understood what he was talking about and held his gaze as he trudged on, "I had the best moments of my life with her, and somewhere, sometime in our laughter, I must have told her I loved her. I'm here to tell her I was not playing a role, whenever I said that. I was being me, Percy Theodosiou, the doctor. "I want her to understand that I cannot take back what I did, and I might never fathom the pain I caused her, or the humiliation. I want her to know that, I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. But I don't want that grief to be the only feeling that I hold there. My heart'll have to make space


for the ever growing love I have for her. A feeling I cannot just store and box away. I-" Eddie Griffin interrupted, "Dude can I write that shit down? Real deep!" He was trying to keep the comedic aspect of the show but the audience told him to shush, which stunned the top-billing comedian. They hadn't even laughed. They were all looking at Percy, whose earnest, gentle eyes and unsure voice betrayed his tall, muscular frame. "I love you Tanya and I want you to know that if you feel the same love for me, after all I've done, I have two plane tickets waiting to take us to Athens, Greece... a place I know you're familiar with from your teachings. Where it all began for the Greek gods. But forget about Greek gods. A place where two human beings can come together, love each other and start a new life. Start a family." Percy bit his lip as he watched for Tanya's reaction. She held her hand up to her mouth and a few tears rolled down her cheek.


Some women in the audience were sobbing too, and they didn't know why. One husband nudged his wife, "He ain't talking to you boo. Plus, you have me..." The woman looked at her potbellied hubby and sobbed even more. Percy sure as hell wasn't talking to her. But still... this was so unbelievable and sweet. She was now living vicariously through this lucky Tanya bitch. Percy lowered the mike from his mouth and Eddie Griffin walked up to him and said softly, "Anything else you need to say to your girl?" Percy nodded. He did have something else to say. Something to ask. "Tanya Whitford, will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?" This is it, he thought. If she says no, the stage should do its best to collapse and take me down. Tanya was now walking up to the stage, wiping away tears. The audience was anxious. She hadn't yet said yes. When she got to the bottom of the stage, she held out her hand and Percy pulled her up.


They both stood face to face and Tanya nodded slowly. Then faster. Then she whispered a jubilant, "Yes." Percy dropped the mike and took her into his arms, lifting her up and holding her tightly. Tanya then slid down his body deftly and their mouths met in a kiss of atomic proportions. The audience stood up and cheered for the longest, loudest time. Outside The Apollo two passer-bys heard the cheers and the woman said to the man, "Wow! You gotta get us tickets to Eddie Griffin next time!" If only they knew who and what the cheers were really for. Inside, on the stage, a man and a woman were able to ask for forgiveness and be forgiven, love and be loved right back. That was the true test of any relationship.


Human or Greek god.



Allure Bar, Times Square, New York


Donyelle poured the patron another shot and handed it to him. He winked back at her. She sighed. Ever since moving to the heart of New York she found that she could not go anywhere without being propositioned or winked at. Harlem had pushy guys, but this area had over-confident, cocky white guys with a point to prove. She had moved here when she had attained a scholarship to study at New York Arts Academy. Something she had been working on for a long time. Only Morris knew how much she had wanted this. She felt her heart drop as she thought about Morris. Her thoughts of him were becoming less and less frequent, it had been 3 years since his death. She felt guilty when she was having fun, out with her multicultural set of friends. Morris should have been there, with her. Kissing her, pinching her. Then one of her friends Sara, a bubbly blonde from Minnesota, would notice her sadness and nudge, telling her to move on.


But how could she? Whenever she looked into Marissa's beautiful eyes she saw Morris staring right back at her. Haunting her. She couldn't just move on. Not just like that. Sara tried her very best to set Donyelle up with all sorts of guys, and they had all been failures so far. Now they were about to graduate and go out into the real world, yet Donyelle still had not met anyone she felt was worthy. "One Bloody Mary please!" A chirpy voice said as Sara sidled to the busy counter, pushing some college guys over. They looked at her irritably and left the counter, where they had been positioned perfectly just to stare at the hot black chick. Donyelle looked at her best friend exasperatedly, "Sara! You don't just shove people away from a counter..." as she poured her friend a drink. Donyelle's boss looked over at her curiously. He didn't like it when his bar ladies had their friends over.


Sara twirled her hair and ignored her friend's scolding, "Okay seriously. Donyelle, there's this guy that goes to Metropolitan..." "Sara! I told you! No more dates for me. And don't make it so obvious we're chatting," Donyelle said as she looked at her suspicious boss through the corner of her eye. A thin white guy with bald head and impeccable fashion sense, he was looking to see if Donyelle would give her friend a free drink.

Which was against the rules.

Donyelle held her hand out for Sara's money. Sara giggled and dropped some coins in Donyelle's hand. Way less than what she was supposed to pay. Also, a piece of paper with a number on it. "Call him. You won't regret it!" Sara said excitedly as she downed her cocktail in record time. Donyelle looked at the name and number curiously. Duncan.


"Is he white?" Donyelle asked cautiously. She had to ask these things. Her friend Sara seemed to think that was the only race of guys out there for her. "Errrm. Not exactly, half Irish, half Scottish-American." Sara said, with a mischievous smile. Donyelle rolled her eyes, "So which part is supposed to be the ethnic part?" Sara laughed as she slid the empty glass back to her friend, "Stop being racialistic and call him. You have this whole weekend to get to know him. Tell me how it works out on Monday. I'll be in Minnesota over the weekend. Ciao hun." She leaned over the counter and kissed her friend's cheek. Before Donyelle could object she found herself staring at the number. 'Duncan' was a preppy, by the sounds of it. Who names their son 'Duncan' unless he wears pink blazers and plays polo with the lads? As it turns out, Duncan was a tattoo artist obsessed with Asian/African culture and liberal politics.


He also had brunette hair and sharp green eyes. A striking combination if Donyelle ever saw one. However there was one flaw. He was a motor-mouth. Something Donyelle noticed on their first date. They sat across from each other and from 9 to 10 pm he talked about the Cambodian Revolution of 1972. They ordered salad. Duncan talked. They ordered steak. He was still talking. They ordered dessert. He was now on the topic of Iran and how he believed Benazir Bhutto was killed by her own people. He was extremely good-looking. Tall, muscular enough for a college student and he had those rare green eyes. Still... he talked! And talked. And did some more talking. Donyelle placed her fork on her plate and it clanked quite loudly, in order to interrupt him. She sighed loudly.


She was dressed in dark purple halter top and black jeans, complete with a black corduroy coat. Her jet black hair cascaded down her face and her brown skin had the lightest touch of blush. Why did I even bother? She thought. Truthfully, Duncan was dressed down.. but this must be how he always dressed. A grey flannel shirt and blue jeans. It's like he hadn't even tried. When she interrupted him he looked up and seeing her expression, it suddenly dawned on him. She hadn't listened to a single word. He mentally crossed his fingers and hoped to God his nervousness hadn't shown. He talked a lot, too much, with girls he was incredibly attracted to. And it always ended up badly. And Donyelle... well... this girl looked like a young Janet Jackson. She probably wasn't into him the way he was into her.


Donyelle smiled at him sweetly, "This evening has been great Duncan." A waiter came and took their plates away. He gave her a winning smile that hid his nervousness. "I had fun too Donyelle..." "You're a great talker..." she said. Duncan's heart dropped. Well, there she goes. I talk too much. I knew it. He took a sip of water and cleared his throat. This date was just about over and he suddenly remembered to ask, "So.. what about you?" Donyelle shrugged, "What about me?" Duncan nodded, egging her on to talk. The first things he had noticed about her, apart from her baby-like beauty, were her sad eyes. "I go to New York Arts Academy. I moved here from Harlem three years ago. I have a three year old daughter." She said all in monotone voice. Duncan nodded slowly as he took this all in. Okay....


"Any more questions?" a tired Donyelle asked. Duncan thought long and hard. Should I say what I really want to say? "Can I kiss you?" He asked. Donyelle looked at him shocked, "It's only our first date Duncan." "You're right. Sorry. Forget I asked." And he looked back down. Donyelle then leaned forward in her seat and caught his lips with hers. At first shocked, he deepened the kiss and stood up slightly as well. He cupped her face as he felt her warm tongue roll with his. They then both let go and stood back, breathing hard. Donyelle finally said, "I don't usually do that." Duncan licked his bottom lip, "Then why did you?" The cute black girl smiled, "Some things are inexplicable. Goodnight Duncan." She then got up and waved him


goodbye sweetly as she exited the restaurant. He looked at her leave, a one million dollar smile on his face. Later that night Donyelle lay on her bed in the apartment she shared with Sara, who was at her home for the weekend. Her mind was on Duncan's green, sparkly eyes when her phone rang. And it was none other than him. "Hey, Donyelle." "Oh. Hey" "I just wanted to say that kiss was really great and I can't wait to do it again... I'm sorry I bored you with my politics and all." Donyelle couldn't help but smile, "It's okay Duncan. By the way, I liked the kiss too." "Seriously- it's just something I need to grow out of. Always talking. I don't know why I'm telling you this, shooting down my chances." "Haha. You do talk too much Duncan."


"Geez! That was direct. Not that I wasn't asking for it. I'm very self-deprecating, especially around pretty girls. Even over the phone. Something I need to work on, seriously, I know." he said all in one breath. Donyelle giggled in spite of herself. He was actually fun to talk, or rather, listen to. "What's your daughter's name?" He asked curiously. Donyelle paused long and hard. No guy in his twenties ever wanted to talk about her daughter. "Marissa-Jean. Why?" she asked, an edge to her voice. "I think she goes to the same school as my son... Gray." He figured he should drop this little piece of information. Donyelle almost gasped. 'Gray' was the little boy Marissa always sat next to, according to Sara anyways. Sara was the one who always took Marissa to the kindergarten, since Donyelle was often still asleep from her night shift at the bar.


Also, Sara was the one who often picked the girl up since she had a car and passed by there all the time, while Donyelle was still taking classes.

Donyelle's cheeks flushed. She knew what Duncan was wondering. How comes he had never seen her there at the kindergarten to pick up her own daughter?
That's probably where Sara probably got Duncan's number from. At the kindergarten. Donyelle placed her face in her hands. Duncan sensed the quiet and said, "She looks exactly like you. Your friend always takes her to school right?" Donyelle let out a soft 'yes'. Duncan thought not to ask any more questions about that. Instead he dared, "So when am I taking you out again?" Donyelle kept quiet for a bit and looked at Marissa sleeping soundly in Sara's bed. "I'm bringing Marissa to school on Monday, maybe we'll talk then,"


She did not detect it, but Duncan was elated, "Okay! You'll get to meet my son. Looking forward to seeing you again Donyelle." She smiled at the warmth in his voice. She could now tell it had a fatherly tone to it. He was just like her, a young parent. She would ask him what happened to the mother, but that would be for another day. For now, over the phone, Donyelle was slowly gaining a crush on the brunette, greeneyed Duncan. "I talk a lot better over the phone," he said, as if reading her mind. He knew why this was so, her beauty could not intimidate him over the phone. "Haha. It's ok. I'll see you on Monday then. Can't wait to meet your kid." Duncan smiled, "See you later alligator." Then he got off the phone. Wait.. see you later alligator? What the freaking hell was he thinking telling her that? That's what he always told little Gray when he dropped him off at school. Now his 'kid speech' was entering his 'hot girl speech'. Geez!


Donyelle chuckled as she got off the phone. See you later alligator? Signs of a true father. She sighed as she drifted off to sleep but not before murmuring, "I'll always love you Morris. You know that right? But I have to move on... for me and Marissa's sake..."

She stared at his framed photo on her desk and then back at Marissa who was tucked under the blankets, her long black hair sticking out. Donyelle smiled at her tiny, but fatherless daughter.
Maybe Duncan would be the one, for the both of them. Maybe he would not. But Donyelle had to open up her heart again, and after tonight, it felt like it was. It was a huge world out there, and she intended to make the most of it. She knew that's what Morris would have wanted her to do. No one was meant to be alone. Not forever.


She said one more silent goodnight, this time to her beautiful daughter, then turned over and fell sound asleep dreaming of politics, tattoos and sparkling green eyes. She and Marissa-Jean, or MJ, would be okay. She knew this was only the beginning and was ready for anything life threw at her.

EpiloguE: A Museum Athens, Greece The teacher lined up her unruly children. "Single file everyone! Single file!" The little kids shoved and pushed each other as they got in line. The teacher sighed and led them inside the new museum. Athens had its fair share of museums, all banking on the 'Ancient Greece' aspect, but there was something very special about this particular one, which had opened just under three years ago.


It didn't feel 'touristy' or exploitative. It felt genuine. And it looks like a lot of love and research had gone into creating it. It was a museum that told stories of an ancient time. Right at the door stood the storyteller herself, sporting a genuine megawatt smile. She seemed genuinely excited that their little 'underdog museum' was gaining more and more visitors by the day. It was unfortunately situated right next to the bigger and more famous, more established, Athens Central Museum. This one was simply called 'Journey through BC'. And some of it was still under construction. Nonetheless it was open to the public at a much cheaper price than other museums. However, it was slowly gaining fame. The storyteller, or museum curator stood before the class of kids and smiled. She loved children, after all she and her husband had a bubbly two year old son.


"Good morning!" The stunning black woman spoke up. It was indeed a beautiful Athenian morning, there was a slight breeze that ruffled the autumn leaves, and the sun was shining modestly. She was dressed in comfy sneakers, tight khaki trousers and a red top, her name on a badge. "I'm Tanya and I'll be your guide today." The kids smiled back as did the teacher, "Good morning Tanya!" She then gestured for them to follow her inside the museum. The kids were absolutely mesmerized. Statues, paintings, interactive games, this museum had it all. Tanya pointed to a statue of a woman with long braided hair and a snake tongue. "Can anyone tell me who this is?" The kids shuddered, "Medusa!" Tanya nodded, "Exactly right. She caused a lot of trouble in Ancient Greece. If


you were planning on being a hero or rescuing a princess, you have to deal with her first!" She then led the kids to a painting of a beautiful woman tending to a god. One girl put up her hand, "That's Queen Danae! She was Zeus' human wife!" One of them at least, Tanya thought as she smiled. She loved it when kids knew their stuff. This class was particularly clever. She made a mental note to check out their school, perhaps she could enroll Achilles there when he came of age. Tanya took the kids around the whole museum, all three floors of it. There was a library on the topmost floor, full of books about all things Ancient Greece. Hercules, Hera, Andromeda, Hades, Persephone... you name it. Tanya spent the whole day taking different groups around the museum. Adults, kids, schools, and tourists. They had all come to see this little new museum. She often got phone calls which she would have to apologize to her guests for. She would then giggle shyly into the


phone and tell the guy to hang up, she was at work, she would tell the guy. But he was relentless as always, wanting to hear her voice. By night time, when she was sure no one else would enter the museum, she closed the doors and dimmed the lights to save electricity. The museum was completely empty, save for her and the museum owner, who was working hard in his office upstairs.

She took the long flight of stairs up to the library and made a right turn into the office of the boss.
"Okay. What did I tell you about calling me while I'm working?" Tanya said in mock anger, her hand on her hip. Percy looked up from his blueprint and broke into a smile, as if he hadn't seen her in days. That's how he always smiled at her and frankly, Tanya loved it. She continued to scold him,

"Percy? Honestly. You've called my phone like 6 times today. I looked really unprofessional down there. We'll lose business."


Percy by now had stood his tall frame up from his untidy desk. He looked absolutely delicious in his dark green sweater and blue jeans. Not much like the owner of a museum, nonetheless hot and distinguished. He leaned back against his desk and Tanya couldn't help but shimmy towards him. His eyes were practically eating her up, even in her fully decent uniform. "How's Achilles handling his grandma?" Percy asked as Tanya pressed herself against him seductively. His hands grabbed her waist and started to roam all over her slender, still fully clothed body. Tanya grazed her lips against his as his hands slid up under her shirt. "I called her and told her to let him watch Dora the Explorer the whole day," she said breathily as Percy unclipped her bra.


"Do they know we won't be back from work for a long, long time?" he whispered in her ear. Tanya leaned even further into him if that was possible, "Hmmm. I guess. Mmmm..." she said as she felt the front of his trousers. He was very aroused. She was amused, had he been packing it in the whole day, he seemed ready to burst. He must have noticed her expression because he held her back slightly and said, "See what you do to me?" Tanya giggled shyly as she started to open the belt of Percy's jeans. A similar situation like this, in the same library, had led to her becoming pregnant and giving birth to their first child, Achilles. He was a very handsome two year old with pale mocha skin and light brown eyes, not to mention Percy's dark wavy hair, with a slight kink to it. Now, they were going to make sweet, tender love once again in the library, amongst portraits and paintings of Greek myths. Perhaps it was a fetish thing. But no. They often made love anywhere and everywhere they had a chance.


Percy's mother Nicolette often called them 'young horny rabbits in love'. It was not a cutting remark. She loved Tanya and how happy she made her son. Percy's dad Christophe, a tall wiry sailor of the old fashioned kind, always joked that he wished he had seen Tanya first, which would often be followed by an upside smack from his portly wife, using her kitchen spoon. They were a charming pair and Tanya loved them as much as they loved her. Percy loved her family as well, back in America. They had approved, and that was all Tanya needed to run away with Percy to Greece. But family was not exactly what was on her mind right now as she removed Percy's sweater, followed by his shirt. He helped her with it and threw it aside with the quickness of a man aroused. Tanya felt her stomach flip with butterflies as she looked her husband's lean cut body and expansive, tanned


chest. One of his best physical qualities. He kept in shape and didn't brag about it. He pulled Tanya by the waist and crashed his mouth against hers. He couldn't do it gently, not when he wanted to taste her so badly. It had been a whole day. He had been upstairs in this office, mulling over blueprints for their museum, figuring out what painting to place where. It could get lonely. And now that she was here... He removed her top swiftly and she stood before him in a trouser and unclipped bra. They kissed and touched each other all over, breathing hard as they tried to keep up some sort of sane conversation. "Who came into the museum today... hmmm..." Percy's hand went to her beautiful breast and he kneaded it as he nibbled on her earlobe. Tanya tried to be coherent through her pleasure, "Didn't you hear them making noise? All those kids... we got a few adults too...hmmm..." Percy planted kisses along her


soft jaw line, her chin, the corner of her lips and then bit on her bottom lip, sucking it gently. "Some Japanese tourists... they really liked it. Said I was the best museum guide ever..." Tanya smiled as Percy completely got rid of her bra. He then held her tightly against him, their flesh touching and becoming warm. They were both still in their respective trousers. A very funny feeling. Percy held her and carried her on to the Persian carpet, where he placed her deftly. He looked at her breasts and he said huskily, "God you look amazing, as always." He lowered his mouth to hers and their kiss was gentle at first. Then it became rougher and more desperate. He crashed his body on top of hers and Tanya started to push down her trousers frantically.

When hers were off, he removed his jeans as well.

His fingers caressed her inner thigh, it felt like satin to him. He sighed contentedly as he looked at his beautiful


wife laying there before him, her cocoa brown skin inviting to the touch. The museum lights were dim, giving an unintended romantic ambience. They were surrounded by statues, books and paintings at they made love in the semi lit building. They didn't care. This museum was theirs. They had opened it. And they could damn well make love in the library if they wanted to. Deep into the night, Percy was still inside Tanya when he cried out. Tanya held onto him as his body shook. She ran her hands over his back which was glistening with sweat, just like her whole body. She threw her head back at the orgasmic feeling. She faintly heard him say, "I love you Tanya." As he came he held tightly onto her and they both looked into each other's eyes intently. It's as if neither of them could believe love could feel so... good. How they perfectly fit with each other, physically, mentally and spiritually.


A few minutes later Percy rolled off Tanya and onto the carpet next to her. He exhaled deeply and blinked. His breathing slowed back to normal and he looked across at Tanya who grinning like a Cheshire cat. This woman really did things for his ego. He pulled her closer to him and cupped her body with his. She laid her braided head on his strong arm and looked into his eyes. He kissed the tip of her nose and then her lips, which he lingered on for some time before staring at her as well. They didn't say anything for a while, both of them just relaxing in the comfortable silence. "You're so beautiful, like a work of art." Percy finally said softly as he slowly ran his finger up Tanya's bare side. He couldn't believe how lucky he was she had forgiven him, taken him back and married him. Someone up there definitely loved him. "Hotter than Andromeda?" she asked, egging him on mischievously. Percy grinned as he caressed her long brown leg.


"Way... way hotter. You're in the present, in the now. She isn't. " He said, his eyes transfixed on her shapely lips. "Well... you're hotter than Perseus as well. You're both into the sistas though." She joked. Percy kissed her softly on the mouth, "That's definitely true." As they lay there looking at the famous 'Zeus' mural on their ceiling, Percy had one more thought, "Maybe I am a Greek god after all. I mean, when I'm with you I feel immortal and powerful." Tanya stifled a laugh, "Okay that has to be the cheesiest thing you've said to me ever, not counting that long ass proposal speech at The Apollo." Percy blushed, "Hey! I thought you loved it. All the other crying women did." Tanya knew he was right. It was the most romantic proposal ever and it definitely left its mark on all those who had heard it.


"You know what Percy, maybe I often don't show it, but I love you just the way you are. Now, if you can tell me again how I make you feel immortal... I can make you feel another way... again..." She stared at him seductively. Percy smiled, he knew she loved the compliments, "You make me feel immortal, princess." That was all Tanya needed. She got on top of him once again. "Hmmmphh..." Percy said as Tanya rolled her hips against his. She started to ride him slowly and rhythmically as he held her hands. He sat up and held Tanya against him tightly. "You and Achilles make me feel immortal as well." Percy smiled at the reference to their son. He moved Tanya's braids out of her face as she rode him faster and faster. They shared long wet kisses that lasted 'til morning.


As the sun rose up, Tanya caressed her husband's chest. "Tanya?" Percy said gently. "Hmm?" "What if Greek gods are real and we just don't know it?" Tanya chuckled, "Then they just got a hell of a view of my booty." Percy looked at Tanya shocked and amused. She stuck her tongue out at him and he smiled contentedly as she caught his lips once more. If there were indeed Greek gods, they were definitely looking down and smiling. After all, these two mere mortals certainly were.


THE END. (?!)


True Epilogue (Because Greek Gods always have the last say)

Zeus looked down from his throne and smiled. Queen Danae sat next to him, almost revived from her sickness. "You think he'll be alright?" she asked as she watched Percy flying kites with his son Achilles, while Tanya sat on a park bench, laughing at their failed attempts to lift the kites. Zeus looked at his wife and kissed her on the cheek, "He's my son, of course he'll be alright. He has made his choice to be with a mortal, and to be one as well." "I wonder if he will be strong enough... as a mortal. We're not possessing of powers like you are." Zeus looked at his wife before saying softly,

"The strength of a man is not measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of


his heart. Percy's heart lies with Tanya, so she is his strength."
Queen Danae smiled, "That, my dear... is what I call a godly observation." And with that, they both dipped their feet in the soft cloud they were sitting on, enjoying the sights of Earthfrom New York to Paris to Timbuktu.

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