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Semester 2 ~ Independent Reading English 12 (10pts/week + 80 pt project + 40 pt question sheet = Approx.

250 pts)
During semester one, you will be required to choose one book and read it before the due date below. On this due date, you will complete an independent reading project. Your book(s) must not be any literature that we are covering in class, and it may NOT be something you have previously read. It can be fiction or non-fiction, but it must be a book (magazines and newspapers are not acceptable). Please show me what book you plan to read so that I may approve it. **These dates are approximate be open to minor adjustments. My presentation and question packet are due on __________________________ 1. Music: Create an I Pod playlist for a character (or characters) in your book. This list should include at least 8 songs that represent the characters personality and the conflicts he/she faces in the book. For each song you will need to include its lyrics and a paragraph analysis of how the song relates to the character. OR: Create a soundtrack for your book. This soundtrack can integrate characters, themes, metaphors, conflicts, and plot components. Please include lyrics and a paragraph analysis for this project. 2. Poetry: Write three poems that reveal the plot of your book. These three poems should be written from the point of view belonging to a character in the book. If you would like, you can end up with three poems written from three different characters points of view. The poem can rhyme- but it does not have to. However, the poems should collectively include a simile, a metaphor, paradox, assonance, and alliteration. See me if you are unfamiliar with these terms. Approximately 15 lines per poem, typed. 3. Collage: Create a collage of symbols, settings, themes, characters, and ideas from your book. Put this collage together on a poster board; at least 10 images should appear on your board. You may find images on the internet, in magazines, in newspapers, or they can be images that you draw yourself. This project is highly graded on clarity, thoughtfulness, and organization. While presenting, you will need to explain each symbol included in the collage. 4. Childrens Book: Pick a chapter or a story from your book. Turn this chapter/story into a childrens book by summarizing its main events. If the chapter does not provide a conclusion, simply make your childrens book To Be Continued or make it one book in a series. The book must include a title page, and words and illustrations on each page. Remember, use language that is easy for a child to understand. The book should be 8-10 story pages long. 5. Literary Mediums Project: Summarize and explain important characters/events in your story through different genres of literature. Possible genres could include: Fact Sheets/FAQ, brochures, letters, journal entries, public documents (birth certificate, marriage license, obituary), newspaper articles, and receipts. These genres may be written from an omniscient point of view, from the narrators point of view, or from a characters point of view. The project must include at least 4 genres from at least 2 different view points. 6. Paper: Write a compare/contrast essay in which you analyze two different characters from your book and yourself. Answer the following questions in your analysis: How do the characters think similarly/differently? How do they act similarly/differently? How are their lifestyles and values similar/different? Also, explain which character you are most similar to, and why. Two pages typed, double-spaced, 12 point font. 7. Technology: 1) Create a web blog filled with facts, music, quotations, and pictures of a specific

character in your book. You will be graded on creativity, and on how well we will know your character by looking at his/her blog. 2) Create a video trailer for your book. Must be 3 minutes in length. In your video, include title and author and focus on main events of the book without giving away the ending! 8. Think of your own idea! Please see me to approve it first.

Independent Reading Project Questions for during and after reading

Name: Title of Book: Author:

I. Structure. A. Genre. 1. What genre is your book? (science fiction, mystery, creative nonfiction, drama, romance, etc.)? __________________ 2. In 2-3 sentences, explain why your book fits this genre.

B. Point of View 1. What point(s) of view is used in your book? _____________________________________ 2. How does point of view influence the telling of the story? Are facts revealed immediately? Are facts withheld until later in the book? Why did the author choose to reveal the story in this way? Answer in one paragraph (5-7 sentences)

C. Conflict.

1. What type(s) of conflict exist in the book? (specify person vs. ____?____) 2. In 5-7 sentences, explain the main conflict(s). Who is the protagonist, what is the problem, and what is at stake?

Falling Actions: D. Plot Chart. Fill in the plot chart below, including the most important plot points in the exposition, rising actions, climax, and falling actions/resolution. If you chose a creative nonfiction book, analyze how the book was organized. Did it center around one theme? Was it organized around various themes?


Rising Actions:


E. Character List. Identify the protagonist, antagonist, and important characters in your book. Then, describe each character (personality, prominent physical features, beliefs, etc.) Characters Name Role Description Protagonist Antagonist

II. Style. 1. Describe the authors style. Consider elements such as sentence structure and length, word choice, use of imagery, literary devices (simile, metaphor, personification, alliteration, etc.). Describe at least four elements below, in 2-3 sentences each. In your descriptions, include a statement about what element the author used and how that stylistic choice influenced the readers understanding of the book.

2. Sample sentence. Find a sentence you think is typical of this authors writing style. Copy it below. Then, explain why it is typical of your chosen authors style (3-5 sentences).

IV. Critique A. Critiquereaders point of view. In 1-2 paragraphs, critique the book from a readers point of view. What can a reader expect when s/he reads this book? What elements will delight the reader? What elements may disappoint? Include details about characters, plot, writing style, pace, and conflict.