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Prediction Rules in Astrology

SI No 1 Date 2-Feb-2008 Version 0.1 Description First Cut released

Here is a honest attempt by Kiran Rama ( to put together the first version of the beginner rules in astrology Astrology is useful only if it can make accurate predictions and not just post mortem Based on this premise, I have made a set of rules that beginners can use to make predictions I thank my informal guru Sreenadhji and the discussions in ancient indian astrology group that improved my understanding. I also thank PVR Narasimha Raoji of Jagannatha Hora fame - which is the most magnificent astrology software in the world for calculations This is version 0.1 of the attempts and I will soon be adding more versions with examples and modified rules

CHAPTER 1: First decide, what you want to look at:

First see the query - which aspect of life does it tackle For physical body/appearance see lagna and sun for earned wealth see 2nd house and jupiter (also see 3rd because it is 2nd from 2nd) for younger siblings and courage see the 3rd house and mars. also see 5th house (3rd from 3rd) for mother and wealth through real estate see 4th house (also see 7th house, it is 4th from 4th) for children and intelligence see 5th house and 9th house (5th from 5th - relation with children) for enemies/diseases see 6th house and mars (also see 11th house - 6th from 6th) for spouse/partner/travel see 7th house and 1st house (7th from 7th). also see venus for longevity/mangalya see 8th house, also see 3rd house (8th from 8th) and 7th house (house of death - 12th from 8th). also see saturn for teacher, good luck, bhagya see 9th house and 5th house (9th from 9th). also see jupiter Kiran Rama (


Prediction Rules in Astrology

for job/professional achievements see the 10th house and mercury and also see 7th house (10th from 10th) for gains, elder siblings see 11th house and jupiter and also see 9th house (11th from 11th) for losses see 12th house and also see 11th house (12th from 12th) and see Saturn

Rule 1: For each house, things signified by the house will take the "good for native/will be enjoyed by native" colour if the house lord is in sustana. Reverse will happen if house lord is in dustana Rule 2: For each house, things signified by the house will take the "good for native/will be enjoyed by native" colour if natural benefics are in the house/aspecting the house Reverse will happen if natural malefics are in the house/aspecting the house This is an addition to rule 1. If both rule 1 and rule 2 are positive, then very good for native, if one is good and one is bad, mixed results, if both bad, bad results Rule 3: For each house if it is good/bad also confirm by looking at primary significator and the other house. E.g: for Spouse look at 7th house. But also look at Venus and 2nd house (7th from 7th) Rule 4: Remember for rule 1 and 2: there is a modifier: No house lord will give bad results when he is exalted or his own house. House lord will give bad results when he is debilitated remember exaltation is more powerful than own house Rule 5: No house lord will harm his friend's house if he is posited in the house E.g: Natural Malefic in his friend's house x will not harm x because it is his friend's house reverse occurs for enemy house Rule 6:

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Prediction Rules in Astrology

Malefic going to/aspecting a house destroys the things signified by the house. So malefic in sustana is very bad because all good things are destroyed. But a catch here: If malefic and house signify same thing it will be amplified Sun is a sattva planet in the house of dharma - e.g: Sun is a sattwik planet and him in the 9th house is good and can make native religious minded and spiritual So in above case, sun in 9th house though a natural malefic is a good placement So malefics in dustana houses are good as they destroy the things signified by dustana houses and all of that is bad - but they add their own colour to these houses and so being malefics, still not much good is done but certainly some reduction of harm - unless the house and the planet signified the same harm Rule 7: All planets/house lord significance are amplified in the 11th house irrespective of whether they are debilitated or enemy house or exaltation or own house Reason is that 11th house is special of upachaya houses and increases significance of anything that is placed there Rule 8: Sustana house lord in any house is good for that house. E.g: Lagna Lord is the most auspicious and his presence in any house is good for that house After lagna lord, 10th lord is next most auspiscious. Other auspiscious house lords are the lords of the 4th, 9th and 11th Rule 9: Modifier for rule 2: Natural Malefic will cease to be malefic for a natal chart if he is: a) yogakaraka b) exalted c) own house d) vargottama (same sign in natal chart and navamsa) obviously debilitation will worsen its effects e) he is a functional benefic lord of lagna, 10th, 4th, 9th or 11th In case where natural malefic is lord of a sustana house or 2 sustana houses, his malefic tone is reduced. Opposite happens for benefic houses

Rule 10: take nature of planet into account when you make predictions for planet house. Say Sun is in the 7th house. 7th house is marriage/spouse adn Sun is a planet who is hot and signifies vitality, virility. so sun in 7th house (passion) can make person extremely passionate and run after women and immorality

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