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At Helensburgh Public, we endeavour to encourage children to attempt events that challenge their ability but still provide for the weaker swimmers. For this reason, in FREESTYLE races, children gain 1 house point for each length of the pool they swim. That is two house points for swimming 50 metres & one point for entering the 25 metres & wading race. In the lOOm F/s they gain 4 points for completing the event. The Dept of Education now requires that children who are weak or non-swimmers be clearly identified. Children who are identified as such will be required to wear a distinctive wrist band and have event entry restrictions placed upon them. While all children are encouraged to test their swimming ability by entering races there are now entry and swimming restrictions according to a child's swimming ability. These will be;NON-SWIMMER May only enter wade event Must stay in shallow water. May enter wade event or 25 m age race. WEAK SWIMMER Must be near edge in deep water AVERAGE SWIMMER May enter 25 metres or 50m events. May not enter 25m race. CAPABLE SWIMMER Children are not required to dive in at the start of a race and may stop during the race to regain their breath or energy. In all other events timed finals are used, the winner is determined by the fastest time swum. Please note BUTTERFLY is a complicated & demanding event, especially over 50 metres. Therefore only children who are aware of the stroke requirements & have been taught to do the stroke properly should compete in this event. While we encourage children to enter the 200m medley it is again a very strenuous event & should only be entered by children who can comfortably, and competently, swim 50 metres in all 4 strokes. Children not swimming the INDIVIDUAL breaststroke or butterfly events will not be permitted to enter the Medley unless they have spoken to the Carnival Convener beforehand. Please ensure your child understands whether they should enter Disqualification of children is upsetting to both children & teachers. these 2 events.

Convener:- Ms Anne-Maree Connolly


Children swim according to the AGE they turn TIDS YEAR. Each child is entitled to compete in one Age Race event, only i.e. a 50 metre, 25 metre or a wading race. 1 POINT IS GIVEN FOR EACH LAP SWUM or attempted in any Freestyle races. Children may also go in the lOOm as well as an age race. Finals will only be held in SOm F/s age races. RECORDS EVENTS 1 All Age 100 F/S Boys Matthew L 2 All Age 100 F/S Girls Amanda Barraclough 3 8Yrs 50m F/S Boys Scott Dowling 4 8Yrs 50m F/S Girls Lauren Ryan 5 9Yrs 50m F/S Boys Matthew L 6 9Yrs 50m F/S Girls Amy L 7-8 8/9 yrs 25m F/S Boys N/A 9-10 8/9 yrs 25m F/S Girls N/A 11 - 12 Senior & Junior Wading Race Boys & Girls N/A 13 10Yrs 50m F/S Boys Hal Balderston 14 lOYrs 50m F/S Girls Amy L 15 lOYrs 25m F/S Boys N/A 16 lOYrs 25m F/S Girls N/A 17 11Yrs 50m F IS Boys Hal Balderston 18 11Yrs 50m F IS Girls Amanda Barraclough 19 12Yrs 50m F/S Boys Hal Balderston 20 12Yrs 50m F/S Girls Casey Josland 21 13Yrs 50m F/S Boys James Deem 22 13Yrs 50m F/S Girls Samantha Barrington 23 Senior 25m F/S Boys N/A 24 Senior 25m F/S Girls N/A 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 Jun 50m Back Jun 50m Back 11 Yrs 50m Back 11 Yrs 50m Back Sen 50mBack Sen 50mBack Jun 50m Fly Jun 50m Fly 11 Yrs 50m Fly 11 Yrs 50m Fly Sen 50m Fly Sen 50m Fly Jun 200m Medley Jun 200m Medley Sen 200m Medley Sen 200m Medley

LUNCH BREAK - approx 30 mins Relays organised during this time! Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Boys Girls Ben Dowling Janine Powell Hal Balderston Amanda Barraclough Hal Balderston Shereen Rands David Perrin AmyL Matthew L Amanda Barraclough Matthew L Megan Reilly David Perrin AmyL Matthew L Amanda Barraclough EVENTS (if time permits) 45.11 49.77 41.65 44.49 41.28 43.94 46.53 46:20 40:66 40.03 38:46 42.80 3.35.01 3:36:34 3:11:16 3.13.30 1998 1984 1999 1997 2000 1985 2007 2012 2011 1997 2012 2003 2007 2012 2012 1997

1.15.23 1.14.54 45.18 47.41 42.13 42:78 Novelty Novelty Novelty 37.43 36:77 Novelty Novelty 35.61 34.14 34.14 35.15 47.04 44.55 Novelty Novelty

2012 1997 1999 1990 2009 2011 event only event only event 1998 2012 event only event only 1999 1997 2000 2010 1995 1997 event only event only

57 58 59 60

Junior Junior Senior Senior

Boys Relay Girls Relay Boys 4 x 50 Relay Girls 4 x 50 Relay

Hargraves Flinders Hargraves Mitchell

2.54.09 3.17.32 2.40.34 2.47.47

1998 1998 1999 2005

25 - 34 Age Race Finals 35 Jun 50m Breast 36 Jun 50 m Breast 37 11 Yrs 50m Breast 38 11 Yrs 50m Breast 39 Sen 50m Breast 40 Sen 50m Breast

RECESS BREAK - approx 15 mins Records as above 50.35 Boys David Perrin 49:25 Girls Amy L 46.56 Boys Ben Dowling 45.91 Girls Amanda Barraclough 46.32 Boys David Perrin 45.24 Girls Alicia Me Cormack

2007 2012 2000 1997 2009 1995

Engadine Zone PSSA Carnival - Tuesday,

5TH March, 2013 at Engadine Pool

11th March, 2013 2nd & Wednesday, 3rd March,

Sydney East PSSA Carnival at Homebush - Monday, NSW PSSA Carnival at Homebush- Tuesday, 2013