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Name : ____________________ Class : ____________________ Vocabulary Quiz Choose the best answer.

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1. The badminton player needs _______________ and _______________ to play. A racquet , boots C bib, shuttlecock B racquet, jerseys D racquet, shuttlecock 2. ______________ is Hindus decorative art. A Tosai C B Vadai D

Kolam Salwar Kameez

3. The cows and goats live in the _____________________. A pen C shed B hut D hutch 4. The rubber tapper uses the __________________ to roll the rubber sheet. A gear C mangle B motor D rubber tap 5. The Ibans live in the ______________________. A hut C bungalow B longhouse D terrace house 6. The ___________________ works in the restaurant. A waitress C stewardess B steward D businessman 7. The _______________ teaches in the university. A teacher C lecturer B student D accountant 8. Garbage is taken to the _____________ to dispose. A land C garbage bin B landfill D underground 9. We can ___________________ the things that we do not want to use. A throw C recycle B colour D smash 10. The soldiers are very ____________________ because they protect our country. A brave C coward B angry D terrified 11. The taxi driver returned the wallet left in his car to the owner. He is very ___________. A lazy C honest B stupid D hardworking

12. Suzana always helps her mother in the kitchen. She is very ___________________. A lazy C caring B clever D helpful 13. Mansing uses the _________________ to take pictures. A printer C mobile phone C scanner D digital camera 14. We can download the pictures from the camera to the computer using _______________. A scanner C software B CD-rom D digital camera 15. T.A. Edison _____________________ the electric bulb in 1879. A drew C baked B made D invented 16. The ____________________ is building a new bridge. A florist C accountant B engineer D businessman 17. The person who invents things is called an ___________________. A inventor C factory B invented D butcher 18. The Hindus use the _______________ to draw the kolam. A flour C animal skin B rice flour D coconut milk 19. The Malays play ________________ during celebrations. A kompang C fan dance B lion dance D xylophone 20. The gymnasts are ____________________ before landing on the floor. A jumping C twisting B hopping D somersaulting 21. The __________________ are training hard for the sports. A dancers C athletes B actresses D waitress 22. The crowd of ___________________ cheered when the player scored a goal. A students C soldiers B teachers D spectators 23. The ___________________ explained clearly to the players how to play the game. A coach C principal B teacher D headmaster 24. Datuk Nicol David won her first ____________________ in Hong Kong in 2005. A prize C fight B trophy D championship

25. We should eat ______________________ food. A diet C balanced B junk D unhealthy 26. The farmers use large ________________________ to thresh the paddy. A tractor C combined harvester B rice mill D transplanter machine 27. The farmers use __________________ to destroy the insects. A flour C fertilizer B water D pesticides 28. The gardener mixed the _________________ with the soil to produce compost. A tins C refuse B papers D fertilizer 29. Mrs Mohan uses the ________________ and mortar to pound the ingredients. A pestle C pounder B blender D electricity 30. The class of _________________ waited patiently for their teacher to enter the class. A people C audience B students D spectators 31. The boy ate a ______________ of bananas because he was hungry. A crate C bouquet B comb D collection 32. The night looks so beautiful with a ____________________ of stars. A bunch C galaxy B troupe D convoy 33. The concert was very interesting because the choir of ________________ performed amazingly. A singers C teachers B actresses D employees 34. The National Monument was designed by an American __________________, Felix de Weldon. A artist C architect B sculptor D designer 35. Aminah mixes the ________________ with milk for breakfast. A cereal C chappati B roti canai D medicine 36. The cows _______________ the land. A dig B plant


plough harvest

37. We pray to God and ask for _________________. A money C blessings B wealth D permission 38. There is a team of rugby ___________________ practicing at the field. A fans C audience B players D headmistress 39. Winners at the Olympic Games receive _____________. A medals C flowers B voucher D racquets 40. Ming fell down a ___________ of stairs and broke his leg. A bale C fleet B army D flight