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I Think my Water Broke

Friday, February 1, 2013 There are only a handful of phrases that I can think of which I dont want to hear as I am waking up in the middle of the night. Some of them are: 1. Josh wont stop throwing up. 2. The House is on Fire 3. The basement is flooding 4. The furnace stopped working 5. The Power is out. The phrase My Water Broke comes a little farther down the list only because it isnt necessarily a bad thing, just a concept that takes a while to wrap your mind around. So, when Theresa woke me and uttered the words, I think my water broke, and we need to go to the hospital, it took me awhile to process that. Once I did, though, Im happy to say that I was able to leap into action or, at the very least, a gotta do something sort of mode. Theresa finished packing the overnight bag and diaper bag that she had been keeping on stand by for the last month while I called our friends the Hollidays. Jenny said she would ask Louie to walk over to watch Kayla and Josh since he was closer. Unlike Theresa, I wasnt ready for a trip to the hospital, let alone the delivery of our baby. I quickly dashed around the house, locating my digital camera, then grabbing the charger because I wasnt sure how much time was left in the battery, then pulled the SD card out of my laptop so Id have that. I grabbed my iPad out of its charger and quickly inserted it into its otterbox case so that it was ready to go, then slipped everything into my grey bag. Then, I decided that the grey bag wasnt big enough, so I moved everything to my green laptop briefcase which was a little roomier. I grabbed my iPhone and snapped it into my belt so I wouldnt forget it. Louie arrived. At Theresas suggestion, I remote-started my car so that it could warm up. I loaded it up, and de-iced it so that it was ready to go. One of the last things I did before leaving the house was brush my teeth.