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21 st January 2013

DAAD scholarships under the 'Sandwich System' for Master's students at the IITs - 20013/14 Dear Professor Ramamurti, We are happy to announce the above programme for 2013 - 2014. There are no quotas for the award of scholarships to the individual 1fT and therefore we request you to send us all complete and eligible applications along with your ranking list. M.Tech., M.S., M.Sc., scholars in their 2nd semester and Integrated or Dual Degree scholars in their 8th semester are eligible to apply. The nominated candidates must have a confirmed placement at one of the TUg Technical Universities in Germany irrespective of their subject of academic pursuit. The programme at the respective begin on 2nd September 2013. universities in Germany would

The deadline for the receipt of applications at the our office remains the same i.e. 31st March 2013. It would be appreciated if you could also make some slots (with tuition waiver) available for German students from your partner institutes in Germany; these students may be advised to contact the DAAD Head Office (Ref. 425) at the earliest to find out if, how, and when they could apply for financial assistance. I remain, with kind regards, Yours sincerely,

Director Enc!. CC: Prof. K. Ramamurthy, Dean of Academic Courses
2, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110 021 India Tel: +91·11-4168 0968/0969 Fax: +91-11-4606 8192 www.daaddelhLorg

. attested English translation.daaddelhLorg . ~.. .>. if the originals are in Hindi. but rather to take the help of their Indian mentors to find suitable placements in Germany. .' _ '" . • 2 typed copies of the draft of envisaged research project in Germany to be finalized through mutual agreement of Indian and German mentors with their signatures..'i To be arranged in the order mentioned below • 2 sets of print-out of the duly filled in online application affixed with a passport size photograph and signature.DAAD Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst German Academic Exchange Service liT Master Sandwich Scholarships Announcement 2013/2014 If... t.~~1iirft' :: ~. etc.. please give current address and permanent address with telephone numbers. • ~..) ~. . I :.::: ~r- ~~....1. Nyaya Marg..Z?}' "1"'" ••.::..~ . GATE IJAM ICEED score card (all copies must be attested.. _ _..i ':. CGPA ICPI/SGPA.?'nJG!1ft.~:~ '::~:.00 per month 4-6 weeks intensive German language course in Germany A study and research subsidy Compulsory health insurance covered by DAAD Minimum 8 CGPA Above-average GATE IJAM ICEED scores The last degree should not be older than 6 years A confirmed placement letter from a German professor Passing the German Language Course is a mandatory pre requirement for continuation of the scholarship award ~ ~Fl~e1=-~~. I .. • Letter of invitation confirming placement at one of the TUg Technical Universities.." -:.I ~ ~ ~. 2. Chanakyapuri.~~ .. 'R To spend 6 months to complete the project work under the guidance of a German professor at one of the TUg Technical Universities Master's (including Integrated and Dual degree programmes) scholars from any discipline registered at an liT in their 2nd (8th Semester for Integrated and Dual degree scholars) at the time of application 6 months • • • • • • • • • Stipend of Euro 750.:·.. The Indian mentor has to finalise the topic of the project in consultation and mutual agreement with his German counterpart.-. Students are advised not to contact the host professors directly. New Delhi 110021 India Tel: +91-11-41680968/0969 Fax: +91-11-46068192 www._ .. • 2 letters of reference from senior academics from the· applicant's field submitted as confidential (in sealed envelopes) • 2 sets of copies of all academic certificates and marksheets.. email ids. • 2 typed copies of full curriculum-vitae (bio-data).

2013-31. The link is available on our website.org \IIMMI: www. The IITs will set their own deadlines for receipt of applications.03.09.: +91 11 41680698/41680969 Fax: +91 11 46068192 E-Mail: dixit@daaddelhi. The deadline for submission of applications is 31st March 2013 at DAAD New Delhi Office. All applications have to be submitted to the respective Dean's office at the liT. New Delhi 110021 India Tel: +91-11-4168 0968/0969 Fax: +91-11-4606 8192 www. Chanakyapuri. Direct applications will not be accepted. and will forward the ranking list of eligible students to the DAAD Office in New Delhi by 31st March 2013. Nyaya Marg.daaddelhi. Chanakya Puri New Delhi .110021 Tel.DAAD Seite 2 The application submission process is online.daaddelhLorg . Important: DAAD will not consider incomplete applications. Anuroopa Dixit 2.2014 • Kindly Note: • Please use A4 size paper only and DO NOT staple the documents • The first and last name filled in the application form has to be identical to the name in the Passport • Candidate must be a resident of India and an Indian national Applications and relevant documents have to be submitted at the DAAD office in New Delhi German Academic Exchange Service Mrs. • • • Announcement Application deadline at DAAD New Delhi office Selections Duration of programme including language course in Germany Jan 2013 31st March 2013 May/June 2013 at Head Office 02.org 2. Nyaya Marg.

uni-stuttgart.de http://www.de http://www.de http://www.rwth-aachen. Nyaya Marg.de http://www. New Delhi 110 021 India Tel: +91-11-41680968/0969 Fax: +91-11-4606 8192 www.tu-muenchen.daaddelhLorg .tu-berlin.de http://www.de http://www.tu-braunschweig. Technische Universitat Berlin Technische Unlversitat Braunschweig Technische Unlversitat Darmstadt Technische Unlversitat Dresden Leibniz Universitat Hannover Universitat Karlsruhe Technische Unlversitat MOnchen Universitat Stuttgart http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de 2.de http://www.uni-hannover.DAAD Seite 3 Annex 1 Participating TUg Technical Universities RW Technische Hochschule Aachen.tu-dresden.tu-darmstadt. Chanakyapuri.de http://www.

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