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Hi, Basically the following will be the roles & responsibilities of an SD consultant: 1.

Creating the business blue print (BBP). The business blue print contains 2 parts ASIS = This part contains the explanation of the current organizational structure, master data & processes, the requirements are mentioned below in the ASIS section. TOBE = This part contains the information as to how the organizational structure, master data & processes would be mapped in SAP. The solution for the requirements mentioned will be clearly specified in the TOBE section. GAPS if any will be mentioned in the TOBE section, GAP is the bridge between the ASIS & TOBE, like if requirement can be mapped in standard SAP, then GAP will be "A" and if requirement iss to be fulfilled through some development , then GAP will be "C". To discuss about the ASIS part, you have to be thorough with the sales domain & ask the key users relevant questions so as to capture all the processes & masters. You have to give them a presentation of what SAP SD is all about so that at the time of actual discussion they have some idea about the offerings in SAP. The ASIS part is discussed with the key users & the TOBE part is prepared purely by the functional consultant. The BBP has to be in detail so that everyone in the project always has an idea as to what will the system look like after configuration. The BBP is signed off by the stakeholders involved in the project & after this the configuration will start. 2. Realization - As an SD consultant you have to configure the system as per the BBP, then provide the Functional specifications to the ABAP developers for development of reports & layouts. 3. Testing - UAT & integration testing with the client. You have to issue the templates for the master data & open items data. Master data - Customer master, finished goods material master, pricing master, customer material information record, customer credit limit. Open items - open sales orders, open contracts. Get the sign off on all UATS & integration testing. 4. If any fine tuning is required after testing this will be done in the Final Preparation phase. In case you come across any new requirements which was not mentioned in the BBP, then such new requirements have to be addressed through the Change Request Form. The change request forms requires the approval from the steering committee members. Provide the request numbers in proper sequence to the Basis consultant so that the configuration can be moved in PRD server. Upload the master data & open items data in the PRD server through LSMW or BDC. 5. Go-Live = Running an entire sales cycle = sales order - delivery - invoice (accounting document has to be generated) will be go-live. Also the invoice print out has to be generated through SAP. Note: 1. Whatever meetings & discussions are there with the key users should be properly documented. These were some of the rles & responsibilities of an SD consultant. Thanks & regards,

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