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PYP Newsletter
ISGR Principals Message
Dear Parents, teachers and students, Currently we are involved in a process at school of appointing new principals for the international section. This is due,in part, to the trial of the two principal system, which has been successful and to the fact that the position is currently an acting position. I informed the school last month of my decision to not apply for either position. My time at ISGR after 10 years will end as my young family will head back to Australia for the next exciting phase in our lives. I will talk more of my sincere thanks to the school community later on in the school year. But I would like to share that we have had over 60 applicants for the two principal positions. This was reduced to 10 people after the first round of interviews which have been just completed. The shortlist of candidates will meet, shortly after week 7, with 3 groups from the leadership, teachers and students, before the final appointments are made. These appointments are naturally important in building upon the initial establishment phase of the school and consolidating the 15 years of existence ISGR has quickly developed upon. As soon as we have more information on any appointment I will get back to you. Have a great upcoming sports break! Jayson Williams Principal Internation Section School Activities starting just now! School Choir
The ISGR choirs are a chance for students from both sections of the school to come together and celebrate our enjoyment of singing. We sing songs from different genres including traditional songs, muscial theatre, pop, jazz and other modern styles. We also practice some basic singing techniques and perform regularly at school events such as the Winter Bazaar, Lucia, Spring Show, Culture Week and on the last day of the school year. We currently have 2 choirs: PYP 1 and PYP 2 rehearse on Wednesdays from 9:50 - 10:10 PYP3-5 and LGR 2-5 rehearse on Thursdays from 12:40 - 1:10 This term we are busy preparing for the Spring Show. New students are always welcome to join although students need to attend regularly to participate in performances. ISGR Sports Club After School sports club! See notice board in the main entrance hall! If you have questions, thoughts or ideas, dont hesitate to contact me by email

Whats happening in PYP!

Swedish, as the host country language, is taught to the students who dont go to EAL. Ida Carlson teaches the Beginner/Intermediate groups and Johanna kesson teaches the Intermediate/Advanced groups and beginners in K and 1. We try as much as we can to integrate Swedish into the Units of Inquiry that every grade are doing at that moment. As we only meet once or twice a week, we sometimes want to stay a little longer on one Unit of Inquiry, as with Grade 5 Beginner/ Intermediate, where were still doing Migration from Where we are in time and place. Currently, the Intermediates are filming interviews about migration and the Beginners are learning family related words to be able to talk about where they come from. We will end this unit by drawing a big map covering all the migration that is already made by this young group its impressive! Ida & Johanna

Green flag
Over the next two weeks the green flag students will undergo training to learn how to supervise other students when using the recycling area!!

Student Council The Student Council got off to a busy start this term with a number of projects underway. They are currently organizing an Opposites Dress Up Day that takes place on February 8th. Apart from having fun, the purpose of this day is to raise money for the Bibbi Jann children's charity in Tanzania. Another Student Council project this term is to promote calmer corridors in our school and many of them have been hard at work producing posters to remind everyone about the importance of safety in common school areas.

Whats happening in PYP!

Grade 3 Grade 3 PYP Jan news How We Express Ourselves Grade 3 has just wrapped up a very interesting Unit of Inquiry into How We Express Ourselves. The focus of this unit was how art can be inspired by different things. Students examined a variety of different historic and modern artists, their techniques and their inspirations. We explored and debated the merits and inspirations of different types of art, including dance, music, literature and even the existence of artistic creativity in architecture and cooking! This was an ideal transdiciplinary study that was investigated extensively in our work with Shape and Space, as well as in Art, Music and Swedish classes. To further expand our appreciation and analysis of art, the Grade 3 classes took a tour of downtown Gteborg and Avenyn, to view and discuss the statues and installation art on the street and we concluded our walk with a visit to the Gteborg Konstmuseum. Throughout this unit, students had the opportunity to create different types of works and consider what they found personally inspiring.

Guldheden Library 2013

Library opening hours Monday 8.30 -3.30 pm Tuesday 8.30 -3.30pm Wednesday 8.30 -3.30pm Thursday 8.30 3.30pm Friday 8.30 2.30pm

Mike PYP coordinator website

Please check out my website for some interesting information about the IB and the PYP programme. MikeHowlett/apt1.aspx

PYP 5 essential elements.

Ice Skating
On a cold and sunny January day, the whole of PYP put on their warm clothes and headed off to the ice rink. The children spent the day at Ruddalen sports centre where they were free to have a day of fun on the ice. The whole PYP community, from parents to teachers was present, and even the deputy principal was enjoying himself. Whether it was learning to skate for the first time or playing ice hockey with the adults, the children had a great day!

Important dates
Week 2, Jan 7th (Mon) In-service Week 7, PYP closed, Sports break Week 11, March 13th (Wed) - Developmental Talks Day Week 13, March 27th (Wed) - Exhibition Week 13, March 29th (Fri) - Start of Easter break Week 14, Easter Break Week 16, April 19th (Fri) - Start of Nordic Network Week 18, May 1st (Wed) Holiday Week 19, May 9-10th (Thurs/Fri) - Holiday Week 20, Culture Week Week 22, May 29th (Wed) - Specialist Reports due Week 23, June 5th (Wed) - Mentor Reports due Week 23, June 6/7th (Thurs/Fri) Holiday Week 24, June 14th (Fri) Students end See you next time!