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Intrebari posibile la Ambasada SUA: 1. Hello, how are you? Raspuns posibil: Hello, Im fine, thank you.

. How are you? 2. Whats your name? 3. What do you study? 4. In what year are you in? 5. How many years do you have to study to get your diploma at your university? 6. Will you continue your studies after you come back? 7. What is your favorite subject? 8. What happened with this exam? apare de obicei cand ai o nota proasta (5- 6), sau examen picat pregateste-ti o explicatie 9. Where will you go this summer? 10. What will you work? 11. Whats the name of your employer? 12. Do you have friends or relatives living in the USA? 13. Have you been before in the USA? If yes, tell me a funny story about your stay in the US. 14. Will you come back? 15. When will you come back? 16. What do you want to visit in the USA? 17. What hobbies do you have? 18. With whom are you traveling with? / Do you have friends traveling with you? 19. Why do you want to go in the US? 20. How much do your parents earn? 21. What do your parents work?